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many and the opposition by the service that are watching have us fellow sivan years since the revolution began after all the sacrifices that were made the regime is raising its flags about buildings in the city and other places as well this is affected the people badly people are depressed and disappointed but the revolution is in our blood and it will continue to run in our veins was these were the scene of the incident was that after seven years it was the protests that spread to other areas was. seriously democracy were met by bullets fired by security forces was there was a lot has happened since the protest movement turned into a war hundreds of thousands of people have been killed the syrian government with the backing of iran and russia now controls sixty percent of syria after steadily
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recapturing territory it lost to the rebels over the years the northwestern province of idlib is where most opponents of the i said regime live and defiance remains. we lost everything our land in our house but the spirit of the revolution lives with us we haven't lost hope even if we lost we hope all syrians will unite a revolt and god willing their regime will fall sort of back the revolution will remain if the regime captured or rock just like it captured aleppo and homes even if it controls all the opposition areas the revolution will continue just like in the past we managed to revolt despite the presence of security checkpoints everywhere for the opposition losing the birthplace of their uprising is not the end of their struggle against what they call oppression but there is little doubt the latest military gains are yet another turning point in the government's efforts
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to crush the rebellion senator else has cedar beirut. the former pakistan prime minister nawaz sharif is set to return to lahore where he's likely be taken into custody sharif was ousted by the supreme court in july twenty seventeen he was sentenced last week to ten years in jail on corruption charges related to the purchase of luxury apartments in london sharif hasn't appeal his conviction and has been based in london where his wife is in hospital israel's a supreme court has temporarily blocked a demolition order from bedouin community in the occupied west bank. was set to be cleared to despite growing international criticism of the move the village consists of many makeshift structures of tain and wards which the israeli authorities say were built illegally more anti-government demonstrations are being planned in nicaragua despite two hundred sixty four people already being killed in nearly four
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months of unrest human rights organizations accuse president daniel ortega of ordering troops to use grenade launchers against protesters mariana sanchez has been meeting grieving families in the capital managua. the family of eighteen year old alexander min those are say he disappeared after taking part in a protest in me his mother virgie desist ten days later she got a call from the coroner's office she was asked to formally identify alexander's body oh there as it was the letters that i never imagined this would happen that i would hear that the doctor told me boldly he died of natural causes then that he got scared and had a heart attack. eighteen year olds rarely die that way so much let it go into an independent forensic doctor for a second opinion so you know what affix apl and he said my son was strangled to death. but let it go then fire the complaint with me get out was permanent
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commission for human rights groups say it's been overwhelmed by such reports. on wednesday the organization of american states described the situation in the ghetto one as grave. and. there's been considering the deepening and increasing deterioration of the grave human rights crisis in nicaragua the enter american commission for human rights calls on the international community to demand nicaragua immediately puts an end to repression and arbitrary detentions and all other human rights violations. but the new guy now one government dismissed the oas report as biased. nicaragua rejects the report it was rushed prejudiced and lacks objectivity it requires a professional attitude to report the truth about what's going on. the government says the protests aimed to topple president there. here at new get i was national
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university students and other government opponents have been entrenched for more than one month the government accuses them of being subversive a threat to peace. but the opposition accuses police and pro-government paramilitary forces are firing live rounds at protesters this week has seen some of the worst violence since the protests erupted nearly three months ago. i was long time precedent that has rejected post to hold early elections the opposition is just as determined but many here fear or to come. with more teenagers like alexander are likely to be caught in the crossfire of the country's political crises. you're watching al-jazeera live from london still to come on the program torture in secret jails in yemen home to stay international says war crimes may have been committed by u.s.
