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that saved his life discovering new filmmaking talent from around the globe beautiful and latin america chance listen. to bill welcome to the news hour live from our headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes of ride truth between israel and hamas appears to be holding up to one of the bloodiest days of protests in gaza in four years the rebels and their families in the south west of syria head north after striking a surrender deal with the asaad government also this hour campaigning intensifies for the general election in pakistan in the autonomy's tribal region are due to
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vote for the first time next week and the worst drought in more than seventy years in sweden is baynes for spreading wildfires stopping livestock and a near record heat waves. thank you for joining as what's being called a restoration of calm seems to be holding so far between israel and hamas following the killing of four palestinians and one israeli soldier along the gaza israel border on friday that was during demonstrations where the seventeen successive week at least one hundred twenty gazans were wounded israel had warned protesters of retaliation if they continued to send burning balloons and kites over the fence several hamas positions were attacked in iran gaza city hamas argues a balloon is carrying burning right. into israel on
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a peaceful form of protest at the blockade of gaza both sides struck at truths from midnight local time while we have two correspondents on this story mama john john is standing by in western with them to bring us the israeli perspective us first let's speak to town stratford in gaza charlie so this truth seems to be holding but it's a very fragile one yes indeed foley has made very obvious this morning a couple of hours ago the i.d.f. the israeli army released a statement that they had targeted a hamas lookout position we believe to be the lookout position in north of gaza along the border there following what the israeli army say was an attempted infiltration of suspects into israel they say that after that attack off that hamas post was hit those suspects returned to gaza the i.d.f. saying that they say they targeted sixty sites last night in gaza we understand
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that these are were all within three of the main hamas military bases i think you say safe to say that people are quite surprised that there wasn't a stronger response from hamas certainly we witnessed the what were reported certainly three missiles that were launched towards israel two of which were intercepted by the dome this is before the cease fire of this truce was announced also have us used a number of mortars so the cease fire of this truce this restoration of calm as it's being described seems to be holding but we were at the protests the buildup to this escalation yesterday and this is our report. these men say it's their duty as palestinians to protest against israel's occupation. they put together their kite clipping its tail which they say will keep it balance as it carries the burning
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cloth over gaza's border fence they soak the sackcloth in petrol and oil because they say it helps it slowly became han are their land we are here to prove to the whole world that we will never leave the island we're going to do with burning kites tools that occupied land and i'm not afraid of the israelis i'm only afraid of god promised leader ismail haniya sits close by but he has come to support the protesters. i must say the kites and balloons to carry the burning rags into israel are a peaceful form of protest israeli snipers have been targeting balloons that the protesters have been launching and well behind the main demonstration these protesters say they will continue launching their kites holding those incendiary devices until israel lifts the siege. the men like the rag and the kite drifts all too and now it's the build a fence israel says five started by protesters have destroyed large areas of crops
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and private planned. protests to set fire to tires which they use as color from his radio on the snipers positioned along the fence. is ready tanks talk to hamas positions along the border often news that an israeli soldier had been injured these radio me later reported that the soldier had died from his wounds protesters climbed the walls of a building being used by the israeli soldiers. the army responded with tear gas a mold sounded like live ammunition. and is ready drone flew overhead one hundred forty protesters have been killed since the weekly demonstrations started four months ago the israeli army shot this man in the leg during a protest in april on the judge itself good enough by sending a message to the occupiers that this is our land and you came and took it from us you jews who came from france and england and around the world here it is our land
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and we inherited it from all grandfathers and before them. the israeli government is under pressure by some politicians to launch a large scale military offensive to stop the protestors. israeli fighter jets targeted various hamas bases across gaza including this one in a densely populated neighborhood of z. tune the ministry of health says at least three civilians were injured in this attack. charlie what's the latest on the reconsideration talks between hamas and fatah and i important all those efforts in the context of the conflict. well there are highly and pulled and what we're hearing is that those efforts at forming some sort of reconciliation between hamas and fatah goes on of course these efforts started in two thousand and eleven and they have repeatedly failed it's so important because certainly analysts you speak to that if there is some sort of
