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under investigation for financing the supposed to takeover of the city of messiah which the lie to pose a system of injustice kidnapping killings and paramilitary groups on the streets does not make you a terrorist. please stand behind of the law and his wife are among the scores of activists arrested and charged under the new law. the un high commission for human rights calls this a mechanism to criminalize opposition to the government the antiterrorism law contemplates up to twenty years in prison and or confiscation of property for those found guilty the terms are vague and broad even those who have given food medicine or water to protest hers or encourage street protests calling for a nation could be implicated. that includes her take his former comrade in arms. today a fierce opponent who preferred to speak to us via skype because she says she's
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received countless death threats are going. that's the reality we're living kidnapping assassination persecution. ortega's former deputy foreign minister who's also being linked to terrorism says it won't work. in this county. the lack of guarantees of due process is more worrisome than the law itself says a nicaraguan constitutional expert. the courts don't act in accordance with legal constitutional principles that govern a state of law but rather in accordance with the political interests of those who decide what happens in the karada but daniel ortega and his wife they don't hide it . or take unapologetic accuses the u.n. of being an accomplice to terrorist criticizing the law. was prisons overflow.
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you see in human al-jazeera. some news out of afghanistan now at least fifteen people have died and fifty more have been injured in an attack close to a shia mosque of. a suicide bomber targeted worshipers during friday prayers and a province it's unclear who was behind the attack we will bring you more news on that as it becomes available to our place in argentina have a rest of thirteen former government staff and business leaders in connection with a corruption scandal which implicates two former presidents and the chances of christine going to jail have increased the judge wants to remove her immunity from prosecution daniel has more from this. this the investigators believe is only the beginning with politicians and several leading business people arrested in a corruption scandal they say involves millions of dollars and threatens to reach
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the very top. investigation centers around this man and then a former driver for the number two in the planning ministry in the governments of both nestor and christina kitchener the movie that they get out i know she has been summoned for questioning he died in two thousand and ten argentines are still coming to terms with the news but it seems everyone is involved here i don't know if the businessmen share the same responsibility of the politicians maybe the politicians are more to blame but it is overwhelming we are already tired of all this anymore we need time to do an evaluation this is still very volatile it's still difficult to know what stormin. offices have been searched in vehicles seized all as they usually do have denied the charges or refused to comment the driver kept detailed accounts of the trips he made over many years delivering sacks of cash to the presidential residence and the private kitchen the home as well as to
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business leaders allegedly paying to seal big public works contracts here. also implicated in the form of planning and public investment minister who you are the beetle confidant of nesta kitchener and already in custody on other corruption charges some say that this could be as big as the car wash scandal in neighboring brazil that sucked in business leaders and politicians from right across the political spectrum this scandal threatens to undermine the argentine population space and institutions which they already have little regard. the white house says is ramping up efforts to stop foreign interference from the upcoming midterm elections homeland security and the f.b.i. say they're doing all they can to deal with anyone trying to influence voters or attack alexion software alan fischer reports from washington but in two thousand and sixty they're known as the big beasts of intelligence gathering and law
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enforcement in the u.s. in an unsettled appearance they arrived in the white house press briefing room to insist they were better prepared to combat foreign interference in the upcoming u.s. midterm elections the president has specifically directed us to make the matter of the election meddling and securing our election process a top priority just days ago facebook revealed it had removed fake profiles and pages from its platform and instagram which it also owns the head of the f.b.i. says this shows greater partnership we're sharing with them actionable intelligence in a way that wasn't happening before we understand better what they need they're sharing information back with us based on. they find this white house is particularly sensitive to reports of foreign interference given the ongoing investigation into alleged russian collusion with the trunk campaign before the twenty sixteen presidential election and the growing number of intelligence assessments see when
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it comes to interference the russians are at it again donald trump says he raised the issue during his summit with vladimir putin in finland he just said it's not russian but there is concern that this time around it might not just be the russians are democracy itself is in the crosshairs free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy and it has become clear that they are the target of our adversaries all of those on the platform say they are not seeing the same level of attacks on the twenty eighteen alexion that they witnessed two years ago but that election is still three months away alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house .
