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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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main responsibility for the situation. now. expected to fight terrorists. russia says turkey was supposed to expel or dissolve the heat a sham the group formerly known as el nostra as well as what are said dean the syrian branch of al qaida those fighters are designated as terrorists by the international community they are powerful and they have in the past we checked with ultimatums to disband. turkey wants to avoid military action so it's using the threat of military action to force will start to disband the announcement that see a rebel groups are united on the one command is an example. part of it live lives on the border with turkey which wants to avoid any military offensive that would cause human suffering further displacement and the collapse of the ass in a process. for three years especially in the syria area
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trying to train. the syrian army to be started. for months now members of the so-called radical groups have been targeted in unclaimed attacks that some link to a campaign to eliminate the province from foreign fighters disagreements over at liberty turkey and russia were evident during talks on syria and such the province was not mentioned in the final statement it live was mentioned in a separate statement issued by turkey's foreign ministry emphasizing that the provinces status as a deescalation zone must be preserved. turkey's military presence won't deter campaigns on the fringes of it lib that are aimed at opening highways linking government controlled cities and preventing attacks on the russian and syrian military in nearby latakia province that is likely what russia syria and boy meant
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when he said there are no plans for a large scale assault on it for now russia and turkey still need each other. beirut . indian administered kashmir is bracing for protests and strikes out of a supreme court hearing on monday the court will consider a challenge to a constitutional provision that gives the region its special status locals fair the ruling party is trying to undermine its autonomy fintan monahan has no. activists in indian administered kashmir or rowing against what they see as the threat to their future article thirty five a of the indian call situation prevents outsiders from settling or owning property and what they call just because state but that big challenge in the courts. india's ruling party says article thirty five a in trenches divisions and prevents the region from integrating. it was.
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and sense of several reasons. kashmir is claimed by both india and pakistan india has been fighting separatist their project. and both seeking independence changing article thirty five eight is part of a plot to solidify india control. for a long time they have been trying to you nor dilute the kashmir dispute by giving an impression that the question we do people need to be assimilated in india culturally religiously linguistically and this is an effort towards that the un resolutions are very clear that there has to be a plebiscite in jammu and kashmir and they want to change the demographic population graph of jubilant because it is a muslim majority state and what they want is that that the you know that if the laws are chain and state subject laws are changed they could easily send people from india to live in. india has a population of more than one point three billion people well indeed administered kashmir is only twelve million to some the threat is economic as it is political
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will lose everything everything by everything i mean that others will be entitled to put is anything here and then they will be entitled to do business off everything whether it is. industry then they can explore. the utilization of minerals so we will not be left with anything for the post these others fear changing article thirty five they have a direct impact on their livelihood so the textile factory he says an influx of newcomers would kill his business eventually i may have to shut down my business because the people from other parts of the country invest in here and my brother will become cheap. article thirty five reserves of projects to use quo in indian
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administered kashmir separatist say protests and strikes will escalate if the court decides to intervene into modern al-jazeera. in mali the three main opposition candidates are taking legal action following claims of fraud in last month's presidential election the opposition say they filed twenty documents to the constitutional court alleging ballot box stuffing in violations of electoral law incumbent abraham will become the first round of voting with forty one point two percent in rival slightly is to say will face off in the second round of voting next sunday. meanwhile presidential hopefuls in the democratic republic of congo have until wednesday to file their candidacy for december's election many are waiting to see if president joseph kabila will be among them despite being constitutionally barred from seeking a third term catherine so he has more from the capital kinshasa. the catholic church has been the most critical voice during uncertain and tense
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political times this year in the democratic republic of congo the presidential election has been delayed for two years is not cave president joseph kabila who's barred by the constitution for running for a third tom will try again. chachi to save he declares his candidacy for reelection the odd washee appears to protest want it back given by the great i'm not afraid of anyone we need the country to go forward the country is not free and we need a credible electoral process the country is on edge former rebel leader john pear bemba has submitted he's kind of d.c. to the electoral commission. to return home after being acquitted of war crimes and the international criminal court in the nothing lands he spent ten years in prison pending his trial and other popular opposition leader the two who the negs was stopped from crossing the border from zambia to submit to the election documents presidential hopefuls have three days left to complete the process at the beginning
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of the year catholic church leaders organized anti kabila protests there were valid confrontations between shaky forces and protesters on the street in other parts of the city several people were killed and injured. rosie more kendall's family is rary of politicians his sister says was killed by police in the demonstration and assuming the government the truth of this is look what i want thirty's who killed my brother arrested i also want to split a cool justice he always said that one day our children will live freely and with dignity leaders of the ruling coalition called presidential majority there making final adjustments before nominating their candidates look silly buggers drew up a business while you mentals were to go to buy computers got to decide there could be a political argument. which can only be blocked. by wednesday congolese will have a clearer picture of who's running for president in december they want to see who
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the ruling party kind of eighty's and what that will mean for them catherine soy kinshasa a vintage plane has crashed in the swiss alps killing all twenty people on board the plane crashed into a mountain at an altitude of more than two thousand meters above sea level is seventy nine year old propeller plane was on a sightseeing flight police say they're not aware of any distress call from the pilot before the crash. the white house has declared a major disaster in california a fast growing wildfire is a continuing to spread so far claiming the lives of seven people the declaration makes it easier for cities to get federal money and food aid more residents were ordered to leave their homes this weekend as temperatures continue to rise and strong winds cause the fires to spread further or in other developments the price of health insurance is set to go up for some americans as part of new measures under the trump administration the president has tried to dismantle for president obama's affordable care act known as obamacare subsidies that were part of that
