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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 23, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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yes and the occupied golan heights thanks staff and if you want to get in touch with us about that particular topic about the the white helmets visit us at our at our website and you can use our hash tag on twitter a.j. a news grid our twitter handle is. at a english we're also on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera and you can also reach us via whatsapp or telegram plus signs have been for a five zero one one one one four nine any number of ways to reach us and we'd really like to hear from you they standoff at the al aqsa mosque compound that occupied east jerusalem is over for now with most of the more than a thousand jewish settlers leaving the area decision or time to go now for jews today commemorates the destruction of the ancient jewish temples in jerusalem small confrontations broke out in the last few hours with muslim worshippers leading to several arrests on both sides. because islam stirred holiest site in jews believe the compound is words that bickle temples once stood it's been the most contested
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piece of territory since israel occupied east jerusalem in one nine hundred sixty seven. and is outside the compound with this update. behind me you see one of the gates leading into the l.f. so a mosque compound also behind me you'll notice that there are jewish settlers who are praying that's because today is a jewish holiday known as to show that is a holiday that commemorates disasters throughout to history now earlier in the day there was tension here in the old city you had at one point thousand jewish settlers that had gone into the some mosque compound they are allowed to do so twice a day and then later in the day you had about three hundred fifty settlers that went in now whenever a jewish settlers go into the enough of the mosque compound or gather around it many of the palestinians that are here many of the muslims they see that as a provocation because of that this is one of those days where there were clashes there was tension because there has been so much tension that's been escalating lately because of so many different things well there was worry that it could
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become even worse now it's in the afternoon things have really calmed down things have subsided things are back to normal the way they would be any other day here but the fact of the matter is really goes to show that here at any time something that happens could lead to something much more significant a truce appears to be holding on both sides in the israeli gaza border a deal was brokered following a series of violent confrontations on friday israel's defense minister has suggested that some restrictions on gaza could be lifted if the truce isn't broken meanwhile funerals have been hell for hamas fighters killed in friday's israeli airstrikes dozens of positions were targeted at turn israeli soldier was killed troll stratfor has the latest from gaza. the fragile ceasefire here in gaza seems to be holding that no reports of any hamas rockets being launched or any of those incendiary kites or balloons being launched across the
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israeli border or lines now on israel as to whether it will lift the temporary blockade on oil gas and cooking gas that was put on gaza as a result of last week's escalation in violence following protests last week also additional restrictions put on the area that fishermen can fish in from six kilometers sorry six nautical miles to three nautical miles we're hearing now that the israeli defense minister lieberman has announced that if the cease fire does hold then those new restrictions that will put on last week will be lifted in those vital materials that all gas and kookie gas will be allowed to come through and we understand also that that would include an expansion one small to the very restrictive area of six nautical miles for the fisherman to operate in but as i say the ceasefire seems to be holding here and certainly the people in gaza very
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hopeful that that continues so those vital materials can come into gaza so for more of the day's news we are going to be at our studios now in london sue turton joins us again in say. thanks michel supporters and opponents of nicaragua's president have resumed protests in the capital managua on to government demonstrators want daniel ortega to resign but he accuses them of plotting a coup with help from the catholic church on the united states marianna sanchez reports from managua many protesters have gone into hiding wow ok the word student they were criminals that's how supporters of the guy one preceded the new love they got to see opponents to the government right i guess the yes ac students and other protesters are responsible for the deaths of police and confrontations in the past weeks. and they say government opponents have committed
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atrocities committed officials say anti-government protesters said the body of a policeman on fire but not money we are here for all the fallen police men all of them who have been tortured ok well ok but these demonstrators say they want justice for pro-government supporters who have been killed in these past three months of violence but they say the government must continue its security policy to bring peace to the country. that policy for many government opponents means persecution. c.d.'s a psychologist who spoke from an undisclosed location for her safety says security forces are on a which and. we are terrified because we now have to live like criminals they are killing us out there they are walking freely and those of us who are fighting for freedom in our country must hide. she says many students and other
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protesters are in safe houses and many parents don't know where their children are at this human rights organization parents say they too are being harassed. here and their mosque uniformed police three or four vehicles and very well armed that. why am terrified of the us government officials say opponents are lying were subject to mountains of faults and those students who had so students who had been arrested have been turned over to the church repeatedly as you can report also repeatedly turned over to the church i think we have to get out of this we have to get into responsibilities of the case by case analysis of who is responsible for why. if found guilty on terrorism charges protesters could face twenty years in prison and the revenue law. at this human rights organisation to police officers handed in