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it is time for sports now here's for elizabeth thank you so much we start with tanis an emotional win for former world number one andy murray in washington of course the squad is continuing his comeback after hip surgery marie broke down in tears after beating romanian marius kopel to reach the last state of the washington open the thirty one year old came back from being a set down to eventually close out the match six seven six three seven six at three am local time his latest ever finish murray will play alexander dimon our last really in the quarter finals his first final eight since wimbledon two thousand and seventeen this is just his third tournaments since having surgery back in january.
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well there is also a shock upset on thursday a second seed john is or was beaten by fellow american wildcard noah rubin the pair had met just once before earlier this year in the first round french open are open is there one not one but on this occasion would go down in straight sets six four seven six as you can see just how much went into the win ruben who has made it to the servers around wildly shoe appeared to completely fall apart journeying that match. younger brother alexanders of rev came out on top against older brother and defending champion nations of ravin washington to progress to the quarter finals the twenty one year old is seeded number one at the tournaments six three seven five. and kindness to corey's japan the canadian denis shop a love in straight sets to dance the quarterfinals mischa corey clinching a seven six six three win. then while pairs meltdown at the end of his match
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against marcos baghdatis has cost him more than sixteen thousand dollars the frenchman smashed three racquets late in his first round loss he was fined for on sportsmanlike conduct audible obscenities and a lack of best effort for fine handed to him by the a.t.p. was more than twice as prize money. venus williams the highest remaining seed left in the silicon valley classic in san jose has progressed to the quarterfinals of former world number one and seven time grand slam champion beat great britain's heather watson in three sets the thirty eight year old winning it six four four six six love world number fourteen williams will go on to face greece's maria the cari in the last eight. england and falls or has a lead after the first round of golf w.c. w.j.c. invitational akron ohio poulter finished with a round of eight under sixty two finishing with eight birdies and not a single bogey to take a one shot lead over ricky fowler and kyle stanley after fine finish of the british
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open tiger woods followed it up with a decent first round in ohio the fourteen time major champion ending with a four under par sixty six. i thought today didn't quite hit as well as i wanted to but i fought out a score today which was good and. really so like a pod well i delivered a work yesterday trying to get a feel for the ball rolling out because the last time i played it wasn't that wasn't the case and a lot of pots and ball yesterday and consequently today i felt really comfortable you know everything has to be right to drive in the fairway a lot to get myself many looks dirty to quote here there's opportunities hit a few shots real close he kind of others he tucked them in. when i needed to make up and down but he did it well as well so it was all it was all kind of jarring when i see leonardo but news he is returning to event is from ac milan after just
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one season the thirty one year old has found a five year deal with his former club was forty million dollars in a direct swap with mathias dharug argentine striker gonzalo higuain also switching clubs has been a loan to milan for twenty one million dollars the italian clubs also have the option to buy him at the end of the season england's future event is has been in doubt ever since christian were all those records signing last month. and a great goal to show you from the south american club football competition the copa seed americana check out this goal by brazilian side some n.f.c. junior who knows it's going directly from the corner to give them the two no win over defense or sporting of your gwion the first leg of their second round. moto g.p. is back after a three week break which has given world champion mark mark has plenty of time to enjoy his big lead in the standings the spaniard goes into the czech grand prix
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forty six points ahead of valentino rossi who knows he has a mountain to climb with half the season already gone. the second place in the championship. is quite good. the problem is that. i wasn't strong enough in the first bought. the these are. the big so we need that we need to work. and the boston red sox have extended their season high game lead over arch rivals the new york yankees and major league baseball boston are now six and a half games ahead in the american league but they got there the hard way on thursday coming from an early deficit they were down for nothing in the second inning started their comeback in the third steve here three home runs and knocked in six r.b.i.'s to help take boston to another fifteen to seventy three. and that's all your sport for now i'll have much more coming up later on but for
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now it's back here live thanks very much and that's it for this al-jazeera news hour the do stay with us because. with another news bulletin in just a couple of minutes and as always you can keep up to date with all the news on our web site al-jazeera dot com. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having that faith link to all the attacks even though day two of victims of the bonds the
