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after closing them for several hours on friday. soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades palestinian worshipers there for friday prayers they say it was in response to items being thrown from the al aqsa mosque compound as one of his loves holiest sites is revered by jews as the temple mount. an election in all but name that cambodian opposition parties along with the e.u. and us are describing sunday's elections prime minister has promised a one cent buy on the largest opposition party from taking part as he looks to extend his thirty three years in power wayne hay reports from the capital phnom penh. in cambodia there is only one show in town these days the ruling cambodian people's party led by prime minister who in sin is expected to win sunday's election comfortably the main opposition the cambodian national risky party which almost won five years ago is banned and urges voters to stay away.
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voting isn't compulsory but that didn't stop the prime minister threatening anyone who doesn't take us who have a dozen participates in this election destroys democracy following the illegal propaganda movement. that illegal movement is the cambodian national risky party which was dissolved allegedly plotting to overthrow the government with foreign help its leader kim has been in jail since september awaiting trial for treason while most other leading members left cambodia fearing a wrist they say the election is illegitimate and the ruling out supporting protests if cambodians call for them if there is an uprising we hope that you will. uprising. that is why we want to find a solution today the international community is also slowly taking action some foreign election observers are here but. not from japan
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a long time supporter of the cambodian government refused while the united states and european union withdrew funding for the election. is over so not just the demise of his only real political opposition there have also been attacks on the dependent media organizations and n.g.o.s with many staff harassed and arrested all forced to leave the country more reasons why many people are dismissing this election as a sham among nineteen opposition parties only a couple can really be called truly independent and they can't compete with the large campaign budget of the prime minister's party money can't believe staying in the fight is better than sitting on the sidelines he was a member of the band before setting up his own party we here in cambodia we need to do something we just cannot sleep at home be quiet otherwise the authoritarian will continue to grab on to our people we'll continue to be suffered
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from. from a land grabbing and other issues that grip looks certain to continue well beyond the election when sin says he wants to stay in power for another ten years wayne hay al jazeera phnom penh we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera then a refugee crisis in nigeria find out why thousands of people have been forced out of neighboring cameroon plus there will be monetary pediatrician save lives sacked for doing their jobs doctors accused of taking sides in the unrest of nineveh in nicaragua. alan the long lasting heat wave is a night to be curtailed in northern europe for a long time we've had showers one right in the heat in eastern europe but that arc
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of cloud now coming in to the british isles is going to be significant it's a cold front results will bring in colder as a few the courts happening overnight not put the temps a background in across his cooler overnight ones of again tomorrow but the ten for london is twenty two in paris is twenty seven this is sort of yellowish but orange is still pretty hot to the east for the netherlands belgium and germany the day of heat wife but even that i think will probably disappear by the time we get to sunday still plenty showers in the heat around about thirty mark anywhere from poland southwards towards greece this may not be the end it'll probably have again we got to twenty eight in paris after all on sunday and all this happening over land if you come back over the trading it's fine warm and sunny the heat on the. coasts of those off grizz high in places tunisia about thirty seven on the coast argyria up into the middle forty's can't get further inland but the wise it's just sunshine world will clearly stop the same for the south this is about as far north
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as showers get this time here but they're right up into the sahara. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. you know leaving here is due to all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families if i could just trying to think about i could bury him. on al-jazeera.
