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tv   Searching For Steele  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2018 4:00am-5:00am +03

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i'm richelle carey and han these are the top stories on al-jazeera television hackers have been indicted as part of the ongoing investigation into potential collusion and the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election announcement has led to calls for the immediate cancellation of next week's planned meeting between donald trump about american chopper tante reports from washington d.c. the deputy attorney general said the twelve alleged russian intelligence officers hacked into the clinton presidential campaign and disseminated stolen information the goal of the conspirators was not in fact in the elections in addition to the public addresses alleges state election boards were hacked and the details of five hundred thousand voters stolen among those subsequently in touch with what the d.o.j. says was an only line persona created by the russians to help spread the information
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was someone in touch with the trump campaign that person according to the indictment didn't seem very impressed with the information provided and there's no evidence that the person knew they were speaking to alleged russian spies there's not a geisha in this indictment that any american citizen committed a crime there's no allegation that the conspiracy changed the phone kept or affected any election result. that was seized upon by the trumpet ministration would release a statement that said today's charges include new allegations of newington evolvement by anyone on the campaign and new allegations that the alleged hacking affected the election result this is consistent with what we have been saying all along earlier in the day donald trump it said he would ask about the allegations and i don't think you'll have any gee i did it i did it you got me there will be a perry mason here i don't think but you never know what happens right but i will absolutely firmly ask the question and the allegations or allegations possibly never to be proven the accused russians are highly unlikely to appear before a u.s.
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grand jury to defend themselves over some democrats say the summit should possibly be called off there should be no one on one meeting between this president and mr putin there needs to be other americans in the room secondly the president and his team are not willing to make the facts of this indictment a top priority of the meeting in helsinki and the summit should be cancelled but deputy attorney general suggested these indictments were to come as a surprise to bolt from as he took tea with the queen road rosenstein said briefed the president earlier this week before his trip to europe. washington yes president has arrived in scotland for the final private lag four day visit to the u.k. earlier he met britain's prime minister and the queen hailing to the highest level a special the comments came after trying to have a scathing interview of it later dismissed his own words this fake news giant plant depicting the u.s. president as a baby has been flying over london during protests against his visit tens of
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thousands of people time and straight against the u.s. president on this she said as emigration race relations and climate change. we're holding chum to account where highlighting the fact that his toxic hate fuels politics and he's policies that are having a devastating impact on people not just in the u.s. but in the u.k. and all over the well especially in the global south and opposed to trumps racism is on the podium strongbow and i want him out of office i've joined protests in the states and i happen to be here today so i want to join and so that he does not represent us really former pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter have been arrested upon arrival back in the country treif was sentenced to ten years in prison on corruption charges last week his arrest happened on the same day that more than one hundred twenty people were killed at
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a campaign rally in southwest pakistan israeli soldiers have shot dead a fifteen year old palestinian boy at the gaza border thirty others have been injured in the latest friday protests one hundred thirty seven palestinians have now been killed in the past three months along with the fence with israel haiti's prime minister jack off entente is facing a no confidence vote in parliament despite abandoning a policy to double fuel prices the international monetary fund planned for haiti to cut subsidies in return for assistance triggered four days of demonstrations last week those are the headlines the news continues to keep it here on al-jazeera in the meantime searching for steal this next.
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there's a new political. you take my. word against. everything that american troops have done in iraq all the fighting all the die the bleeding and the building and the training and the partnering. all of it has led. to this moment.
