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tv   Parole High Risks High Stakes  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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center and of course backed by russia backed by iran backed by these various different powers france is sending fifty tons of medical aid to the government controlled area of eastern a halt on the aid is being sent on a russian plane the first time a western country has sent material to syrian government controlled areas with moscow's help government forces returned beast in the water in april after a siege lasting several years about half a million people live there but very little aid making it in. the standoff at the mosque compound in the occupied east jerusalem area is over for now most of the more than one thousand jewish settlers left the compound a short time ago and were marking a holiday to commemorate the destruction of ancient jewish temples in jerusalem several arrests were made after confrontations with muslim worshipers locks a mosque is this lamb's third holiest site jews believe the compound is where difficult temples once stood it's been the most contested piece of territory since
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israel occupied east jerusalem in one nine hundred sixty seven. still ahead on al-jazeera just weeks after a devastating floods japan is now struggling to cope with a heatwave as more u.s. sanctions kick in the iranian business owners brace for more economic uncertainty. this is a very active part of the world weather wise and i want this for it's not five tough repressions in the general area what you can see on the screen well this is a regeneration of some ten which is a storm went into vietnam about three days ago is coming back out again might well turn into a storm again even if not masses of rain another one not far away from taiwan which
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might end up heading towards shanghai which is just seeing a tropical storm make landfall which is still producing rains it goes further north so the next twenty four hours realize we've done watching the southwest of china where this circulation even if it doesn't into a storm will produce vast amounts of rain once again it's just going to keep going it's not moving very far so that's where all the action is which means power for a few showers in hong kong but around the coast much of inland china though hot and humid is probably going to stay dry for the time being for the monsoon p. producing vast amounts of rain india's courses fully mature nasscom right across into the middle of pakistan in the last two days these are the figures in the four hundred meters in addition but we've had a decent amount of fourteen rain out a thunderstorm in the middle of a normally dry pakistan of course all this could be repeated this is of say the height of the monsoon.
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when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps then our borders are wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division to sixty's instead of being an obstacle. into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines there's been an explosion outside kabul airport shortly after the return of an exiled afghan vice
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president of the rashid dostum at least twelve people have been killed just two left last year after being accused of sexual abuse and torture against a political rival some white helmets rescuers have been moved out of syria southwest through the israeli occupied golan heights at the request of the u.n. the united nations says it will resettle about eight hundred of the volunteers and their families in western countries. more than a thousand jewish settlers have now left their locks a mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem after earlier triggering a standoff with them or shippers they were marking the holiday which commemorates the destruction of ancient jewish temples in jerusalem a small confrontations over the last few hours which led to several arrests. the iraqi national security service has admitted held in hundreds of people suspected of terrorism for months despite its chief denying those allegations back in april
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according to human rights watch the agency has been keeping them out of facility east of morsel the city was retaken from i saw just over a year ago thousands of people were arrested during the three year operation there are concerns many innocent people were detained in the chaos here when rights watch visited one crowded facility where hundreds of men and boys were held for more than a year. former detainees described people being tortured to death all to the point where they were where they became heart paralyzed. imran khan has more from baghdad human rights watch ones clarification on whether the national security service has the authority to be able to hold detainees without charge but it also wants to know why these detainees haven't been able to get access to lawyers and why they haven't gone through the due process now since april the n.s.a. has been denying that it's held anybody however off the human rights watch
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investigators went into the east of most of this detention facility they were able to confirm that at least four hundred twenty seven prisoners being held there then the national security agency service backtracked saying it was allowed to hold prisoners however the law is a little bit murky on all of this the law says that the iraqi security forces can hold prisoners captured in the time of war without charge whether the national security service comes under that is unclear no human rights watch say they are looking for clarification on all of this they say they've heard some horror stories from people in the facility they say that the stories some of the stories that they've heard include people being tortured to death and all of this comes as more and more human rights violations are being uncovered as we come to the end to it nearly a year after the end of the war against it in mosul iraq says that it is
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trying to do its best simply overwhelmed by the amount of people that it arrested during the war against eisel and is trying to give everybody due process to pakistan now attention is rising before wednesday's general election candidate folded to her you can soft has been killed in a suicide attack. the poor died from his injuries after his car was targeted in the icons to see of. the four was a former agriculture minister. three other people were injured in the attack. meanwhile the leader of the pakistan muslim league now as party has been jailed for life after being caught misusing the chemical f a dream i mean he was found guilty by an anti narcotics court in a case relating to supplying the drug to a smuggler seven other people were acquitted. iran's president hassan rouhani has said his country is growing impatient with american leaders at