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forces. and austria and germany look for ways to allow for border free travel while preventing hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants from getting an. welcome back let's start by looking at the weather across europe and we've got this area of low pressure we call a cutoff low city across parts of germany and into poland and it's only moving very slowly giving some very heavy rain in places meanwhile further towards the west where the conditions are looking largely fine though we have got some showers in the u.k. but still temperatures in the mid to upper twenty's and likely to stay that way so there we are looking a snapshot for saturday wanted to show is still the northern part of the year impinge looking pretty potent elsewhere still that the area of rain across parts of
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poland and heading further towards the east but central southern parts of europe are looking fine really warm in both rome and athens on the other side of the mediterranean is generally fine conditions thirty six incur again the wind coming off the mediterranean but elsewhere these are winds coming up from the desert south and light to be bringing up some dust up towards parts of western europe so watch out for that some some red dust likely to be a positive for get the showers and also some sunsets now as you move into central parts of africa we've got some heavy showers here as you'd expect west africa is looking quite lively in places they are cherry getting quite a way north bamako mali may just see the old shower certainly quite cloudy at times heis here of twenty nine degrees celsius. i had a briefing today from a man named steele who has been out there working with the security forces a veteran of el salvador's dirty war sent to iraq you seem to be without portfolio
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doing whatever it is that he wanted to take interest or an expert in counterinsurgency even while this interview was going on with jim steele there were these terrible screams about pain and terror but what was his mission and what legacy did he leave searching for steel on al-jazeera. welcome back reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera donald trump is in the u.k. for a four day working visit he's just arrived in palace for a lavish dinner with prime minister to resign may thousands of protesters have been running against his visit in the capital london. some nato leaders are disputing
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chung's claims that he persuaded nato leaders to agree to a big boost in defense spending following crisis talks in brussels and syrian government forces and their russian allies have raised the national flag over their us old city the birthplace of the uprising against president bashar al assad and. amnesty international says it has evidence to prove prisoners are being killed tortured and on disappearing from secret jails operated by soldiers from the u.a.e. and solve in yemen their rights group says what is happening the credit mount to war crimes the u.a.e. has previously denied similar allegations a march has more. al-jazeera obtained a voice recording late last year of a man who said he'd been held prisoner in southern yemen operated by so which is from the united arab emirates. there are various methods such as the use of
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electric shock waterboarding as well as forcing detainees to strip naked this is how they torture us in different prisons they use different methods amnesty international says evidence from more than seventy families government workers and prisoners all show crew and unlawful practices in prisons run by amorality and yemeni forces some of these detention facilities are not actually official. what we and others. in our investigations is that there is a network of secret detention. the most egregious violations are actually. a coalition of countries led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates has been fighting heathy rebels for more than three years to back the government of president added rebel months are hearty the who has created a humanitarian crisis and pushed millions of yemenis to the brink of starvation secret to knowing you even detention centers in five governorates in southern yemen are detailed by the report says they say there are credible allegations of deaths
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in custody of missing detainees of torture and what's described as egregious detention related violations which cannot be justified under any circumstances other rights groups have made similar allegations and all of the warring sides are accused of human rights abuses. saudi arabia has just announced pardons for troops disciplined for their conduct in yemen saudi state media didn't specify their crimes amnesty is calling for suspected criminals to be put on trial and for the united states to suspend cooperation with the u.a.e. including ending weapons sales marriage choudhry al-jazeera. south sudan's parliament has voted to extend president salva kiir term in office along with other leading officials here will now stay on as president until twenty twenty one after parliament approved the amendments to the constitution the ruling is likely to
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undermine peace talks aimed at ending the four and a half year civil war austria and germany are looking to plug the gaps in their shared border to stop hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants getting in but they'll have to find a way around the schengen zone agreement which ensures border free travel within the european union is a heated issue in both countries causing the collapse of the german coalition government earlier this month dominic cain has more from the area. mention migration of meetings of e.u. leaders these days and many you see in there talking about stricter rules and allowing fewer people in certainly that's true for these three men the interior ministers of austria italy and germany. i think the three of us agree that we want to restore order in an area where for much too long disorder reigned from here we want to send a clear message to the world and especially to people smugglers that in future it
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will no longer be possible to reach european soil without the right to protection. his german counterpart wants to see much more of this sort of police controls on the main routes into and out of southern germany officers here say they've stopped around fifteen hundred illegal immigrants so far this year there are three such control areas in operation along the border with austria which meanders for more than eight hundred kilometers across rivers mountains and valleys alike with lots of road and rail connections. and as that makes clear there are many border crossings like this one where it's quite possible to walk or to drive from austria into the federal republic of germany without showing any identity documents without being controlled which means effectively that the german interior ministry will have no idea who's coming into their country yet that is the price of the german government's apparently continuing commitment to the e.u.
