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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 203  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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you know there are actually many about thirty protests a day but. but they have there is no end in sight to liberation you know to the dictatorship in minnesota so that lasted for years and this is more brutal and in the words this is sort of more people dead in a shorter period of time more effective government repression and more brutal government repression then we can see this lasting for a very long time as well other than sort of devolves into civil war which of course you could al gore has a history of but the people are by and large not armed and the use of the paramilitary forces and the censorship and the paramilitary forces on motorcycles are particularly frightening and again we had that too is you know means that this can go on for a long time and it gives the government some form of like knowledgeable deniability you know down down the line but so you know that i unfortunately i think the the
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people the student protesters have a very long battle ahead of them i don't see or think a letting go anytime soon and you know for the last three years at least that we know of the russians have been training in arming the military and the paramilitary forces and you've got our and so they and they have backing by cuban intelligence as well so this is not you know there there are no amateurs ok mr cullen but at the same time we've seen thousands of pro supporters on the streets saying that revolution is now being hijacked by the west. well. this reflects the changes that took place in recent years the money particularly flowing in from venezuela unable the government to massively expand the public sector the the the state bureaucracy there's a very large number of people in nicaragua dependent on on the state for employment
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and the pro-government demonstrations are very largely composed of people who have been ordered by their superiors to to attend and they know which side their bread is buttered on they don't want to lose their jobs are going to lose their livelihood and the sandinista youth organization particularly which are very young people who don't remember the sandinista revolution but they. they've been pros happened to the this regime they formed a large part of the. shock troops of the paramilitary troops of the regime i learnt there is no indication to suggest that there might be any political dialogue with or to go in the near future so what is the next step for you for the protestors what are you planning to do in the future. to get out of this. but there are.
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government. support that is. why you're standing. up. and what they were getting that's the. same. with. the. either but that we don't see like it's three. isn't a very. it's you're not. trying to.
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everywhere but i think it's. going to stay because this is. so every year. from when i was thank you very much indeed for your time appreciate the thank you but this is it now boiling down to. what should be next for done in the deposit opposition didn't. must go now yes yes i think that that he must go i mean it's so beyond any point of. unfortunately i think of dialogue and i know i keep comparing it it's because the the the parallels are so striking you know we've had intermittent dialogue and the powers are striking because it's the same people behind it's the same relationships
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that you know dialogue in minnesota has a war and it says non-current are not going to happen far off partly because you have all of these proxy interests of russia of cuba. that are that are propping it up so they really need to the fourth they've got to sort of stay stay in power and that's even more important to relate in some ways it's a it's a stronger older relationship for them there than it is and that's why so i don't see how dialogue is going to work then the other thing that does need to go i think that once you start murdering her own people you know because they want free and fair elections. using paramilitary forces and he's been asking by the way another is that they've been asking for and got and are getting are going to get forces from that as well that to help keep them a lot they got in power so if you're supposed to be a liberator who's against foreign intervention but apparently some foreign intervention is ok as long as it's backed by the same people so they're going to fight that turf war as well so there's no there's no there's no end in sight to go
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there's no to opportunity i think for dialogue resolution here mr cullen you've been talking previously about the financial aid provided by the venezuelan government to. you as like or to like that will cause the will all promoting or trying to advance the boulevard in form of socialism for you the. in lots of america is it a sign that boulevard in socialism doesn't work anymore well i mean it works as long as there's plenty of money i mean the thing about travel is of course you have very abundant oil resources which if they have to splash around at the same time undermining the basis of the economy so when the oil man you started running at which i mean there was no productive capacity in the economy and the state controls as you've been introduced meant there are no incentives for anybody who still had
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a business to try and produce this of course means that this kind of model has a very limited lifespan and it was precisely because the venezuelan model started running out of steam with the collapse in the oil price that the aide to nicaragua started to wind lng on this call of the whole nicaragua model into into into question as well but of course your argue has learnt to take has learnt from my daughter from from from venezuela that if you are prepared to kill as many people as it takes you can dig in and you can defy both domestic pressures and also foreign precious to you. to give way. you have said that he's interested in dialogue but in fact he the bishops who are supposed to be acting as mediators in the national dialogue he's accuse them of being both of the idea of having people mediating talks when the president one side regards them as trying to overthrow him
