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tv   Senegals Sinking Villages  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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and abuse the ranger aren't just the world's largest group of stateless people they're also among the world's most persecuted minorities. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has surprised everyone by saying that he'd be willing to meet iranian president hassan rouhani at any time and without any preconditions and fishes the story. the u.s. president's surprise offer came during a news conference at the white house with italy's prime minister no preconditions no they want to meet only any time they want. any time they want the u.s. spy lifted the deal is signed with iran and its international partners when president trump announced in may the u.s. was pulling out even though there was no indication iran was in breach this was
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a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made he don't get for months it was a terrible deal and both to scrap it when he became president his offer to talk with iran's president well threw up many more questions and local conditions means that he's ready to sign on the dotted line so to speak with the iranians so will that be acceptable to the region to the powers in the region to the g.c.c. specifically saudi arabia and the u.a.e. i doubt that we've been here before they will be met with fire and fury donald trump very north korea and its leader before agreeing to a meeting and earlier this month he met russian president vladimir putin in all sinking at a top level summit it'll be interesting to watch the reaction to donald trump's offer when barack obama was in the white house and said he'd be willing to meet the iranian president he was heavily criticized by republicans democrats and by many
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right wing commentators who know largely support donald trump. one additional problem might be who would broker a summit with iran or south korea pave the way for the meeting with kim jong il in france might be an option president emanuel mccrone had arjan donald trump not to walk away from the iran deal during a state visit to washington is links with tehran and that might open up the necessary diplomatic channels there are voices senior people in this white house have been very critical of the iranian government and called for its removal but this is donald trump's white house if you want something to happen then it could and soon alan fischer al jazeera at the white house at least eight people have been killed in a roadside bomb attack in afghanistan a passenger bus was targeted in gore province the police are accusing the taliban of planting the bomb to attack security forces. there's been a bombing in the philippines in the south in lima town and city at least eleven people have been killed in what's believed to be a car bomb attack soldiers at
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a checkpoint are among the dead military level talks are being held right now between north and south korea the two sides are meeting in the truce village of panmunjom inside the demilitarized zone right is following the story from the south korean capital seoul this is the second round of high level military talks taking place between north and south korea since the landmark into korean summit of april they'll be looking at implementing some of the measures that were agreed then in particular at trying to defuse tensions along the demilitarized zone and specifically trying to reduce the numbers of troops and also the weapons that they're armed with as they face off across the d.m.z. including of course the troops who face off famously opposite each other at panmunjom itself looking at between those blue huts it seems to be one of the most overt signs of the animosity that has existed between north and south korea which
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doesn't seem to fit with the current mood of goodwill specifically the two sides will also be looking at the western end of the demilitarized zone and the disputed sea border between north and south korea which has been the scene of clashes in the past north korea doesn't recognize exactly where that sea border should be and it's hoped that they can have some agreement to prevent further clashes in the future there's been a massive turnout of voters in zimbabwe's first election without longtime leader robert mugabe seventy five percent of voters cast their ballots opposition candidate nelson chamisa is a main challenger to president. those are the headlines and news continues here after al-jazeera world station that's a much better. guns
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i'm looking been the same stupid as to be able to see the food you need to leave the band. you. mean you something you seem unable when on the body a bloody body and body and body. is based on false allegations that just in the last couple of years there's been a number of high profile exonerations of the wrongfully convicted based on police and prosecutorial misconduct you can. check my trust i don't trust anybody i haven't been to do nothing if the prosecutor is going to seek convictions for the sake of seeking convictions prosecutors dangerous exploring the dockside of
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american justice system with job on al-jazeera. when people need to be heard. but it's been for a few jomo soul is life it's not. a show and the story needs to be told we do stories that have impact on society i testify in the law to make sure that the bad guys are both behind back al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and on. the middle east's most religiously diverse country you still have you don't you just communities you don't have one vision for the future you have ninety nine divided along sectarian lines the confessional system in lebanon has destroyed the only real more and heavily influenced by regional allegiances and i was one prevailing over the other you have civil war so it's always this balance that said
