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this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this news hour with me or shall carry at our global headquarters in doha coming up. on house to start working on building a coalition government after winning pakistan's election but falling short of a majority. opposition parties though insists there was vote rigging and now a huge monitors say all was not fair also ahead. fireworks stun grenades and fighting around the office a mosque israeli security forces pushed back house to me in crowds. and finally on their way home sixty five years after the fighting ended north korea returns the
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remains of u.s. soldiers killed in action. but there are only a few seats left to confirm it is clear that emraan khan has won pakistan's election but his party is still short of a parliamentary majority meaning he will need allies to form a government so this is where things stand right now khan's pakistan in soft the p.t.i. party is leading with one hundred sixteen seats his closest rival ruling p m l in the jail former leader has managed to get sixty four seats the party of assassinated prime minister benazir bhutto p.p.p. has forty three and the smaller parties rather have all combined for forty three seats as well on the its coalition partners to get a majority of the one hundred thirty seven seats so here's the assessment of
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election observers it is our assessment that despite positive changes to the legal framework with the new elections act and a stronger and more transparent election commission the electoral process of twenty eighteen was negatively affected by the political environment the number of violent attacks targeting political parties leaders candidates and election officials severely affected the compay environment. many of our and to look at to acknowledge the systematic efforts to undermine the former ruling parties through cases of corruption contempt of court and terrorist charges against its leaders and candidates as on the vinge of it is and will who are for us and in the capital islamabad we have come all higher so we're going to go to call first so. assessment from those observers what what might it mean for the official results if anything
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at all where obviously the strong state mean bard as far as the election commission of paul get on is concerned they've already issued a statement saying it were fair and free election the president had already gradually everybody forwarding the election in fact just a little why in a go the outgoing prime minister gonna buy a war the prime minister of muslim league now was often a walk thirty fourth into a disqualifier draw and work facing a trial he had already said there grigg grigg he kept the word big the bieber and the election so as far as the government is concerned as far as the beeper not concerned they're still quite excited to date it's criticism that had been criticism even from other sources that we're standing right now right now the big priority da's how they're going to get this government know how imran khan is going
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to form his government and who is he going to day cornball and let's talk more about that what what insight what clues do we have into how he's going to build these coalitions that are necessary and what sort of compromises he might be willing to make. well imran khan is in a good position because in this particular election there's been a record number of independent candidates they've won a substantial amount of heat normally they're trained in august on the independence day and look at their strong normally gravitate to would go it's a foregone conclusion that emraan barnard have a huge problem. and other political parties smaller parties might put together they may make up the numbers that he needs he'd be gone for it it's party leadership
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it's gone for didn't about to go it's just a question of time right now a day to be a lot of bog gaining going on everybody would be trying to woo the independents that. would be trying to do the same thing but it would all depend on how united the opposition they're going to get their act together because they're united opposition because this is the polar ice country and the political parties come from the far right to the far left of a difficult to see how they can get out but they have de do that could represent problems for imran khan with a strong opposition and of course a very determined who have already accused the government the interim government. rigging the polls what are some mending issues that voters felt the most passionate about wasn't simply just having a functional election process. i
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think that people of pakistan have seen their traditional party and their religious parties take their. ruling the country is concerned and that is when the civilians are ruling the country however the people across this country now feel that the politicians have not delivered we've also seen another train the majority of the country under the age of thirty they're younger they're on the social media and they were mobilized way before the election everybody wants to see change because there's so much unemployed people who have the credentials but don't get the job there's corruption there's no medicaid so what is happening right now is that de young people of pakistan have spoken and i think if in fact it had been the women's war today if trained in baluchistan province for the first time we saw a forty percent turnout for a province like baluchistan which saw their deadliest attack dad and indeed very
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encouraging so did the women and the young people who've made a difference. to ward who are excited about change and that of course a huge responsibility or name ron khan who promised so much the question is really be able to deliver and really be able to tackle some of the talk that lie ahead of fame ok. come all thank you. let's name to gaza now where people are gathering again near the border fence this has been happening at every friday the continuing weekly demonstrations against israel's blockade let's go now to our charles stratford who has been covering these have protests for quite some time and it's our understanding that unfortunately and all of this back and forth that there has been am at least one fatality what can you tell us charles. that's right we can confirm that one one