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their weapons and uniforms and asked for protection not wanting to fight anti-government demonstrators they too went into hiding. the innocent to sell just menow when he got out. at least three thousand villages have been for fill leave their homes off for a box in the lake chad region near the border with tunisia eighteen people were killed and nine women abducted in the right back around effectively control of the lake chad basin along the border between the area. at least eleven people have died in a heat wave in japan temperatures have reached forty degrees celsius in some areas resulting in thousands of people being taken to hospital is from to concern about how athletes will deal with the heat during the olympic summer games which are to be held in japan in twenty twenty. four work today i have to be outside the whole day and i'm not used to this heat i knew it would be hot today but i didn't think
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it would be this hot so i am a little worried because. this year is way too hot i can't stop using a wet towel all day and i froze this bottle of water so that i can take something cold with me. space x. has successfully launched this latest and most powerful version of the falcon nine rocket. thanks. and if you don't airlie on sunday morning lighting up the skies over florida the test nineteen vantage sucker lighted carriage was deployed into orbit only thirty two minutes on the takeoff it will supply both from services to customers throughout the americas and north atlantic region as it for me for now. in doha soup thank you very much women's rights campaigners have welcomed india's decision to scrap taxes on sanitary pads women in poor areas couldn't afford the items when
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a twelve percent tax was imposed last year girls often skip school during their periods to avoid facing stigma the pads are now officially listed as an essential item. spring and our social media producer leah to talk us through how this is unfolding online with the girls as i said with some time to skip school because there's a time you couldn't even talk about this liam much less have it in a newscast it's incredibly taboo to be talking about especially in certain parts of the world and some people even call it the tampon tax in india is one of the few countries now where it has been waved off where there is no longer a tax globally people want this tax to be lifted to in parts of the u.s. and europe tampons and pads are still classed as luxury and non essential products and they're taxed on like lots of other things we've pay a consumption tax on sanitary protection is something as richelle was saying that millions of women and girls cannot do without and in india four out of five women
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and girls are estimated to have no access to any sanitary pads but this is now changing a popular bollywood movie called the pad men dealt with the issue earlier this year bollywood actor akshay kumar who played the title role in the film and was part of another campaign on hygiene in india he has tweeted thanking the government he wrote it's one of those days when the news brings tears of joy as a cause close to your heart gets for filled he continued to say i'm sure scores of women in our country are silently sending gratitude your way now the movie pad man had made an impact before its release earlier this year plenty of bollywood celebrities took to twitter to campaign under the hash tag pad man challenge in which they posted pictures of themselves holding a pad men and women alike and as you can see here the film also triggered a debate after its release and the movie was even banned in neighboring pakistan
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period poverty as it's called is not only a problem affecting women in india just to put things into perspective for you over two billion women and girls lack access to basic sanitation and hygiene products all around the world to the point. that the united nations has recognized menstrual hygiene as a global public health and human rights issue and in the u.k. research has shown that women will spend over twenty four thousand u.s. dollars on their periods over the course of their lifetime now india joins other countries including canada nicaragua jamaica nigeria kenya tanzania and lebanon all of which do not have taxes for sanitary pads and scotland became recently the first country in the world to give out free sanitary products to poorer poor women and girls we would like to know though what you think about this especially if you're in one of the countries where period taxes are still a thing you can let us know what you think about this if you think it should end or
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if you think it's justified and get in touch with us as always with their hash tag a.j. news good michelle leah thank you very much a make of george is the founder of free periods it's a campaign to end period poverty in the u.k. she joins us now from london the a skype and we appreciate your time so much and make it so this term this issue period poverty when did you first become aware of it. certain stilts and not there are walls. or just. sometimes not so we just it was a come. and are now. meeting about. us and missing our. government we. have all nothing to do is really shocked and even. the british government has written about it trying to
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mentor and that's what's. so to the internet and soft tissue and graffiti it's. why did you get the answer to the. education or. did you have any hesitation and talking so publicly about a topic that let's be honest for so long women and girls were taught to be ashamed to talk about it. well i mean i did have some time i never really sense it when i tired well you were at. work. and about. there are periods when i'm stuck with company and he will go on times aren't so great now or it's. so common a kind of top something. just wanted you very empowered crowded back here.
