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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2018 12:00pm-12:35pm +03

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two peas in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. syria's a final push to capture the southwest stances allies jostle for influence along the israeli border. this is there a line from our headquarters here in doha also coming up at least forty nine people are killed and more than a hundred fifty injured as wildfires tear through villages across athens also pakistan prepares to choose a new government as campaigning ends a day ahead of a general election and a working through stick about the new laws in senegal aimed at getting more people
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with disabilities into jobs. welcome to the program syrian government and its russian allies are targeting ice linked groups the battle for control of the southwestern region now they have been dozens of our strikes over the past few hours the ice still filling a two groups are outside an evacuation deal previously struck with opposition fighters in neighboring areas iran's presence in syria seems to be at the center of talks between russia and israel now there are reports that moscow has offered to keep iranian and its allied forces one hundred kilometers away from the israeli occupied golan heights israel has reportedly rejected that proposal and has
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demanded their complete long term withdrawal from syria instead stephanie decker said this update from the israeli occupied golan heights. the syrian government and its russian ally are engaged in a very active campaign in this area which is the last opposition held pocket in southwestern syria is controlled by a group affiliated to eisele there's no negotiations with them now you can probably see another airstrike just over my left shoulder this is been going on for a couple of day in days now really intensifying over the last forty eight hours airstrikes also intensive tank shelling on this area we've seen some civilians trying to shelter close to the border fence with the israeli occupied golan heights i can see another airstrike very far along it is terrifying for the people inside we can confirm exactly how many civilians are left but certainly it's a very difficult situation for them but certainly the interest here of the
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government is to take it back because it is the last as we mentioned area in southwestern syria so once they take this back they'll be back in control really of most of southern syria. electricity supplies to palestinians living in guards are to be cut further from eight hours to just six hours a day the sole power station on the strip can't get enough fuel to maintain its current output now the amount of fuel entering gaza has been greatly reduced since thursday when israel imposed restrictions on imports through the kind of mobile slalom crossing the israeli defense minister has now said the crossing will be partially reopened in the coming hours. meanwhile there have been protests outside the united nations palestinian refugee agency in gaza the head of and to be escorted out of his offices by hamas security many are happy about expected job layoffs the agency has been struggling to maintain its level of service since the
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u.s. which provides much of its financial support cut its funding in january. to europe now where wildfires have killed at least forty nine people there the greek capital athens strong winds are whipping up the flames that have destroyed many homes and disrupted transport links the government has declared a state of emergency in two areas charlotte dallas has the latest. panic as greeks look for their neighbors as flames close and a series of wild fires around athens broke out monday the first in a forest nicknamed her a coastal town and now is dr waste of the capital. fire crews try to limit the destruction while evacuating recipients but it was out of their control. the fire sprayed by monday night three wildfires raged the worst east of athens in the seaside towns of. the death toll
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was twenty fourth until fire crews started to search in marty camouflaged by darkness charred cars and residents who had tried to escape the flames here the death toll doubled if you like you know you'll survive isn't marty described running for the sea with flames chasing them into the water eleven military and coast guard boats along with dozens of private boats came to the rescue. what can i say it's over we are alive and that is what's important. to. the fire with lightning fast we didn't realize what had happened but you couldn't it was the first time i've seen something like this but we made it we were like a bee colony and to see everybody standing next to each other the. greek prime minister alexa c. press cut short a trip to bosnia arriving late on monday to the firefighters headquarters in athens you know visually. it's a difficult moment for the region it's
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a difficult night for greece at the moment more than six hundred men and women from the fire brigade and three hundred vehicles have been mobilized in three large fronts. his meeting with agency heads is not enough and he knows it greece needs international intervention yes. not to make. due to the large expanse the intensity and the dangers the fires pose the country has submitted a request through the european civil protection mechanism for international ground and air assistance. for greece and pick terrorists season five is a destructive to its fragile economy to roads and a major highway are closed for those who get past the blockades they gamble with driving past arc in flames this is the ninety four motorway leading into athens one hundred kilometer now winds only fanned the flames and disperse the smoke blanketed the capital causing flight delays on monday. wildfires are not uncommon in greece