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hello again the sob stories this hour on al-jazeera a group of opposition parties in pakistan is calling for a new poll that is threatening nationwide protests of allegations of vote rigging in the general election former cricketer imran khan is still waiting to be officially declared the winner three days after the vote. two firefighters have died battling wildfires in northern california in the u.s. one hundred twenty five homes have been destroyed and evacuation orders issued to thirty seven thousand people hot weather and strong winds of fueling the flames of three palestinians have been killed by israeli snipers in the latest friday protests at the gaza israel border fence health workers say that at least another two hundred forty five people injured. relief workers insulin nigeria are struggling to cope with a new wave of refugees fleeing cameroon in october fighting broke out after
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separatists there declared an independent state that they call. in the south since then thousands of refugees have been crossing the border to escape the violence let's go live now to a column which is on the nigeria cameroon border correspondent ahmed address is there what's the situation where you are that. well. at least situation developing now only in nigeria come on board are east. more and more refugees are coming in from. this side of nigeria and. actually enormous right now the building behind me is a government building within a government office and it had to be evacuated to accommodate the number of people who. before this one because this building was actually sleeping on the streets in this particular building there are two hundred between two hundred and fifty to
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three hundred refugees from cameroon who are staying here so the need right now is that of shelter doctor medical care and that of food and surprisingly incidentally there are only two agencies on the ground dealing with the situation the united nations high commissioner for refugees and the nigerian refugee commission and from what i saw in this caution and warehouses there isn't enough to deal with this situation you're talking about thirty thousand roughly you streaming across and more are expected in one particular area that we went to yesterday. the u.n. next year i was there a few days ago and when they returned for a follow up they found more than one hundred fifty more to use coming in from cameroon within a space of just two or three days now this equation is such that they are running another registration exercise to get more to get more people registered so that they know the enormity of the situation on the ground. only in korean and her baby
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among hundreds of new arrivals crossing over from cameroon some five kilometers from this refugee registration center after wandering from village to village she eventually crossed the border into digests three days ago. so we have an afghani i wanted to come since last year but now i have but at the dead including my as hiding inside cameroon because this is what we were dodging the troops she's already lost three of our relatives and fears for the lives of several others an estimated thirty thousand people fleeing the violence and. are currently living in nigeria survivors speak of abuses by chameleon forces including torture and summary executions. the united nations high commissioner for refugees is developing two new settlements to move the refugees away from more than forty border villages we are striving around the clock to provide assistance protection in lifesaving assistance
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for the huge number of refugees as they're arriving there night and the resources remain a big challenge for as. relief workers left the village of our book just a few days ago but when they returned one hundred fifty refugees had arrived for some the only positions they had where the clouds their world. they say the army cracked down in the english speaking south of cameroon continuous right across the water is the republic of cameroon this is one of the several routes refugees take getting into contact with cameroon and forces separatists are due to mark the anniversary of the sub declared independence of the republic of korea in two months time now clashes are expected now a lot of people expected to come through this route because of the fighting between the government forces and the rebels. for months fred assumptions been living in
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exile in nigeria it remembers clearly the day he was forced to leave they really cheese they just came with their course that everybody was running. they lasted for over forty five minutes it was. everywhere he and other young men are still wanted by the army accused of membership of the supporters some was only a movement where says independence is a legitimate demand. even if it is that you have to cure all of us then you need to sort of but that this struggle is going to end we asked wind up while he and thirty thousand other refugees are digging in for a long stay or leave a few shows bracing for yet more to join the. biggest challenge now is for the relief workers the united nations high commission for refugees and the nigerian agents is walking with the people here to move them
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to two settlements huge settlements are being built to accommodate these ones but the feeling among the community the refugee community is that they feel abandoned by the rest of the world as attention is diverted to other hot spots across the globe. i had many thanks indeed al-jazeera as i'm address there reporting live there are reports that at least seventeen people have been killed in central mali ahead of sunday's presidential election there are twenty four contenders for the presidency including the incumbent ibrahim book. is vying for a second to last week the campaign team for opposition leader or some other say was attacked by gunmen in timbuktu. at least thirty five medical workers at a public hospital in nicaragua second largest city have been sacked they say it was in retaliation for supporting and treating opponents of the government the crowd was association of human rights says that at least four hundred forty eight people
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have been killed and thousands more injured in the past three months of unrest latin america and its use in human reports. students doctors and residents like protest against the government outside of the university hospital of nicaragua's second largest city. will you take care of me now i have cancer just by the only oncologists. at least thirty five doctors nurses laboratory workers and even cleaners received this letter friday morning four lines saying only that they've been dismissed. for taking part in the peaceful marches and support groups and students against the massacre carried out. during three months of civil unrest doctors and nurses helped medical students tend to thousands of people wounded during clashes with police and paramilitary groups
