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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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a.g.t. on al jazeera. was bangladesh warns students it will crack down on protests over road safety even promises to tackle dangerous driving. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. in. colombia dismisses accusations by venezuela's nicolas maduro that its president was behind an alleged attempt to assassinate him using explosive drones. i. balance breaks out in ethiopia somali region is the government deploys troops after an apparent rift with the local authorities. the
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wire rock music festival dubbed russia's woodstock is providing the stage for the kremlin's heavy weapons as well as heavy metal. but no place in bangladesh have fired tear gas at thousands of angry students rallying for an eighth straight day in the capital dhaka demanding safer streets after two teenagers were killed by speeding buses last week the government has promised to crack down both on dangerous driving and the protesters and pro-government activists have been attacking demonstrators and journalists will try to jam has more. student protesters have blocked streets and boggle desh for the past week they're demanding government action to improve road safety traffic accidents kill at least seven thousand bangladeshis every year two young students were knocked down and killed by a bus last week in the net i'm going to we have been protesting on the roads for
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a few days with some of out demands with demanding justice for those students of the college to buy a bus and we won't say froze. over the weekend the peaceful protests became violent when police tried to break up the crowds demonstrators were further incensed by a government minister who questioned why there was uproar about two deaths in bangladesh and a lack of anger about thirty three dead in a bus crash in india the previous day i'm sitting on a subway i'm wondering what that's out there we all are feeling threatened we wanted a peaceful protest we don't want any trouble occurring around here yet rubber bullets were shot on our brothers at mirpur neighborhood they were dispersed one told us the government ordered schools and bus services to shut down the government's trying to quell the violence by cutting internet services to cripple social media and censoring both bangladeshi and international media on the topic
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a lot of them are the pro-government students attacked us we broke the locks of a building around fifty boys and girls took shelter there and now the journalists how to us to leave the place the police fired tear gas and used the tongs pro-government students also attacked and roughed up those. pro-government students are seen in this footage beating up an associated press journalist government leaders say they're going to implement the stew's demands for improved road safety but more protests are feared as both the ruling in opposition parties campaigned for elections due in december paul chatterjee on al-jazeera. to take a closer look at the numbers afraid deaths and accidents in bangladesh more than twenty five thousand people have died over the last three and a half years twenty people being killed every day and more than sixty two thousand have been injured on the roads. time to chandra capital dhaka has more on the way she's fun and. there were clashes in different parts of the city several students were injured major concerns been brought up by the journalist community at least
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five members of the journalist community. a.p. photo journalist rose martin literally between in front of the police by the ruling party member i have a lot of what a journalist but also between and this just happened today yesterday also at least five other journalists were beaten including a female journalist who was given not only but she was also molested she worked for a major leading english daily i don't know what the government's trying to do why the police are stand by when the journalists have been harassed and this will be a major concern for covering an event in coming days home minister gave a stern warning against anyone who have. the patience of the government the prime minister's made today. some people are trying to catch. cloudy water he was even critical of like many of the media for their coverage.
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quite unprecedented why should the media or most of the media covering the events on the ground find his way his opposition says this president nicolas maduro could impose a crackdown after what he's calling an assassination attempt and who accuses colombia and a group of us finances of trying to kill him he was speaking at a military parade in the capital caracas when an apparent explosion interrupted the event mike hanna reports. broadcast of the ceremony on national television the camera begins to shake and president maduro looks into the as explosions sound before the feed is cut. soldiers who had been on parade are seeing the ng in panic a number reported to be injured in the blasts you know as there are only investigation as evidence that shows those that didn't in the constitution of the good are doing his will in the public. a group calling itself the last day for and their last claimed responsibility in
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a series of tweets this one with the phrase time is running out a few hours after the attack president maduro addressed the nation saying right wing groups within the country were responsible but also accusing the colombian president one manual santos of involvement in looking for a mark and i have to inform you that some of those who carried out the attack against me today have already been apprehended and they are now being processed in nothing although the they tried to assassinate me and i have no doubt that everything points to the right the venezuelan ultra right in alliance with the colombian ultra right and that the name of one manuel santos is behind this attempt president maduro praying to victory in the elections earlier this year but his political opponents insisted the process was rigged many venezuelans hold him accountable for a major economic collapse that could see the inflation rate hit one million percent by the end of the year. mike hanna. the u.s.
