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tv   Irans Water Crisis  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2018 12:32pm-1:00pm +03

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area bases the criteria for admission to the instruments of state was contention upon being a member of his fed the movement and recommendation of one of his security apparatus it was single party rule with no accountability. as a third try to build the foundations of state he also needed to continue negotiations final status issues such as the status of jerusalem security borders and refugees remained on brazil. but the prime minister of israel at the time binyamin netanyahu maintained a hard line negotiating stance. it did not endear him to us president bill clinton . well initially i mean he actually said after this first set of means when that in ok. he left the room he said who does he think the superpower is he is and we're not. the final status issues came back on the negotiating table following the election of
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a who'd back as the israeli prime minister in one thousand nine hundred. s. president and brock's logic is what do i need and what i want to get to a final status agreement with the palestinians by the time you president clinton leaves office that's what he tells them in august ninety nine when he visits but ox offer was for israel to withdraw from much of the west bank while keeping sovereignty over key parts of jerusalem in two thousand he convinced clinton of the need to convene a meeting without a fact in the united states to resolve the final issues one and he couldn't say no to the president he came with a profound suspicion and resentment suspicion that the americans and the israelis were going to present him with a fait accompli that he couldn't accept and resentment a good bra cool he believed had chased. these really serious negotiation for the preceding seven months ignoring him and israel's commitments and who was prepared to give to assad and ninety nine point nine percent of the golan heights minus four
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hundred yards off the northeastern portion of the lake and yet mr barak's offer to our friend camp david was ninety percent but not confused to meet alone without a fact that camp david now at camp david brock took this position i don't want to meet on the on our fight i don't want to build that kind of personal connection because again once i'm with arafat's alone he will write down everything and barack would say he always says it's not our photos as it's notepad and he writes on everything that people say to keep it in his pocket and one day will come out and say barack has agreed to divide jerusalem and so i can't accept that. they felt they did not have david. well and you know his own aka how do you want arafat to go to camp david and end the conflict without getting a written offer from barack i'm certain that if he had been presented with a written offer he would have asked to have had it an issue and put it in his pocket and i'm certain of that that. before agreeing to attend the
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county even some of the artifacts sort of assurances that he would not be made the scapegoat if the talks fail. on a fact rejected by next proposals at camp david he concluded the palestinian state in visaged would not be viable made up of count on and completely surrounded by territory to be the next to israel. should be one of the and then what the clinton he breaks his promise and blames not a fight for the failure of calm day with a man so out of five is made out to be a liar that's plain shameful. much of the western media criticized artifact at the time for rejecting the proposals. but today former u.s. administration officials acknowledged that artifact had little choice. what was presented at camp david i think if you ask any american negotiator today any of us
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do we think the palestinians could have accepted the ideas that president should could have accepted the ideas that president clinton put on the table or already briefed our fight on in july two thousand i think they would all say they would have to say in hindsight now i couldn't accept they could accept them because there was no way you could defend a nine to one swap there's no way you could accept the sovereignty of her own there's no way you could accept. this patchwork of sovereignty over jerusalem cetera et cetera in fact the proof of the matter is. the palace in need us for today are lauded as the most moderate. and most of us about mao's and yes a bit rebel they all rejected what was on the table and not on the table at camp david in terms that were even more harsh than our fight him self they were adamant against that so that tells you something about whether these were the kind of proposals that that
