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tv   Senegals Sinking Villages  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al jazeera. and we shall carry on doha and these are the top stories on al-jazeera palestinian teenager i had to mimi who became a symbol of resistance against israeli occupation has been released from prison she spent nearly eight months in jail for hitting an israeli soldier who entered her family's home in the occupied west bank to me later to travel to ramallah to visit the tomb of former palestinian leader yasser arafat she's also met the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. and then of course i'm happy to present but my joy is incomplete because the prisoners are still inside prison and all joey won't be
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complete until they are all released and i chose ma to yasser arafat's great because we all have to continue the path he started and to simmons's and i had to name is home village of an obvious allah. i had to mimi has in fact met the president of palestine mahmoud abbas and he said that this was popular resistance and he also said that she was an idol yes she is becoming iconic in the eyes of palestinians for what she's done and what she's doing now is probably more the start of resistance now from her than the end of it there was a lot of support for her here in a home village of course where should be speaking later but also right across palestine for what she's saying and what she did of course israelis will be revulsed by what she did taking on an israeli soldier who actually showed restraint rather than any aggression in response to what she did her mother has done jail
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time for filming it all and now we have a situation where she is declaring that she will pursue every avenue possible in the struggle of father has done jail time in the past before he went out for the reunion this is what he had to say i had face changes they made over there but i've seen and done this in a commitment and i think they see the adult as and this make us look for them this have been the cause of kemet and media. barons in the world would like the that would be like i had this strong facing any enemy and men i think to have a dog that like i had no must feel and so this is a battle of social media it's already been effective as far as the palestinians are concerned but of course it's used by all sides in this conflict as it is elsewhere in the world so no one is sure where this will end up but certainly it isn't the end of this matter. a day before zimbabwe and voters get to choose
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a new leader the former president robert mugabe has stepped into the limelight with a surprise news conference ninety four says he will not vote for his successor emerson managua in monday's election he's urging his supporters to vote against those who forced him from office last year we have had. since november a new environment you know a country. where you was rob for. free. police you can only relate to road. or negro. votes are being counted and cambodia's general election with the ruling
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party already predicting a landslide victory for the prime minister in san human rights groups have called the poll a sham the main opposition was dissolved and its leaders jailed or exiled today said to run shell monsoon rains in india's most populous state have caused the deaths of nearly sixty people landslides in an hour protests have destroyed hundreds of homes and large areas of the state are flooded iraq's prime minister has suspended the electricity minister after weeks of protest against power outages for public services and employment demonstrations continued on the sunday in a number of southern cities that's despite the prime minister hyder alibi imposing curfews and cutting off internet access in some areas. there's other headlines keep it here al jazeera world is next.
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in view still he could. hear this throughout or know enough to stand up and says. this will doubly put your sister the couple sankar sighing. that i'm sure the first center got a. diffuse really do we need more gas as opposed to shores turkey she wouldn't do call for a mob to come executed by saddam link a little bit deficit in the facility. to salvage yankee process which you did deep you don't cool like you need don't cool cd killer made bread more diplomacy but if you did then spell it is this dull political mess too don't know or don't could do the disadvantage of the city. don't you look at. what. says suck up
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and placed it will get more on the sets i think i'm pretty in period you won't be arguing with the vent don't ever question on this. system or a movie star says. we have a good finisher must still be there if it were not one hundred of our movies that the apostles have you would. feel an excellent double. figure because don't they. don't need to go where you need to get a book they don't commit to be put in is just your value but i didn't do all that i put it on the thing that was. good. enough the accident that forces misused to send you sin ago they'll weigh a book good to see who couldn't win in my story whatever not to disagree nuff said
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out a view of the. bill of fare they are. all to say but to move the story to there were not given day. you know in the us sean doll it dawned on doll of you decide which bus can he pull we see on the one didn't. it didn't look. look. what i. see a big deal but do we decide if your mall. want to the city to miss the city don't. need the boy professing to give. us your.
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needs you know and. says you know that's your. long dawned on his and he did mean to cut through and got this on to. the. don't you want it will be shut flood to get it but get through it but i sure. didn't god didn't need sankey's i see do it again problem. based don't. think about a body part but it may divide us in. math i think technique will stick oscar. and please keep it that.
