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the chinese have quite quickly how diversify egypt's economy in one thousand nine hundred nine there were only a few hundred. today there are more than ten thousand living and working. summer started as small traders are now successful business owners. will be. here to hold the. union. you hold your eyes you know what i. saw by those i'd see them in their garage or. show me how. well. you made us will work on. trying to ensure. your whole. world is your father says
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that was the beginning of. all those little i'm all about. even out of all of them. what's in those fourteen and if there are more than our divorce is a comma. you have to be all those guys in the whole case. so it's on the pounds and i don't id. someone and.
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don't want to know i did a whole not tom-tom grow on that if. it's off and. now apparently not on a halter the have. only way to join in if i have a. business is not only attraction for chinese who take up residence here. some are also drawn to egypt's interior to. waltz home shochet just all. when john. it was so walsh. what you're all i mean you go.
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with. each and each ongoing and can't do with. them which i'm going on. as early as the one nine hundred thirty china sponsored several groups of muslim chinese students to study in cairo. this exchange establish lasting links between china egypt and other muslim countries. was something of a pioneer and first came to cairo in the late one nine hundred ninety s. to study at university. so. when i go from zero.
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to. understand one of. so the whole. so as a hard young woman. and. so . on so the i knew how to push. through on the. united. so vision with. your pov as you look at mom i see what have you seen it before you wouldn't know what you are here your feet how. you are similar.
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to. how. it was. but. now you. are. the chinese setting a business here number of challenges of which language is the first. not. well yeah this is. just. you know well. enough.
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she went on how when where how it for you she. thought about. or are. they going to be the mr. going to watch him with. you and they're going to going to be with. him on the chin with gone. home never tell them that we're. going to work today i was going to study my mother. my mother for going to going to get help or should hire. some are hala for the gone so you can lead.
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and the. little guy who got. you might on here. sometimes see the end. so that you know which we had the freedom freedom daughter wouldn't you john and you. could see you know who are you still without years and who are gone the. who for you the. country which you should you choose for somewhere in the. other and. where you are. so were.
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you which it turns you would you would. sort of. steadily and for more than a quarter century china and egypt have been learning how to make money together through a variety of economic projects. egypt. is awarded several contracts to chinese companies for the construction of a twenty billion dollars financial and administrative city that we physically link to cairo. and china is the lead investor in the construction of a planned multi-billion dollar economic freezone and training have around the suez canal. each new collaboration is an opportunity for the chinese diaspora to grow their business. in. general for the harshest of. the in our new orleans and the whole.
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things you know woman to. go can you going to. war over and therefore they'll be your whole human somewhere that she and. the one to. the chinese also must mind to manage cultural differences if their businesses are going to get off the ground. to what i now see in my old sotu about financing our so it comes with its years of really you know could not be river to the what's going on how. could you turn now to they all had. to mess it hell yeah i did it on one hand. so was your ideas on a whole not. yet. c.e.o. . says hours or so years time or less.
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well maybe we remember one minute entire. story about it. on israel well i see no way this year while i am not so sure you know what i mean is he not how or do you have i rely upon that way it wasn't here that because of something about her. fashion house. and the cia are trained to do then which is. the home. you see here. to me. now with those receiving house in no other senate finance now and.
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it. may or. so that who are. comical although the consumers i don't want you. coming to resign. from in the. law are your idea and common for you can damage your quit coming to fruition. and. soon be young to be young. and proud of.
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your passion money. come. from some of. the you come and. join us and. they will show up on to do. so. so you my mother just. remember going to. coming up in part two. of war who was lodging house of the charity young. i have little could. she needs when they need on. for some this love of egypt becomes profound forming friendships that touch them and make them want to stay permanently. the world's primary could change producing nations peru is at the forefront of the
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war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry worth of what this business will go on forever it will not change almost global policies of the who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes on al-jazeera the nature news as it breaks the syrian government with the backing of iran and russia now controls sixty percent of syria after steadily recapturing territory with detailed coverage what was supposed to be a summit between the two most powerful leaders in the world is taking things to a new level from around the world the backdrop of course all of this is a gigantic power vacuum in northern irish politics with no functioning local government for eighteen months. or fighting. young men who join us chabad in the battle for somalia. that.