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doctors say many protestors and even civilian bystanders shot in the conflict would have survived had they not been to do weigh in public law spittles. have the hospital's chief surgeon had worked for thirty three years. it's our obligation to cure the injured but we also explicitly critical of the regime's brutal repression . that was once a supporter of the revolution but is now openly critical of the only. letter doesn't say why i've been sacked the director told me it was because i was supporting terrorists i'm not a terrorist i'm a pediatrician i save lives we were told the hospital director was not available for comment. brave and defiant but off camera many doctors are telling us that they are actually very bright they believe that this is just the first phase. that
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would be followed by their arrest or worse yet. the dismissals here appear to be the first against rebel. public servants since the government began but it calls operation clean up and pick dick cheney's it has just begun to al-jazeera. a federal judge in los angeles says that she will appoint an independent monitor as we investigate the living conditions of migrant children in u.s. to tension census they've been reports of spoiled food not enough water and substandard living conditions from child migrants and parents in texas on thursday the u.s. government failed to meet a court imposed deadline to reunite all separated children with parents. to canada where city leaders in toronto a calling for a ban on all handguns following the shooting of an eighteen year old woman and a ten year old girl last week police are partly blaming a recent rise in gun crime on weapons being smuggled across the border from the
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united states daniel lac reports from at. the moment of the carnage captured on cell phone video sixteen people shot in a popular restaurant area an eighteen year old woman a ten year old girl died as did the shooter whose motive remains unclear it's just the latest horrific incident in what many here are calling the summer of the gun the violence that's been surging in toronto is happening in the most unlikely of places places like this playground where in mid june two young girls were wounded in an attack on someone else believed to be gang related. five year old king is able to play again after being hit by a bullet in her stomach her mother says she doesn't feel safe anywhere now even in her own home. and. every time i come around here. local politicians want a ban on all handguns canada does have strict gun control but there are plenty of
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illegal weapons around police say most firearms used in crimes are smuggled from the us this former gang member says guns are cheaper and more commonplace than they used to be he now works to help young men leave the violent lifestyle of a street gang like he did twenty five years ago. and. as long as i get through to just one. contributed i feel a bit of redemption for things that i. personally feel responsible for residents are asking of toronto's reputation as a safe tolerant peaceful place is now dashed right now murder and gun crimes are double what they were a year ago close to an all time record yet researchers say the statistics still point to a city that's markedly safer than many of its counterparts in the midst of all of this craziness i'm more interested in looking at data and if. you look at crime
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data. compared to other big cities in north america. very safe call it natural resilience or determination but for now a wary city looks ready to return to normal life less than a week after the worst mass shooting in its history and a year that is so far seemed more violent and shocking than most daniel lak al-jazeera. it is good to have you with us hello adrian for the get here and other top stories now to syria a group of opposition parties in pakistan is calling for a new poll and threatening nationwide protests over allegations of vote rigging in the general election former cricketer imran khan is still waiting to be officially declared the winner three days after the vote come all haida reports from islam about. their demanding i relate share and they won big but big in
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a election. but there are different. group. now led by a younger brother of no why should a poor dog ready to engage shabazz sherrybaby saying that he needs to go to political body before he can make a did. he doing two firefighters have died battling wildfires in northern california in the u.s. one hundred twenty five homes have been destroyed and evacuation orders issued to thirty seven thousand people hot weather strong winds of fueling the flames and further along the u.s. well u.s. coast in the state of oregon two thousand firefighters are battling another blaze they expect the fire to expand as dry conditions and winds fan the flames people have been ordered to leave nearby farmhouses israeli forces have reopened the gates of the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem off the closing them for several hours on friday soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades and palestinian
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worshippers who with after friday prayers they say it was in response to items being thrown. three palestinians were killed by israeli snipers in the latest friday protests at the gaza israel border fence health workers say that at least another two hundred forty five people were injured there are reports that at least seventeen people have been killed in central mali ahead of sunday's presidential election that there are twenty four contenders for the presidency including incumbent ibrahim boubacar kaita who's vying for a second. a federal judge in los angeles says that she will appoint an independent monitor to investigate. the living conditions of migrant children in u.s. detention centers that the reports of spoiled food most of the force are substandard living conditions from child migrants and their parents in texas on thursday the u.s. government failed to meet a court imposed deadline to reunite all children separated with their parents more news here on syria after today's inside story next. on counting the cost
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how the concentration of internet profits in a handful of companies is impacting everyone else africa's blue economy cern's about the lack of doctor and marine protections grow deep sea diamond mining becomes a reality counting the cost on al-jazeera. how big a threat is to the syrian regime the armed groups says if there is a coordinated attacks killing dozens in southern syria as the army backed by russia and iran continues to crush the rebellion by the opposition. being wiped out to this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter dobby eisel fighters have carried out
