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tv   Senegals Sinking Villages  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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new yorkers are very receptive to alice because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. elegant pieces over here in doha with the top stories from al-jazeera a teenage palestinian activist who was jailed for kicking and slapping an israeli soldier has been released from prison seventeen year old i had to mimi people to continue to fight against the israeli occupation of palestinian lands under simmons has the story now from nabil salah in the occupied west bank. three altro jail ordeal much the same as hundreds experienced by young palestinians every year but the case of how to mimi is profoundly different with her mother now the man who shared jail time with her she was greeted by her father i had to mimi is already
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being portrayed by public opinion as an icon of resistance to the occupation who now let me give all of the body she spoke on a range of political issues including gaza and the rights of children in israeli jails to get education loans to examine the state and she managed to do after pressuring the oath or says later she told out zira she was deprived of some rights in jail to enter a geisha it was really hard i was subject to sever violations the enter to get her used up scene words to me there were no female soldiers there and i have a right to that i had two male interrogators questioning me also as a minor they didn't even charge a family member to be there which was my rights. people describing you as an icon do you intend to take up politics perhaps and. maybe with time when i'm able i might think about the coming couple of this and at some point. the prison sentence
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was for this head slapping israeli soldiers outside her home filmed by her mother never mind the video went viral then it was arrested a short time later her mother was also detained her father who spent most of his life as an activist with several prison terms says he's both proud and sad. must have seen it. can't live normally i feel i feel some guilty because we can't in the basin and it's become the do it and that is what. her father is probably right when he talks about his daughter's life changing for good at the heart of it all is social media the battle over imagery and symbolism and so this is the face the palestinians and the israeli security forces expect to represent more defiance to the occupation. that may be a start and not an end to her actions. andrew simmons al-jazeera the
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seller in the occupied west bank. a boat loaded with aid for gaza has been intercepted by the israeli navy and is being a schoolteacher the port city of ashdod it was one of two boats attempting to break the twelve year blockade of gaza by israel and egypt they set off from italy a week ago carrying twenty two people including some israeli citizens. so the media is saying gunman who shot dead the head of intelligence security for aden airport in yemen and that's a macair was killed by mosque gunman no group has claimed responsibility for the attack there has been a recent rise in attacks on government officials including high ranking security commanders and intelligence officers. to children and their great grandmother are among eight people dead after wildfires in northern california more than thirty eight thousand people remain under evacuation orders in and around the city of reading on saturday president donald trump declared
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a state of emergency in parts of california devastated by the fire fighters have attacked the northern mali and city of kid doll firing several mortars including one knee a polling station the elections been dominated by security concerns and the threat from al qaeda has been escalating president keita is hoping to secure a second but faces a challenge from sixty eight year old somalia sea state three russian opposition leaders have been arrested at a rally protesting over the government's plan to raise the state pension age the demonstration in moscow had been authorized by the city or thora says the government's plans to raise the pensionable age for men from sixty to sixty five and from fifty five to sixty three for women has sparked widespread discontent those are your headlines up next al-jazeera world senegal's sinking villages.
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needs you know and. seizing on the. long dawned on his that he did on catherine got this on twitter. i do think. she knew about i don't think you want it will be shut flood too pretty to get through but i sure. didn't god didn't need sankey's i see do it again. based don't. think about body people but it may divide us involved. i think to an equal say cost . and can keep it that.
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much anything in the show. there's a definitive open if you want cinema show meeting but only to due to an unfair t.v. everglades or. after five civilians from first century i don't come to live on my show. i will simply have to read the british idea of how strong it is a son came to see except my. mom the diplomat trying to say me in cash. to get. it and let's listen in now instead plenty. thanks that's going to mean the sun sink and the minute some saying can't i said mrs.
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extraordinaire i mean i think actually it's a funny compliment to say if you flew a privacy part of the thing you got there of course you'd learn about very i think a plenty and then apparently little money or just order. out of my chair just something for dancing. in the. hope what the president wanted to poor but i feel it for show separate those are the political savvy political mom.
