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tv   Peru The New Cocaine Kingdom  Al Jazeera  July 26, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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for interference in our democratic processes i would also add that president trump is well aware of the challenges that russia poses to the united states and our partners and allies he's taken a staggering number of actions to protect our interests senators also question pompei o about another big national security issue north korea and its nuclear weapons program pale insisted that the two page agreement signed by the president and by kim jong il the north korean leader is being complied with but and said that until there is proof and actual verification that north korea no longer has the capacity to build or to use nuclear weapons u.s. and global sanctions on that country will continue. donald trump has reached an agreement with the european union to reduce the impact of the global trade war almost immediately u.s. financial markets have responded with cautious optimism white house correspondent kimberly hall could reports. after weeks of escalating trade disputes in tit for tat tariffs u.s. president donald trump and e.u.
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chief john clode younker announced they have forged a new relationship i had the intention to make a deal today and we made a deed today we have identified a number of areas in which to work together. work. on industrial goods. combined the european union and the united states make up more than half of the global g.d.p. the two leaders agreed to create a commission addressing shared goals and while they didn't mention it by name it was clear their new relationship is designed in part to combat the growing global influence of china we will therefore work closely together with like minded partners to reform the w t o and to address unfair trading practices including intellectual property theft forced technology transfer industrial subsidies
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distortions created by state owned enterprises and over capacity the u.s. has accused china of being behind over production the motivation behind recent u.s. tariffs and foreign steel and aluminum imports into the united states the top administration also recently slapped twenty five percent tariffs on thirty four billion of chinese imports when china retaliated trump said hundreds of billions more in tariffs could be in the works we've spent decades developing these markets let us have access to them in the trade war now trouble has been criticized from members of his own republican party particularly in rural farm states feeling the pressure from china's tariffs on u.s. goods china is among the top purchasers of u.s. pork and soybeans challenging problem with world trade china became a member of the world trade organization on the day we january one two thousand and one they started cheating on january two but what president trump did not suspend
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our recent steel and aluminum tariffs against the european union instead for now he offered a promise not to impose more can really help at al-jazeera the white house. the chinese president has said there will be no winners in a global trade war cheating paying is now urging the leaders of developing economies to unite in the wake of threats of tyrus by the u.s. president obama tosser reports from the brics summit in johannesburg. leaders from brazil russia india china and south africa say they are united in fighting protectionism and promoting global trade it's the first time presidents on the brics change bloc a meeting since donald trump's administration said it was ready to impose tariffs on all chinese imports a movie karma say could also hurt smaller countries like south africa we are meeting here ladies and gentlemen. at a time when the multilateral trading system is facing unprecedented challenges
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we are concerned by the rise unilateral measures that are incompatible with world trade organization rules and. we are worried about the impact of these measures especially as the impacts developing countries and economies. the five countries in the brics block some of the world's biggest emerging economies more than forty percent of the global population china has a world they could largest economy off to the united states was already done very little out of the markets to buy and sell their products countries of the really have become privatized. community activists feel the scrabble for resources could undermine human rights and good governance in perspective of india and there are many infrastructure projects coming which are causing
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a lot of human rights violations so we have foremost we're fighting against the language. there's a project called industrial cargo dogs coming which will acquire forty three percent of the india's line and so we are just concerned about the amount of displacement that when having some economists say improving t.t.'s and increasing trade among brics countries could make the emerging economies more competitive and perhaps challenge the u.s. it was some insist is an attempt to stoke tension and start a global trading. still ahead and although as you know more grief in gaza the un relief agency for palestinian refugees says it's cutting hundreds of jobs and blames the us. underground lake has been discovered on mars raising the possibility of life on the red planet.