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palestinian has been killed we're unsure as to yet whether he was affiliated to any of the armed factions here at least eleven other people injured in various locations along the border of the gaza strip the israelis saying. quite attacks have been. far less today they are saying that there were nine nine separate places where it feels had been the situation is very tense a lot of people looking up have been looking up in the sky in the last few minutes because there has been the israeli drone above we have seen a lot less kites these insane three cards and of course so much damage in israel so the israeli said launched today but of course we've seen two different escalations in the last week and seven members seven palestinians killed in those escalations of violence between hamas and israel diplomatic efforts have been struggling to
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contain a ceasefire as well we understand that the un's representative would just let the camera pan around now they're dropping tear gas from that drone that i mentioned seemingly close to where some of these kites have been launched. a lot of the people here be moving to another area where the protests have been happening close to. a strong position where there are a lot of israeli soldiers close to here you can imagine that the situation here is a lot of people in gaza. so all very afraid of a further escalation as i say just going back to those diplomatic efforts the un special called nato for the middle east peace process nicholai mlodinow was in gaza yesterday speaking to hamas c came into gaza twice yesterday and left we understand without much of a deal we also understand that the egyptians have been very much at the full front of trying to sustain some sort of ceasefire i mean while the language from israel has been has been very strong a lot of pressure on the israeli government for
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a wide they describe as a military operation against hamas in the various armed factions hamas to say that these people have every right to continue protesting in a way that they say is peaceful but they have said that sees well will play with its blood for what they describe as the most of those killed over the last week and as i say we understand at least one person has died so far today. charles stratford live for us in gaza as we can see for ourselves the tear gas being dropped from jones there charles thank you to occupied east jerusalem now where israeli security forces have reopened the gates of the oxen mosque after closing in briefly following cautious with palestinians. stun grenades were used to disperse crowds that had gathered for friday prayers police said earlier that people suspected of plotting fireworks and rocks at them
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were barricaded inside and for summonses near the ox a mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem so where do things stand now andrea. well it looks as if this has come to walk could be destroyed something of a peaceful and this is the lion's gate the door of open just only ten minutes ago and a cooler fairly large number of demonstrators who had been praying outside of the precincts of the al aqsa mosque compound ahead of me here they all and so forward i was amongst them and these are the security forces who were holding them at bay here for up to something like five hours and there was no way in and there was no way out there was a sit in going on in the compound and it all started when according to whack of the
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organization a religious organization which represents the custodians of jordan jordanian custodians of luxor mosque they said that it was an invasion by the security forces however the security forces said they had come under attack by a number of fireworks and rocks and they surged forward and went straight into the compound firing as they went sound grenades sonic today is the sometimes known percussion grenades that according to what's actually injured one of their gods and another guard they say was assaulted by an israeli soldier now the whole thing really was profoundly tenths of one stage and there was no way that people were going to update the orders of the security forces to evacuate they had many people had gone into their mosques to pray they they then stayed there and of course now
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off to negotiations we've seen an end to this around twenty arrests took place and one very controversial aspect to the way the security forces approached the situation was the presence of the. israeli man all of jerusalem near baba cut he was with the forces as they went in to keep the mosque which is the main mosque the front mosque here along with the dome of the rock behind it where the women were praying now that was a controversial move it was symbolic because of course being the mayor of jerusalem here in occupied east jerusalem coming on this holy site and going in with the security forces people here want to know what role the mayor of jerusalem has and what implication it has for the politics of this situation which are very challenged bet it seems to be certainly much calmer behind you now than those pictures from earlier that you also witnessed sentence life for us in our crowded
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streets on thank you. well you were had on the news hour we look at all social media in the spring the government into action after a back same scandal in china. the deluge in laos from a collapsed school dam breach of neighboring cambodia where thousands have evacuated their homes and in spork osama naldo avoids jail in spain but he has to pay out for tax evasion details coming up in a bit with joe. and yemen the saudi moroni coalition has launched the most intensive round of airstrikes on the city of her data the city is controlled by who's the rebels who claimed responsibility for a drone attack on the international airport on thursday the day to host a strategic importance seaport through which most of the country's humanitarian aid enters now just as those airstrikes began the u.n. envoy t.m. in was leaving the capital sana armed purposes spent weeks pushing for additional
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negotiations between the who thing and you many government forces backed by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are government forces had warned that they were restart an offensive on the port city if mediation efforts failed earlier than her things were seen celebrating after the rebels claimed to have successfully rather hit the airport in the capital using a drone but leaders of the u.a.e. deny any such attack even happened but the reports. that. he supposes on the streets of the yemeni capital sana'a february they say is a significant military strike against the amorality enemy the solitude body went to the gris is that we have managed to pull out the riyadh airport will be next and we will go all in and many other places will follow you know jim you're doing it with you on what we see to all the aggressors and because countries that will stand firm and will continue the development of our missile capabilities in our drones with
