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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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developments a convoy humanitarian aid is reach several towns in dara more than three thousand food parcels were delivered to the towns of nessie and. the at the border with jordan hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the government's offensive on the province which started in june. well elsewhere an egyptian brokered ceasefire between israel and hamas appears to be holding after the latest flare up of violence in gaza two palestinian teenagers were killed in what israel says was the most powerful daylight attack on hamas it's two thousand and fourteen the united nations is saying that all out war was only now really avoid it there is bernard smith has more now from gaza. america why weren't fighters or even protesters the teenage friends were just playing outside in a park in central gaza when an israeli missile smashed into a deserted building next to them. the boys were killed another dozen people injured israel says the building was
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a hamas urban training facility now it's become another reminder of israel's a power over gaza. israel says the target was hamas in response to rocket attacks and israel has warned repeatedly of a harsh military response if hamas which runs gaza did not stop protestors from sending burning kites and balloons into israel and setting fire to crops all they can do just send bellew's since flight fight and we've seen that no israelis were killed no one while on the palestinian side one hundred more than one hundred thirty five people killed where you have. that response to it. god sides and killed people kill it target the children so i don't think it's up of equation beilin does not equal to. life. after twenty four hours of israeli airstrikes and hamas approved rocket fire egyptian mediators managed to broker a cease fire the u.n.
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special envoy to the region says all out war was narrowly averted. the frustration that people here in gaza feel is completely understandable it is boiling over but it has been boiling over for months before the protest started i think people felt that they had lost hope in any other alternative on the ground but i worry very much that it is not just a humanitarian crisis it is also a political crisis and a security crisis and that is why any approach to moving forward needs to address these three factors not just one of them. the special envoys referring to the failed reconciliation of hamas in gaza and faster in the occupied west bank while israel's blockade is seen as the root of gaza's problems the palestinian political crisis is making things worse hamas and other armed groups have much larger rockets
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at their disposal but they haven't used any of them an indication perhaps of the desire to avoid an escalation into an all out war but gaza is still under siege and the frustration to do something about that grows stronger and stronger every day burnitz with al-jazeera gaza. still ahead for you on this program widespread condemnation of nicaragua's president after two students were killed in a siege on a university campus and britain's prime minister reveals the bracks it advice donald trump gave her which she decided not to take. hello and welcome back so can pretty wet across many parts of indochina at the moment certainly across me and mark and we're getting some heavy rain but for laos and vietnam also some very heavy showers looks quite wet although up as far as hong
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kong is where the circulation here in this region once you get north of into food to shanghai weather conditions largely dry and fine but circulation tends to weaken a little bit through tuesday but again northern parts of vietnam the rain could be heavy enough to see some flooding hong kong on the northern edge that rain systems that may be dry at times but still quite cloudy and breezy and drizzly are suspects now as we look at south asia a massive cloud here heavy rain in many areas and that's expect to continue over down through the western ghats this circulation across the eastern side of india is almost looking pretty active so could be very wet in kolkata still plenty of showers across the hill stations and india through into the poor bhutan but for thirty looks should be largely driving a fair amount of climb over the odd shower turning up during the course of tuesday but draw across much of pakistan with a maximum of thirty four in karate here in the arabian peninsula the breeze means the humidity is dropping in qatar but that allows the temperature to rise and it's
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certainly going to be a woman in doha with a maximum of forty six. with a crackdown on media and political opposition. getting ready for its national election when he's to investigate. the ruling party will go to consolidate its power. on al-jazeera. where every.
