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eighteen people were killed and nine women abducted well as in control of the area across lake chad borders with both and i ceria all nine years of war against buck around in northern nigeria has taken a toll on young people especially thousands of traumatised teenagers recruited by the armed group and retired from the front line one hundred eighty three of them were recently released says ahmed interest reports from my degree in borno state reintegration is a huge challenge. after months and years in custody of these children accused of links to. are starting the long process of recovery army commanders say some were potential suicide bombers who were ready to shoot troops or suspected members of boko haram they were all held prisoner at some time in the conflict by both sides and children are coming out of this place is with a lot of trauma as you know it's not a place for
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a tad what we are trying to help the government of nigeria to do is to take every child individually through a process over the habitation of the united nations children's fund and the regional government are so far rehabilitated nearly ten thousand of them. there are provided medical support plus or medication and skills training. yeah in baltimore state experts say more than half a million children require i've been psychological and social support whatever level facilities got only looked after a few hundred at a time caregiver so yeah that there was a serious security threat unless they get the care they need and the fear is some of them will redrawing burra for yonks just overheard some support reintegration is a difficult process especially to build their self-esteem and confidence. model was arrested by security forces after they fled to the regional capital made to go to seek refuge sooner and i was picked up while playing football up to now i wasn't
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a one offense i committed i spent eleven months in custody all the twenty two year old thinks about is food clothing and playing football. experts say after escaping the abuses of book or arm children need the custody of government health services not to the security forces now you'll have the instrument of the state that is supposed to be. the seaview now act in any way that is that is punitive the tendency is for these sets of young people to feel neglected and when you don't properly show if you neglected. take it out on the safety and there are thousands of them out on the streets of the north east of the skills or education to compete in a fast changing world. al-jazeera my degree nigeria
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where there is still more to tell you about in the news our united nations is launching a new campaign to improve water safety in bangladesh by forty six people every year and it tiger woods and his ten year victory drought so no matter the details. the pressure is on for fifteen thousand people posing an imminent threat to israeli snipers as they work to reform by top israeli diplomat must people not believe you are going to watch no no they are the same thing that it does on the base are sending them to die it's a cost production when they come and attack us it's a war zone he was attacking his son goes head to head with daddy and what israel is doing is deliberately choosing to slaughter houses. al-jazeera. when people think of cuba they think of revolution but ivana is undergoing
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a revolution and believe how delicious it is and. we're here to discover if those changes are reflected in the plea if this is a q what is the q and. russian owner i'm trying to make sure to dave. a.j. it's on al-jazeera. for the first time in its history the united nations is trying to rid choose drownings in bangladesh the leading cause of child deaths in the country every day forty six people drown most of them children and the un is hoping to change that by
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raising awareness as christian salumi reports in bangladesh a country crisscrossed by nearly twenty five thousand kilometers of rivers and nearly six hundred kilometers of coastline drowning is the leading cause of death among children every year some fifteen thousand die. most hema big goon was working when she briefly lost track of her two children last year a boy and a girl. i have no choice but to work things like cooking and household chores while we are working it's not easy to remember where our children are most of the time like it happened to me i lost track where my children were and this is how such accidents take place. she found their bodies in a nearby pond most drowning deaths in bangladesh happen between nine in the morning and one in the afternoon when caregivers are busy doing day to day work experts say perhaps not surprisingly that the proximity to water increases the risk of drowning
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in bangladesh it's never far away this picture terrifies me this photo exhibit at the united nations headquarters in new york called just one inch of water is meant to highlight the dangers as well as point to ways to reduce the risks the scale of the problem is huge so it's bigger than the number of deaths in childbirth every year but it's never been addressed in the un's history it's never had any political attract attention at the united nations day care centers like this one provide not only an education for children but also a way to keep them out of trouble to view what i can to help if i leave it there are ponds ditches and canals near almost all the village homes and in the monsoon these areas get inundated by flood water this becomes very risky for the children. swimming lessons are also crucial to reduce accidental deaths in countries like bangladesh where water sustains life but also claims the lives of so many christian
