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tv   Peru The New Cocaine Kingdom  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2018 4:00am-5:00am +03

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and they're both of our borders in the golan heights this is our policy and by means that are now with a very clear about if we name it is to put in when you meet mr trump wherever you will meet he would go to the same we would not allow the iranians to build their bases next week while i do have an agreement. we have a policy we don't have an agreement inside the council meeting the israeli ambassador went on to blame the escalation of violence in gaza on hamas while his palestinian counterpart said it was the result of israeli on going to patients and aggression sweden has the presidency of the council this month it sam bacile his assessment was sobering there are questions to be put whether there are real preparations for peace in the region we have constant bandaids on the wounds that are there but no real long term solutions everyone is waiting for a credible peace plan we haven't seen that yet the u.s. has for eighteen months said it's coming up with that he's plan but there were no
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fresh details from ambassador nikki haley she instead used her speech to attack countries of the arab world to talk is cheap no group of countries is more generous with their words than the palestinians arab neighbors and other member states but all of the words spoken here in new york do not feed clothe or educate a single palestinian child it's not just the halley's hectoring own that has ruffled feathers members of the security council a frustrated that they've been given no details of the u.s. administration's middle east peace plan or of a secret deal that's already been done between the u.s. russia and israel over syria james. at the united nations. qatar's emir is in london for talks with the british prime minister he met to
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resume a downing street where the pair discussed defense and security cooperation as well as joint work for the twenty twenty two football world cup in qatar where the mir is keen to strengthen relations with western allies amid a blockade on his country by neighboring arab states. from central london. qatar's emir and britain's prime minister bonded over football i mean been hammered told to resume he was impressed with the english football team adding he hoped they would do better when his country hosts the next world cup it was well worth zero. dollars this is us. then the discussion shifted to politics the g.c.c. crisis and bilateral relations qatar is one of the biggest investors in the u.k. and a major buyer of british military hardware. last year when saudi
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arabia u.a.e. bahrain and egypt sever ties with qatar and imposed a blockade doha twenty four typhoon fighter jets from the u.k. . during a ceremony the tolls gas parade in central london the emir presented the flag over a joint squadron of qatari and british pilots who would protect the world cup in qatar t.v. i didn't read we're building strong military cooperation based on a modern approach you'll see more joint operations in the future including squadron twelve which you'll see operating soon and through the coming years that's a first step there will be more cooperation in the future rick. britain has called on all the parties involved in the gulf diplomatic crisis to set aside their differences. the u.k. is very sad about the blockade
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a little bit puzzled really what lies between behind the blockade there doesn't seem any logical reason for the action but the u.k. must maintain good relations with all our states and that's why we are suggesting. kuwait is the best place to be the broca. qatar's charm offensive has been in full swing since the start of the gulf crisis it's become couchette at a time when the country continues to face many baka cuts was a huge financial investment is around the world along with its agreements to apply . help to its botanists within to nuss little political heavyweights and this is important for the gulf nation was located in counties which. the g.c.c. quizes. as is the whole scar's essential longdon.
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and this march the london casting agency advertised for actors ahead of the amir's visit to play the role of people protesting against cuts are among the agency extra people sent out an e-mail on behalf of a client seeking quote a launch group of people to fill space at site downing street during the visit of the president of qatar which is families that were wrong it went on this is an empty cuts are events you will not have to do or say anything they just want to fill space but after publicity on twitter and in the u.k. media agency withdrew the appeal saying as soon as we as a company became aware of what the job involved and why we immediately withdrew our involvement. you're watching al-jazeera live from london still to come on the program swimming against the current the senegalese people who say they're willing and able to walk despite their physical disabilities. and inside security preparations as pakistan gears up for an election on hundred million people eligible to vote.