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a meeting of foreign ministry officials and iran the honey said the u.s. president will fail to turn iranians against their own government and the pressure will only bring a rainy closer but as the economy continues to stagnate public patience may be running out there in basra has more from to herat. iran's business community is bracing for bad news on august sixth more u.s. in worsening economic uncertainty since president donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the american administration is determined to block iran from the global marketplace that welcomed back after signing the international agreement. the elite of warre but it's not very important for us before dad in some years ago we have the same problem. as you know you don't have a very lengthy story we saw this so many things same as the is sometimes situation is good time to me they have bad time but. we don't have it
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a lot of worry about that we can handle it and find their way while european companies have started leaving one chinese entrepreneur said for her startup it's important to maintain a presence in iran and she's holding her ground love us like chinese face south country make ice the biggest michael let me say meet at least sell we still want to come we have someone out in common as waving from china and it was sammy found these fish and yes and you know well i start our new policies to be all going to go away so we haven't got kind of experience donald trump has pledged to subject iran to the harshest economic sanctions in modern history the stated goal to pressure the government to give in to american demands some here say it's to draw iran into a fight iranian say they don't want to make war they want to make business something that is becoming increasingly difficult as they continue to be caught
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between trump's foreign policy ambitions and their own government's unwavering defiance of the united states in a speech to his foreign ministry on sunday iranian president hassan rouhani said trump was trying to wear iran down and warned him against trying to stop iran from selling its oil peace with iran he said would be the mother of all peace while war would be the mother of all wars. well you know don't play with the lines till you will regret it forever you cannot carry out these measures it is out of your capability you cannot force during insta act against their own country you have clearly shown you are against you raney and people he also said that when it comes to the nuclear deal most countries support iran and the us is increasingly isolated in the international arena but iran's leaders know a moral victory doesn't pay the bills and even if iran is on the right side of history on the nuclear issue as long as america exerts economic influence iranian
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sea they will be prevented from elevating themselves on the world stage. a left leaning faction of the democratic party in the us has been gaining momentum in recent months they call themselves the democratic socialists the most prominent among them is senator bernie sanders he's an independent but considers himself a social democrat making him the only one in congress alexander says is the rising star of the democratic socialists last month a congressional candidate pulled off a stunning victory against a prominent house democrat in new york in all forty two people are running for office is a federal state and local levels have a formal endorsement of the democratic socialists of america. is a democratic socialist who is a member of hawaii's state legislature he's also running for a seat in the u.s. congress here's why he believes the movement will gain traction especially among
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young americans. well for my generation i think the stakes are really high you know it used to be the case that you can get get out of high school or college and be on trial for homeownership might be straight eight hundred thousand dollars for an average home making two hundred thousand dollars a year so just the basic and the patience of what it means the pursuit of happiness and that american dream is just out of reach i think apple is especially just what regimes that control both parties in congress for party long and the only way to really great that it will is the stand up to corporate donors and that's why a lot of folks that are running as democrats also today are also that same candidates for any question about how we're running a race and when we will by working people getting five and thirty dollars at a time you know or else that i will have to choose between the authors who brung him and the donors because the only reason why democrats are in the grade of the right seat is that they're afraid of big donors and when i talk about shipping the
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power back to the people that's what i mean rejecting their money and standing squarely with the working people that are you know our salaries being stolen from us. nine years of war again spoke a heart all men know of a nigerian has taken a toll on young people thousands of traumatized teenagers recruited by the armed group of returned from the front line one hundred ninety three of them were recently released but as i did grease reports from might have good ian bono state reintegration is a huge challenge. after months and years in custody of these children accused of links to. starting the long process of recovery army commanders say somewhere for potential suicide bombers who are ready to shoot troops or suspected members of boko haram. they were all held prisoner at some time in the conflict by both sides children are coming out of places with a lot of. it's not a place for
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a child what we are trying to help the government of nigeria to do is to take every child individually through a process over the habitation the united nations children's fund and the regional government are so far rehabilitated nearly ten thousand of them. there are provided medical support classroom education and skills training here in baltimore state experts say more than half a million children require i don't psychological and social support whatever level facilities can only look after a few hundred at a time calculus yeah but they pause a serious security threat unless they get the care they need the fear is some of them will rejoin book or arm for yonks just overheard some support reintegration is a difficult process especially to build their self-esteem and confidence. model was arrested by security forces after they fled to the regional capital made agree to
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seek refuge. and i was picked up while playing football up to now i was a little one offense i commuted i spent eleven months in custody all the twenty two year old thinks about is food clothing and playing football. experts say after escaping the abuses of book or arm children need the custody of government health services not to the security forces now you have the instrument of the state that is supposed to be. the seaview now act in any way that is that is punitive. the tendency is for these sets of your people to feel neglected and when your own population if you neglected. they take it out on the safety and there are thousands of them out on the streets of the all of the east with neither the skills or education to compete in a fast changing world. or to breeze al-jazeera my degree nigeria.
