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tv   The Rohingya Silent Abuse  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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the one where they have to crash into the hall of reality that usually gets leaders blocked. sincere americans take is former vice president al jazeera. and we shall carry on doha these are the top stories right now on al-jazeera israeli knesset is holding a special session on the new and controversial nation state law the law formally affirms israel's jewish character and makes hebrew the country's sole official language a status previously shared by arabic it's provoked widespread protests seventy jacker has more from lustrous on. the debate happening inside the knesset inside the israeli parliament isn't going to change anything to the law today but it highlights the controversy that this law has caused debate going on inside the knesset heated debate we heard from my t.v. he's a palace soon israeli member of knesset saying that this is an apartheid rule this
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is what m.k. said voted for he said that this is a policy that has been inherent over the years when it comes to treating the palestinian citizens of israel and others but it is now ingrained in its lord he said only by standing together jewish people and the arabs wouldn't be able to be overturned it highlights the concern not only from within here from within the citizens of israel also jews have said that this is a is a threat to what israel says is its democratic and equal basis of the establishment of the state it is also called prompted a lot of criticism when it comes to the international community and we've also seen tens of thousands of people come to the streets last saturday tens of thousands of citizens of druze also israelis packed would be in square in tel aviv we are expecting similar size this saturday in tel aviv called for by israeli citizens palestinian citizens of israel and also many others israelis we've been speaking to say that this is a law that is discriminatory and they do not agree with it turkey has become the
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latest country to announce it will keep buying natural gas from iran despite the new sanctions imposed by the u.s. iran's foreign minister has rejected the decision by the trouble ministrations saying washington won't be able to stop his country from exporting oil so bob boys main opposition party says it will challenge the results of last week's presidential election and court lawyers from the m.d.c. alliance say they will have they have rather what they call mammoth evidence of electoral fraud current president emerson and dog was scheduled to be rian automated on sunday after emerging as the winner and last monday's vote but the opposition says he can't be sworn in while facing this legal challenge. the bangladeshi information minister has told al jazeera that any police officer who assaults journalists in custody will be prosecuted collets allegations of torture and kill along with torture after being arrested and happened just hours after he did an interview with al-jazeera on sunday human rights watch wants the government
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to investigate reports that he was beaten in jail he was covering demonstrations by students were demanding tougher traffic laws and the minister says the government respects the press and that i had all along was not detained for his journalism he has been a student of thought in the columns which we are looking to eat but as first today he would have produced to the court the court ruled he said what will happen to him but he has not read that is to dumb down others to go has been that is to be soothing the informative companies and to clothe didn't act so he does it is a general lack probably don't citizens not for the young ladies so for dummies to get he has not been ordered ordered you put in. he has not been out of there are the reasons we will give a report to the quote we believe. on the house and we think
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that the john of these food have the security to water. on this part and this would not be had us by the law enforcing it is all by any court does the government give protection to them malaysia's former prime minister not she rasik has denied three new charges of money laundering he's accused of stealing billions of dollars from estate investment fund which he set up in two thousand and nine and has already been charged with abuse of power and also criminal breach of trust places anti-corruption agency launched an investigation into the one m.t.b. state fund afternoon she was defeated in may's election. as are the headlines to keep it on al jazeera much more to come al-jazeera world us next.