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a palace in could accept should he have taken the deal and. public. a last ditch attempt by clinton at the end of his presidency failed to produce an agreement and out a vote was playing i blame it partly on on. clinton denis they told the incoming. administration. bush and cheney literally on inauguration day that it was totally responsible for the failure of the peace process and that he was a liar and you couldn't count on you couldn't deal with him. after the meeting at camp david on a plan to return to gaza and received a hero's welcome for refusing to accept what the palestinians viewed as unacceptable. he was by now however a pariah in washington unwelcome and on trust. just weeks later the second intifada erupted triggered by al shot owns visit to the temple mount or noble sanctuary in jerusalem. the palestinians had lost hope with
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a diplomatic approach. amid the death and violence of the new intifada and hamas increased its role and its power base in the occupied territories. in israel but are close the elections to the leader of the israeli opposition out of france called archrival carry out shut on shut on was in no mood for concession and following the september eleventh attacks on the united states he was quick to spot an opportunity to get the americans more on his side. edge about and then set. september eleventh allowed children to gain sympathy for israel's internal to cuti situation in effect what he was saying was that what you in america faced on september eleventh i faced on a daily basis and children was able to convince the world that yes i was the sense of terrorism. the israeli military actions that kill children women and
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elderly caused palestinian we actions to be emotional instead of political and therefore revenge became the source of justice for the weak israelis knew this i believe their crushing of the palestinians political backbone is one of the great achievements of the israeli army during the intifada so in other words there was chaos. in the spring of two thousand and two at a.o.l. chat on decided to hold yasser arafat personally responsible for every act of violence perpetrated against israel. israeli forces quickly surrounded artifacts headquarters in ramallah and set out to systematically destroyed all the instruments of palestinian state for. the siege and with few remaining allies artifact turned down an offer from chad on to that. he feared he would not be allowed to return instead on a fat and else that he would fight to the very end. under pressure on
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a father devolved some of his powers to the newly appointed prime minister mahmoud abbas also known as i will masm but in arafat's eyes our bass proved ineffective and i shall continue under obama. i was with arafat when prime minister abbas was in washington out of had received a phone call telling him it was no good sheria the white house had not agreed to him regaining his freedom at that point arafat's find out if the americans refused to grant abbas the freedom of yasser arafat will the democratically elected president of the palestinian people does he think they will give him the rights of the palestinian people in jerusalem and borders and the issue of refugees they will log out of that subsequently quickly move to engineer the fall of all muslims cabinet and he did it. surrounded in his ramallah headquarters out of fat held out on. he looked older of two thousand and four when he was struck down by a mysterious illness. israel said it would allow him to seek treatment abroad and
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return. on a father died in a paris hospital calls on. the palestinians claimed he was poisoned. the israelis protested their innocence. didn't.
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claim just that if you have turned. away i'm going to say. about time for the president on a fact. he was on my corner in the process of the worst. it was not only a concept i was aleppo nation of the heart of it. off all the all prospered throughout the log. on top side not our ups and our lures and none of that stuff and thinking is that great go or are those off fighting against oppression. will regret. and that we're careful our conduct says. and add up if i don't want to be like.
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i. want to same for thing the way the world stood by and watched while out of fact was treated that way in the last years of his life it's absolutely shameful . following out of pat's death mahmoud abbas was elected president of the palestinian authority but he lacked the power base and hold over palestinian politics that on a fact had to stop which. soon face the challenge to his all for the from hamas the islamic movement which now commanded the loyalty of a large proportion of palestinians. in january two thousand and six hamas defeated the fact that movement obama in parliamentary elections. a power struggle ensued between the palestinian authority led by a bass and thomas. gun battles broke out between fatah and hamas come.