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group that rescues migrants from the mediterranean sea is planning to file a manslaughter complaint against the vs coast guard proactive open alms says i woman a child died and they were left stranded in their boat deliberately destroyed as how they are has more than. a desperate rush to save lives it's the moment to rescue workers the stranded migrates in the mediterranean a forty year old woman from cameroon is still alive but for another woman and a toddler it's too late. the difficulties we've experienced to save just one single life have been unbelievable aid group pro-active open arms found the migrants and say the deaths were no accident it's accusing libya's coast guard of manslaughter the rescue team says libya's coast guard intercepted about one hundred sixty europe of bound migrants the two women and a toddler apparently refused to board the vessel as
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a result the rescuers allege the libyan coast guard abandoned the migrants and slashed their inflatable boat with a knife you most of you know we have denounced at the court of power madame york or the captain of the three ideas for negligence and for reckless homicide and we're going to do the same with the captain of the libyan patrol which is a member of the libyan coast guard for negligence and for homicide on saturday the rescue boat arrived in the spanish island of new york with the now hospitalized my one woman and the two lifeless bodies they say politics came before she minutes hereon assistance the rescue group says it was denied proper help which made their four day journey across the mediterranean longer than needed don't they tell you both italy and monitor few a. used to let us disembark the copses on the ground they only wanted to take charge of medical evaluation but they did not accept the bodies. the libyan coast guard denies the accusation it says it rescued one hundred sixty five migrants in
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that same area last week without leaving anyone on board but the rescue team insisted this case has broader political implications so this brings out it's unthinkable for a country of the european union for my country to finance a libyan coast guard which we can testify leaves people alive in the middle of the sea and is responsible for homicide a desperate journey with a tragic end that's claimed the lives of so many migrants now a call for political action when humanitarian help alone is not enough can't see a lopez so the young al jazeera. that's recap the headlines here on al-jazeera now there's been an explosion outside kabul airport shortly after the return of an exiled afghan vice president after a shoot. at least twelve people have been killed and many more wounded. i'm
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arriving in afghanistan on sunday after spending more than a year in exile was not harmed in the explosion the ethnic uzbek general left the country after being accused of sexual abuse and torture against the political rival he denies any wrongdoing. some white helmets rescuers have been moved out of syria southwest through the israeli occupied golan heights at the request of the un the united nations says it will resettle about four hundred of the volunteers and their families in western countries. france is sending fifty tons of medical aid to the government controlled area of eastern a call to the aid is being sent on a russian plane it's the first time a western country has sent material to syrian government controlled areas with moscow's help government forces retold east and also in april after a siege lasting several years about half a million people live there but very little aid has made it in. more than
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a thousand jewish settlers have now left the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem after earlier triggering a standoff with the muslim worshippers they were marking the above holiday which commemorates the destruction of the ancient jewish temples in jerusalem small confrontations over the last few hours which led to several arrests. tension is rising before wednesday's general election in pakistan a candidate for the weekend sarfatti has been killed in a suicide attack south of the gun the poor died from his injuries when his car was targeted on the poor was a former agriculture minister and passed on why three other people were injured in the attack. meanwhile the leader of the pakistan muslim league no wires party has been jailed for life after being caught misusing the chemical f a dream and the five c. was found guilty by an anti narcotics caught in
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a case relating to supplying drugs to a smuggler. it's walls of shame here now zero stay with us. two songs they aren't equal he's worth millions of dollars to the never lose their living god. one east investigates the fight to reclaim nepal's stolen idols on out is zero. twenty sixteen was the deadliest year on record for migrants and refugees attempting to get into europe. over five thousand people died between libya and italy or turkey and greece. the following film was first broadcast in two thousand and seven well before today's conflicts in the middle east. then many european migrants were using another less publicized route to
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a better life. this is the southernmost outpost of fortress europe. yet it's on mainland africa opposite the straits of gibraltar. mediterranean enclave is one of the last vestiges of spanish rule in northern morocco. it's been european for more than five hundred years and madrid insists it will never relinquish control of. the. recent visit by the spanish monarch highlighted the ongoing tension over the