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you deserve better than tyranny and corruption torture shrinkers. you deserve to live as free people and i assure every citizen of a wreck your nation will soon be fully. back. it's ten years since america invaded iraq. ten years and over one hundred twenty thousand dead among them over four thousand four hundred american soldiers. this documentary tells one of the great untold stories of the iraq war how the us administration funded a deadly sectarian paramilitary force to fight those threatening the american presence. it was a decision that had field
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a sectarian civil war that ripped iraq apart. at its high. three years later three thousand bodies a month was showing up on the streets of iraq. this is also the story of the nam the pentagon sent in to organize and train those paramilitary squads. he's a veteran of the america's so-called death the wars stretching back to vietnam and salvador. this man was so important to the pentagon that the then defense secretary donald rumsfeld still fit to forward his past no memos to the president and the vice president to president george w. bush c. c. vice president richard b. cheney from donald rumsfeld the attached memo is from a person we have sent into iraq from time to time but centrally to work with the
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iraqi police. he is smart tough and a keen observer none the less you have said you like texture and this is texture. he did have much higher clearance than the rest of us did and he would make vague references to meetings with the secretary defense and meetings in the white house. who were shot at. by the. way in a room in the library interviewing studio and i looking around i see blood everywhere. so who is james steele and why did the pentagon choose him to go to iraq. the conflict in which over fifty eight thousand u.s. soldiers died is where james deal was first introduced to country insurgency as an
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alternative way of combating a guerrilla uprising. still served in the vietnam war in the black course regiment from one thousand nine hundred sixty eight to nine hundred sixty nine he was described by general george patton jr as the best troop commander in his regiment. but a vietnam shaped his formative military career it was in the war against leftwing insurgents in el salvador that james dear secured his reputation as the country insurgency specialist. steel arrived in el salvador in one thousand nine hundred four as the leader of the us mil group a group of u.s. military advisors to the salvadoran army. todd greentree got to know james steele when he was working in the u.s.
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embassy in el salvador at the time. colonel steele as the no good commander was in charge of the special forces teams the training teams that were out of brigade headquarters. the u.s. was trying to defeat a guerrilla insurgency and american experts trained to serve a drawer in security forces in the dark arts of counterinsurgency some of these salvadoran paramilitary units were effectively death squads. celery in a case deal was a u.s. drug enforcement agent who was involved in training these paramilitaries. he was widely acknowledged for his efforts. james steele in salvador. very military died very disciplined his decorations. medals and that was given to him by the u.s.
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military and the salvadoran military were surrounding his office so i was very impressed with colonel steel. dr george because i got to know and like james when he visited salvador to write a ph d. thesis on u.s. military strategy in central america. he was totally committed to defeating the guerrilla insurgency in el salvador he used to discuss how he traveled around to the military bases where u.s. trainers were based he talked about the importance of building human intelligence information as opposed to just technical information i don't think he had any hesitations about obtaining information by very rough forms that were being carried out by the salvadoran armed forces under the eyes of u.s. military trainers. steele was the chief american country insurgency expert on the ground in el salvador a figure of
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a new almost authority to the door in military the mill group commander in el salvador nothing moves with his authority. and it was due eradicate the guerrilla movement it's very well written through history that there were major massacres being conducted. we put these allegations to retired colonel steele and have received no reply. by the end of the civil war at least seventy five thousand salvadoran civilians have died and one million refugees have fled the country the salvadoran military. who are to the advance of the guerrillas leading some in washington to believe the u.s. advisory role was a success. so much so that even david petraeus then an ambitious thirty three year old major visited the door to study this country insurgency campaign the young
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portray us even reportedly stayed in steele's house while their. eighteen years later in baghdad but now general petraeus would use steele's expertise to fight the iraqi insurgency. the architects of the iraq war did not expect a violent uprising so they started training a regular police force for what they thought would be a mostly peaceful transition to a western style democracy they brought in retired police men like douglas and jerry back to teach the basics of good civil policing. we were moving two thousand and three with six policemen six american police officers this small group was an equal to the enormous task they were given. to train. and policeman was
