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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 7, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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re-imposing sanctions against iran the united states opening salvo targets access to dollars and precious metals. the person who is abandoned because the nation is his trump and his government and he is doing something which is against the iranian people against the interests of iran. hello i'm daryn jordan the saudis iran live from doha also coming up the diplomatic route between canada and saudi arabia intensifies now the saudi national airline stops all flights to toronto. the desperate search for survivors rescuers. assess the human cost of indonesia's latest deadly.
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now in just a few hours the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran will come into force it's now ninety days since president donald trump formally withdrew the u.s. from the iran nuclear deal which was agreed with will powers back in twenty fifteen iran's president is accused washington and waging psychological warfare well the sanctions on life is to weaken iran's currency which has been in freefall since trump's decision and also a block iran from getting access to american dollars the u.s. will stop imports from iran including food cars and carpets and the sanctions will also limit iran's ability to buy rumor tearooms like steel and coal as well as precious metals and then at the start of november more sanctions will kick in and they'll include measures specifically targeting the oil sector and foreign banks the do business with iran can really help get reports from washington. the
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united states says iran is a threat and it wants to punish the country's government by isolating it from the global financial system starting tuesday u.s. sanctions will be reimposed to target a raid. of sectors blocking iran from purchasing u.s. banknotes and trading in gold and metals like aluminum and steel it will also limit iran's access to software and automotive sectors will blocking its ability to purchase commercial aircraft or trade in food and other goods this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made the snapback sanctions are part of a promise made by u.s. president donald trump when he withdrew the united states in may from the twenty fifteen agreement known as the j c p o a close u.s. ally like france's president emmanuel mccraw and germany's chancellor angela merkel remain committed to the agreement aimed at limiting tehran's nuclear program but
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the u.s. argues it didn't work as it didn't go far enough. the u.s. also argues the profits made from the lifting of sanctions is being used to purchase an export weapons in places like syria lebanon and gaza to support proxy militias and the state financing of terrorism the sanctions come as protests continue in iran against deteriorating economic conditions at the united states denies the sanctions are timed to force regime change instead it says it hopes to modify the iranian government's behavior despite longstanding u.s. policy of no formal diplomatic relations with iran president donald trump has even indicated he's willing to sit down for talks with iran's leaders no preconditions no they want to meet anytime they want heightening tensions top european foreign policy chiefs are implementing something called
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a blocking statute to protect you from still intent on doing business with iran in spite of the u.s. sanctions prompting this stern warning from a senior republican senator. under these things you have to pick between the american economy in the iranian economy you can no longer do business with choose wisely these snapback sanctions are also just the beginning in ninety days and now they're round to other even more punishing sanctions targeting iran's massive oil industry will come in to a fact can really help at al-jazeera the white house for mike hanna joins us live now from washington d.c. mike so just talk us through what these new sanctions against iran will entailed well darryl certainly the refusal to allow iran to trade in u.s. dollars will have a major impact on that country's currency and on that country's economic situation
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also of course it will suffer major damage economic damages from the ban on the imports of iranian made goods such as cars food such as pistachios or even carpets but also what's going to really impact iran is the withdrawal of licenses for the buying of aircraft parts this particularly in the light of the fact that iran has just taken delivery of a number of commercial airliners within recent weeks so all in all this sanctions the reimposition of these sanctions which were phased down back in two thousand and fifteen following that nuclear deal is likely to have a major impact on iran's economy but even more so when the second wave of sanctions comes in clicks in on november the fourth that will actually directly target iran's oil production which is of course a major currency earner for that country unlike what's been the domestic political reaction there in the u.s. . well as with so many other things in the trumpet ministration it's very much
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a partisan reaction to republicans in congress of completely supportive of president trump's action his decision to pull out of that twenty fifteen agreement but democrats in congress of the exactly the opposite there's been intense criticism of the withdrawal from this nuclear deal arguing very strongly that president trump runs the risks of creating the whole situation with had being in the past resolved also the democrat senator richard durbin who was one of those who actually drew up the nuclear deal back in twenty fifteen arguing very strongly that the u.s. runs the risk of alienating longtime allies such as britain france and germany all of whom are signatories and are still a deering to that nuclear deal with iran so major potential economic and political for back for the united states to mike thank you meanwhile iran is putting on
