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time for the sport is joe thanks very much saturday's final time trial and sunday's procession through paris is all that stands between garrett thomas and his first tour de france victory the team skyride to holds a two minute and five second lead going into the final two stages and he will need all of that on saturday with second place tom diemer on the current world time trial champion defending top of france champion chris froome slip downs of fourth in the standings of to promote one the final mountain stage on friday to move into third julian at a fleet has all but secured the king of the mountains title he just needs to make it safely through to paris russia's ban from international athletics over widespread and state sponsored doping will remain in place until at least december
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that's according to the sport's governing body the i w f the country was suspended from international competitions in november two thousand and fifteen and its track and field athletes missed the olympics in rio the following year russia had hoped to be reinstated at the meeting on friday but while athletics chiefs admits progress has been made the country hasn't yet met the criteria it's been set it would make a mockery of clean sport to reinstate recess but the evidence required to resolve these suspicions one way or the older sister still be with. ferrari and red bull have dominated the timing sheets during friday's practice sessions ahead of the hungaroring groan prix sebastian vettel finished with the quickest time from the two sessions just ahead of red bulls much to stop and and daniel ricardo well championship leader lewis hamilton was just one of many struggling for grip on the dusty track that drive us all to aware that they need to
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qualify well sabot chance of winning on sunday at a circuit that is known to be difficult to overtake on more i think it was ok. so there's always a little bit you can do better i think it's been. so i think everybody was trying to get the tires to work so we'll see it to morrow i don't know what the weather's doing but that would be pushing to get them to work to find the sweet spot. i'm sure miss avies will find more tomorrow when my ferrari already seemed safe so i think now that they're probably the the target that everyone's trying to chase but yeah i still think a lot today when executed perfectly so i'm confident the silky tense and you know package. but yeah you know he i think even with a good race car which we have you know the long runs i think. first arose what i want to qualify on no doubt but second row might soon be a disaster so why don't we before sandy has bigger issues to deal with than staying on the track the team may have to go into administration the mexican driver such
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a paris of the financial situation of the team is critical team officials say the future of the company will be clear in the next two weeks. if you have financial constraints which i believe are constraints are greater than some of our midfield competitors it makes it harder but you know we're here to do the best we can and will continue to push and try to get two point finishes and you know we're still focusing on getting fourth again finland is hosting the world rally championship this weekend is tony is out there leads off to stage nine that's here to drive a foot back to the top of the standings in the last two stages of the day to lead. i just five point eight seconds from spoke world championship leader here in new ville struggled in his high in di he sits tenth overall saudi arabia's yazeed clinched victory at the still quite a rally as competitors arrived in moscow two time champion us ality of qatar came in second friday's final stage in the three and
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a half thousand kilometer long event was won by three. top seed dominic team has been knocked out of the quarter finals at the german open chile's nicolas yari took just under two hours to beat the world number eight in to close tie break sets for the twenty two year old had to come from behind in both sets to have the biggest win of his career. chrissie out of an elder was avoided jail time in spain instead the former real madrid star a new event to signing has been given a two year suspended sentence for tax evasion and hefty fine ronaldo will have to pay twenty two million dollars to settle the case with the tax authorities that figure includes a fine back taxes and interest he was accused of irregularities related to his image rights between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fourteen former free for sexual general jerome valcke has lost his appeal to have a ten year ban from football overturned the court of arbitration for sport valko
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was banned along with former fee for president sepp blatter for breaching the organizations code of ethics the frenchman was found to be involved in the regular resale of world cup tickets among other violations the court said vulcan's ban and one hundred thousand dollar fine was wholly appropriate the new n.f.l. season doesn't kick off until september but the teams are already back in camp preparing and before things get too serious the green bay packers on a decades long franchise tradition it was the opening day of their training camp and children lined up their bicycles in the hope that one of their heroes would borrow theirs to make his way to the training field now this tradition has been going on since one thousand nine hundred forty six and the idea is to have children walk or jog alongside their favorite player. and that is now have. sky gazers around the world are enjoying a thrilling celestial spectacle it's the longest bloodmoon eclipse of this century
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which has seen the moon turn a red brown color as it rose the entire transition last for about two hours and was visible from europe the middle east asia south america and africa we're going to leave you with some of the images from around the world patterson but for now.
