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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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facebook says it has removed thirty two pages believed to have been set up to influence the q.s. midterm elections. hello there i'm laura kyle this is our sister live from doha also coming up. a plane crashes just after takeoff and north mexico but everyone on board has survived. south africa's president says he'll go ahead with land reforms which would seem whitehall is denied compensation. and. plans to shake up politics in the democratic republic of congo.
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social media giant facebook says as discovered a coordinated campaign to influence the u.s. mid-term elections it's removed thirty two accounts and pages that it believes a fake and creating divisions before november's vote almost three hundred thousand people follow the suspended pages on official reports from washington d.c. . the founder of facebook mark zuckerberg went to capitol hill to admit his company hadn't done enough to form groups trying to influence the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry. now as part of its continuing investigation into election interference it discovered it's happening again and so it has suspended thirty two pages on the platform and instagram which it also means they are going to be a hair trigger alert for you know for the foreseeable future so any instances that
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crop up like this they're likely to take to take action and then be public about that action the company uses artificial intelligence and human investigators to flag up automated accounts. you know only deal with the face of social issues aimed at finding conflict and upset. one page called resisters created an event a counter protest to unite the right rally a white nationalist gathering in washington d.c. in august it was found to be a fake group and the page was disabled and the event deleted it says it can't definitively tie this is spending accounts to russia but suggests it was possibly involved american intelligence agencies have been warning for months russia's efforts to undermine american democracy are active under a threat to november's elections at a cyber security summit in new york the homeland security secretary said the country is facing what she called a hard a can of threats let me also again take this opportunity to issue
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a warning as i have in other forums in speeches to any foreign power that would consider meddling in our networks or in the affairs of our democracy the united states will no longer tolerate or accept your interference you will be exposed and you will pay a high price facebook has been heavily criticized for not doing enough to stop outside interference in the twenty six thousand election it's determined that won't happen again and it says it continues to work with the f.b.i. to identify threats and remove them from its platforms. al-jazeera washington. i know free to is chief technology correspondent and axelsson she says whoever is behind the fake towns is trying to sow further discord in the united states and there's no reason to think it's stopping here you know we've heard a lot of intelligence that there's a sustained credible campaign being targeted at the midterms so i would be surprised if this is the last of it to be honest i think this is what they were
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able to identify now and i think also just when you look at what was attacked this wasn't pro one candidate or another necessarily this is just sewing the seeds of discontent and to the degree that that's the target that's the way that they're doing it that would require a much broader campaign these pages were generally about counter protests to the right so you have some people in the republican party saying look at the left so clearly russians or whoever is trying to aid the left i think that's a simplistic view i think the main goal here is to sow discontent so that could really be to benefit anyone who benefits from the destabilization of the u.s. that benefits from more divisiveness and political infighting so i think that's a much harder thing to pin but certainly you know it makes sense given what we know about the people that are looking to interfere with the u.s. elections a passenger plane has crashed in over mexico shortly after takeoff all one hundred three people on board the brazilian built on bridge jet survived the most of them
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sustained injuries and were taken to hospital the plane belonged to the national carrier mexico was on domestic flight from durango to mexico city government durango says the plane was hit by a gust of wind as it left the runway john heilemann has more from mexico city. it really was the great escape for those on board the plane in mexico that crashed just stuff that it had taken off when you see the pictures of the plane crash but we flames coming out of it really is incredible that no one died on impact the plane was heading from durango a city in the north of the country to the capital mexico city and there are around one hundred people on board now some of those after the crash were reportedly able to walk to the nearest motorway to ask for help and dylan says then turned up and took people to nearby hospitals some of them suffering from burns others from other injuries now there's going to be and there's already starting to be investigations
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about exactly what happened what we do know so far is that the plane was trying to take off in quite bad weather but coupled with that is a sensation in mexico of relief over something that could have been a lot worse. zimbabwe's president. and his main rival nelson chamisa both say they're confident of victory after monday's election but. say it could be a tight race it was the first polls and robert mugabe was forced from office has more from harare. the wait to find out who has won zimbabwe's presidential election could be a long one parliamentary. but the presidential will only be announced when all assaults from the more than ten thousand polling stations have been tallied for now also bobbies can do is look at the individual results posted outside a specific polling station the final official result will only be announced in the
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coming days. with. some. of the. opposition supporters say they are worried about vote fixing and insist they are ready to defend a vote. to say they are not going to accept a phrase that was a little girl to speak. to his supporters who say that. the main opposition leader nelson has won. i want to turn yourself. in the. world.
