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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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the. burying the dead hamas holds funerals for fighters killed by israeli airstrikes as an uneasy truce hangs over gaza. hello i'm maryanne demasi and london you're with al-jazeera also coming up u.s. president accuses his former lawyer of potentially acting illegally after a pause he secretly recorded a conversation with trump about paying off a model. the militias bringing fear to the streets of managua after helping suppress anti-government protests in nicaragua. and prepare for the first election since mcgarvie was ousted we look at the ruling party's efforts to court white
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voters. an uneasy truce appears to be holding along the israel gaza border off to hamas agree to the second such deal in a week israeli as strikes and tank fire hit dozens of hamas targets off to a palestinian sniper killed an israeli soldier the truce brokered by egypt in the united nations started at midnight local time stephanie deca has more from gaza. i . have masses military wing in the kasam brigades are burying their dead three of their members were killed on friday afternoon israel struck various ham ass monitoring posts along the border soon after an israeli soldier was shot from gaza he later died of his wounds sixty sites belonging to ham ass were attacked by israeli forces late into the night a few rockets were fired from gaza in response and a cease fire was announced hours later it's the second ceasefire in
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a week i don't think this would last for a long time i learned i think it's better for us. unfortunately and we will have just couple of days. through this or story after that we'll have the same story because many problems over. people and. the pattern of escalation ceasefire as relations ceasefire between israel and hamas although i continue on the long term plan to levy a situation for the people here almost two people are living under this blockade and everyone says the same thing how impossible life has become. i can't afford anything to work as a killer in israel before that will kill i made around a thousand three hundred dollars a month of the moment i can't even make three hundred dollars a month exchanging money i work two shifts
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a day morning and night the meaning of humanity is messy and most people are educated or can't find work people are frustrated and depressed people are willing to die and those who are married cannot feed their children patients can't get medication and there is no electricity this is really painful and sad. palestinians here have little power to influence the political decisions made either in gaza or israel no one wants another war but as one woman asked us what do we need to do to be able to live like everyone else stephanie decker al-jazeera. latest now on the israeli government response from western. israeli officials we've been speaking with are not calling it a ceasefire they are saying in fact that calm has been restored in israel's border with gaza they are saying that activities are returned to normal but they are not calling it a cease fire now hamas also wasn't going to cease fire when they were talking about this cease fire for all intents and purposes that's what it is but it is
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a very shaky truce at this point now we did hear about one incident that happened several hours ago in gaza the israeli army released a statement saying that a number of suspects infiltrated israel from the northern gaza strip the suspects then return to the gaza strip in response an idea of tank targeted a hamas military post but beyond that we've heard of no other incidents throughout the day as of now still calm but there is a lot of unease because people here very much aware that any little thing could could spark something that could be a wider conflagration really at any time. a u.s. president has accused his film a lawyer michael cohen of potentially acting illegally after it was reported that he secretly recorded donald trump discussing payments to a former playboy model recording was seized during an f.b.i. raid on cohen's property this year in new york in the recording trunk reportedly discusses paying money to karen mcdougal he says she had
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a ten month affair with trump so if more details let's get to shabba tennessee in washington what does all this mean for the president shall have. well that's that's verging actually this could mean something far more serious than anything we've heard from robert muller as investigation into alleged russian collusion nothing connecting donald trump to russia and meddling in the election the alleged meddling in the election so far but this could be a very serious federal crime if it is proven donald trump actually tweeted this morning it's inconceivable that the government would break into a law office early in the morning almost unheard off even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a plant totally unheard off and perhaps illegal the good news is that your favorite president did nothing wrong exclamation mark so it isn't illegal for michael cohen to have taped that conversation ethically debatable but not illegal under new york law and what donald trump is referring to there is the f.b.i. raid of michael cohen's offices in april what it seems prosecutors in new york are
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investigating is whether michael code and perhaps stone from. the publisher of the national enquirer american media and broke campaign finance laws by paying that hundred fifty thousand dollars to karen mcdougal effectively to muzzle her so that she didn't actually she didn't actually give her story to anyone else without her story about her alleged affair was not published anywhere else this was happening during the election campaign if it's found that cohen and i were colluding there to try and help donald trump's campaign back could be a campaign finance violation because illegal for corporations to work so closely with and with a campaign in order to get someone elected in any way individual contributions are capped at around five thousand dollars so that could be very serious if it is found to be true donald trump denies it he just says cohen if this is simply acting in his in his usual role of just being dull trumps personal fixer. how closely is this
