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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2018 8:00am-8:33am +03

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an illegal campaign contribution and more legal trouble for the president yes i would say there is damage done in the electorate at large they're likely to become more and more they already are becoming more and more exasperated with mr trump if only because he doesn't seem to tell the truth in many instances and in this case he could be revealed not to be telling the truth about his affair with his playboy model not only is it unseemly but it's deeply disturbing to the american electorate at large his core supporters who maybe twenty five to thirty percent of the american electorate they believe everything he says they were gar all of this as a trumped up conspiracy to trap the president by the mainstream media and none of this is likely to faze his core supporters still to come here of the lingering questions about how much influence the military has picked stone at the polls. also ahead why some u.s. democrats are bracing a political label that used to be considered toxic. and legendary keep.
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how we go home in the sports news when we come back. i am. sponsored by. hello there we're seeing quite a bit of severe weather over parts of asia at the moment if we look at the satellite picture we can see one cluster of cloud hey it's over the southern parts of china and into the northern parts of vietnam this system is intensifying and it's going to bring us yet more heavy rain to a region we've already seen some flooding recently we've also got another area of cloud here that's developing that's brought us flooding already to lose on and that system is now edging away towards the north and then this distinctive area of cloud here is a storm that's working its way towards the northwest crossing shanghai there and
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eventually beginning to disintegrate further inland parts of china say many of us are expecting more significant weather as we head through the next few days they'll be further towards the south and you can see the cloud that's been affecting us there over to zone and that's what's brought us all recent batch of flooding that system although the main area of the focus of the energy is moving away the still going to be plenty of what weather across luzon in the next few days so they could well be more flooding hit further south also the rains are intensifying for some of us hey could see a few showers every post of java and bali but it does look dry a force as we head through the day on monday towards the west for many of us in southern some outre looks dry k.l. and singapore both at risk of seeing some showers. the weather sponsored by qatar and waste. when people think of cuba they think revolution but a bonus is under growing pressure. because. it's and. we're here to discover if those changes are reflected in the plea this is you what you do
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in your. first owner i'm trying to read more believe me. on al-jazeera. because the you know i learned that the first amendment is really going to be. read i'm. going to be. in the resources that are available what makes al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth.
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you're watching al-jazeera your top stories so far today funerals have been held for hamas fighters killed by israeli airstrikes in gaza on friday an israeli soldier also lost his life trying fighting along the israel gaza fence a truce brokered by egypt and the u.n. has to be holding for the moment. france is sending fifty tons of medical aid to the government controlled area of eastern ghouta in syria russia has agreed to facilitate the delivery government forces reach the east and it's a region from rebels and people. for several years. protesters have returned to the streets of nicaragua's capital managua months of political unrest pick up more momentum anti-government demonstrators demanding president daniel ortega steps down and call fresh elections. a group the rescues migrants in the
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mediterranean will file a manslaughter complaint against the libyan coast guard the group says three migrants including a child were intentionally left stranded and died as. a desperate rush to save lives it's the moment to rescue one percy stranded migrants in the mediterranean a forty year old woman from cameroon a storm of life but for another woman and a toddler it's too late but the difficulties we've experienced to save just one single life have been unbelievable aid group rock the vote open arms found the migrants and say the deaths were no accident it's accusing libya's coast guard of manslaughter the rescue team says libya's coast guard intercepted about one hundred sixty europe of bound migrants the two women and a toddler apparently refused to board the vessel as a result the rescuers allege the libyan coast guard abandoned the mine grits and
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slashed their inflatable boat with a knife emotion you know we have denounced at the court of power madame york or the captain of the three ideas for negligence and for reckless homicide and we are going to do the same with the captain of the libyan patrol which is a member of the libyan coast guard for negligence and for homicide we will take the same measures against anyone who has participated in these acts actively or for by passing their duties. on saturday the rescue boat arrived in the spanish island of new york with the now hospitalized my one woman and the two lifeless bodies. they say politics came before she minutes hereon assistance the rescue group says it was denied proper help which made their four day journey across the mediterranean longer than needed don't they dahlia both italy and mata refused to let us disembark the corpses on the ground they only wanted to take charge of the medical evaluation but they did not accept the bodies the libyan coast guard denies the accusations it says it rescued one hundred sixty five migrants in that same area