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why what's your favorite. first. but. the official results can only be announced by the electoral commission. the actual. civic organizations individuals and other interested groups. are pretty clear in that they will amounts was also respect for the provisions of the law ladies and gentlemen sure no one wants to provoke the ruffled. so into you. with both the rulings on it and the main opposition to see alliance confident of victory the stakes are high there can be only one winner and should all be a window be a loser. but zimbabwe as a country will be that will roll you know if everybody please their party well whoever wins must be magnanimous in victory and whoever loses must be gracious in
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defeat. in african elections often the stakes are very high and nobody has a backup plan for losing diplomats and observer groups say the race with so i turn out of seventy five percent is too close to call. al-jazeera. south africa's president says the ruling african national congress will push ahead with plans for the expropriation of land from white farmers without compensation so around oppose us as the a.n.c. will try to amend the constitution with the support of the left wing economic freedom fighters issue of land ownership is one of the most contentious in south africa with some pointing to neighboring zimbabwe's economic collapse of the land reform. the intention of this proposed amendment is to promote redress advance economic development increase are going to cultural production and food security it will also transform their unjust special realities
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in urban areas to accelerate agrarian reform. the c. has further directed government to urgently initiate farmer support programs in depressed areas before the festival this year this should include supporting farmers with two tractors fertilizers c extension services finance and access to key infrastructure like trade as found principal of tier markets africa he says this is a political ploy ahead of next year's election. the sharer is a significant move and certainly the political context is general elections that are that are scheduled to be held in twenty nineteen the economy has underperformed and not met popular expectations since several months ramaphosa was appointed
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president in february twenty eighth jean succeeding jacob zuma and so this expropriation without compensation is certainly a political ploy to ensure that the ruling african national congress has sufficient electoral support going into those crucial elections next year the political pressure and the support within the ruling alliance the ruling african national congress and its support of parties has really escalated over the recent weeks and months to ensure or to press forward with the expropriation without compensation of not only government owned land not only private own land but the white owned land in south africa and you heard the statements by president run the focus of these are identical statements that the government of zimbabwe enacted to ensure that they won their political base over the very difficult and challenging outcome economic conditions that that country faced and so while the elections are still
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more than six months away the pressure is on the run post administration the and the economic african national congress to ensure that these policy pronouncements are enacted sooner rather than later. still ahead hang on al-jazeera by venezuela's capital city caracas has been struggling to keep the lights on. and a new factor has been added to the gun control debate in the u.s. trading printed firearms. how little to say to change the weather i'm afraid from the east of iran right back to the east of the measure raining you know the score it's the height of summer it's hot it's often breezy and dusty twenty nine by route forty two in baghdad
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seems fairly no work to forty now in tehran and of course terrain is quite high above sea level so it's hot dry weather and the breeze it's fairly common in the northwest. quite often disappears is time of the year unless he would weather around the gulf states it's not at the moment such require it to drive whether the dust is further in than the middle of society's come right down to the south and so i was still enjoying that's probably the right word the car if that is leeds is hot dry part of the world across the tropics and down to southern africa where surprisingly it's quite warm in the middle of botswana you've got nearly thirty degrees cape town's increasing cloud might give you a promise of better rain but not a huge amount to be honest it's just getting through the dry ice time of year really does get cold at night but not quite frosty not for the most part now back in tropical africa received significant rain recently in sudan and south sudan ethiopian eritrea and as you can see there is a long way north in chad right up into the southern so hard.
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when diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists reproving the barriers are built to impose division regional to sixty's instead of being an obstacle to dole is just became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera.