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welcome back a quick look at top stories now the second half of the world cup in russia is underway france are ahead of course by two gold. actually three goals three goals after a controversial penalty decision. to move people have died in violent protests in the oil rich south of iraq a curfew has been imposed in the city of basra and the internet has been blocked across the country protesters are demanding better public services and job opportunities. and an egyptian brokered ceasefire between israel and hamas appears to be holding on to the latest flare up of violence in gaza israel launched as strikes on saturday in response to rocket fire aboard a protest from a mass. well israel is saying that burning kites being flown across the gaza border by palestinian protesters are increasing tensions the kites which began as part of
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weekly friday protest against the occupation of bone thousands of acres of israeli land stephanie decker has more on this now from jerusalem. these kites handmade with flaming rags have become a tool for palestinian protesters rallying along gaza spens they've not called a single death but they have burned more than seven thousand acres of land on the israeli side the israeli prime minister issued a warning about the kites at sunday's cabinet meeting hours after his military targeted had mass in gaza and some others and we've heard it being said that israel has agreed to a cease fire that would allow the continuation of terrorism by incendiary cuts and balloons this is incorrect we are not prepared to accept any attacks against us and we will respond appropriately. for now the egyptian brokered cease fire between hamas and israel appears to be largely holding but it is fragile israel will not tolerate a scenario by which its citizens will be constantly held hostage by the
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hamas so hopefully there will be. bought the problem is sometimes. in this city by which a can the government is here till something can spark a huge explosion. on the streets of occupied east jerusalem we also palestinians how they feel about the kites and israel's attacks on the person they don't have any other tools it's true that these cuts coming home full it's our land the burning of the land is occupied and they don't have any other way to resist. gazans are real mean but we hear of very weak if we had the right mindset we would all close our shops in solidarity with gaza the march of return rallies are now into their fourth month with protesters demanding the right for palestinian refugees to return to their homes they were evicted from one thousand nine hundred forty eight scores have been killed by israeli snipers it's
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a political problem for israel the refuses to go away we're told israel doesn't want an escalation its army is already busy on its northern border in the occupied golan heights but israel has made it clear that if the flaming cuts continue it is ready to increase its military action the army and the intelligence services have been warning the political leadership that the current blockade on gaza is not sustainable and if it continues it could lead to an all out conflict the flaming kites have already led to the biggest escalation since the two thousand and fourteen war the question now is will they stop and will the palestinians of gaza be getting anything in return stephanie decker al-jazeera jerusalem. at least ten people have died and fifteen others injured in a suicide blast in afghanistan's capital attack a blew himself up in front of a government ministry in kabul as workers were leaving their offices has been no immediate claim of responsibility but the latest attack came as the u.n. says the number of civilians killed in afghanistan has hit a record high at least one thousand six hundred ninety two people were killed in
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the first six months of this year most civilians were killed or injured by anti-government groups mainly i still and the taliban. at least fifteen people have been killed by a landslide it said jade mine in northern man ma dozens more people were injured in the accident in catchin state the bodies of fourteen men and one woman were recovered the search for more victims all survivors is being hampered by heavy rain accidents are common in myanmar as jade mining region where people scavenge for remnants and while it clashes have broken out in the us city of chicago off to police shot and killed a man suspected of carrying a firearm will the one hundred fifty protesters threw rocks and bottles at police following the incident in the south side a predominantly black neighborhood officials say a few offices suffered minor injuries and one patrol car was damaged for protesters have been arrested. ecker i was president has received widespread international
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condemnation following a siege on a university campus in which at least two students were killed the protesters were occupying the campus to call the president on your take his resignation overall more than two hundred seventy protesters have been killed since the anti-government protests began three months ago marianna sanchez reports now from managua. after more than fifteen hours in the suit students at new get i was national antonymous university were freed. the cardinal. negotiated the release with gunmen. who pleaded for her life during the siege came out alive when they were called. we fought back with stones and mortars but they shot at us with high caliber weapons a k forty seven and i don't know what else the priest with a white flag to ask the ceasefire. this student says they all thought they would be
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killed. at some point we didn't have any more mortars or molotov cocktails to respond with i didn't think we'd come out alive. for hours families sang and prayed the access near the church was blocked by police while heavily armed gunmen shot at the students. it was a desperate wait to see their children florida says she's also afraid because her home has been under attack these past days. and see what the barrier their last hours have been tragic we haven't slept or eaten but we were at on a grateful to god our children only wanted which forms. the the government calls protesters terrorists and coup plotters it blames them for the deaths of policemen and three months of bloody confrontations around the country but rights groups say the majority of attacks are perpetrated by government forces . the seed has left many got one family's devastated but the question is whether
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the government will continue with the use of force or will sit at the big oshie having table this week. cardinal but in this said this by the clergy has also been targeted they want to resume peace talks between protesters and the government on tuesday however they're worried about the safety of the students and their families . we will also continue to conduct negotiations with the government so the lives of the students and that of the families are respected. but the lives of these students and their families may continue to be a risk and protesters say they will continue to fight to topple president than a lot bigger. and while government forces do nothing to a risk the government plainclothes and heavily armed shoot in plain daylight with impunity. i guess i'll just i'll just see domino when he got out. it was
