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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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emon saudi state media didn't specify their crimes amnesty is calling for suspected criminals to be put on trial and for the united states to suspend cooperation with the u.a.e. including ending weapon sales and they're a charity out you sirrah. creek who's an assistant professor in defense studies at king's college in london he told us both saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have been accused of war crimes before it's not the first time we have now a very long string of different reports from international independent watchdog. and different n.g.o.s who basically document how the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have conducted their military operations in the countries that we have a long list of different war crimes that were committed but apart from the war crimes that happened in operation we have these allegations which i think are very very plausible and are very credible about how they use a network of dark black sites that are actually extrajudicial prison sides where
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people are being detained tortured and apparently even killed this is not something completely new i mean the u.a.e. run similar cams within their own countries and we've seen since two thousand and eleven there has been a purge of opposition and political people who are close to political islam people who've also been subjected to torture detention without any rule of law and disappearances so this is not something entirely new and these these allegations are very credible. the former prime minister of pakistan now as shareef is set to return to look or where he's likely to be taken into custody sheriff was ousted by the supreme court in july twenty seventeen he was sentenced last week to ten years in jail on corruption charges related to the purchase of luxury apartments in london shareef hasn't appealed his conviction and has been based in london his wife is ill in hospital. a court in turkey sentenced seventy two people to life in
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prison for their role in violence during the failed coup attempt to years ago the defendants were accused of killing thirty four people after season control of a suspension bridge in istanbul in twenty sixteen sin and cos alou has more from istanbul. this verdict has a significant importance for turkey as they stumble bridge right behind me was the flashpoint of the clashes on the night of the failed coup attempts two years ago on july fifteenth it was then renamed as life fifteen martis bridge as thirty four civilians got killed on the night of the ferrets core temp that was the first place the coup plotters closed down the roads and their prisons coal to his nation to take to the streets and challenge the crude plotters is stumble citizens walk to the bridge that night since the failed coup attempt at least one hundred sixty court cases have been filed against the coup plotters and more than two
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hundred fifty people lost their lives across turkey that night and at least two thousand people got mourned it and since then turkey has been ruled by state of emergency and that these hundred sixty thousand people have been sacked due to they are in a legit links with the. group which the government says was the only writer of the failed coup attempt. there are live from london still to come on the program a major symbolic victory in syria's government troops raised their flag and arrows old city where the rebel uprising started seven years ago. and a hero's welcome back at base for the tiny baby seals who helped rescue twelve schoolboys and their football coach from a flooded cave. hello
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there there's not a great deal of cloud showing up on our middle east chance to tour at the moment we can see the winds feeding down from the north the picking up a little bit of dust as they do say but the showers mostly are in the far northern parts of our map around down mati and also in the west as well we're seeing quite a few showers make their way down from parts of russia into georgia and into azerbaijan and i think this is the region we're likely to see more showers as we head through saturday as well a bit further towards the south and here in doha the temperature or hour around forty three degrees at the moment we are seeing some winds coming in from the east that's the direction that drags in or our humanity so it's still quite sticky forty two forty three degrees will be our maximum as we head through the next couple of days for the south coast of iran more cloud here as you would expect at this time of year my gives a little bit of drizzle times as well dentals in southern parts of africa and here we've just got a bit of cloud along the far south coast that's giving us
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a fair amount of rain though and also bringing in some rather strong winds it's working its way towards the east and as it does say is going to drag down the temperatures so capetown no higher than around fourteen or fifteen degrees as we head through the next few days and they could be quite a good deal of cloud around as well that system virtually pushes up the eastern coast as we head into saturday durban is looking quite. on july fourteenth. two thousand and sixteen. an attack on christianity in nice change people's lives. in things that has killed at least sixty people. two years on. meets the french muslim families who lost their loved ones. truck attack a nice on al-jazeera.