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salumi al-jazeera i'm naturally a sport with fara. thank you so much mariam arsenal's football star mesut ozil says he will no longer play for his country germany and says discrimination is the major reason for his decision and made the twenty nine year old post for a photo with recep tayyip erdogan one the president of his country of his ancestry turkey something for which he drew widespread criticism for in germany and a statement released on sunday is a look use the media of launching a racist campaign against him and criticize the treatment he received from the president of the german football federation reinhard grand zero zero zero zero was part of germany's group stage exit to the world cup and things grendel believes he's german when germany wins and an immigrant when they lose lewis hamilton went from fourteenth to first to win the german grand prix in spectacular fashion victory means the mercedes driver has regained the formula one championship lead
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after ferrari sebastian vettel crashed out of the race so how moloch reports. you'd be forgiven for thinking that you used to come back into the stadium standing up just behind the bust invented in poland the german grand prix but it's actually hamilton's team and valtteri bottas. the reigning world champion starting all the way back in fourteenth sport due to a hydraulic problem which wrecked his qualifying but home to didn't take long to make up ground he moved into sixth place with fifty five laps lift to catch the risk. the race was heavily impacted by work conditions and why look like the best investor had everything under control he messed up on fifty two. of the four time world champion crushing out squandering the opportunity to extend his lead at the top of the championship state it at the time of vettel is demise
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hamilton is already off into fourth place just revelling in the wet conditions which he's famous to do well under the world. eventually took the lead on fifty four and went on to see out the win but us coming in second and vettel throwing teammate came you right in in good would never have thought that you could do something like that today but i just kept pushing i kept believing and it happened so i really manifested my dream today so the big thanks to god well there are some areas the wind moves hamilton to the top of the driver's championship seventeen points ahead of his rival vettel. al-jazeera. italy's francesco molinari kept his cool and held off the chasing pack of superstar girl first to win the open championship the thirty five year old from turin ended his final round with the five foot birdie putt at eighteenth hole to harvest it soon and finish eight under he won by two strokes ahead of warring malcolm lawrie justin rose kevin his there
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and zander shuffler molinari is the first italian to win a major. you know it's a look at the names on that clara job is the. work in your so it's the best golfers in history and to be on there. it's incredible you know from from someone like me coming from italy not really a major golfing country. he's been he's been an incredible journey. of tiger woods briefly had the lead in a major for the first time since two thousand and nine and he was able to hold on to it for four holes but the former world number one ended up making a double bogey on the eleventh american close with a seventy one to finish tied for sixth place. you know i talked to a history of our good friends and we're. sure so far came and talked about it because you have to think for specter she just had a baby and lost it in finals is just to keep us for first in perspective and same
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thing this was me i know that it's going to sting for a little bit here. but. given where i was to where i'm at now. last. former spain international andres iniesta made his much anticipated debut with his new team in japan the thirty four year old who signed with j. league side whistle coby came on as a substitute in the fifty ninth minute to fail to make an impact his side losing to shown an bellmawr three nil and he has to score the winning goal for spain in the twenty time the world cup final. and it wasn't a happy start to the jay league for fernando torres either the spanish star side sagan told soon losing one nil to they will tie the sendai. now nearly two and a half thousand swimmers the brave the cold water and strong currents and one of those extreme open water races in the world the annual bosphorus swim starts on the
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asian side of the straight and ends in europe shannon course of that has more. swimming for one continent to another against the current is challenging as the competitors dive into the deep blue waters off the bosphorus their goal is to cross from the asian part of a stumble to the european side whether they win or not they say this is an accomplishment on its own and fun. i didn't soledad finish finish line of the bones i did so that i swam to the bridge and then. i remind all right a swimmer and then come back here by the course that was not so difficult during the race to busy both first was close to shipping the swimmer set out to crawl six and a health kilometers of the straight as quickly as they can. even if it means pushing
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their competitor out of the way. or not but still it's friendships and the work that when the day fantastic except for the rest up from in one go for me. and i think you've got to keep with the current all the time so i was just summing with him because he knew we had to go but otherwise i keep going or so i think it's important that you follow the channel. that say yes thousands of swimmers from around the world have been coming here today martin the race and boss friends is away from the competition chelsea themselves over their lives and. the turkish olympic committee in a stumble has been organizing this event since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine in its first year it had four female and six the foremast swimmers but over the years it has become a true international event. last year the world open water swimming association
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selected it as the world's best open water swimming. al-jazeera was the stumbling. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to mary i'm in london all right thank you very much that's it for me that wraps up the news hour i will be back in just a couple of minutes with much more of the day's news for you soon to bed. an ex-con that a lot of chess. after years behind bars he has to be strict to stay out of prison
