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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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since before now what this law has done is they have legislated the legality of basic discrimination it's kind of hard to imagine that the israeli government when it would not have done this without some assurances that the trump administration was going to look the other way i don't think they're going to come out in favor of this but obviously they thought there was not going to be the type of reaction that they might have had in a different situation i think moving the israeli capital from tel aviv to jerusalem which was a campaign promise of the president president trump that he followed through on definitely embolden the israeli government to do this but the problem is they've got two million palestinians there and they have legislated them into basic non-citizen oblivion and the only way you're going to turn this around is with international outrage twenty four hours later that's not really happened rob
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meanwhile prime minister benjamin netanyahu has described his hungry and counterpart as a true friend over israel despite allegations of anti semitism viktor orban has visited jews resumes holocaust museum during his first official trip to israel there was an outcry among jewish groups last year when open praised the man who ruled hungary during world war two and who collaborated with the nazis and i know who says audubon has been an advocate for israel on the international stage. at the summit islam is been the scourge of the jewish people for thousands of years it claimed horrible. tragedy news culminating in the greatest tragedy of them all the holocaust in the twentieth century it must be fought continuously relentlessly unambiguous looked. into laws on the response or the statement in the u.n.h.c.r. condemning on to some it is in march you are not doing to the renovated synagogue
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it is but. you said it was a quote a moral duty to jews live without fear and practice religion freely and the more ahead on the news are more calls for protests along the gaza israel barrier fence as tensions rise over punning kites. by being global heroes doesn't mean all of the rescue typhoon dollars have equal rights. and tiger woods is back at the open championship after a three year absence will tell you how he got on in sport later. egypt's president is in sudan looking to smooth over tensions about water security and disputed border regions things have been strained between the two nations particularly over the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the nile victoria gate and reports. this is president abdel
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fattah el-sisi s fifth visit to sadat since he came to power four years ago analysts say it was hastily arranged his next trip to khartoum had been shed jeweled full oct hours before c.c.s. arrival the sudanese government banned international media from covering the two day visit it said it was mirroring action taken by the egyptian government during president omar al bashir his visit to cairo in monch the talks will focus on the controversial grand renee sounds dam project in ethiopia egypt fear is it will significantly reduce the amount of water flowing downstream in the river nile but the she has been a supporter of the project. we have to have complete coordination between ourselves in order to support any joint strategic projects or policies in any sphere political economic and cultural. there's also tension over
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a border territory known as the how they yap triangle the oil a mineral rich area is claimed by both sides and sudan wants egypt to hand over control its demanding united nations mediation i did. this visit god willing will be very useful we have wasted many years but now we need to move forward in a different way. egypt is one of four countries that have cut diplomatic ties with cattle both sides have been courting support from african states mr. approach might say that something. some see it's difficult to be more sinister is be. planned for qatar because at the same time the merits of foreign minister's visit ethiopia the soldiers were in kuwait yesterday for agreements with something is being cooked i think sudan has remained neutral during the g.c.c. diplomatic crisis analysts say visit may be part of
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a coup which native plans with other blockading nations victoria gave him be al-jazeera an israeli air strike has killed a palestinian man in gaza who was suspected of flying burning kites across the barrier fence twenty two year old abdul karim around one that was a member of hamas immediately after the strike mortars were fired into southern israel israeli army has reportedly been ordered to prepare for a military offensive in gaza if burning balloons and kites continue to be launched from the area as tensions rise hamas and other palestinian political factions have called for another friday of mass protests along gaza's border with israel shall stratford is their. the skies over gaza have turned black with smoke from burning tires every friday for months now israeli army snipers and all the troops have killed around one hundred forty palestinians since the weekly protest started in march thousands of others have been injured protests to say they'll continue to fly
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kites in balloons carrying petrol bombs and burning ranks across the border until israel lifts its twelve years siege of gaza israel says fires started by the protesters have destroyed areas of farmland and crops this protester who insisted we hide his identity says life in gaza has become so one bearable he and his friends are determined to force change. our aim is to end the siege completely the situation in gaza is unbearable often no electricity no enough medicine and no good life employment there is no future for young people here for you simple materials like the brilliance to protest this is the palestinian way. so what would it take for israel to begin to lift the siege on gaza and potentially and the protests some experts say the solution has
