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tv   Nepal The Great Plunder  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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a critical part disbanding and compensating more than thirty thousand fighters is expected to be complicated in the region rife with armed groups previous peace agreements with other rebel groups here have failed resulting in the for mission of splinter groups and even more violence the previous failures are cause for the m.i.l.f. fighters to be wary a referendum on the new laws jus to be held before the end of the year. many here are cautiously optimistic that peace has finally arrived. in al-jazeera the city said. a left leaning faction of the democratic party in the us has been gaining momentum in recent months they call themselves the democratic socialists the most prominent among them is senator bernie sanders he's an independent but considers himself a social democrat making him the only one in congress alexandra cortez is the
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rising star of the democratic socialists last month for congressional candidate pulled off a stunning victory against a prominent white house democrat in new york and all forty two people running for office federal state and local levels have the formal endorsement of the democratic socialists of america. kemi outing is a democratic socialists who's a member of hawaii's state legislator he's also running for a seat in the u.s. congress he's why he believes the moment will gain the movement rather will gain traction especially among young americans. but for my generation i think the stakes are really high you know it used to be the case that you can get get ice for college and be on trial for homeownership might this trip eight hundred thousand dollars for an average home you're making two hundred thousand dollars a year so just the basic and the patience of what it means the pursuit of happiness and that american dream is just out of reach i think apple is mostly just what
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reasons are controlled both parties in congress for or the long and the only way to really great that it will is this stand up to corporate donors and that's why a lot of folks that are running as democrats also today are also that same candidates for any question about how we're running a race when we've all been working people getting five and thirty dollars at a time you know where else that i want to choose between the orders he brought in and the donors because the only reason why democrats at any rate of them are that they're afraid of big donors and when i talk about shipping the power back to the people that's what i mean rejecting their money and standing squarely with the working people that are you know our salaries being stolen from us. nine years of war again spoke of holman northern nigeria has taken a toll on young people thousands of traumatized teenagers recruited by the armed group have returned from the front line one hundred ninety three of them were recently released but as one who drinks reports from by the gaurdian borno state
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reintegration is a huge challenge. after months and years in custody of these children accused of links to. starting the long process of recovery. army commanders say someone potential source said but most were ready to shoot troops or suspected members of boko haram. they were all held prisoner at some time in the conflict by both sides and children are coming out of these places with a look of. it's not a place for a child what we are trying to help the government of nigeria to do is to take every child individually through a process of the habitation the united nations children's fund and the regional government are so far rehabilitated nearly ten thousand of them. there are provided medical support classroom education and skills training yet in volatile state experts say more than half
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a million children require i don't psychological and social support whatever level facilities can only look after a few hundred at a time caregiver so yeah that they pose a serious security threat unless they get the care they need the fear is some of them will rejoin book. for yonks just overheard some support reintegration is a difficult process especially to build their self-esteem and confidence. model was arrested by security forces after they fled to the regional capital made agree to seek refuge. and i was picked up while playing football up to now i was a little one offense i commuted i spent eleven months in custody all the twenty two year old thinks about is food clothing and playing football. experts say after escaping the abuses of book or arm children need the custody of government health services not the security forces. now you have the
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instrument of the state that is supposed to be. the seaview now act in any way that is an isp unity the tendency is for these sets of young people to feel neglected. and when a young population feel neglected. take it out on the safety and there are thousands of them out on the streets of the northeast with my ba ba skills or education to compete in a fast changing world. breeze al-jazeera my degree. still ahead on al-jazeera we're at the start line of one of the most unique open water swim races in the world. egypt is now china's third biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese are living in cairo i wanted to see the permits in september one thousand
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nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small traders but are now successful in business and i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at a time it was small but then it began to expand al-jazeera world meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china on al-jazeera fresh perspectives new possibilities. in the stand in the. north of the public support debates and discussions when you see tough questions like this what comes to mind how do you respond before how global of all could we see. winning programs take you on a journey down this can. only exist here.