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the help of our brave men. you eight leaders denied any attack at port manages tweeted that bin what they called an incident involving a supply vehicle but flights in operations were unaffected. the abu dhabi reports followed the heat these attacking what they said was a saudi arabia navy for it on wednesday the saudis say to all tankers were targeted and have stopped oil shipments through the important battle manned straight off the coast of yemen analysts say both incidents show a change in tactics by the heath these. things have developed military capabilities that are allowing them to shift their response from one of defense to attack in relation to the saudi alliance this is a significant development. the u.a.e. and saudi arabia are leading the coalition supporting yemen's internationally recognized government led by president abba dr eventful heidi it's fighting against
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iranian backed toothy rebels who control large parts of the country yemen has had many many problems and issues and on us and the difference is the iranian enemy yemenis have suffered three years of war in which thousands have died disease is widespread and famine is threatened the yemeni government now based in the southern port city of aden relies on the coalition's ad power. the soldiers of the so-called legitimate forces do not move in yemen without permission from abu dhabi president robert mansour hadi is yesterday's man but were willing to talk to him un envoy martin griffiths has been in sana'a to try to mediate this crisis in a war that gets more complicated by the day big story gates and be al-jazeera so victorious spoke there about the hit this escalating ballistic and drone strategy so let's get an idea of it if we take a look at the map for some time now the who these have launched missiles into saudi
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arabia targeting oil are fine. reason other infrastructure saudi or defense issues most of them down now the rebels say they are developing a new generation of drones named after a senior leader madhu was killed by the saudi i'm ready coalition three months ago they've been used in several attacks on saudi arabia the most recent one targeting an oil refinery in riyadh last week and then there was the who the attack on two saudi ships and one of the world's most important oil tanker routes the saudis say only one ship was slightly damaged but they've now suspended shipments through that straight as a precaution as for the apparent albert zombie attack the who have told al-jazeera that the armed drone flew fifteen hundred kilometers to reach the airport defense analysts though are skeptical pointing to the u.e.s. air defense systems which are some of the most advanced on earth speak now to andres craig in london he's an assistant professor at the defense studies department in king's college london always good to talk to you so let's start there are the who are these actually technically capable of accomplishing this this any
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type of attack on the airport an object. irish i mean yes and you pointed out already that the distance between you know a potential control center of the who these in yemen to the airport is around thirteen to fifteen hundred kilometers depending on where you measure this is a very extensive distance considering that it has to cross through another country so yemen doesn't share a border with the u.a.e. which meant they must have penetrated three there saudi arabia most likely or or oman and they should have they must have been able to do this completely evading any detection from both the saudi or the morality air defense system and ballister and missile defense system the sum of three if you look at it is quite an extensive drone this is not a small toy there's not a quite recall there as we might know it so having such a huge vehicle penetrating the airspace quite deeply and then thinking that the air defense system wouldn't issue a warning and pick it up before it actually reaches
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a critical infrastructure such as i would be able it seems to be very very unlikely also considering that the who these really need to have a command and control system to actually command and control you know you need the you need to have a communication link with a drone that goes over such a long distance again i find it highly unlikely considering where we are i mean we've seen drones being used by the militants somebody drones being used by a range of non-state at will and if i can get in but the issue if i'm going to or just a sector but the that it is clearly want and want the world to think that they can do this and the u.a.e. clearly wants the world to think that they cannot do this so that makes it incredibly challenging to actually get to the truth of what's happening. oh absolutely i mean it's impossible to ascertain so if you look through social media if you look through the evidence that's out there so whatever the who these provide have provided as evidence cannot is fake it's basically these are photoshop images which you know have nothing to do with the reality and i would be so and in equally
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the the u.a.e. haven't done enough to provide evidence that it did not happen or provide an explanation that someone logically incredibly explains the disruption of flights yesterday and the thing is here that the country that were known for false information and a country that really is very secretive about what's going on in their country and they have quite a good control over social media domestically so leaks are very very difficult to come by so both sides have a long track record of not telling the truth so very difficult to ascertain who's right here. but there is no causal link between a disruption and i would be and the claim of the who these particular when we look at the technological ability of the who these at the moment when it comes to the drone capability it does have so far flown. they have flown they have flown uys domestically locally with i would say a range of one hundred two hundred kilometers from the command centers they were mostly used for ice star so intelligence gathering surveillance reconnaissance some