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and again what ugandans there has reminded of our top stories this hour facebook says it's found evidence of attempts to influence the upcoming u.s. midterm elections it says it's removed thirty two fake accounts that were being used to sway the outcome of the polls june and november. passenger plane has crashed in northern mexico shortly after takeoff all one hundred three people on board the brazilian built on bread jet survived but most of them sustained injuries and were taken to hospital a plane belonged to the national carrier mexico was on a domestic flight from durango to mexico city. and south africa's president says the ruling african national congress will push ahead with plans for the expropriation of land for white farmers without compensation so rather poses the a.n.c. will try to amend the constitution with the support of the left wing economic freedom fighters. after spending more than a decade and present at the hague congolese opposition leader is expected to arrive
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back in the democratic republic of congo in the next few hours that the has declared he wants to run for president a move dramatically shaken up congolese politics out of a long delayed election cover story reports from can chasa. was john pierre bemba's supporters all free to welcome people it's been ten long years they say and now it's time for him to take back his rightful place in the country's political scene. we are very happy many people see beyond the hate for all of us i have confidence in him because he's. bambery ties to the democratic republic of congo intense political times president joseph kabila has delayed a crucial election for two years kristen sat in tea and protests in which dozens have been killed by security forces many congolese say they feel oppressed corruption is high and the government is increasingly isolated by the international
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community then the supporters believe that only he can change the bad tight surely . you don't know congolese need. ten years in prison for nothing and he is still in the acts of the people. was supported by his rebel group tanned opposition party many analysts believe that still presents a formidable challenge to the ruling party they were fans of removed he added bamberg moment for the liberation of the congo political party headquarters east of what does that mean you believe that he is a change of action in them by himself in the coming days really to a little document to the electoral commission congolese law states that any kind it has to be in the country for at least one year to contest an election the fact that the has been away for ten years and still has a pending witness to. bring case that the international criminal court could work against his eligibility then were told are just zero that he hopes it does not come
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to that are you surprised that the government. shouldn't be surprised. that. the people in the. measurability. the government the right people to talk about it. it's still unclear if president kabila plans to run for a third term despite being barred by the constitution so many congolese are anxious to see who the ruling party's nomination will be and where the hopefuls like will be allowed to contest the december election catherine saw al jazeera. breaking news from zimbabwe where we're getting reports from the zimbabwe electoral commission they're reporting that the ruling party the incumbent zanu p.f. party has won the parliamentary election with one hundred nine seats winning a clear majority there they say that the opposition m.d.c.
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party has won only forty one seats and there are fifty eight still to be announced but they have declared that zanu p.f. ruling party is set for another term this of course was the vote on monday the first vote in forty years without robert mugabe on the ticket but his party has won again according to the zimbabwe electoral commission we'll bring you more on that story and reaction from zimbabwe in the coming hours. now an attack on a government building has killed at least fifteen people and injured fourteen others in the east of afghanistan two gunmen set off explosions and stormed the office for refugees in the city of jalalabad security forces fought for six hours to end the siege and a separate incident a bus hit a roadside bomb in the west of the country killing eleven passengers charlotte ballasts reports from kabul. jalalabad one of afghanistan's biggest cities and an urban walls are as torn as
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mace the department of refugee affairs for a conference on how to help displaced afghans they were targeted. explosions hit the compounds exterior allowing two gunman to get possible. events out of pulled off the market of i was sitting in my medical store when a gunman entered the refugee department might have to go out they started shooting one of them blew himself up at the gate i saw two injured people come out of the building for several hours sporadic gunfire was heard across the neighborhood smoke billowing from the building as afghan special forces hunted the remaining gunman the building is next door to the city's main hospital ten people were treated to with critical injuries. it's also just one hundred meters from the midwife training center that was attacked in the same way on saturday three staff members were killed and sixty seven trapped inside for hours. in the last three months there have been thirty attacks against civilians in this province that have killed one
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hundred sixty people and wounded nearly five hundred attacks in afghanistan extend to every border one at daybreak in western fower province killed eleven passengers of a bus and wounded dozens drove over a roadside bomb on the main highway towards kabul. yeah go from i'm going to i was taking one of my relatives daughters to the treatment of me our bus was hit by a roadside bomb or a fire on highway i don't know what happened to the girl all wishes now the government is blaming the taliban for the bus bombing but in the province the taliban has denied any involvement leaving eisel as the primary suspect the area is a stronghold for both groups they are becoming more active with more complex attacks and increasingly it's civilians who are being killed or injured charlet ballasts al-jazeera. there is a vessel envoy to syria says he wants agreements from iran russia and turkey on the