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in the last outside downing street. with the government to try and address parents and i'm just amazed. a lot of teenagers come into that looking back. and learn that it was pretty amazing and proves that. the set of friends and i make also just a moment ago our social media producer leader was talking about how the u.n. considers the issue appeared period poverty actually a human rights issue not specifically a women's issue so how do you think we broaden the conversation to address it as such as it is it having men talk about it as well. nothing i think absolutely essential and warrants anyone in the that part. about them as women because i'm not
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a. gender equality well and i think you know. all about that. the conversation and maintain is that there are four subjects i can go out to my progress one to just say that every. period and come to the last questions and i think there are equal ground where we have a situation that men can public in any way to that merits and i think that's where equal because that's where i'm not on their feet and then not by arson and i think . it's a set of talking about here it is a lot of conversations that are that. actually they're not. a make a george thank you very much for joining us appreciate the conversation. and actually . that have been joining in the conversation as well we've already gotten
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a comment that says. it says female poverty runs much deeper than menstruation and she's right there are a lot of issues financial issues that are very unique to women that contribute to poverty so keep the comments coming if you want to get in touch issues or hass hackett as hash tag on our twitter handle is at english also on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera and pick up the phone you can watch our telegram i said last nine seven four five zero one one one one four nine this is news and if you're with us on facebook live there's a story about a spoof campaign that is aimed at the ministrations reproductive rights policy and later on through the rescues migrants in the mediterranean says it will sue the libyan coast guard for manslaughter.
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midsummer at the moment occasional showers relieve the heat around the shores the caspian is about thirty min to be just full of these great tall clouds but otherwise it's sunshine borlase from afghanistan right back to the mediterranean as you can see so we're just watching temperatures a wind. yesterday were probably today as well good to be in the middle of iraq's. western iran forty seven forty noways hitting the fifty. as if that's very much relief anyway there's the temperatures for the extremes otherwise we're talking about easily forty to the middle forty's typically but over breeze in tehran it's course is higher as well thirty one in the coast beirut and the breeze is still blowing from the hot middle of iraq down through kuwait and dion's through the gulf now of course it doesn't take much variation in the direction of that wind to make it very dusty as has been the case in qatar so forty five in the forecast among the
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probably still a bit dusty but the breeze is relieving a little bit it's up to forty member dobby and it's been forty eight in the middle of a month because come down to the coast fully mature southwest monsoon monsoon and the cloud has come all at the coast of amman if you're in salalah what it's like on there is the middle of a shower just beautiful. the former bishop of hong kong says the pope is sending out china's catholics the pieces of things which results from those informations recently in setting up the church cardinal joseph zahn talks town jazeera. jeannette morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack
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around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp set in a way up that because of the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of i was in hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government will fail.
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and save there those are the stories that are trending on our website. ones that have your interest they are talking about it al jazeera dot com some of these we have been talking about the news spread the bomb that exploded at the airport in kabul now we know at least fourteen people have been killed there have been weeks of protests in iraq people upset about the the state of government services and unemployment you're interested in that as well and a fascinating story a man who was diagnosed with aids in one thousand nine hundred eighty six and he is still alive read his story again our website is al jazeera dot com al jazeera dot
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com. a candidate for pakistan's to wreak in soft party has been killed in a suicide attack so dark on the poor died from his injuries after his vehicle was target in the country store at the west it's just the latest act of violence during the election campaign earlier this month a prominent candidate for the largely secular awami national party was killed in an explosion at a rally on twenty one other people another attack on july thirteenth and a n.p.a. event killed one hundred fifty people there is now just two days to go before the vote it is being seen as a two horse race imran khan's p.t.i. party which was targeted in the most recent attack is going up against the incumbent pakistan muslim league controlled by the former prime minister nawaz sharif who just recently returned to the country in an attempt to rouse support he's been living in exile and is banned from running for office having fled
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corruption charges a summons of a joins us now from lahore so. some of his dominated pakistani politics does it seem that it is any different this time or is that really par for the course. or shall i mean the horror and you can see behind me there is a lot of excitement in the camp of various political parties that i've been visiting from constituency to constituency this is the heartland of the politics in pakistan where more than fifty percent of the national assembly. from this province and especially in lahore where there is a battle between the two main rivals the pakistan muslim league whose leader is behind bars this is their camp that we are in right now and spread. and people are confident that they will be in their seats and the other part in the. cricketer turned politician. which is also been making steady in throughout the country