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going to one of the top stories here now. some nature leaders are disputing u.s. president donald trump's claims that he persuaded nato leaders to agree to a big boost in defense spending or in crisis talks in brussels. president trump has now arrived in the u.k. for a four day working visit just as have already gathered outside the u.s. ambassador's residence in london with extra security in place for the visit. the rights group amnesty international says it has evidence to prove prisoners are being killed tortured and disappearing from secret jails operation by u.a.e. forces in southern yemen. syrian government forces and their russian allies have
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raised the national flag over darrow's old city an area that's been held by rebels for years it's a hugely symbolic moment in the more than seven years syrian war major protests against president bashar assad first erupted in daraa in twenty eleven and widely seen as heralding the start of the conflict and a hundred reports. it's a highly symbolic moment in syria's ongoing war did our city was where it all began back in two thousand and eleven the first protest against president bashar assad's rule happened here and the old town rebels who are besieged have now surrendered after an almost three week long government offensive the choice to raise the national flag near the mosque was no coincidence it was the focal point of the demonstrations the loss of did our city has sparked emotions among many and the opposition by the service there was an interview with fellow sivan years since the revolution began after all the sacrifices that were made the regime is raising its
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flags about buildings in the city and other places as well this is affected the people badly people are depressed and disappointed but the revolution is in our blood and it will continue to run in our veins was these were this he said the incident was that after seven years ago it was protests that spread to other areas was. serious in a democracy were met by bullets fired by security forces i was there was a lot has happened since the protest movement turned into a war hundreds of thousands of people have been killed the syrian government with the backing of iran and russia now controls sixty percent of syria after steadily recapturing territory it lost to the rebels over the years the northwestern
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province of idlib is where most opponents of the assad regime live and defiance remains. we lost everything our land in our house but the spirit of the revolution lives with us we haven't lost hope even if we lost we hope all syrians will unite a revolt. and god willing the regime will form. the revolution will remain if the regime captured or rock just like it captured aleppo and homes even if it controls all the opposition areas the revolution will continue just like in the past we managed to revolt despite the presence of security checkpoints everywhere for the opposition losing the birthplace of their uprising is not the end of their struggle against what they call oppression but there is little doubt the latest military gains are yet another turning point and the government's efforts to crush the rebellion. beirut israel's supreme court has temporarily blocked
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a demolition order for a bedouin community in the occupied west bank. was set to be cleared despite growing international criticism of the move village consists of mainly makeshift structures of tin and wood and which the israeli authorities say were built illegally three fourths it has more from west jerusalem. well this is the very least a stay of execution for the people of qana lamarr a bedouin community of nearly two hundred people in the occupied west bank it did seem that a long threatened demolition was impending with the moving in of the heavy machinery of the israeli state the israeli military in recent days as they seemed to be preparing the way for that demolition to take place there had been a legal judgment by the israeli supreme court at the end of may which said that such a demolition would be illegal and then last week there was a petition lodged by activists which said that an alternative plan that had been filed by them to the israeli civil war florence's allowing for coming to be made
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into a proper permanent community with plumbing and electricity that that had not been fully evaluated and accounted for and so they were petitioning against the demolition the supreme court has not accepted that but it hasn't dismissed it either and it says there needs to be a hearing on that question no later than august the fifteenth western governments have been european governments have been petitioning or at least arguing for this not to take place there have been a number of diplomats from occupied east jerusalem traveling out to this community to try to attract attention to what's been happening here so this is by no means a permanent solution it may just be a delay to the demolition but it does give activists a little more time as they try to get the israeli government to change its course of action on this village will and to government demonstrations are being planned in nicaragua despite two hundred sixty four people already being killed in nearly four months of unrest human rights organizations accuse president you know taking
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of ordering troops to use grenade launchers against protesters but a sanchez has been meeting grieving families in the capital nagra. the family of eighteen year old alexander min thus i say he disappeared after taking part in a protest in may his mother might get he does says ten days later she got a call from the coroner's office she was asked to formally identify alexander's body well as it was the letters that i never imagined this would happen but i would hear that the doctor told me both he died of natural causes that and that he got scared and had a heart attack. eighteen year olds rarely die that way so much let it go into an independent forensic doctor for a second opinion so you know what a fix. and he said my son was strangled to death. but ready to then filed the complaint with me get out was permanent commission for human rights the group say
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it's been overwhelmed by such reports. on wednesday the organization of american states described the situation in the ghetto one as grave and. been considering the deepening and increasing deterioration of the grave human rights crisis in nicaragua the enter american commission for human rights calls on the international community to demand nicaragua immediately puts an end to repression and arbitrary detentions and all other human rights violations. but the need to know when government dismissed the oas report as biased. nicaragua rejects the report it was rushed prejudiced and lacks objectivity it requires a professional attitude to report the truth about what's going on. the government says the protests aimed to topple president there. here at nick at i was national university students and other government opponents have been entrenched for more