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formation of a body for drafting a new syrian constitution staffan de mistura says he hopes to finalize the plan in september he made the comments as the latest round of peace talks wrapped up in the russian city of sochi all parties vowed to work towards the resettlement of syrian refugees as well as a pilot project for prisoner swaps between the government and opposition. most of venezuela's capital city caracas was left without power for several hours on tuesday the ashes happened regularly and areas of the crumbling infrastructure but then read in the capital itself president nicolas maduro called the blackout sabotage reports. more misery for the residents of the venezuelan capital caracas. eighty percent of the city and some nearby areas without electricity thousands of houses lost power telephones were down and the city's subway system ground to a halt. we were on the subway full of people and finally it stopped due to the
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blackout we were half an hour in there we were suffocating. patent is either waited for radio overcrowded buses or walk the long distances to work at night and this is serious how long will this go on no one can put up with this there's just one person responsible for all of this i'm sorry to say but he's aware of what he's doing. he's referring to president nicolas maduro who many venezuelans blame for rampant inflation the shortages of food and medicine and rising crime the president blames what he calls and he said the state including the united states the blackout came a day off to power was lost to the congress of the governing socialist party have been assuaged which the president again said was sabotaged power cuts are common in other parts of venezuela but less so in the capital where fuel in this all rich country is one of the few commodities there's plenty of storage to say they're working to restore power as soon as possible hampered by heavy rainfall. there
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al-jazeera. has president donald trump has held one of his make america great again rallies and tampa florida is campaigning for republicans ahead of the upcoming midterm elections also spoke about several foreign policy issues. we've taken the toughest ever actions in response to china's abusive trade practices and we're doing very well with china very well and i have a lot of respect for china and i have tremendous respect for president xi have china but this is been too many years of abuse five hundred billion dollars a year five hundred billion we've helped rebuild china we can't do that in the iran nuclear deal it's our issue. i hope it works out well with the room they have a lot of difficulty right now i hope it works out well and i have
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a feeling they'll be talking to us pretty soon and us judge has blocked a company from releasing the blueprints of three thousand printed guns nine us states of filed a lawsuit against the trumpet ministration after it reached a settlement with texas based defense distributed to publish the printing files online at present trying to pad to oppose this in a tweet on tuesday rope runnels reports this is the computer generated weapon that's causing the uproar a crude single shot plastic pistol the united states of america will be the biggest exporter of terror. if we fail to stop the gun specifications for the gun were developed by cody wilson a self-styled anarchist as long as you have the right to keep and bear arms you have the right to make them in june the trump administration abruptly gave up on a years long legal battle to prevent him from putting the gun plans on line wilson's diagrams allow a variety of firearms models to be made by anyone including convicted criminals
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mentally disturbed people or children this means that more people who are dangerous will have guns and they will hurt more people with them in three d. printer technology machines extrude minuscule layers of plastic or resin that gradually build up three dimensional objects using computer patterns we asked professional three d. printer peterman adi to make one for us. consumer printers are available for as low as three hundred dollars so anybody that has three hundred dollars can essentially print one the designs have already appeared online and have been downloaded thousands of times three d. printed guns have no serial numbers so they're untraceable they don't require permits or background checks so anybody can have one and because they're plastic they can go through any metal detector law enforcement officials are opposed and president donald trump questioned the action of his own administration tweeting
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that the idea of three d. printed guns quote doesn't seem to make much sense but the guns may be less dangerous to the public then to the person wielding them in tests by the government firearms oversight agency three d. printed guns often exploded when fired they are not as strong or precisely machined as metal guns it could explode on you you could lose a finger you could use a hand. it could catch fire there is so many things that can go wrong which is why printing it is one thing using it is an entirely separate thing democratic lawmakers are calling on trump to overturn his administration's decision and are introducing legislation to ban the weapons but in a last minute decision a federal judge granted a temporary injunction blocking wilson from distributing his blueprints online the ruling came after nine states and the district of columbia brought the matter to court the legal fight will continue robert oulds al jazeera los angeles.