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it's obviously false the call is not going to happen then he said do you think that the catholic church has the potential to salvage a political settlement and no i mean and only because i don't think that a political settlement is really going to work here unfortunately i mean you'll forgive my ongoing skepticism i do think that in theory with a slightly different set of circumstances they could they are they are credible they have moral authority this is central america the church is very strong which is partly why you see ortega saying that that that the ones trying to overthrow him are sort of some diabolical force right it's because religion still resonates so strongly not only that the church in central america even more so than in than in south and then in venezuela for instance is a huge provider of health care education and everything else it's very deeply rooted in the grass roots of you know the poor all areas and it also commands you
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know the loyalty even of the highly educated you know professional class as you know so matter what you go to church you know so i think they could but they could bring sort of the business class and the poor class together but you know it's all about tonight can something so but. it's just not going to happen yeah mr cullen. some very strong words from the united states. states. what can the americas does it do they still have some leverage given their past involvement in the war well of course it's one of the. argument solved the government of the us a government that they're fighting against imperialism this is a plot involving international organized crime in league with coup mongers a fair amount also with terrorists and the imperialists. so this does have a certain traction with some sections of the population the americans can do what they've done to venezuela they can introduce functions on named individuals
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stopping them from traveling freezing their bank accounts and generally ramping up the kind of pressure to go beyond that is very problematic president trump has talked about it considering a military intervention saying that it's way over here i don't think even he would consider a military intervention in any character and of course it's not going to happen eventually there either because it would be very strongly opposed everywhere else in the continent they can try. why didn't the scope of the end of the individual sanction of course all kinds of international organization can come out with resolutions deploring what's going on calling on the government to enter a dialogue call off the paramilitaries and so on but this has very limited effect look at somebody who is determined to hang on to power but it's about the same time we've seen some sandinista for our allies over take a denouncing or at least distancing themselves from the land of the protestors is
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this something that could convince ultimately ortega just say of. well i hope so but i still remain skeptical because we've also seen that elsewhere we've seen them going to so i mean you do have some true believers right there sandinista movement had a reason for being there were people who believed that you know that you needed agrarian reform so they they came into existence and you had based in a certain set of circumstances and they you have true believers in the rights of the poor equality and all of that so what you're seeing is the fracture of of the true believers versus the ones who have just sort of become a little cabal or a little cartel of power and money and they're rebelling there they view it as a betrayal of their movement now i would be curious to see whether the the people who are speaking out against them are perhaps not is not as deeply rooted in the
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part of government money that's a possibility but i. will say mr cohen isn't it interesting that in more than eighty years ago it was run by two political dynasties the somoza and then the old with grooming his wife to take over what is the problem here with the country is it more about the political elite or is it that the politics of the no the way we know it in the western world does not really function properly in a place like nicaragua well the institutions are not as well established. the country does have. a history a recent history of instability of course you know these things take time to do to overcome yes wanted this to be followed by another one and one of the features of you know taking a government is one thing but exasperated the private sector is the increasingly sandinista militants and relatives and so on have been cornering what bits of the
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economy are still functioning well we even bali the general rate of growth has been slowing down. these things need time to for political institutions to to begin functioning but i think what we have in in a number of. countries but particularly in determination by the government to make sure that this doesn't happen to the new way forward under the present circumstances and the fact of the last question would be whether autogas going to heed international calls and step aside or stick to a power for this annoying when colin harding thank you very much indeed for your presence today looking forward to see near the near future and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is a.j. inside story from be hashem have on the whole team here by phone or. whenever i see something that has happened in the news my first reaction is to please god don't let this person have been someone that we released on parole gatekeepers of the parole system you're asking us for a second chance rape was important to me was on the other side of friends and our go to the other side of us it was amused at her to remember how many times you have
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been a prison exploring the dark side of american justice the system with job on al-jazeera. and this was different whether someone is going for some of the favorites but that's about it we think it's how you approach an official and that's what it is a certain way of doing it you can't just buy in and get a story and fly out. the former bishop of hong kong says the pope is selling out china's catholics but on the pieces of things that you need out there on those information is a leader in setting up the church cardinal joseph zahn talks town jazeera.