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twelve boys in their football coach go missing deep in a cave in northern timer with rising floodwaters rescuers are running out of time and want to be inside story of time and extraordinary came on al-jazeera an insider's perspective just six months ago we were at the brink of a war of the real donald trump i think he makes comments that he probably shouldn't make from the former trump campaign national security director tom was in a class all by himself and for the thirty years i've known donald he creates his own reality maybe his son goes head to head with j.d. coolidge and there has been no evidence that shows collusion if that's not collusion about working with russian what is known al jazeera.
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capturing a moment in time snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work out inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to. move. us on al-jazeera. the results aren't official but the outcome looks increasingly certain victory in pakistan iran khan and his p.t.i. party.
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i'm about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. stun grenades and fighting around the al aqsa mosque as israeli security forces push back palestinian worshippers. wildfires in the u.s. state of california destroying more than one hundred homes and forced thousands of people from their neighborhoods. a total lunar eclipse one of the longest of this century as the world looking skyward. a group of opposition political parties has rejected the results of pakistan's general election following allegations of vote rigging and military meddling the ruling party's conceded defeat paving the way for a cricketer turned politician in non-con to become the next prime minister but the
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opposition alliance says it will take to the streets until a new vote is held asuna binge of aid reports from the whore. the master even his brother a no longer calling the shots after the campaign it's time to clean up in what the manhunt called a new pakistan video voters have taken their leader to the top job but they're already calling for accountability of those who joined in one hand from the so-called all pakistan and only a few of those caught you want me pardon me if they carry one the same way even after coming to power it will be really unfair to us p.t.i. vouches imran khan must know this if he cannot stop the corruption and then he has no right to be the leader in international observers say they did not witness any military indifference during the vote process but the election observation mission says the twenty eight hundred electoral process was not as trouble free as it was five years ago although there were several legal provisions aimed at ensuring a level playing field we have concluded that there was
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a lack of equality of opportunity candidates with large political appeal and financial means the so-called elected bills often dominated the campaign opposition party said there was a difference especially when votes were counted a multi party conference rejected the results in the capitalism of by the strong but this is theft of the people's mandate as those who achieved majority through this we need to accept nor give them the right to rule we have agreed to demand a new fair and free election but i think. the election commission insists that the election was transparent but it failed to keep its promise that it would quickly announce the official results in mankinds party has agreed to investigate allegations of rigging and fraud it also unveiled an ambitious hundred new plan when it formed a government. the value of the pakistani rupee his stick in a news dive in recent weeks there's an agitation movement brewing amongst
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opposition politicians in manhunts challenges may have already begun even before he's taken charge of what he promised as a new pakistan summer job with al-jazeera lahore. well meanwhile because time is still waiting for a government a coalition will have to be formed because no party has won a clear majority that tasha has more on the transformation of a monk on from cricket captain to political leader. imran khan has lived many lives he's been a world cup cricketer a philanthropist and a longtime opposition leader for two decades he's tried to disrupt pakistan's entrenched political system often plagued by corruption scandals now as the leader of the largest political party he's poised to become prime minister pakistanis may soon find out if khan has the ability to deliver on promises of transforming their country when sharon i've got him i promise that i will control the corruption and i
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will prove that we can have such a government here to where our ministers would be scared of engaging in corruption as our national accountability bureau would prosecute anyone including prime minister and ministers as it happens in the west. in addition to fighting corruption khan has promised to tackle poverty and improve access to health care and education but some have criticized khan for supporting the death penalty for blasphemy and legislation they say would persecute a minority muslim movement khan has been critical about the u.s. war in afghanistan and the use of drones within pakistan's borders i mean problem is the united states is. the sort of core war we. want to start with believe that it is there isn't going there isn't going to by this time i was in a recent campaign appearance contoured supporters he understands critiquing
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government from the sidelines is much easier than implementing lasting change. easy solutions. an easy solution to the problems that pakistanis faced with does not exist nobody should take it that the money fester we have introduced could be easily implemented we need to change the system of governance completely. if khan assumes office allegations of election fraud and military interference will trail him but for now it appears his vow that it will no longer be politics as usual in pakistan seems to have resonated with voters. al-jazeera. israeli forces have closed the gates of the oxo mosque in occupied east jerusalem on friday afternoon preventing palestinians from entering. the head of the alex a compound declared a sit in at all gates of the mosque in protest against the closure the israeli army