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reconciliation some sort of future unity government here between hamas and fatah then we then could see increasing pressure on israel to stop easing the siege we understand that hammer us have accepted the latest egyptian proposal and we understand that that proposal is now being delivered to representatives and we're waiting to hear what fatah have to say about it. meanwhile oversee the suffering of the palestinian people here in gaza goes on twelve years of siege relentless kind of pressures from israel fifty percent unemployment fifty percent of the two million people here living under poverty some areas getting is that was four hours of electricity a day rule sewerage being pumped into the sea because there isn't the fuel to. power the sanitation plants so of course all this goes on also we are
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waiting to hear a potentially tomorrow from israel as to whether they will extend what they described last week as a temporary blockade on important fuel gas and cooking oil. the israelis said that that was that blockage was going to be until sunday we wait to hear as to whether this what is being described as a calm will in any way make peace readies change their mind and start easing the pressures on that korean soliman crossing and start allowing that oil and gas so vital for here to start coming through again thank you for that live for us in gaza let's get the view now from miami john dillon in west jerusalem for us monitor as sally said that hamas it seems doesn't want an escalation what about the israelis what are they saying. well what we've heard today so far from the israeli security forces folly is that calm has been restored to the border area the
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statement they released says that it is now a full civilian routine on israel's border with gaza and again this is not an outright declaration of a cease fire this is essentially saying that there is a truce that has been affected but you can really tell as charlie was saying just moments ago you know how much tension there still is this is a fragile truce clearly the powers that be don't want this to get escalated into a full blown war at this stage just yet but it's interesting because in light of what happened you had of course yesterday this israeli soldier who was killed he's the first israeli soldier to die on gaza's border since the end of the two thousand and fourteen gaza war you had hours of those operations in which dozens of sites dozens of how must sites inside of gaza were struck by the israeli army those strikes were carried out and there was so much worry that there could be
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a full blown conflict happening at any moment and also you have to factor in that just yesterday morning even before the protests in gaza had started you had the israeli defense minister avigdor lieberman telling those assembled to hear his remarks in the town of sderot which is on israel's border with gaza that israel had been acting reasonably but that if hamas was going to continue to perpetuate violence from inside of gaza whether it be by these incendiary balloons or kites or whether it be through other forms that israel would not hesitate to react and he said that it would be a broad painful military operation so in the wee hours of last night of this morning when all this was going on there was a huge amount of concern that this could escalate into a full blown war today of course things are much calmer but i think people are quite concerned that there is this kindling in that this could really be a conflagration at any time if more happens for that monica john john live for us
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in west jerusalem. in other world news syrian rebels who surrendered in the southwest us began arriving in opposition held areas of the north more than fifty buses carrying two thousand three hundred people have raised a ton of my broken hama province their fighters and their families were given safe passage under a deal with the government the surrender is a major victory for president bashar assad whose forces have retaken much of the south it follows we saw fighting in connecticut and neighboring derived province lower burden manley has more a month of intense government bombardments in southwest syria and the devastation is clear the military offensive started by government forces backed by russia have recaptured dura in the neighboring province of canapes surrendering control of tourist city is a major defeat for the opposition. drawing the birthplace of the syrian uprising seven years ago from where protests against
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regimes are teenagers spread nationwide. i was in some areas near syria's border with the israeli occupied golan heights government bombs have been replaced by passes in deal struck last month between the syrian government and rebel fighters anyone who refuses to live under the rule of president bashar assad so we move to the italy province in the north the displaced populations which i think this time it's around two hundred thousand people are unfortunately going to face the same. of. the same conditions faced by other communities who have left. in. limbo and in homes before and most likely to be taken to. dozens of displaced syrians sought refuge from bombing near the its radio. last week but were turned back by.
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the people left their homes weeks ago looking for safe trying to protect their families they have been stranded without shelter without. without any kind of help for a while and what we are asking for is an act alone in the fighting and for the humanitarian able to reach the population. the can a true deal is similar to others elsewhere in syria. buses transporting people from . government housing areas and had their windows smashed by rebels besieged in the three. hundreds rebel prisoners a-g. to be released in return although some internally displaced syrians are now making their way back home it's a small percentage of more than six million who fled since.