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the worst being in two thousand and seven when more than eighty people died when fires burned for days across the country this year a dry winter created tender box conditions now greeks must try to minimize the damage dallas al-jazeera. so media are reporting hundreds of people are missing after a hydropower dam collapsed in the southern side district in the province of the poor the it was reportedly under construction when it collapsed and swept away villages nearby several people have been killed and more than one thousand families have lost their homes we're also getting breaking news coming out of afghanistan where there are two explosions apparently that have hit the capital kabul minutes apart it was caused the first one apparently by a rocket that landed in a residential area west of the city would be at least four people the cause the exact location of the second has not yet been determined but people are talking
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about it being near the center of the city that's not immediately clear that's all according to a local police spokesman that we'll get more information on that and bring it to you as soon as we get it. well more than one hundred million voters in pakistan are gearing up to elect their next government ballot papers are being taken to different polling centers across the country campaigning came to a close twenty four hours before those polls open on wednesday for major political parties are in the race for the country's second civilian handover of power after a full term summer binge of a report from lahore in the punjab province. from the rooftops to the seats arranged below political workers gathered in their hundreds charged by the anthems of change they believe the twenty eighteen lection will turn the tables on
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the tradition of venice. it will be a one sided contest from the rule belts we will sweep the pakistan muslim league nawaz party we will also win from urban areas this is the last time they can express this confidence before the july twenty fifth election campaign activities have been suspended by the election commission twenty four hours before poured open it's the last day of campaigning and crowds have been gathering at various rallies being held by the back of this is the party being led by forget to turn politician in wrong who according to polls has been leading in the race two words the pakistani parliament handles the importance of punjab the heartland of pakistani politics the province of all one hundred forty eight out of the two hundred seventy two geographically constituencies which make up the national assembly. god really gives the nation this chance to change their fate these corrupt politicians have been ruling the punjab since one thousand and five even their children are
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billionaires. but it's not going to be an easy fight for imran khan a crowd of now jailed former prime minister in the russian navy is also fired up. because he's done a tremendous. making projects like the actual. train that's why the lonely support him the new is now led by his brother. who has been criticized by his opponents for not being a crowd puller. insists that his sport is among the masses who've benefited from his development projects and people in his party's constituency seem convinced waters of the muslim league see their leadership and party has been targeted unfairly by the judiciary and the military establishment. people will vote for the lion because they have performed in the past five years whether it's the china corridor or a network of roads buses and trains education and health sectors where they did a great job. instead of
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a single large rally all major parties finished their campaigns but smaller political gatherings marred by some incidents of violence campaigning is ended now votes will decide which political party succeeded in getting their message across a sham of a. new satellite images appear to show north korea beginning to dismantle its main nuclear launch facility here you can see the signs earlier this month and then they few days later part of the structure has been removed the pictures were released by monitoring site thirty eight north. to work towards denuclearization during the singapore summit in june. the emir of qatar is in the united kingdom where he's seeking international support in the face of the blockade he's due to meet prime minister treason in the coming hours in the meantime a u.k. newspaper is reporting a casting agency is seeking actors to protest against his visit the independent published an email containing errors from extra people saying a client is seeking
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a large group of people to fill space outside downing street during the visit of the president of qatar this is an anti cattle event you will not have to do or say anything they just want to fill the space you will be finished at twelve thirty well the casting agency said it was contacted by a p.r. company for the event from which it has since withdrawn and the p.r. company has refused to reveal its client. was with scheckter mean been now middle tiny during his first stop at a london university. qatar's leader began his u.k. visit at a robotics lab at london's imperial college set i mean been hammered than eve dan had a meeting with business leaders in the city it's all part of a push by qatar to rally international support the countries under