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many never return. loved ones pick up for instance. to try to understand. from the north i witnessed. as you see here. sam is a damning with a look at the headlines here now to syria now some white helmet rescuers have been moved out of syria's southwest through the israeli occupied golan heights at the request of the u.n. the united nations says it will resettle about eight hundred of the volunteers and their families and western countries. is the director of policy analysis at the
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arab center for research and policy studies he explains the significance of the evacuation it seems to me that this is the last of the armed conflict in south western syria it's part of a deal that has been struck between days not least the russians and the americas might have been involved also in this which actually allows the syrian regime to regain control of these of these years and evacuation of the white helmet from from the area is part of their deal i think this is an admission maybe by the israelis by the americans and the russians have one in syria and the region of bashar assad would remain and empowered more than a thousand jewish settlers have entered the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem triggering a standoff with muslim worshipers marking the holiday which commemorates the destruction of ancient jewish temples in jerusalem small confrontations have broken
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out in the last few hours leading to several arrests on both sides a locks a mosque is the third holiest site jews believe the compound is where biblical temples once stood it's been the most contested piece of territory since israel occupied east jerusalem in one thousand and sixty seven supporters and opponents of nicaragua's president of resumed protests in the capital managua and the government demonstrators want new elections and the resignation of president daniel ortega. campaigning is underway in pakistan for wednesday's general election little while bhutto zardari the head of the august on people's policy of sana former leader benazir bhutto has been holding rallies in the southern city of karachi for the vote is widely seen as a two way race between the policies of former cricket star. and jailed former prime minister nawaz sharif more than three hundred seventy one thousand soldiers being
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deployed across the country to god polling stations. those are your headlines the news continues after al-jazeera world. history is so often told through the eyes of leaders but in amritsar india just thirty kilometers from the border with pakistan this old building is being transformed into a new museum malika. is the driving force behind sars partition musial it's really shocking because if you think about the fact that within a few years of nine eleven happening nine eleven museum was there and there are now numerous called a museum this is not beautiful a museum so countries around the world have walked to memorialize these events that have shaped them by dition is not about the political events that led up to partition it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome on this
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would be that we remember our shared humanity and the shared history. chinese investment in egypt has gradually grown in recent years some huge capital projects are planned costing billions of u.s. dollars. at the same time the number of chinese living here has grown charmer on ten thousand some building infrastructure others starting their own businesses all seeing similarities and differences between their two inches civilizations. go to the world. on the. notion that there is or what if they don't quite as you know in the united states
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be young. only. guns on the gun in your home. and then by what the mother said how would that put in an. extract how some chinese have developed a genuine affinity and closeness to the country and the people forming unexpectedly close relationship. with. the words in the.
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yeah. why is she afraid. to share point on the phone was that. there was. one as you. said joe was a tub or. a child. so. maybe. she.
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was there to see him though i was. like many expatriate communities around the world the chinese here are close knit. they have support networks and also meet socially often in the increasing number of chinese restaurants springing up around cairo. and they observe traditional festivals together. wait for their use you do they hear i hope. you don't sure.
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of the. way you are content to show you know your woman yeah well no you. can't. please all while you still. hold until you know as you didn't go far in the ones you or me or you go in there because the only way you can the younger shall we. may go to where it was open to the woman though. she bungled. khomeini and the woman. that you're. sure of a u.-haul the. woman's a go should one go. for the woman though which is.
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when a chinese culture center opened in cairo in two thousand and two it was the largest of its kind outside of china. there's also an association promoting cultural exchange between the two countries. so i want. to i just. somehow. this year you. as usual or. as we said. from was a few that i first. i was. going to george was as you call me
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chinese dancers performing traditional arabic dance it's almost as potent an example of cultural exchange as you will ever see. as the population grows so does the instance of intermarriage. oh. how i. was. down the hall much large into your. i didn't. hold all. the exit. door.
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by a short on time yet. i see that woman's out in those that are why it is the idea that. the fine then. no.
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you know what. i do your show. hall.
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or. so we've seen on. so for us you should. see it to show you. where you go but then we also move bill i've been through. the. city and i do good to be going to a home of this show i. mean. me
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some was a seal. now on a. saturday. with a. huge all chain. in the torso he and i just. you know what us are here that you who teach in terms of. some hole that you don't go on you need to do a whole new one session and. he did yeah. now hold. on i. don't. want to go to the edge is your.
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children. come on said she. was educational one way but i guess you don't want to. actually i mean. the one way where nigel. she's a woman be. founded there should. be chinese here want peace and stability in egypt for business and personal reasons . many investors fled after the twenty eleven revolution but today china and egypt are redoubling efforts to strengthen their trade relationship. the egyptian trade minister has said he expects china to emerge as egypt's fastest growing investment partner in the coming year. if projects like the new
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administrative capital and its rail link worth billions of dollars materialize commercial ties between the two countries will continue to grow as will the chinese community in egypt. on the atlantic coast of west africa communities are at risk. as rising sea levels and a manmade disaster of threatening people's lives on land and at sea. al-jazeera world expose the impact of climate change and a catastrophic human error. on senegal sinking villages.