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what's to buy people that in the u.s. to kill any chance of horses. i mean that's such a good point actually we have these revelations all and always daily basis they make enormous amounts of news on the cable channels the cable channels have certainly found. the view they hold press sources like the new york times and who are kind of worried about the internet are all filing you know huge amounts of traffic from a certain constituency in the us usually disgruntled in the reconfirmed supporters and people who really really can't stand all drum but when it comes to the people who actually support all drop a lot of the stuff doesn't make much of a difference a tool they still they still believe that there is a witch and they still think that the donald trump is correct when he says people are pulling out all the stops simply trying to get him because he's an outsider and sort of the polls show that his core constituency isn't really budging independents perhaps might do so there are all those there's there's concerns that actually if people really do want to unseat donald trump they do a lot better by coming up with a with a viable political platform that people actually want to hear and sort of living in
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a sort of bubble where all you hear about is is russia and the potential for prosecution of donald trump that's not going to serve going to help in the elections that come up into the. thank you very much for the latest from washington she had a tendency to. syrian rebels who surrendered in southwestern can actually have started arriving in opposition held areas or than fifty buses carrying two thousand three hundred people have reached the town of not broke in the western province of hama the fight has and their families were given safe passage and a surrender deal with the government and syrian army forces have since entered the city of connection a deal is a victory for president assad his forces have retaken much of the south i don't have sound as in my but the rebel held area in hama whether those rebels and families from connector have arrived. well some of them have a lot of the iraqi regime forces carrying people displaced from connector have
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arrived in hama province fifty five coaches containing more than three thousand people this is the first group from connecticut and will be followed by many others the total numbers will be more than thirteen thousand going from south to north this displacement followed a wave of offensives by the syrian and russian military says it takes place after negotiations between opposition groups and the government which resulted in the opposition surrendering heavy weapons and allowing people to leave from south to north syria this will take place today tomorrow and the day after there will be more people coming here coming from south and north there will need to be a lot of resources and a concerted effort to accommodate such numbers of people they will initially be taken to already prepared shelters in northern syria. a one year old honduran baby who symbolized the u.s. policy of separating migrant families at the order it's finally been reunited with his parents ten month old john was separated from his father upon arrival in the
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u.s. and placed in arizona to tension center as father meanwhile was deported back to honduras it was only after being granted a voluntary departure order that was allowed to fly home and be reunited with his parents after five months in the shelter the child took his first steps focused first words and even had his first birthday in the facilities. they told me what we are going to do is take away your child to separate you from your child i asked them where are you going to do the child is still young but they told me because you cannot be in the united states you cannot go further with the child you cannot enter the us with him. he had his birthday over there he will not turn one year old again that has passed and i missed it when he learned to walk that's not going to happen again either i missed that because of them they should not have done that he is a baby he can't defend himself. he's not an adult to say he does not want that so
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if he wants anything. well now hundreds of anti-government protesters have been marching nicaragua's capital in defiance of a recent crackdown on dissent by president daniel ortega nearly three hundred people have died in three months of unrest in the country police and paramilitary groups are said to have laid siege to the last opposition stronghold of one in the east of the capital from them marianna sanchez reports. thirty year old landis had disappeared for three days but on friday his family found his dead body at the coroner's office in the capital. his father a man the says cuts to his arms show signs of abuse. he was tortured he was beaten here in the head in the back and was shot in the chest and leg he didn't have weapons or mortars. his family says he wasn't involved in the protests but he was taken away by security forces. they took him away outside
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the house but since those an attack going on we couldn't go out. since security and pro-government forces launched a so-called cleanup operation in tuesday to lift barricades a caravan of heavily armed and masked gunmen have taken control of driving around in vehicles without license plates many businesses and homes here are still closed but the roadblocks have been lifted there are still some tensions here in the neighborhood of mourning as the paramilitary continue to patrol the streets i was thinking of food vendor one says she's out selling stew for the first time in more than two months she's still afraid you know developing this if it's the fire because of the situation we can't talk we can't say anything but we are ok because we are back to work. police say the clean up operation was ordered by president