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than one month the government accuses them of being subversive a threat to peace. but the opposition accuses police and pro-government paramilitary forces are firing live rounds at protesters this week has seen some of the worst violence since the protests erupted nearly three months ago. we care i was long time president the data has rejected calls to hold early elections the opposition is just as determined but many here fear or to come. with more teenagers like alexander are likely to be caught in the crossfire of the country's political crisis. just sida menow when we got our time navy seals who helped to rescue twelve schoolboys and their football coach from a cave have returned home to a hero's welcome the seals were mobbed by family and friends after touching down at their base near the capital bangkok they received awards for their part in the
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dangerous mission to rescue the boys from a deep underground cave complex of one officer says the rescued boys and girls to be a force for good in a thai society american gun has more from chiang rai. the boys and the coach are expected to stay in hospital for the next few days this is while three of the boys are being treated for a lung infection while the rest are going through laboratory exams and forty after that they will be said home where they will still be under observation for about thirty days now during a recent press conference the thai government expressed gratitude and and basically extended its banks not just to its own forces but also to countries that extended assistance and sent their expertise over here this was a very complicated mission but it turned out quite successfully and even if it's something that happened a few days ago thailand is still in a celebratory mood while experts say this is how humanitarian agreements are for
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and this is going to be seen as a test case in future frameworks in future emergency assistance the will be conducted not just in southeast asia but all across the world a new york's times square is submerged in a new mix reality public exhibit the work which is the brainchild of the artist mel chin is intended to raise awareness of climate change christians remember to have a look. at first glance this weathered shell of a ship in the center of times square looks like well a fish out of water but the sculpture called week by mel chin is bent to recall new york's past and how that relates to its future we could talk about climate change or political issues or economic issues but i think that creating artwork step a vital option an investigation into all our worlds a little deeper deeply probably really we're all place right now shipping help the
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city become a center of commerce finance and entertainment but the consumption on display here can be related to climate change there's more to this exhibit than first meets the eye in addition to the sculptural elements there's a virtual reality component and when you put on these goggles it makes it look like times square is completely underwater and if you don't want to wait in line to use the special hollow lens goggles created by microsoft you can download an app on your phone for a similar experience when you're working in a space like times square it's very difficult to control the environment you have to be a little bit pushy about keeping people out of the interactive space a real immersion in living in a subterranean world called unmoored the second exhibit imposes a virtual world over time square it's not safe it's angst to go to catalyze when it looks like there's a whole bunch of boats coming up times square it's pretty cool creating a mixed reality future in a city just a few meters above sea level in which global warming has gone unchecked i saw boats
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moving through the air and also the sap was moving far and the air with jenny going into the air also past present and future collide in an experience that suggests the very things that have on times square the nickname crossroads of the world could also be its undoing kristen salumi al jazeera new york. and to create one day you can catch up any time with our website address that is. dot com. reminder now the top stories are large there are some nato leaders are disputing u.s. president donald trump's claims that he persuaded members to agree to a big boost in defense spending for in crisis talks in brussels the french president says the joint statement went no further than water previously been
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agreed a second day of the nato summit was supposed to focus on afghanistan crimea and other pressing international issues it was dominated by trump who first threatened to pull out of nato before declaring victory in his goal over spending trump has now arrived in the u.k. for his four day official visit the leaders currently in central london at the u.s. ambassador's residence demonstrators have gathered outside in what's expected to be the first of a series of protests against the visit involving tens of thousands of people what i hope you'll take away from. the people of this can she reject everything he stands for his bigotry his missile journey is racism that we need to throw to. accuse politics and blame migrants and muslims and refugees for the crimes committed by the powerful and as international has published evidence it says shows prisoners are being killed tortured and disappearing from secret jails in southern
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yemen the prisons are operated by soldiers from the u.a.e. the rights group says what's happening there could it not a war crimes the u.a.e. has previously denied similar allegations syrian government forces and their russian allies have raised the national flag over darrow's old city it's a hugely symbolic moment in the seven year war era was the birthplace of the uprising against president bashar assad rebel factions in the city have now agreed to a surrender deal and will soon begin a handover of heavy weapons. israel's supreme court has temporarily blocked a demolition order for a bedouin community me occupied west bank a llama was set to be cleared despite growing international criticism of the move village consists of many makeshift structures of tin and wood which the israeli authorities say were built illegally. the former pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif is set to return to le who are where he's likely to be taken into custody sharif was ousted by the supreme court in july twenty seventeen he was sentenced
