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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 30  Al Jazeera  July 28, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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denied entry into one of his mom's holy sites and two palestinians including a fourteen year old boy have been killed in the latest fighting protests at the gaza his red border both were shot in the head by israeli soldiers gaza health officials say at least i'm about two hundred forty five people were injured. now the u.s. economy is growing at its fastest rate in years but economists question with a vat growth is sustainable john hendren has a story the united states economy is surging reaching its strongest growth in four years and president donald trump predicts more to come this isn't a one time shot i happen to think we're going to do extraordinarily well in our next report next quarter the trump administration reported that u.s. gross domestic product rose at an annual rate of four point one percent almost double the rate in the first three months of the year but many economists don't expect this surge to last with many predicting actual g.d.p. growth to settle to about three percent this year that is because second quarter
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numbers were boosted by foreign purchases of u.s. soybeans and other products before a trade war raises tariffs on them well i think the growth number today four point one percent in the second quarter is good news but it's very temporary there are two important to the second quarter growth number one is that they were propelled in large part by a sharp increase in government spending coming off the increase of the budget deficit for earlier this year the tax cuts the second is a sharp spike in exports as traders accelerated shipments to get in ahead of the risk of higher trade barriers coming off the threat of trade wars. but president trump says his actions who helped cut the u.s. trade deficit by fifty billion dollars these tax cuts particularly on the business and investment side are going to be boosting wages livelihoods and jobs for
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middle american ordinary workin folks and it's starting to take effect and that's why i agree with president this is a boom that will be sustainable wage increases have not kept up with overall economic growth but for an administration facing a lengthy probe into the president's ties to russia and a diplomatic feud with allies a growing economy and rising employment numbers even in manufacturing is cause for celebration and a hastily scheduled presidential appearance we have added three point seven million new jobs since the election a number that is unthinkable we are in the midst of the longest positive job growth streak in history those numbers could prove hard to sustain as u.s. trading partners around the globe raise tariffs answering a trade war set off by trump himself john hendren al jazeera took the shares have lost more than twenty percent of the value off the social media site reported
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a decline in the active uses the site has recently purged many fake accounts the number of users as fall into three hundred thirty five million shares dropped to thirty five dollars despite twitter reporting record of course the revenues christensen he has more from new york. first it was facebook and then twitter making this a tough week for tech stocks twitter's more than twenty percent drop came after it announced a decline in monthly users for the second quarter and predicted further declines in coming months like facebook which lost nearly twenty percent of its value on thursday twitter is trying to reduce hate speech and abuse on its platform but that is affecting growth and growth is one of the things that investors value the most this was definitely a bit of a go up punch for the bulls just given the decline in users as well as the outlook going forward i mean will it seem what you saw on facebook this is not a week that sushi media boards were ever forget as it's been very negative across
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the board i think it just speaks to some of the general headwinds we g.d.p. are private you know overall user groups especially in north america the fall came despite the fact that twitter's revenue was actually higher than expected thanks largely to people world cup and video ad sales the company's value had actually doubled over the last year as it became profitable for the first time but friday was a tough day for twitter investors and it was a tough week all around for tech stocks a federal judge in los angeles says she'll appoint on independent monitor to investigate the living conditions of migrant children in u.s. detention centers that follows reports of spoiled food insufficient water spots living conditions from child migrants and the parents in texas on thursday the u.s. government failed to meet a court imposed deadline to reunite all the separated children with their parents at least seven hundred of yet to be returned to their families. this president
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donald trump has denied he knew about a meeting between his aides and a russian delegation that offered to help him win the twenty sixteen election trumps former lawyer michael cohen has claimed he was present when the president's eldest son donald trump jr told his father. the meeting committee held reports. as the u.s. president worked to focus the american media on strong economic numbers the question of his potential ties to russia continue to follow him wherever they're going to follow it just days after donald trump postponed a white house invite to russian president vladimir putin a reciprocal invitation was extended for trump to go to moscow whose comments come as there are fresh allegations against trump from his one time personal lawyer michael cohen cohen claims that then candidate trump was aware of a twenty sixteen trump tower meeting russians with ties to the kremlin met donald trump jr and son in law jared cushman and promised dirt democratic presidential
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opponent hillary clinton and if the president didn't know about the purpose of these meetings with russian officials and their representatives and trump tower then that would create the knowledge element necessary for a criminal charge for months the white house has denied the president knew it's a claim the president repeated on friday on twitter i did not know of the meeting with my son don jr sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam anywhere on the tweet indirectly refers to cohen now being investigated by federal prosecutors for potential campaign finance violations as he attempted to suppress negative news stories about trump cohen may now be cooperating with special counsel robert mueller investigating russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election and whether trump's campaign colluded with russia cohen statements could
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complicate the president's legal troubles but there are questions about the credibility of cohen's claims in two congressional interviews and subsequent reports there is no mention of cohen's allegations again. the president trump's claims are also in question as e-mails between trump's son and russians went back and forth in two thousand and sixteen then candidate trump told supporters i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week and we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the clintons i think you're going to find it very informative and very very. that major speech never materialized but it does suggest president trump may know more than he claims kimberly hellcat al-jazeera washington. at least two firefighters have died battling wildfires in northern california hot weather and high winds are fanning