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he kept following its first parliamentary elections and nine years people in power investigates the state of lebanon on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan and with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera donald trump says he's willing to meet geranium president hassan rouhani at any time and without any preconditions the two men have been locked in an escalating war of words of us and with drew the united states twenty fifteen nuclear deal zambia's ravi has more from the capital tehran. donald trump has said over and over again that he's america's man to negotiate a better deal with iran iranians have repeatedly said there is no really go shooting a nuclear deal that they signed three years ago and that is the point it was
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reiterated by a political deputy a lower level official in the president's office in a tweet tonight in which he basically made the point that if donald trump believes in talks if you believe in negotiations then he has to appreciate the process of negotiations as well and respect the outcome that's already happened his suggestion to move forward on what he called was a rocky path was for the united states to stop all of its hostile rhetoric towards iran and rejoin the twenty fifteen nuclear deal to join comprehensive plan of action at least eight people have been killed in a roadside bomb attack in afghanistan a passenger bus was targeted in google province the police are accusing the taliban of planting the bomb to attack security forces. there's been a bombing in the philippines in the south in lima town the city at least eleven people have been killed in what's believed to be a car bomb attack soldiers at a checkpoint are among the dead military level talks are being held right now between north and south korea both sides are meeting in the truce village of
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panmunjom inside the demilitarized zone. there's been a massive turnout of voters in zimbabwe's first election without longtime leader robert mugabe seventy five percent of voters cast their ballots opposition candidate nelson jimmy says the main challenger the current president. and syrian state t.v. is reporting that government forces are attacking isilon two fronts in the government base in a region that's close to the southern border with jordan pressing ahead with the offensive despite threats to myself to kill civilians on wednesday i still fighters killed dozens of people and abducted around eighteen more in attacks in some way the province in the southwest the armed group is now restricted to just a few pockets of territory. well those are the headlines the news continues here after al-jazeera weld senegal's sinking villages that's a water bottle. a
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never had. done it on that sheet demand that you might walk unless you're going to give. me just. about. to push the limits. of what a good deal looks like a lot of. the only ones are you going to look good human and good image you come to look to get. a mob loving all muslims. you know putting it but they are not bad at all but both is at the elizabeth and i've met. it in their putting it. on them by not lies on the little one when mom is with them but i know i'm one of them into them fighting in the blood daughter on their i want to coming out to out and get well you have to get to the end of the line you know when you're there and i'm. going to i'm i'm going up and that will look good in muslim them in my mortgages but they can use the money because i think it's going to get that i've
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gotten them to make it here now and i'm not going to have after that. neither of us and we'll move them to have the will to do so. they don't and if you would you give gentlemen a long one for laughing about this and. using. the net to look good we didn't manage to find a patent he says some of us began to have tests near the middle of the movie thanks . to time.
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anything they now have a lovely little moment to be very much at that might be unfeasible to give you some clues. but you see. i took out a couple but i'm i'm the been a mute what i meant any i'm the fee i'm lucky i didn't pay the science i mean what i meant in immediacy they moved. the whole and begin to begin to gauge i've. yet to see. the good. but i haven't seen it done i see gigs go down when you move. nothing. to lay idle to get
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can do it in india and. more want to. nick again and again nick a friend and you can see what i mean to get to the groom. room album we're almost at will then a doctor. i'm doing we had dinner talkin to continue. getting water. and we had kept. well in the bucket but they did give it a solution because they were good. in saying that only good. will a good man can get did didn't get the run but out again with.
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not if you. believe. in. god much.
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good. for them but. if you didn't. know we do. limit.
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money to do sort of a lot to get out of knowing that it's done too but i don't see any clinical when to do your own thing i thought of something if i got an e-mail and i but i know you know you you know as you said to me i think when you you know about it the thing is that i called me one day i. you know what it is a convenience when you make money. but now you've left. the game and you know you've been a southern sausage hot cynical. come on what money might have been a sort of. what don't i'm the son you got to decide it i'm going. to take it you're
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going down to face them. i want to. do good you need to do what. i thought i would have and. going to get you i did take the family move i wanted to say i. know. i'm going to ask you to speak because you'll. never forgive you know if you were. numb down. as i make you feel. that i have to be. i mean the problem was a lot not. broken down you see don i learned about about a. moral rules. memoir one.