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last week to ten years in jail on corruption charges if you stay with us on their inside stories up next i have news are few straight after that i switched off. on libya's fortunes changing after weeks of fighting off the says he's putting his country first by handing over control of oil exports to its oil prices fall as the taps full on again so why the about face this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program i'm adrian for the international pressure appears to have worked with libya's strongman the khalifa haftar following fierce fighting with a rival for control of for oil ports he's handed them over to the internationally recognized national oil corporation it expects exports of libya's lifeblood to get back to normal soon says he's putting his country first by handing over the oil ports but his forces retain control of important oil fields al-jazeera has not made up the what had reports from tripoli. after nearly three weeks of blockade by forces loyal to her leave her have libya's warlord has handed over control of four oil terminals to the internationally recognized national oil corporation based in tripoli or very quickly be out of the i congratulate all libyans for the resumption of oil exporting hopefully it will return with profit for everyone i personally
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thank all those who contributed to end this crisis especially those who acted rationally and wisely pressure from the u.s. the u.k. italy and france as well as regional powers seems to have forced it have to relinquish control he was planning to keep the ports under the supervision of the. oil corporation which is a lie to libya's rival parliament based in total the handover of the oil terminals and the resumption of exporting operations is opposed for the oil dependent economy some would say the hand over saves it from collapse but it doesn't mean the end of the conflict in eastern libya would have to its enemies remaining nearby the so-called oil crescent who controls libya's oil is questionable because the country remains divided between two governments one beast in tripoli the other in the
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eastern city of. the latest conflict started on june the fourteenth when forces loyal to the former chief of the petroleum facilities god a pro him just ran briefly took control of the largest oil terminals sidra and rustler north. at least two oil is torched tanks were set on fire and exports stopped as tankers were turning away from this week tina and hillary got terminals the four ports were recaptured by have to his forces reportedly with the help of the egyptian and you airforce despite handing over the ports have to retains control of oil fields the latest fight over the life blood of the exports is to me to have cost the economy more than a billion dollars previous battle since the death of him. in years ago good production to fluctuate resorting to full power to put is a top priority for foreign customers and libya's national oil corporation which is
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promising production will be back to normal soon. tripoli. libya's oil crescent stretches along the mediterranean coast between the cities of sirte and benghazi to the east the region contains eighty percent of libya's estimated forty five billion barrels of oil reserves as well as huge amounts of gas and it contains three of libya's largest oil fields plus refineries the produce around sixty percent of exports or tankers dock at five main ports sidra is the largest exporting four hundred thousand barrels a day followed by ruslan oof a two hundred twenty thousand barrels. so who is khalifa haftar were described until recently as a renegade general and now warlords after has been part of the political scene in libya for forty years he helped gadhafi seize power in one thousand nine hundred
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sixty nine before they fell out after our return from exile seven years ago and joined the uprising that toppled and killed the longtime dictator after made himself an important player in twenty fifteen by declaring a campaign to drive armed groups out of benghazi libya's second biggest city in the oil rich east libya has an internationally recognized government in tripoli at a second administration into brooke which supported half the us offensive the u.n. brokered a deal to create a unity government two years ago but have to assert support from his self declared libyan national army was unthinkable and he's been accused of actively trying to undermine a unified government with you a e and egyptian support he ordered his self declared national army to seize control of libya's more major oil ports last month so. let's introduce our panel for today's discussion from london we're joined by sally handing the editor in chief of international interest from tripoli. who is
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a political analyst and senior advisor to the negotiating team of the high council of states and also in london tom pepper north africa and east but is draining correspondent of energy intelligence gentlemen welcome to you or sunny let's start with you after a three week dispute that effectively shut down the country's oil industry why would general have to hand control of these oil ports back to the noise of the national oil corporation first of all let's remember that the decision by phil if i have to to seize the oil terminals and block oil exports within the libyan domestic scene is was actually a very shrewd move essentially have to wanted to tell the international community that i am the man to deal with i am to future leader of libya and i control the resources that you need the problem is however for what if after all and what and why he will be very angry today is that it took his decision to shut off the oil
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exports comes about at a time of very high oil prices and a very angry u.s. president as a result of these high oil prices we know that donald trump has been exerting significant pressure on the region in order to increase production and reduce oil prices and he's put out tweets to this effect blaming certain countries saying it will be your fault if it goes above one hundred dollars a barrel the most likely scenario in my opinion is that the u.a.e. which previously suggested it would increase production i think the u.a.e. under pressure from donald trump pressured have to remember u.a.e. is the main backer of have to reopen oil exports and i think the way in which they convinced after to do so was to say look you're still technically in control of these terminals you still have your military forces there maybe you wait until this situation. internationally is better and then you can repeat this move once more in order to exert your influence moreover from have to specific different other thing
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that'll make you feel perhaps a bit more comfortable is increasingly warm relationship with france and general talk within the e.u. that perhaps there is benefit in increasing ties would have to in having warmer relations we'll have to because he may well be the one who unites libya in the end the reality is that how often did not want to surrender these terminals if he didn't do it in the national interest he did it simply because everybody including his own supporters demanded that he open those terminals once more and in particular in my opinion the u.a.e. let's remember that the high oil prices caused by this decision affects everybody in the world effects the us affects you even if it saudi arabia affects italy which has a struggling economy and which is also trying to deal with its own migration crisis it effects the e.u. which is seeking to establish great deals with libya as reflected in the vienna agreement so i think here have to have thought he did a shrewd tactical move but it was unfortunately for him at the wrong time albert