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has denied any involvement in the alleged attack let's get more from rob reynolds in washington d.c. what exactly is the u.s. government saying about this. well you know president maduro did not explicitly blame the united states government for any. involvement in the incident with the drone at the military parade in caracas on saturday he did mention or or implicate financial interest rate wing parties some of whom he said were active in the u.s. state of florida in miami but he didn't say come right out and say anything about the administration trying to have him sasa david nevertheless the question did come up on a public affairs news program on sunday featuring president trump's national security
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adviser john bolton and he issued a very strong denial that the u.s. had had anything to do with this here is what john bolton had to say there was no u.s. government involvement in this at all just within the past couple of hours i've spoken with our charge a in caracas the head diplomatic official down there he and his staff are much of the night making sure that americans in venezuela are safe as of now with respect to what happened last afternoon look could be a lot of things from a pretext set up by the self to something else. in spite of that denial is there any reason to think the u.s. might have played a role in this incident. well. there's no evidence of any role in this incident loren however it is worth noting that it's been widely reported that last summer last august president trump brought up the
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idea of a military invasion of venezuela with his top advisors and he brought this up repeatedly over the course of several meetings and he had to be dissuaded from this by the then secretary of state rex tillerson who has now departed the administration and then national security adviser john mcmaster who has also departed and been replaced by by mr bolton who we heard from a moment ago and also worth noting that the vice president. mr pence vice president mike pence. said that the elections that were held earlier this year in which the door won a second term in office were illegitimate so there's certainly a lot of rhetorical bad blood between the two countries and there was a suggestion again in the white house from the very top that there might be a reason to invade the country but there has been no invasion and as of now there
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is no hard proof of any u.s. involvement in this incident thank you very much. he and his defense ministry is promising to take all necessary measures to his two older and its eastern somali region on saturday government troops forward with permanent. local to the regional government no institutional government mobs have looted shops and bent down buildings. in the capital at least four times and most have been affected by violence. eastern somali province has been plagued by violence for the last three decades and the heart of the conflict is tension between ethiopian somalis who make up six percent of the population and the majority are over people in neighboring or a mere province as well as territorial battles over grazing land there's also the
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issue of oil wealth not being evenly distributed so it's going to power ethiopia's new prime minister ahmed who's a roma himself as preach a line of unity while trying to assert more federal control over somali province paramilitary soldiers loyal to the local government there have been accused of taking part in ethnic violence against the aroma which has claimed hundreds of lives and spaced tens of thousands of people since twenty seventeen the central government has also accused the region's officials of human rights abuses just last month senior prison staff were fired after details emerged of torture at a prison there. i met at zero has this update from neighboring djibouti. there is a tense standoff in the city of tick tick up a couple of the somali region of ethiopia federal troops continue to arrive some of them by planes and. the residents of the city was surprised to see the growth troops rolling into the city with tongues and at this point the
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local or special police exchanged fire with the federal troops and this created some confusion in which they began something that's so the entire market of hugo looted to churches bombed and up to fifty people losing their lives the government in addis ababa justifies why it sends the troops saying that there was a rift between the regional administration and the federal government and that there were plans by the region with russian to announce a suppression of the session from the rest of with european something that goes outrightly denied by the regional president has dubbed him humble. rival leaders in south sudan have just signed a new power sharing agreement in neighboring sit on it's aimed at ending the civil war which started in twenty setting the deal will give sell the can react much i
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say months to form a transitional government which will sit history is several previous agreements have been violated by base science but not charice promising they still not collapse. mentioned this isn't the first time the two sides have agreed to end the war fighting first broke out in twenty thirteen when the president accused his former vice-president of attempting a coup several cease fire agreements were signed and breached over the course of twenty fourteen leading to more than a million civilians being displaced. twenty fifteen the two sides first agreed to share power peace last of a year until renewed fighting sorich machar free the capital and declare the deal dead then in july the preliminary agreed to a power sharing arrangement signing today to have signed the should say twelve hours later fighting resumed it's the twelfth cease fire deal and second power sharing agreement signed since the war began. so to come.
