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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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a restoration of calm between israel and gaza follows the bloodiest day of protests in four years. although i may dream for the good this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the destruction of data the ghost town the remains of the rebel fighters were bused away from that former syrian stronghold. patrolling the streets of the militias being blamed for the anti-government protests in nicaragua. and wasting away tons of plastic de vry cause an environmental disaster in the dominican republic. yeah it's.
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a restoration of calm seems to be holding between israel and gaza hamas says the ceasefire brokered by egypt and the u.n. was made at midnight local time it followed another bloody day along the border which saw one israeli soldier shot and killed and four palestinians die in retaliatory asterix and tank fire let's go live now to gaza city charles stratford is the chance what's happened since this cease fire agreement came into effect at midnight local time. it seems once again that we've been brought back from the brink of a full scale conflict in gaza but interestingly in the last how the i.d.f. the israeli military announced that one of their tanks targeted a hammer specific ssion in the northern area of the gaza strip off what it says suspects trying to infiltrate into israel the the army saying that off to that tank
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attack the so-called infiltrators went back into gaza shows you that although there is calm head calm is always a relative term when speaking about gaza there is this constant risk all of an escalation happening again but certainly with respect to how much his response last night to what israel says were the talks says the targeting of sixty eight have lost positions we understand those positions to have been in three main commerce complexes they want all across gaza indication as to how mass not wanting an escalation was its relatively muted response those three missiles at least two of which were intercepted by the iron dome the full of this coal for calm was announced and a number of. number of moral to this that will fall as well before that announcement so as i say syndication that my ass and and israel do not want to see
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an escalation in this conflict but we were at the protest yesterday and this is our report. or these men say it's their duty as palestinians to protest against israel's occupation. they put together their kite clipping its tail which they say will keep it balanced as it carries the burning pall over gaza's build a fence they soak the sackcloth in petrol and oil because they say it helps it slowly. if we're here to prove to the whole world that we will never leave and we're going to the will keep burning kites will that occupied land and i'm not afraid of these rains and only afraid of god. from us leader ismail haniya sits close by he has come to support the protest as. i must say the kites and balloons to carry the burning rags into israel are a peaceful form of protest israeli snipers have been targeting balloons that the
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protesters have been launching well behind the main demonstration these protesters say they will continue launching their kites holding those incendiary devices until israel lifts the siege. the men like the rag and the kite drifts all too and now it's the political fence israel says pa is started by protesters have destroyed large areas of crops and private planned. protest to set fire to tires which they uses color from his radio on the snipers positioned along the fence. he's ready tanks talk to hamas positions along the border often news that an israeli soldier had been injured these radio me later reported that the soldier had died from his wounds protesters climbed the walls of a building being used by the israeli soldiers. the army responded with tear gas a mold sounded like live ammunition. and is ready drone flew overhead one hundred
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forty protesters have been killed since the weekly demonstrations started four months ago the israeli army shot this man in the leg during a protest in april i'm not bored just a sense that i left by sending a message to the occupiers that this is our land and you came and took it from us you jews who came from france and england and around the world here it is our land and we inherited it from all grandfathers and before them. the israeli government is under pressure by some politicians to launch a large scale military offensive to stop the protestors. israeli fighter jets targeted various hamas bases across gaza including this one in the densely populated neighborhood of z. tune the ministry of health says at least three civilians were injured in this attack. and charles what do we know of the detail of this restoration of calm agreement will it put an end to those in century balloons and kites.