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kush what's your take on this this isn't the first time that have to take in control of these oil terminals what was his motive for handing control of the ports back this time if he'd taken control of them to perhaps institutionalize his l n a in the east of the country with perhaps the aim of moving towards a defacto partition between the west in the east and the worth what he had controlled back. i think he handed look as a source as this is not the for the first time. it's important to note that what this signifies this whole mess is that the struggle in libya is not as some try to explain it neatly as a struggle between moderates and extremists is that mr and secularist east and west it is a struggle over who controls the resources of the state and thus what half that is
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trying to do in two thousand and sixteen he took the. ports from his. ex. kamerad judge ron and handed it immediately to the n.o.c. in tripoli because at that time he was looking for legitimacy for appearing to be the savior of the libyans and so on and to reserve a seat for him the table he had that. by the french invited him less year was seraph than this year with so rajan mystery and i and so on now he took these these old course and he wants something more he wants the n.o.c. itself and or the central bank it's a blackmail operation that fails miserably the saudi gazette which is usually a safe have to support are said that have blundered badly into an
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impossible situation that will greatly they minish his international credibility that's what happened i mean the scenario that your previous guest says. is talking about that this is a shrewd move and and the u.a.e. and so on it's not he tried to blackmail the libyan state and he failed and now we'll see what his next move is to come to you in just a moment but some as you know it just just come back to. i think. the guest is giving too much credit to the libyan state which in reality is unable to exert influence anywhere in particular i think the evidence that the n.r.c. genuinely thought that half that had conducted himself in a very serious manner that could convince the international community of his credentials is reflected in the way the how in the vienna conference when he received the news he pleaded with european companies not to deal with have to an
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admission that he knew that companies were thinking about dealing with have to so i think there's too much credit being given to tripoli at the end of the day the problem would have to move is simply that it hurt even his own supporters the high oil price is a very serious problem and you can see trump's trepidation and anger and desperation in trying to bring this oil price down and indeed opening these exports once more is bringing these are oil prices down we've seen it go down six percent which i think will ease some of those particular concerns however as your guest illustrated half that is being received in france he's been taken as a serious contender and it is genuinely a fight for the resources in libya to have to his ideal situation is to take control of either the central bank or the national oil company because then he sets himself up to be one of the major players in libya and then somebody who cannot be ousted in any negotiation that takes place no matter how much tripoli tries the
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reality in libya finish on this point the reality on libya contrary to what people would like to think is that half turn militarily and politically is in the ascendancy in contrast to tripoli ok tom pepper mentioned a few minutes ago this letter that u.s. president donald trump has written strongly worded to the heads of libya's rival governments threatening legal action against those that he deems responsible for for not solving the oil or present conflict in the east of the country. is libya's oil important to global markets yes it is despite the situation in libya which sadly is a very very difficult political crisis ongoing un trying to find a solution libya's oil when it does come on stream does affect as we've seen recently the global price with brant crude benchmark rising to around eighty dollars per barrel as a result of the outage ten day outage and when it came back on stream we're now talking around seventy four dollars per barrel so libya does matter it's
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a opec member clearly output was hovering around a million barrels a day before this shutdown and then five roughly half to five hundred seventy thousand barrels a day. libya has developed unfortunately for libya a wildcard status in global war markets it has the ability to affect the global oil price from any shutdown and any restart of production so yes libya does matter and what happens in libya matters and governments the u.s. the u.n. all know this and that is clearly why they're trying to find a solution so tom what is president trump's strategy here white why send this letter threatening legal action. well if legal action i have to say i'm not entirely sure why he would. trump strategy in this case but i think what i've seen this too positive from libya from libya's national corporations position is that. they have managed to prevent with backing from the
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u.n. the u.s. u.k. france germany any illicit sales of libyan crude which if we just pull walk back a bit have to hand it over recently ten days ago supposedly handed over these ports these four ports to eastern oil officials who since twenty fifteen of trying to sell state crude on the open market and have failed and the reason they failed is because of targeted u.n. sanctions and as far as we know at energy intelligence they have not managed to actually successfully sell a cargo they tried several times and registered several companies so i think the u.s. as far as i'm aware are certainly from their statements recently irrespective of trance recent letter. are fully backing the government the un backed government affairs that are and they have to also continue to back the independence of both the central bank but also the tripoli based national corporation which has done
2:37 am
quite a sterling job in the wake in the face of a lot of challenges thrown at it recently and tom does does president trump have why perhaps on the sanctions that he intends to put upon iran in later this year. perhaps i mean the in terms of oil markets the when libya goes down and there's other on the horizon other potential disruptions to the oil market coming from obviously venezuela the potential implosion there of the domestic scene and also from targeted sanctions on iran and if you're a mediterranean refinery you want to have some sort of reliability of supply and the problem here in libya is that increasingly when we have these shutdowns all these restarts it sends the message that you cannot really rely on them as a reliable supplier of crude to say refiners to the world markets and it's really something that's out of the control of national or corporation it does not control