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in the summer of two thousand and seven and as fighters captured the fatah headquarters in gaza. securing control of the area gaza became the confirmed stronghold of homs but to have been supplanted. without a fight of lost control of gaza the way. it's hard to believe that he would have for one simple reason that was an icon he lost a lot of support among palestinians i felt it even as time went by but he was an icon because he put the palestinian issue on the national the international map he established for the international community. a sense that somehow what he had in a fight as policy national aspirations had to be achieved so he put the palestinian movement on the world stage and he also unified the palestinians in
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a way that no other leader had i think what's happened since he has died. should tell us something about how central he was to the palestinian map and you know it's ironic that. even some of those who were most critical of our fight among palestinians during his final days. are the most eager to to to to rally behind his name than his picture in his flag today. today the palestine liberation organization is no longer the force it once was. the emergence of new groups such as hamas has eroded support for the traditional people. rather than being given unifying force the p.l.o. is now more protests against an intercom system industry. the revolution
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started over forty years ago may have faded but the dreams of the palestinians for statehood their form as strong as ever. where were you when this idea. that when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief. of again inequality in our society today or if you join a sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice about refugees to be the speakers for change joining the conversation on our one of the really special things that working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging there but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live
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that matter to you al-jazeera. the former bishop of hong kong says the pope is sending out complex pieces of. information. on the beach which cardinal joseph zen. anger after a contentious new law is approved defining israel as the nation state of the jewish people. hello again i'm. live from doha also coming up donald trump changes course again on russian election meddling now he declares brad to be
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a pigeon is personally responsible. for prayers for a long and happy life the thai football team is blessed by monks after their extraordinary rescue from a flooded cave. google vows to fight back after being slapped with a record five billion dollars fine by the european union. israel has also that for the first time to close the country to be the nation state of the jewish people. the legislation also downgrades the status of the arabic language and encourages the construction of jewish only communities sylva reports. its official israel is a state exclusively for jews that's the essence of the controversial nation state
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bill passed by the knesset on thursday after hours of heated debate the measure became law by a vote of sixty two to fifty five with two abstentions for years the language of the bill divided political opinion between the ruling parties and the opposition arab members of the knesset say the law legalizes discrimination. laws this is a bill from a government that has an enemy to palestinians it's the most dangerous measure it's a law from a racist government against palestinian rights and to create an apartheid regime it turns israel into a fascist state. i have the most controversial clause in the bill a provision calling for jewish only communities was replaced at the last minute the original legislation would have allowed the state to establish separate communities on the basis of religion and nationality the replacement provision says the state sees developing jewish settlements as a national interest and will take steps to encourage advance and implement this
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interest illegal settlements for jews are already being built in breach of international law and u.n. demands another contriver sees the status of the arabic language a new law says hebrew will be israel's only official language demoting arabic to seconds. the deputy attorney general says the law also allows the construction of synagogues and ritual baths but not mosques they israeli president says the legislation could harm jewish people and israel enemies could use it as a weapon protest as against the new law march through tel aviv on saturday. oh my god oh i love him very slowly and thousands of israelis came today protest to. test against the nation state law which is a racist and fascist law that is trying to turn israel from a democracy into something else therefore we are here to block this drift towards dictatorship and fascism they are your credit i came today to say that the arab citizens of israel are not inferior to the nation state law will discriminate
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against them as the israeli government has been doing for many years arabic is an official language and they deserve equal rights. the government led by prime minister benjamin netanyahu insists that it's important to establish that israel is the historical homeland of the jewish people who have the sole right to national self-determination palestinian see the law as legitimizing apartheid from the silver al-jazeera well guys if it is an assistant professor of u.s. foreign policy and the middle east at the american university and he called it a sad day for democracy in israel. the entire world understands that israel is the nation state of the jewish people but there is also another people who live there and the arabs and. that creation of independence made it crystal clear that equality was a fundamental principle in which israel will be established and i think it will be
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increasingly difficult for israel to claim that it is a the only democracy in the middle east when it discriminates against its minority i mean this is this this piece of legislation says absolutely nothing doesn't even mention the word democracy and certainly it's an illiberal piece of legislation it's discriminatory it's an equality it's anti-humanist it's just it's a terrible bill it's a terrible piece of legislation and and so it can clearly be used by israel's enemies and i think that it is in israel's best interest to repeal it as soon as possible there's even more confusion about what donald trump believes doesn't believe about russian interference in the twenty sixteen us presidential election the latest twist has seen him at cross purposes with his aides and at one point even with him self. from washington. u.s.