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especially in the problems of and when there have been a lot of defections more than sixty people have defected from the ruling muslim league two words the backers or these candidates are running as independents but those are not only at the at the destructors so to speak in this political process a lot of right wing fringe political parties have also emerged and they are part of this new political spectrum. it's been a story this is the man considered a disruptor by pakistan's two main political parties until a few months ago but now polls suggest iran can stay a week in soft party is the frontrunner he's taken the lead from the washer if the former prime minister who's been jailed by an accountability for the rise of iran hand in the fall of the russia is alleged to have been engineered by the establishment a local metaphor for pakistan's military this is a plan and it is intended to bring about a result in this election which the planners want. it will produce
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a situation which will cause further difficulties for this country a weak government internally divided coalition huge challenges. it's the first election where religious far right parties are taking part in mainstream politics at any killer back pakistan o.t.l. pete rose to prominence for the violent sit in in islamabad it was resolved after the military became a guarantor that in the protestors and the government now it's a political force with more than five hundred candidates vying for national and provincial assemblies seats d.l.p. plans to make pakistan but it was a true religious state that denies it is backed by the military and says its money comes from loyalists in their millions all. the money given to us by the rangers was someone's individual act and has nothing to do with the party the video which was made to get viral was a conspiracy. no musharraf's league has been assured of support from the allison at will demurred which was
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a banned group until last month and imran khan's party has welcomed in its fall. former chief a cleric who's on the u.s. terror watch list a political party is also being formed by the supporters of hospice aid another cleric who's on the united nations terrorists list their feeling over two hundred fifty candidates for the first time in this election and from their headquarters the million muslim league is running an organized campaign but the political party insists that the u.n. is wrong and have a say has not been given the right to respond to allegations against him how many how many practical people and our character is clear whether it's safeguarding pakistan's ideology philanthropy and public service or the ethical support for occupied kashmir that's why people will vote for us there's also a religious alliance of parties which is running as well and somehow our security concerns during these elections ahead of these elections how are they being addressed. but i've been in pakistan in the previous elections as well and
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this is a much secure and safe environment especially in the larger cities that we're operating in but having said that you close on the border of been going this problem. as well as baluchistan there will be a number of incidents the one that we saw today a local candidate for the fight was very stock losses live in a suicide attack and we've seen attacks such as the one in the stool good a couple of weeks weeks ago where more than one hundred fifty people died so it is a precarious situation when it comes to outlying areas the pakistani military has deployed more than one. thousand. but that's not without controversy because a lot of political parties including the victims in these devices come here and have been saying that these soldiers could be to defect and militantly the results of the election because some of them have also been given me just a little hours so it is
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a very hotly contested election there are concerns about security but as you can see behind me we've been struggling. to try and manage the crowd around us and that has been the case that we've been in that we haven't learned or that people are very excited about this election although there are accusations of discrepancies and record breaking but they think that their vote is their right and they're going to make sure that the exercise it comes to light the twenty fifth is on the bench of a live in lahore simon thank you so for more on how the voting process actually works in pakistan have a very interesting and graphic on our website you'll find a breakdown of the elected positions in the regions in the country as well as how the votes are cast. it's a story we're following out of the u.s. state of florida a sheriff there says that a man who killed another man over a parking space will not be prosecuted so witnesses believe there were racial
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undertones to the fatal shooting of mark he spoke locked in a twenty eight year old black man he confronted and pushed michael a white man who had been shouting at his wife outside a local shop fresco responded by firing on mclaughlin with a legally held concealed pistol under florida's controversial stand your ground law a person can shoot another if they're facing what they perceive to be an immediate serious threat but there must be retreat if the option is open to them they were analysts have questioned the decision not to charge dragica you cannot just because you're pushed down you're angry fire someone you can if you're truly defending it and you're in imminent fear and you can use deadly force against certain forces i don't think he has a right to do what he did. well i would imagine when we're talking about somebody being dead and race it's a very complicated layered issues that i'm sure people have very strong feelings
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about they do but like we were talking about it earlier today you know we've both been surprised that this hasn't been something that more people are talking about people are more dodging really the topic of the racial component which is really been quite muted around the story people are instead focusing on the stand your ground law take for example these headlines here i just went to google and search mart for marquis mclaughlin's name the different articles that came up in order the first one was new york post title stand your ground law protection order and deadly fight over a parking space this one from the washington post he's accused of killing someone in a parking spot dispute authorities say he was standing his ground and this one from a.b.c. news saying gunman in parking space shooting not charged because of stand your ground laws you can see none of these mention race mclaughlin's girlfriend was in the car or right next to the car when he was shot and said something needs to be done to bring justice for what happened. i think is wrong in you know is should be