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and it's. on. the weather sponsored by cattle. hello again we're seeing lots of heavy rain over the northern parts of viet nam at the moment you can see it on our chart there for thursday plenty of it northern parts of vietnam through laos and into the extreme southern parts of china as well so this region is looking pretty wet even as we head through the next couple of days a bit further towards the south it's been incredibly wet for some of us here recently as well but the show is a slightly more broken up now across the philippines yes there are often heavy ones but in between there should be more breaks than we've seen over recent days so that's generally how things are looking as we head through thursday and friday as well towards the west plenty of showers too stretching across into thailand for the south generally looking a little bit dry with just a handful of shout perhaps for kayo force in singapore force in jolly looks fine and dry as it does across bali here it should be fine to settle for friday and even for saturday too as we head across towards india though it's quite different lots
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of wet weather as you'd expect or in the middle of the monsoon plenty of rain forest across india through puff nepal and into bangladesh as well even in pakistan with a one or two rather lively downpours at the moment that's the way things are really going to stay as we head through the next few days is this region again where we'll see the wettest of the weather further south it does look a bit drier but it has done recently mumbai at twenty nine. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. on the atlantic coast of west africa communities are at risk. as rising sea levels and a manmade disaster of threatening people's lives. on land and at sea. how does their world expose the impact of climate change and a catastrophic human error. on senegal sinking villages.
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you're watching all jazeera a reminder of our top stories saudi arabia says it will temporarily stop oil shipments with a bomb on that strait following an attack on two vessels carrying crude oil the hoofing say they attacked a warship belonging to the saudi and iraqi coalition not an oil tanker. there are celebrations in pakistan as early election results put retard cricket star in monk khan's party ahead in the polls but the tightly contested general election has been overshadowed by a suicide bomb in the largest town region which is killed dozens. united states and the european union have agreed to work together to lower trade barriers
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announcement follows a meeting at the white house between president trump and european commission president john claude younger. it's now known that at least eighty people have died in greece following wildfires near athens rescuers are searching both the sea and on land as they try to track down people who are still missing need back reports. lifeguards scour the sea where hundreds fled for their lives many people are still missing including children. a relief efforts underway to get supplies to those in need two and a half thousand homes have been completely destroyed four thousand uninhabitable many survivors have been relocated to hotels in the capital as the search continues the death toll is expected to rise iris amazing is that where he is moving closer. to imagine that from mountain to the shore the time that they're fine it was about ten to fifteen minutes so it was not. they're.
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going to get. some locals have returned to a town they scarcely recognize this is where twenty six people died their bodies were found locked together at the top of a cliff in a final embrace the owners of this land had opened their gates to allow people to flee down to the sea but the fire swept through here at such speed and such force had no chance of escape the place it was my paradise but now it's gone the owner's son saw everything the fire was in front of them so it was impossible even you think knew how to access the beach to go there because there was already a fire in front of them behind him they were trapped there were kids small kids who were taking them down the cliffs only. when i was helping them until a certain point. and then. we have lost everything
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everything. without rain the most effective defense greeks have is the sea water scoop from the a g.n. is flown to fire still smoldering in the hills in this parched brittle landscape small fires can quickly become infernos. in the town of marty the cleanup has begun streets normally bustling with holiday makers a clogged with burnt out cars the place was so intense it turned metal into liquid many seaside businesses were relying on a profitable summer season now they're salvaging what they can greece is no stranger to wildfires but many public services including the fire service have been crippled by years of a stereotype the full scale of this disaster is still unfolding but the or thirty's are investigating the possibility some of the fires were started deliberately. whatever the cause is the consequences have ruined homes and destroyed lives neve
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barkha al jazeera marty i least twenty four people have been killed and more than one hundred are missing after a dam and laos collapsed on monday the district governor says around three thousand people are still stranded in the floods thousands more have been forced from their homes teams from thailand and china are helping with the rescue effort. united nations agency for palestinian refugees says it will axe more than two hundred fifty jobs in the occupied west bank and gaza strip it says it's because the united states has slashed a three hundred million dollars in funding the jobs cuts have led to fear and frustration in gaza as charles strafford reports. of two weeks of negotiations with their employer the shock of being told they had lost a job was for many too much to bear the united nations refugee and works agency in gaza says lack of dona funding means it doesn't have enough money and so jobs must
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go to i've been told that i will no longer have a full time job after the thirty first of august then we will i need be able to work part time until the end of the here then my job will end i'm really sad not just for me but for my colleagues that have families this is the office of the head of the u.n. agencies operations in gaza. but shamali was chaperoned out of the building on monday night by hamas guards protecting her from the angry crowd. the head of the workers' union here says strikes by employees will continue and threaten to close down the u.n. aid distribution medical centers and schools if the jobs are not reinstated. climbing was the sit in and certainly we were not expecting this from a humanitarian organization like only what we've tried to find a solution for three weeks since negotiations started but it looks like they have