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plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including wasting away tons of plastic debris calls i mean by a mental disaster for the dominican republic plus donald trump's former lawyer reveals he made secret recordings of the president's conversations about money to a former playboy model and in sports the latest from the open championship where there is a two way time for the lead at the halfway mark. and just four days voters in the world's six most populous country will be heading to the polls one hundred six million pakistanis will have the chance to choose a new parliament and prevention assembly's election campaign has been marred by allegations of military interference and by deadly violence including a bombing that killed one hundred fifty people let's go live to. who is in the
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opposition stronghold of charsadda in the north. and thank you very much for being with us so you're in a rural area in rural kind of but to cry understand what is it like there and what are people expecting from their leaders in this election. it's important to ignore that almost. lives. and if you where did most of the router find that. although most of the people who take active part in the election they're represented dave they know if it is being done they have no medical care they don't have proper education. and are watching majority of the population to have clean water although you will find many of the politician having palin and billions of dollars from the country most of the poor people in pakistan are living under desperate condition these are people who
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have not seen the fruits of progress and although you have done mega projects across the country. the last government had borrowed. dana by the national debt. and every product on the order one hundred sixty. which is about fifteen hundred dollars to the rest of the wood so what are the expectations then from the people that have their representatives delivered on the promises they have made. well so far all go all the politicians make all kinds of. bringing basic facilities to the poor for the seventh day have nor delivered because of rampant corruption in the political system you mentioned a military intervention or engineering there are regulations by get on every time
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a political party he did it is going down as far as the trip your station is going to turn to find that. we have no evidence of any engineering going on the military is playing a crucial role because they are providing the bulk of the security forces that will be needed to conduct an election in a country where jailed in a state of war almost ok come on thank you for that come on life or stay in charge let's not cross over to osama bin javid who is in the horse for sats in the northeast. so just four days until the election what's the mood like way you are sama and what are the expectations. we're in the one of the central markets of this that you know who are home to more than seven million people and the mood here seems to be divided between supporters of the pakistan muslim league whose fate it is here at one of their election rally you've been speaking to one representative will be alleging that they're not being allowed
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a plane they haven't they feel they have been from the back of. the favored by the military people here we've been talking to the supporters of in my hands of the have been saying that this is first time that a leader who was in power has been brought to the court and he's been proven to be a criminal who's golden from the national executive supporters of the back. in this that it is their leader who they would not just roads and infrastructure but also brought back on to put him into pakistan. with multi-billion dollar projects like the trying to park in an economic hard order and others very popular has gone back onto the bandwagon of international growth and bringing back people to invest in pakistan so it is a divided city and it is a very vibrant political context that is being we've been hearing people that they
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think that because of a lot of political engineering because of a lot of interference from the minute you stop it and a metaphor for the military here in the war a lot of people have not been able to come out and express themselves their leaders have been put behind bars but nonetheless this is the be very both parties are hopeful that they will gain ground to be about from very can talk among other party hoping that they will gain ground and from within the leader and his daughter in jail is insisting that they will hold their thank you for that osama bin jahvid live for us in lahore. let's speak some more now about these crucial elections in pakistan just symbolic khan who is a security analyst and former program director of the peace and development unit at pakistan's ministry of planning she is live from islamabad thank you very much for being with us all the opinion polls the latest ones anyway showing that imran khan's p.t.i. the justice party are in the lead imran khan has never been able to convert his
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spot at the prevention level into national power do you sense that it's different this time around that he could actually do it. i think you have. whatever we have been seeing especially in the creek boiling there have been your take rise of e.t.i. and in its popularity and also how the how the playing field has been structured before the a lot of very important candidates from the pm madeleine which was the incumbent party did leadership was disqualified and then they were jailed just before the elections of they've not been able to come out and drag me to support of the way because also there's a general found that the pm and fortunes are running a lot of people from men and what we call the elect will have shifted side so yes i think from from every angle that is going to come out i mean it but neck to neck for me a lot of people are still saying that we will see how the election ends up but
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there have been a huge. fortunes right in recent days but as you know it's about a lot of the pm and now supporters the pm and any party which has been in power for the past five years a lot of their supporters and also human my schools have accused the military of interference of trying to engineer a victory for iran khan is it still the case today in pakistan where it's the pakistani military who decides who is in power. i think it is definitely the case here today and i think that in a very depressing depressing moment for people like myself and various other institutions that we've set up now with what has happened in pakistan is that internally leave set up these watchdog bodies which are monitoring elections and you know ethiopian election commission of pakistan lots of have tremendous amount of resources go to the border you know building up its transparent system so that