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as anti-government protests continue. their lives to neighboring costa rica. and melania trump sides with le bron james and against her husband after the basketball star was the target of an insulting tweet from the u.s. president. welcome back let's look at the weather across central southern parts of china and taiwan and you can see in the supplementary some shower clouds there some fairly intense downpours likely but quite a spell of weather for the most part hong kong actually should be fairly bright we were i think the heaviest rain still for coastal parts of miramar and bangladesh nice ests of india also seen some very heavy rain which continues as we head on
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through to choose day so expect to what one in yangon across into south asia and here across more eastern areas we've seen some pretty intense rain for the shots came in from very nasty banks the ganges river and you see the extent of the flooding which is being caused there well certainly more heavy rain is likely in the forecast last twenty four hours also produced some pretty intense rainfall across this region some decent rainfall still being reported down through the west coast to the right material but look at the forecast it is across the east where we see the circulation the bear bengal cocoa so that's we particularly wet delhi will see some shower activity to but meanwhile in pakistan it should be fine for crouchie with highs of thirty two here in the arabian peninsula pretty warm in doha highs of forty five but enough pretty sikkim the humidity values well down to head on through into choose a slight drop in temperature males or see a little bit of cloud.
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young rich and famous in china one of the news goes behind the great chinese fire wall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. on al-jazeera. once considered a war criminal now an aspiring presidential candidate in the democratic republic of congo. after his conviction was overturned by the international criminal court in the hague. talks down to zero. we're going to one of the top stories here on ars there are thousands of angry students have been rallying in bangladesh's capital to call for safe the streets after two teenagers were killed by speeding buses last week. but is where it is
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president nicolas maduro is accusing colombia and a group of fun at sea is in the u.s. of attempting to assassinate him at a military parade on saturday. and rival leaders in south sudan have just signed a new power sharing agreement in neighboring sudan aimed at ending the civil war which started in twenty thirty. i'm a huge seven earthquake has hit the popular tourist indonesian island of the book video from the on and shows people running from damaged buildings local media reporting that three people have died but you know a warning was put in place but has since been lifted a strong quake in the same area killed more than a dozen people last week stepped fast and has more from the capital jakarta. only one week after a powerful earthquake struck the island of lombok another earthquake happened on an altar with strongly fell on the neighbor. island of bali both tourist destinations
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also both in the peak season lot of tourist on both islands damage has been reported both on bali and lombok but the exact extent of the damage will only be known in the morning at the moment of thought these were very busy trying to evacuate people from the beaches and shores because there was a tsunami warning in place that warning has now been lifted and only a very small tsunami a small wave has hit the beaches of not more than fifty centimeters high but it was a huge banega especially in the areas where also last week's earthquake struck a lot of people were still sleeping on the street didn't dare to go back to their houses of course you can imagine the panic and trauma in that area but this earthquake had a wider range and it was also strongly felt in the capital of lombok it with more than three hundred thousand people a lot of panic there as well and also the airport a lot of travelers were stuck for a while stranded they had to wait at the tom mark to make sure that the authorities
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would give a clear again so now flights are flying in and out of lombok again israel's prime minister is defending a new law which has outraged the country's druze minority jury cabinet meeting benjamin netanyahu said the law is meant to protect israel's status as a jewish state and will help prevent palestinians and illegal migrants from seeking citizenship on saturday druze protesters rallied against legislation which they say reduces them to second class citizens even though they also serve in the minute she and police. the deep ties with the druze and our commitment to them are also essential therefore we'll establish today a special ministerial committee that will advance those ties and these commitments and in parallel will also recognize those who serve in the israeli military and security services from all religions and ethnicities. european aircraft manufacturers are rushing to deliver planes to iran before u.s. sanctions are reintroduced on monday iran has received thirteen of the twenty
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planes it bought from the european firm a.t.r. iran says the sanctions and danger the lives of air travelers because they stop airlines from buying new planes and parts saying the driver has more from tehran. well it has to be said any time something like this happens the delivery of new aircraft it is a positive thing it's a happy occasion in iran many officials were at the international airport to celebrate the arrival of five more new planes but let's look at the real numbers here in the grand scheme of things it's just a drop in the bucket these planes five of them each of them can carry between seventy and eighty people and they've got five they wanted to buy from airbus and boeing thirty nine billion dollars worth of planes that was approximately two hundred plus planes they were intending to buy over the next few years of those they've only taken delivery of three so while this is a positive step it's a very small one and they've got a long way to go to modernize what is effectively an aging air fleet traveling by