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their own agenda from the start the u.n. refugee and works agency says it needs around two hundred seventy million dollars to sustain its work in gaza this year it says in the merge and see appeal for money from international donors has failed or hearing. years of shortfalls in their funding as the crisis here has got worse this latest announcement not only has devastating implications. holliston the only for you. but potentially for others work in general across gaza as the people here continue to suffer israel's blockade of the halls of gaza's population relies on humanitarian aid from the un organization. the job can't show just how desperate the situation has become in gaza conditions for the two million people living here continue to deteriorate and finding a lost in political solution to ending the violence between hamas and israel remains remote chance struck that al-jazeera gaza so sudan's rival leaders have come to
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a new power sharing agreement three years after their previous deal collapsed so here in rio much i will sign the final accord on august the fifth sudan's official news agency says kilo will lead the transitional government in march i will return as vice president the two men are attempting to bring a political end to a four year civil war tens of thousands of people have been killed and millions of others have been forced out of their homes so in bob ways main opposition leader is accusing the electoral authorities of bias just days before the first post since the ouster of robert mugabe nelson chamisa says monday's presidential election will be fraudulent but his party will not boycott the vote he's up against president emerson meaning god and his zanu p.f. party what we have resolved to do is to make sure that we defeat them in free and clear someone god must be defeated defeated in terms of the overwhelming
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sentiment in the country that we are not going to allow them to get our way we literally and metaphorically why does it mean what it does mean is that on monday that they did that you like it is independence day for the second we are going to be overwhelming. team of italian scientists say they've discovered a huge underground lake on mars and lies beneath the southern ice cap it's the first time a large stable body of liquid water has been discovered in the red planet and in barbara reports a stunning discovery is what they're calling it one that could help scientists know for sure whether life ever formed on mars or even exists today the study led by italian researchers says they found what could be an underground lake it's a large body of liquid water twenty kilometers wide and one point five kilometers below the surface and it was found using radar instruments on board the european
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space agency's orbiter mars express scientists looked at radar readings from the planet's southern ice cap which provided ideal conditions ice is a very thin aspirant medium expression if it's called the impurity of the electromagnetic waves so it's a good they can leak to apply to the the much simpler caps of course these these caps. have some imputed smith definite the scald there then the ice on the mars might be cold and dry now but we already know thanks to rovers on its surface and other probes examining it from orbit that it was once a warm place with plenty of liquid water and lakes. the new study doesn't tell us how deep the reservoir is so researchers can't say whether what they found resembles an underground pool or is simply a layer of sludge but they do believe it's potentially a huge breakthrough liquid water cannot exist on the surface it's simply not
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possible because of the yeah miscarry pressure on mars is still incredibly thin so for water to remain liquid it has to be very deep underneath the surface and it also has to be very very o.t. very it is also of huge importance because a stone soup of water lake is potentially exactly the sort of place you would go to look for life form the search for life on mars has been going on for decades scientists now have to find out whether this discovery can help them in that quest knitty barbara al-jazeera. is al-jazeera these are the top stories aside in arabia says it will temporarily stop oil shipments to the bob on monday straight after two tankers kind crude oil were timed the whole thing say their missiles attacked a warship belonging to the society and morality coalition bob common as an oil and
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gas industry expert and he says it could have a significant global impact. it's already had about a dollar per barrel price effect where prices are up in after hours trading today the this kind of shipping halt will clearly affect supplies in terms of delay they move about five million barrels a day through that straight from the western side of saudi arabia and that will be delayed some of the crude can move to the other side of the of the country and and be shipped out of the persian gulf but this clearly is going to have some effect on global supply there are celebrations in pakistan as early election results put cricket star enron cons party ahead in the polls for the tightly contested general election has been overshadowed by a suicide bomb in the blood just on a region which is killed dozens. pro-government media in syria are reporting at
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least two hundred fifteen people have died in eisel suicide bomb attacks that happened in the southern city of also way too close to the border with jordan syrian troops are trying to clear an i still held area close to the israeli occupied golan heights the united states and the european union have agreed to work together on lowering trade barriers u.s. president don't trump says he'll start trade negotiations with the e.u. and resolve steel and aluminum tod if so as well as retaliate to the town of announcement followed a meeting at the white house between trump and utopian commission president john claude juncker. meanwhile chinese president xi jinping has said there will be no winner in a global trade war during the annual bric summit she urged leaders from brazil india russia and south africa to unite in the wake of threats of tabs by the trumpet administration and those are the headlines the news continues here in oz is it a after inside story from the.
