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tv   Street Food Jerusalem  Al Jazeera  July 27, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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as we used to disperse crowds gathered for friday prayers all entry into the mosque one of islam's holiest sites was prevented for three hours following clashes with palestinian wash up as a saudi coalition aircraft have launched as strikes on the yemeni city of data the data jose strategically important seaport which is the main entry point for most of the country's food eight rescue is in laos is searching for more than one hundred people still missing after monday's dam collapse twenty seven people are now confirmed dead as water levels recede people are returning to their homes and questioning why they were not moved to safety earlier there are conflicting reports on when the cracks in the dam were first spotted well we'll bring you more on that story on everything else i'll be back in twenty five minutes time with another update for you coming up next rewind.
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hello and welcome again to rewind i'm richelle carey and the air since al jazeera english launched back in two thousand and six built a huge library of insightful and entertaining documentaries and here on rewind we are revisiting some of the best of them one of the most popular series over the last decade was street food which traveled the world in search of culture and
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history of cities old and new their unique cuisine here's just a small taste this is street fruits and this is pretty plain that. this is a street group and this is the cairo. minted street and the fact. that. the movie and food is one of the best to latin america which makes me an argentinean a little bit jealous. of our house one of the richest food cultures did east africa. the sheets. st. and this is.
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one of the most interesting things about my rebate is that diversity the more than forty two different ethnic communities living here from all over kenya i'm with them they all bring unique dishes traditions and neighborhoods. today we're rewinding to two thousand and eight when street food travel to the holy city of jerusalem or for centuries people of different cultures and religions have lived worked and eaten side by side but after years of rising tension in recent months have seen a huge escalation of palestinian protests against the jewish settlement program exacerbated of course our president travel troubles controversial decision to move the u.s. embassy to the holy city of jerusalem all of which makes it hard to imagine that today they can make a film using truth focal church to show how muslims jews christians and armenians and manage solicited by side in the holy city for so long from two thousand and
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eight a decade ago here a street food jerusalem an ancient city secrets of three different feeds. the jews the size of the temple. the christians the scene of jesus christ and resurrection. and for muslims. of the prophet muhammad's ascent to heaven. this could only be one place jerusalem. visitors to jerusalem cannot help but be overwhelmed by the city's history and its religious significance to muslims christians and jews but this beautiful city is also a tragic one fought over for centuries and coveted by millions who've never set foot in it jerusalem is the focus of an ongoing and seemingly irresolvable conflicts. everything here is overshadowed by politics even that most basic of things food
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that. it may be at the heart of the israeli palestinian conflict but it's easy to be influenced by the old city of jerusalem its bustling markets and vibrant street in life. but inside its walls tensions are never far from the surface. and history is a dimension of the present. you'll see his sign such as this commemorating the recent anniversary of the six day war of one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. when israel gained control over all of jerusalem. claiming to have reunited the
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ancient jewish city. but there is little unity to be found in a city which palestinian arabs regard as their occupied capital. and in the struggle for the soul of this city even food has its parts through it is an important marker by density in all countries what we eat expresses our history culture and values the palestinian was denied to states and with the national identity constantly undermined food place an even greater role in defining who they are. the food on sale here snacks such as. as well as olives nuts and sweets will be familiar to any. one who's visited arab cities like damascus
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a man who kyra. with the appearance of uniformity can be deceptive the palestinians have put their own distinct mark on many dishes. i arranged to meet anthropologists and local food experts. to find out more. this is my favorite place it's fifty years old at least they use has had many kinds of with the far left but you told me it was from us for the morning but after event if they stop the from the other b.s. and only kill the hamas. business that our bliley restaurant suffered as a result of the first palestinian uprising or intifada of one nine hundred eighty seven and the restaurants today focuses on the one dish it's become famous school from month. to the recipe is simple boil chickpeas or ground to a paste this is then mixed with flavor and sold all of lemon juice gone it and
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tina so it's made from ground sesame and it's in the precise mix of the spade brings that i want to use shining through so this one was is simply special because of that most of them are just taste it and you see that the first is that comes to mind is that both of them are. this. particular basic recipe exists from iraq or that on the photos question eleven on the syria jordan i list. and we all use it but in a different combinations the palestinians favor they let me taste of course and in shipped. team that source dominates over the hamas so we don't like it because it's syria they don't put them in the way we do they put more of a mosque at different places different countries have their own dialect. across the city arab snacks that you to not only by palestinians they've also
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become extremely popular amongst israeli jews leading to claims that some dishes have been appropriated my own horse has been taken all of that by this a list favorite because i guess it's said doesn't threaten their last question which is should be is it's a pain that it can make a pretty good enemy in without ruining their dietary knows. this is one of jerusalem's most popular hummus and falafel restaurants but it's in predominantly jewish western rusinow. it's intriguing name from gaza too but then has a double meaning. it's located on the corner of gaza and been in streets but it also points to the fact that the food served here like israel itself is somewhere between east and west. restaurant work and near an israeli jew has no qualms about admitting the heritage of the food he serves like there is no israeli food all our
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food is from like neighbors and people that can we gratian jewish immigration look into israel and there are people that it's a. neighbor ejects palestinian claims that the traditional food has been appropriated by the israelis nobody's discords from nobody knows it's it's moved there out that combination on the same dish it's like. it when the whole was in england you learn the whole list of the english states. and the city in which over the centuries so much has been disputed and claims by one side or another it's perhaps no surprise to find that even food is a subject of contention. everything his seems to be loaded with the symbolism and with the significance that many outsiders fail to fully appreciate. and food is no
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exception. so you have for example from us and to see them declare it as a national at this so outrageous for us it is as out as for us as to see the villages that are destroyed the other villages that are left over fall apart and abandoned. there was one more jerusalem delicacy which only kléber wanted to show me before we parted especially bread known as guy. in general some of this as it has a very special air shaped and liberal comes more like a curse and shape and jordan's different but the best thing about this. it's to call it it's crushing from the outside soft on the inside tasted at this very very good we took turns out at. all time in english has been picked by the arabs of palestine and the levant for centuries and used as a condiment of bread and other snacks. and palestinians are certainly proud of it.