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has use stun grenades to disperse the crowds and to summonses outside the mosque in occupied east jerusalem. this is one of the main approaches to the al aqsa mosque compound and it was closed along with four others a five hour standoff with the security forces in which they actually surrounded this entire area with barricades and when they were lifted this was the scene right here so many protesters who've been praying outside the mosque here to protest also and try to get past the coltons being managed by the israeli police it was a negotiated end to what had been a very tense atmosphere inside the compound there had been an attack because it was described by the custodian it's all of this mosque complex that's wax on behalf of the jordanians they said it had been an invasion by the israeli security forces
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however it's a pretty forces were accusing some people of throwing rocks and throwing fireworks and that was the reason why backup was cold and so many security forces opened fire or with sound grenades and also some tic ass at one point and people were told to evacuate evacuate the building evacuate the whole complex but many refuse not lead to a situation whereby for gates what's stopping people from getting in or getting out and there were twenty or rests of youths inside the complex it was a symbolic sit. to ation that upset so many palestinians because of the israelis asserting what they see as their will sortie on this situation however at the situation now appears to be a very tense atmosphere but nevertheless the rights to pray all back
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to palestinians including a fourteen year old boy have been killed in the latest friday protests i think gaza israel body or both were shot in the head by israeli soldiers gaza health officials say at least another two hundred forty five people were injured stephanie decker reports from gaza they keep coming eighteen weeks into these protests and even though the numbers may be decreasing their demands remain the same lift the siege let us live like everyone else mine it be and we are suffering there is no electricity no water people are going hungry it's painful to keep standing we will come here to show the whole world we want our rights my brothers and bonding and turns against as a civilian be wanted in gaza strip we are to be born. you know this yes this is goes is the book you're looking at this is goes is. yes and this is
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a friend of ours this is military this is going to tell you to list all of the shots for you are going to this is an annuity from from the road from you can you get into the u.s. i want you. to. israel's been using these drones to drop tear gas further back into the crowd closer to the fence israeli snipers keep watch and sporadically open fire the hospitals now used to a steady influx every friday there is a well established pattern now similar scenes playing out every friday what is different now however is the escalating tensions between israel and hamas and there been intensive diplomatic efforts underway by egypt and the united nations to try to find a solution everyone we speak to says the same thing the only solution is to improve life for the people here israel's demanded that hamas put an end to the burning quite some balloons that were born out of these protests they've burned thousands
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of acres of land on the other side of the fence a mass says they are a legitimate form of resistance against a suffocating seach there been less however over the past few weeks now as these fridays come and go a political solution that benefits the people of gaza remains elusive stephanie decker al-jazeera gaza after years of silence and uncertainty thousands of syrian families are now being given official death certificates for their missing relatives but the government hasn't released the bodies or provided any evidence of what caused their deaths many of them have been detained or forcibly removed by bashar al assad's forces then a halt to reports from beirut and neighboring lebanon. for years he knew nothing about her husband opposition activist best so hard to be until recently when the syrian government declared that he died in two thousand and fifteen he was among the more than eighty thousand people believed by rights groups to have been detained or forcibly disappeared since the uprising began in two thousand and
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eleven in recent weeks and after years of silence more and more families are being told their relatives are dead recently distracted to the fate of their beloved ones . that cause of. this is a heart attack. yeah and this is. very hard because they some way they push families to sign out to agree that he was not killed. as he says so far there are four thousand names of detainees or those who disappeared now officially registered as deceased the dates go back years among them. a well known nonviolent opposition activist from. his family was recently informed that he got here and his brother bahama had died in two thousand and thirteen while in detention relatives find out from civil registry offices or
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the military police families are being told what they long suspected they now want to know where the bodies are buried and the true cause of death. and yet. the right to know what happened to their international human rights groups have accused the syrian government of large scale torture and extrajudicial killing in its prisons the exact number of detainee deaths while in detention is not known some rights groups say thirty thousand died of torture and dire conditions since the conflict began seven years ago other rights. groups say the number is as high as sixty thousand and seventy or prison alone amnesty international estimated that thirteen thousand were killed in mass hanging's between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fifteen. families of the detained who live in rebel areas are able to raise their voices but those in