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status and future of soda. spain has also cordoned it off from playing comparison with another war in another place so here we are in. but i see that. the list. of what about. the crossing between morocco and spain has become a magnet for tens of thousands of workers and migrants legal and illegal. but this is the back door into the prosperous european union and the hope of a better economic future. and within the town of so what
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is another divide a social division that is religious and economic that when the wealthy christian spaniards and their poor a muslim compadre it's off moroccan to send. a town of so to is a geographical anomaly. of mainland africa but belonging to europe and. even its geographical position it's no wonder that one of the foremost map makers of the ancient world was born here in ten ninety nine. helped make possible the great voyages of discovery which led to colonize ation and as in the case of soto the presence of europe in africa. once again economic opportunism is the prime mover but now the migration is in the opposite
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direction as. those who were formerly colonized head north riven by war wound and oppression. ending up here at the gates of europe. a dollar muna to moment. take a second think that a little problematic. what the migrants find is a double fence. most of it paid for by the european union. four meters high six kilometers long. cable dental balance on the said. in this article the only. effective up there will be not of their own model i mean if you mean you go. to church what the migrants also find is a holding center or their status as refugees is decided and that typically takes
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months it's not a frozen but there are straight. through to museum she do need to. support our longest well. to commute city. in mali whose more yet people use it in medicis him off the path to. suit our city to city as we see is if. you part of why you google to look good or merely. remove the model. for those who arrive often come from far further afield from other continents even. i came here from india
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kashmir because of economical problem and in india you know. there are people who are allowed into from africa and it takes them only a few minutes every day thousands of moroccans trudged past the deserted guard posts that separate the spanish enclave from morocco. the bundles of soap clothes and oil they carry home for resale in morocco and not entirely legal traffic. but the spanish authorities turn a blind eye knowing how profitable this trade is to the city. this cross border trade is along with an old relationship built on mistrust and suspicion between spain and morocco over say.
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it goes back to the collapse of muslim rule in spain at the end of the fifteenth century which for some gives the issue a religious dimension. and . saying. here's a. little . north. in the going to.
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be removed you know mounted on windows. yeah you. got they want to come in. on the surface say what europe is to be a harmonious cosmopolis of the city. but through the middle of it runs a mob of the. invisible. but divides its seventy thousand inhabitants along religious lines. and then let's see. a shot of duffy them again it's a. beautiful souls home.
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and. this is the impoverished hillside neighborhood of principally alphonso. disaffected inhabitants cite examples of official neglect contributing to their poverty and despair. this is where the heart of say which is muslims live. and those muslims who feel marginalized make no secret of where their allegiances lie. we. want. every friday they pray for the health and prosperity of the king the king of morocco.
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all over. the. television was leaving the scene and that's. a look at how well who work. full time in new amman was surely. born in a home. with the think i see it as us where all six of us or may not be buffeted here in europe or not a home. part of our home. the field heading in medina at any corner that's a thought. and a thought pattern a city here here let's talk for i'll tell you the words you have fifi many hats that i will see mean i let you know you at do know. there was even home
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a little bit of the. it's a scene of first communion or often played out in mainland spain the priest officiating doesn't see any divisions between saints is christians and muslims. no no you have outcomes that are you're going to get a lot of you need so many people sitting in the door sort of you know manage it all all that here and there have been a lot of that i think into only that it some we've got a reality following dog and i could you give a more of that in august you know this i will that moving on that i've not been to the moment about maceda you know what i feel what happened to put out the last you know all that is what i mean you know my mind called about you know the fat intake of a low income which i know the money that you know i you want to buy you a low noise but i still favor bessel faith but of which one of my that would be that would be better than. the city of souter is spain's footprint on the very northern tip of africa and five
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african migrants show. shortest way into europe. to stop them europe was build a double barbed wire fence it's a modern version of the great wall of china and more recently the birdland wall while those walls relied on heights and guards to keep outsiders at but a spanish fans bristles with electronic surveillance gear but the purpose is the same. offense it replaced much lower was too easily breached with the result bad for the truly desperate souter became a stepping stone into continental europe. or in the words.