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the ports and the fields that it has under its control it what states has under its control simply for the reason that these militias and also that even the libyan national army which pledged allegiance to national corp really has the ultimate hand over these ports and shut them down at will and this is the sad fact the reality. you had a situation just last month where this these ports changed hands three times jethro's militia took over then they were displaced by after and after decided whatever his motivation to hand them over to eastern or fish was for ten days so it's very hard for n.s.c. to say that they have complete control over their facilities salah. thomas saying that when have to control of the old ports he allowed this this this rival version of the national oil corporation based in bader to sell the oil what what was his thinking by the what was a strategy. look despite the messages of reassurance that sam is trying
2:39 am
to send to have her supporters the fact remains and everybody knows that. the pearl is situations in the east have needed the technical nor the administrative or legal bases to be able to sell crude oil the eps agreements that the n o c into poorly as with the production of exploration companies cannot allow that there are institutions and by the to do anything have to have never intended to sell or market and produce oil in the east to those miniature organizations all on his aim was to blackmail the state into giving him the central bank and or the n o c and i did not say that thanks to the state of libya that
2:40 am
for all this blackmail attempt and occur a contrary what for this attempt was the. international community and their or their trust in son allah the head of the n o c the n o c was doing an excellent job it was always on the neutral and it was producing the oil selling it and the money goes to the central bank the question of where the money goes then is not sun our law and the international community knows that if this oil gets blocked the whole state of affairs in libya will get much much worse than what it is now. so what do you make of that i mean have to has made international supporters france egypt the u.a.e. were were not definitely not support of his of this action of taking control of these ports with it i think initially maybe the u.a.e.
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in egypt would have been but for the pressure of the u.s. president i do agree with the guest when he says that some are lawyers administration of the n.o.c. has established a lot of confidence among international partners and they are very keen to ensure the independence of the n.o.c. in order to ensure the parallel the continuation of exports of oil irrespective of what happens in the conflict and i think this attitude actually speaks volumes of the roles of the international community has played in exacerbating the conflict in libya we have to remember who have to take as an inspiration to continue his military expansion in libya he takes abdul fatah has sisi in egypt and i say this because i'm different that has sisi in egypt ousted a democratically elected president from power first free and fair elections that took place in egypt the international community subsequent recognition of sisi despite the military coup despite what happened at about and the incredible
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crackdown on human rights abuses this tells us that one thing that if i can conquer libya and if i can continue to militarily expand and establish effective control of libya's resources it doesn't matter who is right or wrong in libya it doesn't matter where the justice is all that matters for the international community is who controls libya and can they provide stability and i think this is the failure of the international community that it has failed to defend the values that it is spouses and i think with regards to have to when you look at the the international community how one way it gives the impression it's willing to deal with have to the next day it wants to maintain the independence of the n.o.c. the next they have to it is in paris then they. today we see all of a sudden failure satirized being put as an internationally recognized government over militias who don't even recognize his authority because you see that there is a profound failure from the international community and i think this whole oil saga sums it up correctly ok so. you want to try to come back on that and to what extent
2:43 am
is competition for influence between france and italy in libya affecting the situation. well it is but you know the company been. tried his hand you know in a very amateurish way less year when he put together a couple the saraj and half and now owns that this is a great moment and that roger presents. political legitimacy while i have to represent military legitimacy and the two guys beef i mean twenty four hours after that and before they left paris they got into it with each other have is telling saraj to stop these childish moves and seraph's is what you cannot solve the problem militarily and then they put them together in paris last month and you see what happens now after that fanfare and we agree and we're going to we're going to
2:44 am
disable the better institutions and so on so. that they now would that would the far right probably doubt closer to trum ok and they will get a fair hearing from him. and they fight to protect their or their or their interest and they think that france is interfering in their sphere of influence and they're going to fight back tom tom pepper of the feeling this is going to be the last question here because we're almost out of out of time. how important is oil revenue to libya given the no. one central organization or government controlling the company you've got this ongoing political and parcel of all of the various rivalries between the governments in the east and the west in the various militias operating within the country. was he says yes there its oil revenues vital to the country it's really the mainstay of the economy obviously. and even if national corporation misses selling just one
2:45 am
cargo that impacts state finances and one card is say six hundred thousand two million barrels of crude. so any shut down for any length of period costs the tax well the tax but costs the state coffers several millions of dollars if not billions so it matters a great deal and in fact the way that payments are made by refineries by international companies is through the libyan foreign bank there's a bank account there that is then paid with libyan foreign bank is a subsidiary of the central bank from the central bank it is the central bank to distribute salaries throughout the country. but without clearly any successful card is being sold that flood of money is just really goes down to a trickle so it is vital yes gentlemen we're out of time many thanks indeed to all of you on the course and to tom pepper don't forget you can see the program at any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com is where you'll find us for further
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discussion on today's topic go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story or you can join the conversation on twitter handle at a.j. inside story from me adrian finnegan the whole team here in doha thanks for watching we'll see you again bye for now.