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welcome back now space x. has successfully launched its final and most powerful. version of the falcon nine rocket. my. liftoff lit up the skies over the florida air base tells dan nineteen vantage satellite was deployed into will be only thirty two minutes after takeoff it will supply broadband services to customers throughout the americas and northern atlantic ocean region. oh it's time to get some sports with samantha thank you very much assam while those start with golf in the final round of the open championship is underway at carnoustie in scotland and with the big names all firing on saturday
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the cleric jogs any oneself for the taking full advantage of the reports. the fist bump is bad was tiger woods winding back the clock to put himself back in contention it conduce to his five under par sixty six his best performance of the major in sydney is. i played well today i really really did i hit a lot of. good shots and. you know i. really didn't feel like i really made a pass frankly team. i've really felt i had control of the day since two thousand the eventual winner of the clarett jug has been leading the field at the start of the final round eleven time. zone to shuffle and kevin curtis now hold that spot along with jordan speed all at nine and. i and moving day certainly lived up to its name for the defending champ. and eagle on the first
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sip tarn as he then made another full birdies to count a six hundred round of sixty five putting him in a strong position to retain his title. tiger on the prowl for shots back he has one eye behind him i have always wanted to battle it out in a major with tiger who hasn't. it's it's kind of a dream come true just to have the opportunity and it's nice that he's you know on point it's really good for the sport obviously for the extra interest given kisner who's live at the end of every round is hoping that trend continues on sunday oh. for the americans wary of the course turning back into can with strong winds forecast for the final round i haven't played in that much when so i think it's going to be a true test and i would get to see really who's in the best and playing the best
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england's justin rose taking advantage of saturday's favorable conditions. after only just making the count it's sivananda past sixty four including the most scorn comics these pokemon history had with al jazeera. vettel has put his ferrari on the pole position for the home german let's see this driver. thought he had sealed the position until vettel produced a lap crackle to claim his first full time since two thousand and ten it was a good day for their eyes fans with kimi rikon in color fine said fastest his best starting position in germany for twelve years. excellent excellent session foster cars from q one i could already feel that yeah i can play so then it was you know about getting through and trying couple of things and in q three it was important to put the lobster better which was the case really really happy and yeah
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you don't have many of those days especially at home so that's really. stop stop stop stop but it was a session to forget settles title rival lewis hamilton the most a this driver was forced from his car after he was hit with hydraulic failure he will now start from the back and fourteenth. trying to see if i can get a car back together to try to push it back in the hope that maybe they can they can fix it but. i could see there was liquid hay and it was a long way to go and they wouldn't let me push it back and forth. which is tough you know it won't work so. when you're fighting for a championship this close kind of four days i was. remains in the lead of the silk way of rally after winning the second stage promise to han to at least the r.t.o. who won the opening stages lead throughout the four hundred and eighty three kilometer leg however he did half the stage in only two wheel drive and will need
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to continue racing this way. on monday as mechanics are not allowed to provide assistance at the end of the state cars trucks and buggies all compete together in the seven stages that finish a red square moscow. double olympic champion shelley and phrase a prize that has continued her successful comeback to let it the jamaican that won the one hundred meter in the time of templeton nine eight seconds at the anniversary games and london the seven time world champion who gave birth to her son last all this clot the fastest time since her return to beating out american into syria a crime. nearly two and a half thousand swimmers have a brave the cold water and strong currents in one of the most extreme open water races in the world the animal boss for a swim a starts on the asian side of the strait and in europe cinema who has more from the bosphorus. this is one of the iconic open swimming events in the
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world bosporus cross continental system race right behind us behind the brits actually there was a boat then more than two thousand swimmers john and the deep blue sea saw the bosphorus to gross from asian side to the european side of istanbul this is what makes the swim brains more unique and. compatible with many others more than two tons of swimmers are striking now it's more six point zero is six points called. globe in tears i miss the bosphorus and they are probably more than fifty countries who have registered for this super race. and it took the wind f. fifteen minutes to herd on the other side of the bus was off to completing the six and a half kilometers swim. and find a futuristic superhero muskets for the twenty twenty and then take and paralympic games in tokyo now have names that meets near i told why and so matey in the blue
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lympics mascots name means future while the think paralympic mascots name comes from the popular cherry blossom tuesday amongst two years until the opening of the games and that's it for me sammy. said for this news hour i'm back with another or agents back in a moment stay with us. to song their insecurity is worth millions of dollars to the nepalese they are living . but i want to investigate the fight to reclaim nepal's stolen idol.
