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tv   Truck Attack In Nice  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2018 4:00am-4:57am +03

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and gave his son a big thumbs up when he saw him he was one of the first to stop looking for his son who when he disappeared almost three weeks ago. i didn't feel confident that my boy can do this even though he knows how to swim but i'm not sure if he's a good swimmer he only got basic swimming lessons at school but i'm very happy and proud he came out safely he can't wait to hold his son but understands it might take a few more days. the first thing i want to do is hug him all parents have the same feeling i want to see the face of my child and embrace him and ask him how he feels and how he's doing the five hour long hazardous journey out of the narrow flood gates system has taken its toll on the children and their coach the commander of the time navy seal divers who played a vital role in the rescue says they were very called mast. the boys got special full face masks with oxygen circulating all the time the divers carried them out and they were wearing wet suits to keep them warm we made them relaxed and calm and
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slowly moved them out but they were very cold. the complexity of the rescue operation became clear when trucks full of equipment drove away hours after the last cave rescue was completed twenty tons of oxygen tanks ropes lights and food supplies have been fairly underground cleanup has started after a rescue operation unprecedented for its scale and complexity has been called an extraordinary example of human frank and resilience family one cave and the rescue of the wild boar soccer team will now go down in history as the moment where the impossible was made possible. to him while their families school friends and everyone else in thailand celebrated their safe return to footballers will have to stay in hospital for at least a week to recover hoping that the first talk with their parents will be sooner than that that fasten al-jazeera john wright thailand. haiti's prime minister jacques
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guy left on tonto's given no indication he will resign over widespread antigovernment protests have been four days of unrest over the government's plan to raise fuel prices in the impoverished nation gabriel elizondo has the latest from the haitian capital port au prince. the proposed rate hike on gasoline caused great outrage in this country primarily because it affected almost all sectors of this country rate increase of thirty eight percent on gasoline forty seven percent on diesel mostly would affect the middle class that have cars and also business owners that use trucks and cars to move their products through the country but there was also more than a fifty percent proposed increase on kerosene that affects an overwhelming majority of the poorest people in this country they use kerosene rely on kerosene to power
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their homes with electricity so that is why you saw so much anger at this and that's why you saw the government quickly backtrack and and at least temporarily suspend these rate hikes but you're still seeing great pressure on this government people are still very upset and he just told us that this gasoline and kerosene rate increase was just the last straw that threw everyone over the edge in their anger they say there is also clear dissatisfaction with this government and dissatisfaction over things like infrastructure problems in the country unemployment and an economy that continues to struggle here. you know watching out is there a still to come on the program japan's prime minister visits people in the area of the worst hit by deadly floods and pledges billions of dollars towards recovery and less is that tell the stories of nelson mandela's twenty seven years struggle as a political prisoner up published in the book.
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how i was still got some pretty cold weather into southeastern parts of australia overnight frost certainly a possibility sunny a ground frost say in in melbourne temps just start the day at around four or five degrees not particularly warm dry though high pressure does continue to dominate the weather and have a celsius in the heat of the day there for melbourne on thursday but we tend to greece's a warmer than that brisbane and around twenty one degrees we'll see temperatures getting up around that value for perth is five and dry here and in light winds that really won't feel too bad cloud away will still spin its way and as we go on through friday suspects see a little bit of wet weather into the southwest of australia by this stage may want to see the southeast generally try once again still a chance of want to see showers just around cam which is pushing away from the far
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south eastern coast of australia heading towards new zealand there will be some rain coming in here as we go on through the next hour so particular across the southern parts of the country a cold one on thursday generally try just celsius that in christchurch basin places a crowd of right it's use and for larry is tied to orchid at this stage the temperatures at around fourteen degrees but temperatures do touch for christ by this day's top temperature on friday afternoon of eleven degrees. it's. really hard the internet is the tool for democracy under threat. in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game have changed. precedents people out investigates dissent from
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a part too. welcome back reminder of the top stories say on al jazeera english and in the world cup semifinal scoring a second goal in extra time to secure a spot in the final for the very first. donald trump has launched an attack on germany of a nato summit in brussels he says berlin is totally controlled by moscow because it buys billions of dollars of russian oil and gas and the first pictures have been released of the twelve tied boys on their football coach being treated in hospital
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it follows a dramatic rescue mission to free them from a cave they were trapped for more than two weeks. zimbabwe's main opposition party and thousands of its supporters have rallied in the capital harare to call for free and fair elections the country will head to the polls on july the thirtieth the first time without long time ruler robert mugabe but the electoral commission has already been accused of failing to prepare properly for the vote to prevent rigging and goes. from harare. opposition leaders on the march in the capital say the voters roll has a lot of voters on it they say they have proof some names have been duplicated and several addresses and id numbers on the register don't exist they calling on the independent electoral commission to allow them to personally inspect ballot papers before elections to prevent vote rigging want to upgrade to third problem.
