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i know that the bomb with the missile i'm not. denounced by israel hailed as a symbol of resistance for palestinians teenager i had tommy needs jail. welcome to the program i'm joe and all this is al jazeera live from london also coming up zimbabwe's ousted president robert mugabe gives his backing to the opposition a day before monday's historic vote. the polls have closed in mali where president abraham cato's bid to win another term hangs in the balance. and thousands of firefighters battled what being described as flaming tornadoes in northern california.
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the palestinian teenager who became a symbol of resistance against the israeli occupation has been freed from jail seventeen year old had to tommy was jailed for slapping and kicking an israeli soldier images and footage of the incident live streamed by her mother went viral on social media and the internet she's now back home and she remains defiant and her simmons house the story from nabil sala in the occupied west bank. released from a jail term that's much the same as hundreds served by young palestinians every year but the case of i had to mimi is profoundly different tasting freedom with a man who shared jail time with greeted by her father's she's already being revealed by palestinians as an icon of resistance to the occupation. dog at the bottom of the lot i was subjected to many violations during the interrogation the end. arrogated used bad words also i have the right to have
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a famous soldier during interrogation i never got that in the three interrogation sessions instead of one interrogator there were two they interrogated me for long hours in my plans for the future to continue my university studies and study law to raise my country's cause in international forums and to speak about the prisoner's case to the whole world and in the international courts. she went to jail because of this slapping an israeli soldier filmed by her mother and the video went viral on the internet then i had was arrested and her mother was also detained legally i had to mimi is still a child her seventeenth birthday came during her time in jail the father who spent most of his life as an activist with several prison terms says he is both proud and sad i had lost her childhood. the image of she can't live normally
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i feel i feel some type guilty because we can't in the basin and it's become of the do it and that is what the wars and her father is probably right when he talks about his daughter's life changing for good at the heart of it all is social media the battle over imagery and symbolism. here the conversation is about how i had to mimi who promote the palestinian cool's she's known nothing beyond israeli soldiers entering her community in her home as they like and she is empowered i wouldn't say hero but she is definitely empowered in a sense that she was forced to become older and a lot more brave than her age necessitates and other communities around the world palestinians on the israeli security forces keeping a constant watch on this small village will expect more defiance from had to me her jail sentence is more likely the beginning not the end of the protest action andrew
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simmons al-jazeera the seller in the occupied west bank well andrew spoke to me about her ordeal evident then through a geisha and was really hard i was subject to sever violations the interrogator used scene words to me i'm against there were no female soldiers there and i have a right to that i had two male into gaiters questioning me also as a minor they didn't have a range for a family member to be there which was my rights so what are your plans now. anything i can do to deliver the message of palestine to do for my country will leave a positive mark a sight and make me optimistic of course no palestinian spirit in every palestinian house there's a prisoner a martyr or only the person i'm not the only people are describing you as an icon do you intend to take up politics perhaps and. maybe with time when i'm able i might think about the coming couple of this and at some point. israel's cabinet
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discussed to me ms release the agriculture minister called her a terrorist. i think israel acts too mercifully with these types of terrorists and all this israel should treat harshly those who hit its soldiers we can't have a situation where there is no deterrence lack of deterrence leads to that reality we see now you can change that we must change that in our boat loaded with aid for gaza has been intercepted by the israeli navy and is being escorted to the port city of ashdod it was one of two boats attempting to break the twelve year blockade of gaza by israel and egypt it set off from palermo in italy a week ago carrying twenty two people including some israeli citizens charles stratford has more now from a dog. the israeli ministry released a statement saying that the navy had intercepted this vessel because it was trying to violate what it describes as the illegal blockade on gaza it said that the navy
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had been monitoring and indeed the interception of this vessel was carried out according to international law it was around about the same time that the old when a zation responsible for this flotilla put out a statement calling on the governments of the various people on board to act immediately now the organization the international freedom flotilla coalition says that it was fully aware that there was a very strong chomps that israel was going to do this that israel was going to stop this flotilla from reaching but he said it was important that it was done anyway as a means of trying to highlight the suffering of the gazans on the international stage and i have just come from gaza today and trying to describe the conditions for the two million people living there is very very difficult fifty percent of the population living in under the poverty line around fifty percent unemployed not