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a lot to do with ending rivalry between palestinian political factions israel began its land and sea blockade on gaza in two thousand and seven when hamas took control here now there are some analysts say it's unless there is reconciliation between hamas and fatah and a unity government useful then israel sea and the violence between hamas and israel will continue. repeated egyptian efforts to broker a reconciliation deal between from os and fatah have failed. the refusal by hand to hand control of gaza's internal security to the facts are dominating the palestinian authority is a main sticking point another involves paying the salaries of twenty thousand from a simple yes how much has reportedly accepted the latest egyptian proposal and he's waiting for fatah to respond we need to talk about ceasefire but it still requires stimulation election within the military society making political fundament that what it's going to form intelligent how else to be
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a part of the legitimate palestinian political system this is how we fight with needs a finalist status settlement and isn't this. some israeli politicians have called for a full blown military offensive against hamas to stop the kites and balloons houses young palestinians have every right to protest against the blockade using what it calls peaceful means a committee representing all political factions in gaza has called on palestinians to protest again on friday the seventeenth week in a row. that al-jazeera gaza in syria thousands of shia civilians and fighters have arrived in government held areas after injuring at least three years under siege by sunni rebels and it led province buses began arriving in aleppo province allium the windows have been shattered by rocks thrown at the fleet as it passed through rebel held territory about seven thousand people from the edge
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leptons a four and cafe are what evacuated as part of a deal struck between the government and rebels hundreds of rebel prisoners to be released in return. meanwhile state media is reporting ten government buses have entered a village in the southern province to transfer the rebels to adlib it follows more government airstrikes and opposition held territory in the province the syrian government has retaken large areas of connecticut as part of a military offensive in the south which has lost it for months our correspondent reports from the occupied golan heights but. as the syrian forces continue waging fierce attacks on the north and south of kony tra attempt to regain control of the areas that fell into the hands of the armed opposition four years ago there is an increasing number of displaced syrian people taking refuge in the areas near the occupied syrian border by the ceasefire line the one at the hub we're talking about thousands of displaced syrian people in the
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last few weeks. this is one of the camps near the town of it and beat a job in the north of can intra. we're talking about tens of similar camps that are spreading alongside the cease fire border in the occupied syrian golan particularly the un point there are terrible humanitarian conditions inside these camps. no water is a retired jordanian air force general and a military analyst he says it's clear the conflict in syria is coming to an end. i think the only book at remain is the. book at which is between jordan syria and israel that's the area and i think they will reach an agreement to go to i think eastern syria the desert area which is east of holmes so this is otherwise they will be wiped off with the russian airpower and the syrian forces so it is
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almost over. and by going to the accord of one nine hundred seventy four the buffer zone which is allowed the syrian army to go to that is that mean the hizbullah. is there. the syrian air force can fly over the buffer zone according to the one nine hundred seventy four accord so. assad regime on control of the southwestern syria the rescue of twelve boys in the football coach from the depths of a flooded cave in thailand captivated the world now that they're out there being treated like heroes but many people are unaware that fourteen members are sticklers with barely any rights step vasant reports from afar long in northern thailand at the most northerly tip of thailand lies the hometown of the wild boars the football team trapped in a cave for eighteen days nothing more than a small river device may sight from neighboring me on my. like many other members
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of ethnic minorities in this border region for members of the team are stateless go check up all chant i want crossed into thailand to look for a better education after his parents from the shan minority died the twenty five year old is seen as the man who taught the boys how to survive in the cave. they all gave blessings at a local temple i am happy to be home i was finally able to sleep well last night despite a night of rest his future status is uncertain born in myanmar he doesn't qualify for thai citizenship which makes work and travel difficult nearly seven hundred thousand people in thailand are stateless including hundred fifty thousand children an organisation who promotes education for people in the highlands visit schools in an effort to help kids such as me pull them out of how i was nor do i really want to tie citizenship because when i graduate i want to continue my education i want