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air in iran can be a dangerous prospect hundreds of people have died in air related incidents in accidents over the last few years and really the crux of this is that since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine they've been unable to buy any new aircraft any aircraft with u.s. parts in it or developed or manufactured by the united states has effectively been unsellable to the iranian market one of the benefits that was going to be enjoyed of the twenty fifty nuclear deal directly by the civilians was going to be air travel that was tangible that was visible it would have been something that would have directly affected people's lives and it was going to be a win win for civilian air travel within the country and outside of iran and it was going to be a win for the government who could say to their people look we made this deal and now we've got better plane safer planes for you to travel around in but that is not happening and that's another frustration that people here are feeling because of those u.s. sanctions. a vintage plane has crashed in the swiss alps killing all twenty people
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on board the junk j u fifty two plane crashed into a mountain at an altitude of two thousand meters above sea level the seventy nine year old propeller plane was on a sightseeing flight police say they're not aware of any distress call from the pilot before the crash. thousands of people have marched in nicaragua both in support and opposition to president daniel ortega public demonstrations have been growing in size since ortega nuts plans to cut welfare in april rights groups say more than three hundred people have been killed in fighting between protesters and pro-government groups or take accuses his critics of trying to overthrow him. all across is also spilling over into costa rica with thousands of fled to in search of safety or latin america to see newman has been meeting the new arrivals in the city of san jose. the park in costa rica's capital is the first
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point of call to nicaraguans newly arrived with just the clothes on their back. when they say they walked for days using clandestine border crossings to avoid the nicaraguan army they've come from all over their troubled torn country. the paramilitary started going door to door and since my son is part of the freedom movement they sacked our house when they couldn't find us so we skate and cross the border at three am. we left with nothing because i was born there were going to cut my son's throat i said son we have to leave right now most of the younger men cover their faces was president has labeled them terrorists this twenty one year old student shows us his bullet. they took part in massive roadblocks and confronted police and paramilitary forces until they were forced they say to flee for their lives. we haven't lost the war we are just resting to
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recharge our strength we tell daniel ortega we had to leave but will return and he will be the one to go some stay with friends but the majority are now penniless and homeless surviving on the generosity of compatriots already living here in costa rica this is one of several makeshift shelters for the nicaraguans that are here in san jose those who don't fit here are going to some private homes but more and more people are coming every day and we're told that the resources of the local the community are being stretched to the limit. immigration authorities tell us so far twenty three thousand nicaraguans have applied for asylum. but this will build student leader is not one of them. we're not asking for political asylum because our objective is to return to nicaragua that's where our workers first i need help to shore up international support for our. course. former costa rican president and nobel peace prize laureate. doesn't believe the solution
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to the crisis is near. it's very evident that ortega won't bring forward elections i don't think dying or takers willing to hold them because he is convinced that there is no way that he can win the election it's clean and transparent. and as the crisis enters its fourteenth week the refugees keep coming and they keep covering their faces afraid they say that even here the long arm of ortega's paramilitary troops could reach them you see in human al jazeera some close it costa rica. the white house has declared a major disaster in california where fast growing wildfires a continuing to spread so far claiming the lives of seven people the declaration makes it easier for cities to get federal money and food aid more residents were ordered to leave their homes this weekend as temperatures continue to rise and strong winds cause the fires to spread further. a rock music festival in russia has lots of heavy metal
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both on stage and in the sky tens of thousands of fans flock to see both their favorite bands and some of the trends they just weapons are dr hamid winter long. it's a summer staple for many russians just being is the largest rock festival some also call it russia's woodstock a yearly appointment with the finest of the country's music scene. which god. has in midst for the past three seasons it's a very cool video you can like hear your favorite musicians all your favorite musicians in one place the festival started two decades ago after the fall of the soviet union but recently it also became an exhibit ground for the most unlikely of institutions the russian ministry of defense its presence felt from the air with the performance of the russian knights aerobatic team to do the light of