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german or turkish mesut ozil his resignation from the german national has triggered the debates on racism and integration so how will germany's and europe's multicultural society deal with the issue this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter racism and disrespect those were the
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reasons mesut ozil gave for quitting the german national team after being blamed for germany's shock defeat in the first round of this year's world cup he created a media storm off to having his picture taken with the turkish president wretch up to the one in may critics began to question his loyalty and they accused him of loving turkey more than germany was born in germany to attack his family the german football association has rejected a claim of racism they did however concede they could have done more to protect him we're discussing those issues with our panel in a moment but first dominic cain sets up today's discussion from berlin. his international career is over now club duties with arsenal have taken mesut ozil to the far east but in his absence the fallout from his retirement is reverberating around germany the newspapers have seized on his statement in which he pointed the finger at the german football association specifically and its president hein heart
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linda accusing him of having a racially discriminative background earth still has been in the spotlight for his off the field actions since this moment posing with the turkish president both alone and with other german players who have turkish roots red chip type area one is a divisive figure in germany as are the policies of his government but in the turkish community in berlin even among those who oppose aerotow on many support earth will . begin fighting racism begins with showing people where the limits are we've had enough someone needs to say that to the german football federation that all players with nine german backgrounds are welcome and we will make sure that you feel well in germany if you have a second or third home that's ok but you're here and you're a part of our society some in the football world here remember what happened after france won the world cup in one thousand nine hundred eight how that multicultural team acted as
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a catalyst for the then german hierarchy to change its thinking first of all they try more integration they've tried to build up more schools and as you see it worked in whether you were twenty one in four thousand or nine and whether with the team in two thousand and fourteen in brazil. you know if there are success nobody discusses where they come from. and yet after this summer's french victory in russia some did highlight the racial background of that team with one comedian describing the victory as africa winning the world cup something french officials angrily dismissed saying there is no hyphen in people's nationality they are french and only french. here in berlin a message does have one very powerful ally angle americal says she values him as a great footballer who did a lot for the national team and in his career he wore the national jersey ninety two times scoring twenty three goals and helping his team to win the world cup but
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now he says the levels of racism and disrespect he's received mean he will never wear this again dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. ok let's bring in our guest joining us today here on inside story from ankara yousif cannily a turkish journalist and former the editor of the how to get daily news out of berlin we'll be talking to football commentator and radio host and in brussels julian to us french sports journalist and writer welcome to you all gentleman use of candy and korea first is he german or is he turkish of course he's a turkish gentleman like me i'm a turkish cypriot no one can deny my cypriot nothing my turkishness their message is ill is german all turkish origin and is proud of being turk and being a gentleman and this is what he has been saying all along and have therefore thinking that his idea or ignoring his turkish big grant or deny his
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german identity would of course be a racist up roasted issue and that's why he was really furious with the treatment he received the very he will start since really was a gentleman that he was a little he was a turk the so-called unacceptable eric glasser in berlin can he really be both. well officially the german citizen years played for the german national team and the. twenty one national team and his roots of course his parents and all his ancestors they are turkish and for sure he was raised in girls and kiran where many people from turkey are staying and living and i guess there when he was a young guy he was talking more turkish than a german language. in brussels player of the year five times how do you go from
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being so incredibly naturally successful on the pitch to saying i've had enough i can't do this well in the end i think the political side of this affair has made in say he he can't do it anymore because you know a footballer is also a human being and as it is ill as a man of two cultures. can't understand why he's been such criticized by reprinting his roots and in the end he counts like jew is job any more in proper conditions you served in ankara what does this say about football in germany or perhaps about people who would describe themselves as being football fans in germany. course the kirksville probably seeing ozil in the german
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national league edition of t.m. or his taxes his reports that arsenal are would hire hit me ivan has made big news in turkey now it is as though this force is force and soccer is very important in turkey as well as it is in any other part of the cut world. you know at his home town. still it was named after him and now they are changing the photograph. previously it was only in the. german national team suited now the one that is shaking hands with edwin. it's of course important is a public figure. but if you allow me i've been footballer posing with a political figure might not be the best thing to do but criticizing him for debt or accusing of him being more tulloch or war whatever i can understand.