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right because he came approach to me and i did was try to protect them protect his family and it's wrong because if you stop by or in front of my. folks online are also saying that the stand your ground law is meant to protect whites not blacks people are bringing up an example from two thousand and ten when florida resident marissa alexander was sentenced to twenty years in prison for firing a warning shot at her husband who she said had been abusing her he was not harmed but the court said the stand your ground law did not apply in her case as part of a plea deal her sentence was reduced to three years in prison and two years of house arrest now in an interview with the new york times alexander's lawyer said here's a black woman who had a history of abuse against her and tried to use stand your ground and she ended up with a twenty year sentence alexander is now an advocate for women who survived partner violence and were criminalized for self-defense many though are using her story to
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ask why alexander served jail time for firing a warning shot when the man who shot and killed mclaughlin walked away free let us know what you think is always our hash tag michelle thank you a group that rescues migrants from the mediterranean sea is planning to file a manslaughter complaint against libya's coast guard practive open arms says a woman and a child died when they were left stranded and their boat deliberately destroyed the two of us what eon has more. than. a desperate rush to save lives it's the moment to rescue lucy stranded migrants from the mediterranean forty year old woman from coming through still alive but for another woman and a thomas it's too late. but the difficulties we've experienced to save just one single life have been unbelievable aid group proactive open arms found the migrants
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and say the deaths were no accident it's accusing libya's coast guard of manslaughter the rescue team says libya's coast guard intercepted about one hundred sixty europe of bound migrants the two women and a toddler apparently refused to board the vessel as a result the rescuers allege the libyan coast guard abandoned the migrants and slashed their inflatable boat with a knife most of it. we have tonight at the court of palma damie orca the captain of the three ideas for negligence and for reckless homicide and we are going to do the same with the captain of the libyan patrol which is a member of the libyan coast guard for negligence and for homicide on saturday the rescue boat arrived in the spanish island of new york with the now hospitalized my one woman and the two lifeless bodies they say politics came before she minutes hereon assistance the rescue group says it was denied proper help which made their four day journey across the mediterranean longer than needed. both italy and mata
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refused to let us disembark the corpses on the ground they only wanted to take charge of the medical evaluation but they did not accept the bodies of the libyan coast guard denies the accusations it says it rescued one hundred sixty five migrants in that same area last week without leaving anyone on board but the rescue team insists this case has broader political implications spins out it's unthinkable for a country of the european union for my country to finance a libyan coast guard which we can testify leaves people alive in the middle of the sea and is responsible for homicide a desperate journey with a tragic end that's claimed the lives of so many migrants now a call for political action when humanitarian help alone is not enough katia llopis of the young al-jazeera. have an update now on cameroon a topic a country that we cover quite a bit here on gridley what is the latest on what you're seeing online well we've
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had a lot of reaction to a new human rights watch report and they say that both sides are to blame in the unrest in cameroon they say that both sides have quote committed grave abuses against residents of camera cameroon's angle phone region now in late two thousand and sixteen the english speaking part of the country went on strike demanding better representation in the french government the government clamped down on protesters in response the back and forth has led to an increase in military action by the government and also a stronger separatist group who are calling for independence in a land that they would call amazonia but this fighting has left civilians caught in the middle one woman recalls the time she was attacked and says she doesn't know who to trust. to. just. give me this much. i hate to see.
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in their report human rights watch said angle phone separatists have extorted kidnapped and killed civilians and prevented children from going to school and response to protests and violence by armed separatists government forces have also killed civilians use excessive force against demonstrators tortured and mistreated suspected separatists and detainees and have burned hundreds of homes in several villages now many people online are asking for the cameroon military to leave southern cameroon and other parts of the country be here he wrote me and said that cameroon should withdraw its troops and that he just wants to go back to normal life others here say that they want a referendum for now though the protests continue every monday since january of two thousand and seventeen towns across southern cameroon have observed what they call ghost towns it's where students teachers shopkeepers and families are asked to stay
12:36 am
at home in protest against the inequality of the french majority government in response the government has deployed military like you see here to try to keep monday's functioning as normal business days when mayor though issued a letter threatening to permanently close any shops that observed ghost towns on the other side though you have armed separatists who threaten anyone who does not take part in the protests the conversation does continue online i put several call outs out today especially to those of you who are watching in cameroon do you continue to read as we hear from you often and we do want to hear what you have to say you can continue using your most the most popular way to get in touch with us the hash tag news group. all right leah thank you very much and yes please do reach out to us online if you want to respond to the story that leah just talked about in cameroon or any of the stories you have seen on news great places or hash tag when you do it's hash tag a.j. newsgroup or twitter handle is at a.j.