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of been used to drop some dumb bombs on command centers of the coalition and troops of the coalition but that is a completely it would be a completely different level to use this capability over such a long distance with a targeted strike on airport penetrating one of the most sophisticated defense air defense systems i find it highly unlikely craig joining us live from a london kings college thank you. yes president obama has thanked north korean leader kim jong un for returning the remains of fifty five american soldiers killed in the korean war the gesture was from pyongyang was on the sixty fifth anniversary of the armistice which ended the fighting the repatriation of the war dead is being seen as the first substantial goodwill effort following the singapore summit between donald trump and kim jong un for reports. for fifty five american families the weight of decades of not knowing what happened to these
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soldiers sons missing in action has ended. a u.s. military jet was allowed to land in north korea to collect them on the sixty fifth anniversary of the almost us which ended the korean war five thousand three hundred u.s. service men continue to be regarded by the pentagon as missing in north korea the issue was discussed during the summit between donald trump and kim jong un in june both sides have to show the world that there are genuine in fulfilling the agreement and progress has been made the u.s. president tweeted his thanks to north korea's leader for the first substantial development since this summit the white house says the goodwill gesture is encouraging and could signal what it called momentum for positive change critics warn the north koreans might stall on returning the remains of more war did until the u.s. pays money on the main issue of denuclearization progress is slow they have to do
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something that is dorval first and if you look back at the history of the united states you know normalizing relations with a former adversaries it usually be gone with. a return discovering return of the war remains of the american soldiers it's the first time in thirteen years that north korea has repaired treated the bodies of american soldiers handovers stopped because of the u.s. dispute over the north's nuclear bomb program. the u.s. says the remains of another two hundred soldiers are ready to be returned their families hope to be able to honor them on american soil soon shares are good for zero china's baby fact seen scandal has stirred a lively debate on social media in spite of strict censorship the country's second largest maker of rabies vaccines was found to have violated regulations while producing a quarter of
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a million doses for children the government's one quickly into action even before the story was reported on state controlled media so a social media now influencing the government's decision making or china correspondent adrian brown has more china's social media users were unusually energized this week it's one of the few ways people here can let off steam the hash tag chunk chunk of vaccine case was viewed more than four hundred and seventy million times chunk chunk is the name of the company that sold fake vaccines that were administered to more than two hundred and fifty thousand children. food is involved in a project that tracks censorship on china's social media he's based across the border in semi autonomous hong kong where laws governing freedom of speech are more relaxed in the vaccine scandal fu says the government is monitoring rather than listening in one way then. mourning the public at the same
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kind of different. media as well as the propaganda machine you tried to we ask directly to defend comment in the in the public eye also on social media the vaccine scandal was being discussed on social media days before state controlled media were allowed to report on it that only began to happen after china's premier league chung issued a statement just before midnight last sunday just five days earlier the premier had spoken out after another health issue had stirred debate on social media. it was prompted by a new film based on the true story about a cancer survivor who illegally imports drugs from india to help other sufferers who can't afford them. it's not clear if the premier saw the film but he called on the government to do more to help cancer patients. the two cases have struck
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a chord with the public. i believe what we say online play a big role in what the government does what people say on the internet as powerful . we're worried what we say will be censored and some of the posts have already been deleted and we don't know why you want to access this article posts deleted by chinese census are captured by food. they try to work out the various ways users try to disguise their descent it's an endless cyberspace game of cat and mouse adrian brown al jazeera beijing so look i'm on the program syrian families are finally told about the fate of loved ones taken by us our forces but can they believe it when rights activists describe nicaragua as a country and an undeclared state of siege and no way back to football joe will tell you why this former face the chief will have to sit out
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a ten year ban on the sport. the sun been blazing down again the wind directions brought dust to many sides of the iraqi planes as a result it just gets hot you don't see much profitable a great day which has nothing to stop the ferocity of the run about the fifty mark not far away from kuwait just up in the southwest of iran and the middle of iraq baghdad's focus is a mere forty two very far away and get up to forty eight quite happily for the west coast levant twenty nine in beirut very pleasant and the breeze has been quite dusty running does he go for recently circulate through the eastern side of saudi in bahrain and dusty skies in qatar as well the breeze is dying
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a little bit temp has also dropped forty one but i would be and are hostile middle forty's in the middle of oman and still there you don't necessarily see it the cloud is bringing drizzle quite often easily daily to salalah beautiful green part of the world at this time of the year running through the biggest showers actually tauriel parts of africa to the dry winter months although just recently they haven't been there's been some more rain in cape town it's gone from the western cape a long way east even touching now the forecast sees no more than cloud and a fairly warm sixteen in cape town. for the first time since robert mugabe was hoarse from polyp by the army the people of zimbabwe will see the next president but a struggling economy and frustration amongst many other votes is means the result on the thanks of july is still hard to predict follow this in bombay election analysis. to.