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discriminating him because of that is equally but eric last a football is posed with politicians all the time we saw the french president emmanuel macro wrapping himself up in the flag when he's his team did very very very well at the world cup this comes down to at some level surely the nature of mr de one because that's why the racist comments were made because it was a reaction to mr tough guy image. i mean everybody knew when and who is ill took this picture together then a couple weeks after that in turkey they had elections everyone knew it and i'm quite sure that ms would still knew that also. i'd will not blame him for that because his roots are turkish no doubt about it but i will blame his advisors they took advantage of him for many years now they achieved his bank account and their
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own of course but there's advise they gave him to pose with other gun for this big was wrong. in brussels are they a bigger social issues in play here dominic kane are berlin correspondent there was talking about. the argument that the reason between france and a cable news network anchor who was talking about the world cup having been won by quotes africa and then you get into that whole territory of ownership who owns it where the people come from etc and then that plays into the multicultural debate well the situation is kind of complicated in france because issue take the victory at the walk of twenty years ago the players where. taken as examples of multicultural is he and they were given a role that isn't their role their role is actually to play football on the pitch
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and twenty years later the players just wanted to represent france they all so then says our french players for example if you take the defender belgium and the he answer to a tweet who. try to show all the origins of the french players by responding with twenty three french flags showing that all the players see themselves as french and they and so it's not really understandable in france that a brode some people no matter there are people from the streets of anchormen talk about the the victory of the african team also because in france this debate is history clee. extreme right wing debate when you speak about the african regions of some players. you enter the extreme right wing game and that's this is something
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we don't want we don't want to do anymore because it would actually just ruin the joy of winning the world cup or a glass or what's your reading of the german if a the d. be handled this because they at one point said we need an explanation they already had an explanation but it didn't seem to get any traction with the. well the dia of beers made the mistake just before the world cup did start. after the pictures were published with the other one. do not forget the other guy. there was a press meeting in preparation of the world cup and they asked the grand to talk to the press people of germany and he did it and never the less than that in the first match after that the people in the stadium there were shouting on going no on and there there didn't like his appearance now for germany who is ill didn't talk to the press he didn't talk at all until last sunday and that was
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a big mistake the b. should have forced him to give at least this a small statement why he has done this picture at this point of the year was missed they are the ground so they missed it and now they belong to the group of the losers ok let's pause for a second and take a closer look at how prevalent racism is in football in june after sweden's defeat at the world cup swedish player jimmy dumas was criticized for his performance and racially abused on social media earlier this year belgian me she bought she we who was playing for the german club or us your daughter on during a europa league game and italy was subjected to racist monkey chants from atalanta fans in january jefferson the colombian central midfielder who plays for spain's levante says he was abused on the pitch by a still to be good striker and leon balogun and both players for local german teams
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said they were abused by some fans during the warm up before a domestic game use of cannily in ankara how is this being not reported in turkey how how is this being perceived in turkey is there any question in turkey that this is racism. yes and by and large there is a over as an acronym and. in all the end pro-government circles it media which is brought into government is getting less and this idea. that this is the races move. acted in a manner defending it's not his national honor this is the general perception. as i said it his own power to place the photograph or hiebert the street a day after him removed the. photograph it on the colors and instead put of what put down shaking hands. this has become
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a national sentiment but don't forget this decision or this move came immediately after the enter supriyo they are germany is it i mean even the chancellor merkel said they are committed that there was a problem in germany regarding treatment of by dorothy's order for eight years eric last if we just broaden this out for a second we live in a time particularly in the context of europe of identity politics do we now have to face up to reality we live in a time as well of identity sports where people want to mislabel relabel individual players and then say the worst things that you can say about somebody. well i think we have the same opinion about upcoming racism and the strong right wings in every almost every country in europe and that germany has the same