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how the persistent high temperatures in europe are taking their toll you felt far as in sweden really vicious fi's in greece just recently and it's only a few showers around that might help a toll the breeze isn't as strong as it was dancer greece as you can see but the create their own strong wind temperature wise it doesn't look too hot for the most part middle to high twenty's right about the thirty mark it's warming up more sorry in spain france and the british isles but we've seen records broken and it was just jump you know as we stood up to thirty five the forecasts beyond the arctic circle in northern russia surat finland and sweden where up at that level these are on president to temperatures and a long lived drought the some rain around you'll notice but not actually over
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sweden it's over the baltic states it to tip's down through poland down to was rumania and if you're lucky i think to see some showers a bit further south in greece and want to in turkey is what we go to be lucky because they might just be lightning storms not produce much right now would not be a good thing for the west is just sunshine and he still which is a story throughout north africa here breezy. breeze coming down into libya forty in cairo but only twenty five luckily in robot. when people think of cuba they think of revolution but a bonus is undergoing a new revolution. look to me it's not just we're here to discover if those changes are reflective of the plea that this is a few of its day if you include. russia only i'm trying to read more
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to give me a drink on belgians or. they were mined in our current top stories here on al-jazeera the seventy six people have been killed and almost two hundred injured by fierce wildfires near the greek capital athens rescuers fear they may find more bodies in coastal areas devastated by the fire hundreds of people are missing in laos stopped or partially built down gave way to collapse and flash floods to nearby villages killing on no birth people . israel shot down a syrian jet is says into entered its airspace killing the pilot the syrian
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military says the jet was flying over its own territory. sixteen fantasists have quit nigeria's ruling party in a major blow to president mohamed do biharis bid for reelection the exodus makes the all progressives congress or the a.p.c. a minority party in the senate fourteen of the sixteen who have left a defected to the opposition people's democratic party thirty two members of the lower house of representatives have also left the a.p.c. to join the p.d.p. well ahmed idris has more from nigeria's capital abuja. relationship between the executive and legislature in nigeria has been solid for a very long time and the genesis of it was the election of leadership of the of two chambers of parliament when an election is well won and lost in two thousand and fifteen the ruling party of the a.p.c. wanted sutton members to contest and win positions in the house of representatives
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and the senate but again there were some members of the ruling party including the senate prescott of senate president would effect it and some members of the party joined him in moving to all cross carpeting to another party went behind the scenes and struck a deal with members of the opposition then won some votes and then shed some seats in the senate especially and then the house of representatives that has angered the ruling party and that said this pool of friction between the party and they just as well as the executive and the legislature and some of the highlights of these squabble was the late passage of two thousand and seventeen and two thousand and eighteen budget the budget was just two months ago which of course had even some problems of the exact if i lighted now so the supporters of these legislators who defected said they have the numbers to win elections with or without the ruling party the a.p.c. and mohamed behind it but supporters of mom would want to on the other hand feel
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that it was the behind what they call the blood so not me that pushed some of these legislators into parliament in the last place with the electorate looking a bit prodigious but because blood was popular then so they voted them into parliament and they believe that these will not make any impact when the elections happen in the next six or seven months from now now the stew situation now is that what all of the they have the numbers to impeach the president if they want to a leader of a faction of the a.p.'s a.p.c. that he might just a month ago insisted that they have the numbers and they're willing to go ahead. to reach the president but nigerians will be the judge when it comes to whether or not these people are popular to win the elections including the president himself when they decide in february two thousand and nineteen.
