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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 208  Al Jazeera  July 28, 2018 10:32am-11:00am +03

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yes and they are and the other could be the same could our politicians whom iran promised to get rid off secondly as we all know most politicians most parties do end up being corrupt and so corruption is not going to go away simply because iran has come into power. and thirdly the main problems that the young people face which is employment. education. a stable society. pushback against the jihadi and islamist elements will not happen under iran. because because his b.s. as well as the military support those policies so the young people will very soon actually see the reality that now pakistan a new pakistan is actually more like old pakistan. israeli forces of reopen the gates of the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem after closing them for several hours on friday. the soldiers stormed the compound
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firing tear gas and stun grenades palestinians protest of it being denied entry into one of islam's holiest sites under simmonds outside the al aqsa mosque in occupied east jerusalem. this is one of the main approaches to the al aqsa mosque compound and it was closed along with four others a five hour standoff with the security forces in which they actually surrounded this entire area with barricades and when they were lifted this was the scene right here so many protesters who've been praying outside the mosque here to protest also and try to get past the coltons being manned by the israeli police it was a negotiated end to what had been a very tense atmosphere inside the compound there had been an attack as it was described by the custodian is all of this mosque complex that's wax on behalf of the jordanians they said it had been an invasion by the israeli security forces
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however it's a pretty forces were accusing some people of throwing rocks and throwing fireworks and that was the reason why backup was told and so many security forces opened fire or with sound grenades and also some tear gas at one point and people were told to evacuate evacuate the building evacuate the whole complex but many refuse not lead to a situation whereby for gates while not stopping people from getting in or getting out and there were twenty or rests of youths inside the complex it was a symbolic situation that upset so many palestinians because of the the israelis. what they see is their will so it's easy on this situation however the situation now appears to be a very tense atmosphere but nevertheless the rights to pray are back
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to palestinians including a fourteen year old boy have been killed in the latest fire protests of the gaza israel barrier both were shot in the head by israeli soldiers gaza health officials say at least another two hundred forty five people were injured stephanie decker reports from gaza. they keep coming eighteen weeks into these protests and even though the numbers may be decreasing their demands remain the same lift the siege let us live like everyone else. we are suffering there is no electricity no water people are going hungry it's painful we'll keep standing we will come here to show the whole world we want our rights. my brothers and bonding and turns against as a civilian be wanted in gaza strip we are to be ball. you know this is yes this is girls is looking at this is girls is. yes and this is
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a beautiful as this is military this is reluctant to do with all of this checked for you are going to this is under nobody from from the road from you can you get the drugs i was. looking for. israel's been using these drones to drop tear gas further back into the crowd closer to the fence israeli snipers keep watch and sporadically open fire the hospitals now used to a steady influx every friday there is a well established pattern now similar scenes playing out every friday what is different now however is the escalating tensions between israel and hamas and there been intensive diplomatic efforts underway by egypt and the united nations to try to find a solution everyone we speak to says the same thing the only solution is to improve life for the people here israel's demanded that hamas put an end to the burning quite some balloons that were born out of these protests they've burned thousands of acres of land on the other side of the fence a mass says they are
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a legitimate form of resistance against a suffocating seach there been less however over the past few weeks now as these fridays come and go a political solution that benefits the people of gaza remains elusive stephanie decker al-jazeera gaza. well after years of silence and uncertainty thousands of syrian families are now being given official death to thickets for their missing relatives but the government hasn't released the bodies or provided any evidence of what caused their deaths are reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon. for years he knew nothing about her husband opposition activist best so hard to be until recently when the syrian government declared that he died in two thousand and fifteen he was among the more than eighty thousand people believed by rights groups to have been detained or forcibly disappeared since the uprising began in two thousand and eleven in recent weeks and after years of silence more and more families are being told their relatives are dead recently distracted to the fate of
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their beloved ones. that. the cause of. this is for heart attack. yeah and this is. very hard because they in some way the bush family is just hired to agree that he was not killed. as he says so far there are four thousand names of detainees or those who disappeared now officially registered as deceased that dates go back years among them. a well known nonviolent opposition activist from. his family was recently informed that he got here and his brother mohamed had died in two thousand and thirteen while in detention relatives find out from civil registry offices or the military police families are being told what they long suspected they now want to know where the bodies are buried and the true cause of death.
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and yet. their right to know what happened to their international human rights groups have accused the syrian government of largest. torture and extrajudicial killing in its prisons the exact number of detainee deaths while in detention is not known some rights groups say thirty thousand died of torture and dire conditions since the conflict began seven years ago other rights groups say the number is as high as sixty thousand and seventy or prison alone amnesty international estimated that thirteen thousand were killed in mass hanging's between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fifteen. families of the detained who live in rebel areas are able to raise their voices but those in government territory have to remain silent the fear now is the government may be trying to cover up likely crimes against humanity and prevent families from seeking
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justice. now. because of. the family say the case of the detainees and the disappeared needs to be dealt with in any post conflict settlement it seems the syrian government wants to avoid that by bury the file and along with it the troops. syrian government forces have recaptured the southern city of nearly israeli occupied golan heights government troops have entered the city for the first time in four years after weeks of intense fighting have been trying to clear the surrounding provinces eisel and other opposition groups the remaining eisel fighters of now agreed to leave the rebel held areas of northern syria after a deal brokered by russia. also it's coming out on jazeera including fleeing the violence in cameroon we hear from some of the survivors who made it to nigeria a massive growth in the u.s.
