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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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apology. venezuelan president nicolas maduro blames the u.s. and colombia for an assassination attempt claimed by a rebel group. i'm sam is this is al jazeera live from doha so coming up. it's a jewish state and the not the jewish we ask the government and all the neighbor members of the knesset to delete these still. led by the druze community tens of thousands of people protest against israel's new nation state law. protests over road safety turn violent students fight riot police in bangladesh. and he's
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still in prison and still one of brazil's most popular presidents of the silver is nominated to run for office again. but as well as president nicolas maduro has survived an attempted assassination while speaking at a military parade the incident was caught on state television showing the duty of being whisked away to safety just a few hours later the accusations began mike hanna reports. this is a live broadcast of the ceremony on national television the camera begins to shake and president maduro looks into the air alongside his wife's flinches as explosion sound before the feed is cut soldiers who had been on parade are seeing the in panic number reported to be injured in the blasts north are only investigation as
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evidence that shows those who had entered the constitution and for good are doing his will in the public. a group calling itself the last day for and their last claimed responsibility in a series of tweets this one with the phrase time is running out a few hours after the attack president maduro addressed the nation saying right wing groups within the country were responsible but also accusing the colombian president one manual santos of involvement in looking for a mark and i have to inform you that some of those who carried out the attack against me today have already been apprehended and they are now being processed in nothing more than all the they tried to assassinate me and i have no doubt that everything points to the right the venezuelan ultra right in alliance with the colombian ultra right and that the name of one man well santos is behind this attempt of president maduro praying to victory in the elections earlier this year but his political opponents insisted the process was rigged many venezuelans hold
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him accountable for a major economic collapse that could see the inflation rate hit one million percent by the end of the year. mike hanna. there's been a huge protest in israel led by the druze community against the controversial nation state law it defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language tens of thousands of people have crammed into tel of these rabin square on saturday waving druze flags and holding signs calling for the bill to be revoked the druze are considered loyal to the state it's the first time in recent history they've staged a large protest more now from andrew symonds who's been at the protest site. it's rare for the druze to protest in public at all and these are extraordinary numbers at one stage robin square was packed with people jewish people young people old
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people not only the labor and the other left wing parties of the trail represented here but ordinary folk coming in off the street have to listen. as far as the jews are concerned they are adamant that this law has to be changed radically or ditched i travelled to page junk in northern galilee to find out what the people were saying on the ground. is from a minority excluded by israel in its nation state law she's a druze arab and her two sons were killed during military service for israel. she makes a promise. that if this law doesn't change i will get your bodies exuma in this military cemetery and bury you in your grandfather's land. back home is her youngest son yeah i mean his brothers fouad who was eighteen and
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twenty three year old sylar gave compulsory service in the military yamin became a prison officer in an israeli jail and he says that experience changed his perspective he became a human rights lawyer and activists for palestinians in the occupied west bank. i feel sad at the plight of my brothers was sheered and trying for a lie in an illusion they may have thought the military would give them rights but this law just proves that israel used them like mr aris. the druze are in all ranks for example major general chemical abu rukun is the new coordinator of operations in the occupied territories there is no public comment from him any soldier showing dissent is suspended. we ask the soldiers and officers not to get involved in this load and to depend on us terry for and his delegation were given the promise of a new law giving benefits to minorities in the military but back in beit jan and
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elsewhere that isn't enough most feel nothing short of scrapping the nation state law will do you can still sense the anger here despite political developments and questions about loyalty continue to reverberate one of them whether young people will still feel the same way about joining the israeli army. this form a soldier's loyalty is tested measure completed his military service before setting up a restaurant business now he doesn't want his son to become a soldier. and it's up to him but now i say military service shouldn't be compulsory it's all a lie that we've been living for a long time and the nationality law made this very clear. bates jans dead soldiers make the feeling of betrayal here more potent more than sixty names written in hebrew and below what now becomes an unofficial language arabic one of many
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measures in what most people in this village believe is a racist law. the question now is how much more pressure can be put on the government will there be any change will it's highly unlikely that benjamin netanyahu will change his policies but then public pressure can affect us there are further protests planned not only by crews who represent two percent of the population but also the israeli arabs who represent twenty percent and then of course the option of more possible demonstrations over joining of demonstrations by jews is unclear no one knows really where this is going right now. the rebels in yemen say they've attacked the king khalid abyei since southern saudi arabia using an armed drone the hoa fees say they targeted the runway used by the saudi and amorality led coalition to launch air strikes on yemen the rebels
