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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 118  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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ten years ago isn't that wasn't possible to have a broader view. although this small money to be made in k. tree to foreignness someone to produce a building a solid business providing public dollars for a cuban budget. these are places locals can afford on the move regular basis with food while similar to home cooking . you did a lot of them were. born as the este one of the half moon smells good you'd eat burial runs a one woman show in dinah from the cozy apartment in old town. how long have you been cooking for the people around here when all jojo was in a lot of
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a follow up that is that although the. ethical thing out there i got a boy of three the. model hit a three and i had a muddy. deal when the little saying on the call look at all simply that one there are only. only are you folio that are the i said of the eagle the mom mandel. why don't they on the already on the on the. who your customers the thing and then mail phone law a little subtle problem. see. it all always of a little in the mail i'm with you for the families of. the phone rings continually with some for delivery others to reserve a meal you do charges just over a dollar for a complete lunch. that i don't like fast still.
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melissa morgan and aussie at the benefit of the things. the soul dining table can't accommodate all of you discussed miss at once but nobody seems to mind lunch is served with good company and they say it's part of the cuban with. bono has always been home for poet ricardo al back to paris and his writing brings to life the particularities and the chilly air to east of the country he loves. so good to meet you man of your work here in this program. you've lived through some really interesting periods throughout cuba's history and of course. that's the special period which some people call the skimming period right after the fall of
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the u.s.s.r. what was that like well. but i love. you all because you're going to get on the dollars out of going. to the metal otari are let them know cyril i personally. want. we call. it but episode full bore so. that old will look at a local scene but still you know you don't. just think of him going. back only yes something fishy i get into esau at all on the set on the boat to see if you. pick out. your b.s.o. lamp but. what do you think about the changes to having
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him be assigned. the sort of boil on an innocent doing. for company and global one thing over the. west and to get. a hold on i mean he ain't any i want to. stand up to them and later. and. influence him but everybody has to do it but i saw a i go get the data going to congress on a table in the courts from all over the us on this. thank you so much. if anybody knows how to get by it's the cubans the combination of low salaries and the long running embargo that the united states put in treat with cuba has made an immensely resourceful. when they come to fort fish head to the water with
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a pull. when they import machines they built them from scratch this kind of ingenuity has helped sustain cottage industries such as the. factory. coupe at the notion. that you. would know more.
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than mining. he will. say. the same a family of one might. say we don't see anything. much of life is in the open with spectators from every direction. for an opportunity for ventilation and hospitality. and this casual.
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no activity escapes the eyes of the neighborhood committees for the defense of the revolution. and. he takes charge of several city blocks where he plays the role of big brother . of it a little the. film will. it will again at the early show on what a good machine. and. carrying it by. up
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a little. and. more than our. president. but i get your unlawful. almost won by l.a. sure. there will. a lot more people tell me what is this. at the lollywood at all to see me in polish up will. you will feel that i will lead a world now only up and out all of you all among. the course like a simple old and there's a subtle but i want to pass it slowly brecht enough for everyone. like i said be done with i mean cause like a single dollar a little bit a little there's a lot of talk now that they're going to stop the libretto is that a good thing or a good bye. no selfish in the bum on the l.
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a real the world will say welcome and again alluded you know that they will show me . but i got the internet and your dollar settlement and everything at that i m b one mind and no leave it at the voice. or k. with us i'm way down in. one low level jungle and all that where one will at the end there are limited about a lot of it but they all meant that. the libretto is built cherished and chided in cuba. whilst many will complain about how its value has reduced for the rich workers and retirees having access to the russian booklet is the difference between subsistence and stopping.
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as the government moves away from its centralized planned economy some cuban expatriates are returning to invest in the country. alberto gonzales. mission in stasis chef in italy and back home up to fifteen. he's now chosen an orthodox giving up his knife and taking up the rolling pin. instead of a fine dining restaurant to bring making and settle on a month to shop. it's
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really what is it. there's a. new one of. the. old. and by you know. a. little me and i went off to romeo. oh i will jump again and got to know me. ever indian the white kid. and poor. ok. to get a value only to be reachable me a sense how i need a nickel said to enter the tournament.