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economy but is it really thanks to president trump's policies stay with us. how as a possible tornado touchdown in massachusetts in the july maybe not a regular occurrence a frontal systems unwinding from canada darn through what is the northeast now i would tend to tend to drop temperatures big i mean we're ahead in the low thirty's behind it and this is now behind it just below thirty but for fresh you feel big showers adults around the plain states and down towards texas and around the canyons down in the desert southwest it's are quite poky shadows of course you know about the wildfires in california temperatures too high the wind does nothing to help nor indeed will the right has dropped sass out of the u.s. into the caribbean the gulf of mexico and here's daily showers and there they are
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in cuba briefly big than they drift off shore if you're lucky you get something in jamaica as well as a good scattering the showers throughout the caribbean and the gulf of mexico affecting panama nicaragua mexico to some degree but not excessively say want to likely be quite big downpours and of course you cut off the right software doing colombia that it should be a dry picture in the middle of winter for most south america but there is rain developing again in brazil you require and probably affecting oneness areas at about twelve degrees not to be there saturday and half of sunday. twelve boys in their football coach go missing deep in a cave in northern timer with rising floodwaters rescuers are running out of time and want to a nice big inside story of time and extraordinary keep on al-jazeera. you
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stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera a group of opposition political parties in pakistan is rejecting the outcome of wednesday's election official results show the party of former cricketer imran khan has gained the most seats in the national assembly opposition groups say the vote was rigged but the military interfered in the process. israeli forces of reopen the gates of the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem after closing them
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for several hours on friday the soldiers stormed the compound firing tear gas and stun grenades alice daniels protested at being prevented entry into one of the stops holiest sites and she palestinians including a fourteen year old boy have been killed in the latest friday of protests at the gaza israel border both were shot in the head by israeli soldiers gaza health officials say at least another two hundred forty five people injured. now iraq's top chef cleric has demanded that a government should be formed as soon as possible to deal with corruption and poor basic services the call by grand ayatollah ali al sistani reflects those being made by protesters across the country demonstrations have started in the oil rich city of basra in the south thousands of protesters there say the government's neglecting the region while exploiting its resources. there to go back to our little i'm only if the government fails to keep its pledges or if the parliament or judicial system blocks the implementation of those pledges then the people would have no option but to escalate their means of peaceful protest to impose their will on the officials
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supported by all the forces of good will in the country and then the scene will look very different compared to today however we hope that there will be no need for that and that the officials will put reason wisdom and the interest of the country first before it is too late imran khan has more from baghdad. those words by the highest sheer religious authority in iraq will be seen as concerning to some quarters of the iraqi government because it will be seen as support for the protesters saying that the government needs to be expedited these be formed very quickly throwing that support behind the protest movement now white is the highest shia religious authority throwing its support behind the process moving were a lot of the protesters coming from the south which is a shia area and they'll be concerned that these protests will develop and they may well turn to criticize the religious authorities for not getting behind them so by throwing their support behind the protest movement it's a way of saying to the people that we are behind you now there have been other
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political developments as well the government have been listening to the protesters demands they've struck a deal with kuwait to bring in kerosene and electricity generators into the southern port city of basra that they say will allow electricity to be running for up to about seventeen hours a day but what's going on with the protest movement and they are on a regular friday basis but we won't know for a few hours yet whether they're in any kind of size that we've seen in the past has been a lot of noise on social media about getting people out on the streets but whether that translates or not remains to be seen now expedition of the government forming that government is going to be a problem the election results were contested there's a manual recount going on and we don't know whether results will come out indeed we are hearing that they might come out this week but there's no official date that's been announced so the government can't be formed until those election results are released. there are ports at least seventeen people have been killed in central mali ahead of sunday's presidential election tension is high at the vote which will
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see twenty four contenders for the presidency including the incumbent president abraham boubacar kater last week the campaign team the opposition leader or similar c.s.a. were touched by gunmen in timbuktu. relief workers in southern nigeria are struggling to cope with a new wave of refugees fleeing cameroon in october fighting broke out after separatists declared an independent state called amazonia in the south since then thousands of refugees have been crossing the border to escape the violence up at address reports from the cameroon nigeria border where new registration exercise has started. only in korean and her baby among hundreds of new arrivals crossing over from cameroon so five kilometers from this refugee registration center after wandering from village to village she eventually crossed the border into nigeria three days ago. so is lousy out of call me i wanted to come since last year but now
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i've bought at the dead including my as hiding inside cameroon because there's a war there we were dodging the troops she's already lost three of our relatives and fears for the lives of several others. an estimated thirty thousand people fleeing the violence and are currently living in nigeria survivors speak of abuses by korean forces including. and summary executions the united nations high commission for refugees is developing two new settlements to move the refugees away from more than forty border villages we are thriving around the clock to provide assistance protection in lifesaving assistance to huge number of refugees.


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