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in the weather sponsored by cattle. hello the mid winter cold in bolivia is no surprise of course it's a very high country cloud pushing through as proved produce and hail some snow a cold cold rain and is it clears away we get sunshine but we're in it ten degrees in the past should be somewhere like fourteen maybe seventeen santiago's fairly cold too but not much different than the cold air will probably spread slowly sas was three paragraphs a year ago we still got twenty eight s. and c. and one of sarah's any about the ten mark not much for me out of the sky and occasional rain showers possibly more cloud on the pacific coast actually that might produce a little bit of a situation but it's now in the andes but not very much to be honest because most
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of the action should be further north and you to do get a good bloom a shower as of hispania earlier in cuba fewer satellite picture with some obvious curves through florida than through the palms as well and that's where the rain will be of the next day or so and a few showers roughly speaking costa rica's cyrus woods the cloud exists up as far south next come up she's a shower too here as well but majority the rain is going to be florida and if you're lucky some big showers in jamaica as well has been the other once again particularly haiti and of course but muta the small islands enjoy the sunshine. the weather sponsored by cattle i always say. when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps then the borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's not effective instead of being an obstacle to do it don't waste it became another obstacle to peace in
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a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. they are worth millions of dollars to the nepalese they are living. in one east investigates the fight to reclaim the poles stolen. not a zero. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a band this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the return of afghanistan's vice president of the flies back to kabul this some ongoing
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criminal investigation. leaving syria through the occupied golan heights eight hundred members of the white helmets and their families to safety. standoff. compound thousands of jewish settlers enter the holy sites in occupied east jerusalem and i'm far to hear with all the day's sport including action from one of the biggest battles in world swimming as two thousand competitors descend on the bosphorus sport the cross continent. now we're getting reports of an explosion in the square in front of the airport in the afghan capital kabul at least ten people have been hurt in the blast we're being told it happened as vice president general abdul rashid dostum returned home
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after more than a year in exile will have more about him in a moment but first let's speak to. in kabul can you tell us. family as we speak with people at the scene that there was an explosion just in front of kabul airport while gen dostum convoy passed the area the eyewitnesses that there was about ten people killed and thirty people injured i minded. two women and one child and there is no. more information about this mess so it isn't clear atoll what might have been the target of this attack well it's not confirmed yet but today all the roads were blocked because of this program that general does that will arrive to kabul. because of this station or a pass or come back to us when things become a little bit clearer that and masood mentioned that explosion happening within
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minutes of the arrival of gas gana stands vice president general abdul rashid dostum now he spent more than a year in exile he left the country following allegations of rape against a political rival he's been welcome to cobble despite an ongoing criminal investigation charlotte betis reports. the second most powerful man in afghanistan is back in kabul vice president general abdul rashid dostum had been living in exile in turkey for the last fourteen months he was allowed to come back after his supporters protested demanding his return. general dostum lift because of this man ahmed ishi a northern elder who accused him and his guards of kidnapping and right. dostum ordered his commander to rape me nine other bodyguards he told them to rape me until the ground is covered with blood and take a photograph but dostum refused to come in for questioning president ashraf ghani
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then persuaded turkey's president reject typo to want to take him in it's not the first time dostum spain exiled in turkey it's a repeat of ten years ago when he assaulted a political rival which led to this standoff in kabul between police and his bodyguards i got gen dostum is surrounded somewhere homs even cost him his hairs they must know that seven or eight provinces of the north will turn against the government's dostum has a ruthless reputation he has ruled northern afghanistan for thirty years and is renowned for shifting his allegiance. in one thousand nine hundred six he met top taliban commanders for talks but the handshake stops there he would fight the taliban in the northern alliance famously saying he could never bow out of a government where there is no whisky and no music dustin was later accused of the crimes and hundreds of taliban prisoners in his care suffocated in shipping
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containers. after the two thousand and one us invasion dostum transitioned from warlord to politician. he willed enormous influence in afghanistan's north when he returned from exile ten years ago this was his reception. i many including president danny who needs the support of dostum spanx we eager to see what type of reception he gets this time. china bellus al-jazeera a much darker him is a political analyst and specialist on regional security joins us now on skype from kabul good to get you with us first of all as you may have heard a blast has targeted the airport area in kabul i don't want you to speculate but any reason to believe that that is linked or targeted to the arrival of the vice president back into afghanistan. well one good state of that did was start to doubt