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but even the simple herb has found itself drawn into the on going to israeli palestinian conflict to israel has outlawed the traditional practice of picking wild in order it's claimed to protect the species of plant. that in the land disputed by two peoples even a simple conservation measure can have consequences. as i was to find out the following day when i traveled north to the galilee region to meet with an arab who's been caught out by the new consented bids to clearly do a little each year on independence day i take my mother to collect near her old village on this occasion i was gathering a small amount for her but a guard came up to me and told me what i was doing was against the law he took me to his car where another man had already filled in some papers he told me to sign them and said i had
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a fine for six hundred sixty shekels my mother is eighty six years old when she realized what was going on she got very angry. why should we pay six hundred sixty shekels for picking zada on our own and sister's landlord. she told the guard that in that case she was going to go and pick six hundred sixty shekels worth of salt to herself but he told he get the police on her if she did. despite the israeli prohibition of picking wilde's out a group of arab women found a way of preserving the palestinian tradition of daughter cultivation. paying up to dissolve this is up a plan well known to all are we used to pick it up once a year either naipaul or me from the mountains in however three years ago we started a project and planted it down here after work so now we have that all year long us on there at the beginning until there were eleven a lot of the but now there are fewer would expect that we have hard work and some of the woman's that intake it physically and on in. the group was formed to provide
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the women with an independent means of income and aim which has had only limited success. the money that women make from selling bizarre allows them to rent the land on which it grows but there is little left over for future investment or for them because they didn't know despite all the acts that we see ourselves doing in the only benefit that it is that allows us to put food on the table. to give it all up one day the women would like to expand the business and open a factory before now there's not a production takes place in the home. first it's left to dry out the leaves and then removed. and mixes sold for sesame seeds and some of. this fragrant powder is used to prepare the quintessentially arabs in nashville many east brits who stayed with it and or live or oil. back in
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jerusalem i began to learn that the issue of the israeli appropriation of palestinian food is more complex than it first appears. almost half of israelis come from middle eastern backgrounds their parents or grandparents having lived alongside arabs in countries such as iraq morocco and yemen until the turmoil of the twentieth century and the creation of the state of israel. and so this days many ms ryan as these oriental jews are known to continue how this in customs which they knew from having lived in arab lands. but it's in the food they eat that we can find the biggest clue to the oriental origins of so many contemporary israelis this jewish restaurant specializes in iraq in kurdish craziness. the stews soups and salads and off a typically middle east and. if i'm just out altogether thinks of one i would say you know. what i am like a show the old chap choke up if the dishes are
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a reminder of the shed history culture of many arabs and jews something easily forgotten in today's divided politics. modern israel is a synthesis of different cultures middle east and north africa and european even if you can and if you really sense that head injury seems main markets my finances you heard that. israel is a country founded on immigration. and many israeli jews continue to identify with the flavors of the nouns from which they or their ancestors came. local chef comes out goldberg showed me some of the diverse interests is that played in these radio kitchen. we have a lot of new people coming to russia and germany fifty up and marking so you
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gyptian that. every fison the why didn't we and we have. joseph about becoming. one big mishmash of things. what should in the markets made me very much got food news no good is. new to see why a lot of these spices that vary from india to me. to post israelis and arabs is the same spices course. we all actually are saying the same flavors and defend them different ways a lot of times. you can see that exactly. rides out of a. kitchen used to lots. of israel the kitchen also use it as it is a few as a kind of a fusion. so what's up the system we have here we
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have become old and salted fish. we have all kind of all kind of content we have a feeling of being rushed outside. we have to push the cows that. we have. to. go away and if not most probably because of all that rushing immigration. so we also have many tio. shop idiom for that and there are a lot of if you can see here in jerusalem there is a big community of video visuals like. through the entice him brains of produce on sale here there is one unifying feature everything in the smoke is strictly kosher that's to see it conforms to jewish dietary laws forbidding certain foods and so you'll find no shrimps at the fishmonger and no pool at the butcher. no one
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familiar with the muslim idea of hand then that's his food it is committed according to islamic rule you but i don't know as much about the jewish. system of die tree north or the construed as the moon. i visit as an orthodox jewish families are for. my. work it's friday afternoon and the benhur they're preparing the meal for the coming sabbath on which work of any kind including cooking is strictly forbidden by sunset our sabbath his book and we have to finish all the work all the food preparation anything that we're doing we have to finish by sabbath by the beginning of sabbath so everything is a crazy mad rush to get it done beforehand. but. everything that we do in our religion has the guidelines set for us and that's