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largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta i will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the olympic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe as a rainy and brace for u.s. sanctions due to get back in place on the sixth the bogost al-jazeera will cover the developments from town wrong in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human explode taishan system then lay the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the network of channels for the line is if i'm allowed to do it but i'm about to be fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we move the world dot com. al-jazeera world at this time on
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a just. once considered a war criminal now an aspiring presidential candidate in the democratic republic of congo. after his conviction was overturned by the international criminal court in the hague jumpier bemba told challenges their. hands. and the strike kills dozens in the yemeni port city of the data now u.n. health officials are worried about a new wave of cholera. logs a whole rob and this is out of there alive my headquarters here in doha also coming
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up zimbabwe's ruling party celebrates a presidential victory but opposition leader nelson chamisa isn't accepting the result. also chair through the streets of congo's capital but to. bed for the presidency is running into problems. i. am in to crush protests in nicaragua where the president pushes through a tough new law. welcome to the program a new fear for the people of yemen as the conflict between who through rebels and the saudi ambassador lie and strikes on the world health organization is warning yemen may be on the brink of a new wave of deadly cholera because of widespread malnutrition the united nations is hoping for a cease fire in northern yemen to allow for vaccinations the coalition in yemen has denied carrying out an air strike in a data that killed at least twenty six people the strike hit
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a fishing port and fish market near the main hospital who threw rebels say fifty five people have died mohammed is our correspondent force and joins us from neighboring djibouti mohammed what more do we know about this alleged attack because the alliance and coalition say they didn't do it the who thiis are accusing them of actually killing nearly fifty five people. yes indeed both sides say they did not. talk which came as a shock to the residents of today though who say that it was likely unexpected because both sides hot on side they were seizing all kinds of hostilities is higher than outside but they're there to give you and peace a chance that targets. like was a fish market very cool to power a hospital the biggest medical facility in the day that which one which
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houses depend on for. medical services now these hock also comes at a time. to pull out of really a concern about the humanitarian condition with the day that being of betty who holds for a delivery. that is going on in yemen indeed did during the three years of the conflict we've seen several waves of worry for the u.n. being subject to around the issue of cholera and now they are warning again that color is just around the corner. yes indeed the dial warning from both the world health organization and also the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs whose representative in yemen just held a press conference and it's a while ago these are going on day first of all condemned tuc outside of fallujah
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hospital saying it was shocking and the loss of lives and justified the world health organization is asking for a three day cease fire to vaccinate that residents of the city against the said the u.n. humanitarian coordination the coordinator saying. this seeing more and more people been taken to hospital with a whole lot of. the issue could get out of hand if the conflict does not stop now. doesn't seem to be the case us diplomats predicting that the talks being held in geneva on the six offsets and backward hoppin while the conflict is going on because martin griffith the u.n. special envoy to yemen has so far north obtained a cease fire deal from both groups well we'll leave it. to keep updated with you as the day progresses mohammed thank you if the spokesman we haven't. told us earlier
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that fighting with escalation of the saudi coalition continues attacking her data. we have targeted the ships of these countries in regional waters but we didn't attack the old time because all commercial ships this is our right but we did not use it when we decided to retaliate we will do so because they were the first to target the ports and commercial ships and fishermen on the western coast this is collective punishment to the people in this area they are suffering a lot because they can't and don't fish in the red sea of course we would like a peaceful solution not a military one that means we're here for the dialogue we are now evaluating the initiative with the only better nor the conditions then we will have our own official position but we support dialogue we've told especially on war from the beginning that it must be from inside amongst the political yemeni components in
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order to reach an agreement for a new president and his accepted by everyone a national unity government accepted by everyone and there must be outside dialogue to put an end to the war and pave the way for a yemeni dialogue because any dialogue that is not one hundred percent yemeni will never be successful and if we don't reach a solution the situation will escalate i think fifteen people have died and fifty more have been injured in an attack close to a shia mosque in eastern afghanistan a suicide bomber targeted worshipers during friday prayers and particular province it's unclear who was behind the attack. now the party that's rules involving for decades has officially been put back in charge but opposition leader nelson chamisa isn't accepting the results he calls them unverified and fake zanu p s m some of them going to go was finally declared winner with just over fifty percent of the vote but it took electoral forward three days to unveil the result and added to the tension malcolm webb is following events for us in harare and the opposition have