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government territory have to remain silent the fear now is the government may be trying to cover up likely crimes against humanity and prevent families from seeking justice. they are the winners now. they don't care about anything. because. they want to close this fight to finish it. the family say the case of the detainees and the disappeared needs to be dealt with in any post conflict settlement it seems the syrian government wants to avoid that by burying the file and along with it the troops senator there ain't syrian government forces have recaptured the southern city of k'nex right near the israeli occupied golan heights government troops have entered the city for the first time in four years after weeks of intense fighting they've been trying to clear the surrounding province of i soul and other opposition groups but many eisel fighters have now agreed to leave for rebel held areas of northern syria after
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a deal brokered by russia. still ahead and alters it a massive growth in the u.s. economy but isn't winning thanks to president donald trump's policies. in the search for those missing after the law was damn disaster goes on a survivors ask why help took so long to come. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. how do the heavy rain along the yangtze seem to be stepping back there's a potential of our two showers to certainly back in sichuan but the concentration of heavy rain has recently been down the southwest of china that carries on hong kong might get wet and this is come sunday and they will be just as showers also otherwise a good part of china is draw and that is not overseas true elsewhere with the monsoon now in full strength versus southeast
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a shower is wet but it takes away much impetus to bring showers really much further south in the philippines adults around in borneo in sort of ways he nothing much in in these is nothing much in sumatra you market share to him crawling through singapore or you can see is more likely they might just reappear in born here sort of ways even i don't think would be there in java java or in bali apart from the. the big seas should be enjoyably sunny and the monsoon is raining heavily in baghdad deshon northern india and nepal in the cage and if you're lucky in pakistan which is exactly what you might expect is down the so no real surprises but the heaviest ride has indeed been in bangladesh and rather less of it in the forecast for india just a lot of clouds to the west of this dry heat and the breeze the temps has dropped a little bit in that northerly breeze but forty one into our. the weather sponsored by qatar and peace. the coca plant has long been
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a pillar of bolivia's traditions but its use in illegal drugs today is threatening the nation's culture that may or the most notorious jews are involved because they receive kick backs while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry me malady my mother was strangled to kamal and brutally come with a towel because a he described who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow will be n.d.'s on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories a group of opposition political parties in pakistan is rejecting the outcome of white and his election official results show the party of former cricketer imran
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khan has gained the most seats in the national assembly opposition groups said the vote was rigged and that the military interfered in the process. israeli forces have a reopen the gates of the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem after closing them for several hours on friday soldiers stormed the compound firing tear gas and stun grenades palestinians protested being prevented entry into one of islam's holiest sites. to palestinians including a fourteen year old boy have been killed in the latest friday protests at the gaza israel barrier both were shot in the head by israeli soldiers gaza health officials say at least another two hundred forty five people were injured. us president donald trump is denying he knew about a meeting between his aides and a russian delegation that offered to help him when the twenty sixteen election trumps former lawyer michael cohen claims he was present when the president's
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eldest son donald trump jr told us father about the meeting. according to u.s. media reports cohen is willing to speak to the miller investigation into alleged russian meddling in the election and that has more. as the us president worked to focus the american media on strong economic numbers the question of his potential ties to russia continue to follow him right here going oh it just days after donald trump postponed a white house invite to russian president vladimir putin a reciprocal invitation was extended for trump to go to moscow for the comments come as there are fresh allegations against trump from his one time personal lawyer michael cohen cohen claims that then candidate trump was aware of a twenty sixteen trump tower meeting russians with ties to the kremlin met donald trump jr and son in law jared kushner and promised dirt democratic presidential
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opponent hillary clinton and if the president didn't know about the purpose of these meetings with russian officials and their representatives and trump tower then that would create the knowledge element necessary for a criminal charge for months the white house is denied the president knew it's a claim the president repeated on friday on twitter i did not know of the meeting with my son don jr sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam and he was on the tweet indirectly refers to cohen now being investigated by federal prosecutors for potential campaign finance violations as he attempted to suppress negative news stories about trump cohen may now be cooperating with special counsel robert mueller investigating russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election and whether trump's campaign colluded with russia cohen statements could complicate the president's legal troubles but there are questions about the