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elections don't get contested but people who watch elections and legislative watch watchdogs like buildout are now does have been you know kind of claiming that this is just there's a huge lack of transparency and there's an unfairness which is kind of bending towards one particular party which is p.d.i. and that very depressing because again even after last election we have seen from there that claims of rigging of rigging and that have brought the whole system to a standstill immediately after the election and this time i think even before it's not the polling day everything it is what has gone on before actually the polling process started with accountability has been very limited to one particular party of course corruption issues in all developing countries but this has been just been targeting one particular party and not across the board so huge issues about you know the fate of the whole electoral ordered as well a democratic process and bargain so a lot of questions about whether the elections will be free and say now first of all pakistan is that the predominantly pashtun tribal region will vote for the
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first time in the general election next week the people in this region have long complained of being marginalized as being the victims of the military campaigns that have been carried out in the name of the so-called war on terror do you think this election the result of this election will change things for them will it bring about change for the people in this region. so we called the federally administered tribal area used to call them now we're calling them districts order merge districts order of the names are coming up for them there is in the are anyway is going to ongoing going to a tremendous amount of change because the whole of the constitutional framework under which they were governed is being changing through the reform process that have stepped up and also that you know the current budget into into into the k p province so this tremendous change there and of course electing and in electioneering and electing and participating in elections are an important step in kind of their main streaming but when you look at the larger pakistan and how where
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this whole election process has gone on in you know fits and starts with a lot seventy yards we are still struggling and of you know expressing our of our political interest through elections and mainstream pakistan i think elections are important but only and to a small extent i think how we manage to fight out of form and force elections any government that is going to come in it's going to be a very very important step forward and unless it's managed properly that is again still a very sensitive the area and things can really nosedive as far as security is concerned thank you for speaking to a symbol. there from islamabad thank you for your time. now to nicaragua where a church that was besieged by the army last week has reopened student protesters were taking refuge when gunmen loyal to the president began shooting at them have criticized president danny ortega's violent crime down on thai government protests almost three hundred people have died in three months of demonstrations meanwhile
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gunmen are now roaming the streets of messiah west of the capital managua which is an opposition stronghold after suppressing protests many people are living in fear as mariana sanchez reports. thirty year old man this had disappeared for three days but on friday his family found his dead body at the coroner's office in the capital. his father a member says cuts to his arms show signs of abuse. he was tortured he was beaten here in the head in the back and was shot in the chest and leg he didn't have weapons or mortars. his family says he wasn't involved in the protests but he was taken away by security forces. they took him away outside the house but since those an attack going on we couldn't go out. since security and
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pro-government forces launched a so-called clean up operation in tuesday to lift barricades a caravan of heavily armed and masked gunman have taken control of driving around in vehicles without license plates many businesses and homes here are still closed but the road blocks have been lifted there are still some tensions here in the neighborhood of morning as a paramilitary continue to patrol the streets. foodland or one of the south selling stew for the first time in more than two months she's still afraid to go to philippi west of the way because of the situation. we can't talk we can't say anything but we are ok because we are back to work. yes police say the clean up operation was ordered by the president but he looks bigger and his wife vice president. says the government confronted protesters to bring back stability after weeks of. it has been our duty once again to defend
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peace for everyone it's been a painful battle because we've confronted an armed conspiracy. violent protest to me that i will have left nearly three hundred people dead. a bastion of rebel resistance since the sundanese to revolutionise thirty nine years ago and also during these months of protests on tuesday's confrontations at least two people were killed but the crackdown is not yet over. when you know. the arrival of the head of the international monetary fund in argentina provokes more on thai government protests people fear that christine legarde will insist on austerity measures and government cuts as a condition for a fifty billion dollars bailout the argentinean government leaders say the knowing
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will provide a safety net and avoid a repeat of previous financial crises. in a few moment we'll have the world weather with stephan still ahead on the challenges facing ethiopia's new prime minister as he tries to unify his country and in sports find out who dominated the final practice ahead of the german grand prix. all in. all you told. me today the weather sponsored by cattle. hello there things are looking pretty stormy around asia at the moment those storms really are a brewing for take a look at the satellite picture we can see one blob here another blob following it and yet another one towards the west so we have a look then this is the first one edging its way towards mainland china then we have another one that's very close to the philippines at the moment and then our
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third area where this is just a watch area at the moment it is not a tropical storm or tropical depression yet but it does look like this one is developing and it's developing from the remnants of another storm that sort of disintegrated across this region so womb ready seeing torrentially heavy downpours here three hundred eighty seven millimeters of rain in laos there just over two days we've already got some flooding then and there's plenty more wet weather still to come in the philippines we were flooding here as well we've had days of heavy heavy rain including in manila and that's where these pictures are from this is manila as it was on the twentieth as if this but this is from three days earlier so you can see the flooding here has been with us for a good few days now and this storm is just putting more rain on top of that the storm itself will begin to pull away towards the north will still be plenty of rain around many parts of luzon and that final storm and that's heading towards shanghai looks like it's going to reach us around zero g. on sunday. the weather sponsored by qatar airways.