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mian mar over fifty one million people. and since two cheese party won elections here in twenty fifteen but the army still wields great power on trance and she unfortunately has no practical ability to write in the security force since independence from the british in nineteen forty eight its many ethnic minorities have been engaged in almost continuous civil war. it's a majority buddhist country but one minority is the region joe who are muslim and
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they have suffered longstanding persecution. of the majority over him john have traditionally lived in rock kind state many in and around. in october twenty sixth seen the army began a siege of the city. there were reports of mass killings rape and of tens of thousands of russian just seeking refuge in neighboring bangladesh. the me and mark government has always maintained these reports were exaggerated so al-jazeera arabic correspondents and i'm in doubt we travel to me and mark also known as burma in february twenty seventh teen to investigate for herself. the conflict between me and mars ethnic minorities and the ruling burmese majority
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that controls the army is one of the world's longest ongoing civil wars the united nations and other agencies have repeatedly accused me and maher of widespread human rights violations and genocide. madman. arrived in the gone the country's largest. to find a large demonstration in progress. the military government was dissolved in twenty eleven and sends to cheese party then won a majority in both houses of parliament in the twenty fifteen elections but has not yet succeeded in addressing the country's long standing ethnic conflicts. on monday. given the time that you know
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we've got a government that we're going to be best government that we all the what we all want will we all believe that this time we don't have to fight each other we have to do have a dialogue to you know to have little to debate a better country will do for the time that you know that we are all the people standing up together to all. but there didn't seem to be any sign of the real hinge at this demonstration. said now mass protesters about the problems suffered by the rangers. so if you're not up on the bottom they're not at the concrete know it and on the scene about the same ooc happening that's a mistake i met idea to see how there are there were over a million brain jamie mark they say they did in what's now rock kind steam for generations but the million mark of are meant continues to maintain that they're
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illegal immigrants who came to what was then called to account after independence. rights activist about their disputed origins and uncertain citizenship status. and there we accept or to that of this country. we had a working record with many people who were out of the running election we have that . you know there is an i.r.s. and sukumar mark harmon i don't think after the military in the ninety's sixty two and the great village changing their behavior to people after the bill to abuse ninety eighty two citizenship law. just admitting to borrowing up people from does citizenship as the government and the truth always say i'm not from this going
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to and they are not us it is them the illegal immigrants from the bangladesh with us why is truly going to going to deny we are not bangladeshi we are not the people who can migrate to from bangladesh from any dye we had the back of that this land from centuries. before the british rule. us you behalf that. produce very rarely will question because you are already issued many going to visit me and you want you recognition you got arrested also issued a statement as relations and then always see and then everyone talking about what they were got to. do it. but through which you every time was my question is why. me and mark had been tightly controlled for decades and journalists banned from
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much of bra kind steet for some time. but top the sheep gets some amateur video from nando there were burning houses and russian jet appearing to flee but some images of human remains were too disturbing to show i'm just here i needed to find out more about what happened in one toe in twenty sixteen. went to the capital of frack kind state city. way rangel were allegedly forced from their homes there and put into camps. from sittwe
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a she planned to continue on to madoff. but soon after her plane took off there was some unfortunate news. a prominent lawyer kone had been murdered at tiangong airport. been nks and sue cheese legal adviser for several years he was also a muslim a member of sue cheese ruling national league for democracy party and helped create the office of state councilor that enabled her to become the effective head of the government in twenty sixteen. sits way was at the center of serious violence in twenty twelve hundreds of rahane joe were killed and tens of thousands forced to leave their homes in the city and move to nearby camps.
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in february twenty seventh teen it was difficult to find any range on the streets. there was no call to prayer and it was forbidden even to enter any of the mosques. salaam wanted to enter one of the camps near sits way but it was heavily guarded by the army. although a myth. it's up to. them it's not the end of the night not a lot of safer that's been made up mostly of. we're
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. going to. just write my names my congressman my phone number so on but i know this and does reporting to the office is. just going to spoil. your. meal you know maybe. the camp was not only have to be guarded but strongly fortified by barbed wire fencing it looked much more like a prison than a camp. the
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ringette live in huts here they say they fled their homes after being persecuted by the ethnic burmese they allege that buddhist monks were among their attackers they relied heavily on non-governmental organizations and were restricted in their movements their ability to marry in their educational opportunities and their access to health care. first of all i want to thank. you. both even more i am in a confined and also that. you have to learn to love something akin to a living how that might be because it was a letter. that you had the landlady talking. much of that among us can manage you can delineate. time like how michael would say we
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haven't. selamat the camp's so-called doctor but it turns out he had no medical training or qualifications. but that it would be. a money a job not on your life and i would love only. sugar you didn't show but you money that in the edit room me over the movie so good you know i just. didn't want to see the money. on the lawn with. but i thought. military or.
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with the by the. by the never lived. in the connecticut with the. young. but i want to go to the shut. out of. it then. that we. got it in big. on the move and we are going to. from the. video with the minutes from the movie don't make. the big move out of
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the valley the low but they are not. moderated by their lovely live by their own and i get the. money. they've got to come to the. big new deal with. its accountants mind and suffering. many rangers seem to have been there for years. and these children appeared never to have lived anywhere else.