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where were you when this idea popped into it when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief goal of over to an inequality in our society today or if you join
2:48 am
a sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice about allow refugees to be the speakers for change join the conversation on our. hands. zero. hello norm tired of this is the news hour live from london coming up. because major ripples at the nato summit in brussels over defense spending now donald trump is in
2:49 am
london and the protests against him have already begun. oh. well the. syrian government forces raised the national flag over darrow's old city a location widely seen as the cradle of the rebellion. disappearances torture and death amidst international says what happened in yemeni prisons on the u.a.e. control should be investigated as war crimes. more evidence of human rights violations in nicaragua hundreds of protesters have been killed now there are claims of a cover up. and sport seven time champion serena williams is into the wimbledon final the american juliana kircus germany in the semi finals she'll be going for her twenty fourth round slam title and the first since giving birth to last year.
2:50 am
the second day of the nato summit in brussels was supposed to focus on afghanistan crimea and other pressing international issues but almost inevitably it's largely been about donald trump the u.s. president first threatened to pull out of nato and declared victory in his goal of forcing on the member states to increase their financial contributions on diplomatic editor james bays has been a summit. president trump and isolated. at least how he wanted to be seen at the start of the day's proceedings even chewing away an assistant nato will not forget this day the day a stern looking u.s. president came here with a clear narrative in his mind he created a crisis even hinting he might pull out of the alliance declaring a victory tremendous progress has been made everyone's agreed to substantially up their commitment they're going to up it at levels that they've never thought of
2:51 am
before prior to last year where i attended my first meeting it was going down the amount of money being spent and by countries was going down and down very substantially. earlier trump was late for a meeting between nato allies and partner countries ukraine and georgia the cameras were no longer in the room by the time the president once again brought up the nato defense spending an issue everyone else thought of being settled the nato secretary general young stoltenberg had to ask you crane in georgia to leave as nato went into emergency session. while trump insists they made new much increased spending commitments its allies later tonight that nothing new had been agreed there is a familiar pattern here trump is still declaring his diplomacy with north korea is going well even though the country itself which has made no firm commitments for what has just called recent talks troubling that was an amazing really an amazing
2:52 am
meeting i thought and i really think that we establish very good relationships will see were all lands but they have been no missile tests there have been no research where there has been they have blown up a side here they're blowing up another site missile say so what actually was achieved at this nato summit virtually nothing and expose the divisions within the alliance the person that is going to benefit is russian president vladimir putin who president trump meets at the beginning of next week the u.s. president was asked about that meeting he was positive he was asked to about russian amec sation of crimea he was once again positive about putin and at no point called for russia to withdraw from crimea the next few days will continue to be worrying ones for nato allies james out zero at nato headquarters in brussels. let's get more on this century's live now from washington d.c. is the journalist james kirchick he specializes in european and american politics
2:53 am
and is author of the book the end of europe dictators demagogues and the coming dark age thanks so much for being with us what did you make of this particular performance at the nato summit. it was very dramatic and there was a lot of tension clearly based on the president's rhetoric beginning with the attacks on germany over that breakfast yesterday. he actually had some good points are you saying that germany was too soft on russia because of the pipeline that's being constructed but that's not really the way to do it to say these things in public to break your allies like that this morning it was unclear there were news reports suggesting that he was threatening to leave nato. and then he says in the press conference that everything is fine the he's happy now that the spending is up so it's been a very schizo from a couple of days a very worrying. couple of days in terms of the rhetoric coming out of the president's mouth and as your report indicated it's not
2:54 am
a very good feeling to have going into a meeting with vladimir putin on monday to have all this division within the alliance exposed like this i mean to i suppose one of the things that peter pointed out is that the focus on the cash in terms of nato is perhaps to ignore this side of it which actually it's an alliance that is it is this is kind of more the more than the issue of cash what would you think of that point. i absolutely i mean nato is the most successful military alliance in human history not one of its members has ever faced a conventional territorial invasion since the end of world war two and that is something to be valued something to be treasured if you look at the history of the european continent up until the creation of nato it was a history of wars and genocides and tyranny and i don't think it's a small thing and i don't think it's incidental that nato played a role in preventing that from happening again in securing peace on the european continent and that has been in the interests of the united states and so this is