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well as we saw in that package the protesters that we've spoken to say they will continue launching these incendiary kites and balloons until israel lifts its twelve year long siege and eyes again we saw how mice lead a small hania very close to where that kite was being constructed and he would have seen it being launched so have i say that certainly i have said this week that they will continue to support the protests in what they say as being a nonviolent means of standing up for palestinian rights and demanding the end to this siege. a lot of attention should also be put on the reconciliation efforts being made. the the egyptians trying to broker a deal between fatah and hamas. all efforts have failed those reconciliation efforts started in two thousand and eleven but any kind of reconciliation effort is
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important because certainly analysts are saying that that could play a major role in forcing israel to begin to ease restrictions on gaza to begin to ease the sea so we look forward certainly to that in the next couple of days where we expect a response from fun so we understand that house has actually agreed to the latest proposal and we understand that a fatah representatives traveling to car in the next twenty four hours and could well be commenting on how facts on stand on that deal and meanwhile of course the blockade continues the twelve year long book a continues just some stats fifty percent of gazans live under the poverty line fifty percent of them the one point eight million gazans are unemployed some of them here only getting around four hours of electricity a night's rule sewerage being pumped into the sea we wait tomorrow sunday for an announcement from israel as to whether indeed it will end its temporary brought
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kate all of. fuel oil and cooking gas that was put on last weekend after last weekend's escalation we understand that israel it said that that was going to be reviewed on sunday so ok relative calm here in gaza this so-called ceasefire seems to be holding but that doesn't mean that the suffering of the gazan people doesn't continue just many thanks i was this child stratford live in gaza city let's speak now to jump juba who's in west jerusalem mohammed what's israel saying about this cease fire. well adrian it's interesting israel is not using the term cease fire we've spoken to the israeli army just in the past hour they say that the situation is calm they confirm that there has been a sation of hostilities and that it is a full civilian routine in israel's border areas with gaza that means basically
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that the fighting has stopped that the operation is not ongoing but also when you look at how masses statement last evening they also did not use the term cease fire they said that it was a return to an era of calm clearly this is really just going to show that while everybody is trying to ensure this doesn't escalate into a full fledged conflict the situation even though it's much calmer this morning does still remain tense and there's a lot of behind the scenes negotiations going on now we have also heard about one incident that happened just in the past hour the israeli army putting out a statement saying that a number of suspects infiltrated israel from the northern gaza strip the suspects then returned to the gaza strip in response to an i.d.f. tank targeted how mouse military posts now this is not something that is out of the ordinary these types of incidents happen quite frequently but again it just goes to show that there's always something going on the border in the tensions you know remain there because people are concerned that this could escalate once more now
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the israeli army had said that as of yesterday when the operation was ongoing in the gaza strip that sixty sites in three hamas battalion compounds were targeted and that those targets included weapons manufacturing sites a shaft to a tunnel that were going to factory used for underground infrastructure manufacturing talking about the tunnels that israel has repeatedly targeted in the past we wait to hear more from the israeli government today as far as what exactly is going on as far as if we can consider this to be an actual cease fire and what are the steps that the israeli government will take going forward adrian mohammed many thanks indeed i'm sure as mohamad jump june the live in west jerusalem. syrian rebels who surrendered in the south west of the country have begun arriving in opposition held areas in the country's north buses carrying more than two thousand people have reached the town of la broke in hama province the fighters and their families were given safe passage under a deal with the government the agreement is
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a major victory for president bashar al assad his forces have retaken much of the south laura burden manoli reports a month of intense government bombardments in southwest syria and the devastation is clear the military offensive started by government forces backed by russia have recaptured dura in the neighboring province of can they surrender in control of tourist city is a major defeat for the opposition. the birthplace of the syrian uprising seven years ago from where protests against regime's torture of teenagers spread nationwide. in some areas near syria's border with the israeli occupied golan heights government bombs have been replaced by passes in deal struck last month between the syrian government and rebel fighters anyone who refuses to live under the rule of
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president bashar assad so we move to the eclipse province in the north the displaced populations which i think this time it's around two hundred thousand people are unfortunately going to face the same. of. the same conditions faced by other communities who have left. areas in eastern and. and in homes before and most likely to be taken to. dozens of displaced syrians thought refuge from bombing near the its radio golan heights last week but were turned back by israeli border guards. from. their homes weeks ago looking for safety trying to protect their families they have been stranded without shelter without. without any kind of help for a while and what we are asking for is. a low in the fighting a military and able to reach the population. the can