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unveiled the so-called passive one drone last year they used it to attack an oil facility and airport in saudi arabia the conflict armament research group says that drones don't carry missiles but they have been used as suicide drones to target saudi defenses in yemen. who through spokesman described the attack to al jazeera as defensive. had we had a whopper of it i mean this is a war it's not our choice we haven't been given any time to discuss things together the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have to stop their aggression because we defend ourselves and the aggression is against us the american ambassador and the saudi ambassador are trying to impose a government in yemen and this will not be accepted no matter the sacrifices because the yemeni people are now aware of the role of saudi arabia and other parties in yemen we are keen to restore our sovereignty in yemen and mohamed i know has the latest from neighboring djibouti
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a spokesman for the filthy fighters said that they are tucked out of runway on the king khalid in the south of so that a b. which is mainly used by sodhi and he fly to jets to carry out the tox on the positions all filthy fighters inside yemen he called the targets justified and said this is a wall and that they were fighting so d. and you attempts to try and impose an unpopular government or on the people of yemen it's not the first time that who with the fight is claimed to have cut it out the tox deep is so deep and you eat teddy teddy last week they claim to have a tucked up already defined body in the soda cup it's all reality on that one sixth of july they say that kind of out on a toc or an international airport something that was quickly didn't buy buy you a free szell's if it is true that they've been cutting out these attacks it tells
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you that the who's the fights us up to the teeth and the so you equally should family believes that it's it on that the supply of the who fight us with these weapons and one of the reasons why they're cutting out the talk on the city of they that and want the who these kate saying it is a port which they have been using to rearm themselves. carter is beefing up its air force with thirty six f. fifteen fighter jets the deputy prime minister and minister of state for defense shield the twelve billion dollar deal during a trip to the u.s. this follows agreements between the u.s. and culture of calling this year rather for guided missiles and equipment upgrades both countries have a close military relationship with qatar playing host to a major u.s. air base the air force upgrade comes almost fourteen months into a saudi led blockade on qatar students in bangladesh are taking to the street for a seventh day in
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a row as they rally for both the better road safety standards dozens were injured on saturday in fighting with the police the demonstrations began after two students were killed by a speeding bus the protesters have been stopping drivers to check their licenses several police and government officials were caught without valid documents. joins us now from darkness a day seven a nose let up to the protests ten via. yes although the students are supposed to gather right behind me about a block away around eleven am local time but because of the rain and because of what happened yesterday i think many of the children's parents wouldn't allow them out because the highly traumatized let me give you a rundown exactly what happened yesterday from all the social media local media and international media which covered that what we know so far is that at last hundred
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fifteen students were injured some of them very badly and now this is from hospital sources and i eighty and after that local media were resting the truth show anything of a lie or in terms of video several journalists were attacked by the ruling party supporters this happened in a residential area near a residential area and on monday and. where a group of pro-government supporters along with the police attacked teenage students in that area now in the social media there were a lot of live pictures and videos that the students are putting up which shows traumatic events even in some cases three people were shorting at the student with baseball and all this one shown in. private t.v. or government t.v. because they were respected to a lot of journalist reza harassed by the pro-government demonstrators and this is really shaken up the country and that the government put out restitution on three
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g. and four g. network so you cannot really access the facebook or social media or anything in the internet because they don't want them to mobilize and that is the only way they can actually mobilize because there's no common platform the schools we don't know if they're open and not there is no official declaration yet it was declared by the government shutdown on thursday the event has to be seen in context of how this children race will get about twelve years to eighteen years old when. attacked by police and government party students pro-government party students this put out by a lot of social media debate as to why the government would do something like that that is very negative the media is also reflected to cover some of this event now we'll have to see if they're able and managed to gather today in the streets or raise the level in normal very very clear and we haven't seen in this area behind
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me where there. where we haven't seen anybody gathering as of yet i love to see in an hour or so i people are gathering on this fire i have to bring another incident that happened last night around eleven in the evening the u.s. ambassador masha banneker's car was attacked by some unknown miscreants in my poor part of the city she was in or anybody who was hired she was visiting. and your head. this has been confirmed by some of the media local media but the u.s. embassy have made any statement yet or i will come back to you later see if the process because thanks so much for view chattering and still ahead on al-jazeera how they arrest in nicaragua is creating a refugee crisis in neighboring countries plus speeding up the asylum process so isolating refugees germany opens its new and consensus.