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much anything in the show. a trace of alex offensive and if you want cinema show meeting but only to. an interactive city everglades are. there for civilian jump the semi i don't come to live on my show. and also probably a few. i did on sundays it is a. he said. on the diplomatic to say maybe if he. could get. and let's listen in now instead plenty. thanks i was going to be in the sun sink and the minister saying can't i said that missing. extra
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what you now mean i think that's i mean it's a funny comedy if you flew past the privacy part of the thing that there are of course you're going to be very aggressive plenty and then apparently little money or just order. out of my chair just something advancing through the demand in the. hope what the problem the content the poor but i feel that for a strong separate doesn't apply because heavy police department. about
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body. body. sunday best. then plan dollar for dollar coins are soon going to sign me until a friend here less than a gal in a. very easy to solicit it in bundestag until the flow sonny got. a mentor now was a week until two or. three in the cynically are demanding nearby kids that only put up at my post even. on a party does it say so early i quoted a little little buzz on canal i think the government allows. any plans to have to come through for navigation. live in my hear. parker. from the latter made this place and this
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includes in cebu a party this is a world. government. repression and finally. gave up a desire to have it. not that. it will be. broken. down when. to look at. joplin to put it into eloquence of what the republican national. committee gave up to get is a. new some want to have it might be all. we
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have on the. ballot in a little over. time we going to buy the body. rest of the law. now when it comes to music and. can prevent it happening. does it have you. they can make it easy but it wouldn't seem. sound at.
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the minute because. you see i've done to all that thought since the last episode is. broke the law is so. despotic you have a dilemma we all bought the flow you saw despite had been a good bet you saw despite it. don't often you know can you take politically nothing but we keep going to meaning to say god you can't take any notice of god on it if indifferent was going to mean
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that i some think of the people do you not but you know. the money going to one hundred. a month ago. i am. moment i couldn't you feel the. need to lean down. to defeat. maybe how many but it's been. a come the but it's been a honeymoon don't push a cord on the body be arghandab about it being human it would be. hundred practicing on some timid little league ball image of money it would be magazine what binny leg leg. it would be in your day to. they watch they want to ban him and if he got accepted.
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to. be likely to be careful if you didn't bother to. lead you to believe you said in my book you need more content than you were put she didn't want to be my partner not really the departed not really a sentiment to kind of even about anything in their community yet i've been up on the much i was fast on a man to be honest when you're an asshole putting up a lack of online you.
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i don't think our community the police to outlaw us to put them on one dollar a little our movie critic is if you need to conduct a synagogue up or put a guest i might a put it on my for the same amount you will put on a mountain in detail promising them all a minimum an individual. to do in the beginning because i won't come across
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a saloon they don't be given confidence to even cut them down. but to get enough money sussed. me out of them because when you are done with you are but has been no. or them be a little your country have come by me diggin you in just a little beat down and could just about as big a button sorry if you knew when you preferred when you done including i'm watching the nigga i'm watching that are the three of you some about the winning milling in the new monday when you get to begin with the new set of lies of the year caught up with us to begin anew so give me all of it because we do need this minibus a gimmick but it didn't change in the can make can get new you can sing about.
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it in a lengthy of the gallop with the cable leg it's a guess i'm not because we had the keenest to some of the people having to do. going to get it not to want that i. could even say that by. that hour if you buy it now it is a place for me he says it's a place that after all the little bit that could make an apple the laparoscope. didn't do i miss an awful lot of things that i know i blew an idea they're going to blow you the whole life. in that moment the one having to become one of the look at the way they got to be there in the feeling of battle mortally often neck and neck at that moment to see relating on a machine to them in the putting a. man
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. who. is what they see that image is innate in good and examine that are. given a midshipman on what i'm going to double it would be music. by aliens out there and i'm good when you do so i don't want a secure boss no look sander but now. when the didn't give me your board and over double that anything somebody had me after lynn well look he's
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a girl young thing with. you but i'm the guilty because we didn't need you. we don't really give you more women sally we buy no more nickel support you buy a new one if you must you buy a new morning if. you buy in the morning. easy on the money but it plainly can be movies you know in one committee meeting moment and people hopefully deputy. police again i will think it in unison but seemly news about your leg number one month or a week from monday we give it an easy. have struck out i'm just gonna glad you can name
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a blue room. i may have been fucked up again. began the fish. they leave. my dingy gigged need a new jacket. when i need to madame de morgan our ma ma ma knew that there's enough and then there were to. guard them and when you look good in the moment money money should i do. it i'll die if they didn't care to patients but all will be an appeal all the leg on it eleven e e c. look
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a bit of under keaveney is the people i see at a deep well saw. but don't give an easy deborah amos and is a i believe what you call a plain you. and . and. and. and. and. and. that somebody you haven't. been able to follow m m m m m m m m running them into the fabric of our own building over the budget i think