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one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel weak over this region better than anyone else would be foolish is you know it's very challenging even in the book to give because you have a lot of people that are deployed the only political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended used to do the work individualism we don't feel inferior to the audiences across the globe. young men join she babin the battle for somalia. that. many never return. loved ones pick up to. try to understand.
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from the north with mr. jussi are. you watching the news on al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories palestinian factions have agreed to return to calm with israel after a day of violence along the border fence between gaza and israel. spokesperson says egypt and the un mediated for palestinians in an israeli soldier were killed on friday in syria rebels who surrendered in the south west began arriving in opposition held areas of the country's north more than fifty buses carrying two thousand three hundred people have reached the town of now broke in hama province
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their fighters and their families were given safe passage under the deal with the government and a nicaraguan church that was besieged by the army has reopened student protesters were taking refuge inside the catholic church last week when gunmen loyal to the president began shooting at them. now fools for twenty is now friends in just a matter of weeks a pace of change as ethiopia and eritrea have embrace peace has been breathtaking it was just two weeks ago that ethiopia's new prime minister ahmed stood alongside to retrieve president isaias and declared an end to the so-called state of war phone lines between the two countries were immediately reconnected ethiopia asks the un to drop sanctions against syria and on monday it rich area reopened its embassy in ethiopia on wednesday the first commercial flight to call from ethiopia
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to eritrea and then a day later on thursday ethiopia appointed its first ambassador to iraq the same day reportedly pulled its troops back from the border as a gesture of free consultation o.p.'s parliament has passed an amnesty bill for those arrested during protests in twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen releasing thousands of political prisoners and ending a state of emergency for more let's bring in algeria is. in ethiopia capital addis ababa somehow made the pace of reconciliation has been very quick as we say but how is it translating for the people on the ground. well folly europeans have welcomed the whole of reforms. by the new prime minister . they celebrated and i really. celebrating this period of creative where the media has been much more freer than it's been and it seems as if prime minister is
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trying to make the changes he's making systematic specially when you look at that amnesty deal which was passed by parliament which gives unlisted to prisoners who've already been released and also removed from the list of terrorist organizations some opposition groups some of them i'm going to run and all these part and parcel of the reforms the prime minister wants to initiate in the country and also the amnesty deal. any groups or individuals who are under investigation for what the government of high limit imbecile which who is the producers of be called crimes against the constitution how about we spoke to you in the region where the protest about the change of leadership in the country began and they say nothing short of free and fair elections will stick with you.
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when a group of young men started protesting here against the location of a school playground to a private developer little did they know all the while starting a movement that the ventra led to a change of leadership of the days of protests in the spall town youths in other parts of autonomy and neighboring i'm hot a region become protesting for political rights. university student up this was one of the first to protest in. you know button it up but i mean. it's a sieve everyone else is with him for a treat or the planned expansion of and a city which would take only land from many from must put one of the perfect grievance parady upon and then we started calling for more freedoms. hundreds of people were killed during two years of protests from two thousand and fifteen tens of thousands was arrested with one of the protesters at the literalist from prison as just. was tortured in prison they would heed to me all over until i
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fainted no medical treatment was a lot tensions among the four parties in the lead coalition on how to deal with the protest led to the resignation of the then prime minister to sell and. after weeks of closed door negotiations forty two year old former army officer abi ahmed was elected prime minister by coalition members the new prime minister is from the ethnic group his elevation loadout intended as an olive branch to the rest of. the proctors the people of this region and what they call the historical marginalize the shell of what people. call they have been pushed to the margins of mainstream midfield here three months after one of their own was elected to leave the country some here are still uncertain whether the presence the new deal there why do. we consider him just
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a. cure to what the o.p.m. the future depends on the next election with them whether they are free and fair. since taking office in approved the new prime minister has hit the ground running promising widespread economic and political reforms and ordered the release of political prisoners in their thousands the prime minister fully believes on love unity as well as forgiveness saw as a result chasing everybody with. every issues we need to release them all though he enjoys considerable support prime minister but faces the challenge of calming the uncle of ethiopia's young people and there are many of them in the population of one hundred million who complained they are politically and economically marginalized he will have to deal with hints of discontent within the ruling coalition whose one hundred and eighty council members are far from unanimously behind. now prime minister ahmed
