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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 217  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2018 3:32am-4:00am +03

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the tough action if the limit is crossed. testers have block streets and boggle desh for the past week they're demanding government action to improve road safety traffic accidents kill at least seven thousand bangladeshis every year two young students were knocked down and killed by a bus last week. i'm going to we have been protesting on the roads for a few days with some of that demands with demanding justice for those students of the college killed by a bus and we won't say for it's. over the weekend the peaceful protests became violent when police tried to break up the crowds demonstrators were further incensed by a government minister who questioned why there was uproar about two deaths in bangladesh and a lack of anger about thirty three dead in a bus crash in india the previous day i'm not really going to stop by the government that's out there we all are feeling threatened we wanted a peaceful protest we don't want any trouble occurring around here yet rubber
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bullets were shot at murtha neighborhood they were dispersed. the government ordered schools and bus services to shut down the government's trying to quell the violence by cutting internet services to cripple social media and censoring both bangladeshi and international media on the topic i don't know that much the pro-government students attacked us we broke the law. and now the journalists to leave the place the police fired tear gas and used the tongs pro-government students also attacked and roughed up the. pro-government students are seen in this footage beating up an associated press journalist government leaders say they're going to implement the stew's demands for improved road safety but more protests are feared as both the ruling in opposition parties campaigned for elections due in december on al-jazeera. there were clashes in different parts of the city. major concerns been brought up
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by the journalist community at least five members of the community. in front of the police by the ruling party. and this just happened today yesterday. not only. that she was. leading english daily i don't know what the government's trying to do . and this will be a major come. in coming days. warning against anyone who. played today. some people are trying to catch. cloudy water critical of. their coverage.
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quite unprecedented why should. venezuela's interior minister says six people have been detained after what president nicolas maduro says was an assassination attempt on him he accuses colombia and a group of us trying to kill him that is when his opposition says the government will now launch a crackdown reports. this was the moment when laden drones allegedly exploded during a military parade in caracas on saturday. security agents quickly surrounded president nicolas maduro and the reviewing platform meanwhile venezuela's soldiers marching in. the direction this is described. and looked out in the. started seeing people running and that's when the device
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immediately collided there and everything started coming out. but duro immediately blamed his right wing opponents will be apparent attack elements which he said were active in the united states also implicated colombia's president juan manuel santos in all things although they tried to assassinate me and i have no doubt that everything points to the right the venezuelan ultra right in alliance with the colombian ultra right and that the name of juan manuel santos is behind this attempt colombia's foreign affairs ministry called that accusation absurd and in washington president donald trump's national security adviser strongly denied any u.s. role i can say unequivocally there was no u.s. government involvement in this at all it has been widely reported that trump repeatedly suggested a military invasion of venezuela last year but was talked out of it by senior officials. bolton speculated without providing evidence that maduro his government
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may itself be responsible for the apparent drone bombing now with respect to what happened last afternoon look at it could be a lot of things from a pretext set up by the majority and itself to something else i don't know but on sunday venezuela's interior minister showed pictures of the type of drone he claimed was used officials allege each carried a gun kilogram of the plastic explosive i want to see for ses they don't we have so far six terrorists and had been detained several vehicles seized several raids in hotels are being carried out in our nation's capital or very important evidence has been gathered caracas released pictures of defense minister vladimir padrino visiting with seven soldiers said to be wounded in the incident and time of dual political leaders fear that mature as government will use the case to justify
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a harsh crackdown on the opposition the broad front opposition coalition tweeted that the government would take advantage of the incident quote to criminalize those who legitimately and democratically oppose it and deepen the repression and systematic human rights violations robert oulds al-jazeera washington. well eric franz with his vice president of the council of the americas he believes the government crackdown is likely. though the bottom line is it's murky we don't know for sure but that's part of the problem in venezuela today nothing really appears as it really is but nonetheless the maduro government is well practiced taking any excuse for repression and crackdown so no matter what is responsible or who is responsible i would anticipate that a further wave of repression is probably on the way faced with an explosion the uniform military cut and ran they fled the scene most military folks would go
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toward explosions the venezuelan material military apparently ran away from it this cannot give confidence to the president and government of venezuela that the military is there to protect them so i think there will probably be some soul searching about the state of the institution of the military in venezuela and i think you'll probably also see president maduro try to further radicalize his own personal security guards and those who are more loyal to him personally to protect against this sort of thing from happening again. israel's prime minister has defended the controversial new nation state law but is trying to reassure the druze community during a cabinet meeting benjamin this neon who said the law was meant to protect israel status as a jewish state on saturday the minority jewish community led around the intent of the even against the little they're angry at the definition of israel and how it downgrades the status of the arabic language you know this isn't about the moon. the state of israel is the nation state of the jewish people israel is
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a jewish and democratic state individual rights are anchored in many ways including the basic human freedom and dignity no one harmed and no one intends to hold these individual rights without the nation state or the future of israel as the jewish nation state cannot be ensured for generations to come. before we will establish today a special minister committee that will advance those ties and these commitments and in parallel will also recognize those who serve in the israeli military and security services from all religions and its new cities under simmons has more now from west jerusalem. really benjamin netanyahu statement before the cabinet meeting doesn't move things on the committee he mentioned was already known about what it's going to do is a bit hazy and there is no breakthrough in talks with the minorities he did make a reference to the nation state and remaining in place to mend it nor will he