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enough fuel to power for example sewerage plants rule sewage flowing into the sea when you speak to the people of gaza you understand how desperate they have become they feel completely isolated. ignored by the international community let down by the palestinian leadership in ramallah. and when you see the protests that we've seen for the last eighteen weeks along the gaza border fence that the. that shows you just how desperate these people are one hundred fifty more than one hundred fifty people killed in those protests so as i say the aim all of the according to the organization that has put it together is to highlight some of those terrible issues for the almost two million people living in gaza today. well it's not the first on the activists have attempted to break the blockade of gaza by israel or than thirty vessels of made the journey across the mediterranean sea over
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the past ten years stephanie decker has more from gaza. the so-called freedom flotilla sailed from italy just over a week ago a host of international activists on board all with one aim to reach gaza symbolically breaking israel's navy blockade and bringing with them thousands of dollars worth of much needed medical supplies and. what happened today is that the flotilla was fifty nautical miles from gaza's waters in the israeli navy came and asked them to return they refused and insisted to continue the navy then seize the boat the activists on board were hoping to reach gaza after sunset and if they had they would have received a huge welcome but as expected they haven't been allowed to get anywhere close they've been intercepted by the israeli navy and taken to the israeli port of ashdod thirty one boats have been used by international activists to try to break israeli naval blockade over the last ten years the only time they managed was back when they started in two thousand and eight since then every single one has been
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intercepted by the israeli navy its passengers detained and deported the most controversial attempt was in twenty ten israeli forces stormed the mavi marmara and opened fire killing ten and wounding many more israeli troops say the passengers attack than the controversy in protests which followed calls turkey to withdraw its ambassador from tel aviv and expelled israelis from ankara it was six years before diplomatic ties were restored and israel agreed to pay compensation to the families of the dead subsequent patellas of escaped attack but not interception despite most activists knowing that the israeli navy will never allow their boats to reach gaza they say they will continue to try in order to raise awareness of israel seach stephanie decker al-jazeera gaza. to zimbabwe now where opposition leader nelson chamisa has been reported to the
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police for holding an unlawful press conference on the eve of monday's election when campaigning is not allowed. to received an endorsement from an unlikely source former president robert mugabe who said he was the only viable candidate son of p.f. leader and current president. has accused the pair of striking a deal from harare a remote tussle reports. it's the second time robert mugabe has spoken to reporters since he was forced from office last november his reappearance hours before monday's general election was a surprise so was what he said he says he won't be voting for the real exotic vs the party he laid for so long or endorse his taxes i am assuming that. it's. very him do you see.
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there's. going to remembrance of him or for really might. like to ease. i think it's. the leader of the main opposition nelson chamisa says he welcomes every vote he can get it is not made. going to choose what we're going to this election to choose what it is we're going to be just so if someone says they are likely to have a favorable disposition in my favor we're mine to deny that. that will make the fundamental win that we want women. the ninety four year old says because for office by the artist was unconstitutional it is one of the last of this generation
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in african literature that has supported things that are in the really hot seat and on what is this could influence how some people vote. and the opposition alliance have pulled in relatively large crowds at campaign rallies some analysts say monday's election could be a tight race that was a major weakness might be the fact that he may have some people supporters to be sympathetic to. and that's for me not for the side for the opposition also on the other hand as a primary challenge of i mean you have to have a fire campaign a divided opposition but also not so much of a campaign in the rural areas of. president he's confident he's going to win and that the election will be free and international observers have been invited for the first time and sixteen years have seen a credible hope of helping international isolation after decades of political and economic instability. fighters have attacked the northern mali and
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city of kid firing several mortars including one near a polling station it came as millions of muslims cast their vote in an election that's been dominated by security concerns amid a growing threat from al qaeda and armed groups president abraham. is hoping to secure. a second term but faces a challenge from sixty eight year old similar see say with all the latest from the capital bamako his muhammad. voting has been going on small city throughout the day sunday here in the modern cups of bamako and that's contrary to the expectations of some observers who just a few weeks ago have been talking about the impossibility of organizing this election on should do and that in view of the tremendous security challenges and logistical problems during the last several weeks some groups related to al-qaeda in the islamic maghreb threatened several times to disrupt this vote and also just
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a transportation of ballot boxes and voter cards to somebody most areas where a big challenge for the government here so today the government can boss that some success has been registered some is events have been reported in the north in some areas around timbuktu the ballot boxes were confiscated by unknown groups a few cases of that happened and also some shelling on a un french base in agony hawk in the north but we don't know about a casualties if there are any casualties in these incidents apart from this throughout the other regions of the country no reports of major incidents happening today still to come on the program floodwaters recede in laos but the commodities hampering efforts to reach survivors following last week's dam collapse. welshman thomas hands team sky their six victory in the tour de france.