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knows too well bob he doesn't have the united must over all the calls to the quality should he really have by his briefing on with these reforms two weeks ago while the chiefs of the truth and the well known prisons have been used for trial chambers in various parts of the country you also close the main one here because of a vote has been used as a torture chamber. and timed it into a museum however they still coming from human rights groups like human rights watch you say he has not committed himself to investigating torture and also the killing of protesters during the three years the protests one thank you for that mom and i dove reporting there live from out of ethiopia. donald trump's former lawyer is
1:39 pm
reported to have secretly taped discussions with him about how money for an alleged a sad the new york times says the f.b.i. seized a recording during a raid on michael cohen's office he is being investigated for tax fraud and breaking election campaign laws president trump has and i play paint former playboy model can model go his current lawyer confirms payments were discussed with corn but says they were never made so our white house correspondent kimberly hunt has more from washington. this recording seems to reveal the president discussing with his personal attorney michael cohen the payment of money in the form of check fully one hundred fifty thousand dollars this is problematic for the president given that he has denied he ever had an affair with karen mcdougal the playboy model the white house saying this was fake news and the president never had such a relationship the recording seems to contradict that statement of course the president at the time of this alleged affair also married with an infant son
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certainly problematic on a personal level so this really brings up the question of what the president knew and when he knew it it's also a concern given the fact that there is a separate investigation that is ongoing in all of this and that is the one being conducted by robert muller the special counsel well these two investigations are separate the one into michael cohen trumps personal attorney and the one into whether or not there was russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election and whether the term campaign colluded with russia with this information is shared it could be problematic for the president given the fact that if michael cohen in order to save himself from the charges he is currently facing he could decide to cooperate with the special counsel and that could certainly be risky for donald trump a trade dispute between libya and tunisia has tops cross border traffic for ten days to mission traders set up roadblocks to stop libyans from reaching the capital tunis and to tunisians were banned from taking libyan goods across the border
1:41 pm
mahmud up to the one hundred screens. the road to the russes dear terminal is almost deserted. and security officers say only libyans seeking medical treatment are allowed to cross the border into tunisia the border gate has been closed by tunisian customs officers for ten days now dozens of trucks have been turned away some carrying food others transporting claimable liquids local tunisian traders are preventing libyans from entering the capital tunis by setting up roadblocks between russ's date and being geared down city that is in this pans to a decision by libya's customs agents to ban tunisians from taking libyan goods libya's government says libyan exports to tunisia harm the economy libyan border officers say they close the border white diplomats in the foreign ministries of
1:42 pm
both countries work to find a solution. for a bill for quote. we have the sort of the stop libyans from moving into the side just to protect that's because they've been abused there and it's an easy mouth already as they've been sending them back. to going home aren't sure if they will be able to return to libya up the room where he can hardly carry all his belongings and rest is for a while before his exit he cannot hide his frustration. confessional. our work i know i might not be able to get back to my work in libya but i'm very sick and i have to go home to get medical treatment what can i do i have no other choice. during the past few years the russes dave terminal has been closed several times due to unrest on the tunisian side of the border that affects many people especially tunisian traders but many libyan travelers here say the deletion of
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thought is sure do enough to ensure their safety libyans returning home from the capital tunis have is to deter khalifa bushido was planning to spend every occasion with his family in tunis but was turned back he says they had to make a one hundred and fifty kilometers detour to alternative border crossing at wires in. between. back after we left the tunisian customs gate local stopped us then the authorities there asked us to wait we were stuck a whole night in the car it was terrible the russes deal terminal crossing is a lifeline for tunisians whole make their living by trading across the border and vice versa for libyans too until the dispute is resolved many travelers would likely have only a one way trip home. would have to do a hit. on the libyan tunisian border. protests have been held in
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several austere australian cities calling for the government to stop detaining refugees in offshore camps in the pacific the policy to send a silent seekers to naru and monis island was reintroduced five years ago one thousand three hundred people are living there in poor conditions with no chance of settling in australia human rights groups and immigration advocates have consistently criticised the policy. the british man poisoned by the nerve agent not the child has been released from hospital charlie rally was admitted three weeks ago along with this partner she died and a murder inquiry has begun in seoul story where former russian spy said this cripple and his daughter junia were poisoned the british government blames russia for the attack the kremlin denies involvement the high temperatures wildfires and starving lysol sweden has been experiencing the worst drought in seventy four years doesn't a wildfire has raged through the center of the country sweden has called on other