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a true deal is similar to others elsewhere in syria. buses transporting people from for want of trying to government housing areas and had their windows smashed by rebels besieged than the three years hundreds of rebel prisoners the due to be released in return although some internally displaced syrians are now making their way back home it's a small percentage of more than six million who fled since the start of the war nor about a manly al-jazeera in the syrian government now controls most of the country after a wave of victories and agreements having seen off rebel resistance in the southern provinces of collateral data only eisel pockets remain in the southwest opposition groups a been pushed into two main areas a small number hold territory near the southern borders with jordan and iraq most of the province in the north to be the next target of the government since january
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the anti assad free syrian army has taken land along the turkish border that's mainly to prevent kurdish fighters consolidating control of populated areas near turkey the kurdish dominated u.s. backed syrian democratic forces hold the northeast the largest area outside government control. the nicaraguan church that was being besieged by the army and has reopened student protesters were taking refuge inside the catholic church last week when government loyal to the president began shooting at them rights groups have criticized president daniel ortega as violent crackdown on anti-government protests almost three hundred people have died in three months of demonstrations soldiers here as many are such as reports now from but in a neighborhood in the city of maceo the situation has finished three days ago when members of the police and paramilitary forces attacked and
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cleared the road blocks that had been set up for nearly three months here in the neighborhood of moneyball in the city of. the situation is calm there are some cars there are some people going out slowly. but a lot of fear i can tell you a few. food vendors here tell me that this is the first day that they have been able to go out to sell their food in three months and of course there are paramilitary forces going around patrolling this area they are massed they are armed to they go in their vehicles that are have no plates and a lot of fear of course because the their presence for the people here is very intimidating. we'll get a weather update thanks here on al jazeera then frustration grows in iraq against poor government services and
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a lack of jobs. making connections china builds on ties with africa in response to a trade dispute with the u.s. . the weather sponsored by qatar airways. hello there it's an incredibly hot for many of us in scandinavia there's many many wildfires in sweden is being hit particularly badly that a little bit more cloud there at the moment though that is giving us a few outbreaks of rain that will help us but unfortunately it's also bringing some thunderstorms and the lightning may well spoke off a few more fires so that certainly wouldn't help us it's also a few breaks of rain maybe some thunderstorms there as we head through the day today for the south still looking on sefl to and things are quite different across this region but some of us in the field in parts of poland we've even seen flooding
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from this area of cloud hip towards the west here it's largely following we're seeing temperatures of around twenty seven in london twenty five in paris but as the temperatures rise we'll see more thunderstorms and these over the alps have certainly been very heavy over the past few days for some of us in the northern parts of italy we've seen some very large hail and we've also seen some flooding here as well say the risk of seeing some more severe weather as we head through the next couple of days for the other side of the mediterranean there's just a little bit of cloud to talk about of the northwest so things here on quite as hot as they are elsewhere it will so it will say twenty five hundred twenty nine now just before hotter forus in june is. the weather sponsored by cattle waste. when diplomacy fields and beer sweeps in the borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division it's not just sixteen instead of being an obstacle to the dole used it to became another
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obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. well again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera palestinian factions have agreed to return to calm with israel after a day of violence along the border fence between gaza and israel a hamas spokesperson says that egypt to the un mediated for palestinians and israeli soldiers died friday. syrian rebels who surrendered in the south west of
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the country have begun to arriving in opposition held areas of the north pole and two thousand three hundred people have reached in hama province the fighters and their families were given safe passage under a deal with the government. of the nicaraguan church that was besieged by the army and an act one has reopened student protesters were taking refuge inside the catholic church last week when gunmen loyal to the president began shooting at. a protest has been killed at a rally outside the headquarters of a military unit in southern iraq twelve people have died in two weeks of protest against poor government services not employment the demonstrations have spread to the capital baghdad from where i was there as imran khan reports. protesters face off with security forces in baghdad although a small the gathering been seen in the last two weeks in the south of iraq it's still a significant number for the capital showing solidarity with protesters in the south . more than sure but we came out to protest the injustice and lack of job