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to get a job so i can send money for my siblings to go to school in myanmar i'm the eldest of seven children i want all of them to have an education like me. the plight of the stateless children is in the spotlight since it seems dramatic rescue. i was happy to say that the stateless boys weren't treated any differently to the others some people were suggesting they should have been taken out of the cave last choice tyo non time we all have the same human rights that's far from reality for most other stateless children many growing up without their parents survival instincts but have you to do the fighting spirit of the sadist members and the wild boars for both from an early age they learned how to deal with hardship and survive in a country that doesn't officially accept them now many hope would have been face to face that's as simple a reward to citizenship the local district chief says he has yet to receive the
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applications for citizenship and they will only be successful if they were born in thailand and have birth certificates so while the team spirit of the wild boars has become stronger after the cave or deal some players won't have the same rights as their teammates any time soon step fastened al-jazeera may for a long north thailand. burst pipe has created quite a scene in new york city sending a thick cloud of steam about buildings in manhattan teams of firefighters and police are being called to the downtown flatiron district no injuries have been reported but the explosion has caused plenty of road closures and delays. still ahead on the program ali's laundry list of problems we talk to voters about their main concerns and whether any of the twenty four presidential candidates can solve them plus. a plan to just continue to draw and to continue to try to speak truth to power an american cartoonist who says he was fired for his anti trump
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artworks fights back and. your truth doesn't matter. and you are not alone the victims of the biggest sexual abuse scandal in sports receive an award for their courage in speaking out that's coming up in sports. sponsored by. welcome back to start a look at weather conditions across central southern china and also indochina now we've got this area of rain across vietnam moving into laos and that's the remnants of the tropical storm. now it's likely to give huge amounts of rain over the next few days you get the winds
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a bit blustery but it's nothing really significant it is the rain which could well cause some flooding and some significant destruction across parts of vietnam and also i also think this low pressure center could encourage big increase in share activity for coastal parts from him are indeed further inland to. hong kong northward through toward shanghai at least through saturday it's looking draw and fine as we head into southeastern parts of asia northern areas all the way from thailand through vietnam and cambodia through towards northern parts of the philippines is looking pretty wet manila will see some big downpours and once you come further south across the philippines indeed into borneo java bali and through so much. weather conditions are generally looking pretty good and likely to stay that way in the course of the weekend moving into south asia is really wet here at the moment all the way down through the western ghats central areas where a lot of rain likely to develop across the eastern side of india in the next few days the weather sponsored by.
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building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and. a dream shared my send money but so few make it a reality. of family business led by a remarkable woman with a flair for cooking and disaster than if. i didn't catch it on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging the body but together because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in favor good audience across the globe.
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it was you know it is either a reminder of our top stories this hour the white house says president trump wants to host a russian leader vladimir putin in washington within months that's despite the controversy surrounding the meeting in helsinki. an israeli airstrike has killed a palestinian man in gaza who was suspected of flying burning kites across the barrier fence hamas and other palestinian political factions are calling for another friday of mass protests there. thousands of syrians shias civilians and fighters have arrived in government held areas after at least three years under
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siege by sunni rebels and it led province hundreds of rebel prisoners are expected to be released by the government in return. nicaragua's president daniel ortega has denounced the recent violence in his country as an attempted coup he's been addressing supporters at a rally in managua celebrating the thirty ninth anniversary of the revolution that put him in charge for the first time. from one hundred thirty seven to nine hundred seventy nine was a dictatorship under the u.s. backed somoza family its rule was characterized by rising inequality and political corruption in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine the same moses were violently overthrown by all takers sandinista national liberation front ortega was leader for eleven years until ninety ninety when he was voted out since being elected again in two thousand and seven he's tightened his grip on power installing relatives including his wife in key posts in april social security cuts were announced and
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then quickly dropped off for a public backlash but the protest turned into calls for all to go to resign and a crackdown by security forces rights groups say at least two hundred eighty people have been killed since then. more from managua.