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english also on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera and said what's happened telegram as well plus nine seven four five zero one one one one four nine and once again for the crew on facebook live you've got a bonus a.j. plus story coming up for you now it's about how a muslim academic hops back it too far right politicians in europe and sonisphere with sports where we go from the glamour of formula one to the dirt at the soakaway reality.
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whenever i see something that has happened in the news my first reaction is to please god don't let this person have been someone that we released on parole gate keepers of the parole system you're asking us for a second chance right what's important to me is on the other side of things and all i get to the other side of it was amazing. how many times you've been to prison exploring the dark side of american justice system with job on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to news for it's us on what has people talking and the spoiler going to have a bit of fun we know one bit of a rally and another extreme with a nearly two and a half thousand swim is upon fifty countries have braved the cold and strong. strain the analyst six and a half kilometer swim is one of the most extreme open water races in the world it took the wind as fifteen minutes to get from the asian side of this across to europe.
12:40 am
swimming for one continent to another against the current is challenging as the competitors dive into the deep blue waters off the bosphorus their goal is to cross from the asian part of a stumble to the european side whether they win or not they say this is an accomplishment on its own and fun or. i didn't soledad finish finish line that's about the ones i did so then i swim to the bridge and then i remember i remind you all right a swimmer will then come back here by the course that was not so difficult during the race to busy both first was close to shipping the swimmer set out to crawl six and a health kilometers of the straight as quickly as they can. even if it means pushing their competitor out of the way. or not but still it's friendships and
12:41 am
the work that when the day fantastic except for the rest up from in one go for me. and i think you've got to keep with the current all the time so i was just summing with him because he knew we had to go but otherwise i keep going or saw i think it's important that you follow the channel and the ones that say yes thousands of swimmers from around the world have been coming here today martin the race and boss frenzy is away from the competition yet chelsea themselves over their lives and. the turkish olympic committee in a stumble has been organizing this event since one thousand nine hundred nine in its first year it had four female and six the foremast women's but over the years it has become a true international event. last year the world open water swimming association selected it as the world's best open water swimming scene on al-jazeera to stumble
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. the german company has just finished and it's been trending on twitter for the past few hours it was how to and won the race after starting in fourteenth and has now regained the championship lead home favorite sebastian vettel who started from pole position crashed out to as the rain started falling in the final laps on hamilton is known for his what to whether driving and he was all the talk after the checkered flag this fans tweeting you one thing to drive a lewis hamilton how could you start fourteenth and finish first take my hat off for you boy and he also added the quote from lewis hamilton saying conditions were perfect well it was hamilton might not be the most popular driver among f one fans that but they sure admire his work it's mclaren fan tweeted that one might not like the way he is but lewis hamilton just drove his way back from fourteenth to first
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that's what f one is all about congrats mercy's this one added i hate how milton with passion but he drove you gotta love him away from the mini world the track in germany and we head off road in russia well qatar's enough that i loudly ever remains in the lead of the silk way of rally after winning the second stage the eighth edition of the race takes drivers more than three and a half thousand kilometers from the south of russia north to moscow all seven stages are broadcast live and hot on you tube fans are also able to get a unique virtual perspective on the race by choosing from a selection of three sixty on board cameras and this is what nasa lotty had to say about the race following the four hundred eighty three kilometer second state from us to a list. yeah i had heard of the stage you know
12:44 am
a long time really we we need to do this. just because we open the road and there. we don't know the speed you know to go you know because we are scared. if we are not fast maybe everybody will catch but. nobody coming i think. it's a good speed. very good. also that we have good rest today really is was very good in this terrain of contour in send the. we are quite happy and yeah we finish today without any problem and now we try to fix something you know from suspension done tomorrow will be another day. the more i think would be harder than it's not
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a phone they hit. we need to take everything with us you know it's very important to do in this silk we're early because. it's a good memory year two thousand and nine and two thousand and ten i.e. like this. after ten years i'm not really able to come to a complete we was very busy except the day you know we are here in silk way and. because when we were in north and forest no one. he invited us on he gave us. invitation to here and we need to accept and to come here on to respect all the people and futuristic superhero mask for the twenty twenty lempicka and paralympic games in tokyo now have names made to me at a toll and so matey. name means the pain paralympic master's name comes from