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was on the bottom of the very. best wanted from the. election organizers say it is possible for some people to have the same first last name and date of birth and for security reasons it's illegal for political parties to inspect the ballot papers before elections should we continue to try and. given that what you've exercised we've done has failed to build consensus in the first place perhaps we should just stick to very strict constitutional mandate and exclude everyone these are things that we're going to sit down as a commission and discuss write was a voting day at the end of the month will be the first without deposed president robert mugabe on the ballot except for the explosion at president was really employer last month campaigning has been incident free so far police say the right up to this election has been less violent than in previous years and few cases of
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intimidation have been reported so far the running sonny pay part to deny his opposition allegations is planning to manipulate voter numbers by tendering the ballot for international observers who were banned by robert mugabe have arrived for the first time in sixteen years the european union says a disagreement between the electoral commission and opposition parties can be resolved. very. very interesting. some people write for it. in different places this is a. credibility problem the main opposition leader nelson chamisa says if nothing is done to resolve the stalemate his party will announce their own final results will vote counting is complete a move some say could jeopardize the credibility of the polls. al-jazeera.
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facing uganda have fired tear gas to disperse protesters demonstrating against new taxes including a levy on access to social media rocks the move has provoked widespread outrage reports from uganda. many people here in uganda's capital kampala happy about having to pay. to use the internet's most popular services i hope the wine pop star and then he had a demonstration against the new social media tax crowd quickly gathered. to their first summit at that because they didn't get back to the idea that the the young people of uganda that's america. they don't think that if you're not. just the the president maybe it could be anybody except you and they didn't stick to myspace and such a media uses have to pay about six cents
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a day to be able to access whatsapp facebook and other services. president during a seventy said the tax will help to reduce. the activists here say it's an indiscriminate tax that hurts the poor most lists of the people here and i was least wealthy internet users access to dates is kind of on the map if they have a bit of money twenty cents fifty cents i think i saw that it would have been that they'd be offline again maybe for a couple of days i think i. just think i. put off to just minutes of marching peace came to stop the protest they said it's not a lawful demonstrations have been heavily restricted in uganda since anti-government protests seven years ago this time things were no different. meanwhile kiosks for mobile phone payments that is usually busy on quiet they will say subject to a new tax the recent years service is to transfer payments directly from one phone
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user to another become a key part of the economy but the government says it needs the revenue. but it is the. with gondo but not all by the one hundred buses and. wanted something more and as we know good we also know that if you go to be there but. with those who think it is a burden weren't given long to express it police arrested protest leaders. the wind supporters managed to drag him away the prime minister told parliament but the government would review the controversial tax is. pretty clear that this kind of opposition to them will be tolerated. malcolm webb how does iraq come parlor uganda. island senators given its backing to
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a draft law that would ban the import of god goods from occupied territories around the world including illegal israeli settlements it was backed by all parties except the governing phina gael foreign minister simon cover any said it risk fanning flames in the middle east the bill now goes to committee the government expected to continue trying to block it. japan's prime minister has visited areas hit by the worst flooding in the country for three decades and promised to help the survivors while pledging four billion dollars towards recovery since our base spoke to survivors sheltering in an evacuation center in the western city of coeur shaking more than forty of the one hundred seventy six people who died in the floods and landslides live dozens remain missing bride has more. visit comes as emergency teams continue to search through debris and destroyed houses looking for some of the people who are still missing thousands of people
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remain displaced meanwhile thousands more are gradually returning to their homes to assess the damage and figure out how to rebuild these government this is a chance to assess how it deals with extreme weather events such as this especially if people here believe these have now become the norm rather than freak occurrences japan is already well advanced in preparing for natural disasters it has to be given the prevalence of tsunamis and earthquakes it seems you can now add to that list extreme storms such as this this visit by a seems to be a recognition of the priority it's now giving to this china has accused the u.s. of bullying and warned that it will retaliate against any further tariffs earlier the chump administration raised the stakes in the growing chain dispute by threatening ten percent tariffs on two hundred billion dollars of chinese goods