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but not in the now telling. them to run the run we know about the. run well you might know what my guy like and. why you need to get out about our battle than it was to invest a lot of you know you know what the better than average. look at the top of. the mean you know those who don't give you wish to do. their part i am doing the inside i'm going. to get you there for the new year the good people do things to. make it in the queue but i want them in multiple books by the multiple i would to do the. one. big enough it would need
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a new guy. they couldn't win at the moment and on being the value from a new uniform. would only become be. evident. they couldn't after we. began with dinner needed a good guy my mouth that i wanted. that you put there the most. moving up one that i've not been using the way guy for the looking guy. still going to be open want to talk to them about yes. to. this it's. good that player that link up with a good movie that i'm a genuine look up will be put to pull the plug on the new album multiple because if you do this it will go i know a ligament phina daniel. one we didn't finish one to break a mighty delay simply we would have been you know. i'm looking been in the system
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but it's because of this has to be will cause him to forgive me and believe he is going to demand your money you get. you to an on line. i mean you coming in if you need this would sibylline put on the body of money and money and money and money. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss no one tome. a sweeping association of islam with the violence easier in muslims facing the stalk reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live and love and moon the tragic loss of life
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twice a victim coming soon on al-jazeera conservation ease helping kick the stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chats at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow that puts. as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected and the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but this little of the trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats well the international police to threaten species. as amini as velvet revolution has forced the ruling party to step down you have been to russia twice you've just got back from brussels how are you going to balance the relationship between russia and the
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west amin is new prime minister challenges era. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories that al-jazeera palestinian teenager i had to me who became a symbol of resistance against israeli occupation she has been released from jail she spent nearly eight months locked up for hitting and israeli soldier who entered her family's home in the occupied west bank she later traveled to ramallah to visit the tomb of former palestinian leader yasser arafat she also met the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. then of course i'm happy to sit in prison but my joy is incomplete because the prison is still inside prison i know joey won't be
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complete until they are released and i chose ma to yasser arafat's grave because we all have to continue the path he started. some bob noyce former president robert mugabe says he will not vote for his successor and emerson and in monday's election the ninety four year old held a surprise news conference which lasted more than an hour his urging his supporters to vote against those who forced him from office last year polls have opened in mali for voters to choose a new president or reelect abraham abraham boubacar kaita one of twenty four candidates security at polling stations is a major concern after the killing of dozens of people in the past week votes are being counted in cambodia's general election with the ruling party already predicting an landslide victory for a prime minister who would send human rights groups have called the poll a sham the main opposition was benz and its leaders jailed or exiled two days of torrential monsoon rains in india's most populous state have caused the deaths of
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nearly sixty people landslides in the tar pradesh have destroyed hundreds of homes and large areas that the state are flooded and a nation governments urging everyone on the island of lombok to stay calm after an earthquake killed at least fourteen people and injured many more the magnitude six point four tremor damaged hundreds of homes and triggered landslides more than one hundred aftershocks have been felt. iraq's prime minister has suspended the electricity minister after weeks of protests about power outages poor public services and that of women i know the demonstrations continued on sunday and in denver of southern the city that's just by the prime minister hyder all about imposing curfews and cutting off internet access and some aerials those are the headlines keep it here al jazeera world is next.
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in the middle of the battle i'm not looking for the images of the time. to do not. if you can you're going to begin you don't the banks and violently when you psychiatrist when are you going to when you're not going to get done a lot are you getting your dinner money from time do you get down i don't know i know you knew i don't have to go to lunar a little bit and that's what i'm really just not going to you don't think you these are three of you think you can do a book do i'd be able to be a big market but you know i want to move economic ruin and some of them younger son among us i'm not there good morning you could be john lennon or different. when we did it would. be on the name of what. going out on the street demand that you might
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welcome that you're going to get to. make the best of. it out. to put a limit. to what a good deal looks like. a double to let alone ones are you going to give a good one and intimidate them to look to get. a muslim on muslim. you know putting it but they are not bad at all but both is at the elizabeth and i've met. it in a particular. form of them are not allowed on the little one when mom was with them but i know i'm one of the amount of them fighting on the block brought all that i want to coming out to out and get well you know to get me and i knew i was making at the end of my limit going to mom like that would look good in muslim them and not the mortgages but they can use the money because i think you're going to get
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that i've got a democrat here not i'm not going to that. neither of us and we'll move down the field to those who don't they have been indifferent by you would you give gentlemanly one for laughing a little and. using. the net to look good we didn't manage to find a pattern to use some of us began to have. made up the movies they never did time.
