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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 116  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2018 7:33am-8:01am +03

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all bone wall was. more during the. whole of the. major outside me and his monks carry out what they came to do. holding special ceremony for higher powers to keep the monastery and. when you think say about those who steal these things do you think he's angry. with. you go somebody. is. what impact would you say all these thefts is having on buddhism if they're all for. the altar. or out of school because of the.
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not intend to manage the. day games but i think. the more engine the things are in their lives just places of worship the more stories and histories and tears up their worship have been passed down for generations and so people just have more faith and it's you know and when it's gone of course the faith has also gone. we want to track down those robbing the pall of its spiritual treasures. so we've come to the country's capital kathmandu. it's here we're told dealers do need legal antiquities ply their trade it's. posing as buyer and wearing it in cameras we enter a store on packman do's most expensive state test which is. this was shown to a back room hi how are you it's interesting. the way this is. just
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. this is the one and this and. we soon see he has far more than one or two pieces. and they are all ancient but what timeline would you place that this is the fourteenth fifteenth. fourteenth to fifteenth century. in nepal selling artifacts more than one hundred years old is a crime. to. describe seventy six to. seventy thousand he introduces himself as deepak shot you and says his family has been dealing in antiques for generations all this business a process that started by making them part of. this in my grandfather's for their father how many years then all together for the family mr sixty five seventy s.
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sixty five seventy years the one. person. knew before their eyes didn't know our stuff up on the first one deepak also says his grandfather was called on by nepal's keen to sell to royal visitors of the country. my grandfather and his grandfather can buy a clue. destroyed under this so that. we press him on how he smuggled antiques out of the country what about papers and shipping. by law the country's department of archaeology cannot issue export papers on items more than one hundred years old but deepak says he has a tried and proven way so government no problem getting these out and we have to give some money on that. ok. i mean it's not
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legal. but still likely we can get the stamp. and according to deepak shock here he has contacts include some of the world's top dealers auction houses and museums many pieces i've gone through i have. and i have many dealers. in new york less than fifteen years before many christie is the set of these. many comes here so i already. dealers where it. so like rubin museum yes that's really mostly my father and mother are really ok. so because i have met me thank you very much much appreciated really a pleasure meeting you like you know much. we leave promising to return.
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and take what we've been covered to police. director. nice to meet you hi how are you going steve from al-jazeera pushpa. pushcart carkeek heads the central investigation bureau we suppose equivalent to the f.b.i. he's keen to see our evidence. so in this case he was referring to the department of archaeology as i understand he is differently because you cannot do this. he knows what the laws are he knows. he has to meet fit documents to transfer them he knows and is clearly doing that he has to by be what are your thoughts. well this is something if you ask me
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frankly speaking the police thousand looked at least in this stuff yet how surprised are you that this sort of operation is going on right here in katmandu i'm very surprised i mean you know with it it's our i do admit that we should have been more proactive in this is that enough for your you know for my force to it is this enough. i mean. what if you. by next morning push cars assembled a team led by his deputy can be cattle. cars even if they can relate. but you get a lot of good hope that each of these. twenty officers have spent the night planning a raid into you office so it's ok ok it gives us shows to be yes they. can be in the scope. of this hugo.
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and. we've been asked to help by again posing as buyers. our role is to confirm the dealer still hasn't for sale no thanks so much we're not. as undercover officers take their positions. we head for the store. hello. lemme stay. going to see you get this back in a shop we again meet with deepak shakira. one of the what he says he sold some of the items including the one that cost sixty five thousand dollars. but not all of this one is still here ok he's also acquired new ones including some hindu artifacts so this is put in temples read this or go to is temples or go away. having confirmed that check you still has idols for sale in america because i signal cabinets and his men. they move in on this thing no mistake.