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a sort of five to seven year project but they wanted it done in one thousand months . the man seen here in the navy bullet proof vest cardroom was installed as the iraqi leader of this new civic police force. hovering in the background is the mysterious figure of james steele observing and evaluating the situation sending his justified reports back to u.s. defense secretary donald rumsfeld. still had arrived in baghdad in two thousand and three just after the invasion describing himself as an energy consultant. this is the only known video footage of james steele as a civilian he had no place in the military chain of command yet he exercised enormous power in iraq. the man on his left is the special forces colonel
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james coffman he reported directly to general petraeus. up initially the security situation in iraq was relatively stable and the task of training the police continues but then everything changed. the intensity of the sunni insurgency surprised the americans. and us so this started being killed in increasing numbers. the flag draped coffins were being shipped home with the numbing regularity. the war was becoming unpopular in the united states. george bush. his two thousand and four reelection was being threatened by the
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crisis in iraq. american law so jazz were dying at the hands of sunni muslims who had lost the most from the fall of saddam. now rumsfeld decided to the old enemies of saddam and his sunni supporters as the shia militias. sadam had killed tens of thousands of shia during his rule and now the shia militias were only too happy to help the americans put down the sunni uprising. it was classic counterinsurgency. paul wolfowitz and not the policy change before a senate committee. approach to those militias is to try over time to integrate them into new iraqi security forces shia militia from all over the country came in truckloads to baghdad to join the new special police commandos they were enraged by suicide bombings of shia civilians under stress nations and kidnappings by sunni
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insurgents and militants it was their time and our opportunity to take revenge upon former regime elements that. iraq was on the path towards a sectarian civil war. the u.s. defense secretary donald rumsfeld confirmed the new policing strategy in may two thousand and four reading about how they were trying to make efforts placing iraqi militia to handle insurgents interacting you had discussions with general petraeus yesterday i had a briefing today from a man named steele who has been out there working with the security forces and doing a wonderful job in the civilian. james steele or the counter insurgency ex-pat was now the man of the moment. his job would be to build a police commando force. the police units would increasingly be made up of members
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of shia militias like the badr brigades. that job was to hunt down sunni insurgents and their sympathizers like out salvador it would be a bloody and brutal business. there was no place in this new regime for a conventional police chief cardroom. he was offered a new posting at the united nations in new york. james steele was clearing house. each employee of the. clock oh well. and why do you work on. all. of. it was also the end of the line for douglas brand and rumsfeld decided that police training in the future would be dealt with by military people. that was a direct instruction from rumsfeld.
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and we had a need for some group on the street to restore order and this is where that third force concept came from this paramilitary special police commando unit. they operate under more under rules of engagement which is a military term. rather than the rule of law. the last time i saw steele's when rumsfeld visited and he was. rumsfeld's choice to take over all command of this new policing strategy with a military star in the making. general david petraeus was much admired by the american media. the commandos would become the cutting edge of this ambitious general's war against the insurgents you know i've spent
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a little bit of time at the where you were training the police commandos and i got the strong impression that you're putting a lot of priority on the police force today well that helped them develop these special police units some of them or their own initiative initially and great initiatives like the special police commandos which they now have nine battalions of those forces eight of which are in active operations right now. they were dark but the gist of what that it was just good to be i was been on the bus that must be in. there was the shot or you mr. talbot seen here that james steele was a sunni iraqi general who had been imprisoned by saddam. he now headed the special police commandos which were financed from a two billion dollars fund controlled by general petraeus.
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there with. the reports america. are doing or. should. do you. call. it was the first time the americans could work with a significant iraqi force that knew the lay of the land and where to find the insurgents senior advisers studio and kaufman directed the sects for the insurgents . with james t. or actually side on topics commandos grew into a five thousand strong force with a fearful reputation on the streets of iraq. still made
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a strong impression with the high level even battle hardened iraqis who worked with . us and also to learn the whole. and the mashad and so on. at the total belief. that we believed. one kind of. multiple. and it was just a little money or what i learned. general moon. is a former general in the iraqi army after the invasion he worked with the americans to rebuild the police force but muntadhar was very disturbed by the abuse and torture he witnessed being committed by the police commandos he tried on a number of occasions to stop each. he has never spoken before about the part the u.s. played in running the special police commandos. stores and was out of the day after the gun as a settlement was possible. a lot of them.