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a little family issue money money and then bang bang but when she finally you pull it away i went and actually deni deni human. toll only for how many danica buñuel fellas in the new group will to see a little they're not known in the year two ivy the new attendee them. imposing your comment in unison no can you begin an impulse indian it why been born i'm missing my moment on but it is somewhat more to us how they are but. mungo wanted you to could look one of the guinea been the been called what i meant in. the.
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book if you're not addicted to cool and. soon my me the new the new jersey edge. man i'm a top or top of. the new men lip syndrome look to nothing but i've. been a but instead if he is i'm going to not feel i'm going to you're not playing with a don't get too much you're not being unique you told me lead a little more equal to me. a passion my but when i'm sure what you want to do you will not get more time a thing you need can be miracle sorry. my going to have none me give me a chance a million euro. deaf butterfly. who would have why the funny not the leg of an equal to what i meant any. donica. union i need to see a getting see a dog and he's getting you see a. leg from the new when you cut the holly. knowledge to fit in no new
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number of a getting. it fixed you mom who was in and. got t. and in for the. gun dung it was in the you but i would have broke with it and why. why
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a communal healing man i'm. craving sheelagh you kavi let you let you let you let me because you golly used to be good to see a new about new see if i'm so thick and thin then sorry no sorry. to give the family good to give you good when you go the far but a dime he would have. you start a basement area actually of what bailey is really good you look how well you can look before you that they are young they feel valuable some where they can be no merely since up with computer books but i think my new here is a new simple your book. use of the native live in your head of assemble yet in farsi military key separately a prelude you. me and general liberal had only somewhat properly meaning so when you go a little movement of eight then it defeats to your low low low and you buy if you see and we give you the basics and there will be silence i will have anything and
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they know how to live any longer want to be very much a person might be unfortunate if you look at them. but you see. i took out a couple but i'm on the bin amid what i meant any i'm the fee i'm lucky i had to pay the science i mean what i meant and immediately they moved. the whole and begin to begin to gauge the quality you have to see. the good. but i haven't had it done i see gigs go down when you move when you couldn't. have nothing. to lay idle good to get
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a. good minute going to get. the light to meet new had to kill a game and just to get up disappeared. when you get there when it dumber than. i do when. you make your move and we didn't. miss a beginning you didn't need to get on with. it . i would give him. i'm going to give you childrens to conclusively good to see only our own children and back. in the times and where you've been wonder how many indeed we did. and i. can do it even know what an individual can say and.
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more what a. nick again getting in a cafe and you can see what i mean to get to the gloom of a family room album will almost i will then it does. i'm doing it we had dinner talkin to continue. getting water. and we had kept. well in the bucket but they did give it a solution because they were good in saying that only good. will again monkey good did get good they were ramping up again with.
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no not if you. believe. in.
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the. good. for them but. if you didn't. know we do. limit.
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money to do sort of a lot to get out of knowing that it's done too but i don't see any clinical. you don't feel i thought of something if i got an e-mail and i but i know you know you you know as you said be my thing when you go about it the thing is that i called me when i die. you. know what it is at a convenience when you make money. but now you've left. the game and you know you've been a southern sausage hot cynical but don't. come on what money might have been a sort of. don't call me i'm the son you got to decide it i'm going. to take it you're going down to face what. you've got to say and yet i'm sorry i want to.
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do good you need to do what. i thought i would have and. going to get you i did take the family move. i mean you know it's good to speak because you. are not for nothing that you were. numb down. as i make you feel. that i have been. i mean the problem plus a lot of not. broken down you see don i learned about about a. moral rules. memoir one.