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a brave face president hassan rouhani says he can rely on russia and china to help the oil and banking sectors same bus route he has more from tehran. if you were to construct a word cloud of president hassan rouhani these comments then the word china would no doubt appear as one of the most prominent the iranian leader repeated the name of this important strategic economic ally in the region several times no doubt an indication that iran intends on relying on its relationship with china more and more as it continues to face american sanctions and economic pressure in weeks and months to come president hassan rouhani also addressed the idea of new negotiations with the united states with the with the administration of u.s. president donald trump the person who is abandoned because the nations is trump and his government and he is doing something which is against the iranian people against the interests of iran. if there was honesty iran would come to negotiation
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. the u.s. sanctions contradict any intention to negotiate how can we be honest about wanting to negotiate if you are putting sanctions against children and sick people. in terms of practical steps that the iranian government intends to take to combat ongoing american economic pressure dealing with china and russia as trade partners as economic allies as one thing he also applauded the european union for issuing blocking regulations to help resist the pressure of ongoing american sanctions against iran he thanked people for their ongoing patience with regards to their financial hardship and he said that things were going to get better but effectively asked frustrated iranian people many of whom who have been taking to the streets in protest for a little more time to help course correct the country's economy. saudi arabia's state allen is suspending flights to and from toronto in an intensifying diplomatic
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route with canada on monday riyadh froze new trade and investments and expel the canadian ambassador the move was in retaliation for canada's call to free saudi civil society activists who've been arrested the saudis accuse the canadian government interfering in their affairs as well the canadian farm in estates refusing to back down we will always speak up for human rights we will always speak up for women's rights around the world. and i do also want to say when it comes to the big dowie family. and staff haidar is a canadian citizen and she and her family therefore. merit special attention from the government of canada and a lot of canadian civil society has been speaking up for her it's something that we do we stand up for canadians and their families around the world. has moved.
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canada's a bastard saudi arabia is on his way home to saudi say denis for iraq is no longer welcome and they're accusing the canadian government of interfering in the kingdom's internal affairs as well as spreading misinformation at the lot without the head as he had members so diminished studio for enough first has expressed disbelief by this negative a phone to comment which was not based on any accurate or true information the diplomatic dispute was triggered by the canadian embassy in riyadh tweeting its concern about the arrest of civil society and women's rights activists including some are with the tweets urges saudi authorities to release them. women's suffrage political activist some are but he was honored in two thousand and twelve by then u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama but though he was jailed after suing the kingdom for the right to choose her own husband freedom other person gave. her brother rice but we was sentenced to ten years and one
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thousand lashes in two thousand and fourteen for insulting islam through a blogging website for public debate others arrested by saudi police have pressed for the rights of women and the rights of shia muslim minority another woman was taken into custody because she's married to an islamic law scholar is absolutely ridiculous that the saudi authorities can and no one had come through with some sun limited reforms like the left and the driving bad but on the other hand over rest of their e same women who helped to bring about this reform since may we've seen more than a dozen women's rights activists arrested in what is an unprecedented black crackdown the kingdom has just allowed women to drive for the first time and to attend sporting events and cinemas have opened after being banned saudi arabia is a major trading partner supplying ten percent of canadian crude oil imports canada listed saudi arabia as the second largest buyer of canadian arms after the us the
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two countries signed a twelve billion dollar arms deal four years ago china that was through. or can't stand on their armor and also. is a source of revenue for a number of universities. and in universities for various occasions critics say canada's allies must help in taking a stand to pressure the kingdom to stop its crackdown on activists calling for change poll chunder ji on al-jazeera. rescuers only in the nation island of lombok are using heavy machinery to search for survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings sunday's powerful earthquake killed at least ninety eight people and that number is expected to rise these are live pictures coming to us here at al-jazeera in the aftermath of the earthquake steadfast and has more now from. from under the