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president donald trump as carton flying to finland for his landmark summit with the russian leader vladimir putin thousands of people have been protesting in helsinki ahead of monday's meeting the demonstrators messages directed at both presidents really get included human rights issues immigration and press freedom. a president trump has been lowering expectations ahead of the meeting saying that nothing bad will come out of it and maybe something good and says he'll need to stand alone and that's wiring diplomats we have one hour flood diplomatic editor james. helsinki a city that joining the cold war was used as one of the few places where western allies and the soviet union could talk some believe relations are almost at a cold war level again yet one leader keeps talking up the positive and i said putin may be the easiest of the more you never know the biggest blow to relations was russia's seizure of crimea from ukraine the first time
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a part of one country had been stolen by another in europe since world war two at the time it was condemned by the us nato and the u. . however in recent days two news conferences in belgium and the u.k. president trump was asked if russia should give back crimea and each time he dodged the question what will happen with crimea from this point on that i can't tell you well we'll have to see what happens far from here the syrian war seems to be entering its final phases the assad regime would support from its allies iran and russia has the upper hand the u.s. and israel want to reduce iranian presence in the country and its influence in the region could there be a grand bargain in the works. only days ago israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in moscow putin could perhaps persuade assad to ask your raam to
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leave his country trump could lift objections to russia's control of crimea far fetched perhaps but just listen to the way the ukrainian ambassador to the u.n. is clinging to previous statements by members of the u.s. administration on crimea i think that. that will come from several times by the book but by many many other u.s. officials thrum. to mr bolton to the the the the spokesman for the white house and many other. officials who come from the principal paul is who we're supposed to assume that the illegally fish no crummy about russia should never be recognized ha remarkably for part of this summit in finland's presidential palace trump is likely to meet putin alone just as he did in singapore with kim jong un in june the u.s. is closest allies are worried what this most unpredictable president might agree to behind these walls james plays al-jazeera helsinki versions prime minister terry's
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amaze revealed that the advice the u.s. president gave on breaks it was to soon the european union donald trump criticized mase plan for breakfast in a newspaper interview that was published during his u.k. visit the president said he told may what to do about it but she didn't listen and have time could kill a trade deal with the u.s. in later backpedaled on that saying that actually a trade deal could be done. the whole country wants to know probably does the what was the brutal tough suggestion he told me i should sue the e.u. so the city you are not going to me i say should sue them actually know about that . because the asians with them but interestingly what the president also said at that press conference was don't walk away don't walk away from the go see i think it was that all stock so i wanted to be able to negotiate the best deal for britain germany says it will take in fifty of four hundred fifty refugees and migrants
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rescued on saturday from an overcrowded boat in the mediterranean italy asked of the e.u. countries to share responsibility for the people rescued near the italian island of an osa france and malta have already agreed to take fifty migrants each as well abbas has been left hanging from a bridge in madrid after the driver lost control and crashed through a barrier the bus was transporting people to and from a music festival in northern madrid but luckily no passengers were on this at the time the driver was rescued by firefighters. a quick look at the top stories now the second half of the world cup final is well underway moscow's luzhniki stadium france the one thousand nine hundred eighty champions are facing croatia and have taken a four to lead their second goal came via a controversial penalty decision but the match wall space phone for almost
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a minute in the second half after four protesters dressed in suits invaded the pitch with one exchanging a high five with a french player in post on social media the feminist group pussy riot claim responsibility for the protest. all the official world cup handover ceremony was held in moscow ahead of sunday's final russia's president and the and mayor of cats are put on a show of unity as fief as president gianni infantino presided over this symbolic change in her status catarrh will host the tournament in twenty twenty two. the people will cut twenty twenty two will be very important events for our country i recall the year twenty ten when we got the right to host this event and this will be a huge great festival for be entire nation article i'm hoping that our national team will repeat the success of russia's national team or even exceed this excessively been violent protests in the oil rich province of basra in iraq of resulted in two
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deaths a curfew has been imposed in the city of basra and the internet has been blocked across the country the protest as it demanding better public services and job opportunities. and egyptian brokered cease fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding after the latest flare up of violence in gaza on saturday israel launched what it says with the most powerful daytime as strike since the two thousand and fourteen gaza war at least two palestinian teenagers were killed israel says the strikes were in response to border protests and rocket fire from a mass. the first rebels and their families have been moved from southern syria is there are provinces they were given safe passage to leave after russia brokered a cease fire between the government and opposition fighters eight days ago syrian forces are now in control of most of there are following an intense bombing campaign the rebels will be taken to opposition held areas in northern syria. much more coming up for you later on off the want to one east which starts now.
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ranked as the most corrupt self east asian country cambodia is about of an election . but with the main opposition party banned from participating it's being widely seen as a sham. not that you'll read that in the local press the country's head of taxation has been accused of forcing the closure of independent media but what has he got to hide i don't want to talk about. i'm steve on this episode when east investigates
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cambodia's brutal crackdown in the lead up to the national election. it's monday morning in the cambodian people's party headquarters in the capital phnom penh having ruled the country for more than three decades the party's propaganda machine is well oiled. down within from one count partner by the home so cool mobile proponent of the kim wong born of a poor. spokesman saka son is presenting his program true voices for people who live on facebook and on seventeen government on radio stations across the country. want to know why. are. who are who won't. solve it.