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mohamed took to visit a woman suffering from joint pain but he warned her that they were both probably under constant surveillance. after an out of town they're at the when you're looking at them. or. something. like. that gift. giving connected mohalla tough. i got a good getting money out of the nothing with my video that we have an arm and a number. and a movement i don't want up on their own from out of the money do they get
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a ha ha ha ha ha round lot of. know about it molly i mean the idea but i'm going to do what it would up farmers are from above all that i mean are there were more than a lot of the. young and young you're not either one of them would love it. but there were no right to. buddhism is the most popular religion in me and maher some have accused rightwing monks of being prejudiced against muslims particularly if they were here just. want to visit a monk to ask him about the situation. modern . ocasio will move what he saw to let you fraud allah. will
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let you know he. little. but now i would out of. will go pick up cod but i could not yet. do the i mean moving. you know grandmother and here he had little to cremate even when you're not ready yet he knew who. she grew. up with him when you were a young mother. that had another one. yeah . you know the public good was the real name and not just the. nine to one of my lucky enough the second time i could look up the. not going to be out for that but who check that you have to go before the. free yet
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ahead of cox and the un for you is the last of something for you not going to move that the banana can persona and how you can have a laugh at my hobby i have got i go through i've been up from up long i'd be paying you to produce goods here we have mining about would you like not without them mining and it will be out of the market grew up with food then that decent money i have it won't help me. now to feed him i'll be the child on the hoof do not give it a month will want to come up and go out of the below and not get goofy while he did the plan they like because if i think. if a man and love bill. couldn't go and have them if a limit got nothing it could have a seat. roomier with it i'm not going to be rude.
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oh yeah he goes off good now you go well you'd love to hear. that but shouldn't i have the probably been. the one who won't get another place who more to mean me and my time i'm not going to get any kind of one who might decide to come back better to him. governor when she took them up and got me that way she will. have it tough going no good now when you did not that much of it tells you nothing of the letters get out. can you get my lovely bill of. varied and come out get above them up will they believe. what you need it done to the young. we've got to see the mckenna. behind the rule. yeah. although you would be there.
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with a little. italian opted out in your book don't get. in an interview in early twenty seventeen state councilor and sense to change a knowledge there were problems in rocking states. she didn't refer to the ringette by name but said that ethnic cleansing was too strong a term for what was happening. she said that there was a lot of hostility and talked about people on both sides of the divide a divide she stands she was trying to close. to find out more about the region just citizenship problems salaam headed for
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another part of such way to meet a community leader she asked about the claim that the row hinge on migrated from bangladesh. hell fundamental member let us not the rules are being levied. the lower the board the other where do you get the mahmoudiya well much easier with a live edition of the others than it really that. much to general of english. generalized at five in denmark. given that it loses danny with little. me in mars' nineteen eighty two citizenship laws did not recognize the ranger and this has precluded them from gaining equal rights. but the government has since issued what are called white cards. at the time
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this was viewed as a commitment to grant the rain just status that would enable them to apply for citizenship. zones osho disallow these whites id cards. that they got a few got what that did. to get up. the polish economy. and all the money but you don't democrazy it quickly recalled with jim by matching was sick and then have it. yet written down the seine will. eat it that. will be viewed on the counter sam ah no not a gun they may get two hundred ten day beard to have it and never give it to either
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. of you not not homeless. not thousand it better not to be dirty that they are more noble. than we were so we have. a little bit out. of it. well what zozo was referring to was the government's move in twenty fifteen in which it asked the region just to handed their white cards in return for new peepers categorizing them as bengali of all the old mom. you know one or two gonna look. good to her will not. be. the mob out there who always go to the hole about in the hope who really not move people the money or money of it the money and i get it you know the water looked up the music up in the roof of the movie when. coming up in part two there were ten joe women who
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fled to bangladesh with harrowing stories of their next treatment by the army in broad kind states. but. on the other really well and then it would take to get that the mother automated it would be a good as he did get in and. out of her going to the gallon i just. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith linked to the tax even though they too the victims of the bombings the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the limpid sports
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a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe a series of reports about the state of the world's forests and what's being done to protect them in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal feelin exploitation system then laid the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera. that. amidst a climate of fear violence and paranoia. those still willing to dream. in honduras dennis seeks a brighter future for his son and community. using art to retain the city. and transform the very symbol of past oppression. do you find in latin america
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liberating a prison on al-jazeera. to show care here take a look at the headlines on al-jazeera the israeli knesset is holding a special session on the new and controversial one nation state law a law formally affirms israel's jewish character and also makes hebrew the country's sole official language a status previously shared by arabic it's provoked a widespread protests. zimbabwe's main opposition party says it will challenge the results of last week's presidential election in court lawyers from the m.d.c. alliance say they have quote mammoth evidence of electoral fraud current president emerson and dog was scheduled to be reintegrated on sunday. has the latest from