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basically what happens with when we talk about kosher food there are meats that are not allowed us there are fish that we're not allowed to eat. fish for instance us to have fins and scales if it has one of the two then it's also not considered kosher for us meat. animal has to have the split half and she gets cut or again we're not allowed to eat that. most jews in israel may choose to eat for judy admits that the reasons behind the di treaty or are obscure the bottom line is we really don't know what the reasons for that are and judaism has many laws and regulations for which we really have no understanding of why god . handed down these laws to us and we're commanded to observe them and despite the fact that we really have no understanding of what they are. during my time in
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jerusalem i've noticed that both israelis and palestinians attach great meaning and symbolism to food that. symbolism maybe political or religious or both. cuisine maybe part of our culture and community but it need not be divisive. this is jerusalem's you can at this restaurant a rarity in this divided city has its own jointly by an israeli and the palestinian . and i'm here to meet with four cents members of an initiative called chefs for peace a group which kids together in order to bridge religious and political divides. this is a way to show the world that we can do peace because you're the people that are. peaceful and. as you see these you sit here all together jewish muslim are being a christian we're together we did we cook together so it is fact.
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today the ships are going to prepare me a truly multicultural lunch the first stop on the menu is a jewish state with an intern story told by an israeli shell. i'm going to keep the. lentil soup which comes from the bible the story of sovereign jacob. and as of was asking jacob what are you all doing and what are you preparing to give me from this red red stuff so i'll refer to this red stuff which is a lentil soup and i'm not sure that jacob was doing the lentil soup the same way i'm doing it but what is important when faced with the just. convinced that ignorance of the other is at the heart of the conflict here the steps try to educate people about the other's history traditions and culture through the medium of food. and so palestinian chefs
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a few and one of the owners of the restaurant is making a traditional palestinian deaths rarely found. outside the home it's called maneuver or upside down in just a reference to the distinct swing in which it's. many people think you'll see them up just the most and fall off with them maybe show em up but then this is so we make the special fool depict food and we see it with all the people here we have something more good just a taste. and saffir as customers seems to agree. said keys as a member of jerusalem small but each sent a million community. welfare. in all morning long as it is the couple chill america watches the final dish is being prepared by palestinian christian maybe and with the help of a friend day to day we're going to make a traditional. song before making him
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a classic in a way not too old fashioned often suffer so we prefer the bread and butter for the sure they don't stuff it with chicken on the lawn and so much only put a little bit of the scene on the field with some point the needs so it's in a fancy way. it was time to sample the food an eclectic lunch reflecting the diversity of the city and its people's way through the way through the. book and while some might think that the idea that cookie can promote peace is a little naive the chefs themselves had no such doubts if there. was. this life and this shaw or. need for backup to make the peace in the middle east so all usually. people use knife. be used live for making good scenes as you see it's food not for
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killing or butchering people we have a piece to the but the problem is the government and we don't want to. look the government are going to look make nothings but he was start to make me think especially for the piece and for the people this is just the beginning and i think of the idea of the dream to make some small be a more big and you just start. eucalyptus restaurant only uses organic vegetables sourced from local farmers. from heiler is one of the suppliers. yet despite living in bethlehem just five miles away the journey to deliver her home grown vegetables to jerusalem can take a man seeks out was a reminder that for all the talk of peace political realities such as rules and barriers continue to divide people here side. doesn't have a clue but it's difficult because i don't have a permit to cross the checkpoints my of trying to get one so many times here but
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they refuse a behind the years so what can i do that for but i have to take the risk of coming here for my children say that i have to sacrifice the ancient city of jerusalem nies at the center of a very modern conflict a conflict over territory and identity everything including the food people eat can become part of this conflict as i seen here in jerusalem fruit can be a point of contention and difference or it can hold the potential for cooperation and a coming together. that was straight forward from back in two thousand and eight that which life interests on has sadly become more divided other than less but for now thanks for joining us
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to take out the rewind page at al-jazeera dot com for more films from the series we hope to see you again soon. when diplomacy fields and fear sweep then our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's not to sixty's instead of being an obstacle or do we need to go east into became another opes to quarter two peas in
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a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. i know i'm maryam namazie and london here's a quick look at the top stories now a group of opposition political parties have rejected the results of pakistan's general election following allegations of vote rigging and into ferentz by the military and the ruling party conceded defeat paving the way for a politician in iran contra become the next prime minister but this opposition alliance says that they will take to the streets until a new vote is held high and a has more from islamabad. for annoyed friends. is.


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