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a popular terry. file will be back more now it's back to sell us some good news resell tiger woods is and they soul wait at the open shooting is best for. us in ten but i'm not going to step on your toes all right that will do it for the new spread keep in touch on social media and a.j. to spread. on counting the costs of stronger growth forecasts for sub-saharan africa but a big challenge is looming the world's second biggest aviation trade show takes off
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in the u.k. plus why three d. printed buildings are causing some just. counting the cost on al-jazeera. we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have presence here all the time apart from being good cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters. where were you when this idea popped into it whether online it's undoubtedly chief cold. of opinion equality in our society today or if you joined the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bring you have to go back for the first time
12:48 am
everyone has a voice of allow refugees to be the speakers for change join the conversation on our. new stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. a suicide bomb attack near the airport in kabul moments soft of the return of exile vice president of the rush a dostum to afghanistan. and i'm suited and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up playing at the
12:49 am
dead of night around one hundred twenty members of the white helmets and their families head to jordan by the israeli occupied. go on heights. go ok. protests and intimidation rallies in support of nicaragua's president while his opponents go into hiding and we look at nigeria's access to reintegrate thousands of traumatized teenagers recruited by block around back into society. start in afghanistan where there's been a suicide bomb attack outside kabul zapp port shortly after the return of an exiled afghan vice president abdul rashid dostum at least fourteen people have been killed the bomb went off near where the press gathered for dostum is arrival the ethnic uzbek general left last year after being accused of sexual abuse and torture
12:50 am
against a political rival he's being welcomed to kabul despite an ongoing from an investigation or balance reports. the second most powerful man in afghanistan is back in kabul vice president general abdul rashid dostum had been living in exile in turkey for the last fourteen months he was allowed to come back after his supporters protested demanding his return. gen dostum left because of this man ahmed issue a northern elder who accused him and his guards of kidnapping and rape of the book dostum ordered his commander to rape me nine other bodyguards he told them to rape me until the ground is covered with blood and take a photograph but dostum refused to come in for questioning president ashraf ghani then persuaded turkey's president rejects over one to take him in it's not the first time dostum spin exiled in turkey it's
12:51 am
a repeat of ten years ago when he assaulted a political rival which led to this standoff in kabul between police and his bodyguards i got gen dostum is surrounded somewhere homs even on the off boston's here's they must know that seven or eight provinces of the north will turn against the government. dostum has a ruthless reputation he has ruled northern afghanistan for thirty years and is renowned for shifting his allegiance in one thousand nine hundred sixty minute top taliban commanders for talks but the handshake stops the he would fight the taliban in the northern alliance famously saying he could never belt of a government where there is no whiskey and no music dostum was later accused of the crimes and hundreds of taliban prisoners in his care suffocated in shipping containers. after the two thousand and one us invasion dostum transitioned from warlord to politician was he willed enormous influence in afghanistan's
12:52 am
north when he returned from exile ten years ago this was his reception. was many including president danny who needs the support of boston's banks we eager to see what type of reception he gets this time. charlotte bellus al-jazeera. rescue workers known as the white helmets have been evacuated from syria i respond to the advancing threat posed by government forces israel's military has taken four hundred twenty two with the first responders to safety in jordan at the request of the united nations for. as night fell hundreds of white helmet volunteers and their families made their way across the israeli occupied golan heights to jordan the plan is for the united nations to help resettle them in
12:53 am
canada the u.k. and germany rebels and syria's southwest region reached a deal with the government to leave the area on friday buses have been leaving from quintet tra what we are seeing actually in my opinion is bought off the range of months would have been agreed between the original and international powers in order to clear. the area from any presence that's is not that might not be happy with. the white helmets were founded in twenty fourteen to rescue civilians injured in attacks on rebel held territory the nonprofit volunteer risky group operated in opposition held areas and has been backed by the u.s. and other western countries for many of the volunteers who left this is the first time in years they won't be confronted with casualties of war so here's our guy for all just zero. so we can cross now to stephanie decker who is in the occupied golan
12:54 am
heights as staff it does sound quite an intended rushnell operation to get the white helmet safely across the border. yes in just the last hour or so these really prime minister benjamin netanyahu has issued a statement through his office saying that just a few days ago he was contacted by the american president by the canadian prime minister and others and this is why israel decided to facilitate the movement of the white helmets and their families here across these radio keep going heights and into jordan because you know that the borders remain firmly shut here we can see sometimes small tense along the border of the bigger areas further north because the area behind us suzanne the control of a group affiliated with eisel but it is impossible to cross this border israel has made it very clear they will not be allowing any syrian internally displaced across there have been requests so this was a very special operation it was a very secretive operation and happened as you heard in that report under dark of
