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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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so we're going to have oh i don't know i don't know what i don't know what. you know what. i've overcome a. very low. you know now i was going to have almost no would have liked it no way very much for the question of the spirit of you know the time so no fair to say i love it how full of life and i should also i think a little courting i had never thought of i was not a coffee you know nothing about. it i find out how such a fellow enough off. is really. well off i believe the only thing i noticed lately that i want to go with. regard
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to the lot of people who have worked for what it i don't know well for a girl always i don't know how to love. them but if i. am fifty and. seventy. why so many players not a dozen why are you going to stop me and give money to. feel they owe me and get it going to do anything here that they're going to have to have it become their lot. kind of a minute and then have. to. have a live. look here oh look we had a lot of you respect our man both of them and i devoted to the company i met on the birth of my command of. the federal. government.
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with over forty thousand people killed under his rule it took twenty five years to bring me to a court of law but mine for so long was such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west who are not reporting to the congress that the present they were engaged to. al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president he's sane had three dictator on trial on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the group just. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the world winning documentaries and live news and
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not al-jazeera i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on air and online . i had a briefing today from a man named steele who has been out there working with the security forces a veteran of el salvador's dirty war sent to iraq soon to be with our portfolios doing whatever it is that he wanted to take interest to be an expert in counterinsurgency even while this interview was going on with jim steele there were these terrible screams about pain and terror but what was his mission and what legacy did he leave searching for stealing his iraq. says has a long gone with the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president is calling on allies to increase that defense spending to four percent of
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that country's economic output as two percent higher than the group's original goal donald trump also launched a public attack on germany saying it's totally controlled by moscow because it buys billions of dollars of russian oil and gas the outburst came during a breakfast meeting with nato secretary general yen start of. you know if you look at it germany is a captive of very rich they should like to get rid of their call to get rid of their nuclear to get rid of the world affairs for a russian i think is something that they are has to look at i think it's very inappropriate uniting with an age appropriate i don't know what you can do about it but it certainly doesn't seem to make sense that they pay billions of dollars to russia we have to defend them against russia zimbabwe's main opposition party and its supporters of march to the country's electoral commission demanding we form as it says are vital for
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a credible vote this month the movement for democratic change insists there needs to be a deal on how to design print and store ballot papers to ensure the system is fair the country will pick a new president and members of parliament on july the thirtieth in the first election since regarding was forced to resign late last year. the first pictures have been released of the twelve tied boys of the football coach being treated in hospital it follows a dramatic rescue mission to free them from a cave they were chanting for more than two weeks and need to be monitored in hospital for at least seven days haiti's prime minister jack a guy left from town given no indication he will resign despite widespread antigovernment protests have been four days of unrest over the government's plan to raise fuel prices in the impoverished nation. and the world cup semifinal between england and croatia has gone to extra time and croatia has just
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scored to take the lead to one just a few minutes left to play through the scenes in the capital zagreb when croatia scored their second go front secured it place in sunday's final after beating belgium one. as the top story stay with us what does continue. i didn't know for how long i was going to stay with them and once i felt we were going down an unknown route we had to fight. you to hear we were driving in the
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night not knowing where the war would take us. off on the right right binyamin netanyahu talking about the music should be about you who have been the better you know. or you know yet you can't let that muted on fox face we hear it in the radio that's it it's ready to special forces had been imposed by hamas. as they had invaded finical with the. will of. doing that even ingrid received calls from people trapped in their houses . urging us to exactly him from the line of fire. asked. her about her outline of what the grid already drawn out of her out there to find out what. to do about that.
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we contacted three to cross to ask if we could go and defect with the people they said it would be at your own risk. because nobody mission had been given from the israeli side. we went there anyway despite a foot injury. when you get. sued. yes it's. kind of a. long. i. don't know. list.
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of some of the since. i almost died i know. that a lot of fun for the little group not a lot i believe that they were not already plotted out that life about going to blow. up that they are i don't. know.
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if. that's sort of my quit i stuck in that i don't know what i'm going to. because i don't know i you know i know a fellow by your vision that you're dealing going to live with them not me i know what i'm going off. on oh. well. bieber would afraid to move in their own powers. the sky was covered by warplanes and drones and the risk of being attacked driving a private car was high because. we drove around in service. waiting for to be able to come out from their hiding places to be baked up.
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the third. that's not entirely his salary plus i think the thing. that's lost all fucked up a lot. of jobs. and the bus. driver. yeah i don't know if i want to say that because most. of the client was like i don't love that because that's what i had some low price for the last year the got nothing but the longer.
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that i'm in the good with the. others that was. the the what adam had.
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you know it's it had become a sin that for some people. at least were injured and not enjoyable to say that's why i got a lot of it so i just. i'm just at a time. of the truth. i'm going to have to put there are a little bit of the old i don't know the details of the verse but i want to tell the world of the day that was the love i believe i love you i'm not going to let it go to the good either but i had when i got a little bit it was all a little all right yeah i don't remember but going to go identical and reflect off was actually all up on. the lot of. the whole mass of. all the homosexual the slow social sense is to do.
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exactly the do a couple joe well. done . at slough wonderful but then again. that in the form of the all the love of god i love i get i love about all the little justice they got they are not obliged but the protests i saw one other interns are not so good i'm blessed by what the system has. got even how it's. a little hard to go to believe that i say that. you know.
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i. love the office and is the one that is going to. discuss with. us and i'm. not adding on my husband that i had when i don't know much about i don't. know the genesis of one of the dead and the dead animals from the suburbs and i must be close. to the sun and i am i. was married to. a little much. a bit
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about how good the public was then for the kids about it in a. way. in a shop and you know some of you think of a good home on the flop of seven seasons ago but with some of our own about it i did it with. a lot of no nothing. but. i get that i'm. going to. go with.
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the i am. i and. i was i i was.


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