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opportunities for the unemployed the government isn't listening to us. even with a small amount of people involved we will continue to protest this time it's make or break for us the protesters break free of a barbed wire cordon set up by the federal police. the protests spreading to the capital and then nationwide is a concern for iraq's leaders. the government items they. the big white sleep was put in place an unprecedented security operation they say they are trying to beat the protests tomorrow but they may not be able to meet all of them there salt on friday at least people want. the challenge for iraq's government is meeting the demands of the protesters which include economic reforms an end to corruption job creation and a regular electricity supply. the government is looking for solutions the open
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talks is how to arabia and the deals been struck with kuwait for energy supplies will it be enough iraqis here say they will continue to protest until all the demands are met imran khan al-jazeera baghdad. voters in pakistan's autonomous tribal region due to go to the polling stations for the first time in next week's general election five million people live that mainly pashtuns who say that they're victims of government oppression discrimination and forced disappearances many lost their homes because of the operations against armed groups come all the reports now from the khyber agency. are getting ready. for going for the country but for the tribal belt relationally it is even more involved hearing god put up for a time they will be cooling their lives return him to go to the parliament in islamabad and drive here in georgia if you're going to
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a problem. the price we have. and their tribe are dedicated to the people not a. whole lot harder. and they will send their representative riddle cause you're starting prodding me this is after all and there you are the dead been neglected for only. communication. as you. represent the. tribe and. donald trump's former lawyer is reported to have secretly taped discussions with him about hush money for an alleged affair the new york times says the f.b.i. seized the recording during a raid on michael cohen's office he's being investigated for tax fraud and breaking
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election campaign laws trump has denied paying former playboy model coloring book to his current lawyer confirms payments were discussed with cullen but says they would have made a white house correspondent kimberly health report. this recording seems to reveal the president discussing with his personal attorney michael cohen the payment of money in the form of check fully one hundred fifty thousand dollars this is problematic for the president given that he has denied he ever had an affair with karen mcdougal the playboy model the white house saying this was fake news and that the president never had such a relationship the recording seems to contradict that statement of course the president at the time of this alleged affair also married with an infant son certainly problematic on a personal level so this really brings up the question of what the president knew and when he knew it it's also a concern given the fact that there is a separate investigation that is ongoing in all of this and that is the one being
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conducted by robert muller the special counsel well these two investigations are separate the one into michael cohen trumps personal attorney and the one into whether or not there was russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election and whether the trunk campaign colluded with russia with this information is shared it could be problematic for the president given the fact that if michael cohen in order to save himself from the charges he is currently facing he could decide to cooperate with the special counsel and that could certainly be risky for donald trump the jewels have been held in the u.s. state of missouri for the seventeen people who died on thursday in the tourist boat accident nine of the victims were from the same family the amphibious vessel is carrying thirty one passengers it's saying what it was overcome by heavy waves during a storm investigators are examining allegations that the passengers when lost wearing
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life jackets. argentina's president has rather has met the head of the international monetary fund to discuss a fifty billion dollar bailout the i.m.f. approved the package last month the government says that it will provide a safety net and avoid a repeat of financial crises of the past many people blame the i.m.f. and austerity measures for an economic crisis in two thousand and one as the united states threatens more tariffs on imports china's president is pushing a message of free trade xi jinping is about to begin his first official tour of west africa among the stops is senegal where china is the largest foreign investor as nicolas hawke reports now from the capital dhaka. until two years ago she was a rice farmer in henan province in northern china now he's making the final touches for the you know gratian city girl's first wrestling stadium. is due to be open on
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saturday by china's president xi jinping who's making his first visit to west africa and no detail is being spared for his arrival everything has to be perfect for tiger you'll learn a former restaurant owner from sichuan who is now a mason. been working here for years we're proud of what we've done and we want people in china to know what we've built here it's more than just a stadium with one point six billion dollars in investment the chinese government says it's senegal's largest foreign investor and with it has come an influx of chinese migrants who've made to carve their home this is where they live chinatown is right on the capital's main avenue most migrants come from china's poor provinces after working in construction some set up shop selling chinese goods descending lease customers. i have been living here fifteen years my sister my aunts my brother in law all own