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thought of course yeah. but is that a shot that's a little bit of doubt that i mean. on a bicycle is it i would but it would start the general muntadhar alleges that jane steele had access to all of these prisoners and that he visited one in baghdad with him. all the dentists you. are all found in the car and one of the components more. injured is going to the. north and in. the in the. doctor most fact i was iraq's national security adviser through the west years of the war. he met james taylor's high level security meetings.
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jim steele for me was a mysterious guy. who sat in the meeting and he can. hold this chair and suck that. he did not introduce himself to me and you don't get anybody in these meetings there were only only sciences. myself minister of defense a mystery. and full stop. who is very respected by them and they listen to what he has to say. one of the main bases of operation for the commandos was the ancient city of samarra the area was a center for the iraqi insurgency. it was also adnan talbot's home child and he was determined to inflict a major defeat on the insurgents and their sympathizes. with jane
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steele advise him but none talbot's commandos fled to the city going door to door taking hundreds of men from their homes to the interrogation center. u.s. army medic neil smith was in somalia during the months long struggle to control the city. we're like in the government. and where the police station was was actually right across from where the commandos were headquartered so there are always special commandos there in the war and like pretty much every. military unit in the world. there are well equipped. and more commandos on these brand new dodge ram pick that were painted in camouflage and they all look like they have new weapons and new uniforms.
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some are i was the first place that the connection between james steel and the activities of the police commanders was made known to the outside. new york times journalist peter maass convinced general petraeus to allow him and photographer to paraphrase to visit the commanders in somalia their host was james steele. what i heard. screaming all night long. here's perry's stark black and white photographs capture had the commandos worked in samarra. james still crops up in these photographs repeatedly. i was staying on the base in somalia an american base and i overheard soldiers american soldiers of the space talking about having watched prisoners be kind of
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strung up like animals after all hunched over a bar having watched prisoners be actually tortured. bit and the american military made the joint decision she set up the commander headquarters and interrogation center in the city's main library. we spoke to two men from somalia who were imprisoned in the library still fearful they asked us to conceal their identities. so the one you could go to war to. watch all those you know want someone or. you go beyond just them that. is the. part of. the interrogation center was the only place in the kind of
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mini green zone in somalia that i was not allowed to visit however one day jim steele said to me hey they just captured a saudi jihadi. would you like to interview him. and paraphrase we're about to get an unprecedented glimpse into this. end. in two thousand and fourteen israel inflicted a devastating attack on gaza. filmmaker mohamad jabaliya captures the destruction of his home city through the struggle of those he saved lives for a living. i. witnessed ambulance on al-jazeera. fresh perspectives
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new possible. fearless gentleness and the ballad band made noise the public support debates and discussions when you see tough questions like this what comes to why how do you respond before how global of all blow could you see al jazeera winning programs take you on a journey down the line. only ounces here. a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how does this radical transformation occur. i mean if i mean if you want to go shedding light on the romanians pressing for change on the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain the people. on al-jazeera.
