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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 28, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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the lights with the great leader park ow help to calm things down she also lived a long life by the standards of the time she was between sixty and seventy when she died. then it was time for her spirit to take the canal running under playing into the sub aquatic him for world but she didn't go alone in mystic castle is not for me there was a young girl about fifteen to sixteen years old and a boy of eleven to twelve who were sacrificed to accompany her one of them was decapitated the other had their chest opened and heart taken out. funeral traditions of change somewhat but will the millennial later she's still being treated with queenly paul john homan. mexico city scientists in russia say they've brought tiny round worms back to life after forty thousand years they thought out some permafrost sediment from the arctic and some samples they found some round worms also known as nima toads after several weeks
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when they got to around twenty degrees they started to show signs of life the discovery could have an impact on current investigations into cryogenic freezing but there's also concern that the melting permafrost could allow destructive pathogens to come back to life. photos of a whale being caught up in iceland are infuriating animal activists there demanding a ban on commercial hunting there and d.n.a. testing has revealed the meat from the latest killing can be exported to restaurants in japan and a clock in reykjavik explains why. iceland has much to boast of when it comes to natural resources its dramatic scenery and geothermal springs draw tourists in their millions and there's the marine environment to tens of thousands of people go whale watching every year there's even a whale museum where you can immerse yourself in an ocean of life size whale replicas the one thing iceland tries not to publicize too much is the fact that
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whales are still killed commercially here which in rage is a big sector of society doing these they are going to steps backward into the viking times and the whaling nowadays especially well not just in iceland but the whaling in iceland show that people is not they really think to show the world that they are so it's something of a p.r. disaster when photographs like this appear what is suggested to be a highly endangered and protected blue whale killed and brought back to shore for processing d.n.a. sampling has since shown the whale was in fact a rare hybrid between a fin well which icelandic whalers do have a quota and the ben and blue whale kristen loves him he runs the company that killed the whale says his whale is acted in good faith the way is working for us they have been doing it for decades and to be. here and when be approached. in which. they went after news one i think for
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one hour there is no question in my mind. nothing else than a fan way when it was taken but turned out to be a hybrid these are images of a fin well being legally processed at the whaling station most of the products are exported to japan the killing of the hybrid well which is banned from export has led to more cools for the industry to be finally halted in iceland this hunting is very inaccurate they cannot know the difference between a hybrid bluefin wage and often which they cannot make a distinction that's what they say between the two so you know for that sake they should absolutely stop it. so this is where to whaling ships come in from the ocean with their catch and take it up the fuel to the processing to hunt for about one hundred days between june and september and this year they have a quota of one hundred sixty one fin whales it's an activity that has drilling
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support among so icelanders ten years ago about seventy percent of the population were in favor of whaling today that figure is more like fifty fifty and as tourists seek out whales a line even the wild still there's a pressing issue what to do with several tons of hybrid whale caught up in a freezer with nowhere to go nick al-jazeera reykjavik iceland. still ahead an al-jazeera in the sport with joe formula one's championship leader is among those struggling to stay on the track practice in hungary. and monday pointed well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their
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days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. which is the relationship between culture religion and a deeply divided city everything here is overshadowed by politics even the most basic of things food in two thousand and eight al-jazeera traveled to jerusalem to see a food could cross deep lines of division jewish is doing. it together we cook together the casual the people that love this we. rewind street food jerusalem on al-jazeera .
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it's time for the sport is to go. thanks very much saturday's final time trial and sunday's procession through paris is all that stands between guarantor most and his first tour de france victory the team skyrider holds a two minute and five second lead going into the final two stages and he will need all of that on saturday with second place tom doing well on the current world time trial champion defending tour de france champion chris froome slip downs of fourth in the standings after primeau won the final mountain stage on friday to move into third julian at a felipe has all but secured the king of the mountains title he just needs to make it safely through to paris russia's ban from international athletics over widespread and state sponsored doping will remain in place until at least december that's according to the sports governing body the idea if the country was suspended
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from international competitions in november two thousand and fifteen and its track and field athletes miss the olympics in rio the following year russia had hoped to be reinstated at the idea meeting on friday but while her six chiefs admits progress has been made the country hasn't yet met the criteria its been set. make a mockery of clean sport to reinstate research evidence required to resolve these suspicions one way or the older still be with. ferrari and red bull have dominated the timing sheets during friday's practice sessions ahead of the hungaroring prone prix sebastian vettel finished with the quickest time from the two sessions just ahead of red bulls much the staff and and daniel ricardo well championship leader lewis hamilton was just one of many struggling for grip on the dusty track the drive is all to wear that they need to qualify well sabot chance of winning on sunday at a circuit that is known to be difficult to overtake on more i think it was ok.