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of course rejected the results what wonders what's next. but i thought president nelson chamisa the presidential candidate of the opposition alliance rejected the results before they were announced they said there was rigging going on during the counting process and rejected them again after they were announced as well we're just outside their party headquarters at the moment we step aside we can take a closer look it's still under tight security there was armed police truck and two water cannon here and it was here on wednesday that there was some unrest soldiers came here and police as well to break up crowds of opposition supporters the opposition are holding a press conference he said it to be about an hour from now and there were expecting to find out what kind of evidence they got of the vote rigging that they allege and also what their strategy is going forward one of the options for them is to pursue a court process though in the past and opposition here in zimbabwe have taken
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electoral issues to court even if the courts ruled in their favor of the ruling party has ignored those rulings and other possible way forward for them is to call for people to come to the streets and demonstrate when crowds gathered on the streets on wednesday the army moved in and swiftly broke up those protests using live gunfire that's where six people died and more were injured so people here in raleigh might after that not have very much appetite for going to the streets again we talk about the tight security outside that opposition headquarter building but there have been opposition officials and supporters arrested what for. so actually we saw about twelve of them being filed out of here yesterday about this time yesterday into a police truck taken to a police station and police say in total they arrested twenty six people who they say are responsible for the violence that happened on wednesday so they're being
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charged with crimes relating to starting protests but opposition say that these arrests by the army and by the police are politically targeted and that the ruling party is using the police and the army to stifle and lock down. the the opposition's attempt to fight back against what they say is a rigged election result rigging that the electoral commission and the ruling party have consistently denied for the moment malcolm we'll leave it there until the top of the press conference begins thank you while arguments go all over the result in zimbabwe mali's presidential election set for a runoff no candidate made it to fifty percent in the first round of voting the election commission announced provisional results gave president ibrahim boubacar cata forty one percent rival. came second with seventeen percent millions of people cast their ballots on sunday but the vote was marred by violence at thousands of polling stations and some election convoys were targeted by gunmen.
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another potential candidate for the democratic republic of congo's presidential election in december is confronting problems exult opposition leader could be has been blocked from entering the country at the zambia border it comes a day after a former rebel leader submitted his bid to join the race catherine sawyer has more . john pierre bemba arrives at the electoral commission offices to submit his candidacy for president the last twenty four hours have been a whirlwind for him has been heavily guarded by police officials say his movement has been restricted he's not allowed to publicly address his supporters and the government has denied him access to a residential home at a suburb called condé in the capital city. the police are telling us that have been . residence this is a violation of his rights he's come home and should be able to freely move around and live where he wants he can just as police commissioner is in charge of security
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arrangements he says all this is for his protection but they will not allow him to go to court which is also a presidential area so. security measures have to be taken his home in goma is very close to the president as he didn't in two thousand and six he supporters clashed with the presidential guard and people we are trying to avoid anything like that happening again. and the electoral commission offices had to first register as a voter before filing his candidacy he's been away at the hague for the last decade who was arrested in two thousand and eight in belgium for war crimes committed by his militia in central african republic between two thousand and two and two thousand and three he was then convicted to eighteen years in prison two years ago by the international criminal court that decision was overturned on appeal in june but has just finished the meeting. this is the last straw and to do
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this before it is traditional next week some of the boarders have been here out all afternoon cheering him on the ground. i love the commissioner's all of a vow to move forward tonight to see. it took him hours to clear up with a commission and now he has to wait for a few more weeks to know for sure if he'll be on the ballot paper in december catherine soy al jazeera kinshasa nicaragua was present during ortega is taking unprecedented action to crush a nationwide uprising against him a new antiterrorism law targets students and demonstrators who take part in street protests latin america it is a lucy in human household from the capital. until a few weeks ago twenty year old leicester was a familiar face on the streets of managua had massive anti-government protests.
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as a student leader he took part in a short lived national dialogue with the president and.


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