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reagan and his wife vice president. says the government confronted protesters to bring back stability after weeks of turmoil. it has been our duty once again to defend peace for everyone it's been a painful battle because we've confronted an armed conspiracy. violent protests in me got i will have left nearly three hundred people dead. a bastion of rebel resistance since the something nice to revolution thirty nine years ago and also during these months of protests on tuesday's confrontations at least two people were killed but the crackdown is not get over. so i have for you on the program while. right across central sweden as the country suffers its worst drought in seventy four years. and don't look down and find out
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if this french typewrite walk a makes it to the end of the line. hello there we've had quite a bit of unsettled weather over parts of australia recently down in the southwest we've had quite a bit of rain over the last month or so and we're still seeing more cloud with us at the moment it looks like we're going to see quite a few showers as we head through the day on sunday monday will generally be a drier day but we can't rule out the old shower even then eighteen degrees the maximum there in perth and towards the southeast it's far cooler than that there's also going to be some more persistent rain this is working its way towards parts of south australia and into victoria and certainly won't be that woman melbourne with a maximum temperature just of twelve over towards new zealand it's been pretty
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stormy here all thanks to this weather system here for some very heavy rain quite a bit of snow it's a very strong winds too things are now beginning to calm down and as we head through sunday and into monday there will continue to do so monday won't be that warm though our maximum in christchurch will just be ninety degrees but at least that strong wind should have gone further towards the north and we've got some stormy weather here as well thanks to a so i claim this is tropical storm pill it's working its way steadily towards the northwest looks like it's going to get very close to shanghai we're going to see very heavy rains here once it's over land it will start to disintegrate but more of us could well see some flooding. with the love of chess. after years behind both he has to be strategic to stay out of prison with his friend and chess master he's planning his next move to get back
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to society. that saved his life discovering new filmmaking talent from around the globe you find lots in america chess life lessons. a comeback a quick look at the top stories now funerals have been held for hamas fighters killed by israeli airstrikes along the israel gaza border on friday this after an israeli soldier was killed an uneasy truce brokered by egypt in the united nations appears to be holding a. u.s. president has accused his former lawyer michael cohen of potentially acting
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illegally after it was reported that he secretly recorded donald trump discussing payments to a former playboy model and syrian rebels who surrendered in the southwest have started arriving in opposition held areas of the province of hama more than fifty buses carrying two thousand three hundred people have reached the town of. well wednesday pakistanis will head to the polls to vote for a new parliament the election is widely seen as a two horse race with emraan khan's pakistan tehreek and south party narrative ahead the former cricketer his thought to have the backing from the military has promised to tackle corruption also in the running is the posse of former prime minister nawaz sharif now led by his brother the pakistan muslim league is betraying the election as a vote on democracy and with claims of meddling by the military and then there's the pakistan people's party led by put has a diary the son of assassinated formally to benazir bhutto they could be in
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a strong position if the close contest produces a hung parliament and a move that's why a human rights groups the election commission has granted pakistan's military the power to punish people for electoral violations at polling stations that is it dark cloud over this election if you were to believe and sort of the public reporting this isn't necessarily as fair as it gets there been allegations of free fall rigging the military. has big favorites and iran is the one that they're banking banking on and backing or one of us should leave so it's a lot of a lot of dark gone most issue and quite frankly that's given iran the space and the edge and his body to become a real contender a year to go before the former prime minister nawaz sharif was and problem started with the supreme court he seemed to be in a very city and sitting sort of pretty to win this election and since then it's
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been done in for him and uphill for him run well out there is come on hyder has been missing votes has interceded district near the border with afghanistan. awash majority of the budgets county population lived in the rural areas where dime had. although it did take part in the election rigorously they have not seen the kind of results by their leadership in a country where corruption runs high in political political leader derek you typing all the billions of dollars from their country ended rural areas people do not have clean drinking water they do not have education they do not have a medical care and all those things are necessary for the nation. and for political leadership change will translate into a change. in a. snippet any change to