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there's always a little bit you can do better i think it's been. but day so i think everybody was trying to get the tires to work so we'll see it to morrow i don't know what the weather's doing but we did push it to get them to work find the sweet spot. i'm sure miss avies will find more tomorrow one lap ferrari already seem so i think now that they're probably the target that everyone's trying to chase but yeah i still think a lot today would in executing the police i'm confident the silky tensing you know package. but yeah you know he i think even with a good race car which we have you know the long runs i think. first row is what i want to qualify on no doubt but second row might soon be a disaster but only on the thought before sandy has bigger issues to deal with than staying on the track the team may have to go into administration that mexican driver such a paris of the financial situation of the team is critical team officials say the
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future of the company will be clear in the next two weeks. if you have financial constraints which i believe our constraints are greater than some of our midfield competitors it makes it harder but you know we're here to do the best we can and will continue to push and try to get two point finishes and you know we're still focusing on getting fourth again finland is hosting the world rally championship this weekend is tony is out kerry leads off the stage nine that's here to drive a ford back to the top of the standings in the last two stages of the day to lead. i just five point eight seconds from spoke world championship leader here in new ville struggle then is how you die he hits tenth overall saudi arabia's yazeed raji clinch victory at the still quite a rally as competitors arrived in moscow two time champion us ality of qatar came in second friday's final stage in the three and a half thousand kilometer long event was won by three. top seed dominate team has
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been knocked out of the quarter finals at the german open chile's nicolas yari took just under two hours to beat the world number eight in to close tie break sets with a twenty two year old had to come from behind in both sets to see the biggest win of his career. christiane of an elder is avoided jail time in spain instead the former real madrid star a new event assigning has been given a two year suspended sentence for tax evasion and hefty fine ronaldo will have to pay twenty two million dollars to settle the case with the tax authorities that figure includes a fine back taxes and interest he was accused of irregularities related to his image rights between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fourteen former free for secretary general jerome valcke has lost his appeal to have a ten year ban from football overturned the court of arbitration for sport valka was banned along with former fee for president sepp blatter for breaching the organizations code of ethics the frenchman was found to be involved in the regular
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resale of world cup tickets among other violations the court said vulcan's ban and one hundred thousand dollar fine was wholly appropriate the new n.f.l. season doesn't kick off until september but the teams are already back in camp preparing and before things get too serious the green bay packers on a decades long franchise tradition it was the opening day of their training camp and children lined up their bicycles in the hope that one of their heroes would borrow theirs to make his way to the training field now this tradition has been going on since one thousand nine hundred forty six and the idea is to have children walk or jog alongside their favorite player. and that is. sky gazers around the world have been enjoying a thrilling celeste still spectacle it's the longest bloodmoon eclipse of the century which saw the moon turn a red brown color as it rose the entire transition lost it for nearly two hours it
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was visible from europe to the middle east a straight in asia south america and africa we're going to leave you with some of the images from around the world i'm rob matheson. young men join al chabad in the battle for somalia. many never return. loved ones pick up the pieces. try to understand.
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from the north i witnessed. as you see here. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of bat you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on the computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is of all into the true media network. in the deprived villages of northern argentina there's one man with a solution to every problem. for engineers says proclaimed inventor ferdinando and he's dressed in ninety four to seven ford truck no child and just too small for village to far in his latest mission he constructed much needed to generate the
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drones and fire board viewfinder latin america driving change on i just see it on. our jersey. and. where every. a group of opposition parties calls for a new election and protests in pakistan after claims victory.
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this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. stun grenades and fighting around the al aqsa mosque as israeli security forces push back palestinian worshippers. wildfires in the u.s. state of california destroyed more than one hundred homes and forced thousands of people from their neighborhoods. and a total lunar eclipse one of the longest of this century as the world. a group of opposition political parties has rejected the results of pakistan's general election following allegations of vote rigging and meddling by the military the ruling party has conceded defeat paving the way for critics turned politician imran khan to become the next prime minister but the opposition alliance says it will take to the streets and the new voters held a solid binge of
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a report on the whole. the master even his brother a no longer calling the shots after the campaign it's time to clean up in what the manhunt called a new pakistan. voters have taken their leader for the top job but they're already calling for accountability of those who joined in one hand from the so-called all pakistan and only if you don't stop you only party members if they carry one the same way even after coming to power it will be really unfair to us p.t.i. voters imran khan must know this if he cannot stop the corruption and then he has no right to be the leader international observers say they did not witness any military indifference during the vote process but the election observation mission says the twenty eight hundred electoral process was not as trouble free as it was five years ago although there were several legal provisions aimed at ensuring a level playing field we have concluded that there was a lack of equality of opportunity candidates with large political appeal and financial means the so-called elected bills often dominated the campaign opposition
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party said there was a difference especially when votes were counted a multi party conference rejected the results in the capital. this is theft of the people's mandate as those who achieved majority through this we need to accept nor give them the right we have agreed to demand a new fair and free election what are. the election commission insists that the election was transparent but it failed to keep its promise that it would quickly announced the official results in one khan's party has agreed to investigate allegations of rigging and fraud it also unveiled an ambitious hundred new plan when it forms a government. the value of the pakistani rupees has stick in a news dive in recent weeks there's an agitation movement brewing amongst opposition politicians imran khan's challenges may have already begun even before he sticks in charge of what he promised as
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a new pakistan summer job with al-jazeera lahore well apart from the hudson institute she says imran khan may have trouble delivering on his promises the people who are wanted for him the young people are the prime reason is imminent is seen as somebody who's not corrupt mr clean is a messiah who will come in change dynastic politics in pakistan unfortunately. the problem there is that one. most of the people in iran's party who have been elected are people who belong to other political parties where the p.p.p. or b m l n or others and they are in the other the same cut up politicians whom iran promised to get rid off secondly as we all know most politicians most parties do end up being corrupt and so corruption is not going to go away simply because iran has come into power. and thirdly the mean problems that the young people face
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which is employment. education. a stable society. pushback against the jihadi and islamist elements we not happen under iran. because because his b.s. as well as the military support those policies so the young people will very soon actually see the reality that now pakistan a new pakistan is actually more like old pakistan. israeli forces have reopened the gates of the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem after closing them for several hours on friday. the soldiers stormed the compound firing tear gas and stun grenades palestinians protested at being denied entry into one of islam's holiest sites under simmons outside the al aqsa mosque in occupied east.


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