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what i look for this year you want to buy a house i'm just what you're good i'm just looking to survive but it was curious. throughout the store authorities uncover pete an artifact i will have to share. with you we're going to try to go. over the course of the day investigators raid three stores in katmandu all belonging to the shakya family they seized more than one hundred teens. deepak shockey and two others are brought into police headquarters and charged with trafficking. they face up to five years in jail. and well my guys are still on the
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double vision that something needed to produce. it well it was a good operation. there's a lot of activities. if you're by use there's a network with good weight and so these a long trip. c.i. be director corky waste little time in rattling that chain of illegal trade or garment a talking. at a press conference he shows off the illegal and take what he seized. and confirms nepalese police are investigating deepak shockey is shippers and customers they're surprised. you're accountable it's all going to price what i go to the response in america we have one other injuries in our back that's all you can imagine what it will. and one of those museums the police confirmed is being investigated is the ruby in new york. home to one of the most outstanding collections of himalayan antiquities in the world. so this is your section on the paul exactly
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this hour florida features the master works from the collection we're here in the region where we talk about your abridged heads the museum and agrees to show us around. the reuben has more than three thousand eight hundred himalayan works of art in its collection. including some of the finest copper and bronze statues in the world the really quite amazing pieces of craftsmanship there's a sense of power and movement yet it's it's really got this sense of monumental call and how did the rubin come to find this piece this piece has a law a history as i recall and being in the west already. it was i believe in the sixty's that that it was in the u.s. and then was squids collected by the by several collectors in fact before it entered the collection of the reuben family and was that while most of the collection is displayed in typical museum fashion in one room the reuben has also
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built a shrine because that's what those paintings were painted for what those. sculptures were created for is you know to serve a living tradition their visitors get a true cultural experience but what about the now believes who wants worship these icons. should items be returned back to the country i don't think i'm going to add to that i don't have a good answer you don't have going to for that because it's a very you know saying this facial it's very hard and that's not the only question he finds hard to answer in nepal authorities recently arrested a number of antique dealers has the reuben museum done any dealings with. shock you or his family of a shock yes i don't think we should have for that. the museums p.r. person intervene. that you let me.
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do this if you want to play it. would be here to be sure it was just a raid back. that's. a few days later of the rubin e-mail to say to their best knowledge they don't have any connection nor objects from defect chef or his family and they have strong guidelines against buying items known or suspected to be stolen. kristi's in some the bees also both deny selling any stolen artifacts and state they have no record of ever having dealt with the shakya family. back in. touch he says he doesn't fully blame museums or collectors i believe that not every museum or not every private collectors realize that their collections are some artifacts that they have been stolen you know because of because it's
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a very long process on how these artifacts are stolen and how to travel to different parts of the word but no matter who's responsible it's estimated that more than eighty percent of all the poles religious artifacts have been stolen and sold abroad. and to places around for generations. to ensure what remains of most done stays here on the demolition of your. cache is now training months in this village monastery to protect their gods there were several of them germans are there and we're trying to record all this metal statues clearest as choose the ritual item. the foremost importance is that we have a database that has a proper record of our belongings you know and secondly this is this is what help us track these items to more in the future if they get stolen somewhere tasha's dream is that one day stolen items will be returned and nothing justifies their
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defects being in their places of origin and the people who worship them not in justifies the fact that they are not in the place where it is still a part of the living here it is i think that and justifies that they are not here. until the artifacts are returned and the theft star says the ancient wheeled life for his people will remain under threat.