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certainly won't get rid of it but he did say that it is democratic and that was an address not to the druze as such it was to all the israeli jews who were present at that vast demonstration they just came along some just passing by wanted to see what was happening others intent on having their say apart from the political parties who some would regard as the usual suspects attaching to this sort of resistance the government now where does this all lead well more protests and more pressure on benjamin netanyahu but it would appear he will continue to resist as long as he has the right numbers on the side in the knesset the parliament which is in recess right now but will be pulled back for days discussion of this on wednesday no voting rights there that now we have a situation where the security cabinet will be meeting later on sunday afternoon and discussing the whole issue of gaza and the u.n. special envoy nicole i'm led in north who has been desperately trying to get
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agreement between egypt of the house in gaza and israel well the situation there is that there is some sort of proposal on the desk of ministers here in jerusalem and we will may well see some. sort of indicated from the israelis later on as to what happens unclear what the viewpoint is there are some optimistic opinions coming out of the guards or it would seem and indeed possibly cairo but nothing really in print yet nothing publicly that is to suggest that this is going to happen or whether it's going to fail with it will just carry on in the way of negotiations egypt sends its military has killed fifty two people and arrested dozens more as part of a crackdown in the sinai region egypt launched this offensive in february to target armed groups in the sinai the nile delta and the western desert it says its forces
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destroyed vehicles loaded with weapons which were trying to enter through the western border with libya sisi ordered the operation after an attack on a mosque in november. iranian police detained the deputy chief of the central bank of committed iraq cheat was arrested for several others as part of a crackdown on financial fraud same bus route he has more from tehran. the detention of ahmed iraq she iran central bank's top official in charge of foreign exchange comes just twenty four hours after he was fired and replaced now less than two weeks ago the head of the central bank was fired and replaced and all of this comes on the eve of u.s. sanctions going back into effect against iran also foreign minister jobs reef is expected to address parliamentarians in the morning about the country's foreign policy matters specifically about u.s. sanctions and later that day president hassan rouhani is expected to make a televised address to the nation this government no doubt wants to be seen to be
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doing something about the allegations the perception of corruption amongst top officials and specially in light of the fact that the result has fallen so drastically the iranian currency has lost more than half its value in less than a year just to give you a sense of the public mood in the country at the moment during the friday sermon this week the cleric delivering the sermon said that public officials who were involved in corrupt practices were traitors now all of this high political drama comes in the backdrop of a sixth night of protest demonstrations have been ongoing sporadically throughout the country and police personnel as well as protesters are out on the streets in various cities across the country once more to demonstrate against. the country's failing economy so a most protesters as well as opposition politicians there's a desire to see more than just personnel changes at the mid level what people are
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calling for is a change at the federal cabinet level which is something that we aren't seeing as yet. but also to come here on the news hour including tense times in the democratic republic of congo the people waiting to see who run for president plus. brought music isn't there. we had a metal on show with this music festival in russia. and in sport manchester city live the first trophy of the new english football season more than stay with us. now donald trump has appeared to change his story about a twenty sixteen meeting between his son and a russian lawyer connected to the kremlin for the meetings part of the investigation into possible links between trump's presidential campaign and moscow he now says the meeting was to collect information about his rival hillary clinton instead of about russian adoption he's tweeted fake news reporting
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a complete fabrication that i'm concerned about the meeting of my wonderful son donald trump tower this was a meeting to get information on an opponent totally legal and done all the time in politics and it went nowhere i did not know about it when my camera has more now from washington d.c. mike so looks like donald trump is becoming increasingly concerned about any exposure his son donald trump jr may have to the miller probe what more can you tell us. yes indeed and not just concerning his son but the whole miller probe itself just to make very clear daryn that in the past two months president trump has tweeted on forty nine occasions using the word witch hunt with reference to that miller probe now this tweet this morning at eight thirty five local time changes die down dynamics substantially because what it does is reverses the story told both by donald trump jr and president trump as to the nature of that meeting
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that occurred back in june twenty sixth dean now donald trump jr had told the senate that it was a meeting to discuss the russian adoption laws but he insisted there was no idea of talking politics at all now subsequently in a letter that was written purportedly by donald trump jr the story was repeated it has since emerged that donald trump and so president trump that is actually wrote that letter stating those particular facts now donald trump is saying that no the meeting was about getting dirt on a another politician in particular hillary clinton he doesn't see anything illegal in it but the bottom line here daryn is that the story has changed donald trump has admitted that there was some form of could do with russia with regard to the electoral process and mike so where do we stand now on whether trump will actually sit down and be interviewed by the military and how worried you see about being
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subpoenaed. well this is being going backwards and forwards for months now trump's lawyers have been sitting down with the miller's people trying to work out the terms for such an interview should it ever take place and now we've heard as well in the course of the day from one of donald trump's many lawyers. who once again said that it's still being considered whether or not president trump would willingly give an interview to the special counsel however he did raise the question of the possibility of a subpoena and this is what he had to say if you get a subpoena if i what's called a motion to quash that will be argued at the district court then it would go to the court of appeals then it would go to the supreme court of the united states from the supreme court that states it goes back down to the lower.


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