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middle. class the story. of the love we think it's not just the pride professed schoolbook of the whole country the presence of the ministry of defense is not sponsorship or some kind of special agreement that's a story which came to life because people are interested in taking part in a by the ministry over the past five years the ministry expanded its presence from air shows to a full on display of power it might be surprising to have a military exhibit at a rock festival but these days in russia there's a great sense of national pride and ask anyone here they will credit that feeling to the army. some of the new u.s. equipment and weapons are shown here like this armored personnel vehicles already in use by the infantry division here such a piece of modern hardware has a different purpose but. we want to show people in
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particular what kind of equipment we have and what our army is capable of when people want to see this up close patriotism increases when you see them you get some kind of pride for your country for your fatherland and you are confident in tomorrow some artist out in protest but many big names like that. one of the most famous russian bands in-doors the festival nothing like that happens at the european festivals but because because the russian society some of the tryst were so fond of victory parades and we can never escape it's so basically i decided for myself just to accept it at this festival. it's not clear whether this marriage of music and military is a spontaneous one or it was in pose but it's the detail that many here don't seem to care about. festival. russia has made
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hollywood actor steven segal it's special representative for russian u.s. humanitarian ties. will not receive a salary for the role which is meant to deepen cultural ties between the nations. was presented with a russian passport by his close friend russian president vladimir putin. melania trump has come out in support of n.b.a. star le bron james who was the target of an insulting tweet from her husband trump was clearly irked by a bronze c.n.n. interview with don lemon during which the basketball accuse the president of causing divisions in the u.s. in a late night tweet the president called women the dumbest man on television adding that he made le bron look smart which the president said isn't easy to do but it's not a view his wife says and a brown was being interviewed about the school he's open for at risk children a spokeswoman for the first lady says the learner is supportive of the good of the
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good things the brown is doing so the next generation. thousands of indonesians have tried to shuffle their way into the record books forming a local dance called booker poco with a sixty five thousand people lined the eight kilometers stretch from the national palace to the business just tricked in southern jakarta of the record breaking attempts came ahead of the asian games which he called for later this month in jakarta. mind and other top stories on our jazeera police in bangladesh a fired tear gas at thousands of angry students rallying for an eighth straight day in the capital dhaka demanding safer streets after two teenagers were killed by speeding buses last week the government has promised to crack down both on dangerous driving and the protestors. but israel is opposition says it fears president nicolas maduro could impose
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a crackdown after what he's calling it assassination attempt under accuses colombia and a group of u.s. finances they're trying to kill him he was speaking at a military parade in the capital with an apparent explosion interrupted the event u.s. national security adviser says the accusations are no founded. with respect to what happened last afternoon. look could be a lot of things from a pretext set up by the majority itself to something else he's made accusations accusing the outgoing president of columbia responsibility what he calls the extreme right wing in venezuela that means the vast opposition to his authoritarian rule and he's blamed unnamed financer is in the united states these are things he's said before and you have to take them for what they're worth. if you have his defense ministry is promising to take all necessary measures to restore order and its eastern somali region on saturday government troops clashed with paramilitary
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soldiers loyal to the regional government wilds of you tube shops and but down buildings including two churches in the capital jake jigga. five leaders in south sudan have just signed a new power sharing agreement in neighboring sudan it's aimed at ending the civil war which started in twenty thirteen the deal will give silva kid rick what shah three months to form a transitional government which will sit for three years. a magnitude seven earthquake has hit the popular tourist indonesian island of long book video from the island shows people running from damaged buildings local media reporting three people have died and i can officially say it's at least nineteen have been killed when i want to east is up next i'll see you safe.
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in china live streaming has become a massive cranes and a booming multibillion dollar business they live online to an extent to which people in the west would find it difficult to imagine coming up with you there's a lot of the get out of the out just you know just like watching the say oh well there's big money for the country's cyber superstars to get any attention from somebody is just a sign that you exist in a very difficult environment and endless hours of entertainment for millions of diehard fans in the short hand yet police have not yet.


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