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their deadliest attacks for months in southwest syria suicide bombers targeted a vegetable market a hospital and a public square in the government held city of the way to own weapons day of the gunmen raided nearby towns and villages dozens were killed including pro-government fighters some activists and doctors say the number of fatalities is at least two hundred forty also weight which is home to the druze community and is mainly managed to avoid a tanks during the conflict which is now into its seventh year. well control of syria is largely divided between four main players in the northeast of the country kurdish groups control one third of all territory and they aim to establish their own autonomous government so the west turkish backed rebel forces control much of italy province and western aleppo home to around three million internally displaced syrians the asset regime backed by iran and russia have regained control of the majority of syria's provinces eisel stronghold in southern syria is under russian
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and syrian bombardment after losing territory seized in both syria and neighboring iraq eisel continues to control scattered patches of land regime forces are battling to regain control over the border with the israeli occupied golan heights that's close to where i saw launched suicide attacks on the city of the weight of let's bring in our guests today here on inside story joining us from vermont on skype is joshua landis he is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma in london we have hate haid a syria consulting research fellow at chatham house and here in doha we're joined by marwan he's a syrian academic and writer welcome to you all meaghan in doha coming to you first what we're talking about in suede it was a suicide mission we haven't seen an eyesore suicide mission for many months how significant is that. i think this is important in my being in but it doesn't that
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it presents an existential threat to the syrian regime i think. as it loses monetary authorities in syria whether in the southwest part of the conflict or even in the east of the contrary it will be actually resorting to the sort of tactics that it was actually using in iraq especially. during the u.s. occupation of that contrie so most probably we're going to see more of these attacks in fact about as i said before that is not going to be representing and the existential threat for the syrian regime because. eisen is being actually confronted by most of the powers who are interested in the syrian conflict that would include the united states russia iran the sunni our countries turkey so i said actually is almost fighting almost against everybody in this conflict so there is no chance in my being and for i said towards this sort of existential threat for
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the syrian regime what we are going to see as i said is more of these attacks and less we have the sort of political solution to the syrian crisis understood hate hate in london there was a particularly vicious element to what i saw was doing with this suicide attack because after the bombs went off they were going round door to door killing people in their own homes but leaving one survivor what's the message that i still is trying to get out now well it's it's not surprising to see or hear about this tactic because from the beginning isis has been trying to basically brought cuz the fire its brutality and is to mainly scare its enemies but also to realize its allies and supporters around and what we saw in the way that is just another tactic. basically aimed to make
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their at tack to the headlines and living survivors to tell the stories about what happened will make sure that syria's and the rest of the war will continue to fear isis for years to come and i think that is the main message and joshua what does this tell us about the preparedness of the syrian forces. well this is a classic isis attack isis today is a is a cornered tiger it's lashing out as a diversionary tactic to show that it's still lethal even as it's being destroyed in southern syria so it it attack the jebel druze and the jurors minority of course is seen as an evil minority by isis their ninth issue of their davetta magazine was about the druze and how they all their shakes their religious leader should be killed their women could be sold into slavery like the use e.t.s. so the druze have long been a target for isis it's
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a way to sow. in a sense distrust between the syrian regime and a bruise because the druze were very upset they said it how come this could happen how do you let them get here why did they did massacre us so there's a lot of internal squabbling the syrian opposition has blamed this on aside and said that isis and assad are one that they're working together in a conspiracy to punish the druze for not wholeheartedly being a loyalist this is. seems to me rather conspiracy theory but but it has so in dissension and it's diverted the gaze from doing real defeat that isis is undergoing today it's nothing like it was two years ago when it had a big caliphate the size of great britain and today it's its last little enclaves are being wiped out but it's still a lethal force and it can carry out these very dangerous attacks with a small number of men paid what does this attack by ice so the perpetrating of this
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attack by i so tell us about those people who perhaps rushing to judgment say bashar al assad is actually very close to a complete victory well it's was two main issues the first one is that there is enough as. still unable to secure the areas it has been with the support of its allies able to capture so far and the other thing is that their region has been depending mainly on short term. strategy or tactics that bleed to basically brutal results at a later stage meaning. what just two hours referring to here why not only opposition groups but people from the way that themselves then assert for because most of the fighters who carried out that in so way the people said that they came from the countryside of damascus and from basically maly from the