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a law what i'm doing now is what i mean to many there is no change for the poor in this country. for the poor elections only mean a change of thing more but it matters a lot to the elite class who are sucking our blood through corruption for their own good and they have gone from millionaires to billionaires but the poor are still suffering because of the social media days now are nowhere near and political leaders are getting a grilling from the population to what they have done in. government and goal by day have not been able to deliver on the promise of trying to better the lives of the watch majority of its population and therefore did a question mark after what happened next. dozens of wildfires are raging across which is experiencing its west drought for seventy four years the swedish prime
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minister says all resources are being mobilized to prevent a greater disaster and involve a has more. firefighters in sweden say their battle for control is far from over remarkably nobody's been injured by the dozens of wildfires i think governments appeal for help from other countries it's really france and norway have responded by sending water bombing helicopters and planes as well as emergency personnel reeling in albania that fata out on business government is ready to take all necessary decisions and supply all needed resources our duties to support all agencies so that they have what they need to get the fires under control and therefore the government is following this event closely every minute every day. and usually high temperatures across the whole nordic region up to thirty three celsius coupled with virtually no rain for several weeks have made the vegetation here highly flammable finland norway have also had wildfires in the last week but
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it's sweden that suffer the most. this dairy farmer says the grass is normally much longer right now and that's a real problem we don't use this much. normally. i think we've used to feed about three or four a day. and now it's five or six. i think else alive. in some areas homeowners have been moved to safety well thousands of swedes have been warned to stay indoors with the windows shut to avoid breathing in smoke the situation is very serious and the rescue services do not see that their biggest failures will be able to be extinguished in the near future due today weather and wheat and at the moment the focus is on delaying and requesting and trying to well delay and they're disbanding of the fires swedish authorities say that as of thursday an area equivalent to twenty thousand football pitches had burned that's ten times the size you'd expect in
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a normal year and some fires are still spreading the al-jazeera. well now as fears grow over a trade war between the u.s. and china the g twenty summit of finance ministers is taking place and one is are is but and the protesters have also been gathering in the argentinean capital as the i.m.f. has forced the country to make budget cuts in order to tackle the economic crisis to raise a bow reports. left wing groups gathered to protest against the international monetary fund in one aside is on saturday. last month the i.m.f. stepped in to shore up the argentinean economy with a fifty billion loan agreement but people like the boy believe it won't help improve people's lives. we already had the i.m.f. on a crisis we know what happened in greece they will fire state employees they will reduce salaries and take away workers right what is today one. argentina's economy has been struggling in recent months due to
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a drop in investor confidence in emerging economies the best so currency lost over forty percent of its value and inflation has continued to rise this people are protesting just a few blocks away from where the g twenty finance ministers and central bank governors are meeting by they were prevented from getting closer by security forces this people that you can see here i'm hoping that greece the guard the director of the i.m.f. . will hear their message and they are fears that the austerity measures implemented by the government. will generate more poverty and unemployment but christine legarde who came to attend the g. twenty summit showed strong support with what is trying to do there has been significant progress in terms of monetary policy as well where clearly the measures that have been taken by the bank of restored and managed
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a much better situation with less of a. more transparency. protest because of policy suggested by the i.m.f. are not unique to argentina there has been strong opposition in countries like jordan and haiti international n.g.o.s like oxfam and others have suggested at the i.m.f. should rethink its standard recipes that take away power from labor unions do not help lower unemployment and demand the doctrine of government spending which leaves in most cases to an increase in poverty levels. for. the use of their i refuse the surname it is to prioritise the physical difficile storage images it's the same old with a change in discourse look at what's happening in other parts of the world. and that's why many here are distrustful of the current government's economic policies because they believe it will only deteriorate the lives of those who need
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government help the most hideous i will. or to cuba now weather is going to be a new constitution that will recognize private property something the communist state is long with jetted all makers hope this weeping reforms will help to stimulate the economy and encourage foreign investment the present miguel diaz canel says the island's political system will remain the same. now waves of plastic and devery of washed up on the coast of the dominican republic conservationists say they've already removed sixty tons of rubbish it a beach near the capital santo domingo but there is so much waste that the military has been brought in to help with the clean up. on our white voters in zimbabwe being publicly courted by the ruling zanu p.f. party for the first time since president robert mugabe was deposed last year president. told them the government's controversial policy of land grabs are a thing of the past as he campaigns to be elected on july thirtieth opinion polls