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the nature of news as it breaks although thousands of women have reported rape and other sexual atrocities in south sudan's word rats are going to say this figure is likely much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part in the drive each one responsible for collecting a different kind of school supplies clothing from around the world sable football is still very new here but these players are very confident they won't be able to leave gaza and maybe even one day like on the international stage. this is al jazeera. i know i'm right matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes donald trump rejects apply to me of putin's proposal that russia
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should be allowed to interrogate americans but invite some to washington later this year. that are imprudent i mean i hear you yeah. ok. also ahead in nicaragua as president celebrates the revolution that brought down a dictator as he tries to crush protests against his rule. government forces and separatists are both accused of horrific crimes in cameroons english speaking regions. and a fierce public backlash after one of the french president's top aides is seen beating up a protester. the white house says president donald trump wants to invite russian leader vladimir putin to washington within months it's come just hours after trump rejected putin's proposal that russia should be able to interrogate
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a man. in exchange for access to twelve russians indicted by the us here's our white house correspondent kimberly holcomb. after days of doubt about his allegiance to his own country u.s. president donald trump delivered some of his toughest talk yet and a threat to russia's president vladimir putin about their relationship be the worst enemies ever had the worst he's ever had but for days tropfest signaled a willingness to work with putin despite overwhelming evidence of russia's interference in u.s. affairs you are here for turning on capitol hill the controversy continues yes. democrats pressuring their republican colleagues. they want more money to protect u.s. elections for future russian meddling republicans voted it down democrats also want
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the translator president monday's closed door trump meeting to testify on capitol hill and there are new concerns about putin's request to question americans. in finland putin said the kremlin should be able to interrogate one of his most vocal critics u.s. born businessman bill browder in exchange for the u.s. questioning twelve russian hackers indicted for meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election the russians also want to question former u.s. ambassador to russia michael mcfaul it wasn't until thursday four days after putin raised the proposal with trump the president weighed in through his press secretary who stated president trump disagrees with it the resolutions agreed to on thursday the u.s. senate passed a unanimous resolution to protect any diplomat from extradition meantime further proof trump is acting unilaterally his top intelligence chief caught by surprise by a white house invitation lattimer putin is coming to the white house in the fall.
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so you have again i know. you. that are imprudent i mean i hear you yeah. ok. the colts reaction is further proof the white house is still reeling from donald trump's public relations disaster in finland and is working to repair the damage caused by trouble at the helsinki summit can really help at al-jazeera the white house because you have read tons who's joining me now live from washington d.c. so we saw a dime coach the director of national intelligence they're getting a surprise when he heard about this invitation i can only guess of what the reaction has been from the on the rest of the hill what's been happening in washington with the relation to this invitation shihab. well the sort of fever pitch hysteria that we've become accustomed to whenever russia is mentioned in washington there are some serious questions being asked notably what was
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discussed between donald trump of the putin out there one on one so-called one on one meeting in the helsinki and we just had this statement from chuck schumer who is the senate democratic leader he said until we know what happened to that two hour meeting in helsinki the president should have no one on one interactions with putin in the united states in russia or anywhere else interestingly dan coats just before he was presented with that breaking news about the white house invitation he had just been saying that even he the director of national intelligence for the white house and for the president he still didn't know yet what had been discussed in that one on one meeting between that and putin and donald trump and the reason why that's so significant is i don't trump tweets he's leading us to understand that some great serious issues were discussed he says terrorism nuclear proliferation the middle east north korea trade all agreed upon and the russian official was quoted as saying important verbal agreements were reached so the
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question is what were those verbal agreements in fact the head of centcom central command which is the military the military organization tossed with the middle east among other regions of the world the head of centcom was asked in a briefing today is hasn't told you nothing's changed or have you got any new guidelines from the white house and he said no and there's a lot of a lot of speculation in particular on syria some deal might be in the works of a place to us russian cooperation but as yet we still don't know what was discussed and whether the thinks of stanton was discussed which is going to affect geopolitics and that is significant isn't it she had because underneath all of this apparent chaos there is a plan to some extent that donald trump has that he has always said he wants to have a reset with with russia there's a sense that that is what he is determined to achieve but until the details are actually finalized and the as you say with the helsinki summit discussions and so on then there's very little that the u.s. particularly can actually do to move things forward this is just really