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smart i wonder. if being near a. silver. in the. developed world is. those who still charms their luck wait in the surrounding forests but if court they are transported back to their countries of origin by the moroccan north already. now though there are growing demands for a more constructive approach to bring about a lasting solution to the problem of illegal immigration. to get up in a sort of short time and then even to go by say before. because i don't think i think i said. i see a gun i go ahead what i mean. is this i will you know the superb bicycle nothing i'm going to get out of a book on the good things that we have supplies that. valuable data.
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do a little bit about some of the money well let's examine that fear if it is. based on mean that because i want to let the other time in. the home but armies. of them. to see those programs in action one has to cross the mainland spade on the other side of the mediterranean. this is the bay of cod these. are on the twenty fifth of october two thousand and three local man was shocked by the sight of thirty five male corpses washed ashore
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close to his home twelve of them were from the same rock with the need. to see. the corpses of young people. here in the fistfight. for four hours it was a very. heavy experience. when we found that people we take our cars with our own money and we went to morrow we were to find their people from him but he made out because benny morale is up plays with our high trade or any ration and we decided to go there i'm displaying there reeks of illegal immigration adverted tame data
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he took courses bericht. again i mean for them rafael kiddo's who is a school teacher decided to take action he founded a charity called solly that is that director to ensure that the little moroccan village of. does not lose any more of its husbands and some he's constantly encouraging others to join him. easily that you have your town we all are volunteers we're spending our all money we put our cars our own work we don't have theft of. money public money because we've seen that people have to shamed inside when people are chained inside it is able to change their world. and the change that rafael and his charity is
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aiming to bring about is in the minds of hansal of residents who still view migration as their only salvation paying little attention to the well known perils . even know when. to cross a. router was very dangerous and that many of their friends and parents were dead because of that sound of their young people from one salah who wanted to cross browser here and. what makes the approach of this charity so innovative is not its idealism but its pragmatism in linking the economic interests of spanish citizens with the wellbeing of those in a remote iraq and village. it costs taxpayers in spain two thousand euros every time that a drowned man is sent back in
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a coffin. so far better to spend that in developing the migrants place of already. well adoption of sorts that others can emulate we wanted to make for on their home soil or a good place to live because it is how good a place to live. we have started building a small clinic or classroom for the children. we have started to given them. grass roots in order to avoid that a little children working there in the country because we are there to pick up this bird turned up a little she and remain in the school where again because if they are working in the country there is a possibility that if they try to any rate because they don't get enough money to leave but if they are sturdy they have
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a possibility of developing. this imaginative grassroots initiative is it all with the fencing and policing approach favored by the european governments of fortress europe. souter's barbed wire barrier may for a time at least stop the flow. but it does nothing to remove jewelry on the line was. a different era in our era something artificial. and at the end it is not go into a stop there people it is not going to stop or even ration it is can control illegal immigration but it is not going to a stop or even. in order to stop illegal immigration we have to shane our mentality prior to the mentality have to shane too in africa
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because they are in africa. they have to understand they have to work protecting their old me interest in developing their own economies. is a radical shift in our thinking realize ation the wars the. sooner or later the difference in sofa is going down sooner or later because france fancies a top layer of people. from many years i go up to no people they meet great. easy going to hop in their time in the future so france is. not to the. east to all prim i was hot because mainframes it's places inside our hog.
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the film you've just seen was first broadcast almost ten years ago when the number of migrant deaths from spanish territory had reached its peak. the world's media only started to take notice when the drowned audience of african migrants began washing ashore on the tourist beaches of the spanish canary islands. spain's response was to stiffen its border security but despite all the effort and expense spent on beefing up its buddhas migration is on the rise. migrants hoping to be among the lucky few to reach the other side have often rushed the border
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fence shown in the c.c.t.v. footage released by the spanish government sometimes the consequence is a tragic. on one occasion and say uta and twenty fourteen at least fourteen african migrants drowned when trying to swim their way from morocco to spain. these pictures show spanish buddha guts firing rubber bullets and smoke canisters to would survive this as they swim across the border. those who made it a life were deported back to morocco on the other side of the. a spokesperson from the spanish ministry of interior said that shots fired one aimed at the swimmers and claimed their response was proportional. today this is no longer an issue isolated in a faraway spanish and played. the number of people hoping to reach europe has swelled by huge wave of refugees from was in syria iraq and afghanistan.