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night on it meant to stop want. when you're going to go about in and out of demure window when you could have been . none of them against may begin to see in you might be i'm feeling. this out to us i mean if you're a scumbag a good number for money i do know i'm going to do now but i do mckay made with human timid i. could do was look at our what did at any moment a body anybody want to fuk up to the mood in the it was you mum later my loyal they didn't you been the mom or i'm marianne you been young don't be synthetic i'm an accountant when you do nick a lot of them want to do we are. going to monger
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a bit on mum i'm sort of being afraid of it because then as pissy when you walk out despite a turnoff he has got feet carpet for despite a tune. when you put it but it's be a bit the kind of play europe give him a good to get up which i sung then demeanor don't begin if you do could be done by that god to give you the opposite move would be more good than evelyn better but i can't pollute to slowly move back to lynn kimmel and you wouldn't harm me just part of. a leg of bogus in between you know how many more for your quote and to yemen to be having it if i was my view beach in a book memorable if i have a lot. of money and there are nine new number if you know finance about it but out but out but out but i because i can but you do. but i'm not on. mongering i. am
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a good one peach and to look into mangrove. but a hobby to do good and you would be alone in india and when you go on a mango muttering of a neck gone or was might be your kind of a peach. especially. onstott video for a moment to sue liz if they see little lose it is was all along the way what would a friend come to assume this was will see a lot of money to buy a body. didn't own political system yes that means was what was the case and despite a. book
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of all about to live large yet they veered so not to slow down and they put his. well. before. leaving. the community looking. for a. cynic.
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in. me. may just. rub it in or. it can produce the bill for. the. country be sure. to live when you. go. money one hundred million. but it's be possible. then in the. middle of the yard of dimmers think murder sound good. to anybody says. more so there's more to. but sam waterston the opposite of indo more.
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who could have got that sea done pascola in for me easy a paedophile yes under me was eighty six but yeah the number began special down the middle east peace is only by levy's body. lulu. simple got their legs on it didn't seize all see ya you knew bill generous soon to support bust you don't but you did try the song party of one temple i list the negative very little on this but the law is simply a ground of example so in defeat the it won't pass a problem and until a more ok in with it i need. a sufi number of those who believe to secure on the zip a sticky so to do pray will be a yes i think you want this up it would be id may come in as that them into you so
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when they populate god. to me if you ask if you call mass up there is activity to develop it is open the bottle. to some of them from putting this to soon of a to some reporters have a microphone. a little crop are present. separate is disallowed to this effect could have been their extra or have put them be put in p. and development on a. system of. say me yet. colaneri his actual true vision as a. man is a great. great example of the adage akasha at sunday i like you could act in the future and you might bear. in
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a compound. for the inborn shows out of secularism you know fighting the present into you know paid me for my show you know i did it because it i don't play. here and wink at them in advance their money is a money. other. than as a she didn't rip up on paul and i. do plan to feel like it is good to be. me. these. people a little. but don't wanna put the love needed to. go past. it does maybe a bit of an. eleven needed. to be. neat but it. could be ended up with that but that is the deeper that stone up in the book mess about somebody but it's obvious that i come together but
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that is a valid could take. on that i'm not all good to see just t.c. and for me. it is it is sort of the challenge. of the phoenix in u.b.c. take a moment to be suggestible most of all kind of my touch of the melody i'm going to . need to find out if it you knew months ago scott might have demanded an apostle paul the kind of marketing that went outside it a scuffle for some of us skiffy you might say i'm in my own family.
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one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would get what it is
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you know is that it turns out of it but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. to. the partnership. our little change at the moment hot and dusty will be the two as you just described
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the weather really from pakistan right back to the mediterranean temperature wise we are of course spread where we should be just under thirty in beirut and well into the forty's throughout iraq we need a fifty again in this area just north of kuwait southwest and saudi shiraz for example the breeze is consistent this is blowing every now again tocsin humidity into places like bahrain and qatar but currently gone dry but still dusty again so temperatures should be roughly in the middle forty's here little bit lower in mecca still saw shows on shore breached the southwest and picking up the edge of the monsoon which is correct a lot of cloud some drizzle last great environment the cloud extending elsewhere and of on suggests that you want to showers even thunderstorms up in the mountains in the east of amman this is not unusual but we've seen it just recently southern africa should be almost burned dry enjoying cold nights womanish days twenty seven unit is in botswana cape town's cloud could be increasing you must see
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a bit of rain but probably not much most is off shore you have to turns to in durban and twenty six in a sunny harare. the coca plant has long been a pillar of bolivia's traditions but its use in illegal drugs today is threatening the nation's culture. are involved because the regime. has made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry me malady my mother was strangled with the cable and brutally come with a pole because as you describe who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow will be n.d. on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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al-jazeera. is going for the hat trick kim. now wants to meet iran's leader just how realistic is this one. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up setting up for more syria talks against a backdrop of going. all in the international help the battle against a wave of wildfires in the u.s. showing.


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