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a discussion between two world leaders at the moment isn't it. right there we have it what we have is speculation but if they all substantive agreements in the background might use a different look this idea of a reset with russia is nothing new president obama wanted it very much and was faced with similar opposition from the national security establishment for whom corporation russia is always a big no no but geopolitically geo strategically there are clearly areas of interest which both the u.s. and russia have in common particularly in the middle east for example there is always resistance there's always resistance whenever a president says he wants closer cooperation with russia no matter what in part perhaps some say because the national security establishment they make it that res on death row for existence in some ways is opposition to russia so it's nato has reason for being to the idea of closer cooperation is anathema to them even if it means if it makes common sense what complicates this of course is the allegations of russian meddling the allegations of collusion none of which have been have come out from the motor investigation yet with the campaign that complicates things and
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ultimately doesn't really want to entertain those thoughts about russian meddling because as far as he's concerned it invalidates his victory in the election somehow so that's one of the main reasons why he kind of seems to push back whenever whenever we talk about collusion or even just russian difference without collusion with the trump campaign so that's what complicates things right now but there are serious discussions are always been talked about in washington about the potential to close the coordination with russia for the best interest of both countries but those of course have been very much muddied she have another thank you very much indeed the european union has expressed concern about a new israeli law that defines the country as the nation state of the jewish people it makes hebrew the sole official language downgrading arabic to having special status palestinians describe the law as racist and verging on apartheid muhammad reports from west jerusalem. moments after israel's parliament passed the controversial new law defining the country as the nation state of the jewish people . and other arab members of the knesset ripped up copies of it. hours after the
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bill became law and in this far more serene setting was no less enraged the state is saying to its citizens. citizens you are not equal and you are may be just and we are not we are the owner of this then we have a right not in this land but only in this land we are the indigenous the legislation adopted by sixty two votes to fifty five makes hebrew the only official national language and defines the establishment of jewish communities as being in the national interest it also stipulates that israel is the historic homeland of the jewish people and adds that they have an exclusive right to national self-determination in it the law is controversial among israelis many have joined in the protests against the legislation saying it legitimizes discrimination
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palestinian political analysts say the law gives license to segregation is that a is of telling the will of this is going to be in terms of geography and they're not going to use over the jewish exclusive jewish take it or leave it but you know with aside what would happen on this land we will never. be before us we will never accept anybody after us many palestinians fear the new law will further marginalize their already marginalized population that that want to now. so if we are talking about citizenship then you have to give all citizens the same rights regardless of their religion or political affiliations or their social or economic background if they give rights only to jews then palestinians will be considered second class citizens this will be really bad. to mum is an israeli palestinian who says she's dealt with discrimination her whole life and i guess the that's the fear you had on sort of given of you who we are palestinians but there is racism between arabs and
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jews and it's obvious when jews see us wearing the he job they think we're going to hit them palestinian rights groups say the new law also features elements of apartheid making it illegal under international law while condemnation from palestinian leaders has been constant since the law was first proposed many palestinians we spoke with today said they also want to see and hear the international community speak out forcefully against this new legislation which they say will only make their lives more difficult. west jerusalem ok let's get more of an idea of how israel's move is being perceived by its major ally the u.s. john fredericks is the trunk campaign chairman in the state of virginia he's in washington and he's joining us now live thank you very much indeed for your time sir it's very often the case that israel does run things like this significant changes pos to the u.s. before they're put into place how much can the consultation do you think there was with the u.s. ahead of this decision. well you couldn't imagine a situation where the israeli government would go forward with this kind of
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a sweeping change that basically has now disenfranchised over two million palestinians living in israel they're supposed to be israeli citizens they felt like second class citizens before now what this law has done is they have legislated the legality of basic discrimination it's kind of hard to imagine that the israeli government when it would not have done this without some assurances that the trumpet ministration was going to look the other way i don't think they're going to come out in favor of this but obviously they thought there was not going to be the type of reaction that they might have had in a different situation i think moving the israeli capital from tel aviv to jerusalem which was a campaign promise of the president president trump that he followed through on definitely embolden the israeli government to do this but the problem is they've
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got two million palestinians there and they have legislated them into basic.


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