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use schengen zone creating a contradiction between wanting tougher border controls on the one hand and border free travel on the other with your body in turning all the want is going to not border checks as long as schengen isn't working in the right manner i am not in favor of border controls within europe in the long term the route from the italian coast to the bavarian border was one of the main routes many migrants used to travel to germany over the past few years now it's increasingly clear the government's concerned wanted closed as soon as possible dominant cane al-jazeera in bavaria a court in turkey has sentenced seventy two people to life in prison for their role in violence during the failed coup attempt two years ago the defendants were accused of killing thirty four people after seizing control of a suspension bridge in istanbul twenty sixteen so now has more from istanbul. this verdict has a significant importance for turkey as they stumble bridge right behind me was the
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flashpoint of the clashes on the night of the failed coup attempt two years ago on july fifteenth it was then renamed as july fifteenth martis bridge as thirty four civilians got killed on the night of the fair's core temp that was the first place the coup plotters closed down the roads and their present coal to his nation to take to the streets and challenge the crude plotters is stumble citizens walked to the bridge that night since the failed coup attempt at least one hundred sixty court cases have been filed against a coup plotters and more than two hundred fifty people lost their lives across turkey that night and at least two thousand people got more wounded and since then turkey has been ruled by state of emergency and these hundred sixty thousand people have been sacked due to their illiterate links with the. group which the
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government says was the orchestra of the failed coup attempt. new york's times square is completely underwater and a new mixed reality public art exhibits the work which is the brainchild of the artist mel chin is intended to raise awareness of climate change christian salumi went to have a look. at first glance this weathered shell of a ship in the center of times square looks like well a fish out of water but the sculpture called week by mel chin is bent to recall new york's past and how that relates to its future we could talk about climate change or political issues or economic issues but i think that creating artwork step a vital option an investigation into all our worlds a little deeper deeply probably really we're all placed right now shipping helped the city become a center of commerce finance and entertainment but the consumption on display here
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can be related to climate change there's more to this exhibit than first meets the eye in addition to the sculptural elements there's a virtual reality component and when you put on these goggles it makes it look like times square is completely underwater and if you don't want to wait in line to use the special how lens goggles created by microsoft you can download an app on your phone for a similar experience when you're working in a space like times square it's very difficult to control the environment you have to be a little bit pushy about keeping people out of the interactive space a real immersion in living in a subterranean world called unmoored the second exhibit imposes a virtual world over time square it's not safe it's angst to go to catalyze when it looks like there's a whole bunch of boats coming up times square it's pretty cool creating a mixed reality future in a city just a few meters above sea level in which global warming has gone unchecked boats
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moving through the air and also the sepoys moving far and the air with johnny going into the air also past present and future collide in an experience that suggests the very things that have on time square the nickname crossroads of the world could also be its undoing kristen salumi al jazeera new york. plenty more to read on watch on our website just click kong al-jazeera dot com. let's give you a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has arrived in the u.k. for a four day working visit he and first lady milan there have been welcomed by british prime minister cerys in may for a lavish dinner and palace may is expected to use the event to press her case for an ambitious new trade deal with the u.s.
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after brics it but it's not all glitz and glamour founders of protesters have converged on the capital london to show their opposition to some of chants more controversial policy is. what i hope you'll take away from. the people of this can she reject everything he stands for his bigotry is massage and he is racism that we will confront. all of those who accuse politics and blame migrants and muslims and refugees for the crimes committed by the powerful well before heading to the u.k. chart without the nato summit in brussels where he declared victory his goal of overspending but some nato leaders are disputing his claim to have persuaded members to agree to double the defense spending french president emanuel says the joint statement went no further than what had previously been agreed syrian government forces and their russian allies have raised the national flag over there as old city is a hugely symbolic moment in the seven year war there i was the birthplace of the
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uprising against president bashar al assad the former pakistan prime minister now us sharif is set to return to lahore where he's likely to be taken into custody sharif was ousted by the supremes courts in july twenty seventh teen he was sentenced last week to ten years in jail on corruption charges. amnesty international has published evidence it says shows prisoners are being killed tortured and disappearing from secret jails in southern yemen the prisons are operated by soldiers from the u.a.e. the rights group says what's happening there could amount to war crimes the u.a.e. has previously denied similar allegations and south sudan's parliament voted to extend president salva kiir term in office along with leading officials here when i stay on as president until twenty twenty one after parliament approved the amendment to the constitution. that line stay with the stream coming next.