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except those with an opposing opinion. in the past five years that support for the main opposition party surged the world's longest serving prime minister would send notes to brutal campaign against it. opposition politicians have been beaten more than a dozen jailed the party's leader held indefinitely on treason charges and then the final blow in nine months before the election the party was outlawed for conspiring with the united states to overthrow the government. picks ross he's been accused of acting for the ruling party when he filed a complaint against the opposition that lidge to withdraw its i compliment them because they are opposite. he is evidence of twenty thirteen video of the
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formal opposition leader cam succumb. to. suffer such are. the bite. now that they are. told me that that is. so him. and do as a government if the politics in cambodia and the county it's are all about shit of the law and came without. picks ross is now leading the campaign for his own cambodian youth party one of the twenty mostly new parties contesting the july twenty ninth election. there. but once again he finds himself ending
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off accusations he and his party are puppets of zen. our good hobby is that i don't know mitt. romney i did. not. know people were. sad. and he insists it's his own money behind his party i sell my then i sell my house i sell my car just before i have a good cause. comfortable cos i just. maybe niche being. cambodia is a failing democracy where a one party state. is the director of one of cambodia's oldest and most respected human rights organizations. if you look
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closely at some of these parties the other night. except from one tiny one they're all aligned in some ways and they all popped up recently so this is no tea party. and actually this is. a non competitive election. the one and only party that not only pinoy says is independent is this one the grassroots democratic party set up in twenty fifteen today it's candidates a meeting on the outskirts of phnom penh to talk election strategy on what i mean how mall or not for me in class who you speak of. saying coma is a party founder and its prime ministerial candidate. and
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not that general but hang your. the portrait of his party's co-founder is an eerie reminder of just how treacherous cambodian politics can be. in july twenty sixth seen ken lay was shot dead in a canoe on pain cafe one of the country's most feelings critiques of the ruling party he's widely believed to have been a victim of a political assassination a lot of people tried to convince me to want to become a force there was no no i know what i'm doing so. for me i have no choice i have to continue with this mission all my life like the people they hope to represent most of the candidates have little money and with the campaign budget coming out of their pockets funds are limited to saying coleman is encouraging party members to be creative like recording policy messages for facebook so we have thousands of
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people are doing like that. so it's like grassroots media yes when there is no independent media and you have to find out on it that we have to find a way out all what. it's not only the main political opposition party that's been destroyed in the lead up to the election the independent media has been decimated to the alleged new weapon taxation. last september after twenty four years in operation one of the country's most fearless newspapers that cambodia day was forced to shut down when it received a tax bill all six point three million dollars its final headline pulls no punches. the cambodian dailies for many douglas steel and
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a new publisher deborah christmas steal a current leaving in tokyo. back in cambodia they both face criminal charges for tax evasion carrying a prison sentence of up to six years they chose essentially a number that was unpayable and were very hardline about that yeah steel vehemently denies evading tax but concedes the company may have owed the department some money the whole country is coming into the tax system most businesses are still not register you're going from a zero percent compliance to a normal system and we were moving along in that process we got singled out because they didn't like us. your excellence mary ann jolley from our sara the man who's overseen the tax reform is the bull the director general of the taxation department is
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a member of the ruling party's elite central committee today we meet him in his palatial office on the top floor of the department we have done a tremendous reform. on the revenue because the government realize that. for the country to move forward for the development of the country we need to live in you to expand the bull kong refutes accusations his department has targeted independent media i think. that statement is not true is for but some people would say that it's an amazing coincidence that four of the only independent news organizations in this country received very large tax bills it's not true we got less or independent newspaper or not independent newspaper they are subject to the rule of law here that's my role here. the united states
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government isn't convinced in january it withdrew funding from the tax department citing concerns about anti democratic behavior somebody the lee when they see the tax bill they jump. to talk to the from the ticks. to the embassy to international community by this committee in the government that the government target them but actually we are not targeting anybody what about ten thousand of other companies in which we are ordered to they never complained in this ng why only cambodia the. but a search of the cambodian company registry revealed kongs family appears to own a very large business and may have some questions to answer. one of the biggest petroleum companies in the country it was incorporated in two thousand and night but according to the records here it didn't register with the tax department until
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march twenty seventeen the same time as the cambodia daily it says on the company register that it only registered for taxation in twenty seventeen. other move while you're talking about i'm just trying to understand whether paps your own family company has main orders to to determine tax owed prior to when it registered with the department in two thousand and seven tank no it's not true it has been a long time ago so that date on the official cambodia company registry is wrong. maybe they put in the system wrong. when i mention the company registry also shows that two directors and a chair woman all relatives live at his home address it seems those records are
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wrong to talk about to the wrong person. i think i have nothing related to this company but they share a home address with you know i think a long time ago. but i got nothing to do with that but that those details are only company cambodian company registry that's now online which is being really put online yeah but i think it's wrong it's wrong. so your family has no association with nec company anymore so long time i think. maybe they use my address before but they never been and i don't know when they so rise. if that isn't actually their place of residence it would rise real questions about what kind of a right.


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