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firefighters in the usa to california say they've saved a populated area from wildfires that are sweeping across the north of the state the fire was diverted from the city of clear lake into the national forest at least six people have died and seven more still missing since the fires broke out more than a week ago and destroyed more than eight hundred homes and the space thousands of families that was on that has more from reading in northern california the fires are still raging across northern california but the cleanup here in reading is going to take months maybe even years in some cases this is just what's left of one home here this was the garage and you can see inside some of the remains are what's left of it you see there well looks like a clothes dryer a water tank and that's really the only thing that you is really recognizable everything else has just been reduced to ash and twisted metal just to see how hot
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this fire was this is the car that was in the front driveway and the back of it just simply melted away that's one thing firefighters continue to tell us that these fires are particularly deadly and destructive because they're burning so hot and so fast in some ways they are calling them a fire tornado that roared through here but look at this just down the street in this neighborhood you see green trees normal houses there were completely unaffected that just shows you the nature of how unpredictable this fire was as well but unfortunately most people here are not that lucky that their homes are no longer standing look at this one here the remains of what is someone else's house here as well. and again this is a story not so much about the homes that have been destroyed but it's the people's
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lives and livelihoods their memories their personal belongings all in these homes all that are now gone. and you can find much more on our website the address that the bottom of your screens al jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera these are our top stories the news just coming in zimbabwe's ruling party zanu p.f. has won the majority of seats in parliament after monday's vote the electoral commission says everson man god was party again one hundred nine seats against forty one for the opposition m.d.c. fifty eight seats have yet to be announced it was the first polls as well that mugabe was forced from office facebook says it's found evidence of attempts to influence the upcoming u.s. midterm elections it says it's removed thirty two fake accounts that were being used to sway the outcome of the polls due in november
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a passenger plane has crashed in northern mexico shortly after takeoff all one hundred three people on board the brazilian built jet survived but most of them sustained injuries and were taken to hospital the plane belonged to the national carrier aeromexico it was on a domestic flight from durango to mexico city the governor of durango says the plane was hit by a gust of wind as it left the runway. so that because president says the ruling african national congress will push ahead with plans for the expropriation of land for white farmers without compensation so ram opposes says the a.n.c. will try to amend the constitution with the support of the left wing economic freedom fighter. well one hundred sixty illegal migrants have been deported from libya as part of a voluntary program this was initiated by the un to ease overcrowding in detention centers the deportation comes a day after libya's coast guard rescued five hundred seventy nine migrants headed to europe at least one thousand five hundred migrants have died and the
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mediterranean sea this year an attack on a government building has killed at least fifteen people and injured fourteen others in eastern afghanistan two gunmen set off explosions and stormed the office for refugees in the city of jalalabad security forces fought for six hours to end the siege. says in the u.s. state of california say they have saved a populated area for wildfires that are sweeping across the north of the state if i was diverted from the city of clear lake into the national forest at least six people have died and seven more still missing since the fires broke out more than a week ago there are your headlines we're back with more news after walls of shame . in the last couple of years there's been a number of high profile exonerations of the wrongfully convicted based on police and prosecutorial misconduct you can check. i don't have anything to do nothing if
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the prosecutor is going to seek convictions convictions prosecutors dangerous exploring the dark side of american justice system with job on al-jazeera. in two thousand and two the israeli palestinian conflict was further inflame as a contentious border was cast in concrete. the following film first aired five years after construction began. as a separation wall. in the west bank village of. demonstration against the israeli government will take over ha.


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