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a land sea and air blockade imposed by saudi arabia u.a.e. and egypt the operation relationship between us is quite extensive across a whole variety of fields from. its curity defense investments and today of course focusing on health and health issues where we work together so it's a good visit and we encourage all our friends in the gulf to resolve their differences and we hope that can be done since the start of the g.c.c. crisis qatar has not only ramped up its missile capabilities but has also expanded its security and political operation with key our allies such as the us france and the u.k. and this is quite crucial for qatar at a time when it continues to face a blockade imposed on it by its neighbors the blockading countries have dismissed international mediation they say qatar must first stop funding extremism close a turkish military base downgrade its ties with iran and shut down the al-jazeera
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news network qatar has strongly denied the accusations and called the demands a violation of its sovereignty despite the crisis it has signed major arms deals including the purchase of twenty four typhoon combat aircraft from the u.k. as part of the deal pilots from the two countries will protect the skies above qatar when the arab nation hosts the twenty twenty two football world cup since the crisis a cattle instead of being cut off from the rest of the world actually engage the world. more than they have done before so why they're being cut off regionally they've actually expanded their reach into the west particular and the united states they've built partnerships that are more resilient in many ways than the partnership that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have build in europe and in the united states the u.s. has called on its allies in the region to set aside their differences washington
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fears a prolonged crisis could lead to more instability possible. london well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news channel plus the language grows increasingly heated dancey u.s. and iranian leaders trade threat. welcome back as we look at the weather across southeastern parts of asia northern areas are looking pretty lively weather wise at the moment certainly across central northern parts of the philippines and doesn't like being a wet day a minute or two in the course of wednesday but then across borneo is looking pretty good to think most places will get away with lots of sunshine showers very few and far between so often you say that java bali is the time of the year when it's dry for the most part moving up through the maple ensure we have
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a few showers around but so much is looking fine kuala lumpur should see plenty of sunshine and then northwards into tyler we pick up the showers once again and bangkok can expect to see some downpours down into a stray we've had stormy weather pushing through melbourne over the last twenty four hours gusts in excess of one hundred kilometers per hour generate down through the bites and through victoria down towards tasmania remains pretty stormy but otherwise weather conditions pretty quiet under this large area of high pressure so plenty of sunshine around it across western stroeve got weather fronts pushing in so expect a brace of rain and quite gusty winds at times and temperatures really struggling a lot certainly been during the course of thursday had a across into new zealand we've got quite a spell of weather moment optically one for christchurch champ temperatures just nine degrees but the general weather is looking dry and bright and should be fine across the north island with highs of fourteen in oakland. and new perspectives can change a world. for one chin is he and what began as
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a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is here on al-jazeera. you're watching robin a reminder of our top stories the syrian government and its allies russia are targeting ice a linked groups in the country's southwest while
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a bid to recapture those last remaining in southern pockets continue russia reportedly is pushing for a deal with israel. has offered to curb iranian presence near the occupied golan heights but israel has apparently rejected it. at least forty nine people are being killed in forest fires that are burning in several areas near the greek capital athens the fires have destroyed homes and destructive transport links officials have declared a state of emergency in two areas and more than one hundred million people in pakistan are gearing up to vote for a new government ballot papers are being taken to different polling centers across the country in preparation for wednesday's a general election for major political parties are in the race. now left wing parties protesting in new delhi say their supporters are being systematically targeted in eastern india the states have thrived poorer and west bank. all have seen a spate of violent confrontations recently both states had to camila said
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governments for decades but the left has been losing ground after being voted out of office the alliance says nearly one thousand of their supporters have been killed over the past few years. is a politburo member with the communist party of india joins me now live from the capital new delhi good to have you with us third live on al-jazeera why are you and your party car dres protesting now what's precipitated the demonstration now rather than a few months ago or a few years ago. no this five blip parties led by companies party of india marxist to deal are going to raise it prepares to guinness the moderator of democracy in. two important province of india in these two states the government won