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every. creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss no one tone. is sweeping association of islam with the violence. in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live and love and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim coming soon on al-jazeera.
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and watching al-jazeera let's pick out the top stories for you this hour. so really security forces have reopened the gates of the al aqsa mosque after closing it briefly following clashes with palestinians stun grenades were used to disperse crowds that had gathered for friday prayers and yemen the saudi amerada coalition has launched the most and tense of round of airstrikes shet on the city of your data is controlled by who the rebels who a day earlier claim to have attacked the international airport and in pakistan then ron paul and his party are nearing victory. in wednesday's general election with only a handful of seats still to be confirmed but he will need allies to form a government european observers in pakistan say all of the candidates did not have an even playing field so let's go live now to lahore and speak to the serious of some at the age of eight so samas we're talking about those observers they said that there was a lot of positive developments positive progress in the overall election process
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but they also said that in their estimation that everything was an uneven playing field in part because of violence in certain places i'm sure that that's a pretty big criticism of the process but also clearly the opposition party also has some criticisms of the process as well what are they say. well there are similarities that you can draw between these two statements that have been heard from both the main opposition party the buxom some you know laws as well as the e.u. observer mission observing these elections and then adding on top of that is a local network of non-government organizations have come out with similar findings saying that at least thirty five constituencies the results the number of votes which were discarded the number of those votes was much higher than the winning margin that means that all of the losing candidates that would want a recount would want to see these ballots why were they discarded and especially on
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tight seats where only a few hundred votes have been between the difference between the winner and the loser so it is. an election especially the result of this election has been very controversial from the very beginning when the election commission was due to announce these results there was a delay the opposition parties came together and today they are meeting in the federal capital is not about to chart out a future course of action whether that means they will go to the streets or will they come out in the opposition and take this legal route it is all. they have to decide on what is the future course of action going to take and what is the very important is that they can form a unified alliance and a unified charge with which they can pursue these controversial results a summer where you are a low whore and province it's often said that you know so goes so goes really the rest of the country so how have things played out there with the election. but that said because punjab holds the largest number of national assembly seats because
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imran khan's party has been leading in the center it is going to try best to try and form the provincial government in punjab province as well because if it loses punjab province that's going to create problems for you for it in the center but by the looks of it it is a very tight race between the pakistan tehreek e insaf and the facts on this in the modern punjab both parties have announced that they would want to form the government the bikes on the same week the mars has a clear advantage of about five to seven seats both parties are talking to independent candidates and they are trying their best so it is a tug of war between the two sides and the observers and analysts who we've been speaking to say that now it is going to depend on what incentives can these parties offer to do more than twenty independent candidates whether it's. assembly seats whether it's i mean it's ministries in the province it all depends on who can move these independents to word them and by the looks of it the box on take in south is
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in a very strong position because all of the other parties who have one of the seats in the punjab province they're likely to join hands with the box on that he can solve some of the live for us and laura simon thank you. syrian government forces have recaptured the southern city of can nature near the israeli occupied golan heights government troops have entered the city for the first time in four years after weeks of intense fighting they have been trying to clear the surrounding province of eisel and other opposition groups the remaining eisel fighters have now agreed to leave for rebel held areas of northern syria after a deal brokered by russia. after years of silence and uncertainty thousands of syrian families are now being given official death certificates for their missing relatives but the government hasn't released their bodies or any evidence of the cause of death in a hotel reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon. for years nothing about her husband opposition activist best so hard to be until recently when the syrian
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government declared that he died in two thousand and fifteen he was among the more than eighty thousand people believed by rights groups to have been detained or forcibly disappeared since the uprising began in two thousand and eleven in recent weeks and after years of silence more and more families are being told their relatives are dead risen. to arms. and that. this is a heart attack. yeah and this is. very hard because they in some way they. used to have to agree that he was not killed. as he says so far there are four thousand names of detainees or those who disappeared now officially registered as deceased the dates go back years among