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in question or. simply i mean. in a water moment is it easy to run your own business in cuba. if you're going to. be. seeing one of my only thought of there in the. sea when i want to. but i think i'm in the impulse to lamont and wilson but oh well i guess i look like this was a city that you've chosen central ghana which is you know as we know it's a poor neighborhood why do you come here remain on the go but i'd like. to do. in iraq but they might not. in league. but they'd eat. it ok it may hold us a little don't they honestly don't live there without asking fredricka. so you're
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back and you've got from. the same place. the pain that i don't. see that i mean to. the paranoia do don't play don't come being at the moment in your book apparel i mean come in the been adamant as it's a muslim. in tulsa see contain launch with all one of my well reluctantly i was only thing. so it's a fascinating time here that's change afoot for sure and seeing people's energy determination and the ability to find a solution for every challenge has been inspiring but it's clear that it's still hard work decades of trade embargo and chronic shortage just translated into monotonous food in cuba but today's a van that is emerging as
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a hotspot for those seeking a taste of its preserved past a future of boundless possibility played by plate chefs and. helping to mold into one delicious city until next time all as they say in spanish costello ego. which is the relationship between culture religion and a deeply divided city everything here is overshadowed by politics even the most basic of things food in two thousand and eight al-jazeera traveled to jerusalem to see a food could cross deep lines of division foolish is the issue it to do that we could give them we can show the people that the world is. rewind street food jerusalem on al-jazeera.
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with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. me are fluent in world news a suspected money laundering operation but this time it was different. an accidental discovery the wharfs initial suspicions and on rivals an unprecedented scale of systemic international corruption people in power investigates a racket of such magnitude that it threaten the government and redefine the rules of impunity. the car wash. on a deal. in the deprived villages of northern argentina there's one man with
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a solution to every problem. for engineers self-proclaimed inventor ferdinando and he's dressed in ninety four to seven ford truck no job and just too small for village to far in his latest mission he constructs a much needed a for generator the drums and fire board if you find a latin america driving change on i just see it on. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next. sixty minutes survivors of the greece wildfires tell how they run for their
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lives at least seventy six people have been killed. and hundreds of people are missing after a dam collapse in laos government officials asked for emergency aid. in just a few hours polls open in pakistan for parliamentary elections the military is out in force to provide security. bailing out u.s. farmers president trump offers aid to those hard by the trade war. rescuers in greece fear they may find more bodies after wildfires swept through coastal areas near the capital athens killing at least seventy six people the government has declared a state of emergency with many fires still burning and he is in the seaside resort of monte where twenty six people have been found dead. with ferocious intense and see the flames tore through homes and livelihoods. and the
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wildfires quickly turned deadly. locked in a final embrace dozens of bodies discovered in the popular seaside village of monte east of athens families had huddled together for safety but found no escape. early this morning we discovered three of the victims further away this place where unfortunately there are twenty six people men women and importunately children. cause with the keys left in the ignition the doors open and first aid supplies left on the seats picture emerges of people abandoning their cars and trying to escape on foot. within hours large parts of it being destroyed survivors described running for the seat to escape the choking smoke. military and coast guard vessels along with dozens of private boats join the effort to rescue more
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than seven hundred people from the beaches some survivors were discovered at sea here in the resort town of marty nearly every block nearly every street there are signs of devastation like this charred cars lined the streets the fire was so intense here it's even melted the metal on some of these vehicles and some locals who have returned to inspect what's left of their properties in every fourth or fifth house here seems to have almost been completely destroyed but where do you begin thinking about the building owners emergency crews supported by the military go from house to house and as coast guards inspect the sea the fear is the death toll could rise to see many eleventh he is the mini me or africa today greece is mourning and in memory of those who perished we are declaring three days of national mourning however we should not let that overwhelm us because this is a time to fight to be unified and courageous you're buying up all early in the hot
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dry weather fires burn on the other side of athens too there was panic because greeks looked for their neighbors the flames closing in. this is a coastal town an hour's drive west of the capital fire crews try to limit the destruction but it was out of their control. an appeal for international help has resulted in additional resources being dispatched from spain and cyprus to deal with the worst wildfires in more than a decade in two thousand and seven more than eighty people were killed as fires raged across the country for days. this year a dry winter as again calls tinderbox conditions with one hundred kilometer an hour winds fanning the flames for greece in peak tourist season the fires are a danger to its frangela kaname only adding to the toll of a tragic summer. barkha al-jazeera east of athens tourists
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that were surrounded by the rapidly spreading flames have been recounting their near death experiences. yesterday it was a really variables a greyson here it was a lot of small. around we had to run away from the old rerun of the speed so along the streets and then leave for all your help but if you rounded we had to go down. into the water. there so that we didn't we didn't. hear a man and a headstone and then he'd make it go several hours until the the rescue of the whole deal and there's even a law or. the boats came and rescued us the real thing. yeah it was that it was really close and it must suck to. be so close to the sea side that. on the beach. it would appear.