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hello there is pretty wet and windy for some of us in europe at the moment and that's come as a bit of a shock after all the hot weather that we've had recently but look at all the cloud that's marching its way across the northwest it's pretty soggy across many parts of the british isles the northwestern parts of france and pretty windy as well it's also not that warm a maximum temperature just of twenty three degrees is expected on monday as that system tries to push further east was though it will break up a bit so what will see is rather the cold day all filtering its way eastwards we'll see eventually the hot air beginning to push its way back northwards again so things are going to get hope once more but for now we'll see some heavy rain over parts of norway and stretching down through the low countries ahead of that is still very hot but thirty five degrees and actually many of us and the eastern parts of europe will be seeing the temperatures over thirty degrees but they could
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be a few thunderstorms around now across the other side of the mediterranean plenty of settled weather here so pretty hot in tunis though about thirty five degrees not as hot to him or bad here on maximum will be held down to around twenty four or twenty five this central belt of africa where there's plenty of showers at the moment lots of them through parts of sudan and pushing quite a long way north now through parts of chad unusual here but we want to heavy showers. i was in prison for twenty one years based on false allegations that just made in the last couple of years there's been a number of high profile exonerations of the wrongfully convicted based on police and prosecutorial misconduct you can check me for gun check much well i don't really buy i don't have any going to do nothing if the prosecutor is going to seek convictions for the sake of seeking convictions prosecutors teachers exploring the dockside of american justice the system with job and on al-jazeera.
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welcome back let's take a quick look at the top stories here on al-jazeera a teenage palestinian activist who was jailed for kicking and slapping an israeli soldier has been released from prison seventeen year old timey urged people to continue to fight against the israeli occupation. zimbabwe's ousted president has denounced his former party and the military ahead of elections on monday robert mugabe said he'd vote for the country's opposition candidate rather than endorse those who have quote illegally taken power. presidential elections in mali have
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been mobbed by an attack apparently aimed at a polling station in the north of the country five ten mortars near the city of key down so far no casualties have been reported. well what are being described as flaming tornadoes have destroyed entire neighborhoods in northern california u.s. police say at least five people have been killed by the wildfires including two children gabriel elizondo has more from keswick california. i want to give you an idea of how bad this fire was we're in the community of keswick california this entire town completely destroyed from the fire you can see these homes here everything pretty much gone the force of this fire is so obvious here and it jumped the road as well the other side of the street everything gone as well this is a community of about five hundred people it was a small town really in the mountains outside of redding california working class
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town and it's just completely gone look at this these are power lines melted brought to the ground there can see the force of this fire that roared through here and showed absolutely no mercy there are more than three thousand firefighters that continue to work this blaze and you'll see a lot of the smoke in the air still as well step over that power line. they're not letting residents back in here and that's the reason why is because there's power lines still down and the area is still too very dangerous for people to come in here it's still in an evacuation zone we're at right now look at this another example of the force of this fire just roared through this car here and this is a fire that's not even close to contained yet firefighters are saying it's so bad that they're really not even trying to stop this fire at this point they're just trying to get people out of the way because there are other communities here that
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have not been burned down yet like this one they are in the path of the fire and that's what's really worrying firefighters here. we're getting reports that unknown gunman in yemen shot at the head of intelligence security at aden airport kerry was killed when mosque gunman opened fire at the airport no group has claimed responsibility for the attack it coincides with a recent rise in attacks on government officials including high ranking security commanders and intelligence offices. iraq's prime minister has suspended the electricity minister to weeks of protests against power outages poor public services and unemployment. demonstrations continued on sunday in a number of southern cities. imposed curfews and cut internet access in some areas human rights watch has accused iraqi special forces of using lethal force against