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problem ten years ago when there were guys like kid you are originally from to nisha who is ill from turkey or board whose father is from ghana that was not a problem you have idiots in the stadium everywhere when they see dark guys and they do not belong to their own team they shout on them and they do this monkey sound and something like that but is getting stronger now as in general in the society racism and the red wing are getting stronger everywhere. do is in brussels why is football getting more and more therefore politicised is it just that it's so incredibly popular and you've got that blend of lots of money and lots of good players you know finding their way around the world because they say come to europe on a good deal they get the passports but they don't deserve what this individual was
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on the receiving end of. that's actually a good question because it's quite paradoxal if you take the ultras in the stance they claim for non political football and as the clubs has become multinational companies they also don't want football to be involved with politics i though is like any of us are values like fighting homophobia i have fighting racism fighting and system it isn't but the thing is. the players have become. products and they tend to to be become more and more neutral and the fact that some political incidents occur at that time might reassure us that they are still humans and that football is still a human game and know no matter home home much money is involved you cannot take the feelings out of
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a human being and you cannot. yet also take a take of the. the fights he he he he wants to make in order to to represent his roots or to represent his personality and that's the same for everyone which is in involved in football and at last so there has been a long a long ongoing campaign get wrist kick racism out of football that's been the what ten fifteen years now if you're rights and there's more racism in the game do we need to go back to basics on this because clearly to get racism out of the game campaign it's not working. well if you think of the world cup in russia many people before the world cup they said oh russia they have problems with home or for b. and something like that they don't like black people we didn't see that you're in the world cup so you can't say it was not successful but in many cities where you
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have social problems i mean paris is a good example berlin is another example. in many cities like that the people go to the stadium and they want to live out their emotions and if they read every day in the newspapers or watch television and they get anxious about the foreign people there they will let their emotions out then and the stadium and that's how racism works in the brains of the people you see in ankara is that how politics works in the brains of the people to pick up that phrase there from eric who you are because if one has engaged at all when. playing. that's not football ok there's a game going on on the pitch but it's also tribalism it's about loyalty it's about politics and it's it's always a dog whistle match. on fortune of this reality will live in their belongings or
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the identity of the people i mean how can you deny eight. how good how can he did night if a prisoner in our country in white suv for a cup of tea. in london. how can you say no if you are offered a photo portal to meet the president how can you say no will you like it or not it's difficult to say no particularly for a poll and our political soccer player how could he say no or if his program a. person of good is a dog because politics and the sports as you rightly said are inter-related politicians are very much aware of the importance. of football in everyday life and they exploited to the maximum to get votes and they are indeed the whole affair around is ill is
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a. poor fish for some a more populous city to get over even the embargoes. imposed on him in the european. and in us big campaign. he tried to read as much people as possible through thoughts political of the such deals i may dislike it yes but the further they have on practical politics they exploit everything possible or to yours or to vote. the platform of you have to pass on the message erick we should perhaps just the sake of clarity restate what he said when this whole controversy blew up and he was on the receiving end of this racist abuse on various social media platforms he said look i went along out of respect for the office of the presidency not necessarily for the president himself he didn't go there out of respect or political support for the one his line is it was it was for
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the seal of the office eric if the german f.a. is to do something more to get round this issue or to destroy this issue because there is clearly question there are clearly questions to be asked here what can it do and would the german f.a. take him back. i know for sure not and i don't agree with the official opinion of me is that i mean he knew that he knew about the elections coming up in turkey and he knew of course that this picture would be public relations for ms they had a gram so never talk about just about the president we are talking about the president and ozil knew also that in germany many people don't like ms they are gone and his politics he was talking about bring in turkey closer to europe in fact he did just the opposite thing so to the cows ursule i think