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him because the opposition militant groups are his target. i mean the target does not build those gatherings which can contribute to instability and insecurity and i want to start and the issue of those them has been so much politicised with the last fourteen months that. anything doing with that in dollars of insecurity or targeting at the con wise or even harming them would have significantly contributed to instability in the afghanistan and that's why one can see that it was targeted at him at his conway we should point out we've had no suggestion so far that he's been hurt in that blast situation not very clear and we're trying to clarify obviously as we go on but if he's back in afghanistan the big question is will he face any challenges. i don't expect that because
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a. lot is that most of such cases where the senior politicians i don't want to be in criminal activities or even want crimes that he has to be eligible to be engaged in not followed through judicial system and let me add to what i see it is that i just did get a statement from each cheek who has logic used. against him he has said that he will or he would like to follow the traditional justice system where the traditional make gun isms the conflicts and the issues are resolved so this shows like things that are most probable in the he would like of the whatever he would like to see happen to those allegations the attorney general had started an investigation into those sorts of allegations what's happening to the attorney general's case on investigation. well again i can tell you in two thousand and eighty he was eligible for the soft start against one of his eyes
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and there was a job you should proceeding started nothing happened with that and he had as well many are not optimistic that these follow up from the attorney general's office will really help. so finding a legal solution to the issue that is why i believe that it's more difficult to get settlement there may be an f. for the song of that you should be mr e.c. who is the whip him off. his start and give it to find a way to chart out things outside the judicial courts what's the bigger picture here what is the return of those to mean for the government's crackdown against warlords unfortunately many people talk their district down will help the country get rid of these warlords who have been maintaining ahead you many and have been influencing the local politics have been really creating problems for the general public they have been engaged in extortions modeling language being etc but
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return also. means that the government might not pursue the not for our string or eliminating these warlords and assets this is a big sit back for the hopes of people of the general outline public we're sick of these warlords i think this is a this is sit back and against the wishes and the will of the public all right thanks so much. now the white helmets volunteer group have been crucial in syria's years long war they've saved countless victims and provided aid to the injured now eight hundred volunteers and their families have been allowed to reach jordan through the israeli occupied golan heights the u.s. britain and calibers spearheaded the evacuation planning has been underway for weeks but it seems was escalated after last week's nato summit in brussels the
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operation began in the southwestern region of what i throw from where the white helmets and their families crossed into the golan heights israel they accepted a request from the u.s. in europe to allow them to transit through from there they were taken to transit camps in neighboring jordan where the u.n. will become responsible for them and they'll eventually settle in western countries including germany the u.k. canada and the netherlands shadows out of our four reports. as night fell hundreds of white helmet volunteers and their families made their way across the israeli occupied golan heights to jordan the plan is for the united nations to help resettle them in canada the u.k. and germany rebels in syria's southwest region reached a deal with the government to leave the area on friday buses have been leaving from quintet tra what we are seeing actually in my opinion is part of the enjoyments would have been agreed between then and international powers in order to clear. the
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area from any presence that is not that might not be happy with. the white helmets were founded in twenty fourteen to rescue civilians injured in attacks on rebel held territory the nonprofit volunteer risky group operated in opposition held areas and has been backed by the u.s. and other western countries for many of the volunteers who left this is the first time in years they won't be confronted with casualties of war. well sammy humvee is the editor in chief of international interest an online news service joins us now from the pacific capital london good to have you with us so the evacuation of the white helmets is a part of a new understanding a broader understanding between the u.s. and russia. i think it's
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a bit deeper than that i think we have to remember first and foremost that the white helmets are the main key witnesses to some of the atrocities that we've seen during this particular war if we want to tell the story of war or the narrative will war or talk about the bringing people to justice after this conflict comes to an end the white helmets are going to be fundamental with regards to this part i say this because it's difficult to frame it in the russia us agreement because russia and the assad regime in particular they resent the white helmets with a particular venom mainly because they have been in key instrumental part in the p.r. campaign against the assad regime and against russia in bringing to light some of the atrocities that have happened in this war we've heard stories in the past of assassination attempts on white helmets on targeted bombings against places where you find volunteers from the white helmets so i think with regard to the evacuation it may well be that this is outside a u.s. russia repression and perhaps more of keeping a wild card in the event that syria becomes and it looks on course to become
10:01 pm
a more russian allied state then the u.s. state i would think that the assad regime in particular would not particularly be happy with the.


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