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to be. an emergency disaster zone has been declared and laos after one hundred collapsed it sent a wall of water downstream flooding villages and sweeping away homes hundreds of people are reportedly missing while in haiti has more from bangkok in neighboring thailand. in this part of southeastern laos villages have disappeared beneath muddy water that cascaded downstream on monday nights. it's not known how many people have been affected by the partial collapse of the city and say numb noid dam but it's thought that some four thousand families lived in the downstream area the dam was still under construction on a tributary of the mekong river after recent heavy rain it's believed a warning was issued that a so-called settle dam built around the reservoir was in danger of collapsing the warning apparently didn't come in time for many people laos is
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a landlocked impoverished country that is embarked on an ambitious plan to become the battery of southeast asia by exporting electricity to neighboring countries this dam on the mainstream of. the mekong river in the south is one of at least seventy that the communist government has built has under construction all planned but for years critics have warned of impacts on the environment livelihoods and express concerns about safety is damn great shows several things that shows that there are there are major risks and dams that have a. down design maybe i'm able to cope with extreme weather events such as very heavy rains. laos is a secretive one party state and there will also be concerns about the transparency of any investigation that may be launched into this incident wayne hay al jazeera bangkok this very army says it shot down a syrian fighter jet afterward flew into israel's air space this video shows the smoke trails left by two israeli patriot missiles that were fired at the jet syrian
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pro-government media though says the wall plane never left syrian territory it crashed on the syrian side of the golan heights where the syrian air force has launched several raids against rebels mohawk another huge of our air defense systems identified a syrian air force jets that took off the t. four syrian air force base and penetrated israeli airspace this is a gross violation of the nine hundred seventy four separation of forces agreement with syria i have reiterated it make clear that we will not accept any such violation we will not accept any such penetration or spillage into our territory either from the ground or from the air or our forces acted appropriately we insist the syrian strictly abide by the separation of forces agreement between us and. the un envoy for peace in the middle east has warned of increasingly frequent and dangerous confrontations between israel and syria and often made the comments during a u.n. security council meeting in new york diplomatic editor james bays has more from
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that meeting. it's a time of fresh tension in the middle east the u.n. special coordinator briefing by video link from jerusalem warned of troubling developments on two fronts as we meet today tensions between syria and israel continued through us by last month's saturday we were minutes away from another devastating confrontation between israel and hamas in gaza even before the meeting started the israeli ambassador came to brief reporters on the downing of the syrian jet which he claimed had infiltrated israeli airspace he dodged my question though about a deal which president trump has said he's done with president putin concerning israeli security the world really doesn't know what the deal is can you explain more for us i don't know about you know a friend i can tell you one thing we would not allow the iranian to be in their base and i thought our borders in their quote on height this is our policy and by means that are now with very clear about if when it is to put in when you meet mr
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trump wherever he will meeting with or the same we will not allow the iranians to be at their bases next week while i do have an agreement. we have a policy we don't have an agreement inside the council meeting the israeli ambassador went on to blame the escalation of violence in gaza on hamas while his palestinian counterpart said it was the result of israeli ongoing occupation and aggression that of sweden has the presidency of the council this month it sam bacile his assessment was sobering there are questions to be put whether there are real preparations for peace in the region we have constant bandaids on the wounds that are there but no real long term solutions everyone is waiting for a credible peace plan we haven't seen that yet the us has for eighteen months said it's coming up with that he's plan but there were no fresh details from ambassador nikki haley she instead used her speech to attack countries of the arab world. talk
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is cheap no group of countries is more generous with their words than the palestinians arab neighbors and other member states but all of the words spoken here in new york do not feed clothe or educate a single palestinian child it's not just on bastard a halley's hectoring own that has ruffled feathers members of the security council are frustrated that they've been given no details of the u.s. administration's middle east peace plan or of a secret deal that's already been done between the us russia and israel over syria james bays al jazeera the united nations. more than one hundred million people are eligible to vote and one says parliamentary elections in pakistan so choose candidates from three main parties in
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what some are describing as the dirtiest election the country's ever seen a summer binge of it is in the city of lahore sent us this report. on election day pakistan's military will make its presence felt it will be responsible for security at polling stations across the country on the request of the election commission the pakistan more than three hundred seventy thousand troops are involved in the operation. this election campaign was more bitter than most and some say the dirtiest ever in pakistan. yesterday. is full of the party that defeated in the elections. they're going to be totally leggo if not full particularly lead out before the election is something that has happened to stand. in the way the big. draws me then is you know.


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