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credibility of cohen's claims into. congressional interviews and subsequent reports there is no mention of cohen's allegations against the president trump's claims are also in question as e-mails between trump's son and russians went back and forth in two thousand and sixteen then candidate trump told supporters i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week and we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the twins i think you're going to find it very informative and very very high that major speech never materialized but it does suggest president trump may know more than he claims kimberly helped at al-jazeera washington the u.s. economy is growing at its fastest level in years but economists question whether it's sustainable john hendren has the story the united states economy is surging
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reaching its strongest growth in four years and president donald trump predicts more to come this isn't a one time shot i happen to think we're going to do extraordinarily well. in our next report next quarter the trump administration reported that u.s. gross domestic product rose at an annual rate of four point one percent almost double the rate in the first three months of the year but many economists don't expect this surge to last with many predicting actual g.d.p. growth to settle to about three percent this year that is because second quarter numbers were boosted by foreign purchases of u.s. soybeans and other products before a trade war raises tariffs on them so i think the growth number today four point one percent in the second quarter is good news but it's very temporary there are two important to the second quarter growth number one is that they were propelled
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at large part by a sharp increase in government spending coming off the increase of the budget deficit for earlier this year the tax cuts the second is a sharp spike in exports as traders accelerated shipments to get in ahead of the risk of higher trade barriers coming off the threat of trade wars but president trump says his actions have helped cut the u.s. trade deficit by fifty billion dollars these tax cuts particularly on the business and investment side are going to be boosting wages livelihoods and jobs for middle american ordinary workin folks and it's starting to take effect and that's why i agree with president this is a boom that will be sustainable wage increases have not kept up with overall economic growth but for an administration facing a lengthy probe into the president's ties to russia and a diplomatic feud with allies a growing economy and rising employment numbers even in manufacturing is cause for
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celebration and a hastily scheduled presidential appearance we have added three point seven million new jobs since the election. a number that is unthinkable we're in the midst of the longest positive job growth streak in history those numbers could prove hard to sustain as u.s. trading partners around the globe raise tariffs answering a trade war set off by trump himself john hendren al-jazeera wildfires and northern california have killed at least two people and forced thousands of residents to flee firefighters say the base is only partly contained with hot weather and high winds fueling the flames and the gallacher reports over the last forty eight hours the wildfire in california shasta county has tripled in size. on thursday night a blaze exploded and crossed the sacramento river west side of the city of reading with more than ninety thousand residents were given scant warning firefighters are
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using the term fire tornado to describe the so-called car fire. in of warned people to get to safety this fire extremely dangerous. and moving work no regard for once and. forecasters say strong winds and high temperatures will continue for days mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for the cities of summit and shushed a lake as crews struggle to contain the blaze in central california the ferguson fire has been burning for two weeks was it to say you cemetery national park has been ordered to evacuate authorities say the blaze is only twenty five percent contained scientists say rising global temperatures are leading to a higher risk of wildfires in the western united states california governor has declared a state of emergency in several counties and agalloch at al-jazeera the greek government says some wildfires there which have killed at least eighty people was started deliberately beach resorts near athens are in ruins some people are still
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searching for missing relatives there blaming the government's slow response. the number of dead from monday's dam collapse in laos has risen to twenty seven with more than one hundred missing many people have been trapped in remote areas and evacuations are still ongoing as water levels receded villagers are questioning why they weren't moved to safety sooner louis has more from storm trying problems in neighboring cambodia. and the water level in the se kong river which runs through the northern provinces of cambodia right next to the border with laos is slowly decreasing now near the border the water levels have dropped by about sixty centimeters here in still trying provinces it's still quite high at about twelve point four metres but it appears to have peaked at state roughly the same level for twenty four hours and further south in crossing province the water level is about twenty metres but just still two metres below the danger level there is
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a flood alert in place in crocky province but no one has been evacuated officials have advised farmers who have crops in low lying areas to harvest their crops early in case there are floods now and still in trying province the number of people evacuated remains the same roughly.


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