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program have now been scrapped john hendren explains this is what helps me so far. for hampton health insurance is a life saver what would happen if you didn't have this coverage. quite honestly did . i couldn't afford medication type one diabetes cost hampton this sight in his left eye in two thousand and four the medications he uses to avoid further problems cost more than seven hundred dollars a month all covered by insurance americans like andre hampton have to make some difficult choices he's unemployed and get his health care through the medicaid program for the poor but it only covers individuals who make less than seventeen thousand dollars that makes it hard to pay those premiums so he might be in a position where he has to choose between a job and having health insurance with the u.s. health care system in crisis being sick in america is getting more expensive we
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actually pay more. per person than every other developed country and we actually have. banks the research firm says the price of the most popular plans in the insurance exchanges created by the two thousand and ten act known as obamacare will rise on average fifteen percent that's due largely to the trump administration's cuts in federal subsidies and the planned repeal next year of the so-called individual mandate requiring every u.s. resident to have health insurance for public hospitals like stroger cook county that mandate has been a money saver and has stabilized us in a substantial way financially in the one nine hundred ninety s. one in four patients at stroger had insurance now most do fifty eight percent taxpayers spend less than a quarter of what they did in two thousand and nine if the tooth or take an. individual mandate or if the health care premiums on the marketplace go up because
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of a lack of will on the part of the government to underwrite and subsidize those plans then we will be back to the stone age again with more people who are uninsured showing up at her and our facilities under a hampton fears that could cost lives like kids no matter what race creed or color everyone gets sick you know. don't take away. the care plan that we have now for now his remains a success story in one of the few developed countries where life expectancy is going down john hendren al-jazeera chicago. now russia has made hollywood actors da vinci gullit special representative russian u.s. humanitarian ties the girl who is known for his martial arts prowess will not receive a salary for the role which is meant to deepen cultural ties between the nations in
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two thousand and sixteen sigel was presented with a russian passport by his close friend the president vladimir putin. well a rock music festival in russia has lots of heavy metal and show both on stage and in the sky tens of thousands of fans flock to see both their favorite bands and some of the kremlin's latest weapons all the abdulhamid went along as well. it's a summer staple for many russians. is the largest rock festival some also call it russia's woodstock a yearly appointment with the finest of the country's music scene. which. has been missed for the past three seasons it's amazing. that you can hear your favorite musicians all your favorite musicians in one place the festival started two decades ago after the fall of the soviet union but recently it also became an exhibit ground for the most unlikely of institutions the russian ministry of
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defense its presence felt from the air with the performance of the russian knights aerobatic team to do the light of many. of the we think it's not just a pride professor for the whole country the presence of the ministry of defense is not sponsorship or some kind of special cream that's a story which came to life because people are interested in taking part in the by the ministry over the past five years the ministry expanded its presence from air shows to a full on display of power it might be surprising to have a military exhibit at a rock festival but these days in russia there's a great sense of national pride and ask anyone here they will credit that feeling to the army some of the new is equipment and weapons are shown here like this armored personnel vehicles already in use by the infantry division here such piece
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of modern hardware has a different purpose but. we want to show people young men in particular what kind of equipment we have and what our army is capable of when people want to see this up close patriotism increases when you see them you get some kind of pride for your country for your fatherland. and you are confident in tomorrow. some artist did pull out in protest but many big names like the. lead singer of minutes one of the most famous russian bands indorse the festival nothing like that happens at the european festivals but because the because the russian society so miniaturized were so fond of our victory parades and we can never escape it so basically i decided for myself just to accept it at this festival. it's not clear whether this marriage of music and military is a spontaneous one or it was in pose but it's
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a detail that many here don't seem to care about good at the. festival. all the sports coming out very shortly ireland fall of the final hurdle of the women's hockey world cup in the u.k. . where were you when this idea popped into it when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief court of poverty and inequality in our society today or if you join us on sect criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bring you have to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to plead to speakers for change join michael o'boyle conversation on out to zero lead their lives that's.
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created the modern world. the slave trade language the geography and the very fabric of human civilization and upon it were built the great western palace and was constructed and hierarchy of races but how did it come about and what became of it. slavery is coming soon on al-jazeera. and is an alloy of sport. thank you so much maryam well manchester city of won the first trophy of the new english football season the defending premier league champions beating chelsea to nail to lift the community shield sergio acquire
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scored both goals for city against the reigning f.a. cup holders it's the fifth time city have won this trophy same won the league by nineteen points last season and begin their title defense against all snow next sunday. every club one of the use the god like we did last season so we increased the levels of the previous so that room of the top and. so i think the. fear or the stuff we are that. if they use leave there will be they will have problems with a lot of problems. in the circle the. difference from the physical point of view. so we have to work our policies on didn't. has been to be. in so we have to work south africa's
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reason hendrick scored the fastest one day international hundred by debutant to help his team to a series victory against sri lanka and yorkshire reaching three figures from just eighty eight balls in candy. he was one of four south africans to pass fifty and his team it's three hundred and sixty three for seven. south africa's biggest ever title against sri lanka. or the harm seen never looked like getting close in reply . in the four wickets is shrunk or bowled out for two hundred eighty five sure i'm south africa now have an unassailable three male lead in this five match series. alexanders are of and alex to mina with the youngest players to contest an eighty feet off on in more than a decade when they met at the city open following washington on sunday twenty one year old vera retaining his title against his nineteen year old rival that now less
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than half a second separated the top three at the czech moto g.p. italy's on dry at the videos so claiming his second win of the season ending world champion and title leader mark mark has finished third if that stretches championship advantage to forty nine points his closest rival valentino rossi down in fourth. shohei otani has continued his hot streak at the plate for the los angeles angels in major league baseball the japanese pitcher almost cleared the fence for a double in the first in against the cleveland indians. but jose ramirez ensured it wouldn't be a winning day for the angels with a three run.


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