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president donald trump ended wednesday the way he started it leaving as country and the world very confused about whether he thinks russia interfered in the twenty sixteen presidential election trump told us television he did blame russian president vladimir putin well i would because he's in charge of the country just like i consider myself to be responsible for things that happen in this country so certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible but also on wednesday trump told other reporters this is russia don't targeting us. that sent the white house press secretary into damage control mode he was saying no he's not taking questions for trump's aides this was day three of cleaning up after the president during his joint press conference with putin on monday trump said he had raised the interference question during their meeting he just said it's not russian then after republican and democratic outrage over trump statement the president spent tuesday
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trying to walk back his words and he sentence in my remarks i said the word would instead of pointing. to said should have been i don't see any reason why i went or why he didn't want to play russian as far as the u.s. intelligence community is concerned there is no question about the russians behavior he's got his view he's expressed his view i can tell you what my view is. the intelligence community's assessment has not changed my view has not changed which is that russia attempted to interfere with the last election and that it continues to engage in line influence operations to this day but only a few people are paying attention to a policy conference in the american what's what is getting most people's attention is the stream of mixed messages some would say alarming messages from the white
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house about raw. and the american political process. al-jazeera washington the u.s. judges ordered a russian woman charged with acting as a foreign agent to be jailed pending trial prosecutors warned maria bettina has ties to russian intelligence and that she was a flight risk she is accused of conspiring against the u.s. government and is alleged to have infiltrated the national rifle association the gun lobby group you're going to is a show of american states has condemned recent violence in nicaragua accusing the police and the pro-government militias of human rights abuses in the past week security forces of stormed major strongholds of anti-government protests is including in the city of messiah at least two hundred seventy people have been killed since protests against president danny aiello take it broke out in april the oas is urging ortega to set a date for early elections which is one of the protesters main demands members of
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the thai football team trapped in the cave for more than two weeks of attended a buddhist ceremony to rid themselves of misfortune. the. ceremony is believed to extend their lives their lives and protect them from danger the boys and their coach who were released from hospital on wednesday a week after that dramatic rescue later they spoke publicly for the first time at a news conference broadcast live across the world they described the moment they were found as magical step vasant reports from chiang rai. thank the happy faces of what is now one of the world's most famous football teams the wild boars can finally go home well no not for the performances on the pitch but for my regular survival and rescue from the pitch black of a case in northern thailand. by a truck to go into the water and dig to see if we can go through but i could feel
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that the bottom was all sand and the top was just rocks a pulled the rope and the boys pulled me back afterwards i told one of the boys that we cannot exit this way and what was planned as a one hour visit to the cave turned into an ordeal for eighteen days and nights closely watched by news viewers around the world. we found a sunday hill and there was water dripping from cliffs and rocks so i told everyone that we'd better stay near the water so we decided to spend the night there before we went to sleep i told them we should pray together before sleeping the youngest is only eleven years old maybe. i tried not to think about food otherwise i'd feel it in more hungry. after nine days they finally were found. and we heard some noises of people talking at that moment so we told each other to be quiet and listen to the noises we weren't sure so we listened and it turned out
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to be true i was surprised. a team of international divers finally managed to swim them to safety in what experts this cry by one of the most difficult and dangerous cave rescue operations ever remarkable stories of survival told by the boys and their coach for the first time with no food at all trying to fight any clean water they could drink all the time they were trying to find a way out as they became weaker and weaker by the day. the father of the fourteen year old goalkeeper says he wants his life returned to normal as soon as possible i mean of course i am worried we can't see in the future but i will tell my boy when he returns to the normal world he may face things he has never experienced before i try to encourage him to make sure he will be ready to face this issues only speak about what he wants to say things that hurt him he should avoid the wild boars will all become novice monks for
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a period of nine days to pay tribute to the former tiny baby diver someone who lost his life during their rescue. di artists have made this mural in chang right to honor the extreme bravery and international teamwork of everyone who participated in the rescue operation after sharing their stories with the world the boys can finally go back home step fasten al-jazeera chiang rai. lots more to come here at al-jazeera including the human cost of australia's hardline refugee policy five years after it was in class. on john mccain in the bavarian town to win the lottery of life was suddenly taken on a very different.


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