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education. free health care. great. to say. the head of peru supreme court has quit over a corruption scandal involving several judges the burning of a digger's is just the latest high profile resignation after audiotapes were released suggesting judges have been taking bribes in exchange for favorable court rulings the minister of justice was also forced to step down there are growing
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fears of violence across mali nine days out from the presidential election attacks by armed groups have risen in recent years despite international efforts to drive out eisel and al-qaeda affiliates from their strongholds but security is not the only thing voters are worried about as mohamad vaal reports from bamako. the presidential candidates looking for votes in bamako election campaigns launched a week ago in full swing the current president. is appealing to his supporters for a second term as he's widely known was elected in a landslide majority five years ago on promises to restore peace defeat armed groups and improve the economy critics accuse him of failure to deliver on any of those promises as well as incompetence and lack of vision. has twenty three and i phones forty year lection led by this former prime minister so minus the c.e.c.
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as the president's main rival. having lost two previous presidential bids he's managed to rally a large support with promises to fix molly's problems and end poverty for voters there was no end to the list of the months for any leader but i think that. we will the next president to run the country efficiently and not think of obamacare only but also remote poor villages we need a solution to high prices in the shortage of food supplies in mali has great potential with rich natural resources on the niger river as well as being africa's third largest gold producer molly has large reserves of iron ore mine going east and you're a name despite its natural riches mollies ranked among the poorest countries in the world landlocked on drought stricken in its a vast northern regions mali and struggled with for and that's government mismanagement political disunity and ethnic fighting mileage you grew up around
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five percent last year not bad compared to many other developing countries but i mean even distribution of wealth especially of the half of the population under the internationally recognized poverty like many in mali don't care about statistics they simply want jobs and social services in a secure and stable environment. in my life it is my land the suffering because of low income and high cost of living we pray to god to give us a good leadership that would make the country better but the leaders in general don't keep their promises and they only think of their personal interests some have dubbed it the election of all the challenges and or the high stakes others doubted the election could be organized in time because of the rising number of attacks by armed groups no matter who wins this presidential race everyone here is worried about the future of mali and few deny the need for change one hundred five and
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dizzier by mccoll. human rights watch has accused cameroon secure. forces and armed separatists of committing abuses against residents of its english speaking regions the group's warning that the situation is a crisis many in cameron's western anglo phone areas feel marginalized by the french speaking government protests turned to violence in late twenty sixteen after a heavy handed response from the authorities human rights watch says i'm glad phone separatists have extorted kidnapped and killed civilians as well as preventing children from going to school government forces are accused of killing civilians torturing suspected separatists and setting fire to hundreds of homes more than one hundred eighty thousand people have been displaced by the conflict since december twenty sixth jonathon peled not as an emergency is researcher at human rights watch and he says the violence is pushing more people into armed groups right now we are
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at a tipping point when it comes to decide to asian india and of the regions of cameroon this is a situation that has been brewing for two years now we have groups of armed separatists that are becoming stronger by the day receiving support from the diaspora from abroad who have a very strong sense of what they want independence for camp for the english speaking regions of cameroon and on the other hand we have a government that is responding to this security situation in the extremely problematic manner using scorched earth tactics that have been pushing in fact the population towards the armed separatists towards the more extreme factions so this is really a problematic moment in the history of cameroon the elections are coming up in a few months and this is quite honestly a very worrying situation for us. kenyan wildlife officers have put the homes of nine dead rhinos on display to quash peculation the animals were killed for profit
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they died during a botched relocation to a wildlife park last month conservationists though suspect foul play and response the government says is providing proof that the horns have not fallen into the hands of poachers like rhinos are critically endangered two hundred million dollars in compensation will be paid to the families of people killed in the south korean ferry disaster the core drilling though hasn't been welcomed by everyone as far as louis reports from seoul the say will disaster caused months of mourning the ferry was on a routine voyage off the southwest coast of south korea when it capsized four years ago three hundred four people mostly students on a school trip were killed grief tend to anger when investigators found the vessel was structurally unsound overloaded and capsized because it was speeding as it changed course for the first time