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about money but it is not. about a body. a better. their bundle of fear of the lichens are soon raised on the sign of the antelope from here less than a. very easy to suss it it involved a tad until the flow sonny got it lost the antique a mentor now was a weak and didn't work yeah video. the sign we. cynically are demanding never kissed it only put up at my post even. on our party does it say so early i quoted the leader of a little bus on our own canal i think the government allows. any plans to have to. pay for navigation. live in man and here. to park. from the latter made this recently some
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good reasons to do a party this is a world. government. repression and. you have. it it will be. broken. down when. you look at. joplin to put it. in about a body so the s.b. gave up like it is a. new some want to have it might be all. we
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have on the. ballot in a to open. sunday going to buy the body don't let rest of the law. now when it comes to music and. can prevent it happening. does it have you. they can't make it he said but didn't seem. to
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summon them in the ticket. you see i've done to all that thought since we last episode. broke broke it's old but. you have a dilemma we all bought the float you saw this what had been a good bet you saw despite it. don't often you know can you take politically noncombat with the younger meaning to say god you can take any notice of god on it if indifferent was going to mean that
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i some think of the people do you not but you know. the money going to one hundred men when you were high. i am. moment i couldn't you feel the. need to lean down. to defeat. maybe how many but it's been. a come the but it's been a honeymoon don't think. i put on the body be gone don't nobody been human it would be. but league put a funder practicing on some timid little league ball image of money it would be magazine what binny league. it would be in your day to. day watch they watch a behind him and if he got
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a start on. the neck and likely to be careful if you didn't probably did. lead you to believe you said in my book you need more content than you were put she didn't want to be my partner not religiously to put in not winning a second term to kind of even about the feeling they're going into yet i've been up on the much i thought i was fast on a man to be honest when you're at arsenal put it up in the phone while you.
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i don't because i'm new to the police so outlook has to put the moment on a little when i move protectors if you need to conduct a synagogue up or put a guest or might a put on my for the same amount of commander more than one individual for missing them on their moment and if you want. to do in the beginning because i won't come recently what they've done to gavan cut
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that event cut and on. but to get enough money sussed. me out of them because when you're done with two hours but it's been you'll. be a little your country have come by me diggin you'll give us a full beat down and can just about as big a button saw it in you when you go for it when you're done in thirty i'm watching the nigga i'm a tree that had the video you sum up of winning the league new liniment if the new get rich begin to be a new set of eyes then you're caught up with us to begin anew so we'll give me all of it because we do need this many of the most a good look but it didn't change in the can make can get new person about.
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reagan and nancy of the gallop with the cable leg it's a guess i'm not because we have the keenest to select the cabal how many to. going to get it matter one that i could even say that by. that hour if you buy it now it is the place for me he says it is a place that after all do little good in that it will make an apple the laparoscope . didn't do i miss an awful lot of things that i know i blew an idea that they're going to get the full life. in that moment the one having to become one of the look at the what were they going to be there in the feeling of that almost to eat off a neck in neck and tell them what they see relating on a machine to them in the being a. man
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. who. is what they see that image is innate in you and examine the record. you give it a mere cement imo i'm going to double it would amuse you get. a good. balance out there and i'm good when you do so i don't want a secure boss no look sander but. when they didn't give me your board and over double that i think somebody had me after lynn well look it was
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a girl young single couldn't. be bothered to move get a degree didn't he. didn't really give you more women sally he knew by no more nicholas a book by a new one if possible you buy a new morning. you buy in the morning. easy on the money but it plainly can be movies you know in one committee meeting moment and people number one japanese. police again i would think it a nice one but seemingly news about your leg number one must really be a mandate to give it an easy.