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the man's well call time to eighteen eight has been a thrilling month for football but has it up to all of your expectations that they will look ahead to the finals as well as the news and politics behind this year's global event i mean ok and that really could be loud and you're in the stream now live on you tube. this year's well comp has so far been a source of excitement and emotional mood swings for football fans everywhere but with us today to talk about this is an international panel of sports enthusiasts
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and moscow is pretty good journalist who's been covering the tournament in new york state brenda l.z. associate professor of history at hofstra university and co-host of the feminist sports podcast burn it all down in london al-jazeera sports correspondent leigh welling's and also in london fresh from the world cup wilfred indeedy the midfielder for the nigerian national team also known as the super eagles he also plays for leicester city. let's start adam scott shane with the russia question haven't listened to what fifa president giani in fact tino had to say last week. we all fell in love with russia. all of us everyone who has been here for a period of time. has discovered a country that. we didn't know i was told police people in the red square are smiling. when they are still before they should they are
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very friendly that is great this is exactly what russia is in this image. we have. that was right i'm a putin almost smiling in response to the fever president that let me just look here on my laptop basically reporting efi weeks ago from the world cup this idea about russia there was some skepticism as it being the country to host the world cup what was it like reporting from that what did we miss when it was over seven years of controversy was in there when the world cup was first awarded by fee for qatar switched to the two as well by for the same time we had the position where people were criticizing. most of that was being levelled cats are and then eventually people started focusing on russia by that time we had the big winter olympics doping scandal and then washes politics obviously proving unpopular with lots of people so it's almost told when i arrived there was
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a lot of negativity around. a lot so i found myself there for the first reports saying. that i was going really well the russian people it embraced it so well you always have to remember is this doesn't make everything all right this is the summit sized washer the vote of it was he wanted to project this so very for president jolly invited so you know there were you go to everything he says take with as the old expression goes a pinch of salt because he has a lot so sorry for himself i'm not all of it is to be trusted no course he was going to rush is absolutely wonderful it has been a brilliant world cup but that was always the plan to give russia a sanitized look well if the issue of the host country has been one their community has been quite interested in and i hear what you're saying there lee i want to play the perspective of someone in our community this is smith who is an enthusiastic and also a ph d. student in political science and this is what he had to say about russia. for me
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this will accomplish given my standard what unity to school a lot of what is competent in terms of soft power from the beginning of the cold war in one nine hundred forty seven it has had a budget petition in terms of human rights in terms of democracy to this world cup probably has been given the opportunity to rebrand itself their bonnets of us a friendly country a country that is going to open its doors to the rest of the world when the rest of the world needs it this is not to see that's human rights and democracy are suddenly better and russia and international relations have always been about to petition and permissions and disk counts the preamp here there and you've been there per a few weeks now what do you make of this comment and how russia is hosting. well i mean it was interesting better and yet infantile you said to be on offense in love with their share. and he says that with good reason because four years ago in brazil there were you know progress and we haven't seen anything like that here i think we're going to really happened is. i mean before the world cup in the in the
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lead up to it there was so much negativity as you rightly said and i think that. the western media has portrayed russia i think it almost created an overly negative image so people are giving expecting the worst and that's what that's been my experience you know and outspoken to fans from other countries and their right this is nothing you know this is nothing like how we parted would be so i think it's definitely and you know we're actually sort of present more. coming and you know if this is talk about hosting internet international major sporting events and the kind of capital that they can bring to their kind of soft power and i think in that in that regard it's definitely been a massive success for putin and his team know what we're going to thank god but i think her ticket is a classic example of. that the whole it is an issue before the tournament but got everyone said look out for the herd are going to look out for the rices i'm a people person to be big cattle out that but i was like i'm not expecting any
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trouble because it will be squashed the government all thought is out there will make sure this looks like a wonderful place to go and watch football it isn't all of the time it's like a world cup bubble and that's the danger that people then say well what was all this negativity why was there so much criticism of russia the truth is always to be found somewhere in between things and never black or white that's something people can say i have played at the ball and d.d. is one of them and they are the i guess score for your twitter think here i love this one feels good to be back on the pitch what is it like to walk out doing the world cup playing well cop games describe. i think you know. it's actually a good experience because. during the end of the season. there was this speculation of not going to make you. actually change their eye
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because i wanted. so. the there was there was. because there. was just so the one. i feel very great because every player wants to be on the war. plane against big. difference stars you see on t.v. . it was an amazing experience for me. we want. thing inside indeed i have to say. you call the super eagles and everything every well cup everybody knows they going to do it. now but what a great game to go out on that game against argentina. with nigeria playing i almost believe what almost believed you could do it what was that game like. you