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in west bengal government on bite the normal congress party of months of energy minister and other in to put up the government of the g.p. led by be plugged into this to government they are totally. community lays the safety every day people inside to being at the marta that office is not being barn and nor democratic rights this so this. all over the india we have organizing protest today in delhi so people at the un to protest this at back on democracy and also today say multan is lee in all the state capitals this put this being on tonight ok mr milosevic has just put a hundred stop you know it's democracy when mr mallock i just stop you there what evidence do you have that the congress party and i'm on top on a chain west bengal all the beach a.p. and try poor are to blame for attacks against your party workers what evidence have
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you collated. you know these. these two state the government chain in there started at the king the lift closeness and d.c. is unprecedented at that enlisted men was there you pointed election local body lection i'll go p. fifty eight thousand five hundred seats. thirty four percent seats the opposition candidates are not allowed to file their nomination and he looks sunday how young so blue said captured rake in minutes held by the police in. and because of that more than two hundred active east of the lift already have been killed and didn't plan change election itself about forty two people said there ignored rights
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of the opposition party in west bengal because keep mr mom time and again i want that we won opposition for the local self-government opposition party pancetta to delhi you know democracy noticed it but democracy and parliament did democracy totally undermine english vinglish the right in that the semi fist the stick get up fast this dictator in god the entire state of people start to run out of their houses how would you answer people twenty thousand people inside involved in paul's cases and every day the people are being. thrown out of their house to their c.d.'s situation going on in west bengal then i heard of democracy death at the same time ok that in to put up opt out we get became to power they have a vote for a hard can come it in last few months and daddy double all the. the all piece of
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the c.p.i. m. have been captured ok ninety six off the set gutted that the favored pieces at and stick them so we will have to. play it and then say we will have to actually for good and our entering the fray right you have an organic protest meeting indeed i think we'll have twenty six or you give the generally a good idea of what's going on said he from your point if you will continue to monitor your demonstrations across the country and certainly in new delhi thank you very much for your time a similar. either the u.s. or iran are showing any signs of backing down in their latest war of words the iranian foreign minister responded mocking the two one of donald trump's threatening tweets echoing the u.s. president's warning to be cautious trump says he's unconcerned about the escalating tension and she had returned to reports from washington d.c. . the iranian foreign minister's tweet mimics of the all caps late night tweet from the u.s. president color us unimpressed it said the world heard even harsher bluster
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a few months ago and iranians have heard them albeit more civilized ones for forty years we've been around for millennia and seen full of empires including our own which lasted more than the life of some countries be cautious exclamation mark be cautious is how donald trump's tweet ended as well thanks at the white house donald trump was asked if he had any concerns about provoking tensions with iran this was his response. things have changed in the administration everywhere now those around on from who have long advocated for violent regime change in iran notably national security advisor john bolton he released the following statement if iran does anything at all to the negative they will pay a price like few countries have paid before but white house press secretary sara saunders argued that the administration's approach to iran has been consistent and the president's been i think pretty strong since day one in his language towards iran he was responding to comments made from them and he's going to continue to
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focus on the safety and security of american people the president's tweet came at a time though when much of the international community is arguing that withdrawing from the iranian nuclear deal has made everyone less safe not more diplomatically i think a lot of countries are very resentful of the united states they think the u.s. pulled out of a perfectly fine nuclear deal that iran was complying with i think they're diplomatically maybe iran feels like it's with europe and russia and china saying that the u.s. is overdoing it here world has become on sunday secretary of state might said the u.s. would attempt to stir unrest in iran by beaming antigovernment broadcast into the country but beyond that it's still unclear what the long term strategy of the trumpet ministration is almost three months since the u.s. withdrew from the iranian nuclear deal she had zero washington's. nicaragua's present daniel ortega is rejecting the. mann's to step down saying it would only lead to more instability in an interview with the us network fox news ortega blamed
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paramilitary groups for the deaths of three hundred people since anti-government protests began in april but he denied allegations that he funded the groups instead blaming opposition m.p.'s and drug cartels prosecutors in chile say they're investigating more than one hundred fifty members of the roman catholic church for sexual abuse that have been complaints from more than two hundred sixty people most of them children when the alleged abuse happened earlier this year pope francis publicly apologized for what he called a culture of abuse and cover up in chile's catholic church now there's growing outrage among parents in china over reports that hundreds of thousands of children might have been injected with fake vaccines a government investigation found that a major chinese drug manufacturer had violated standards in producing more than a quarter of a million vaccine doses premier league chang is called for severe punishments for those involved. and hundreds of people with disabilities and political