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and that has been more thunder in the caucasus and there are still showers showing up for the south and the caspian coast into iran but there's precious little in the way of rain for iran or iraq and you wouldn't expect it's b.s. middle of summer of course so it's breezy sometimes dusty and of course hot forty five a study for across baghdad fifteen degrees lower back on the coast of the mediterranean there's no real change in the immediate future there's an increasing cloud in pakistan and maybe coming trust in the southeast of iran the hint you've got some potential for rain coming out of that that's also reflected in the high ground in north and east in man and possibly the entocort of saudi salala cilla twenty six reflects this persistence of humid weather and dress or cloud by day and by night very pleasant but very different as well otherwise it's
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a hot breeze bringing forty five degrees back to doha probably dusty rather than hubert which is different in southern africa on the real tips from the western cape ra and towards durban we have seen clouds and rain i think we'll see more rain coming to cape town fourteen degrees with the most part of course is warmish by day and pretty cold by night. a survivor of the genocide really there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to do he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. knowing them here is due to all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families if i could just kind of think about i could bury him. on al-jazeera.
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you're watching i'm just here time to recap our headlines this hour venezuela's president nicolas maduro is accusing colombia and a group of finances in the u.s. of attempting to assassinate him but you know is speaking at a military parade in caracas when explosions interrupted the event he was not hurt but seven national guards were druze community in israel has led a huge protest against the controversial nation state law that defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language the druze are considered loyal to
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the state it's the first time in recent history they've staged a large protest students in bangladesh are taking to the streets for the seventh day in a row as they rally for better road safety standards thousands were injured on saturday and fighting with police demonstrations began after two students were killed by a speeding bus. but brazilian workers' party has indorsed former president louisiana saluted the silver as its candidate for october's election that's despite him being in jail for corruption and money laundering. in sao paolo and looking into why his supporters want him back in power. he's popularly known will make brazil happy again that's the party slogan of his supporters believe despite him serving a twelve year prison sentence they say they'll keep backing him until all options to release him are exhausted he's a political. vision right now because there is not enough. our view.