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i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera twelve russian hackers have been indicted as part of the muller investigation as a potential collusion between the trunk campaign and russia during the two thousand and sixteen presidential election denouncing comes just days before donald trump meets flatterer putin in finland u.s. president has arrived in scotland for the final private leg of his four day visit to the u.k. earlier he met britain's prime minister and the queen hailing ties as the highest level of special the comments come after tom gave a scathing interview bit later dismissed his own words this fake news the giant balloon depicting the us president as a baby has been flying over london during protests against his visit tens of thousands of people demonstrated against the u.s. president on issues such as immigration race relations and climate change. we
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holding trump to account highlighting the fact that his toxic hate fuels politics and he's policies that are having a devastating impact on people not just in the u.s. but in the u.k. and all over the well especially in the global south in opposed to trumps racism is a strong. and i want him out of office i've joined protests in the states and i happened to be here today so i wanted to join and so that he does not represent us really for pakistan prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter i've been arrested upon arrival back in the country triffitt sentenced to ten years in jail on corruption charges last week because the arrests happened on the same day that more than one hundred twenty people were killed in a campaign rally in southwest pakistan haiti's prime minister jack off entente is facing a no confidence vote in parliament despite bandaging a policy to double fuel prices international monetary fund plan for haiti to cut
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subsidies and return for assistance for four days of demonstrations last week. eight critically endangered black rhinos have died in kenya after being moved to a national park the ministry of tourism and wildlife says early investigations point to salt poisoning as the rhinos try to adapt to the more sailing water in the park so the surviving rhinos are now being closely watched and further relocations have been suspended until they figure out what happened those are the headlines the news continues keep it on al-jazeera for updates throughout the day in the meantime searching for steal this text. for nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the u.s. was carrying ready to clean up and leave at least nine hundred seventy s. he picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and
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dumped a lot of this newtonian and other radioactive waste into the pit the bottom of the dome it's permeable soil there was nowhere for to line it and therefore the seawater is inside the dome when this dome was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change now every day when the tide rolls out radioactive isotopes from underneath the die roll out with that. they really were not tolerant just the marshall islands we're talking the whole city should. well. the interrogation center was the only place in the kind of mini green zone in somalia that i was not allowed to visit however one day jim steele said to me hey
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they just captured a saudi jihadi would you like to interview him and we kind of walk into the entrance area and the first thing that i see is one of the iraqi guards beating up one of the iraqi prisoners and then i'm taken not into the main area kind of the main hall although out of the corner of my eye could see there were a lot of prisoners in there with their hands tied behind their backs i was taken to a side office where the saudi was brought in and there was actually blood dripping down the side of a desk in this office away in a room in the library into ewing studio and i. you know. and while this interview was going on me in the saudi with jim steele also in the room there were these terrible screams there was somebody shouting allah but it wasn't you know kind of religious ecstasy or something like that these were these were screams of pain and terror. we asked general why he thought the prisoners were screaming. go on and. on and.
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they were so loud and they were so disturbing that steele left the room to go find out you know what was going on because it was breaking up our interview and while he was gone the screaming stopped and then he came back into the room and the interview continued. with the radio. for. me and. i do. frontally other kind of i thought of it when just. looked at the look at the right. nothing like effort made to it it looks a little. list of folks are coming to. that so i look at the plan that units
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already on. general adnan had his own explanation for the bloody desk witnessed during mass and perry's interview with james steele in the library. what is either going to be considered and you got a new home. i don't malard gotta. go but that is not enough then you can have so little what good happens and how could you know. what i'm up out of and they were found out we had a monopoly with iraq where my name might have it how do i feel mazed without a cuppa. on a photo of you for four. although james steele did not respond to our requests for an interview about his activities in somalia he did tell the new york times that he opposes human rights abuses.
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one american soldier in somalia i was deeply affected by what he saw. at the time i just felt like everybody knew and nobody cared that there is torture going on. me medic neil smith remembers just have frightened iraqi civilians in some are aware of the special police commandos what was pretty widely known in our but talian definitely in our pool tune was that they were pretty violent with their interrogations that they would beat people shock them with you know electrical shock stab them i don't know you know sounds like pretty awful things if you sent a guy there who is going to get tortured and perhaps raped. or whatever humiliated and brutalized by the special commandos in order to get whatever information they wanted to go i don't know about boston and. they learned.