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refugee camp here move in damascus where the regime brokered the deal was some isis fighters basically allowed them to be you look at it to basically area that is close to the way that and the desert of eastern syria and this is why i think that the problem here is that assad is moving basically one problem or solving one problem now creating ten others later on and the other issue i think that people are basically blaming assets for and the russians as well is that because recently there has been some russian led efforts to demobilize and this local militias and do it and so whether. after that there were no measures taken by the regime or the russians to protect those areas and then after that the isis fighters took advantage of that security vacuum and attack and this is why also another reason
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the for what for for why people are blaming assad and the russians for a moment coming back to you here in doha i mean what are the chances here that bashar al assad starts going after the druze because the government forces don't control the specific area that is obvious on the one hand and. on the other hand the troops the young male druze do not sign up they refuse to sign up to this conscription system but he's got going for the syrian army. and yes indeed i think that there was in fact in a very awkward position because on the one hand as you said they are not playing they are in fact trying not to be part of this war which is waged by assad against i mean the sunni majority of syrians so they don't want to be part of that on one hand on the other hand they are seen by as not true muslims so they are on one hand attacked by ice and on the other hand they are not very well protected by the assad
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regime and in fact what the recent attack by isis demonstrates is that as as as your other two guests actually have been suggesting it shows that the syrian regime is still in fact very vulnerable very weak and cannot provide the sort of protection that those people who are under its control actually are expecting him to to to to provide and this also demonstrated that military solution to this crisis will not actually end it we still need to see a political solution because analysts will bring almost everybody on board. in order to end this conflict we are going to see as we said earlier more attacks by isis and more of the colonization not only by eyes who are going to see more of the colonization of among them moderates sunny's who who have seen actually their houses destroyed they are they are their brothers killed by the cities and after all that is sort of wives and after all the regime actually has. as it has changed
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some of the most of their of the of the of the contras so i think it's the really important here to see the sort of political solution to this conflict. despite the progress with the progress on the ground that has been made by the regime and its. and it's a lie so it's not the end yet we are not there yet i think the end will not be. when it will not be see it unless we see the sort of constitution that i was talking about and you joshua landis in vermont if what we're talking about here with the druze community is like a microcosm of the broader conflicts how does that mesh with where we are the point that ma was making the how does that mesh with where we are in the political arena there are kurds in damascus having discussions with the asset regime as we speak on the one hand and on the other hand the reality is what if eisel is not defeated what if iceland's just regrouping and kind of returning to it's the gold standard
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of what it does is just regrouping well isis is regrouping. and it's attacked recently in libya and yemen and other places but it isis can only grow where there is a power vacuum and quite clearly isis book the united states which was backing the syrian rebels to destroy the syrian government in a syrian army under assad but america turned away from that support because it appeared that isis or outside up would be the beneficiaries of this so ultimately they looked. the united states look to iranian backed militias in iraq and russia and assad in syria to provide that security and they've gone to the kurds in the north but ultimately this is the dilemma i think that both everybody has underlined here is that we're going back to the status quo assad is clearly winning
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he is asserting himself he is destroying these various rebel groups as he's been doing down in data the question is whether he can provide stable rule in syria and both your other commentators have said no way he can't do that unless he brings in more opposition but that's very unlikely to happen assad is not going to. find a political solution to this war he is finding what he believes a political solution but one that will not satisfy most the syrian opposition he is talking with the kurds and marco rubio american senator just accuse the kurds and north syria the white b.g. of being a rebellious organization and and in a sense of treason for talking with us side but the united states is not willing to really back them up and that's the that's the problem what shortens do the groups these other groups have other than to fall in line with assad we've seen the
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jordanians we've seen the lebanese we've seen even the israelis began to talk about assad staying and and ultimately allowing the syrian army into southern syria into the darel reason to destroy the rebels and nobody lifted a finger to help them so the writing is on the wall assad is winning and out the question is how much debility can he bring back to syria he just put a couple of building blocks together here for us if we are talking about the beginning of the end of this conflict and if it does mean indeed a victory for bashar al assad we've got the kurds in damascus we've got the rescuers being rescued in the past few days the white helmets being escorted to a different location and we've got external actors kind of laying down a line in the sand saying yes we might accept an asset victory but we will not accept the consequences of that millions of people displaced unless those millions
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of people go back into syria how does that work well it's difficult to see and basically the situation when. make everyone happy in a way because on one hand it's clear that again that the regime is winning militarily. doesn't automatically mean that basically the regime will be able to ensure again the stability of syria on one hand stop the ongoing attacks inside syria on the other and more importantly for the regional and international actors be able to allow for at least on courage refugees to go back when we go to the first basically issue which is when the syrian regime be able to stop similar attacks in the future. we have isis who has been changing its tactics