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are suggesting it's a close run race. as more from harare. thank you so many white zimbabweans had their farm seized and given to black farmers because of land reform laws passed when robert mugabe was president over the years some felt his black economic empowerment policies excluded them from mainstream politics and job opportunities the army forced mugabe to resign last year and the man who replaced him says land grabs would no longer be tolerated president. who's seeking reelection has been looking for votes among whites and barbarians at a rally in harare. near what. must be. one. some are skeptical about the timing of the president's reassurances to white voters
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a few days before the parliamentary and presidential elections others are more optimistic we need to come together. from from politics and voting day at the end of the month will be the first without deposed president robert mugabe the elections are being closely watched by the international community. generally. true. peacefully even though they haven't complained for intimidation violence or generally have been able to get here work robert but the main opposition leader nelson chamisa isn't he believes the electoral process is forward alleging the voters' role could taint so-called ghost voters and that the rulings on the party is tampering with ballot papers election observers are urging politicians to resolve their
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differences through dialogue before voting day time is running out the general election is on july the thirtieth some opposition supporters say they will protest next week if the issues aren't addressed these accusations and counter-accusations have heightened tensions something election observers say they are aware of how these disagreements are managed could determine the success or failure of the first post mugabe elections since one nine hundred eighty. in france a tightrope walker has scaled power says longmont to hill and reach the sacré coach . tatiana made the attempt with no assistance all safety net on a rope hanging thirty five meters above the ground bunker started walking tightropes when she was just eight years old and says she's been preparing for this show for yeah. yeah actually i kind of absolutely had to have concussions there's always something special that's unique to each passage because each one happens in
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a different place here i had the chance to face the monument which had never happened to me before it was something new and it was magical to be in front of. a quick look at the top stories now an uneasy truce is holding along the israel gaza border a day off the violence that resulted in five deaths an israeli soldier was killed by a palestinian gunman at the fence that surrounds gaza that prompted israeli as strikes which killed four palestinians three of them hamas members a ceasefire brokered by egypt in the united nations started on saturday we did hear about one incident that happened several hours ago in gaza the israeli army released a statement saying that a number of suspects infiltrated israel from the northern gaza strip the suspects then return to the gaza strip in response an idea of tank targeted hamas military
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posts but beyond that we've heard of no other incidents throughout the day as of now still calm but there is a lot of unease because people here very much aware that any little thing could could spark something and it could be a wider conflagration really at any time. the u.s. president has accused his former lawyer michael cohen of potentially acting illegally after it's reported that he secretly recorded donald trump discussing payments to a former playboy model recording was seized during an f.b.i. raid on cohen's property earlier this year in new york in the recording trump reportedly discusses paying money to carry mcdougal she says she had a ten month affair with trump. syrian rebels who surrendered in southwestern connection have started arriving in opposition held areas of the country's north or than fifty buses carrying two thousand three hundred people have reached the town of my brook in hama province. dozens of wildfires are raging across sweden which is experiencing its worst drought for seventy four years after
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months of high temperatures government in stockholm is also calling for emergency imports of grain to prevent the cattle and sheep from dying of starvation. cuba is set to approve a new constitution it will recognize private property something which the communist state has long rejected will make his hope the sweeping reforms will help to stimulate the economy and encourage foreign investment the president says the island's political system will remain the same. well those of the top stories coming up next it's you find a latin america and then more news after that from doha. for me is different because there's a maturity about this discovery in the list really genuinely of the forces child of the pats take the risk of a story arc you'll. still hold a knowledge of not going anywhere else is or is setting out to convey to seal the
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reality on the ground that the reality of a drought can only be combined with the next in the face of the that's what we do nothing of what we do well. viewfinder fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmaker around the globe.


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