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he's gone he's gone for germany now he's gone for the national team and there will no comeback ever be june do as. he'll never make a comeback will world football come back from this is world football heading into a dark time when it comes to those those relationships between individual players the relationships between individual countries but i think it's just a beginning of a long story which never going to end actually it's not the first case won't be the last one. you have to make a difference between club football and nation of the team football which are two very different things i mean in the first case no matter where you come from no matter what you represent as long as you play correctly on the pitch for for the for the club when when it comes to the nation will team. we're some
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players will always have a double identity and it all always depends of the people who they represent i mean here in western europe the fans are very attached to the to the shirts to to the crest and they're very keen on when they're really present tense to play for their country the country of the fans who cheer for them and in in that in that case. measure to zele and many other players all over the world we always have the rights to have two identities but they also have to understand then that fans don't understand when they gave their hearts like messages in said to two countries because for them there is only one team one shot one nation ok we will have to leave it there gentlemen thank you very much thanks to our guest use of kindly air at last and julian to us and thank you to you too for your company the
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last half hour you can see the show again any time by going to the web site al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story or you can tweet me at peter w one for me peter dhabi on the team here in the heart thanks for watching we'll do it at the same time again tomorrow. i. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having
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their faith linked to on the attacks even though day two of victims of the bonds the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta i will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the olympic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe as a rainy and brace for us functions due to get back in place on the six the buddhist al-jazeera will cover the developments from town rock in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human exploitation system then lay the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera. when people think of cuba they think of revolution but ivana is undergoing a new revolution in the field of the last of the through the cuban it's an abode not just we're here to discover if those changes are reflected on the plate but this is a few of its day q. and a good trip. to russia owner i'm trying to read more today roots and
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a.j. it's on al-jazeera. the i.m.f. said riyadh's a breakeven or price for twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. to help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. for the first time since problem of bobby was forced from power by the army the people. we will see in the next president what a struggling economy and frustration amongst many young voters means the result. is still hard to predict follow this election and i'll just say until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was covering khuda todd's tragedies first quake's and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and
9:48 am
that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding it to an education system that was introduced. in latin america as as europe has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. and in doha with the top stories on saudi arabia says it will temporarily stop oil shipments through the bubble munda strait. carrying crude oil was attacked so idea arabia blames who the rebels with the who through say their missiles targeted a warship belonging to the saudi iraqi coalition. there are celebrations in pakistan as early election results but the party of cricket start in wrong con ahead in the polls but
9:49 am
a tightly contested general election has been overshadowed by a suicide bomb in the balochistan region dozens of people have been killed osama bin java house more from the hold. counting is underway and pakistan connection the election which was supposed to see the handover of power from a second civilian government to another and the vote count has already been made controversial box on the family there was one of the parties which was in power in the previous assembly has alleged that there's been widespread bringing its leader and president saying that they reject these results and they have asked the election commission of pakistan to take note of all the irregularities one of the leaders coming out and saying that they have been recorded these eight hundred of them and there are seven hundred regularities which has been reported by other political bodies as well so apart from imran khan's there in soft body which is leading the polls with expected to meet the polls all other political parties the base concerns about the delay in the announcement of these rebels as well as the
9:50 am
conduct of various election stuff polling agents these are people who are the representatives of political bodies who were told to leave boiling stations they couldn't see when the seals were broken in the votes were counted and what was going on and then later they were handed in sort of the official form forty five plain piece of paper with a stamp saying this is been the vote count and not has been the bone of contention throughout the day there was a violence in various areas of the election but is largely peaceful in cities but in rural parts of the one baluchistan there were some scuffles in punjab as well there was a piece one death and then there was the suicide attack which killed more than thirty people but now all political parties have said that they will try and come together on thursday they will talk to amongst themselves and with the parties and chart a future course of action to try and salvage the results of this controversial election . pro-government media in syria my reporting at least two hundred fifteen people