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in order to ensure long term or long term survival they have changed their economic model they have changed basically their structure they're depending mainly on sleeper cells and people who are discreetly trying to destabilize different areas you have other rebel groups who will continue to carry out similar. like attack were able affair were like attacks and different areas and then you have a political solution that will again will not most likely happen and this we see some serious pressure from russia on the scene because there is the will wants to basically recapture the rest of syria militarily but there are so far not willing or unable to pressure the region to accept some kind of compromise with the rest of the groups where it counts to basically when where where does that leave us it leaves us in
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a place where basically the regime will continue to function to function and different areas or in the measure if syria but groups will continue to carry out attacks area will be will be destabilized and many refugees will not be able to go back so it will be a felt or significant state that we would be most likely looking at the moment if there's another else we could but not of course the diplomacy the clicks together with the politics and as much as for example we know for a fact french diplomats are being pingpong in between beirut and damascus for the last year the french under russian auspices of getting aid into the western half of syria and yet the french are being criticized for saying well to doing that because people are similar you know if you working with the russians you back in the russians if you back in the russian ship backing bashar al assad so there seems to be a circle there that has got to be squared but how do you square it will be to i mean this is the point that i want. actually to me even if assad is winning on the
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ground in syria i think there are so many stakeholders in this conflict most of them with bad hops now accept that assad is winning including. the united states. and others but i think there is a big that there is a big elephant in the room that we need all to see it before we can talk about an end also i mean to this conflict about from seeing a political solution between the regime and the opposition which is iran in this case i think everybody is talking now about. how to get iran out of syria if we accept assad the manning and power and for that for the next what that for the next couple couple of couple of years i mean this is something that is really on board and so now i mean i believe this is why in syria it's c.d.n. borton to get almost everybody on board that that means that the russians the americans of course i mean the russians are having the upper hand in the syrian and the syrian conflict there and the driving seat that americans might be in the back seat for the time being but we need the the people who are sitting in the backseat
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and the people who are sitting in the living seat to come to agree actually on how to look to to to drive the bike that the vehicle and this case i'm a political solution and in syria so i think we need to bring almost everybody right now in order to have a bit to go solution to this crisis in syria as far as the french or all is concerned i think i think this is somehow and debilitation of the helsinki summit between president bush and president prom the focus right now is maybe on the syrian refugees on trying to focus maybe on the humanitarian aspect of the seating crisis because political solution and i know it doesn't seem very likely as i said because we need to have almost everybody. on board this is why we're the french actually we have seen the french stepping in and trying to do something with the russians because they know for now that this is better hops the issues that need to be i mean to be dealt with for the time for the time being ok. and then we see an
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agreement between the americans and the russians on how to deal with iran well today is about is would be actually have a say and let's just pick up on the point of iran that you're raising in through that joshua joshua but there has been slight progress on that because the israelis surely have got exactly what they wanted because they've got russian guarantees from the iranians saying yes we will move back from where we were historically over the past several months because the israelis were beginning to get really uncomfortable with that i don't think there's a chance in hell of getting the iranians out of syria president assad has made it very clear that he. is invited the iranians and any he expects them to stay now did israel get what it wants i don't think it did israel as is busy drawing red lines by bombing everything in syria that it can find of iran's but the israeli demands were made to lab rob in a meeting just a few days ago and they want the border with lebanon close there's no rearming of
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hizbollah they want iran out no missile emplacements their list is very long very extensive and they're not going to get it so they're going to continue to bomb and as we've seen them do up near aleppo anyplace they can sense that they're iranian soldiers helping out advising or helping to build missiles they will blow up and that's you know they're they're taking care of their security and drawing red lines but i don't suspect that iran is going to lead and russia will not make iran leave russia needs iran in the sense that they have one together and they. are both interested in propping up the assad regime the moment iran leaves syria this country will be that country will be very vulnerable and we've seen that in iraq too we've seen that with hizbullah iran as a major investment and it has one it believes it has ok let's just quote one not point it's interrupted joshua because we are where across into was the end of the program hate the russians are saying we will give all those displaced people safe
4:43 pm
passage safe passage to where and to what vladimir putin is not going to put a million people into chechnya into the caucuses if he starts moving them around mr erdogan in ankara will react very badly turkey has got literally a footprint on syrian soil it's his semipermanent presumably he wants to stay where do those people go and what kind of life do they have once they get there. well so far according to the russians that they want them to go back to their own basically areas but here we have two issues the first one is that the syrian regime has in stim a techie trying to prevent many people to go back to their areas malay around who are their masters and basically the border with lebanon for example you have that which has been captured for more than two years it's completely empty and many other towns are completely empty so the russians cannot basically pressure the
4:44 pm