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not a zero. cape town's water running out city hall storage he said people should use no more than fifty liters of top water per person per day. about the third of the city's residents live in informal settlements like this one and you can see in about four percent of the water for generations they've already been collecting it through communal taps all sources say the city will reach day zero on the ninth of july that's when they'll turn off the water in the homes to have it be the communal councils stay on. the city's taps of fed by reservoirs this is one of the largest. because they'll gallop where four years ago they would have been on the twenty five meters of water since then the province has suffered the worst drought on record. water saving measures have already postponed day zero bice three months everyone here is hoping the winter will soon bring enough rainfall to make
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sure the days erode never come. the former bishop of hong kong says the pope is sending out china's catholics but all the pieces of things that you need out there on those informations recently in setting up the church cardinal joseph then talks town jazeera. leaving syria knights through the occupied golan heights eight hundred members of the white helmets and their families flee into georgia. hello i'm adrian for the good of the. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming
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up a standoff at the al aqsa mosque compound thousands of jewish settlers and to the holy sites in occupied east jerusalem plus. protests and intimidation rallies in support of nicaragua's president while his opponents go into hiding. and we check out one of the more unique open water swimming races in the world. the white helmets volunteer group in crucial in syria's years longwall they've saved countless victims and provided aid to the injured now eight hundred of them along with their families have been allowed to reach jordan through the israeli occupied golan heights the u.s. britain and canada spearheaded the evacuation planning has been underway for weeks but it seems that was escalated after last week's nato summit in brussels the operation began in the southwestern region of can i trust from wear white helmets
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and their families crossed into the occupied golan heights israel accepted the request from the u.s. and europe to allow them to transit through from there they're being taken to transit camps in neighboring jordan where the united nations will become responsible for them and they'll eventually settle in western countries that include germany the u.k. canada and the netherlands sounds as if she has a go for reports. as night fell hundreds of white helmet volunteers and their families made their way across the israeli occupied golan heights to jordan the plan is for the united nations to help resettle them in canada the u.k. and germany rebels in syria's southwest region reached a deal with the government to leave the area on friday buses have been leaving from quintet what we are seeing actually in my opinion is bought off the engine mounts would have been agreed between them and international powers in order to clear. the
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area from any presence that is not that might not. be happy with. the white helmets were founded in twenty fourteen to rescue civilians injured in attacks on rebel held territory the nonprofit volunteer risky group operates in opposition held areas and has been backed by the u.s. and other western countries for many of the volunteers who left this is the first time in years they won't be confronted with casualties of war so here's i've got food al-jazeera more than a thousand jewish settlers have entered the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem triggering a standoff with muslim worshippers there marking the tisza of holiday which commemorates the destruction of the ancient jewish temples in jerusalem small confrontations and broken out over the last few hours leading to several arrests on both sides locks a mosque is islams third holiest sites and jews believe the compound is where its
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biblical temples once stood it's been the most contested piece of territory since israel occupied east jerusalem in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven i'll just have a jump june has more from western. palestinian muslim worshippers consider this always to be a provocation so it is nothing new that there are these flare ups that happen in that area but on a day like today this is a holiday that commemorates many disasters throughout jewish history. you're going to see more settlers that want to access the compound that's why there was such a large number of them this morning and that's why there still is a large contingent of them in the area that are trying to get in the compound so at this point it's really a wait and see we're going to have to see how it develops the next several hours of course it has been a very tense period these last several months here and on a day like today it really just highlights how any little thing can really lead to bigger conflagrations the hope at this hour is that things will calm down but there is a lot of concern that things might get worse the clashes might get worse these these pushing and shoving incidents these provocations that they could lead to something
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bigger israel's defense minister suggested that restrictions on gaza could be lifted if the cease fire with hamas holds of it will lieberman says the main commercial entry into gaza may reopen and fishing zones expanded on tuesday the truce was brokered between israel and hamas following violent confrontations on friday stephanie decker reports. hamas is many chewing the kasam brigades are burying their dead three of their members were killed on friday afternoon israel struck various how mass monitoring posts along the border soon after an israeli soldier was shot from gaza he later died of his wounds sixty sites belonging to have mass were attacked by israeli forces late into the night a few rockets were fired from gaza in response and a cease fire was announced hours later it's the second ceasefire in a week but i don't think this would last for a long time i think it's better for us. unfortunately we would