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rubble of a mosque women's voices could still be heard three hours after the earthquake struck the disaster happened during prayer and the mosque was full neighbors heard women screaming but had no equipment to rescue them when rescue workers arrived twenty hours later this creaming had stopped. i'm sure people are still trapped here some of them we managed to pull out but they died a few hours later. islanders are still recovering from last week's powerful earthquake and the even bigger trauma happened many were too late to make it to safety as buildings collapsed around them the mother i'm hospital was also severely damaged injured had to be treated outdoors nine was going to pray and the mosque gate lapsed on top of him. and what we need us tens we have received some help from the government but we need more tense to be able to treat our patients. it's
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peak tourist season and nearly three thousand visitors were a regulated from the gillie islands near. tourist panicked on the three small flat islands when a tsunami warning was issued some were injured trying to reach safety including a spanish tourist who fell from a tree most tourists want to leave as soon as possible we decided to leave the island. at every night with no we're saying without us. and i just want to get away from indonesia really. did tsunami warning was quickly lifted but the quake damage will take a lot longer to repair in just a few minutes this two story mosque collapsed into rubble people in long remain in shock after the second earthquake in a week left many homeless while help is on the way search and rescue workers are struggling with the extent of the damage. havea quitman needed to rescue or recover trapped worshippers has yet to arrive at the mosque some say they've heard weak
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cries from under the rubble but it may be too late step fasten al-jazeera banjul lombok lots more still to come here and al-jazeera including this is their plan people these are. a controversial talk show host accounts president trump as a fan is back on online plus. i'm daniel one room analysing the brazilian am as a part of a campaign in this huge country to eliminate the zones of polio. through tranquil arabian ten year olds. and their long and free will to use and if any should go on to live. hello there have of course been flooding rains again just west of shanghai but in the forecast that's a dry pot once again you look for the south and further west you know. hong kong
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included the potential for witnesses here is back in sichuan in the western side of the yangtze valley but the rain is becoming a little light a little more sporadic leaving much of china including hong kong looking for relatively dry wednesday not so to the science in the philippines in particular is still looks fairly wet now this satellite pictures a bit of a gap but that doesn't mean it's a lesser last and the white top clouds extent of vietnam cambodia thailand and that's where the concentration of heavy rain is of course there are showers for the sas there edging further south every day so i wouldn't put a cancer risk but singapore certainly bits more borneo that was the case only a few days ago and it's repeatable forecast sumatra back in the mix but not to any great degree but the heaviest rain in india as the monsoons thinking of coming back south again is maybe west bengal bihari over the bay of bengal typically but the
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breeze is still full of moisture and you'll see rain down the western ghats as well . the weather sponsored by cats own peace. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss no one told. a sweeping association of islam with the violence easier in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice a victim on al-jazeera. welcome
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back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran will come into effect in a few hours it's now ninety days since president donald trump formally the through the u.s. from the iran nuclear deal iran's president is accused washington of waging psychological warfare. rescuers on the indonesian island of lombok by using heavy machinery to search for survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings some days powerful earthquake killed at least nine hundred people but that number expected to rise. and saudi arabia state airline is suspending flights to and from toronto made an intensifying diplomatic route with canada on sunday riyadh froze new trade investment and expelled the canadian ambassador it was in retaliation to canada and saudi arabia to free human rights activists well stephen chase is a journalist of the globe and mail newspaper in ottawa he says canada's education industry could be hit hard by the disagreement. if you're talking about the
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relationship the saudi can a relationship you know we're talking about a four billion dollar you know two way trade trading relationship be cheer i think saudi arabia would rank for instance twenty fourth or twenty fifth among our trading partners so we are not major trading partners. the real the real impact though is you know these you know the saying all politics are local the prospect of the saudis withdrawing fifteen thousand saudi students from canadian universities is i would say having a major impact it's concerning people greatly we're talking about hundreds of millions of not more billion billions of dollars of revenue that they stand to lose and i think people are quite concerned about that here in canada i think ordinary canadians tend to see saudi arabia as a repressive. you know authoritarian regime and they're a bit surprised to see the saudis. getting angry at them and not only that they're
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a bit surprised to see this twitter campaign which is taking aim at some of canada's. troubled human rights record especially when it concerns the treatment of indigenous people ivory coast president alassane ouattara has issued an amnesty for the wife of the former leader and they're all bad but some of them back but it was one of eight hundred citizens ouattara said he'd pop in and during a state address in twenty fifteen she was convicted of offenses against the state during a brief twenty eleven civil war and was sentenced to twenty years in place of ethiopia's federal government has taken over the administration of the east and somalia region and to restore normal to the regional president resigned that lead to hand the power after fifty people were killed in the regional capital judge ago on saturday the violence began after the government deployed troops sparking tensions with local paramilitary forces mammadov though as more from neighboring djibouti. the