12:55 am
night it was kept very very quiet and it is of course it significant that so many countries you know made such an effort to get these white helmets out they had been backed throughout this war by different countries of course during rescue efforts but yes i think interesting certainly having them across this area and into jordan and as we heard in that report three countries canada germany and the u.k. saying that they will resettle them in about three months time and that really does just leave this one pocket as you say affiliated to ice so on the border and now attempts by i'm guessing both the government forces and the russians to and i like that pockets of resistance. yes it's gone pretty quiet in the last hour and a half or so soon but when we arrived there were a lot of airstrikes we actually saw a jets in the sky circling not quite crossing that border fence and a lot of airstrikes also on the hill that's
12:56 am
a little further across so it does seem that this is going to be the final push the government's final push to take back really the entire swathe of southwest and almost most of southern syria from the rebels and it goes to show just you know seven years into this war the massive amount of destruction the infrastructure that the human cost millions of people displaced inside their country millions of refugees and the tide is turning again the government very much in control of the the majority of the country other than some small pockets and controlled by the kurds and it really is now a political game all the different countries players involved trying to carve out their spheres of influence. from the israeli occupied golan heights thank you a convoy of fifty five process taking syrian rebels and their families have been allowed to proceed to the north after being stopped by iranian militias the vehicles were surrounded and detained for seven hours by fighters wearing military
12:57 am
style uniforms near the city of homs following an intervention by the russian minute you please they were then allowed to move again the convoy left as part of an agreement between the opposition and the syrian government to surrender positions in the south france is sending fifty tons of medical aid to the government controlled area of eastern ghouta the aid is being sent on a russian plane the first time a western country has sent material to syrian government controlled areas with moscow's help government forces re took in april after a siege lasting several years about half a million people live very little aid has made in it. to pakistan now where tensions are rising ahead of wednesday's general elections a candidate from the front runner imran khan's party has been killed in
12:58 am
a suicide attack that also wounded four others a crime other than the poor was a candidate of the pakistan tariq in the south of p.t.i. party is vehicle was targeted in the northwestern province of khyber part of our as he was leaving a political meeting the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility. for wednesday's election is promising to be pakistan's most unpredictable yet with allegations of media restrictions and polling overshadowing the vote some avenge of a force from lahore in punjab province. this is the man considered a disruptor by pakistan's two main political parties until a few months ago but now polls suggest iran khan's the wrekin soft party is the frontrunner he's taken the lead from the washer if the former prime minister who is really jailed by an accountability for the rise of iran hollande in the fall of the russia is alleged to have been engineered by the establishment a local metaphor for pakistan's military this is
12:59 am
a plan and it is intended to bring about a result in this election which the planners want. it will produce a situation which will cause further difficulties for this country a weak government internally divided coalition. huge challenges. it's the first election where religious far right parties are taking part in mainstream politics in the back pakistan o.t.l. pete rose to prominence for the violent sit in in islamabad it was resolved after the military became a guarantor that in the protestors and the government now it's a political force with more than five hundred candidates vying for national and provincial assemblies seats deal he plans to make pakistan but it was a true religious state that denies it is backed by the military and says its money come from loyalists in their millions. the money given to us by the rangers was someone's individual and has nothing to do with the party of this video which was
1:00 am
made to get barra was a conspiracy. no musharraf league has been assured of support from the analysts were not well demurred which was a banned group until last month and imran khan's party has welcomed in its fall huggable majority the former chief a cleric who's on the u.s. terror watch list a political party is also being formed by the supporters of hospice aid and other cleric who's on the united nations terrorists list they are feeling over two hundred fifty candidates for the first time in this election and from their headquarters the million muslim league is running an organized campaign but the political party insists that the u.n. is wrong and have a say has not been given the right to respond to allegations against him how many how many nor how many practical people and our character is clear whether it's safeguarding pakistan's ideology philanthropy and public service or the ethical support for occupied kashmir that's why people will vote for us there's also a religious alliance of parties which is running as well the religious parties are not expected to win many say.


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