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know does this the good and the good news is a good amount of a food. because. it was four minutes. you know when the game was good in the loop you know the school board is looking at it done we we knew with. we would. be sued and we deal was just if you can just change in the moment on the screen. i was not just need you'll have the read because if you do we would be just just for just four minutes so as they are going to start crying in an objective way of course we're ending you all doing what we're doing which is what not in russia where watching it for hours around the world what is that experience being for you so far you know it's been really fascinating i think when we were talking before about what we expected from russia that one thing i'd like to serve add there is
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that i think we have to give a lot of credit to grassroots activists think community networks like the fair network and they've done things like establish to versity houses in mascot st petersburg hotlines for calling and what's not being discriminatory behavior that scene hooliganism raises and homophobia so i mean on one hand i totally agree that i'm not surprised it's gone very smoothly in fact if you remember in brazil in two thousand and fourteen yes there were protests at the confederations cup but by the time you got to the row cup in two thousand and fourteen those protests were pretty much under wraps by privatized security forces in brazil as well as as public forces so they you know i think i've been following a lot of these efforts and it's super encouraging the open stadiums project about iranian women and i would just like give them huge credit for the work that they're doing on the ground there. this is like
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a distinction between the russian government and the russian public as well when you spoke to people. and of course russia excited about how. why wouldn't the. largest country the world in terms of. the west or of russia but it was time for the world cup. the fact that the russian expectedly ranked thirty two out of thirty four the fact that they did so well it started with that five nil win against saudi arabia are covered that was just incredible and you could sense that some of the. home and these people it was a cliche or an easy thing to. absolutely love it why wouldn't solely i think that discussion i know there is so much more to talk about with russia but i want to push on just a bit now to a conversation that's been making the rounds online in our community and elsewhere who dominates the world cup and why so what you're seeing now on your screen are
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all the countries that have won the world cup since the tournaments start in nineteen thirty so we'll europe and south america always be on top that is what people want to know i bring you two tweets the other side the two sides of this debate really african teams may have the skills and the football concept but they lack the suitable training infrastructure there are no good pitches for training and this isn't just the world cup and football it's other international sports on the other side of that debate this is in the ahl and twitter who says i wouldn't say that has unfairly prioritized any team given the level of organization of this major event it was all well done and only some teams failed to put in more so prion your take on is this a question of effort as neil says it is or is this a question of organization in money and capacity. having areas definitely more up the ladder and into a bit of
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a bottom so that the one who got his arm is beneath your century but it of course you know this thing becomes very obvious when you have an all european semi and which was the case in two thousand and six as well so european teams tend to do well when the tournament split in their continent but having said that i do not think you know what once the donovan expands. europe will give from it as better so i do not think it should be only seen you dumb self how that they don't mean to be don't wait to get by why did it was an addition europe will gain from it but we need to remember when we talk of the one is that is that a democratic imposed was always there in its conception it wasn't just about getting the best players are the best teams are it's about you know maybe more of them to do and right and this welcome has been enriched by stories like animal here for the first time you know better we're going up to thirty six and these are the
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dramas and narratives you look for because if you do want to watch the best football in terms of quality i would prefer that he was the deputy governor what's the word go bring to this isn't a new conversation that what we're having about how teams of a regions dominate global football what's your take on that well the first time that anyone outside of europe or the americas played in a world cup with one thousand nine hundred sixty six so it's important to remember that it's not a democratic institution since it's conception it's conceived as a european american right large tournaments and you know i would just say that it's of course not a lack of talent or else the premier league wouldn't be full of players from the global south or league so obviously it's not a case of lack of tayla it's a case of a lack of sustainable infrastructure as the first tweet or say it's about corruption in the federations and it's also about global capital you know that many of these
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teens show a colonial legacy of an extraction of labor from former colony is you know and i'm saying i think fourteen of the french national team players are eligible to play for countries in africa so there's also the movement of power and capital there and that is an enduring legacy of colonialism and didn't just. yes i think you know kind of the run manager he was he was speaking at the world cup about this and he said that when you were given your seven years ago the gap between the european teams and everybody else was less and it's only growing so i think there's definitely a trend of work looking at and they do you might be an example or some i say at talent and that's the african continent that then gets exported out you paid for belgium you play for less a city right now and then every couple of years you get back out of paying for nigeria i'm just wondering how do you keep that talent do you think. nigeria own the continent what would have to happen. i would say is not just.