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a courtin saw acknowledged the government's liability and audit the state and the ferry operator to pay around two hundred ten thousand dollars to each family relatives say the judge's ruling doesn't go far enough. we are not pleased that the court has acknowledged liability we take it as a matter of course we wanted the court to explicitly state what this country had done wrong and to what extent the company should be responsible for their actions not whether or not they were guilty. the civil lawsuit was brought by the relatives of one hundred eighteen victims they had rejected the government's earlier offer of compensation because they wanted a legal ruling on the government's liability. lawsuits advice on evidence and we had difficulty providing liability with information we could gather such as simple media reports so we needed further objective evidence from the relevant institutions such as a special investigation committee the say was sinking caused whitebread outrage not
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just over poor safety standards but also to what's the president at the time for his slow response that provoked the largest ever protests in south korea which eventually led to him pietschmann last year florence italy al-jazeera. video has emerged showing one of the french president's top aides beating up a protester alexander wasn't reported to police after the incident and that's triggered a fierce public backlash so we're going to go reports from paris. i have violent attack on two protest is but the man isn't a police officer he is an example of a former bodyguard and currently an aide to president mcconnell he was only given permission to observe the may day protest topple hosp says he was there and filmed the incident. i didn't recognize him at the time i thought i was filming an example
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of police brutality so i feel his face looked like he was worried about being recognized. and even the guy who was beating up on the floor was in proximity to power it may fall under the illusion that they actually wield it and what should have happened is that mr benn a lot also been reported to the police but he wasn't and that's left many opposition politicians saying that it is one rule for those close to mr mcconnell another rule for the rest. but not was suspended from duty for fifteen days but he was soon back working even accompanying the victorious french football team on the open top bus tool on monday the president has since been accused of a cover up he said little on the matter when asked by journalists on thursday really commenting that the french republic was steadfast. in her. leaving it instead to the prime minister to denounce but all his actions a lot collected while he was authorized to observe he went beyond the status of the
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. geisha will allow us to look at how and why this happened. the incident has so far reflected badly on president michael he has been careful about cultivating an image of a dynamic youthful leader but for his detractors it is yet another example of a president growing increasingly out of touch with that image something i go out jazeera paris the european commission has warned a new member nations and businesses to prepare for no deal breakers it in case the u.k. crashes out of the blog with no trade agreement one of the biggest sticking points is the border between northern ireland part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland and e.u. state british prime minister theresa may has visited talking about ways to avoid customs and other friction along the border when the u.k. is due to leave early next year. u.s. politics has long been dominated by two parties the democrats and the republicans
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but there are others including the left wing greens who think now is the time to capitalize on voter dissatisfaction with the big two they support greater access to education renewable energy non interventionist foreign policy and higher taxes on the rich twenty sixteen candidate joel stein is a lifelong environmentalist and political activist who's been a big critic of the major parties stein one barely one percent of the overall vote in the twenty sixteen election but she did take votes away from hillary clinton in several midwestern states which to donald trump took by a razor thin majority christensen we spoke earlier to joe stein who like the president's top was accused of getting russian help with doing the election. the green party says it is way more progressive than democrats when it comes to issues like the environment social justice and foreign intervention but the main issue they say that separates them from not only democrats but also republicans is the
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lack of corporate influence they don't take money from the big corporations and therefore they can represent the people better we are charging forward with a whole different agenda that the american people are literally dying for we need health care as a human right we need to get a generation of young people out of debt they are locked into debt with no relief in sight they don't have the jobs that can earn their way out so these are basics that we have an agenda for a green new deal that would provide a right to a job that would make wars for oil obsolete at the same time that we solve the climate crisis as the emergency that it is one hundred percent clean renewables by twenty thirty but democrats worry that greens going into the upcoming midterm elections will take away votes from democrats who they feel have a better chance of actually winning diluting the message and diluting the sentiment
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they blame greens in fact for losing the two thousand and sixteen allow.


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