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them. a well known nonviolent opposition activist from. his family was recently informed that the get here and his brother bahama had died in two thousand and thirteen while in detention relatives find out from civil registry offices or the military police families are being told what they long suspected they now want to know where the bodies are buried and the true cause of death. and yet. the right to know what happened to their international human rights groups have accused the syrian government of large scale torture and extrajudicial killing in its prisons the exact number of detainee deaths while in detention is not known some rights groups say thirty thousand died of torture and dire conditions since the conflict began seven years ago other rights groups say the number is as high as sixty thousand and seventy or prison
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alone amnesty international estimated that thirteen thousand were killed in mass hanging's between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fifteen. families of the detained who live in rebel areas are able to raise their voices but those in government territory have to remain silent the fear now is the government may be trying to cover up likely crimes against humanity and prevent families from seeking justice. they are the winners now. because of. that and they want to close. five to finish it. the family say the case of the detainees and the disappeared needs to be dealt with in any post conflict settlement it seems the syrian government wants to avoid that by bury the file and along with it the truth. and security council has been getting another briefing about the humanitarian situation in syria and diplomatic editor joins us live james bay from there so james what are some of their the new numbers
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that we're getting that we're hearing. well result first let me tell you because you were mentioning is a short time ago the situation in connection that came up with the top u.n. humanitarian official a local saying they're increasingly concerned about one thousand one hundred people in the government of canet who they had some prepositioned supplies but then they're running out and he says that is leaving the displaced people exposed to soaring temperatures and wins they are increasingly concerned about the situation there in the southwest of syria these meetings happen every single month and of course we're now in the eight year of the syrian war the swedish who are the president of the u.n. security council decided this month to put a special focus on the plight of children in syria and we've been hearing some really shocking statistics coming from the u.n.
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special representative for children and armed conflict virginia gamba in the first order of twenty eighteen they have been an increase of twenty five percent in recruitment then use of children and all three hundred and forty eight percent increase in killing and maiming both compared to the previous quarter alone in fact they told the number of gray violations for the first quarter make their hundred the nine percent increase compared to the last quarter of twenty seventeen. well that meeting of the security council is still underway they will once it finishes in open session have some close discussions and i know one of the focuses of that is what is going to happen in it live because many members of the security council are concerned by what they say is a pattern they've seen the syrian government with russian support moving from one area to the next with their offensives and they believe that it could be next but
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of course that could be a much bigger problem because there are more people there and because of the added complication of the involvement of turkey right and live at the u.n. james thank you. rights groups in iraq war again pressuring president and ortega's government to disband paramilitary groups they are accused of killing and kidnapping anti-government protesters newman reports from managua. it's been one hundred days since to began burying their loved ones killed in a conflict too reminiscent of the country's civil war in the one nine hundred seventy s. this week at least three more people were killed in the northern city of reportedly by pro-government paramilitary forces while in managua a brazilian medical student sympathetic to student protesters was gunned down by unidentified sale it's. at a news conference nicaragua's association of human rights said it had tallied
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ninety seven killings in the last two weeks alone and four hundred and forty eight deaths since april. when i walked out i. was seen operations outside of the framework of law by groups paramilitary and fogs who were carrying out detentions torture terrible selective assassinations as well as writing homes destroying private and public property motivated by political party and ideological fanaticism . human rights leaders tell us that in these one hundred days in the rubble has become a part of the. state to see to the tension everywhere you can see on the horizon for example and so on live this hour but it stopped traffic but instead if you want to see there are lessons to get a reply kept. a small group of students nevertheless came out to mark the anniversary of the civil uprising. and we say to the governments that we aren't
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afraid they say they want peace but they are killing us. president daniel ortega blames the killings on alleged terrorists who want him out his wife and vice president. went further in a radio broadcast this one a little read school. they are drug addicts and alcoholics linked to all sorts of delinquency the nicaraguan people know that some have taken their own lives so they can blame the government and the rights organizations refute the claims and accuse the government of setting up clandestine detention and torture centers. we're seeing monstrous repression with all the perverse methods that the state can resort to jeer in war time even though the country isn't at war and it's using them against its own people president or take the insists that the country is getting back to normal but the rising number of deaths and disappearances of opponents tell a different story. at least one person has been killed and dozens of homes and
6:44 pm