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i'm sam is a damn with a look at the headlines here on al-jazeera some of the white helmet volunteers who've been rescuing thousands of syrians over the years have left southern syria via the occupied golan heights israel's military gave more than a hundred of the syrian rescue team and their family safe passage to jordan after a un request shiners that the go forward force. as night fell hundreds of white helmet volunteers and their families made their way across the israeli occupied
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golan heights to jordan the plan is for the united nations to help resettle them in canada the u.k. and germany rebels in syria's southwest region reached a deal with the government to leave the area on friday buses have been leaving from quintet tra what we are seeing actually in my opinion is part of the enjoyments would have been agreed between them and international powers in order to clear. the area from any presence that is not that might not be happy with. the white helmets were founded in twenty fourteen to rescue civilians injured in attacks on rebel held territory the nonprofit volunteer risky group operated in opposition held areas and has been backed by the u.s. and other western countries for many of the volunteers who left this is the first time in years they won't be confronted with casualties of war she hears i've got
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food al-jazeera. more than a thousand jewish settlers have entered the compound in occupied east jerusalem triggering a standoff with muslim worshippers there marking the holiday which commemorates the destruction of ancient jewish temples in jerusalem small confrontations or broken about in the last few hours leading to several arrests on both sides a lot so a mosque is islam's third holiest sites jews believe the compound is where the biblical temple once stood it's been the most contested piece of territory since israel occupied east jerusalem in nine hundred sixty seven one hundred jump jhoom has more from the west. palestinian muslim worshippers consider this always to be a provocation so it is nothing new that there are these flare ups that happen in that area but on a day like today this is a holiday that commemorate. many disasters throughout jewish history you're going to see more settlers that want to access the compound that's why there was such
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a large number of them this morning and that's why there still is a large contingent of them in the area that are trying to get in the compound so at this point it's really a wait and see we're going to have to see how it develops the next several hours of course it has been a very tense period these last several months here and on a day like today it really just highlights how any little thing can really lead to bigger conflagrations the hope at this hour is that things will calm down but there is a lot of concern that things might get worse the clashes might get worse these these pushing and shoving incidents these provocations that they could lead to something bigger a group that rescues migrants from the mediterranean plans to file a manslaughter complaint against libya's coast guard they say a woman and child died after being left stranded on that boat deliberately damaged . supporters and opponents of nicaragua's president of resumed protests in the capital managua and the government demonstrates is what new elections and the resignation of president done your last day go he accuses them of plotting
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a coup with the support of the catholic church in the united states campaigning is underway in pakistan for wednesday's general election that all bhutto zardari the head of the pakistan people's party and so on the former leader benazir bhutto has been holding rallies in the southern city of karachi a vote is widely seen though as a two way race between the parties a form of cricket saw him on calm and jailed former prime minister nawaz sharif. government in pakistan where a minister will be afraid of corruption but a national accountability bureau will catch a prime minister and minister is as it happens in europe. space x. has successfully launched its final and most powerful version of the falcon nine rocket. it will supply broadband services to customers throughout the americas and northern atlantic ocean region. back at the top of the hour with more updates stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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in the egyptian capital cairo a chinese community has established itself reflecting the growing business relationship between egypt and china. the two countries have developed a robust relationship in recent years overall trade between egypt and china has
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exceeded eleven billion u.s. dollars. egypt has awarded lucrative construction contracts to chinese companies and indorsed china's plans to build a global trade route the road in the belt initiative. the chinese community in egypt has grown to more than ten thousand. this is the story of the chinese who came to study work and opened businesses here. and who have discovered an affinity for the life and culture of the most populous arab country. to lead you to listen you know. it's a. home that in.
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that fashion on. the walk there's a. thing on the cheers. from you to. go. on in the shoes you. are sure. it's. true that in there for that. well don't. easy or do the yellow the title of the organizer. starting in one nine hundred fifty four egypt was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic and economic relations with the people's republic of china.
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in one thousand nine hundred five china and egypt signed a trade agreement that boosted business relations. cheap goods and services flowed from china into egyptian markets. by two thousand and two china had become egypt's six largest trading partner. today that relationship has grown further and china is now egypt's second largest trading partner. but on a much smaller individual scale bean and her brother want change seized a local business opportunity and sell clothes in the cities and rural areas.
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and i was appalled when linda pulled us influence on me a little. under five. years old so this is really thought this is all now the whole thing not only in the can they say that although the leave my the clothe them is not most of the. point. if. there was no why don't they. yes do not go or degenerate is going to what you don't go home when you should.
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not they are really hard to not show you how. many. of them played only on tape not only. that did i get. me. that it. was oral. and nice. to memorize. joins how your. also are. on that you were never there you will know that you were allegedly on. your history and someone who won't know how much you have one washington or do you put a home in are you mad or down. so much did he. look
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we want to or beyond. so. we're not trying to pick. the chinese come to work but also to invest in friday of industries. south of cairo to shut down taliban area as one of the world's major production centers and grant .
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hong. kong needs all. the. mail. you. know all. the chinese have quite quickly how diversify egypt's economy in one thousand nine hundred nine they were only a few hundred.


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