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about city to the hood but it's very full do it. just mcqueen and i. thought it give all of them a little bit of a clear priority at that time in iraq was to not have this incredibly shaky provisional government defeated by the insurgency that was priority number one to which every other priority democracy human rights. it's etc was aboard. the trails defended his record with the police commandos to p.b.s. frontlines martin smith he says he was aware of individual militia members in the commanders but not militia groups. i did not see militia groups in the
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special police during the time that i was there did you feel. different. to have prevented the development of these militias that were developed by your lie again don't i have not seen you know we heard we kept hearing this all the time martin that this or that to find the absolute evidence of this has actually been quite difficult but jerry buck who is a senior advisor in police affairs to the iraqi interior ministry says that the trace must have known that organized shia militia were dominant in the police commanders he had to have known these things were discussed openly whether it was staff meetings or you know before or after various staff meetings and general conversation. pretty much the whole world in iraq knew that the police commandos were about a brigade and he must have known about the death squad activities and yet it was common knowledge and across baghdad even to trace his own special adviser in the
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military chain of command colonel james coffman was according to many witnesses working side by side with james steele in the detention centers where torture was taking place. kaufman declined to be interviewed by us. about general petraeus his relationship with james steele the official speaking for the general said steele was one of thousands of advisors to iraqi units working in the area of the iraqi police. journalist peter mass who interviewed patris at the time remember. the relationship being a lot closer than the patrol statement would indicate. it was very clear. that they were very close to each other in terms of their command relationship and also in terms of their ideas and ideology about what needed to be done to try to explicitly told me that he believed very very strongly in the commandos thought the
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commandos were successful and wanted them to become bigger stronger and even more prevalent in the fight against the insurgency. international humanitarian law imposes obligations on those engaged in armed conflict regarding the treatment of prisoners not only must prisoners not be abused but those detaining prisoners also have an obligation to ensure respect as well it is not acceptable to turn a blind eye. because absolutely responsibility of every u.s. service member if they see in your main treatment. to intervene to stop it i don't think you mean they have an obligation to physically stop it's to report. if you're a physically present when in your main treatment is taking place or they have an obligation to tours. but the masses of secret iraq war communiques released by wiki
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leaks showed that a u.s. soldier as well routinely handing prisoners over to the iraqi police force even before the police commandos were officially launched. the top u.s. military knew from the soldiers daily logs that torture was going on inside detention centers they even issued a new official military order in june two thousand and four it was called frog zero two four two it directed u.s. troops to note but not investigate torture of iraqis by iraqis unless ordered to take action by. headquarters. but later that month members of the oregon national guard was so disturbed by the abuse they witnessed at a police detention center that they intervened to try and stop it. saw some horrific things. saw one room that
4:43 am
had. seventy five prisoners are crammed into one one small space and they asked for food they asked for help and they asked for medical way we gave them every bit of scrap of food that we had every bit of water and you could see evidence of a torture chamber where they had a broken lamp where they used a logical shot and it was quite evident what they had been doing to these fellows. said the commander approached the man who appeared to be in charge of this torturous and according to several the man immediately got on the telephone to us military headquarters right after he made that phone call the order came that we were to stand down we were ordered to pull away right now. i know that that order came from someplace very high. we went directly back to our compound and the commander called us all in there together and told us that what we saw didn't
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happen to forget about it but the oregonians didn't forget they went to the american press and blew the whistle a high level u.s. military investigation followed and the top just stopped that. there is no evidence that steel was involved in this incident but a year later the special commandos took over the facility and used it for interrogation and torture. there's great continuity. and really if you go back to the. to the nature of the regular warfare in the. dark side it's not called dirty war for nothing so it's no surprise to see individuals who are associated in a sort of know the ins and outs of the kind of war reappear at different points in