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with these friend and chess master he's planning his next move to get back to society and the gay that saved his life discovering new filmmaking talent from around the globe if you find a latin american chess private lessons which is even. more rallies it was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say i'm going to be up at the gallop the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand and five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. the world's
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primary could change producing nation. is at the forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry both of this business will go on forever it will not change all of the global policies do who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes on al-jazeera. fourteen people are left dead in kabul as eisold tries to blow up the rice president of afghanistan returning after more than a year in exile. well i maryam namazie in london with al jazeera also coming up fleeing in the dead of
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night hundreds of members of the white helmets escaped from syria through the israeli occupied golan heights in pakistan a candidate from front on the iran contra party is murdered ahead of wednesday's elections also. under drought reporting from greenland all the threats presented by the new realities bird taryn we were in new york for. a come to the program our top story at least fourteen people have died in a suicide bombing targeting afghanistan's vice president abdullah rushy dostum a former warlord an ethnic leader returned from exile after more than a year following allegations he had tortured and sexually abused a rival i still claims it carried out the attack which also injured at least sixty people. and schools the vice president abdul rashid dostum
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supporters gathered to welcome him back to kabul is international airport a suicide bomber detonated his vest at the main interests among the casualties the security forces and civilians. dostum escaped his convoy had passed minutes earlier the second most powerful man in afghanistan had been living in exile in turkey for the last fourteen months his supporters protested demanding his return but there are many who don't want to bet. gen dostum lift off to ahmed ishi in northern accused him and his guards of kidnapping and rape. them dostum ordered his commander to rape me nine other bodyguards he told them to rape me until the ground is covered with blood and take a photograph but dostum refused to come in for questioning president ashraf ghani then persuaded turkey's president richard typo to want to take him in it's not the first time dostum spain exiled in turkey it's
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a repeat of ten years ago when he assaulted a political rival which led to this standoff in kabul between police and his bodyguards dostum has a ruthless reputation he has ruled northern afghanistan for thirty years and is renowned for shifting his allegiance in one thousand nine hundred sixty minute top taliban commanders for talks but the handshake stops the he would fight the taliban in the northern alliance famously saying he could live a vow to a government where there is no whisky and no music after the two thousand and one us invasion dostum transitioned from warlord to politician. he wields enormous influence in afghanistan's north making him a target his enemies want him gone his allies need him ahead of next year's presidential election fellas. earlier i spoke to a large the former senior advisor to the chief executive of afghanistan. he says
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the latest attack is a sign of war instability to come in the run up to elections. to experience such carnage as a result of a suicide attack claimed by i so it's obviously shocking to the people of afghanistan in kabul in particular but it shows how the situation in afghanistan is fragile how fragile and how unpredictable it is. politics obvious the is going to become much more tense as we move forward toward parliamentary elections in october and maybe presidential elections next year spring members of the syrian rescue group the white helmets have made it safely to jordan after being smuggled out of syria in the dead of night israel's military help in the effort transporting four hundred twenty two of the first responders across the occupied golan heights from there stephanie decker reports. under the cover of darkness
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hundreds of white helmet volunteers and their families made their way across the israeli occupied golan heights to jordan it was a top secret multinational effort helped along by the un their exit was facilitated by israel after requests from the u.s. canada and others its army issued a statement saying it was an exceptional humanitarian gesture canada the u.k. and germany have agreed to settle them the white helmets were founded in two thousand and fourteen to rescue civilians injured in attacks on rebel held territory the group has been backed by the u.s. and other western countries there was a fear what would happen to them once their area fell under government control but such a deal doesn't apply to the tens of thousands of civilians who fled the fighting and who remain behind closed borders their areas under opposition control for years now back in the hands of the syrian government and one of the latest deals rebels in syria's southwest region of can answer we should deal with the government on friday buses have been leaving from can answer to northern syria what we are seeing
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actually in my opinion is bought off the air means months with have been agreed between. an international dollars in order to clear. the area for any presence that's is not that might not. be happy with the syrian government has now taken back most of this southwestern part of the country the only area left under opposition control is the area behind me and it's controlled by a group affiliated with eisel there is no deal in the offering for them now we've been seeing multiple air strikes has also seen jets in the sky it seems the government's final battle for southern syria is underway stephanie decker al-jazeera in these really occupied golan heights. all tensions are rising out of wednesday's general election in pakistan a candidate from the front on a imran khan's party has been killed in