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more than one hundred million voters in pakistan are giving up to elect their next government ballot papers have been taken to polling centers across the country campaigning ended on monday ahead of whedon's does elections front runners include sharif the brother of former prime minister now i sharif below al bhutto zardari son of the former prime minister benazir bhutto and former cricketer and long con who is popular with young voters. well security across pakistan has been stepped up ahead of wednesday's vote while high the has more from islamabad. eight hundred thousand security forces pushed in then being deployed across the country according to the election coverage you know focused on food aid instructed bridge avoiding a fair and free election the ballot bowl could have already been diffused through the fall flung pulling station frowning across the country forward fro cauldron candidates really be trying their luck full board the national and provincial
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assemblies for the election going to same day order turnout is expected to be high but the figure to go in front of god are very to be prouder moment the election coverage you know for get started in russia there were dead reforms the british feel for undocking fair and free elections in a country where the electorate goal rate become controversial and that could go to the forehead of god that all go out in large numbers because of the return. by element who have all. the election making a bloody big bridge over one hundred fifty people in cairns including leave the political party the preparation got no complete and all the people know all waiting for it for the forming to open on their graves the fifth of july so they can call their war. japan's record breaking heat wave has now been classified as a natural disaster officials say at least sixty five people have died in the
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unprecedented temperatures over the past week when tied to two thousand people have been admitted to hospital with heat stroke in some parts of tokyo the market has hit forty degrees celsius for the first time forecasters say high temperatures will remain until early august. the satellite images appear to show what korea has begun to dismantle its main nuclear launch facility this image shows the site earlier this month and then a few days later part of the facility including a construction crane and processing structure have been a power and they dismantled the pictures were released by launching thirty eight more. this in china have arrested the chairwoman of a vaccine manufacturer accused of falsifying production and inspection records fourteen other representatives of the firm changing biotechnology were also detained they were alleged to have violated standards and producing more than a quarter of a million vaccine doses. hundreds of people with disabilities have joined political
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leaders leaders here in london for the first ever global disability conference they want the needs of disabled people to be made a higher priority particularly in developing countries where they may find it difficult secure meaningful employment in senegal the government is pursuing you last to encourage companies to create suitable job opportunities because hot reports now from dakar. it's in the water that crystal gomi spills the most it. was born with a genetic disorder that caused a melt formation of his hands and arms. despite others staring at him he completely forgets about his disability. it is. so full of course. i feel like a fish in the water or like a bird in the sky anything is possible. after earning a bachelor's in marketing works double shifts selling t.v.
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packages by day and chinese takeaway by night. for the live of course of their lives only knew all of their disability is a state of mind we have so much to do to change public perception of people like me our society needs to stop seeing us as a burden and more like people you can depend on. almost one in ten in senegal is handicapped and yet many still believe it is a curse. like our gays parents who abandoned her as a child she's been living on the streets with others like her trying to survive. this is two weeks old mobile phone footage of a police officer reading our gate to the ground because she was breaking next to government buildings the officer was arrested and then later released. they want us off the streets so do we what we need is work a job but no one will hire us members of parliament are debating
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a new law that will force private companies to hire people with disability and ensure handicapped children have access to schools. senegal is one of the fastest growing economy on the african continent yet seventy five percent of those with disability are illiterate with this new piece of legislation the government wants to change that so that no matter what the disability everyone from participate in senegal is booming economy and it starts here in the only school for disabled in the country share wants to be a banker jennifer a doctor and city wants to run and i t company their teacher says nothing can stop them reaching their goals all vehicle why they need to overcall more other people's prejudice go beyond their disability to be their best self and contribute to humanity then people will stop seeing their disability as one hundred that me he was christopher goodness's teacher in school
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as much as it was that sort of attitude that shaped his outlook in life no longer handicapped by his disability but now equipped to overcome whatever challenges lie ahead. nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car you can find that much more about the stories we're following head straight to our website the. al-jazeera dot com we've got plenty of content from our correspondents all over the globe. quick reminder in iraq top stories here on al-jazeera rescuers in greece fear they may find more bodies after wildfires swept through coastal areas near the capital athens and the seventy six people have been killed and almost two hundred injured by the fires which broke out on monday afternoon many are still burning and risks spreading through screw up land potch by the summer heat wave barker has more from