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these conflicts. after a few months in the studio and also draw i didn't have any contact with them whatsoever so i saw their peter maass article and saw that all he's in iraq it was not surprising there's a warrior like james steele would appear again he had been sidelined by the u.s. military after a congressional committee decided that he had lied about his role in all of the north's illegal gun running operation against the leftwing government in nicaragua . however his work in el salvador had not been forgotten by powerful washington insiders like vice president dick cheney who knew steele cheney was the first senior american politician to draw parallels between el salvador and iraq. because we don't free elections of palmer the concept is a. little bit lie in afghanistan and iraq. dick cheney as a congressman made any number of visits to central america as did members of the
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reagan administration who were in the four runners of the neoconservatives that come into office and really take the whole approach to this next level in iraq. they opened the cover story in the new york times magazine that and saw that it described the creation of this new police commando unit within the iraqi interior ministry and mentioned that the the u.s. military adviser in charge of this was jim steele. was probably more alarmed when i started to hear reports a few months later that that particular unit was carrying out death squad activities in iraq the publication by wiki leaks of thousands of diplomatic cables show that by july two thousand and five the u.s. embassy in baghdad was telling washington about the abuse being committed by the
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commandos. we also learned that adnan was a guest at the american embassy in baghdad he met the u.s. ambassador for counterterrorism and talked about his approach to police in this is an extract from what he's reported to have said summary fight terror with terror major general tab it who created in command special police forces is a sunni officer who served time in prison for attempting to overthrow the saddam regime they expressed the view that it is necessary to fight terror with terror and that it is critical that their forces be respected and feared as this was what was required in iraqi society to command authority. we asked embassador crampton if he had been aware that adnan talbot's commandos were engaged in torturing detainees. well i assure you if i knew there was torture going on. at that time with the people i was talking to. i would have raised that in the end discussed it. here
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you're employing that i didn't know that and i resent that question the way you phrased it frankly. but there are indications that the u.s. government knew what the commanders were doing. we remain troubled by the indications that at times units commanded by target crossed the line despite these concerns adnan tarbet remained officially in charge until the middle of two thousand and six he told us that the american officials he dealt with were aware of what his men were doing. more are. on or in the water walking around him or better or. retired woman and with them and rather walk in wardrobe. because. the police commandos were growing in numbers and importance they had
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a national headquarters in a sewer square in baghdad it could hold around one thousand detainees at any one time and was the nerve center of a national network of interrogation centers. this notorious detention center was situated just outside the fortified green zone and less than a mile from the american and iraqi joint command. major general remembers that james steele and portrays his military adviser james kaufman were a constant presence here. he says they were there to receive the high value detainees from the so-called intelligence committees that operated at each regional command center. one of the. other. the i mean yes i. saw the order. just to.
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you know it's an either. or. a leg. and that's. the. yes that was what i. got a little. to iraqi generals who worked with steel say that one of steele's responsibilities was to give the commandos lists of people that the americans wanted picked up. steel would then allegedly arrange to transfer them to a u.s. run interrogation center near baghdad airport. one man who survived the antinous to a square says that the police commandos lied about the fate of some of his fellow detainees. are the wall to the home where the. water. became very obvious that this was criminal
4:51 am
activity by the special commandos they were written eliminating their own opposition and terrorizing citizens from the sunni community we lost the support of a lot of iraqi citizens who became very cynical and very anti-american even the ones who were friendly with us couldn't understand why we were allowing this to happen. good afternoon folks. are you concerned over and in fact is united states looking into growing reports of uniformed death squads in iraq perhaps assassinating and torturing hundreds of cities and if that's true of eventually of all stability on record. hypothetical questions i've not seen reports that hundreds are being killed by roving death squads at all i'm not going to get into this speculation. that's not a hypothetical i don't believe of some sort of the charging that hundreds of been
4:52 am
meeting people shown in the hair found in the house. floor you're talking about unverified to my knowledge at least on for comments i just don't have any data from the field that i could comment on in a specific way but donald rumsfeld should have known about the death squad activities james steele had written to rumsfeld six weeks earlier warning him that the police commandos armed and financed by the us were effectively a shia militia engaged in death squad activities. memo to don rumsfeld from jim steele. and thugs like the commander of the wolf brigade who has been involved in death squad activities extortion of detainees and a general pattern of corruption nearly all of the new recruits within the commandos are shia many of them are barred or members. general