regime to allow those people to go back to their areas so as many of them can i will go back to their areas then they will be displaced elsewhere and that's something that people are not willing to basically risk their lives for and the other thing is that basically many of those people they still have many concerns that are not basically address one of the issue is that while those who are considered basically opponent of gene there is no protection guarantees those who are basically wanted for that to do their militaries or service and who are scared of being listed there is no guarantee that they will not be listed and this is why unless those different issues are addressed you will find it difficult to see people voluntarily go that tentative will be to force those people to go back from that region and then that will have many other consequences that will lead to destabilizing the region ok levin because they will not be now and the last point
4:45 pm
of a girl graham general just is this is the beginning of the end game of the war in syria or if there's another swayed or is that a perfect demonstration of the fact that this war is far from over and it will continue apace for many months to come we said we said we said during the program that the assad regime might be winning militarily on the ground but i think there will be no stability in syria and yes we have a chance to. to this crisis including actually the discussion about iran i think the need russia's need for iran will decrease when this conflict and militarily and there will be no need for iran to stay in syria if you have a but it's got a solution because there would be no what that that easy at that point if we have the opposition and that he agreeing on a political solution what that would be against that and this should be should be actually leaving syria without your leaving syria i cannot see i cannot see any solution to this that this conflict as it always will have to leave it there many
4:46 pm
thanks for your contribution thank you so i guess my one column joshua landis and hate hate and thank you too for your company you can see the show again any time by checking out the website al-jazeera dot com all for the discussion check a facebook page facebook dot com forward slash page inside story you can also tweet us at a.j. inside story or tweet me i'll take you back i'm at the one for me peace at all be on the entire team here in doha thanks for your company will do it all again at the same time for more i'll see you soon. every armed attack. creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss no one tome. is sweeping association of islam with the violence easier in this man's face in the stock reality of being ostracized by the very
4:47 pm
communities in which they met the love and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim coming soon on al-jazeera. full of struggling children who are you still don't know very well then went to berlin and with time this is you done with the pieces you do the. full of pleasure. i gave to our bonfield an intimate look at life in cuba today. taught. me when i. may hang of it. on al-jazeera. corrupt officials have been ousted. and activists of the chinese villager who can take center stage in on the president of local elections. in the first of
4:48 pm
a remarkable series filmed over five years al-jazeera documents of a new village committing. rebels to politicians want to conquer china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. calls for a new election from opposition groups in pakistan with imran khan poised to take power. hello i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up making his final points will be live at a rally the zimbabwe president's party holding in the election countdown.
4:49 pm
it's been labeled a fire tornado a blaze rips through a city of ninety thousand people in california with deadly consequences and. that became not a terror a look at the attrition that saved lives sacked for doing their jobs doctors are accused of taking sides in the unrest in nicaragua. iran kind of still waiting to be declared the official winner of pakistan's election three days after the vote and now a group of opposition parties is demanding a new poll it's claiming vote rigging that is threatening nationwide protests sullivan jahvid reports. the masseur even his brother a no longer calling the shots after the campaign it's time to clean up in what in manhunt called a new pakistan. voters have taken their leader to the top job but they're already calling for accountability of those who joined him from the
4:50 pm
so-called old pakistan in an airfield. if they carry one the same way even after coming to power it will be really. imran khan must know this if he cannot stop the corruption and then he has no right to be the leader. international observers say they did not witness any military indifference during the vote process but election observation mission says the twenty eight hundred electoral process was not as trouble free as it was five years ago although there were several legal provisions aimed at ensuring a level playing field we have concluded that there was a lack of equality of opportunity candidates with large political appeal and financial means the so-called elected bills often dominated the campaign the opposition party said there was a difference especially when votes were counted a multi party conference rejected the results in the capital islamabad just go along there but this is theft of the people's mandate as those who achieved
4:51 pm
majority through this we need to accept nor give them the right we have agreed to demand a new fair and free election what are. the election commission insists that the election was transparent but it failed to keep its promise that it would quickly announce the official results in mankinds party has agreed to investigate allegations of rigging and fraud it also unveiled an ambitious hundred live plan when it forms a government the value of the pakistani ruby his stick an enormous dive in recent weeks there's an agitation movement brewing amongst opposition politicians imran khan's challenges may have already begun even before he sticks in charge of what he promised as a new pakistan summer job with al-jazeera lahore an uptake now from al-jazeera kemal haida and islamabad. late friday night debuggers donnie opposition. including shabazz should leave and i decided that day were agitation it crossed the
4:52 pm
country and formed a committee that were dropped. and they are demanding action they warned that particular election in ireland ward but there are different than the open ocean group. that now led by a younger brother of no why should he who are already in jail. a thing that he needs or did political party before he can make a decision on boycotting the family proceeding the president of pakistan of course will be calling that station one the body alignment that a complete idiot expected within the next week or so before d. independence day on the fourteenth of august right now the opposition a sign they did it why did an order on the same page on the independent can now touring their support behind imran khan and that mean that his position and becoming stronger by the day are used. to zero the number of