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the coastal village of must see where twenty six bodies have so far been found as well as knowing drew is seeing you suddenly realize what the real impact of these fall is these on people's lives here they have no electricity they have no water the lights that were using are being powered by generators but there's no way further we also noted a few fires still flickering in some of the ruined buildings may are now being slowly put out by the all thirty's it is a very weird very strange struck the juxtaposition because only a few meters down the road you've got the aegean sea but i'm no student what is in many places a child. hundreds of people are missing in line to the partial collapse of the dam in the countryside feast the collapse of the dam in the ass of a province and flash floods through nearby villages an unknown number of people have been killed so called media reporting within six and a half i was simply people on the left homeless. the israeli military shot down a syrian jet that it says has entered its airspace killing the pilot the syrian
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government says the jet was fired on as it was taking part in operations against rebels in syrian territory such as the mayor is in london for talks with the british prime minister he met to resume a dining street where the pair discussed defense and security cooperation as well as joint work for the twenty twenty two foot for world cup in qatar. sixteen senators of quick nigeria's ruling party in a major bullshit president mohamed do biharis bid for reelection next year the exodus makes the old progressive congress or a.p.c. a minority party in the senate fourteen of the sixteen who have left have defected now to the off position japan's record breaking heat wave has now been classified as a natural disaster officials say at least sixty five people have died in unprecedented temperatures over the past. you're up to date those are headlines the stream is coming up next we'll see you a bit later if i. live
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from the ok i'm willing to be loud and you're in the string that i live on you tube today it's the only country in the world that doesn't allow divorce in the philippines should couples be allowed to break the bonds of marriage we'll look at the ongoing debate. pro divorce legislation is facing a difficult battle in the philippines where a largely roman catholic population remains divided over the legal and a moral and she's related to break
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a marital contract or divorce bill still waiting to be addressed by the senate would expand the reasons for ending the marriage to include abuse and fidelity and irreconcilable differences wasn't what the former speaker of the house who was just ousted on monday said on this issue this is principally on the other for us it is so difficult. living. in heaven with each other it's a badge. of prayer i remember. the philippines and vatican city are the only places in the world where divorce remains illegal so how would legalize divorce impact couples and families with us to discuss this in malegaon city lowenstein taro he is head of family ministries with the group couples for christ philippines in manila india as being of a rona
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a journalist and women's rights advocate also manila. independent journalist whose work focuses on health and gender inequality she's also a single parent added divorce advocate it's good to have you here everybody and that you gave us a lesson and what it is like for one person at least to go through that process of trying to end a marriage jimmy show everybody the piece in the atlantic is a couple years old right now but nothing has changed which is why we're all here here's the title ending a marriage in the only country that bans divorce that marriage was your life i'm not going to go into the nitty gritty of what happened but the process the process is why some women and some of the kids for divorce really pushing for it in the philippines if you could explain one of the options your mileage is failing or failed in the philippines what choices do you have that. you can only file for
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a legal separation which means that you can only like live apart so it doesn't survive the marital bond you are still married on paper but you can live apart or you can file for an element of marriage or nullity and that is a very streamlined complicated process i apply i filed for nullity of my marriage and it took me four years to get that involvement and during that time because adultery is criminalized in the philippines and only women could be charged with adultery i couldn't have a relationship i couldn't begin a new one i couldn't buy property because it would be considered conjugal i couldn't change or revert to my maiden name it was literally like my life was a nimble and finally when i had to go to court to testify and defend my moment case i was relentlessly interrogated by the judge i was made to feel like a criminal for a failed marriage and i guess you know that's how it is in this country it's like i'm worse than a criminal because i had violated marital vows i was
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a sinner and after even after all of that i should consider myself lucky that i could get in the moment because so many people can't get one either they can't afford it or there's even a possibility of your unama being denied so try to imagine that you can choose who to marry but if your marriage fails and if you file for an intimate or another of marriage the state can actually decide for you to grant that and on that or not they can decide for you who you should stay married to that's just ridiculous. i'm just wondering. i just gave an explanation of. your marriage has failed do you see the issue with those options you have two options.