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god i'm just gonna glad you can name a blue room. i may have been fucked up a good. deal young fish. they leave the sea she dug nicosia. my dms you get to need a new job. when i need a madame de morgan our ma ma ma needed to nurture now and then at the. garden when you look good in the moment money money should i do. it i'll die if they didn't care to patients who need a but saw it will be an appeal all the leg on it eleven e e c. look
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a bit defender given e.e.c.p. i see it a deep well saw. never again a must and is a only what do you call a brainy. and. and. that somebody you haven't. been able to follow come on m m m m m m m m m m m does that the only ring over the budget i think but
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not on the no no no no no. i don't think the romney line we know about about. run while you might know what my guy like and. why you need to get out about our battle than it was to invest back live in you give him a little bit nominate a look at the top of. the mean you know who don't you do with who don't why doesn't he therefore there i'm doing the inside i'm going. to get you there for they need to do they probably didn't. make it in the queue but i won't move them in multiple books by the multiple i would they do get. big enough it would need
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a new guy. they can win at the moment and on being the value for the new not. would only become be. evident. they couldn't after we. began with them then we did a good guy my moderate amount. that you put there for the most. moving up one that had not been in the way guys will be looking guy. still don't really want to go. through. this if. you're. on the look up will be put to you on the multiple because if you do this in a ligament scene a gun you'll. want to. come out a good way simply. i'm looking into the system but it's got to be able to say
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this would be me and. then beyond. you. mean you for coming in you seem unable. to deprive villages of northern argentina one man with a solution to every problem. for engineers says proclaimed inventor fernando. ninety four to seven ford truck. too small or too far in his latest mission he constructs a much needed refrigerator the drums and five board viewfinder latin america
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driving change. the nature as it breaks the syrian government with the backing of iran and russia now controls sixty percent of after steadily recapturing territory with detailed coverage what was supposed to be a summit between the two most powerful leaders in the world is taking things. from around the world. is a gigantic. six with no functioning local government for eighteen months. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. in the curious to draw. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because if i could just find
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a finger i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. preach it all be in doha your top stories on al-jazeera a teenage palestinian activist who was jailed for kicking and slapping an israeli soldier has been released from prison seventeen year old had to mimi has become a symbol of palestinian resistance is urging people to continue to fight against the israeli occupation she spoke to our correspondent about her ordeal. to enter a geisha and was really hard i was subject to sever violations the interrogator used obscene words to me there were no female soldiers there and i have a right to that i had two male interrogators questioning me also as
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a minor they didn't every inch her family member to be there which was my right abode loaded with aid for gaza has been intercepted by the israeli navy and is being a score to the port city of ashdod it was one of two boats trying to break the twelve year blockade of gaza by israel and egypt it set off from palermo in italy a week ago carrying twenty two people including some israeli citizens. saudi media is saying the gunman who shot dead the head of intelligence security for aden airport in yemen. was killed by masked gunman and the group has claimed responsibility for the attack there's been a recent rise in attacks on government officials including high ranking security commanders and intelligence officers to children and their great grandmother are among eight people dead after wildfires in northern california and thirty eight thousand people remain under evacuation orders in and around the city of reading on saturday president from declared a state of emergency in parts of california devastated by the fire the blazes have
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been described by some as flaming tornadoes fighters have attacked the northern mali and city of kid doll firing several mortars including one near a polling station the elections being dominated by security concerns and the threat from al qaeda has been escalating president keiter is hoping to secure a second term but faces a challenge from sixty eight year olds merely a c c. three russian opposition leaders have been arrested at a rally protesting the government's plan to raise the state pension age the demonstration in moscow had been authorized by city authorities the government's plans to raise the pension age for men from sixty to sixty five and from fifty five to sixty three for women sparked widespread this tent you are right up to date with all the top stories the news continues after al-jazeera world senegal sinking villages see you soon but by.