4:53 pm
explosions in the city of jalalabad in eastern afghanistan. reports speak about gunshots being heard off to the explosions that happened in a police station on a training center it's unclear though what the target of the attack actually is who bring you more details as and when we get them. at least two firefighters have died battling wildfires in northern california in the us hot weather and high winds are fueling the flames five hundred structures have been destroyed but evacuation orders issued to thirty seven thousand people are trying to say the blaze would probably burn deeper into urban areas before it can be contained many of the hold reports. the wildfire toole through neighborhoods like this one in the city of reading in the middle of the night fire crews were forced to go door to door officials used loudspeakers to tell residents to leave the wildfire moved with such
4:54 pm
speed many had just minutes to get out i drove up before my mom and dad. this is what i saw a spot. i don't know how many minutes after. he left the house but it went to police but he said he could see the fire. as he was leaving. and. so on somebody made it out and i don't i'm afraid some people may not. police say the wildfire was spotted by a mechanical failure in a vehicle on monday but in the spice of forty eight hours it had tripled in size and then on thursday night the blaze exploded and crossed the sec room into a river. you know the city of reading home to more than ninety thousand people was in its path five fight as a using the tim fire tornado to describe it firefighters are out there actively
4:55 pm
rescuing evacuating engaging and defending homes. scorching temperatures a full cast to continue as up the strong winds that offending the flames california's governor has declared a state of emergency in several counties as crews struggle to contain the fire is mandatory evacuation orders have been issued in some cities and central california the. ferguson fire has been burning for two weeks visitors to the national park have been ordered to evacuate with or she said the blaze is only twenty five percent contained. scientists say rising global temperatures are leading to higher risk of wildfires in the western united states the fire that cut a swathe through parts of reading has now moved on and some people have been allowed to retune. houses can be rebuilt i say but precious positions and in some cases much loved pits have been lost for river and the speed and the
4:56 pm
ferocity of the blaze made on one hand come to zero or further up the u.s. west coast in the state of oregon two thousand firefighters are battling another blaze they expect the fire to expand as dry conditions and winds fan the flames people have been ordered to leave nearby farmhouses. dozens of doctors and medical staff in nicaragua have been sacked for treating anti-government protesters thousands of been injured four hundred fifty killed in three months of riots in america at the sea and human reports now from the city of leone. students doctors and residents like protest against the government outside of the university hospital of nicaragua's second largest city but help me hello by all accounts will you take care of me now i have cancer and that just by the only oncologist. at least thirty five doctors nurses and
4:57 pm
laboratory workers and even cleaners received this letter friday morning four lines saying only that they've been dismissed. for taking part in the peaceful marches in support of the social groups and students against the massacre carried out by the. during three months of civil unrest doctors and nurses helped medical students tend to thousands of people wounded during clashes with police and paramilitary groups doctors say many protestors and even civilian bystanders shot in the conflict would have survived had they not been to do weigh in public law spittles. have the hospital's chief surgeon had worked for thirty three years. it's our obligation to cure the injured but we also explicitly critical of the regime's brutal repression of. doctor and that was once a supporter of the revolution but is now openly critical moment that.
4:58 pm
letter doesn't say why i've been sacked the director told me it was because i was supporting terrorists i'm not a terrorist i'm a pediatrician i save lives we were told the hospital director was not available for comment. they were brave and defiant but off camera many doctors are telling us that they are actually very bright they believe that this is just the first wave. would be followed by their arrests or worse. the dismissals here appear to be the first against rebellious public servants since the government began what it calls operation cleanup and the picture news that it has just begun to see human al-jazeera. it is the last day of campaigning before people had to the polls in zimbabwe
4:59 pm
monday's general election will be the first in nearly forty years without for president robert mugabe at the helm from nelson chamisa movement to democratic change and the african national union headed by president and this and went on that more than five million registered voters in zimbabwe see. percent of whom are under the age of fifty they will choose between twenty three presidential candidates four of them are women and they'll pick three hundred fifty members of parliament nearly eleven thousand polling stations will be in place joining us live now from zimbabwe's capital is. what is the biggest issue for voters. it's a modern economy some economists say that the unemployment rate here is more than ninety percent and there are some of the people who have come to the stadium the national sports stadium way to d.m. from the place and wait to hear what he's going to say about the economy other than
5:00 pm
my young people i mean boys from nearby townships and they saying that there's a difference in this election not so much as who's going to win but they feel that something needs to change in the country after more than two decades of economic struggles most involved in say they need some kind of hope some kind of light in the tunnel and then of course issues such as how some of the public hospitals don't have the basic drugs like aspirin that kind of don't create a lot of people struggle to get the basics and of course rising price of food and fuel just things that people want a truce they hope with the president shows up and if ya was time he'll give them some kind of idea as to which way the country will go she'd be windy lipson on monday it is the last rally ahead of monday's election i mean what are we expecting but i'm going to say in his final push. well this line is always beans the bar way is open for business i'm always open for business and he's been telling people that .


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