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i would not say that i understand where she's going but. again i would like to highlight. some options aside from legal separation. and i meant again. i hope that when the real. land the prince we have around us we have been. cautious where we went through and are telling us in their lives and though we have allowed . this church organizations and they've been up and it's not true then seaton's we have another medical assist in. the. go through that the challenge yes in their medical aid and for me i would really like who i later wish that. to put a band. separation you know. lauren i don't think anybody in the
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i want to go to you with this but i want to pick up on what lauren said about the assistance because online there are some people who are saying well there are a few things in marriage that there is no assisting one out of this is katherine or assisting one towards a reconciliation rather katherine says if this divorce bill passes spouses would be able to end their marriages for reasons like abuse and infidelity they can't right now which means that many women are trapped in abusive and dysfunctional relationships are picking up on that croatia here size regarding divorce if it's costly even if they're being physically abused by their partners and women are considered strong for putting up with those circumstances rather than allowing them to get out of toxic relationships so and i think for people who are not in the philippines what might be surprising to them is even in the cases of abuse and. detriment to the woman's health and body she's not allowed to get
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a divorce can you explain that for us true under our laws you're only allowed legal separation and that's a very strange law there because. you can't have the opportunity to marry again to find happiness again and also these are crimes you know back to really is a crime infidelity bigamy is a crime and jeff when you're systematically abused for years and years you steal truck there in the marriage i mean lawrence everybody would want counseling and all my friends who are now separate that the cancer counseling nobody jumps in and says you know i want to warn people try to save their marriages but when and woman has been battered like for years why do we or beat her this chance. to get out of hell and find
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and they're like i look at the air. again just like what you said that if they go separations they love we're. in a situation that. by events the message by aliens all we hear long consideration and yeah it's that there's little to remarry. it's just like what you said four years of. being in the it because. you believe. they will be in. and dispute. it or jump into a new you like your new marriage again i didn't hear it was the. we're doing no no no no it will require us to mean that they will jump into marriage you know they might say i don't know what we're talking about stopping them from getting the
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opportunity to do so with counseling if you want to that's not to say i think what i think we're talking about here is just you know being able to give people options depending on what their circumstances are in life so if a couple is going through some kind of rocky period and they want to seek some kind of counseling ryans as you've said there are there are organizations like yours that will offer that but i'm also coming from a place where the marriage is just it's just and be under dempsey and where do you go from there legal separation is not a viable option because it won't allow you to marry again and you're still married on paper can you imagine that you're allowed to live apart you don't need the law to tell you that you can live apart but you do need a law to allow you to start again to allow you a second chance at happiness and then let's go to the two versions of an element that are available it's incredibly rigid because there's only a set of predefined criteria that you that will qualify you to apply for an
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announcement apart from that. it's so it's so it's it's insufficient you know those grounds are insufficient because they don't include physical violence they don't include for devotee as a grounds for burying your marriage. isn't it a bit more because this is quite it's going to be quite surprising because the way that all norman is set up in the philippines is it has to be quite combative you cannot say ok we agree that we're not going to be together but we had we had something to now we want to be on you have to prove that your spouse has walked. right now for an element you have to prove they were catchall if you don't fall into any of that preset criteria and it's a very rigid a lot of people will fight psychological incapacity as the reason for filing for an all men and you have to prove psychological incapacity because it's just such a wide catch all term and you have to take
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a bucket where you put in all sorts of things that were wrong with the marriage to the late show bill sings about will spouse you can sing calls because you don't want to judge to not give you the a no meant exactly and even if they were true you know when you if there is specially if there are children involved do you really want to air out your dirty laundry you don't you just want to end this marriage and move on and you want some kind of. uncoupling as they say very nice and coupling right it's already bad so you want to turn that kind of situation into something good and also with respect to their children involved again this is the the father of my child with respect to that you want to be able to get out of that with as much respect and much dignity as possible and because the process is so adversarial it prevents you from doing that. but i want to share this story that's circulating on twitter from someone with a personal story she says when i was a kid i dreamt to get married and build my own family and then the dream came true
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unfortunately to the wrong one i'm tied to a monster who made my cloud dark and all i can do is dream again to be free so that's one person's story there but i want to shift to this because it picks up when you were saying on about the and moments here says i support this bill is legalization because marriage and element is extremely expensive and it used to be part of member pre-colonial culture and i'm wondering you cannot back that for us where were the. the average well one you need a sake of prius you know to certify that one of you is psychological e incapacitated for marriage that's the only well that's one of the most common ways that people get a moment to you've got to bear judge i mean if people understand our court system and the philippines they're all full of cases judges a single case can take well imus four years some will take as long as stanley years