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china's commerce ministry called the move completely unacceptable. the syrian government is widening its offensive to recover south western territories pushing forward into an enclave held by eisel linked fighters russian warplanes are also helping government forces on the young milk basin which borders the israeli occupied golan heights and jordan the syrian opposition says this footage shows the aftermath of russian strikes on the area from the free syrian army are also battling ice of fighters in the area the syrian government has recovered huge swathes of there are province in the south west from the f.s.a. rebels after more than a month of fighting between rival groups were shut down production libya's national or corporation is finally we're opening its oil terminals forces led by a half to have agreed to hand over the sites to the internationally recognized government following international pressure without the wired reports from tripoli
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after nearly three weeks of blockade by forces loyal to her leave. libya's warlord has handed over control of oil terminals to the internationally recognized national oil corporation be used in tripoli or very quickly be out of the student i congratulate all libyans for the resumption of oil exporting hopefully it will return with profit for everyone i personally thank all those who contributed to end this crisis especially those who acted rationally and wisely pressure from the u.s. the u.k. italy and france as well as regional powers seems to have force that have to relinquish control he was planning to keep the ports under the supervision of the universe oil corporation which is a lie to libya's rival parliament be used in total they hand over of the oil terminals and the resumption of exporting operations is opposed for the oil
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dependent economy some would say the hand over saves it from collapse but it. doesn't mean the end of the conflict in eastern libya would have the enemies remaining nearby the so-called christians who controls libya's oil is questionable because the country remains divided between two governments one beast in tripoli the other in the eastern the city of. the latest conflict started on june the fourteenth when forces loyal to the former chief of the petroleum facilities god a pro him just ran briefly took control of the largest oil terminals sidra and rustler north. at least two torched tanks were set on fire and exports stopped as tankers were turning away from this week tina and harry got terminals the food ports were recaptured by have to his forces reportedly with the help of the egyptian and you force despite handing over the ports have to retains control
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of oil fields the latest fight over the life blood exports is estimated to have cost the economy more than a billion dollars previous battle since the death of a good death the seven years ago caused production to fluctuate restoring full hour put is a top priority for foreign customers and libya's national oil corporation which is promising production will be back to normal soon with abdul ahad tripoli. letters written by nelson mandela to his family and about his faith in the anti-apartheid struggle during his twenty seven years as a political prisoner having published in a book the publication marks one hundred years since the birth of the former south african president john how reports. of twenty seven years in prison nelson mandela's communications with the outside world consisted mainly of letters written
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from his prison cell words were his principal means of keeping alive friendships and family ties religious faith and political conviction. our cause is just it is a fight for human dignity and for an honorable life often heavily censored or never delivered at all most of the letters appear in a new volume of mandela's prison writings launched in johannesburg this week many published for the first time of a new insights into one of the world's most famous figures during some of his darkest times the one of those milestone books that will open a chapter of our rules need not just our vision that freedom didn't just come to feed just tough that madiba to feel the pain med of his message is one we can all learn from that we all need to do something good in the world in which we live wherever we are to make sure that this kind of life that he had to
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live through will never happen again some of mandela's captors became confidants others proxies for the wider struggle against south africa's apartheid government i should like us to fight over principles and ideas and without personal hatred so at the end of the battle whatever the results might be i can proudly shake hands with you have a recurring theme is the pain of families separation the father of five who missed the funeral of his eldest son and wasn't allowed visits from his toddler daughters until they turn sixteen. do not worry about me now i am happy well and full of strength and hope the only thing i long for is you in meticulous handwriting after their mother winnie was arrested yet again mandela offers the support of an absent parent my darlings once again our beloved mommy has been arrested and now she and daddy are away in jail she gave up pleasure and comfort in return for