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isn't just me also called the players and the team must if they think you are so awesome to use and do very great actually pushing the young players and making the standard. know and if you just something to play with bison when she. is not just a female and you get exclude you you want to make a beach and i think it is not the law and even the nigerians see enough no motivation to lose one simply say out to go back to the world court. because when we won the game we could see a lot the. look on chinese because for a long time we've been sort of the you know because of everything going on and so i could see the celebration and the relation and. so it seems that that made
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all of the players want to actually play for nigeria you know yeah so i just feel is is an up which is well for its new. there. so i want to bring up a couple lives about to i want to just bring up a comment like that we just got this is from parents and really that they're echoing something that you said earlier brenda in a way a pair on says there is diversity though isn't there a look at the france team is that not diverse enough for you but in this conversation about representation is also a look at how sports commentators are covering the games and the teams that do get there this is a headline really that has been on the al jazeera website and shared for white a while the racist myth of the physical african football team we actually had a video comment from the author of this piece i want you to have a listen let me know what you think here's james so what is because of my logic interest in the politics of language as village representation and sense in these
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courses that include spots. to conclude. i got tired of listening to whites coming to us was unconscious bias against blacks of african decent man the first and mostly it is this close if language use while i do realize that it's black on the brink say something physicality to the game my interest was a call up to sutton media or presentation of african players not limited to agency or to capote capacities mostly to dead bodies we would make about. yeah i have a sort of wider picture actually in the sports media sort of a calm words could be said about sports media but i think a lot of it can be substandard and very lazy and cliched and actually when it comes to african footballers and the african football in general i think sometimes the research is not there and people fall back on stereotypes and actually don't really
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look. at the teams in depth and the players in depth and understand the tactics and understand how they're being coached i mean we play we made a program a couple of years back on our sport matters about the lack of black coaches across of football football i'm interested if we're over things this is a problem in africa that actually we have a situation where black african coaches don't seem to be trusted and is that holding back african football or is it the fact that teams seem to be of a of quite a similar standard c. don't have an absolutely outstanding team coming in challenging perhaps the way the cameroon same did in the itas early ninety's or son ago did the turn of the century you know is there an issue here with coaching as well as some of the attitudes towards african fabulous. i think goes to the mentality we we always believe if we are the school he's visited and you look good
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well i would say it's only been on the liers woods where they can. actually. do their business in the game yeah on the other side of the. job is done because. it's a mission. to display in the beach ball i knew we. yes we believe i've been. a white school. so you know not just me. well i think it's not just about those numbers about. it it's all comes from this edition now as i said before . we go let's read it from the giants. you know so we all know which of the giants we're going to do just. our
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families and she making them so let's make them. so that it is easier on the descent so yes is important in the game of this interview i just feel. is it will change i think. for now we're just only. i have to i have to say just a car a fire. that watch you going to get expansion in twenty thirty six world cup and then all of africa in that zone about that would obviously help the situation but it's dumb for money like everything we're facing it's not done so. it's not done to expand a. lot of teams that are confederation out for good positive reasons that would be a side effect it's done for money i have to show as we're talking about coaches and maybe african coaches we have to show this stiff here and said of course coach is the only black coach in face of all cup twenty eighteen and thank you for those
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emotional passionate moments that he shared with us for the well cup and set it goes well now before we talk about the well cup final let's have a look at this scene from last night in moscow where the trail where. we have all day for crazy. the world like i was amazing we were very proud of god it was such a small country and they just made it so much bigger it's an amazing feeling they've done so so they dominated by. from the second on the whole game and we really thought everyone loves that the feeling that the vibe is amazing you do still like the excitement in the love and everything that we go into the final and the incredible. so on sunday croatia will have its first well cup final as they face france who won the world cup in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight now we can what do we need to know about the scenes what he asked we asked our community if they're planning to watch the final this is one person's response brenda twin says i'm in it for croatia they played very well from the start in the history of
4:43 am