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you know and you've got to pay lawyers and everything so the two hundred fifty thousand is the low average for at two hundred fifty thousand past us with more than four thousand dollars but that would mean more than a year of minimum of for a minimum wage earner if he or she only spans his income for. a nominee so it's just beyond people's pockets and so they stay there suffering because they just can't afford it didn't the diff wars bill that has been approved by the house of representatives allows indigent women and men to. wreak court services when they see it or so that a lot of. so i'm hearing you arguments and. they are very
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powerful but i'm also looking at some of the pros stay married protest this one here i'm just looking at here this was just a complement months ago in the philippines where. the very religious community in the philippines is saying no to divorce we uphold the zanti of my and then once your organization couples for christ defending the filipinos family is that what. still the one having to do right now staving off those calls for divorce because you are defending the family the concept of the family in the philippines. yet because you know if. we legalized it works it will be very easy for a couple just so that their marriage i understand or something to a sure unswerving couples who are in bed with it because situations like what we've
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been talking earlier about the message by aliens and we don't want them up and well if milligan is the worse it's not only for those in it because it. will benefit but it will also be used to skulk ones who just want to get away from their marriage you know it will be very easy for them it will be very it is inability for those other cult ones or not i don't really think a problem with anger and as it were since you know. i don't really see a problem with that lawrence if two people decide to get married then they should be able to freely decide not to be married to one another i mean that's the plain and simple thing for me but also just to go back to the the way that this divorce bill has been drafted it has taken that into consideration the legislators didn't want to make it easy to get a divorce that's why the provisions include a six month cooling off period where you file for it and then there's still
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a six month waiting period to see if there's a chance that the couple may reconcile and they have also removed. chronic unhappiness or citing chronic and happiness as reasons for getting a divorce and that was all part of making this what they call filipino style divorce it wasn't going to be made easy for others for people just to get a divorce just because they wanted one but again i'm saying i don't see anything wrong with that i hear you there i want to bring up a three to someone who might agree with lawrence here this is d.m.p. who says i'm against abortion the philippines because of a family oriented country i believe in the great bonding that we have in every family here in our country most of us were raised as supportive loving and caring people around us we just considered our family so so this person clearly they said family three times in this tweet is really upping that aspect of why people should stay together but this tweet from milan brings up something different she says married couples don't realize how much their arguments affect their kids mentally
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sometimes having divorced parents is healthier than living in a household with constant fights lawrence what's your take on this argument having two people who hate each other in the same household and having children see that what do you think that does to the children. we can get support for going to. let me just. use. your very consistent with the way that you are approaching this issue in the philippines let me show you a list of you this is from pope francis and he said. three years ago the family
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separation can be morally necessary i am reading family separation as divorce well he's saying that there are times when there are extreme situations where it is better for that family not to be together but how about society and public opinion in the philippines how is that changing or how is that change how we look at this graphic here and your see in the green the people who actually want to have a divorce for costs irreconcilable separated couples i have trouble with that word if you don't like your spouse that's the reason because i have trouble reading the word and you see in two thousand and five forty three percent but look at the green over the years twenty eleven twenty fourteen twenty fifteen twenty sixty to seventy consistently more people in the philippines are interested in this idea of having divorce than are not what is that saying in die about public one.
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i think people realize now that they don't need to remain cropped in very unhappy relationships marriages i grew up in a in a huge loving catholic family my parents were devout catholics i'm one of eleven siblings and i am i we were all very happy but it's precisely because they talk as that we have a loving god that i think he would not one anybody woman or man and especially children to be trucked in a living hell and that he would want to allow anybody you know after considerable counseling and you know going through a process with respect to the cooling off period to start life anew and have a chance at happiness so many people we have very high rate of domestic violence in
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the philippines you know we have rape we have abuse and i think women talking to each other have found the strength to say that we need a system where we are given that chance not only to start a new but also to make sure to give our children a chance to have the same economic benefits that they had to and we work together and also to give people a chance to have joint custody of children and it's a more reasonable and more efficient way and i don't think people who have good marriages are going to be tempted to go for divorce just for the heck of it i think there are a lot of members of our community that would completely agree with you and then there are these two comments i want to bring up when we talk about public opinion