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the protests those. three russian opposition leaders have been arrested at a rally protesting against the government's plan to raise the state pension age that demonstration in central moscow had been authorized by city or thirty's and attracted thousands of people the government's plans to raise the pension age for men from sixty to sixty five and from fifty five to sixty three for women has dissent across the political spectrum. cambodia's ruling party says it won a landslide in sunday's election paving the way for a leader who can send to extend his thirty three rule or the twenty parties took part in the poll the main opposition cambodian national rescue party was dissolved last year human rights groups have dismissed the poll as a sham while the e.u. the us and japan all refused to send election observers wayne hay has more from trump and this could have been a day of political change for cambodia instead voters lined up knowing there was
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little chance of that the choice was vote for a continuation of prime minister hussein's thirty three year rule back one of nineteen small opposition parties most of which can't be called truly independent or stay away but i came to vote because it's my right and my obligation every five years i want to see my country develop more. at this polling station in the capital phnom penh came so car was still on the voter list he's the leader of the banned cambodian national rescue party which called for people to boycott the vote this is where kim would have cast his vote if he were not in jail awaiting trial on treason charges this could have been a day of big celebrations for him and his party given they almost won the last election five years ago. the assumption is they became too popular so had to be removed by a government determined to stay in power. it is and our party
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so we don't want to risk about this matter we wondered what can what you can do for the future of democracy across town the prime minister voted early in an election that was dismissed as illegitimate by many even longtime supporter japan refused to send election monitors you know what. you thought of. easily but without any reaction i don't care so i'm not there an election year air. among cambodians choosing to stay away was conveyed out who won a seat in local elections last year only to lose it when his party was dissolved he now drives for a living and hopes one day he can reenter politics. i will never give up and i strongly hope that in the future my party can be revived through cambodians voting for it and i believe that come bowden's will provide justice for the c.n.n. r.p.
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with fingers stained purple for those who voted there will be no hiding for those who didn't and may now fear repercussions the government including the prime minister tried to intimidate people into voting even though it's optional another sign say critics of his increasingly all thora tyrian rule that will now continue wane hey al-jazeera phnom penh. emergency teams in laos are continuing to search for survivors as floodwaters there begin to recede official sources say eight bodies have been recovered and one hundred twenty others remain missing following the collapse of a dam in southern province florence reports stung training in northern cambodia it's not just laos that's been affected floodwaters in at a poor province in southern laos a slowly receding but the deluge of mud left behind is hampering search operations lower water levels have made some areas in assessable by boat helicopter flights
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are the only way into some communities makeshift shelters are packed with thousands of people who fled their homes they've lost everything homes were swept away and farmland submerged when an auxiliary dam at the sippin hydroelectric project collapsed on monday parts of neighboring cambodia are also flooded about five thousand people here in storm trying province right next to the border with laos were moved to safety on tuesday there's been no reports of missing persons or casualties floodwaters have begun to recede and the water level in the second river which rose above the danger level several days ago has begun to fall the disaster has revived debate about plans by the lao government to boost the economy by building dozens of dams to export hydro electricity to neighboring countries why the dam collapsed remains unclear the minister of energy and mines is quoted as blaming substandard construction and there are conflicting reports about when
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damage to the dam was first noticed raising more questions on whether the order to evacuate villages from their homes should have been issued earlier florence leigh al-jazeera still trying cambodia. at least fourteen people including five children have been killed in a strong shallow earthquake on the internet in the indonesian island of lombok or one hundred sixty others were injured when the six point four magnitude quake hit early in the morning in the news is government is urging everyone to stay calm step brasen has more from jakarta. it was seven am on the island of lombok monday earthquake struck and many ran outside immediately dozens of others were injured by falling good grief when their homes started to collapse some couldn't escape in time. to respond the neighboring island of bali ran out of the hotels but no earthquake damage is reported there longbox are also