the nation they deserve the world trophy what are you looking forward to brenda. i think i'm just looking forward to well actually i love the french defense i tend to oil an analyst called a pickpocket defense and i thought it was the funniest game to watch and well the funniest backlight to watch and i expect that they'll continue to be that way i mean all of the front office is getting a ton of attention because they're amazingly talented but i'm actually excited for the defense i have to show you plants were sitting on the pit cats inside as some are real watching russia. definite among the highlights of the civil cup look at that smile couldn't get any bigger what did you learn from the courageous playing style from sitting that close you could probably touch the place yet it was so gracious seventy five yesterday and i think the things that really is tested out are that deep is that they really don't give up and run sixteen in the qualifiers
4:44 am
in the same as they were behind the game back from behind the one first to give somebody as yesterday do i mean extra so i am even though there's a lot of dark where they will be fatigued in the van and i don't think that i'd be concerned because they just keep fighting on. an incredible story especially so cruelly very gracious twenty years ago they lost to france in the semifinal after taking the lead and now here they are gary meeting in the world cup final as the yesterday said for twenty years we've just talked about this game what about france . i think front of the best team in the tournament is a simple as that you could make an argument that belgium might be the second best team and that was the strongest side of the draw i think france the quality to the make in one thousand nine hundred forty one the first world cup i watched on television they had a wonderful wonderful midfield led by michel platini but this one and this team in many ways feels better and i. i covered the same in paris hundred that i wouldn't
4:45 am
look old enough but i probably. hundreds of thousands of people in paris the haven't really embraced the world cup properly until croatia scored in the semifinal one that up and then million surround scored twice really unexpectedly first off the fronts in france one that went on an extra time to wrap it up and that chile here we go france cry she's going to be really and kind of how why such a primary care what do you have well this is why you should care if you were not a football fan or your own twitter says the world cup isn't just a sports contest it's an intersection of other contests interest interstate interethnic and interval use happening at the world cup have a huge symbolic fact thank you to me and said brenda and to thank you for watching me can i will see you next time take everybody. you know at. the
4:46 am
at. the axis.
4:47 am
with a crackdown on media and political opposition cambodia is getting ready for its national election most want to win east investigates how far djibouti is ruling party will go to consolidate its power when he first on al-jazeera he has no passport yet he's politically active in two thousand trees i was still new to external power peaceful
4:48 am
transition because the short term which part you know part of the world some people think you are stupid or crazy if you do that mikhail saakashvili former president of georgia and thanks governor of the odessa region in ukraine talks to al-jazeera . tested in london with the top stories on al-jazeera it's a visit that has been anticipated for months here as president donald trump has finally arrived in the u.k. for a four day visit and first lady melania now a plan and palace the birthplace of world war two prime minister winston churchill for a lavish welcome dinner with the british prime minister the reason why is expected to use the event to press her case for an ambitious new trade deal with the u.s.
4:49 am
after brics it. but his visit has caused controversy thousands of protesters converged on the capital london to show their opposition to some of its most controversial policies and on friday tens of thousands of people are expected to take part in another rally against his trip we spoke to some of the demonstrators to find out why they're so opposed to the president. you come armed with a come under their house we are down roots are in the ground our heads are saying this is unacceptable and has the united states i was the intention is to keep him awake make noise any way we can to let them know how happy we are about this decision that my man is a big guy he's a racist don't like what he's done to the u.s. i just think that the majority of people here in america around the world we don't support him you know a racist bigoted billionaire who represents the economic interests of the billionaires the rich the one percent i think that's a message that we don't support those policies and you know what does this mean i
4:50 am
would just over the park when i saw the helicopters come down. i quickly supporters together lost twice with a blank piece of. a million one crime committed and i thought where do i start. syrian government forces and their russian allies have raised a national flag over daryl's old city is a hugely symbolic moment in the seven year war there i was the birthplace of the uprising against president bashar al assad rebel factions in the city and now agree to a surrender deal and will soon begin a handover of heavy weapons they know how to his monitoring events from neighboring lebanon. the syrian flag hoisted in the old city of a very symbolic move the old city was under the control of the rebels since two thousand and twelve the provincial capital has been divided for years the rebel
4:51 am