businesses burned down by a wildfire in northern california the fire caught many off guard as it hit the outskirts of the city of reading several people are ensured roads have been clogged by traffic is people trying to get out it's being filled by strong winds and temperatures of almost forty degrees celsius. it's a bad week for anyone who shares in social media companies twitter stocks have plunged thirteen percent following facebook's big fall days earlier that are dropped after revealed monthly. user numbers rather had to climb from three hundred thirty six million to three hundred thirty five and it warned of more falls to com companies in the process of cleaning up its platform getting rid of spam and automated accounts or bots to crack down on fake news and hate speech there was some good news though twitter's second quarter profits were a record one hundred million dollars. the number of dead from monday's jam collapse in laos has risen to twenty seven with more than one hundred people still missing
6:45 pm
the deluge from the collapse jan reach neighboring cambodia but the water level is for seeding along the border. and as this report from cambodia is stung trying province. as water levels begin to recede people start to return to their homes to clean up to repair to salvage what they can monday's collapse of the newly built hydroelectric dam in a province in southern laos flooded villages and farmland in both laos and neighboring cambodia the scale of the disaster remains unclear information from state media in this remote part of laos has been sketchy and sometimes inconsistent many survivors tell a consistent story however water levels rose so fast they never experienced anything like it. i felt so desperate when i saw the side of the water i thought i might die the water was rising and rising and everything in the house was all washed away the search for the missing continues the lao army and teams of
6:46 pm
international experts are helping to look for survivors i'm looking for my brothers i'm worried about them and five thousand people in neighboring cambodia have been evacuated from their homes the water level in the sacred remains high. but it appears to have peaked here in still trying providence it's about twelve point four me to is roughly the same as twenty four hours. the cambodian ministry of water resources and meteorology expects work to levels to. as water levels recede in places villages are questioning why they weren't moved to safety and there are conflicting reports on when cracks in the dam were first spotted florence. province cambodia back to a story we reported moments ago the situation in iraq where would she have been following for weeks now where hundreds have been killed and anti-government protests latin america after lucy newman is live in the capital managua so what is
6:47 pm
the situation like now. and you know rachelle well here on the ground things are changing it's what human rights organizations describe is something like a clean up operation in which security forces paramilitary groups are going from house to house they're searching for government opponents taking them out very often at night and putting them in clandestine interrogation centers this is what they're talking about this is a new development a fairly new development here in nicaragua you can certainly feel as i mentioned in my report a lot of fear that you didn't have before and there are hundreds and hundreds of government opponents who have gone underground or have left the country but we're also hearing that the border has now been sealed by the army to keep these people from escaping while officials search for the room they call terrorists but will mothers call now the resistance to show it was the catholic church had tried to
6:48 pm
play a role in in mediating things and tamping down the tensions that have been costing people their lives but that the relationship there really seems to have soured so what does that mean is the potential for the any members of the catholic church to to have any type of influence in this process. absolutely the relationship with i would say soured would be the understatement members of the catholic church including the cardinal archbishop of have been attacked by pro-government mobs i spoke just a few minutes ago in fact. from the human rights association and he said his life has been threatened and that many of the people that formed this table. this it was called have had to go underground or they have been imprisoned and so the catholic church says it is still willing to talk the government says it's still willing to talk but under what conditions under this new situation which is far more tense than it ever has been certainly in peace time in this country that has seen so many
6:49 pm
years of war is still a very very big question. thank you growing and using cannabis for medicinal purposes would be legalized in lebanon under a draft bill introduced to parliament it's already grown illegally and they've. been on the world's third biggest cannabis producer a politician pushing the bill says a regulated marijuana industry with millions of dollars into the country's struggling economy and government. i know. i want to find a solution for what's going on i'm putting forward a draft resolution to amend a law that allows farmers to live with dignity it allows me to fight drugs and planting them and to the allows me to help drug addicts so they don't have access to drugs that are available in the market.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
million voters will head to the polls on sunday to decide their next president abraham card key to is seeking a second term but his popularity has been hurt by ongoing violence and instability across the region among his twenty three rivals one candidate is seen as a potential challenger to have evolved. he has presented himself as the candidate of hope and did city after city across mali so my list has been gathering
6:52 pm
momentum not to be. our country has a great choice to make either to continue in the present path toward demise or to redress itself to become once again a stable and proud nation and i both do for hope and i have a plan to save this country see how served as a finance minister ran for president twice in two thousand and thirteen he came second to current president too but he broke up peter when he lost and got on the boat he immediately accepted defeat and congratulated his rival five years later his supporters believe he is in a much better position the lack of security and public welfare and the president has helped to bring supporters to see seven former prime ministers of the along with some military generals and religious leaders now can see the candidate of choice but his most significant support comes from young people this community radio host and public mobilize and has promised to help sisi win. the cd set for