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last week without leaving anyone on board but the rescue team and says this case has broader political implications spins out it's unthinkable for a country of the european union for my country to finance a libyan coast guard which we can testify leaves people alive in the middle of the sea and is responsible for homicide a desperate journey with a tragic end that's claimed the lives of so many migrants now a call for political action when humanitarian help alone is not enough katia lopez so the young al jazeera and one year old hunger and baby who symbolize the u.s. policy of separating migrant families at the border has finally been reunited with his parents johan boyce was separated from his father by u.s. border patrol and placed in an arizona attention center his father was deported back to honduras it was only after being granted a voluntary departure order that johan was allowed to fly home to be reunited with
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his parents and five after five months in the shelter the child took his first steps spoke his first words first birthday while in detention. they told me what we are going to do is take away your child to separate you from your child i asked them well you going to do that the child is too young but they told me because you cannot be in the united states you cannot go further with the child you cannot enter the u.s. with him. he had his birthday over there he will not turn one year old again that has passed and i missed it when he learned to walk that's not going to happen again either i missed that because of them they should not have done that he is a baby he can't defend himself he's not an adult to say he does not want that so if he wants anything. now a left leaning faction of the democratic party in the u.s. has been gaining momentum in recent months they call themselves the democratic socialists the most prominent among them is senator bernie sanders he's an
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independent but considers himself a social democrat making him the only one in congress alexandria ocasio cortez's the rising star of the democratic socialists last month the congressional candidate pulled off a stunning victory against a prominent house democrat in new york in all forty people are running for offices at federal state and local levels who have the formal endorsement of the democratic socialists of america earlier i spoke to now he is a democratic socialist he is a member of the hawaii state legislature he's also running for a seat in the u.s. congress asked him first to explain what it means to be a democratic socialist. democratic socialism is not so much about centralizing or within any he's in the government or corporations but more of just making sure that our he's shifted back to the people that supposed to be represented on the
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democratic side on the socialist side just making sure her basic needs are met if the democrats for too long have been focused on process and the frames that the right used like they used to justify cutting programs that help working people and will thing for profits and really need to be folks in the conversation back to human need and whiling and why if that is the case that in the bridges country in the history of the world we still have so many homeless and uninsured and you know folks with out of basic their basic human rights in america and i get them here because there's to interrupt you for a second here's the thing when you talk about shifting power not quite sure what that means does it mean in real terms for example if you're a socialist that means free education a point of delivery free health care a point of delivery nationalizing the railway network for example you will never manage to get those ideas to take off in america evah but for my generation i think the stakes are really high you know it used to be the case that you can get get out
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of high school or college and beyond proper homeownership might this trip eight hundred thousand dollars for an average home making two hundred thousand dollars a year so just the basic applications of what it means the pursuit of happiness and that american dream is just out of reach i think apple is mostly just what with raisins there and strolled both parties in congress for a party long and the only way to really great that it will is a stand up to corporate donors and that's why a lot of folks that are running as a credible which they are also that same candidates for any question i mean that's all we're running a race and when we've all been working people giving five and thirty dollars at a time you know where else that i will have to choose between the orders he brought in and the donors because. the only reason why democrats at any rate of them are that they're afraid of big donors and when i talk about ship in power back to the people that's what i mean rejecting their money and standing squarely with the working people that are you know our salaries they stolen from us cuba is said to
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approve a new constitution that will recognize private property something the communist states along rejected as a remnant of capitalism politicians hope the reforms will help stimulate the economy and encourage foreign investors but the president. says the island's political system will remain the same. politicians in bavaria in germany are trying to win over voters ahead of the elections in october the c.s.u. party which is in a coalition with the german chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats has moved further to the right in their attempt to stop people voting for the anti immigration party one hour from dominic. on a warm summer evening for many bavarians the beer garden is a must certainly that's true. and tonight accompanying the salads and schnitzels there's also political chatter because the local m.p. has dropped in to hear people's concerns as this is election year the christian
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social union is taking no chances this is a belief that once we're here to speak for the voters to persuade them that ours is the right way as a genuine people's party we can govern bavaria that we can keep our society pulling together not apart and so our economy prospers and iraq share in it. but that's the problem for his party. traditionally this parliament has been a stronghold for the c.s.u. in election after election since world war two it seemed to have a stranglehold both on parliament and politics here and yet if the opinion polls are accurate that grip may be slipping where once the c.s. you could count on winning almost half the votes now that's fallen below forty percent the nearest rivals are the center left green party with the social democrats a few points back in third place and the far right anti immigrant a.f.d. close behind some people blame this man for the c.s.