9:51 am
have died in isolated suicide bomb attacks they happened in the southern city of also weighed on the border with jordan syrian troops are trying to clear an iso held area close to the israeli occupied golan heights. the united states and european union have agreed to work together on lowering trade barriers u.s. president donald trump says he'll start trade negotiations with the e.u. the lame to resolve disputes over tariffs on steel all the many among the other items in unspent follows a meeting at the white house between trampin the european commission president john told john karr. of course. on the understanding that as long as we are negotiating unless one party would stop the negotiations we will further tariffs and users reassess existing tariffs on steel and aluminum this will open markets for farmers and workers increase investment and lead to greater prosperity in both the united states and the european union it will also make trade
9:52 am
fairer and more receptive goal meanwhile chinese president xi jinping has said there will be no winners in a global trade war during the annual brics summit she has urged leaders from brazil india russia and south africa to join forces in the wake of threats of terrorists but the trumpet ministration at least twenty four people have been killed and more than one hundred a missing after a dam and laos collapsed on monday the district governor says around three thousand people are still stranded in the floods thousands more have been forced from their homes things from thailand and china helping with the rescue effort and rescuers in greece are searching both land and sea for survivors from the wildfires near the capital athens at least eighty people are now confirmed dead and dozens are missing . those are the headlines the news continues in about twenty five minutes after all just a real world device in a. bag
9:53 am
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guns are part of the civic cookie. is simple but their knowledge of well before us at them but the more peaceful and lit are the. big cut that's your close of aussie summer film my little girl must be the seventh century nor engender so we send a similar service also in the go part of the so not only. set that deal with this so we open the back up for. the color quite missing the on the fifth. or. you can use it.
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in view still he could. hear this throughout or know nothing of stand up and says a couple subjects this one of your sister the couple sankar saying. that i'm sure the first center goer. diffuse side really do when you. press as opposed to shows turkey she wouldn't do call for a mob to come esky said bussy dog. the deficit in the first city got. yankee process deep you don't cool like you need don't cool city killer made bread more diplomacy but you didn't spell it is this dull political mess too don't know or don't could do the disadvantage of the city.
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don't you look at us your i always. says suck up and placed it will get more under since i think i'm pretty in period you won't be arguing with the vent don't ever question on this. system or a movie star says. we have a good finisher must still be there if it were not one hundred of our movies that possums have you would. feel an excellent double. figure because don't they. don't need to go where you know they don't commit the big polluters yes sure you but i didn't do all that i put it on the thing that was . good. enough the accident that forces misused to sell you senate go way
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a book good to see who couldn't win in my story what they were not to disagree nuff said out a view of the. bill of fare they are. who to say but to move. there are not given day. you know in the us shawn dollars dollars you decide response can people we see on the home didn't. develop into. what i. see a big deal but do i think this out of him all. the money city tunis the city don't . need deep boy a profession to get. good at your. needs
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you know and. seizing on the. long don don is that he did on catherine got this on twitter. she knew about i don't think you and he will be shut why do feed us get through it but i sure. didn't god didn't need sankey's always he'd do it again. based don't. think about about each book but it may divide us in both. i think to an equal say
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cross. and please keep it that. much anything in the show. you want. cinema show missed him but only to due to an unfair t.v. everglades are. there for a civilian jump the salary i don't come to live on my show. will send you a letter and also probably if you read the british i did it on sundays and it is a completely just sun to lucy except my best skirt and let me zoom out the diplomatic to say me if you have it in class. to get. a standing and let's listen in now instead plenty. before going to be in the sun think of the minutes some saying can't
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i said that missing i can you did it in iraq extra what you now mean i think that i mean if i may come to memphis and we if you flew past the privacy part of the thing out there of course you'd learn about very vigorously aplenty and then apparently little money or just or if possible sense. the sense out of my chair just something advancing through the demand in the. prove what i said they say what the problem the content the poor but i feel if i show separate down to the pool of you the savy police report them up. to the the to.


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