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thousands of people attesting europe's buddhas by the sea from libya to italy and from taki to greece and then continuing overland to europe's more affluent countries. these scenes of from hungary as refugees attempt to travel west out of humans where the humanity where the world to see us look everyone here they are fatherless we don't need anything just a troll just. not out of the deal just good luck on the new world is going to be a good joke. in response europe is building moves today there are five existing fences across the continent with at least one of the. six either in construction scheduled.
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most of these rules separate e.u. nations from countries outside the union but some fences a planned between member states a move that's against the spirit of the e.u. according to the e.u.'s foreign policy chief europe was built on the idea that walls have to fall down europe was built on the idea of coming together. more refugees and migrants travelling around the ward within africa within asia than those that are coming to europe this to say we have as europeans to put things in perspective and to realize that it is not only a european phenomenon it is a global move. starting from wars conflicts poverty natural disasters climate change it is the world that is going in that direction people move out of desperation out of hope and we have to learn how to manage this. without a political solution in sight migrants and refugees remain undeterred taking on
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increasingly dangerous routes into europe. when we where in the border in the sea i was standing on one leg and raising my son on the other while in order to get him up from the water because the water was still here . a new perspective can change. what began as a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is yet on al-jazeera. when this idea. that
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whether online it's undoubtedly chief. over the inequality in society today or if you join a sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice about refugees to people speakers for change join the conversation.
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the way. the world. fourteen. welcome to the news. a suicide attack. vice president returns from. a.
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country. of. months away will examine what. the political process. jordan volunteers and their families. occupied golan heights they have saved countless lives over the more than seven years of war but now they look ahead to a new future abroad to have a live report at another standoff an occupied palestinian territory more than a thousand israeli settlers. compound. and the destruction of. a confrontation with police. and india has scrapped its tax on products following months of campaigning by activists. other countries have been pushing for. an.
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elite. you are live with the news grid live on air and streaming online through facebook live at al-jazeera dot com we begin with the story out of kabul at least fourteen people have been killed in a suicide attack and the afghan capital the explosion happened. just near the airport just after the country's controversial vice president abdul rashid dostum landed he was returning after living in exile in turkey for more than a year the bomb went off where the press was gathered the ethnic stick is that general that is left in may two thousand and seventeen after being accused of the sexual assault and torture of a physical rival officials from our kabul bureau joins me now live on the phone now so the information is coming in even so we're just getting news great so what can you add what else can you tell us yes the ministry of interior.
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backbite for. about. a minute. woman one child. ok mahmoud can you tell us what type of preparations there were for the vice president's arrival considering how controversial it was when i was there a lot to do for a morning. here in afghanistan i'm sorry i've been. able. to see the. effect. there you know. a lot of feel ready about this. it is
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more about. responsibility of this ok and it has this is still very much an active scene unfortunately some of the numbers that we're getting on the casualties will possibly continue to rise and we'll check back in with you again with thank you. well general's awesome has been a leading figure in afghan politics for decades he has a wide following among the ethnic community and the country's north through the air as he's allied his fighters to numerous groups and countries who have been active in afghanistan's various conflicts charlot bella's profiles the divisive and controversial leader the second most powerful man in afghanistan is back in kabul vice president general abdul rashid dostum had been living in exile in turkey for the last fourteen months he was allowed to come back after his supporters protested demanding his return. general dostum lift because of this man ahmed ishi
11:53 pm
a northern elder who accused him and his guards of kidnapping and right we'll go through them. ordered his commander to rape me nine other bodyguards he told them to rape me until the ground is covered with blood and take a photograph but dostum refused to come in for questioning president ashraf ghani then persuaded turkey's president reject to want to take him and it's not the first time dostum spin excelled in turkey it's a repeat of ten years ago when he assaulted a political rival which led to this standoff in kabul between police and his bodyguards i got gen dostum is surrounded somewhere homs even costumes harris they must know that seven or eight provinces of the north will turn against the government's. dostum has a ruthless reputation he has ruled northern afghanistan for thirty years and is renowned for shifting his allegiance in one thousand nine hundred sixty minute top taliban commanders for talks but the handshake stops the he would fight the taliban
11:54 pm