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federal government say suspect in these rare step to issue a security is brought back to the somali region a statement from the prime minister's office hinted at the local administration going rogue and being on the verge of announcing the suppression of the region from the rest of the country the government communication minister spoke on national television saying the federal government was now in charge of security and i missed session off the somali region of ethiopia and that federal troops and policemen have been deployed he also said that the commission of inquiry has been appointed to look into what caused the clashes on saturday that left fifty people dead the minister also said. the government is going to ensure in the coming days stop point of the political leadership for the region imran khan has officially been nominated as pakistan's next prime minister the former cricket stars party won the most seats
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in last month's parliamentary election but fell short of an overall majority he still needs parliamentary approval to become prime minister kamal hyder reports from the capital islamabad. rick tree at the general election pakistan tehreek and had a meeting of the parliamentary committee called by the chairman emraan conduct committee unanimously nominating him for the prime ministership of the country the law minister had already announced that. the first session of parliament. on the eleventh or twelfth of august imraan khan really be sworn in as the first prime minister of pakistan he had already announced that his government great go for austerity measures that he will not be living in the prime minister. situated in islamabad and that he will be living in the minister's compound. cabinet will be anything from fifteen to twenty minutes and that it will be
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a smaller team in order to save money because the country is faced with a financial crunch its first challenge of course will be to try to come to grips with pakistan's economy which are not days spent he is however comfortable that he really should have the provincial government and the. party has over two thirds majority and they. are in a very comfortable position and the fun job. then is when is president nicolas maduro has failed to appear at a rally in caracas on saturday he escaped what the government called an assassination attempt drones exploded while he was speaking at a military parade with sure it was on the harm that has accused colombia's president and u.s. finances of being behind the incident. now eleven million young children in brazil will be vaccinated in a nationwide bid to stop a missile is outbreak the diseases killed five people and infected thousands more
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across the country. are reports from the northern city of my mouse one of the worst affected regions. they thought that eradicated measles from brazil in the twenty years ago but the influx of tens of thousands of venice whalen's escaping economic and political strife has brought it across the border hope those two entities are still shouldn't be playing and we are the ones who play into spending so many years without vaccinating operation if brazilians are correctly vaccinated no migration wave would cause an outbreak in our country the north of brazil which has the highest number of venice way the migrants has been the worst affected. dollars in the now swiss spent eighteen years with no case of missiles registered once the first cases were identified and lauch we decided twenty separate the campaign most of the children were vaccinated and now we're focusing on adults one child died here in the now and four more in other parts of brazil thousands more have been
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infected the battle to keep me as it was a play is a constant one with regular vigilance and campaigns like this one to ensure that everybody even the distant remote is vaccinated. but the campaign is nationwide eleven million children aged between one and five being vaccinated. for the generally smooth operation with only some resistance. i thought it would hurt four year old enzo in sao paolo said afterwards his mother like thousands of others had no doubts. that the outbreak hasn't reached south palo but i think it's good to bring him since it's a campaign to prevent the illness it is not just about vaccination the brazilian authorities are also educating the children about the disease before but now hope they can defeat the good. one else brazil
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a new wildfire has broken out in california burning hundreds of hectares of scrub in a matter of hours planes and helicopters are battling the flames in a tribute canyon in orange county people in the community of holy gym have been told to leave their homes as a precaution they army sending troops to help emergency crews battling more than one hundred twenty fires across the western united states phoenix business partner a poor man a ford has taken the stand against him on a ford is the former donald trump presidential campaign manager he denies bank and fraud charges gates has already testified that he stole money from ford and helped him file false tax returns she had the chance he has more from outside the court in virginia. brigade's was unequivocal he for he said knowingly conspired to deceive the us government falsely underreporting the amount of income paul mom of four was receiving not declaring several foreign bank accounts all about illegal however gates also had to admit that he was embezzling money from