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this is that his has being in a religious country i'm against divorce in the face. the pain the union of two individuals cannot be separated because they receive the sacrament of marriage from the church meaning they vowed and promise not only to the witnesses that are present but also to god to keep that in mind we also got this comment on youtube from someone who says this no divorce policy in the philippines will make a couple think really really hard before going into married life on a of course you have the privilege of hindsight but even looking forward and looking towards your friends and people you know what is this done to people who might be thinking about marriage well i think that you know the people who are thinking i don't know what people think of marriage or think you're right now but you know it definitely is a detriment or a some kind of you know how it dampens you right to think about not being able to to have a second chance of had at happiness if this doesn't work out what i've always said
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to people is you know if you are not for divorce then i really really sincerely hope that you will be in a relationship be in a marriage where you won't need one and then the meant is an ugly hurtful extremely painful process i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy so i said right now those people who don't need a divorce their rights are protected you know has had a school but what about those people that we've been talking about people like me and other friends that i know of and that lawrence knows and i'm sure and i know as well who have marriages that are beyond repair and that need a new go solution for them to have a second chance at happiness just like everybody else i think that's all that's all you want us people who are advocating for divorce we just want to level that playing field on of those a moment when you started to cry just a few minutes ago what we sinking in that moment. well i'm just
4:44 am
a little i'm always a little. frustrated about how number one it took it was such an artist process to get an anonymous for me and it was it was traumatizing in its own right i didn't feel like i had to be made out to look like some kind of criminal in the court room i still remember that exact i can still remember you know how i was questioned how i was interrogated and having a court room of people so that strangers look at you while all of that is happening i can see it was more than ten years ago now and i can still tell you exactly how that went so it was extremely traumatizing say the least but at the same time it's also a point of anger for me because again i'm supposed to consider myself lucky because i got an annulment i had the financial resources to do so well as other people can't even get to that point and then they have to say trapped in their marriages
4:45 am
it's a real complete injustice when you think about the way that the laws are set up it favors people who have the resources people who have the connections to get an anonymous and at the end we all just want a second chance at happiness to rectify a mistake. and for those who make a mistake and shows well great your rights are protected and your you you can stay married and sincerely we want all of that your rights are protected we want all of that for others who are happily married. and lawrence thank you so much. because she's just got the the time came the temperature from our online community and at this from mit who says i'm a catholic by south however i believe in our law being able to support our making autonomous decisions by blocking divorce based on catholic beliefs it's assumed that everyone in this country believes in that and that's an infringement on people's agency thank you guests for joining us i call the station always continues
4:46 am
online look. at a.j. in st see that excellent. twelve boys in their football coach go missing deep in a cave in northern timer with rising floodwaters rescuers are running out of time on one east the inside story of time and extraordinary. on al-jazeera whenever i see something that has happened in the news my first reaction is to please god
4:47 am
don't let this person have been someone that we released on parole gatekeepers of the parole system you're asking us for a second chance or a what's important to me is on the other side of friends and colleagues go to the other side the first is a measure of. how many times you've been a prison exploring the dark side of the american justice system with joe berman just on al-jazeera. for the first time since robert mugabe was hoarse from polyp by the army the people of zimbabwe well let's have the next president but a struggling economy and frustration amongst many other voters means the result on the thirtieth of july is still hard to predict as follow this from bob we election analysis there getting to the heart of the matter unless we have new generations growing up to understand better our relationship with another then soon there will be nothing left facing reality or our friends and allies played
4:48 am
a positive on the phone thing and his commission for taking this hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. hello there i'm getting wind tunnel here in london with our top stories coming late on al-jazeera rescuers in greece fear they may find more bodies after wildfires swept through coastal areas near the capital athens killing at least seventy six people the government's declared a state in the margins seen with many fires still burning the worst affected areas are connecticut's west of athens and matty and refine it to the east where most of the deaths have occurred in parker reports now from. wood ferocious
4:49 am
intense and see the flames tore through homes and livelihoods. and the wildfires quickly turned deadly. locked in a final embrace dozens of bodies discovered in the popular seaside village of monte east of athens families had huddled together for safety found no escape. progress brain issue orders early this morning we discovered three other victims further away this place where unfortunately there are twenty six people when women and importunately children. don't cause with the keys left in the ignition the doors open and first aid supplies left on the streets picture emerges of people abandoning their cars and trying to escape on foot. within hours large parts of monte had been destroyed survivors described running for the sea to escape the choking smoke military and coast guard vessels along with dozens of private boats