1:45 pm
european nations for help to fight the spread of a five to even call for emergency imports of grain to prevent cattle and sheep from dying of starvation the swedish prime minister says all resources being mob allies to prevent a greater disaster reeling in. the government is ready to take all necessary decisions and supply will need of the resources. to support all agencies so that they have what they need to get the fires under control and therefore the government is following the servant close every minute every day to make sure the agencies have the resources they need. now i earlier we spoke to irene christensen from the swedish civil contingencies agency who is trying to fight these wildfires she said that with the current weather conditions they can only hope to contain the fires from spreading. well the situation is very serious the rescue services do not see that their biggest failures will be able to be extinguished in the near future
1:46 pm
due today whether in the coming week and at the moment the focus is on delaying and requesting and trying to well delay and hinder disbanding of the fires and the damage to the weather but a riddle many middle of next week the weather will be more difficult for fight there for fighting the fire according to s.s. alarm so. this morning there are four to six. there's out in the terrain and last night there were four fires not under control and we have help from. italy and france they have supported us with airplanes and we have the swedish helicopters and helicopters from norway and germany helping in these fires. from the air and we also have a fighters on the ground trying to. control these fires we are now doing our best
1:47 pm
making sure that they will not spread and we have the local fire departments that are struggling with this and have been doing this for quite some time. and our senior meteorologist of culture joins us now for more on the situation in sweden unusually hot and dry conditions there are they is there any hope of some response in the near future well this is been going on for quite a while now and the drought in parts of scandinavia started in march and things since then of really only got worse with no rain. and then on top of that the temperatures in the last week have been soaring and things have just got worse and with worse in the next week there's not much chance of things getting better it looks like the temperatures will be over thirty degrees for just about every day today when it's actually the chance of seeing some thunderstorms and you might think great we're going to see some rain that will help us but it could also hinder things because a thunderstorm could also bring us the more lightning that could spark off small fires and we could also see some very gusty winds with those storms enough course
1:48 pm
could spread things and it's not just sweden it's also norway finland western russia all been experiencing unusually hot and dry conditions why what's happening here we've got an area of high pressure that stuck over the top and that's just stayed in place for an exceptionally long time and that it has trapped in some hot air and so it's been hot for scandinavia but it's also been seen over the u.k. as well so many parts of northern europe of had this very hot spell and it's just been very very warm and the drought now with setting in thank you for that sceptical to. now waves of plastic and debris have washed up on the coast of the dominican republic conservationist say they've already remove sixty tons of rubbish at a beach near the capital of santo domingo but there's so much ways that the military has been scrambled to help with the cleanup chance more is the founder of the marine research foundation a member of the plastic pollution coalition he says what's happening in the dominican republic is a small example of
1:49 pm
a bigger problem. we're losing the battle i predicted this twenty years ago and then it would happen when i discovered the great pacific garbage patch that dozens of miles from shore now it's invading the biosphere and soon our salt our sugar our water our air our honey our beer and just because we see big pieces floating up now people are taking notice but when you see a bunch a little bit plastic you gotta understand there's a bunch of micro a nano sized plastic as well and that's invading our bodily tissues so this is a worldwide problem and we've got to deal with it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle but it's not too late to turn around our probably got lifestyles we've got to stop throwing things away everything is a resource everything can be really used everything can be put back into service it's got to be respected but it's also got to be feared or plastic gives us
1:50 pm
a great amount of freedom and we must not abuse it we've got to reduce the amount of plastic that we consume it's plastic substitutes for things that were formerly really usable here in our office we sell re-usable is refillable things you use over and over again we must constantly be throwing stuff away in order to make new stuff. coming up next on al-jazeera can manchester city's latest record signing score in his debut sonas next wisps.
1:51 pm
jews are a liar. you are entering your. a new perspective can change your world. so one chin is ian what began as a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is yeah on al-jazeera.
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time sports say santa thank you very much for all you always thought with golf and join me this kevin costner and zach johnson together for the third round of the open championship is called lent last poll of the explains things could have been very different frank has none. playing in the afternoon conditions things were looking promising for first round leader kevin kisner as he how to show to advantage going into the final home thank god it is sick and shot at the eighteenth was way woods and he found the barry burn. that resulted in a double bogey for a round of seventy to play seven or thirty five holes i thought was pretty good i've kept the ball in play and done everything i wanted to do all the way up into that hole clearly does that johnson had to contend with the worst of the weather.