in the northern alliance famously saying he could never bow to a government where there is no whiskey and no music dustin was later accused of the crimes and hundreds of taliban prisoners and his kids suffocated in shipping containers. after the two thousand and one us invasion dostum transitioned from warlord to politician. he willed enormous influence in afghanistan's north when he returned from exile ten years ago this was his reception. was many including president gandhi who needs the support of boston's banks we eager to see what type of reception he gets this time china bellus al-jazeera. min is a political analyst and specialist on regional security he says dostum has clearly been targeted by opposition groups. unfortunately many people talk their district
11:55 pm
down will help the country get rid of these warlords who have been made dinning ahead you may be and have been influencing the local politics have been really creating problems for the general public they have been engaged in extortion struggling language being etc but john also. means that the government might not pursue the not for our string or eliminating these boards and as such this is a big sit back to hold people the general outline public we're sick of these warlords. think this is a this is a sit back and against the wishes and the will of the public hundreds of volunteers who have spent years saving lives turned serious long running war hoping for a new life of their own members of the white helmets rescue crew and their families have left the country south where government forces have regained control they were given safe passage to the israeli occupied golan heights after request by the
11:56 pm
united nations now they have reached in jordan the plan is for them to be resettled in the near future and western countries including the united kingdom canada and germany tarasov before reports. as night fell hundreds of white helmet volunteers and their families made their way across the israeli occupied golan heights to jordan the plan is for the united nations to help resettle them in canada the u.k. and germany rebels in syria southwest region reached a deal with the government to leave the area on friday buses have been leaving from quintet tra what we are seeing actually in my opinion is bought off the arrangements would have been agreed between. an international powers in order to clear. the area from any presence that is not that might not. be happy with. the white helmets were founded in twenty fourteen to rescue
11:57 pm
civilians injured in attacks on rebel held territory the nonprofit volunteer risky group operated in opposition held areas and has been backed by the u.s. and other western countries for many of the volunteers who left this is the first time in years they won't be confronted with casualties of war. got four zero. stephanie decker joins me live now from the occupied golan heights stephanie so how are things going with this evacuation. well that area command is north of where we are the buses are leaving to the north the northern part of syria part of these many what they call so-called reconciliation deals that the government is making forcing the rebels to accept really and those who are not happy with it are bost their safety is said to be guaranteed to areas like the province or really the only area that is left under opposition control in this
11:58 pm
southwestern area rachele is the area behind us this area is controlled by an isolated group so there is no deal in the making for that now we've been witnessing over the last couple of hours heavy airstrikes we've also seen the jets in the sky the first time i've certainly certainly seen them that close and dropping bombs on this village and there's a mountain further behind us and constantly bombardment there so what we're being told certainly is this battle is firmly under way we could really call it the final battle for this area the entire southwestern area in southern syria that the government is now really solidifying taking back these huge swathes of land from the rebels and seventy some of the iranian fighters that are in syria earn not happy or they're pushing back against these deals they swap sort of allowed some of the rebels to leave what else can you tell us about that. this happened a little earlier today and what we understand from activists is that some of these
11:59 pm
buses have been leaving command with rebels and their families were stopped by iranian backed militias close to homes as they are making their way north what activists are saying that they're not happy with the deal between russia and israel what is going on along this border certainly and that is because israel the only concern israel has is to get iranian troops in iranian backed troops away from its borders here it's difficult to confirm but it highlights the complexity of this war richelle and how many different international players they are and what you're seeing now really is the final phase we can hear the jets in the sky of consolidating power of deals behind the table with these different countries particularly russia with you know yvonne with israel with the u.s. interests with turkey's interests it really you know many syrians will tell you that they feel that they are the ones that have the least say in the future of their country. stephanie decker live for us and the occupied golan heights thanks
12:00 am
steph and if you want to get in touch with us about that particular topic about the the white helmets this is us at our at our website and you can use our hash tag on twitter a.j. news grid our twitter handle is. at a.j. english we're also on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera and you can also reach us via whatsapp or telegram and plus times have been for a five zero one one one one four nine any number of ways to reach us and we'd really like to hear from you. the standoff at the al aqsa mosque compound that occupied east jerusalem is over for now with most of the more than a thousand jewish settlers leaving the area decision or time ago now for jews the day commemorates the destruction of the ancient jewish temples in jerusalem small confrontations broke out in the last few hours with muslim worshippers leading to several arrests on both sides. because his lumps third holiest site in jews believe the compound.


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