2:55 am
this obsession on money i mean yes our allies in nato should be spending more that's absolutely fair point in every president has been making that point for decades but this is obsession on money to the exclusion of any understanding of what purpose this alliance serves i think is very damaging and you can see that now in the numbers of americans particularly robert republicans the president's supporters who are expressing negative views of nato has has gone up and that's that's very problematic and you mentioned earlier the context of the putin trip coming up does pay attention to the way trump talks to his allies is that something that he cares about you think absolutely and i can imagine if i were vladimir putin i would go into that meeting basically saying look mr president you know i agree with you this is these are these allies of yours or burn their fleecing you they're ripping you off as you say so correctly this is our neighborhood europe is our neighborhood i want to you just allow us to basically control central and eastern
2:56 am
europe why you know you're right about what you say about crimea used to belong to russia i want to you let us take care of that i think the president has really opened himself up he's really shown us and if you will his weaknesses and i would be i be sure of it that is going to be trying to exploit some of those weaknesses next week james kirchick thank you very much and if you force us happy. thank you oa from brussels president trump headed to the u.k. for a four day visit his first official trip to the country while in office trump is staying in central london at the residence of the u.s. ambassador demonstrations have already gathered outside in what's expected to be the first of a series of protests against trans visit involving tens of thousands of people in need barkers outside winfield house in london's regent's park what's the scale of the protest now neve. just to give you an update of what's just happened trump has now for at least left the building his helicopter marine one took off
2:57 am
a short while ago heading in the direction of burning palace where there's an evening of events that he'll be taking part in but he'll be coming back to spend the nights here winfield house as you mentioned there is the official residence of the u.s. ambassador here in london and as you can probably tell by the fence behind me it's been turned into something of a fortified compound for the generation of his stay with seen waves of police arrive through these gates here behind me we've seen lawyer loads of police officers going in absolute of course donald trump's own security detail as well but let's not of course forget the protesters we're seeing more and more of them arrive gathering of the perimeter winfield house there banging drums and pots and pans they say that they want to make donald trump staying here in the u.k. as uncomfortable as possible here's what they told me a little bit earlier on. you come armed with a come under. house we are down roots are in the ground our heads are saying this
2:58 am
is an exceptional this is interesting and i think i was the intention is to keep him awake make noise any way we can to let him know how happy we are about this that my man is a big guy he's a racist that what he's done to the u.s. i just think that the majority of people here in america around the world we don't support him you know he's a racist bigoted billionaire who represents the economic interests of the billion is the rich the one percent i think that's a message that we don't support those policies and you know what does this mean i would just go to the park and i saw the helicopters come down. and i quickly supposed to get an honest face with a blank piece of. a million one trying to match it and i thought where do i. put three presupposing about my forty seven obit because in the background it's
2:59 am
a pretty recognizable a very loud sound of some of spray spray crapola helicopter pilot error a plane that's a company double track donald trump on his trip over here another time a scientist says that they will keep the pressure on the boat from seeking to make as much noise as possible through the night through face of course sets the scene for another very large protests in central london on friday crowds possibly reaching out hundreds of thousands expected to gather in trafalgar square in the heart of the capital on friday afternoon we back and thank you very much indeed. for the next half hour. to resume a palace. winston churchill joins us live from oxfordshire joe what are the political expectations as this visit kicks off.
3:00 am
the political aspirations of this visit include trying to demonstrate to the u.s. president. special relationship between the two countries to show that the u.k. has more to offer the u.s. than simply a conduit to the rest of europe and the hope of course that some progress can be extracted on a possible trade deal between the u.s. and the u.k. . a lot to achieve so there is a real effort in the engagement so they lined up the first two days to. visit dinner at the palace the birthplace of winston churchill with the prime minister with her country retreat checkers in the morning and then of course with the queen. as a president notoriously slighty with his favors he's professor support for the idea of a trade deal but on this visit has already questioned the direction of talks and negotiations saying he's looking forward as well to seeing.


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