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a popular tourist destination and nearly eight hundred visitors were climbing mount three johnny all managed to leave the slopes of the volcano safely but a malaysian tourist was killed when a guesthouse at the foot of the volcano collapse. no one but she was in the kitchen when the quake happened she was packing all of her stuff to return to malaysia. the quake or several landslides and the volcano has been closed to visitors indonesia's one of the world's most active earthquake zones and more than five thousand quakes are recorded every year after this morning's strong tremor what in one hundred aftershocks were felt causing even more panic on both lombok and bali it's the peak of the tourist season and many hotels are full the government is urging everyone to stay calm step fasten al-jazeera. a bit of sport news now great britain's got and thomas has been crowned tour de france champion alexander christophe of norway put
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in a super final sprint on the show's iliza to win sunday's final stage but the day was all about thomas the champagne bottle had already been opened to celebrate his ride into paris thomas who has now won his first grand tour becomes the first welshman to win the tour de france and the third brit after bradley wiggins and chris froome who finished third this year tom to milan was second british and it's team sky riders have now won six of the last seven tours. david chaytor has been speaking to cycling fans in paris. the thirty two year old welshman aaron thomas said fighting in self wearing the yellow shirt was like being in the middle of a whirlwind i will take time for things to settle down but tens of thousands of supporters have gathered here in paris to watch him make that final sprint for victory known to his friends simply as she is and the respect of his fellow professionals in one of those moving races in sports in the world it's great that
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the brits are doing so well in the cold fronts so that it builds up the support for cycling back home it deserves you know he's been. there for ten and through where games before him it's his time it's been an amazing race and just like it is every year in whoever works the hardest and does the best and doesn't use the wrong drugs gets to him but not everybody here has been cheering team sky's remarkable run of six victories out of seven consecutive races the only one. that's it and it's to battle through to get catch. maybe with net smart or maybe somebody help. goes on after an exhausting journey of three thousand three hundred fifty one. in kilometers those last few steps up the victory podium were no effort for government thomas and he'll be eating more the usual burgers and beer
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for his celebration. don't forget you can find much more as ever on the website w.w.w. dot al-jazeera dot com. and a quick look at our top stories before we go a teenage palestinian activist who was jailed for kicking and slapping an israeli soldier has been released from prison seventeen year old had to mimi urged people to continue to fight against the israeli occupation. guard at the bottom of the lot i was subjected to many violations during the interrogation first the interrogator used bad words also i have the right to have a famous soldier during the interrogation i never got that in the three interrogation sessions instead of one interrogator there were two they interrogated me for long hours my plans for the future to continue my university studies and study law to raise my country's pause in international forums and to speak about
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the prisoner's case to the whole world and in the international courts a fishing boat carrying aid for gaza has been intercepted by the israeli navy and is now being escorted to the port city of ashdod it was one of two boats attempting to break the twelve year blockade of gaza by israel and egypt it set off from palermo in italy a week ago carrying twenty two people including some israeli citizens zimbabwe's opposition leader nelson chamisa has been reported to the police for holding an hour nor unlawful press conference on the eve of monday's election earlier chamisa received an endorsement from an in-law unlikely source former president robert mugabe who said he was the only viable candidate for gabi is former deputy and current president imus and has accused the pair of striking a deal. votes are being counted in mali's presidential election but the poll has been mobbed by violence in the northern city of key del fighters five ten mortar
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shells including one near a polling station known gunman shot dead yemen's head of intelligence security for aden airport kerry was killed by a good mosque gunman no group has claimed responsibility for the attack and what are being described as flaming tornadoes have destroyed entire neighborhoods of northern california u.s. police say at least five people have been killed by the wildfires including two children seventeen others are missing in the city of reading while those where the headlines you're up to date now do stay with us though it's talk to al-jazeera next .
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year and will israel will be able to see. take a step and reject saying. that. the hundreds of thousands of obedience make it took to the streets and the resignation of media's president turned prime minister said she cites the use of those phones and later his ruling republican policy stepped down from power clearing the way for the leader of the opposition.


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