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definition of proof that. we think that the his judgment has a strong political tone and we consider that he is not. he's not a guilty even if little is allowed out in the actual court must decide if he's eligible to stand if leura seems like he does not run in october's elections he's going to be a difficult man to replace one of the other twelve candidates even comes close no them getting more than fifteen percent in the opinion polls and many of them far less than not. gaining support and attracting controversy is the military man jailed for not all he tells his audience what they want to hear only love it when others are outraged he's expressed his admiration for donald trump and some have compared him to the us president will say. just go for i know the discomfort i
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have cause to what we call the establishment or the machine the system we know that i am the ugly duckling in the story but i'm sure we will soon be beautiful. a key figure in that establishment is sure i'll do i'll claim wallop the other end of the political spectrum and splitting the left wing vote for an ally of the jailed leader gomez and the former environment minister in loose government but he. is still that love and i'm running for the third time as a candidate in a very delicate situation i believe my political integrity will prevail and resilient people should no longer be left out of the traditional political structure. the finance minister in the current government and became a release hardly registers an indication of the deep unpopularity of president michel tema that perhaps the greatest statement in a country where voting is obligatory is that more than half the electorate either doesn't know who it will vote for or even whether they'll bill to. than shwe and
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then i'll just. there have been opposing rallies in nicaragua with thousands turning out either in support or against the president daniel ortega activists estimate around three hundred people have been killed in a wave of violence that's been going on since april but a target has accused his critics of seeking a coup against him he's refusing to step down. well the situation is boiling over into other countries as this report from san jose. park in costa rica's capital is the first point of call to nicaraguans newly arrived with just the clothes on their back. when they say they walked for days using clandestine border crossings to avoid the nicaraguan army they've come from all over their troubled torn country. the paramilitary started going door to door and since my son is part of the freedom movement they sacked our house when they
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couldn't find us so we skate and cross the border at three am. we left with nothing because i was born they were going to cut my son's throat i said son we have to leave right now most of the younger men cover their faces was president has labeled them terrorists this twenty one year old student shows us his bullet. they took part in massive roadblocks and confronted police and paramilitary forces until they were forced they say to flee for their lives. we haven't lost the war we are just resting to recharge our strength we tell daniel ortega we had to leave but will return and he will be the one to go some stay with friends but the majority are now penniless and homeless surviving on the generosity of compatriots already living here in costa rica this is one of several makeshift shelters for the nicaraguans that are here in san jose those who don't fit here are going to some
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private homes but more and more people are coming every day and we're told that the resources of the local the community are being stretched to the limit. immigration authorities tell us so far twenty three thousand nicaraguans have applied for asylum. but this will build student leader is not one of them. we're not asking for political asylum because they're object. of us to return to nicaragua that's where our workers first i need help to shore up international support for our course but former costa rican president and nobel peace prize laureate. doesn't believe the solution to the crisis is near. it's very evident that ortega won't bring the lections i don't think dying or takers willing to hold them because he is convinced that there is no way that he can win an election if it's clean and transparent. and as the crisis enters its fourteenth week the refugees keep coming and they keep covering their faces afraid they say
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even here the long arm of ortega's paramilitary troops could reach them you see in yemen al jazeera. more than twenty opposition supporters in zimbabwe have been denied bail after they were arrested and charged with inciting public violence six people were killed on wednesday when soldiers opened fire at a protest against a legit vote rigging in monday's election. is in the capital harare. police say these people were responsible for election violence in harare on wednesday the supporters of zimbabwe's main opposition party the movement for democratic change been charged with inciting violence and refused bail. and d.c. officials say the charges a politically motivated because the government's trying to prevent a legal challenge to the result of monday's election a muslim and i were lost the election and after losing the election he's aware that
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a large majority of the people in this country don't support him and is afraid of them reacting to that so in order to manage the population he has to to to arrest us to fear in everyone's heart and mind president. the ruling zanu p.f. party was announced the winner the opposition say about four hundred thousand votes added to his count after the polls closed their candidate lost and jimmy said it was the true winner the international observers yet to publish their final report the electoral commission and zanu p.f. deny rigging you don't invite observe us so that you are then should your people. i think a lot of people wanted to make sure that this clean free and fair election is my. elementary results were announced wednesday
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petitions supporters disputed them protested the army was deployed in the city six people were shot dead most of them bystanders. cynthia macos there was one of them she was a fifty three year old mother of two eyewitnesses say she was shot in the back by a soldier while trying to run away. rights groups say that initially her past morton stated that she died of a stab wound until the lawyers pressured government doctors to correct it she died of a gunshot wound he said for years they've had problems properly documenting the death of those killed by the army or the police and this is something that hasn't changed since the days of former leader robert mugabe when he was deposed by the army in november a new zimbabwe was promised by his successor. people here hoped it would be better than this markham web al-jazeera harare zimbabwe there have