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being and they were. going on that she didn't want to you my welcome to the guy that. just. about. to push the limits. of what a good deal looks like a lot of. the only ones are you going to look good human and good image you come to look to get. a mob love with all muslims from the local you know putting it but they are not bad at all but both is at the elizabeth and i've met. it in live i think it was one of them and our allies on the little red monk with them but i mean one of them going to denver and then the plot brought trouble there to one of the coming out he wanted to get well you have to get to the end of the line and i want you at the end of i'm. going to mom like that would look good in muslim them in much the morgue is what they can use of the money because i think you're going to
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number of a getting. it fixed you mom who was in and. got t. it in for the. gun dung it was in the u. you but i would have put it in the why. why a community like mine
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a senior. sheelagh u.k.p. let you let you let you let me because you golly used to be good to see you and your new sea bigger. so thick and thin then me and sorry no sorry. to give the family good to give you good when you go the far but a dance you would have. thought a basin with a actually a what male is really good look how well you can look at the feet that they young they feel done here why they continually since separate from peter but but i think mine you hit it on you simple your book. use of the native live in your head of a symbol yet in farsi military key separately a prelude you. me i generally lip had only symbol properly meaning so when you got a little movement of eight then a deficit you on low low low and you buy if you see and we give you bass he said
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and there would be silence i what i meant anything in the now have a lovely little moment of a very much a past might be unfeasible to give you some pretty good up and you see. i took out a couple but i'm on the bin amid what i meant any i'm the fee i'm lucky i had to pay the science i mean what i meant in immediacy they moved. the whole and begin to begin to gauge the quality you have to see. the good. but i haven't seen it done i see gigs go down when you move. nothing. to lay idle good to get on. the menu begin to get it to light to meet new had to
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kill a game and just to get up disappeared in the gulf again when you get there when it damaging. because i know when we are. doing that we need. to make your move and we didn't. miss opinion you didn't need to get on with. it. i would get him. to give you childrens to congressionally get. back. to listen to what you've been wondering how in the morning indeed we did.
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indeed have been acquainted indeed. more want to. nick again and again nick a friend and you can see what i mean got to the groom. room album was almost at will. then it does. i'm doing it we hadn't. been water. and we had kept. well in the bucket but they did give because that's only because they were good. in saying that only good. will again monkey good did you get the ram put out again with.
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even going you. know not if you. believe. in. god much.
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good. for them but. if you. would fit them. in you'll feel you know we do. limit.
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money to do sort of a lot to get out of knowing that it's done too but i don't see any clinical when. you don't feel i thought of something if i got an email and i but i know you know you you know as you said to me i think when you you know about it then you then you think i called me when. know what it is at a convenience when you're in big money. but they know you left. the game and you know you've been a southern sausage hot cynical but don't. come on what money might have been a sort of. i'm the son you got to decide it i'm. going to take it you're
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going down to. i want to. do good you need to do what. i thought of and. a little again i did take the family move i wanted to say i. i mean you know it's good to speak because you. never forgive you know when you're going. numb down. as i make you feel. that you have to be. i mean the problem was a lot not been. broken down the line about about a. moral rules. memoir one.
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night on it meant to stop want. when you're going to go about in and out of doing window when you could have been milking this one of them against may begin to see in you might be i'm feeling. this out to us i mean if you're a scumbag a good number for money i do know i'm going to do now but i do mckay made with human timid i. could do was look at our what did at any moment a body anybody want to fuk up to the mood in the it was you mom later my loyal they didn't you been the mom or i'm married any been young don't be synthetic i'm not i'm not we're you dick a lot of them want to do we are. going to monger
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a bit on mum i'm so no bigger for it if it isn't as pissy when you walk out of this but a true enough he has got feet carpet for despite it don't do produce when you put it but it's be a better kind of play yep give him a good to get up which i somethin demeanor don't begin if you do could be done by that god to get you the move would be more good than evelyn better but i can't pollute to slowly move back to lynn kimmel and you wouldn't harm despite of. a leg bogus in between you know how many more for your quote and to yemen to be have meaning that if i was in my view bitching about memorable in front of a combined. good. money and they were all i knew in number if you knew the link in your performance upon it but out but out but out but i because i can but you don't . but i'm not talking. mongering i. am
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a good one peach and killer look into my monger of death but oh admit it because you do a lot of mourning for india and when you go on a mountain muttering of a neck gone or was might be your kind of a peach. especially. on set betty out for a month to sue liz if they see little lucy it is was all along the way what would a friend come to assume this was will see a lot of money to buy a body. did to me own political system yes that means was a little sneaky soon despite a. book
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of all about to live large yet they veered so not to slow down and they put his. because. for. the. cynic.