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have just. go through this or situation and after that it would have the same because many put all of that. people and. the pattern of escalation ceasefire as relations ceasefire between israel and hamas will only continue and that the long term plan to leave the situation for the people here almost two million people are living under this blockade and everyone says the same thing how impossible life has become here. i can't afford anything to work as a tailor in israel before the blockade i made around a thousand three hundred dollars a month of the moment i can't even make three hundred dollars a month exchanging money i work two shifts a day morning and night the meaning of humanity is missing in gaza most people are educated the confines work people are straight on to pressed people are willing to
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die those who are married cannot feed their children patients can't get medication and there's no electricity this is really painful and sad. palestinians here have little power to influence the political decisions made either in gaza or israel no one wants another war but as one woman asked us what do we need to do to be able to live like everyone else stephanie decker al-jazeera gaza. four boats loaded with a are on their way to gaza from the italian port of palermo the freedom flotilla coalition says it wants to bring a peaceful end to the israeli blockade of the palestinian territory it expects to take just over a week to reach israeli waters it will then hand over one of the boats to fishermen from gaza abdel moneim el amrani is in poland and spoke to one of the organizers. while i am here at palermo italy the ports of call animal in italy and behind me you can see allowed our boat and i do not make means return return to gaza return
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to palestine this is the main boat of the freedom flotilla which is about to be sail into what's gaza it's basically a fishing boat from norway that's been transformed for this trip and the people of the coalition of the freedom flotilla coalition they are aiming to reach gaza and give this fishing boat as a gift to the fisherman in gaza with me here is a lane she is the representative of the coalition on the allowed boat czar i know you have been involved in the coalition for many many years and this is the first time you are traveling on the boat tours of gaza what can you tell me about your feelings well you know we are doing this to. send a message of solidarity and hope with the palestinians in gaza but our aim is actually to lift the blockade so we have made along the way we stopped in many ports in our objective is to raise awareness and to make
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people put pressure on their governments to stop being complexes with the crimes that israel commits against humanity so basically the you keep the windus trips even though the final destination is not guaranteed why you keep trying. exactly the same thing that i just said because we want to lift the blockade the blockade will not be lifted by just one boat getting to gaza the blockade will. he lifted if enough international pressure if enough sanctions on israel to change its policy all right one last question. on a personal note i know that you are an israeli citizen and you are taking this trip . with the palestinian people in the wake of the palestinian especially the palestinian people in the gaza strip do you have a message to your fellow israelis yes we know that israel has just passed a new law national. i don't know jewish state whatever
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and i really feel ashamed disgusted by this because i i think sees another sign of us d'you minimizing all people who are not jewish but especially the palestinians and i think we lose our own humanity by doing so so my message to these rallies is stop while you still can too you know to save your own souls basically we cannot keep living there we have to leave together with our neighbors and it's an israeli and as a human being he's my obligation to make this cry so thank you very much live together as human beings this is the message of one of the main participants in the freedom flotilla coalition this year a group that rescues migrants from the mediterranean sea is planning to file a manslaughter complaint against libya's coast guard they say that a woman and child died when they and another woman were left stranded and their boat deliberately destroyed i'll just sirus lopez reports.
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was. a desperate rush to save lives it's the moment to rescue one person you stranded migrants in the mediterranean a forty year old woman from cameroon a storm of life but for another woman and a toddler it's too late. the difficulties we've experienced to save just one single life have been unbelievable aid group proactive open arms found the migrants and say the deaths were no accident it's accusing libya's coast guard of manslaughter the rescue team says libya's coast guard intercepted about one hundred sixty europe of bound migrants the two women and a toddler apparently refused to board the vessel as a result the rescuers allege the libyan coast guard abandoned the migrants and slashed their inflatable boat with a knife most of it. we have denounced at the court of power they may orca the captain of the three ideas for negligence and for reckless homicide and we're going to do the same with the captain of the libyan patrol which is
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a member of the libyan coast guard for negligence and for homicide on saturday the rescue boat arrived in the spanish island of new york with the now hospitalized my one woman and the two lifeless bodies they say politics came before she minutes hereon assistance the rescue group says it was denied proper help which made their four day journey across the mediterranean longer than needed. both italy and mata refused to let us disembark the corpses on the ground they only wanted to take charge of the medical evaluation but they did not accept the bodies. the libyan coast guard denies the accusations it says it rescued one hundred sixty five migrants in that same area last week without leaving anyone on board but the rescue team insisted this case has broader political implications spins out it's unthinkable for a country of the european union for my country to finance a libyan coast guard which we can testify leaves people alive in the middle of the
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sea and is responsible for her.


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