6:53 pm
sydney we've decided this time around to not just condemn but rather to participate . creating a vision for a better running of the country and to choose a man and a policy that will restore mollies dignity and respect among nations. has a huge following among the youth last year they staged public rallies that forced president cater to withdraw controversial constitutional amendments for the first time since the one nine hundred ninety one popular uprising that toppled military leader. marley and protesters managed to get the government to change course sisi has decided to capital eyes on this achievement she says difficulty is that he's a northerner from a minority tribe in go on the other hand is from the majority bombard of the more populous south if tribal politics gives way it may hurt she says chances of victory observateur however suggest that had the opposition united behind. he could secure an outright victory in the first round and even with the opposition divided cities
6:54 pm
opinion polls suggest sisi is in second place after the incumbent president some of the other twenty two candidates have pledged to support she say in case of i don't know if that happens on a larger scale he may become the first candidate to defeat a sitting president in mali's democratic history have a. comical. and time for support now with herself thank you christiane or now there has avoided jail time in spain instead the former rail madrid star knew you vent to signing has been given a two year suspended sentence for tax evasion and a hefty fine rinaldo will have to pay twenty two million dollars to settle a case with the tax authorities that figure includes a fine back taxes and interest he was accused of irregularities related to his image rights between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fourteen. former fever secretary general germ valka has lost his appeal to have
6:55 pm
a ten year ban from football overturned the court of arbitration for sport valka was banned along with former fee for president sepp blatter for breaching the organizations code of ethics the frenchman was found to be involved in the regular sale of world cup take it's among other violations the court said val has ban and one hundred thousand dollar fine was wholly appropriate russia's young stars took their country's team to the course of finals the world cup and it's worked well in their favor alexander golovin was a key member of the team and now the midfielder has scored a big move from c.s.k. moscow to monaco on a five year contract had been linked to english premier league club chelsea but will instead go to france with the start of the league season just two weeks away brazil's two thousand and two world cup winning coach louis philippe scolari is back in the dugout at a team he pretty familiar with brazilian club made us have given scolari
6:56 pm
a contract until twenty twenty scolari was with the club when they were relegated in two thousand and twelve but he has a good overall pedigree winning the world cup with his country and also having taken portugal to the final of the european championships and world cup semifinals in the past the new york yankees will be without star batter are in charge for at least three weeks he suffered a chip in his wrist after being struck by a vicious fastball during thursday's game against the kansas city royals sonny gray pitched five shutout innings as the yankees ran out comfortable winners seven two the royals currently have the second worst record in the entire league. the chicago cubs have managed maintained their position at the top of the standings in the national league after recording their sixteenth win of the season anthony rizzo hitting a walk off home run in the ninth inning as the cubs overturned a five run deficit to beat the arizona diamondbacks seven six and just look at
6:57 pm
those celebrations. now potential world cup title fight world title fight awaits the winner of saturday's heavyweight boxing bout between joseph parker and dillion white the pair have each lost just once in their careers both being beaten by unified champion anthony joshua new zealand's pahlka lost has to be zero belts to joshua on points in march and is promising a more course of approach against white. then and is hosting the world rally championship this week estonia's tomic holds a slim lead with two stages remaining on friday ten i can always mugs all spoke have been trading the lead throughout the day's eight stages while world championship lead to the no phil has dropped time throughout the day is now almost two minutes off the pace. now the new n.f.l. season doesn't kick off until september but the teams are already back in camp preparing before things get too serious the green bay packers on
6:58 pm
a decade decades long franchise tradition it was the opening day of their training camp and children lined up with that bicycles in the hope that one of the heroes would barri borrow their bike to make their way to the training field this act has been practices too since nine hundred forty six and the idea is to have the children walk or jog alongside their favorite player. cute that is so useful for now it's back to michelle very very cager thank you very much and thank you for joining me for the news hour let's hand it over to london to delimit dot on the team they're going to take are.
6:59 pm
the coca-cola has long been a pillar of believe it is traditions but it's using illegal drugs today is threatening the nation's culture i mean the most notorious jews are involved because they received it back so while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry malady my mother was strangled to cable and brutally covered with a towel because if you describe who are the winners and losers of this elicit try. snow will be andy's on al-jazeera. are fighting. young men who join us in the battle for somalia. that. many never return. try to understand. from the north with mr.
7:00 pm
israeli forces should dead a palestinian along the israel gaza border one hundred and fifty have now been killed says the rights of return protests began. over there and you know what donald this is sound as they were live from london also coming up former cricket star iran can wins pakistan's election but it's a victory clouded by allegations of vote rigging the trumpet ministration fails to meet a deadline to reunite migrant children with their parents hundreds remain separates .


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