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a certified attack that also wounded four others a gun the poor was a candidate of the pakistan to africa and suffer p.t.i. party is vehicle was targeted in the northwestern province of. as he was leaving a political meeting a pakistani taliban said it carried out the attack or wednesday's election is promising to be pakistan's most unpredictable yet with allegations of media restrictions and poll rigging overshadowing the vote zama binge of aid reports from lahore it's been a story this is the man considered a disruptor by pakistan's two main political parties until a few months ago but now suggest iran khan's the wrekin soft party is the frontrunner he's taken the lead from the washer if the former prime minister who was rejected by an accountability for the rise of iran hard in the fall of nationally is alleged to have been engineered by the establishment a little metaphor for pakistan's military this is a plan and it is intended to bring about
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a result in this election which the planners want. it will produce a situation which will cause further difficulties for this country a weak government internally derided coalition huge challenges. it's the first election where religious far right parties are taking part in mainstream politics at their peak in the back pakistan o.t.l. pete rose to prominence for the violent sit in in islamabad it was resolved after the military became a guarantor that in the protestors and the government now it's a political force with more than five hundred candidates vying for national and provincial assemblies seats he plans to make pakistan but it falls a true religious state that denies it is backed by the military and says its money come from loyalists in their millions all. the money given to us by the rangers was someone's individual acts and has nothing to do with the party the video which was made to get viral was a conspiracy. no musharraf league has been assured of support from the allison at
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will demurred which was a ban group until last month and imran khan's party has welcomed in its fold her former chief a cleric who's on the u.s. terror watch list a political party is also being formed by the supporters of hospice aid another cleric who is on the united nations terrorists list we are feeling over two hundred fifty candidates for the first time in this election and from their headquarters the muslim league is running an organized campaign but the political party insists that the u.n. is wrong and have a say has not been given the right to respond to allegations against him. how many practical people and or characteristically or whether it's safeguarding pakistan's ideology philanthropy and public service or the ethical support for occupied kashmir that's why people will vote for us there's also a religious alliance of parties which is running as well the religious parties are not expected to win many seats but they will be able to decree votes from traditional parties the final outcome of this change the political landscape will
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depend on how many of the hundred six million pakistanis but just to do what will come out to cast their ballots. the former trump foreign policy eight carter page has denied allegations he worked with the russian government during the twenty sixteen u.s. election the f.b.i. believes page was involved in russian that collusion with the trunk campaign and had him placed under surveillance trump has condemned the investigation into alleged russian collusion is a witch hunt a defense correspondent patty culhane has more from washington. carter page was a foreign policy adviser to then candidate donald trump he is at the heart at the center of this entire investigation into potential collusion between the trump campaign and the russian government so now what we're seeing is what's called a pfizer warrant application basically if an american citizen is going to be wiretapped then the government in order to do that has to get permission from a special finds a judge these are always done in secret and we never ever see fines or warrants or
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their applications but the president president donald trump declassified this media organizations filed for the paperwork of the freedom of information act and over the weekend these documents were released they don't say much most of the pages look like this they are heavily redacted but it does show that the f.b.i. believed that carter was potentially colluding with the russians and possibly other members of the trunk campaign to try and win the election never publicans including the president on twitter is declaring victory because that does show that the f.b.i. used in part some of the evidence to try and get this warrant the christopher steel dossier he's the british former british spy who compiled the evidence the showed potential compromising material russia might have had intended to trump because eventually democrats paid for some of that research republicans like to say all of it has been discredited and they say because of that the moeller investigation is spread it is well democrats for their part say that steele is
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a legitimate credible source and that his information has been used in the past by the f.b.i. to not only lead to arrests but also convictions. still ahead for you on the program iraqi security forces admit to secretly detaining prisoners accused of terrorism offenses and leaders of the world's largest economies want to trade tensions pose a huge risk to global crisis. hello there it is staying rather unsettled for some of us in australia at the moment in the south there's been quite a bit of cloud over the past few weeks and that's given us a few outbreaks of rain and we're still seeing plenty of cloud there at the moment so for perth and the still the risk of see want to showers as we head through the next few days i think that we more rain though a bit further east you can see this here working its way through parts of south
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australia into victoria and tasmania and it looks like some of us are going to have a pretty wet and windy time of it on monday and tuesday to to choose.


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