4:50 am
join the effort to rescue more than seven hundred people from the beaches some survivors were discovered at sea. here in the resort town of marty nearly every block nearly every street there are signs of devastation like this charred cars lined the streets the fire was so intense here it's even melted the metal on some of these vehicles and some locals have returned to inspect what's left of their properties in every fourth or fifth house here seems to have almost been completely destroyed but where do you begin thinking about the building owners emergency crews supported by the military go from house to house and as coast guards inspect the c.s. the fear is the death toll could rise to. eleven. used to mean me. today greece is mourning and in memory of those who perished we are declaring three days of national mourning however we should not let that overwhelm us because this
4:51 am
is a time to fight to be unified and courageous your bun up all early in the hole it's dry weather fires burn on the other side of athens too there was panic because greeks looked for their neighbors the flames closing here. this is commit a coastal town and i was drive west of the capital fire crews try to limit the destruction but it was out of control. an appeal for international help has resulted in additional resources being dispatched from spain and cyprus to deal with the worst wildfires in more than a decade in two thousand and seven more than eighty people were killed as spies raged across the country for days. this year the dry winter has again cause tinderbox conditions with one hundred kilometer an hour winds fanning the flames for greece in peak tourist season the fires are a danger to its frangela economy only adding to the toll of
4:52 am
a tragic summer. leave barca al-jazeera martie east of athens. hundreds of people are missing in the logs after a dam under construction gave way the collapse of the dam the size of the country sent flash floods through nearby villages even thousands homeless an unknown number of people were killed local media reporting more than six and a half i was in people have been left homeless. the israeli military has shot down a syrian jet that it says entered its airspace killing the pilot the syrian government says the jet was fired on as it was taking part in operations against rebels on syrian territory such as amir is in london for talks with the british prime minister met to resume a downing street where the pair discussed defense and security cooperation as well as joint work for the twenty eight twenty two football world cup in qatar those are your current headlines out you say your world is coming up next we'll see you a little bit later.
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or are.
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guns are part of the civic cookie. is simple but their knowledge of what. city but the more peaceful and lit are the. big cut that's your place of aussie summer for my little girl must be the seventh century nor engender so we send a similar service also in a go part of the so not only. set that deal with this so we open the back up for. the color quite missing the on the fifth. of our north you can use it.
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in the story good job must be of this throughout or you know nothing stands up and says a couple subjects this one of your sister lee a couple songs are all saying. that i'm sure the first center got a. diffuse i really do need a mob class as opposed to show austerity she did do call for a mob to come espy said bussy dog glinted he had lived there for scaling the facility got to salvage yankee process if you don't cool like you need don't cool city killer made bread more diplomacy but if you didn't spell it is this dull political mess to don't know or don't could do the disadvantage of the city.
4:56 am
don't you look at. what a says sunk up in place that will give us we understand something concrete in period we won't be arguing with event don't ever question on this i mean the sun the system or movie star says. we have a good finisher must still be there if it were not one hundred of our movies that apostle's i believe you would. feel an excellent double. figure because don't we. don't need to google earth to get a book to go with the big polluters yes sure you buy in to the point that i put it on the theory that was. good. enough the accident that forces misused to sell use in a go dale way
4:57 am
a book good to see who couldn't win in my story whatever not to disagree nuff said out a view the point. of there will be to say but to move. there are not given day. you know in the us sean dahl it dawned on da life you decide can people we see on the one did. it did develop into. what i. see a big deal but do i think this attitude more prelude i'm on to the city to necessity don't. need the boy a profession you get. good at your. needs
4:58 am
you know and. he's you know that's your. long dawned on his and he did. when he got this on he. did. she. don't think you and he will be shut flood to feed us get through it but i sure . didn't god didn't need sanctions always he'd do it again. based don't. think about body people but it may divide us involved. i think to an equal say
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cross. and please keep it that. much anything in the show. to do's upon a prison. you must. sinema shore misting but only to two unfair t.v. everglades are. there for civilian jump the salary i don't come to live on my show . on the left and also probably if you did british i did it on sundays it is a completely just sun to lucy except my best skirt and the museum on the diplomatic to say me if you have it in place. to get. estonia and let's listen in now instead plenty. of thanks i was going to be in the
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sun think the minute some saying can't i said that mr. extraordinaire i mean i think that i mean if i may come to memphis and we if you flew past the privacy part of the thing out there of course you'd learn about a very aggressive plenty then apparently little money or just or if possible. busted out of my chair just something we don't really demand in the. prove what a sucker set up what the predator content the poor but i feel if i show separate guns or pull every the savy police department.


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