factions in that are cities surrendering overnight to agreeing to hand over their weapons to the syrian government and the russian military clearly this is a strategic win for the syrian government this is also a symbolic win like we mentioned city really is where it all began where the protest movement against the rule of president bashar assad began in march two thousand and twelve when people took to the streets demanding for freedom and demanding for reforms only to be met by. security forces who who opened fire on those protesters and a lot has happened since then now there is a full blown war and the syrian government is now in control of sixty percent of the country but there is little reconciliation and peace in syria so that our city the latest rebel enclave to surrender into a province approximately more than eighty percent of the province is now under the control of the syrian government is definitely
4:52 am
a strategic when the government reclaiming control of its border with jordan and in control of the main border crossing which will allow it to resume international trade but there is a pocket of territory in that are controlled by i still and the government has started to target this area but a full blown offensive to recapture this i still pockets in what is known as the yarmouk basin that has still not begun. amnesty international says it has evidence to prove prisoners are being killed torches and are disappearing from secret jails operated by soldiers from the u.a.e. and southern yemen the rise group says that what is happening then could amount to war crimes the u.a.e. has previously denied similar allegations. those are the top stories i'll be about with another quick bulletin in about half an hour stay with us well just her next up it's such
4:53 am
a steal. there's a new political a. new take. on me. and a war against. everything that american troops have done in iraq all the fighting all the time the bleeding and the building and the training and the partnering. all
4:54 am
of it has led. to this moment. you deserve better than fear and corruption and torture shrinkers. you deserve to live as free people and i assure every citizen of a wreck your nation will soon be for. it's ten years since america invaded iraq. ten years and over one hundred twenty thousand dead among them over four thousand four hundred american soldiers. this documentary tells one
4:55 am
of the great untold stories of the iraq war how the us administration funded a deadly sectarian paramilitary force to fight those threatening the american presence. it was a decision that had feel it a sectarian civil war has ripped iraq apart. at its high. three years later three thousand bodies a month was showing up on the streets of iraq. this is also the story of the nam the pentagon sent in to organize and train those paramilitary squads. is a veteran of america's so-called death the wars stretching back to vietnam and salvador . this man was so important to the pentagon that the then defense
4:56 am
secretary donald rumsfeld still fit to forward his past no memos to the president and the vice president to president george w. bush c. c. vice president richard b. cheney from donald rumsfeld the attached memo is from a person we have sent into iraq from time to time a centrally to work with the iraqi police. he is smart tough and a keen observer none the less you have said you like texture and this is texture. we did have much higher clearance than the rest of us did and he would make vague references to meetings with the secretary of defense and meetings in the white house. who were shot. by the way in a room in the library interviewing studio and i looking around i see blood everywhere . so who is james steele and why did the pentagon choose him to go to iraq.
4:57 am
the conflict in which over fifty eight thousand u.s. soldiers died is where james steel was first introduced to country insurgency as an alternative way of combating a guerrilla uprising. still served in the vietnam war in the black course regiment from one thousand nine hundred sixty eight to nine hundred sixty nine he was described by general george patton jr as the best troop commander in his regiment. but a vietnam shaped his formative military career it was in the war against leftwing insurgents in el salvador that james dear secured his reputation as the country insurgency specialist.
4:58 am
steel arrived in el salvador in one thousand nine hundred four as the leader of the us mil group a group of u.s. military advisors to the salvadoran army. todd greentree got to know james steele when he was working in the u.s. embassy in el salvador at the time. colonel steele as the no group commander was in charge of the special forces teams the training teams that were out of brigade headquarters. the u.s. was trying to defeat a guerrilla insurgency and american ex-pats strange this of a door and security forces in the dark arts of counterinsurgency some of these salvadoran paramilitary units were effectively death squads. celery in a case deal was a u.s. drug enforcement agent who was involved in training these paramilitaries. he was widely acknowledged for his efforts. james steel in
4:59 am
sounded all. very military died very disciplined his decorations. medals and stuff that was given to him by the us military and the salvadoran military were surrounding his office so i was very impressed with colonel steele. dr george because i got to know and like james when he visited salvador to write a ph d. thesis on u.s. military strategy in central america. he was totally committed to defeating the guerrilla insurgency in el salvador he used to discuss how he traveled around to the military bases where u.s. trainers were based he talked about the importance of building human intelligence information as opposed to just technical information i don't think he had any hesitations about obtaining information by very rough forms that were being carried
5:00 am
out by the salvadoran armed forces under the eyes of u.s. military trainers. steele was the chief american country insurgency xpect on the ground in el salvador a figure of a new almost authority to the salvadoran military here to the mill group commander in el salvador nothing moves with his authority. and their objective was to eradicate the guerrilla movement it's very well written through history that there were major massacres being conducted. we put these allegations to retired colonel steele and have received no reply.


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