1:53 pm
the twenty fifteen open champion is looking to become the first player to ever win majors that don't just some andrews and comes to. the reverence i have for this championship and specifically that trophy that clergy. i'm not suggesting that someone doesn't have a higher. reverence for it but i'm. not argue with them. englishman tommy fleetwood is right back in contention after shooting the round of the day. six on the pa sixty five was the only bogey free round and losing just one short of the lead. had some time on the range just night and skate on stage to. basically put in position all day and all the peoples in tough conditions and six five yeah it's a really good round of golf really in the end defending champ jordan speak since three shots off the pace is birdie on the third one of the shots of the day. that
1:54 pm
was a huge save today and then give myself two pots of us last year olds it was all i could ask for so. very happy to be back in the tourney. not so happy as fourteen time major want to tiger woods. has plenty of work ahead of him to get his first major in a decade at the halfway mark he remains six shots behind the lead ins. he planted with al-jazeera. kenya spiritual coach smashed the women's three thousand meters assisted with a world record at the diamond league meeting and monaco the twenty seven year old the one in the world were called tom of eight minutes forty four point three two seconds that beat the previous record by more than eight seconds up american courtney ferris was a sixteen seconds be. an olympic a world champion passes the mania and continued her dominance of the women's eight hundred meters the south african one hundred twenty six final in
1:55 pm
a row setting and its record in monaco sonya has not lost in the distance since two thousand and fifteen. now in princes and the tours are taking place all over the world the english premier league champions manchester city were facing brucia dortmund in the opening game of the international champions a cup in chicago and it was the german side who. in the scoring through penalty when you stepped up to take it to put his team ahead in the twenty eighth minute city's record signing. made his debut following his eighteen million dollar move from leicester city algeria striker failing to score his first goal with this free kick before half time final score one city. fans at the tour de france continue to refuse the calls for calm from organizers after a lit flare was thrown into the polls and near the end of stage thirteen defending
1:56 pm
champions chris froome and his team mates to have been booed spat at and pushed throughout this year's race officials called for better behavior after a ride ended up with a fractured vertebrae when spectators caused him to crash on thursday peta sagan sprinted to the finish of friday's one hundred and seventy kilometers thirteen's stage while gerund thomas continues to wear the leader's yellow jersey team red bull were the fastest in both practice sessions ahead of the german gone crazy and there ricardo who was just a fraction faster than lewis hamilton in the morning session ricardo's teammate max there stop and set a record breaking lap in the second session beating both hamilton and brought us to top the time sheet. we have a good balance on the car short and long room i'm happy about that of course and to be first in the second practice is of course always very nice but we have to wait
1:57 pm
and see what's going to happen tomorrow when they turn up their engines and qualify but at least the start for us compared to those shows. i.o.c. president thomas back says he likes the idea of including e-sports in future but what is needed around how it would fit into the i.o.c. is existing rules. but i asked these two players. what about what about doping and i got the answer no tests one and then said we don't need it because topping does not play a role. i know this excuse from other areas and. so are. they. serious and serious off. of questions to which we have no answer yet and this is why we said we want to get to know each other we want to better understand each other and then we will see.
1:58 pm
thank you very much for that santa that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera for me for me back to one whole team thank you for watching adrian is with you next with more world news from out here. in iran waste inefficiencies in a growing population i've led to do in the water so. you have been determined to extract water from any source possible this is what you see as a result now with the country's future it's still. attitude to change and
1:59 pm
innovative solutions are being followed people in power investigates iran's will to crisis on al-jazeera. the nature as news as it breaks although thousands of women have reported rape and other thoughtful atrocities in falsehood and the word rats are going to say the figure is likely much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part of the drive each one responsible have collecting at different aida schools of bias clothing from around the world faithful focal is still very new here but the players are very confident they won't be able to leave gaza made people want to fight on the international side. to song they aren't equal he is worth millions of dollars to the nepalese they are living god. one east investigates the fight to reclaim nepal's stolen idols and not a zero. a
2:00 pm
french alps truce between israel and hamas appears to be holding up to one of the bloodiest days of protests in gaza in four years. alone adrian for the good this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up rebels and the families of the southwest of syria head north after striking a surrender deal with the assets of. wasting away tons of plastic daybreak cause of the environmental disaster in the dominican republic.


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