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a life full of hardship and misery because of the deep love she has for her people and her country. the letter concludes we have a lot of friends and they will look after you and one day mommy and daddy will return join a whole al-jazeera. is a top stories on al-jazeera that have been your far accelerations for croatian films as a country make it to a world cup final for the very first time after nailbiting win over england croatia secured the game after scoring a second goal in extra time and will face france in the final on sunday. the u.s. president is calling on allies to increase their defending spent the fund spending to four percent of the country's economic output that's two percent higher than the group's original goal donald trump also launched
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a public attack on germany saying it's totally controlled by moscow because it buys billions of dollars of russian oil and gas the outburst came during a breakfast meeting with nato secretary general stoltenberg. if you look at it germany is a captive of very rich they should like to get rid of their call to get rid of their nuclear they're getting so much of the world affairs for russia i think it's something that they are asked to look at i think it's very appropriate you're right with the appropriate i don't know what you can do about it but it certainly doesn't seem to make sense that they paid billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia. the first pictures have been released of the twelve type boys and their football coach being treated in hospital it follows a dramatic rescue mission to free them from a cave they were trapped for more than two weeks. zimbabwe's main opposition party
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and its supporters have marched to the country's electoral commission to demand reforms it says are vital for a credible vote this month the movement for democratic change insists there needs to be a deal on how to design print and store ballot papers to ensure the system is fair the country will pick a new president and members of parliament on july the thirtieth in the first election since gabi was forced to resign late last year haiti's prime minister jack entente has given no indication he will resign despite widespread antigovernment protests in four days of unrest over the government's plan to raise fuel prices in the impoverished nation which have left several people dead. those the top stories that from may but do stay with us analogise are people in power coming up next. the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven although price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty
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eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. to help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. recent elections most notably vats of donald trump as u.s. president apply logic the role played by social media in spreading malicious propaganda and fake news in this whole terms of cyber reality fiction becomes fact lies become truths and political consensus becomes almost impossible. in the second of two special reports which investigates allegations that russia and the far right have been using the technology to undermine democracy.
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america's two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign highlighted new threats to democracy posed by social media platforms in the internet. the u.s. congress is investigating how the russians used facebook twitter and google to wage information warfare and a special counsel is looking into whether the russians in the trump campaign actually colluded in their digital strategies. there's also growing concern that the business models and algorithms that drive social media companies are fueling extreme partisanship and opening up the floodgates to phony news but america isn't alone challenges to democracy posed by social media also surfaced last year in european elections we begin there in the second part of our investigation into why
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social media platforms are such powerful tools for those who want to spread propaganda and dissin from ation we look into the ways automated accounts are known as bots are deployed by russians in the far right to manipulate the public the use of social media to wage information warfare was perfected by the kremlin in the baltic states in ukraine according to the nato strad com center of excellence in latvia genocide says its director saraf excellence is researching the information confrontation comment to wolf i would have done a lot of look at what russia has been doing over the is and we see that a lot of our knowledge is actually were relevant to what is happening in the us because obviously for anybody who's been watching the methodology s. have been more or less there for some time according to the nato strike come center use of social media as a military tactic as part of the so-called draw some of doctrine named after the
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current chief of russia's general staff the goal is permanent and rest in chaos within an enemy state achieving that with information warfare rather than military engagement is a preferred way to win it gives you a plausible deniability and. it was quite a significant change i think in and i mixed because typically russian theoretical thought was more about traditional military conflict rather than this what does it mean to have information campaigns at the center of military strategy this was the first sold troll factories running the shifts of people whose thomas is using social media to micro target the people and spreading fake news and then in different countries they tend to look at what their vulnerabilities is that minorities and migration is a corruption is a socially quality and then you go on exploiting and increasingly the shift is towards the robot is ation of the trolling. the use of automated social media