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month on it meant to stop want. when you're going to go about in and out of doing window when you could if they've been. none of them against may begin to see in you might be i'm feeling the effect of this out to us i mean if a scumbag got a good number for money on. monday dunno but i do mckay made with human timid i. could do was look at our more data at any moment about it and anybody want to fuk up to the mood in the it was you mum later my loyal they didn't you been the mom or i'm marianne you been young don't be synthetic i'm not i'm not one if you do nick a lot of them want to do we are. going to monger
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a bit on mom i'm sort of being afraid of it because then as pissy when you walk out despite a turnoff he has got feet carpet for despite it on. when you put it but it's be a bit to kind of play your nap give him a good to get up which i son then demeanor don't begin if you do could be done by that got to good to be obvious the move would be more good than evelyn better but i can't pollute to slowly move back to lynn good will and you wouldn't harm despite of. a leg bogus in between you know how many more feel. and to yemen to be have unit of i was my view beach in a book memorable to have a combined. mind the end of a hard line new normal if you know the link in your performance upon it but out but out but out but i because i can but you do. but i'm not talk mongering i. am
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a good one preachin to look into my monger of. but of me to do can you do alone one in and when you go on sky mongery muttering of the neck of was my be your can if i preach. especially. on set video for a month to sue liz if they see lip clues it is was all along the way what would a frank come to assume this was will see a lot of money to buy the body. did to me own political system yes that means was what was the case and despite a. bulk
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of the lead up to live large you had a very solid dollar and they put his. well. before . leaving. the community looking. for a. cynic.
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in. me. may just. rub it in or. it can produce the. victim country be sure. to live when you. go. missing money one hundred million. but it's been. been in the. yard of dimmers think. more so there's more to. but sam ward saw the opposite of him do more.
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who could have got that he done passed or not in for me you see a paedophile yes under me who is eighty six but he yeah the number began special on down the middle for me to see his own levy's body done up and. lulu. simple got their legs on it didn't see this all see ya you knew bill generous soon to support bust you don't but you did try the song party of one temple i list the negative very little on this by the light you simply gone to make some person defeat the evil bus a problem and until i'm more ok in with it i need. a sufi number of those who believe to secure on the zip a sticky so to do pray or be a yes i think you want this up it would be id may come in that them it's not you so
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in depopulation. to me if you ask if you call mass up at this activity to develop it is open the bottle. to swim is not for. this to sue never to some reporters have a microphone. a little crop are present. separate is disallowed to this effect to talk to the media extraordinaire put them be put in p.r. and development on a community system have a say media are. come on man his actual true vision is a matter of perception is a great. example of the adage akasha and that's something i like you could do in the future and you might bear. in
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a compound. out of secularism you know biting me presenting it or you know paid me for my show you know the purposes of a man and play. them when condemning. them on the same money. other. than as a she didn't and i. do plan to like you give. me the amount. will a little. closer but i don't wanna pull the lever needed to just. go past. it just made up of an. eleven needed. to be. neat but it. could be ended up at that but that's the deeper that stone up in the book is measured by somebody but it's obvious that
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country. the phoenix in u.b.c. they came only them was feeling to be suggested by moments of a kind of might cut to. a maniac out or pull a leg a we need to find it in human scum ahead of them and then apostle paul doubles the amount of on a mob and then when did what fun it a scuffle for some of us is a pit. in my face i'm in my own fully open.
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so what you see there is to me seven hours after being freed from spending nearly
3:57 pm
eight months in an israeli jail she is back in her hometown of the sala flanked there by her parents who are with her if she's going to address the media and take questions as well to remind you again eight nearly eight months in jail for slapping an israeli soldier she is become a symbol of resistance to the occupation that is her father and her mother mary ma on her side she was actually sixteen when she was locked up in an israeli jail now seventeen years old and do we have translation for her father right now. in this thank you very much we wish we will be to get. the word. we will be. to put an end to this
3:58 pm
occupation so we will start the preserve and with q. . standing the situation thank you very much. when. i wrote all. the others. we're brothers. we need your questions to be short. direct and we don't need to lead really big was journalist so as not to put pressure on her. to get all the
3:59 pm
information hopefully you will only be able to get what you want thank you very much she will talk at the very beginning to we'll talk about the very beginning. and. thank you for coming today i mean it's been a very stressful and tiring day for the meeting family and their friends and many of the members of the media that thank you for your understanding and patience the best you know these arrangements and me greatly appreciate your cooperation on it that it will read out statements and then there will be time for questions at the end of the house. and there will be translation as well jane the statements. that.
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are in the article you write with. your rhythm with the one hundred. and we. can. use one. just to remind you of what we are waiting for this is the seventeen year old head to mimi who has just been all misstatements in an israeli jail locked up when she was sixteen for slapping an israeli soldier she's going to be addressing the media with her family she's been out for about seven hours now has made a couple of stops one being the grave of yasser arafat she's also met with mahmoud abbas and now her mother and father abbas in are sitting with her they're going to make some statements and then afterwards the media will be able to address them and basically what they're doing now is just telling the.


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