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harare. when lawyers have said when they're going to file the papers in court they have until friday to do so if they are the evidence they have evidence and they say they have a secret weapon with the old rubio in court and they will come put it back the evidence that they say they have in the naacp. and which is going to happen on sunday. that whatever evidence the opposition say they have it greek and they maintain the elections one hundred the worst case scenario which is the inauguration could be stocked which could create arnav a crack in the country and of course delay the country from moving forward if the matter drag out in court bangladeshi information minister has told al jazeera that any police officer who assaults journalists in custody will be prosecuted allegations that photojournalists. tortured after being arrested that happened just hours after he did an interview with al-jazeera on sunday he was covering demonstrations by students who are demanding tougher traffic laws. relations former
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prime minister has denied three new charges of money laundering is accused of stealing billions of dollars from estate investment. in two thousand and nine and she has already been charged with abuse of power and criminal breach of trust elations anti-corruption agency launched an investigation into the one m.t.v. state fine after was defeated in may's election. was granted bail of two hundred fifty thousand dollars his trial date will be decided on wednesday. became the latest country to announce it will keep buying natural gas from iran despite the new sanctions imposed by the us foreign minister has rejected the trumpet ministrations decision keep it or more to come out as are world is next.
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also known as. the bottom at the start of twenty seventeen. they're muslims and say they've lived in what's now known as rack states for generations. but official and public discrimination led to widespread violence in twenty twelve and tens of thousands of move to refugee camps by early twenty seventeen thousands more had fled to bangladesh but numbers have now reached about seven hundred thousand with the un finding evidence of human rights abuses including gang rape murder and torture. al jazeera arabic correspondent salaam hindawi this is to me and maher in february twenty seventh team to investigate how the rangel were being treated. and i want to from.
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the left i don't know. if you. are. or. will. some now and her film crews every move was closely observed by pink clothes police . and. some of the other walked a short of the unknown i will call you a dog had a cow. boy we're not talking about shadow i know about the hog not yet donna.
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you mean. yeah right eat and. watch. what. they eat eat is. highly. shane and. it's. still wary of the police who are all hinge a man sold said a video clip from an isolated area of mondo in rock kind states. what happened. is a member crew and the police suffering. now my dorm and
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a number of b. unmarked police were killed by an armed group in rockland state in october twenty sixth seen. this reportedly sparked a series of attacks against by the army. special government committee was that up to investigate the violence but it found no evidence to support the allegations of atrocities against. despite these powerful images. given more video by humanitarian organizations the images again graphic appearing to show violence. and torture.
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with. some of the images horrific to be shown. i had planned to travel on from scituate to mandel. but the police
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refused to allow it. me and mark can often be a very difficult place for journalists to operate. instead i met a member of the rock kind national party who had served on the government committee that investigated the alleged violence against the ranger in october twenty sixth. could have and on he was a. good these are you me are you believe gaza refugee who lets you know double of being the cause of going to your community that he needs anyway you cry to really are. these are the big alleviate the entire area who view the going.
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and i go to the. da is there a area or two who wrote that much and i got a little. deeper than a pill or don't they are only needed to ramble any maybe to which all of you and he made me do much either not now you know ari when a lot when a year or change will do it lead you to go wrong will go local celeb by today general lot of them that illiterates. asked why there seemed such think the feeling against the rancho drilling everyone. from over the general evolved out of it of a governor general blown up with. the kind they did up here is a joke. think by bizarre that roy doubled it. to have not only a moment generally to cry but the other people with different views of what it will
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. let me do this it would surely be too general a soldier the kind of go it off tour of being your home. number growing doesn't rid of it who you'll be you cried with the baby was a bit piece of the rubble of the comic relief. in february twenty second team the un report to a raft of human rights violations after interviewing over two hundred russian john . in march twenty seven thousand it announced a fact finding mission to me in march but in june twenty seventeen the me and marc government said it would deny entry to officials taking part in the un investigation. meanwhile in markham to need to receive financial assistance from india israel russia and the united states which lifted sanctions against it in twenty sixteen. at a former director of human rights watch in me in march now an independent observer
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. the military is still the major institution in this country and the military still has extraordinary powers guaranteed by the two thousand i consider him twenty five percent of the seats in in the parliament three k. ministries that really controls a lot of the country massive troops all throughout the country. they run huge parts of the economy they don't just get one of the the biggest shares of the national budget they also have extensive business interests throughout the country . asked what the situation was like in mendo in february twenty seventh. there is no doubt that there is a new phase in the conflict among with the appearance of this militant group that has staged violent attacks against the security forces and has killed a number of security personnel however. the threat posed by this new group.