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in. me. may just. rub it in or. it can produce the bill for. the. country pitcher could. live when you. go. money one hundred million and then you might too but it's be. there in the. middle of the yard of dimmers think murder sound good. to anybody says more north more so there's more to you. but firm words on the opposite of an do more.
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who could have got that see done fast or not in for me easy a paedophile yes underneath was eighty six but yeah the number began special down the middle east peace is always there but least by the dollar. lul. will. simple got their lives when it didn't cease or see ya in a new billionaire soon to support bust you don't but you did try the song party of one temple i list the negative very little on this but the law is simply a ground of example so in defeat the it won't bust a problem and until a lot more ok in with it i need. a sufi number of those who believe to secure the zip is the key so to do pray will be a yes i think you want days up it would be id may come in as that them into its own
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depopulate god. to me if you ask if you call mass at their base activated a development it is open the bottle. to some of them from performing pretty says to soon of a to some reporters have a microphone. a little crop are present. separate is sister to this effect to talk to the media extraordinaire put them be put in p. and development on a. system have a pay to see me yet. come on man his actual true vision is a man. who is still be a great example at the end akasha and that's something i like you could do at in the future and you might bear. on
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a compound. for the inborn shows i don't think it is impressive you know biting me presenting it or you know paid me for my show you know i'm paid to deposit eminem. here and wink at him in advance for money it's a money. i'm a. dunce of he didn't grow up on paul and i. do plan to like it good to be. me. these. people a little. but don't wanna put the love needed to doesn't. it doesn't it yeah but of an. eleven needed. to be. neat but it. could be ended up with that but that is the deeper that stone up in the book mess about somebody but it's obvious that i come together but
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that is a valid could. be shallow or not are not all good to see just t.c. and for me. it is it is sort of the shell of. the phoenix in u.b.c. take him only when you be suggestible on with some kind of my touch. we need to find out if it you know once again scott minute of the mountain apostle paul the telemarketing that went outside it in a similar sort of skiffy to my family my own family.
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i wasn't worth even twenty one years based on false allegations that just made in the last couple of years there's been a number of high profile exonerations of the wrongfully convicted based on police and prosecutorial misconduct you can check me for gun check much well out into any but i haven't been to do enough and if the prosecutor is going to seek convictions for the sake of seeking convictions prosecutors teachers exploring the dockside of american justice the system with job and on al-jazeera. hello there wildfires are still raging for us in california most of the five in the north of california away from this area of cloud here which is a shame because this may have helped us to dampen down the fires somewhat as it is we're just seeing some very heavy downpours just on the mexico u.s.
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border some of them very very heavy indeed towards the north a fine and dry for many of us here and it's further east where we've got plenty more in the way of what weather the eastern part has been very wet over the past few weeks now and that does stretch down into florida where it's wet still so generally for us even as we head through tuesday more in the way of thunderstorms some of them could turn out severe and bring us some payoff and damaging gusts of wind as well even further towards the south and there's the shower there are florida also over parts of the bahamas and into cuba we've also seen some particularly heavy outbreaks of rain just worked their way through the yucatan peninsula and down towards the west and along this western coast it's going to be wet again as we head through monday with also some persistent rain through panama and up into parts of nicaragua as we head down towards south america it's cool for some of us at the moment one is always only struggling to around thirteen degrees and if you think that's a bit cool or wait till tuesday we'll only be getting to eleven is for me but wet
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in rio. capturing a moment in time snapshots of the lives of the stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's one. inspiring documentary from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to the. sacrifices that. is going to be so this to. us on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for others here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know very. liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't
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feel inferior to the audience across the globe. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes in cambodia the ruling party claims victory in the election and critics are calling a show. the teenager who became a symbol of palestinian resistance is freed from an israeli prison. as voters in zimbabwe prepared to go to the polls a voice from the past.


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