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been seams of violence in eastern ethiopia in the region dominated by ethnic somalis fighting apparently started when ethiopian troops were sent to the regional capital to arrested in the street is fault with local police human rights watchers accuse the police of abuses in disputes over the areas all well. spanish authorities say they've rescued two hundred twenty three refugees trying to cross the mediterranean sea four boats were found in spanish waters on saturday bringing the number of rescued migrants to close to fifteen thousand since the end of may spain has become a preferred destination for migrants after italy shut its ports to aid groups in june germany's began opening what it's calling anchor centers where refugees can stay while they seek asylum the government ministers say the shelters can speed up asylum applications but critics say the move further isolates refugees dominic kane
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reports from both area. on a hot day in august people cute into the regensburg and care center right now this is their home inside a series of residential blocks makeshift children's play areas and offices kitchens with ample space to feed the hundreds of people expected there are classrooms where children will be encouraged to learn german all part of an effort to ease the worries of people whose status remains undecided very seldom with not. only is there what you did but if they keep telling me to wait every week every day the police come to deport people to finland iraq syria sweden what is that everyone is afraid they'll get sick if they stay in here every day we're stressed about getting deported we don't need anything from here i just want to stay here in germany and work and make a good life for myself in fact this center has been housing migrants and refugees for some time meaning not much is really new here other than the name analysts say
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the principle of the scheme is to bring all the migrants in the agencies processing them into one manageable area the centers were sold as integration and some of these elements i think the centralization of different authorities in one place could be a good innovation but to what extent will it happen the next month have to show something the man who came up with the plan will be particularly keen to see. is. the point is to maintain order while preserving humanity we need to balance readiness to help with what is actually possible to achieve no country can take an unlimited number of refugees. the federal government clearly believes that institutions like this one and the other six being set up are an answer to the migration crisis but still the question over civil liberties about the access
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people have in these institutions is something that's really playing on the minds of many people not least the families in this anchor center many of whom have been living with uncertainty for a long time dominic cain al-jazeera regan support. and time to take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now venezuela's president nicolas maduro is accusing colombia and a group of financier's in the u.s. of attempting to assassinate him but there was speaking at a military parade in caracas when an explosion interrupted the event he was not hurt but seven national guards were were due to address the nation shortly after the attack in not doing more than although i have no doubt that everything pointed to the right to the venezuelan ultra right in alliance with the colombian ultra right and that the name of one manuel santos is behind this attack the druze
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community in israel is led a huge protest against the controversial nation state law it defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language the druze are considered loyal to the state it's the first time in recent history they've staged a large protest. students in bangladesh are taking to the streets for the seventh day in a row as they rally for better road safety standards dozens were injured on saturday in fighting with the police the demonstrations began after two students were killed by a speeding bus. brazil's workers' party has nominated jailed former president louise in as too little of the silver for october's elections lula is currently serving twelve years in prison for money laundering and corruption poll suggest he still remains the most popular leader in brazil police in the u.s. state of oregon have broken up a right wing rally in the city of portland flashbang devices were used to disperse
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hundreds of demonstrators and counter protesters police say the crowds were ordered to leave after throwing rocks and bottles at officers it's the third rally to be organized in the city this summer by the right wing patriot prayer group the health ministry in the democratic republic of congo says three more people have died from the latest outbreak of the a bowl of virus a number of confirmed cases has risen to thirteen world health organization says the outbreak poses new problems because it's in north kivu province several armed groups are fighting there it's people in power next here on al-jazeera so do stay with us. a controversial approach i am not an idealogue let me be absolutely clear to democracy and fin to national development follow the road doesn't cut inequality in fact the increase i was from a bestselling author and distinguished global economist you don't advocate for
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greed like you gentlemen i sure do many times it's fun having read my book guess how many men might know i'm living a guess and maybe his son goes head to head with denby's employer and been accuse the crazy i'm not factoring thing on al-jazeera. struggling with a failing economy inadequate public services and the medal some attention of two rival regional powers many lebanese hoped recent elections might provoke reforms to help solve their problems but in a country where power is apportioned along sectarian undernourished declines little ever seems to disturb the status quo we went to find out why.


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