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a shop around the corner senegalese my country too. although there are no government migration statistics estimates range from two hundred fifty thousand to two million chinese living in africa who are not all welcome dozens of chinese vendors have been killed in the past five years no arrests have been made. so many chinese riot grinspoon seem to make this place their home there's a. chinese sentiment not just here in senegal but throughout africa and so china's government is now on a charm offensive trying to win over hearts and minds in countries it's investing it. this is one of forty newly open confucius institutes in africa here the chinese state offers classes in the martial art tai cheat and making green tea as well as mandarin language lessons for adults and children. oh. i want to see the great wall of china eat their food and speak their language because my mom says it will be
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useful one day she didn't bring is due to sign an additional agreements with senegal's president mikey sol including the first chinese garment factories in west africa promising thousands of new jobs for both senegalese workers and chinese migrants alike. nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car. piles of plastic and paper have washed up on the coast of the dominican republic conservationists say that they've already removed sixty tons of rubbish at a beach near the capital south of amigo but the so much waste of the ministry has been scrambled to help with the cleanup charles moore is the founder of the gun a top marine research foundation a member of the plastic pollution coalition he says that what's happening in the dominican republic is a small example of a bigger problem. we're losing the battle i predicted this twenty years ago that it would happen when i discovered the great pacific garbage patch that dozens
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of miles from shore now it's invading the biosphere it's in our salt our sugar our water our air our honey our beer and just because we see big pieces floating up now people are taking notice but when you see a bunch a little bit plastic you gotta understand there's a bunch of micro a now no size plastic as well and that's invading our bodily tissues so this is a worldwide problem and we've got to deal with it it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle but it's not too late to turn around our probably got lifestyles we got to stop throwing things away everything is a resource everything can be really used everything can be put back into service it's got to be respected but it's also got to be feared or plastic gives us a great amount of freedom and we must not abuse it we've got to reduce the amount of plastic that we consume it's plastic substitutes for things that were formerly
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really usable here in our office we sell re-usable as refillable things we use over and over again and we mustn't constantly be throwing stuff away in order to make new stuff. it is good to have you with us adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera palestinian factions have agreed to return to calm with israel after a day of violence along the border fence between gaza and israel a hamas spokesperson says that egypt at the u.n. mediated for palestinians and israeli soldier died on friday charles traffic reports from gaza there may well be relative calm at the moment they seems all indications would suggest that neither israel or hamas want an escalation but of course the siege the suffering of the palestinians goes on the more protests there
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are the more pressure there is only israeli government for a larger military response syrian rebels who surrendered in the south west of the country have begun to arrive in opposition held areas of the country's north more than two thousand three hundred people have reached hama province the fighters and their families were given safe passage under a deal with the government the agreement is between others and major victory for president bashar al assad he said his forces have retaken a luncheon in the south. and nicaraguan church that was besieged by the army in managua has reopened students student protesters were taking refuge inside the catholic church last week when gunmen loyal to president daniel ortega began shooting at them almost three hundred people have died in three months of demonstrations against old taiko. argentina's president but he has met the head of the international monetary fund to discuss a fifty billion dollar bailout they i.m.f. approved the package last month the government says it will provide a safety net and avoid
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a repeat of financial crises of the past many people will blame i.m.f. a sturdy measures for an economic crisis in two thousand and one and vigils have been held in the u.s. state of missouri for the seventeen people who died in the in the fall thursday in the tourist boat accident nine of the victims were from the same family the amphibious vessel was carrying thirty one passengers when it sank during a storm and waves of plastic and daybreak have washed up on the coast of the dominican republic conservationists say they've already removed sixty tons of rubbish at a beach near the capital santo domingo and those are the headlines here on al-jazeera the news continues after walls of shame next. al-jazeera stands it's where ever you.
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are. twenty sixteen was the deadliest year on record for migrants and refugees attempting to get into europe. over five thousand people died between libya and italy or turkey and greece. the following film was first broadcast in two thousand and seven well before today's conflicts in the middle east. then many european migrants were using another less publicized route to a better life. this is the southernmost outpost of fortress.


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