4:53 am
resigned from the interior ministry he had come to view the commandos as death squads. to close colleagues were killed following a summons to the ministry their bodies were found on a rubbish tip. he got out of iraq and fled for his safety to jordan. despite the risk he decided to speak out about what was happening inside the ministry of the interior. when i was far. out of. that but. a few days after the broadcast general in one charge i was contacted by james steele. it seemed the former colonel steele had made an unexpected trip to jordan he was very anxious to meet with. james steele was staying at the luxury sheraton hotel in a man. he
4:54 am
asked if they could meet him at seven pm that night. when tiger agreed and went to the head town. the hobbit and had a sword and jim sr said no i just do in the energy sector and even here to see doing the dishes done is for the evening which i may do it. in the cut that bit harder than the. men for the. china. good bye for the month and. the cut in the morning you know i mean. it's a long time or before that a lot but within it the hut then they get the odd non-target in the heart of gone they have to get. the open is something for them a time. for sick at my luck one jaw that's what idea of big data the hell the i.d.f. said she was jim jim says still. fed but i'm here so what i did i thought i care
4:55 am
that she could have been. just shot i know by dint of her father with a sudden njt on and just out of newark and endured. for good dumble last season. and i know and. and missed a way out that. jim steele. and. but the whole peninsula. but the could be. people should know about what was going on because i was shocked when i came back to the states and found out that. most people didn't even know they were involved in torture over there. there is little chance that james steele will be investigated within months of entering the white house president obama issued a statement saying we've been through a dark and painful chapter in our history nothing will be gained by spending our
4:56 am
time and energy lang blame for the past. james steele and david petraeus left iraq in september two thousand and five. the ranks of the police commandos increased to over seventeen thousand and the allegations of abuse against them sought. a year later the country was in the grip of a bloody sectarian civil war. at its height the civil war was claiming the lives of three thousand people a month some were so badly tortured they could not be identified. many victims found a final resting place in desolate dumps like this one. a rusty tin can mox each grave. non-target has now retired on an iraqi government pension and lives in jordan. donald rumsfeld resigned as
4:57 am
defense secretary at the end of two thousand and six he never replied to any of our questions. rumsfeld had presented james' deal with the distinguished public service medal for his extraordinary service in iraq. steele is now living in bryan texas and gives occasional lectures on contra insurgency. he did not respond to our many requests to be interviewed for this documentary.
4:58 am
hello there it's still hot for many of us in north america at the moment we've also got quite a bit of severe weather out of this weather system here that was slowly sinking its way southwards but it could still give us some damaging gusts of wind and some very heavy downpours as we head through the day on saturday eventually on sunday it will continue its journey southwards but it is breaking up as it does so even as that works its way across us it's not turning a great deal cooler toronto still up at twenty nine degrees of a d.c. we're up at thirty three further west at last a fine weather to be found here hot to do it for us in seattle because see plenty of showers there working down towards the rockies and across towards l.a. and some of these showers are likely to be pretty heavy bit further towards the south and we'll be watching one area of thunderstorms be working its way westward that's beginning to break up now but there's just more showers forming to the south so for some of us in costa rica and up to nicaragua it does look pretty wet there
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on saturday and it's still looking pretty soggy for much of the day on sunday for the east more in the way of drawing weather here in just a handful of showers if you're unlucky in havana if in the towards the south of course in one of the areas it's getting warmer nineteen degrees that will be the warmest it be for about two weeks it doesn't stay warm for long though the winds change once more and fifteen is our maximum on sunday. beleaguered paying the price for his political maneuvering in the middle east now desperate for american recognition good technique and absolutely denounce all. goodies how did the p.l.o. find strength and support from their only lifeline oppressed palestinians living in the occupied territories chronicling the turbulence during the struggle for a palestinian homeland p.l.o. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. this
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is al-jazeera. kerry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes we need to have this administration stop calling your allies adversaries and trying to treat our adversaries like friends call to cancel donald trump's meeting next week that lattimer put enough for twelve russians are charged for hacking the two thousand and sixteen election. dozens killed in two suicide attacks on election meetings in pakistan.


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