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the flames and ton neighborhoods in the city of reading of burnt to the ground as more. the wildfire tool through neighborhoods like this one in the city of reading in the middle of the night fire crews were forced to go door to door officials used loudspeakers to tell residents to leave the wildfire moved with such speed many had just minutes to get out i drove up before my mom and dad. this is what i saw a spot. i don't know how many minutes after. he left the house but it went to police but he said he could see the fire. as he was leaving. and. so on somebody made it out and i don't i'm afraid some people may not. police say the wildfire was spotted by a mechanical failure in
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a vehicle on monday but in the spice of forty eight hours it had tripled in size and then on thursday night the blaze exploded and crossed the sec room into a river. the city of reading home to more than ninety thousand people was in its path firefighters say using the tim fire tornado to describe it firefighters are out there actively rescuing evacuating engaging and defending homes. scorching temperatures a full cast to continue as of the strong winds that offending the flames californias governor has declared a state of emergency in several counties as crews struggle to contain the fire is mandatory evacuation orders have been issued in some cities in situ california the ficus and fire has been burning for two weeks visitors to the national pack of been ordered to evacuate with or she said the blaze is only twenty five percent contained. scientists say rising global temperatures are leading to higher risk of
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wildfires in the western united states the fire that cut a swathe through parts of reading has now moved on and some people have been allowed to retune. houses can be rebuilt they say but precious positions and in some cases much loved pits have been lost for river in the speech and the ferocity of the blaze medium hond to zero. there are ports at least seventeen people have been killed in central mali ahead of sunday's presidential election tensions are high out of the vote which will see twenty four contenders for the presidency including the incumbent president abraham. last week the campaign team for the opposition leader. was attacked by gunmen in timbuktu and. now photos of a whale being caught up in iceland and fearing ating animal activists they're demanding a ban on commercial hunting there and d.n.a. testing has revealed the meat from the latest killing can't be exported to restaurants in japan the clock reports in reykjavik. iceland has much to boast of
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when it comes to natural resources its dramatic scenery and geothermal springs draw tourists in their millions and there's the marine environment to tens of thousands of people go whale watching every year there's even a whale museum where you can immerse yourself in an ocean of life size whale replicas the one thing iceland tries not to publicize too much is the fact that whales are still killed commercially here which in rage is a big sector of society doing these they are going to steps backward into the viking times and the whaling nowadays especially well not just in iceland but the whaling in iceland show that people is not they really think to show the world and they are so it's something of a p.r. disaster when photographs like this appear what is suggested to be a highly endangered and protected blue whale killed and brought back to shore for processing d.n.a. sampling has since shown the whale was in fact a rare hybrid between
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a fin whale which icelandic whalers do have a quota and the ben and blue whale kristen loves him he runs the company that killed the whale says his whale is acted in good faith. way is working for us they've been doing it for decades and to be. and when being approached. in which. they went after news one i think. it is no question in my mind. nothing else than opinion when it was taken but turned out to be a hybrid these are images of a fin well being legally processed at the whaling station most of the products are exported to japan the killing of the hybrid well which is banned from export has led to more coolies for the industry to be finally halted in iceland this hunting is very inaccurate they cannot know the difference between
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a hybrid bluefin wage and often which they cannot make a distinction that's what they say between the two so you know for that sake they should absolutely stop it. so this is where to whaling ships come in from the ocean with their catch and take it up the field to the processing plant to hunt for about one hundred days a year between june and september and this year they have a quota of one hundred sixty one fin whales it's an activity that has drilling support among so icelanders ten years ago about seventy percent of the population were in favor of whaling today that figure is more like fifty fifty and as tourists seek out whales a line even the wild still there's a pressing issue what to do with several tons of hybrid whale caught up in a freezer with nowhere to go nick clark al-jazeera reykjavik iceland. now she's known as the red queen she was wealthy and lived in what is now mexico thirty eight hundred years ago she was found about a quarter of a century ago in
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a secret my own chamber but now archaeologists say they've discovered more about what life was like in one of the most powerful engine empires in the americas john holmes reports. the red queen one of mexico's most famous archaeological treasures a restored funeral finery has arrived in the nation's capital more than one thousand three hundred years after she took her last breath experts believe she was a prominent figure in the maya world is like i said the only national she's the head of a long line of governors and a lady that headed up confrontations between other my and political centers. she was laid to rest in polling the ancient mayan citadel in the jungles of southern mexico placed in a red sock in a red chamber both came a great sacrifice experts say many would have died in getting the radioactive mercury so far had used to paint them the colors exact significance was lost over
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time so it was the red queen until nine hundred ninety four when archaeologists found her now believe carefully reconstructed have features along with her funeral garment precious jewels and the death mass made out of more than one hundred pieces of metal to closely resemble her features so what do we know about the red queen where her real name was how mix but tell us that she arrived in pulling the time of regional tension but her marital alliance with the great leader park how help to calm things down she also lived a long life by the standards of the time she was between sixty and seventy when she died. then it was time for her spirit to take the canal running under playing into the sub aquatic him for world but she didn't go alone in this because he was down. there was a young girl of about fifty. to sixteen years old and a boy of eleven to twelve who were sacrificed to accompany her one of them was decapitated the other had their chest opened and heart taken out. funeral
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traditions of change somewhat but will the millennial later she's still being treated with queenly pope john home and. mexico city now the longest bloodmoon eclipse of the century has thrilled millions of sky gazers around the world the moon turned into red brown color during the event the entire transition lasted for nearly two hours. by chance a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera a group of opposition political parties in pakistan is rejecting the outcome of wednesday's election official results show the party of the former cricketer imran khan has gained the most seats in the nationalist.


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