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use present predicament horsed zero for federal interior minister and long time party leader his plan for tougher border controls and an accelerated program of deporting failed asylum seekers pleases the far right but it's also galvanized the left and center left. in opposition and some analysts say some of his ideas seem to be a serious threat to civil liberties it is a very slippery slope in that sense that you gradually have a degree de sion of off the rule of law and of human rights because if you look for instance at the. media coverage of migrants and especially here more right wing media you see that you have they don't see migrants as humans anymore they see them as an issue such thoughts seem quite distant and sunny guess often the c.s.u. insists instead it's based on humanitarian pragmatic policies but as october's
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election draws nearer perhaps that pragmatism may well be tested dominant cane al-jazeera in bavaria. wildfires are raging across the baltics and the nordic region part of the world better known perhaps for its colder weather latvia has had to evacuate a village as it struggles to stop a huge peat fire after months of throat forced to declare a national emergency sweden is experiencing its worst drought in seventy four years and it needs help to prevent a bigger disaster. as more. firefighters in sweden say their battle for control is far from over remarkably nobody's been injured by the dozens of wildfires. the government's appeals for help from other countries italy france and norway have responded by sending water boarding helicopters and planes as well as emergency personnel reeling and. government is ready to take all necessary decisions and supply all needed resources our duties to support all
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agencies so that they have what they need to get the fires under control and therefore the government is following this event closely every minute every day. and usually high temperatures across the whole nordic region up to thirty three celsius coupled with virtually no rain for several weeks have made the budget. taishan here highly flammable finland norway have also had wildfires in the last week but it's sweden that suffer the most. this dairy farmer says the grass is normally much longer right now and that's a real problem we don't use this much. normally. i think we've used to feed about three or four a day. and now it's five or six. alive. in some areas homeowners have been moved to safety while thousands of swedes have been warned to stay indoors with the windows shut to avoid breathing in smoke the situation is very serious and the rescue services do not see that their biggest
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fires will be able to be extinguished in the near future due today weather in that coming week and at the moment the focus is on delaying and requesting and trying to well delay and hinder the spreading of the fires swedish authorities say that as of thursday an area equivalent to twenty thousand football pitches had burned that's ten times the size you'd expect in a normal year and some fires are still spreading the al-jazeera known in sion town in yemen is at risk of being destroyed as fighting rages for a nearby city zubeidi is a unesco world heritage site with dozens of historic homes religious institutes and mosques that south are for data which the u.a.e. coalition has been fighting to retake from who's the rebels aid agencies for the battle could create more of the humanitarian disaster that could threaten the entire time. india is scrapping taxes on sanitary pads and what's being
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hailed as a major boost for girls' education they were previously taxed of twelve percent sparking protests when it was imposed last year the additional cost became a problem for girls and women especially in poor and rural areas they've been officially listed as an essential item. campaigning is underway in pakistan for weapons days general election below while bhutto zardari the head of the pakistan people's party and son of the assassinated former leader benazir bhutto has been running in the southern city. but the vote is widely seen as a two way race between the parties a former cricket star imran khan and the jailed former prime minister now a shareef more than three hundred seventy one thousand soldiers have been deployed to guard polling stations. imran khan's promising to
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stamp out corruption if he wins the election the leader of the. party has addressed a rally in islamabad which is seen as a stronghold for the party he told the crowd he would hold ministers accountable for any wrongdoing young come on board so we can form a government in pakistan where a minister will be afraid of corruption but our national accountability bureau will catch a prime minister and ministers as it happens in europe come hider is in charge district near the border with afghanistan there he spoke to rural voters a wife rejoinder dear of the population level and.


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