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accounts to interfere in elections and we can democracy has become more advanced in recent years we found that out when we stopped by the two thousand and seventeen riga conference last september thank you for coming to this very special three sixty zero s breakaway and we'll be focusing on elections and how bots in this information being utilized to create tensions in our society the workshop was sponsored by the atlantic council's digital forensic research lab the top journalists and researchers how to recognize social media manipulation techniques at the very basic level of books is a social media account preprogrammed to do certain things that people pressing about and there are plenty of good boats out there like made robots with sham poetry what we focus on particularly is malicious thoughts which are used to distort conversations online then memo the information defense fellow for the council specializes in tracking malicious bots on twitter is a lot of the bot activity today coming out of russia yes i've seen
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a lot of bot nets from the us for example that there are but nets which exclusively post for example far right content in the us but nets are groups of fake accounts that can be automated to. like in post together you can tell a boat by looking at the three a's which are activity and only mittie and amplification and that is if there's an example here whose handle is dreamed of dust which appears to be a u.s. based account that's fifteen months old in those fifteen months it's posted three hundred nineteen thousand tweets per day you have the activity that's a ridiculously high figure in terms of anonymity the avatar picture is a cartoon image not a real person and the biography is just a collection of program phrases and then if you look at the amplification all you see is it's sharing stories to its two thousand six hundred followers neemo also showed us what appeared to be a commercial part for
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a higher screen name is something like you did you did you it's a it's a random scramble of letters which is often a sign that you found a box the account was part of a larger commercial but now under the law just bought and i've seen one hundred eight thousand accounts in it and you quite often find that what these are doing is drowning out the middle ground and they're trying to normalize a situation in which hatred and abuse. ah just the standard way of going the danger is that the real users will get sucked into that emotional swirl and they'll join in. or also used to try to silence political opponents and journalists so this is i mean with me being that i wasn't too upset by this because i happen to know that i was alive at this point but it's clearly an attempt to intimidate and it's another way of saying look we can get right into your face we can tell people your dad but using bots to get hashtags the trend on twitter is one of their most effective uses for russians in far right operators and recent elections this tactic was used to support donald trump. marine le pen in france and the alternative for germany party
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you can think of it like herding sheep you have a group of shepherds and these are real human beings that we'll use us who plan an online campaign they all agree what's that hash tag going to be they'll prepare means they'll coordinate what time they're actually going to launch their campaign then you get what you might think of as the sheep dogs these are also human uses they will read tweet them they'll amplify them they'll copy the meetings and then around that you'll have the bots they will then we tweet all shepherds and all the sheep dogs and then they'll start we tweet each other and so a group of may be a dozen people can create the impression all anything between twenty and forty thousand tweets and they can then push that hashtag into the trending list and so it throws a smokescreen over the whole idea of one man one vote somebody who controls ten thousand votes or one hundred thousand votes controlling one hundred thousand voices and they distort the debate. to disturb in use of twitter to mislead the public was demonstrated after
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a mass shooting in las vegas last year and another at a texas church. google searches prioritised false story spread on twitter and facebook that the shooters were progressive democrats. most of them converts and members of anti for her radical anti fascist group all of the social media portals that we're speaking about are intimately connected in terms of how information flows. occur across all of the platforms and bought story a bill to sort of manipulate this flow of information sam will use head of the digital intelligence lab at the institute for the future and was research director for oxford's computational propaganda project his work with colleagues. demonstrates that particularly those tweeting trump related hashtags played an influential role in the two thousand and sixteen election what we found was that they were successful in spreading their messages to people at the highest levels of power in the united states so people from major news networks journalists politicians other pundits all kinds of people like this were tweeting and messaging
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bot content and we showed that absolutely people like hillary clinton and like donald trump were actually spreading the content that bots were sharing online you think a lot of donald trump's followers on twitter are bots yeah that's right and the thing about the boss that follow donald trump is that they're typically active he's an incredibly active twitter user bots are used to spread those tweets and they're used to amplify those tweets like throughout the campaign we saw that and continuously we see. do.


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