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leaders are gathering in london for the first ever global disability conference it's hoping to make the issue of higher priority for governments around the world particularly in developing countries often people with disabilities struggle to find employment and fulfill their education now the government in senegal is pursuing new laws to encourage companies to create suitable job opportunities in an effort to root out social stigma nicholas haq reports in the capital dhaka. it's in the water that crystal fields the most it. was born with a genetic disorder that caused a malformation of his hands and arms. despite other staring at him he completely forgets about his disability. if you. will suffer that was that. i feel like a fish in the water or like a bird in the sky anything is possible. after earning
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a bachelor's in marketing works double shifts selling t.v. packages by day and chinese takeaway by night. with. their disability is a state of mind we have so much to do to change public perception of people like me our society needs to stop seeing us as a burden and more like people you can depend on almost one in ten in senegal is handicapped and yet many still believe it is a curse. like our gaze parents who abandoned her as a child she's been living on the streets with others like her trying to survive. this is two weeks old mobile phone footage of a police officer reading our gate to the ground because she was begging next to government buildings the officer was arrested then later released and. they want us off the streets so do we what we need is work
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a job but no one will hire us members of parliament are debating a new law that will force private companies to hire people with disability and ensure handicapped children have access to schools. senegal is one of the fastest growing economy on the african continent yet seventy five percent of those with disability are illiterate with this new piece of legislation the government wants to change that so that no matter what the disability everyone from participate in senegal is booming economy and it starts here in the only school for disabled in the country. cher wants to be a banker jennifer a doctor in city wants to write an eighty companies their teacher says nothing can stop them we actually their girls on why they need to overcome other people's prejudice fight go beyond their disability to be their best self and contribution
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to humanity then people will stop seeing their disability as a handicap that me that he was crystal good mrs teacher in school as much as it was that sort of attitude there cheap his outlook in life no longer a handicapped by his disability but now equipped to overcome whatever challenges lie ahead. nicholas hawke algis iraq to car. your children their arms the whole rom and these are all top news stories syrian government and its russian targeting ice the linked groups in the battle for control of the southwestern region there been dozens of us trying so over the past few hours the isolated groups are outside an evacuation deal previously struck with opposition fighters in neighboring areas. wildfires have killed at least forty nine people near the greek capital athens strong winds are whipping up the flames that have destroyed many homes and disrupted transport links the government has declared
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a state of emergency in two areas more than one hundred million voters in pakistan are gearing up to elect their next government ballot papers are being taken to different polling stations across the country campaigning came to a close twenty four hours before those polls open on wednesday for major political parties are in the race for the country's second civilian handover of power after a full term. a series of explosions has been heard in afghanistan's capital three rockets were fired into a residential area west of kabul one hit a home located near a police academy several people have been wounded. state media in law are reporting that hundreds of people are missing after a hydro power down collapsed now it's located in the sun i'm side district of the province of at the pool the dam was reportedly under construction when it collapsed and swept away villages nearby several people have been killed and more than one thousand families have lost their homes. there have been protests outside the
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united nations palestinian refugee agency in the head of an ror had to be escorted out of his office by how much security and you unhappy about expected job layoffs the agency has been struggling to maintain its level of service since the u.s. which provides much of its financial support cut its funding in january. and cattles the beer is in the united kingdom ahead of a meeting with the british prime minister is visit comes as the un's highest court labeled actions of the united arab emirates against thousands of qataris as racial discrimination qatar took the case against the u.a.e. after it along with three other countries imposed a blockade on qatar over a year ago. that is all the headlines from the news follows in half an hour's time but nine we go to my tune is here to stay with us.
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