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pomona for hundreds of thousands of dollars from those foreign bank accounts and that's key to the defense they say this is an unreliable man a man doing what he can to save his own skin and he is being pressured in order to say what the special counsel robert miller one sympathetic to indict to indict paul mount a for to get him out of fort to begin cooperating with the special counsel on russia . social media platforms in the u.s. have banned a controversial talk show host for promoting hate speech info wars host alex jones has a huge online audience and pushes many conspiracy theories including a claim that the sandy hook school massacre in connecticut was a staged event alan fischer reports this is their plan people these are. we as a national radio show more than two million a year to prescribe and a website called influence that made him a wealthy man but alex jones is facing an increasing number of platforms who will
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no longer publish his content in the last few days he's been removed from facebook i tunes and the also you chip with his video rants wreck up millions of hits first demonize him for wars lie about us build a straw man then sue us to add credibility to that then have a few fake strikes on you tube and facebook with nebulous terms like bullying children and islamophobia jones is a controversial figure he claims the sandy hook school massacre was staged by crisis actors as a way to change gun laws in the u.s. one of the families is now suing him for libel the first hearing in the case has been held in his texas be. he believes the nine eleven attacks were organized and carried out by the u.s. government and the government kills people by controlling the weather president donald trump is a fan he appeared on his radio show saying his reputation was amazing and he wouldn't let him down and a pioneer and an explorer. i know human and this one analyst rejects
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the idea joins is removal of freedom of speech implications first amendment does not give you a right to have a presence on a website personal only limits governments from censoring you so what facebook and twitter are doing is not censorship it's private companies making decisions just like newspapers have always made decisions about who they will bring to their apple has dropped his podcasts as have other online streaming services facebook removed four pages linked to his in four wars website in a statement the company says upon review we've taken it down for glorifying violence and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are trying to gender muslims and immigrants which violates a hate speech policy in his recent child custody case joins us lawyer insisted he was simply playing a character and now he'll be doing that to a much smaller audience on fewer platforms. alan fischer al jazeera washington.
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all the news of course on our website there it is on the screen the address al-jazeera dot com. a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran will come into force in a few hours it's now ninety days since president donald trump formally was through the u.s. from the iran nuclear deal iran's president is accused washington of waging psychological warfare that's cassy chasm of our kind of heart it showed him that the person who was abandoned because the asians his trump and his government and he is doing something which is against the iranian people against the interests of iran if there was honesty iran would come to negotiation what. the u.s. sanction is contradict any intention to negotiate on a minute how can he be honest about wanting to negotiate if you but. action was against children and sick people in. saudi arabia state airline is suspending
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flights to and from toronto in an intensifying diplomatic row with canada on sunday riyadh froze new trade and investment and expel the canadian ambassador it was in retaliation for canada saudi arabia to free human rights activists rescuers on the indonesian island of lombok are using heavy machinery to search for survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings some days powerful earthquake killed at least ninety eight people but that number is expected to rise more than a thousand tourists have been moved from the three gillie islands off it was the second quake to hit the area in a week. ethiopia's federal government has taken over the administration of the volatile eastern somali region and to restore law and order the regional president resigned and agreed to hand over power after fifty people were killed in the regional capital gigo on saturday the violence began out of the government deployed troops sparking tension with local paramilitary forces ivory coast president
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alassane ouattara has issued an amnesty for the wife of former leader neural bank simone babbitt was jailed for twenty years in twenty fifteen for offenses against the state in the twenty eleven civil war. and a new wildfires broken out in california burning hundreds of hectares of scrub in a matter of hours planes and helicopters are battling the flames near tribute canyon in orange county people in the community of holy jim have been told to leave their homes as a precaution the army is sending troops to help emergency crews who are battling more than one hundred twenty fires across the western united states but those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story of them so much of my fam.
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is peace possible in south sudan they fought for independence from sudan and when they got it the government forces the rival rebels bored with each other for years now another power sharing deal has been signed but will it hold this time this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. the warring leaders in south sudan are giving peace another chance but is the agreement signed on sunday in sudan finally the one which will in five years of civil war many ceasefire deals have been signed then collapsed within hours and the fighting which has killed tens of thousands and up rooted millions didn't stop now a second power sharing.


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