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is is disproportionate to the scale of the security forces responses. what about the role of nk send suchi aung san suu kyi doesn't have a role in this she hasn't done anything and when she is effectively the leader of the country and she stays relatively silent about the abuses going on and does not make a public call for the security forces to rein in their behavior and call for calm. an ability for any violations have taken place then she's been in dereliction of injuries as far as i'm julie elected leader of the country i'm so she's really been absent when the home force as a leader needs to be heard quite simply i think the military and the government of blocking people from going into northern longo because they have something really horrible to hot i think they're all indications through satellite imagery into the government's own admissions and through credible reporting coming out of the area
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that there has been extensive human rights violations and they want to hide the extent of the of the abuses against the civilian population that's a cover up. and i'm decided to make one more big to try and get to maddow shaking off her minder and arriving at the ferry terminal at dawn. sort of and that i could little but up to thirty could assist me i had to get out but as of that there wasn't enough but they don't want as well for the loss of irish. but mandel like and i felt at that that good place is the shortfall he and i had here at the deck a. little
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. bit. why i knew better michel. why i misread a mesh on the top of the committee to find out. if it does tell you that the. the police stopped before she even got close to the ferry. i meet their mission. but it will all get if i don't get. no paper no trip to man.
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the alternative was bangladesh. in late twenty sixteen and early twenty seventeen with tens of thousands of her hinge i began fleeing there to escape the violence in iraq kind states. again could not gain access by the british members of her film crew were allowed to travel. they would broadly follow the same routes as they were hanged across the nafs river which separates the two countries a hazardous journey for the or henge on foot and i'm going to let you know that i voted or do not already.
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it's now estimated that around seven hundred thousand two hundred jobs have fled to bangladesh since august twenty seventh team. this prompted them to set up security posts and checkpoints along the border with me and mark. once inside the country the crew had to pass through further bangladesh. checkpoints where they posed as tourists and used hidden cameras. which if.
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any of the them there was the summon index or. even there was the military intelligence maybe they should assume most of them. would use the dainty little useful is a slim. it is the better difficult. but when trying most of. them you can see the bismark. good food. there were a hinge up by the side of the roads. in order to continue filming the crew took
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a side road to avoid attracting the attention of the bangladeshi police. they came upon one of the many unofficial hinge refugee camps in bangladesh to. these refugees were living in the most primitive conditions in locations rarely seen by the international media. even by the standards of makeshift refugee camps this was a miserable existence. the crew
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spoke to a group of ranger women who had recently arrived from mandal. but i sure do most of that event was my lies are now. question i wonder what i'm armont wasn't it indeed . i don't know those under the harness of the quote i thought a hollow pacific with the heart of god in mind you were done once about an idiot on the side you want to. get out of the bigot i want to be done this i read minds about an idea and i need you to. sadler's it with no one when a zen master knowing you're no good. at the heart of the. room . if you don't want to get a new go to market with a man i know i did my job. for my mom is just more. of a. businessman it's all. right she did have also been.
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in people. who can called her thought i had a mindset hossam wanted that game. as a target on one job. done over the. there and joe women all tell similar stories of their treatment to me and mark. what a little they did it i had a. and plus i don't. buy it at all i'm not a does not die young. you would imagine i had got out of that i didn't them a lot of our guys to manhattan and out of the got that are there are a mob i can out of there is you don't have a mass and. decided to use i do you know i didn't look too old for that. one. about them without the need for grab that i want you to my little boys will. blow me. i'm going to take it if you.
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give it you hear. from some what i did one hundred years old i didn't mama says little to say about adoption above i'm old and. cut it out of one hundred but. no matter the. time of the fiat i began and i've got a got to get into a bit an anomaly about an anomaly now it into the heart of me i'm one. of another and i love my only love like with the eyes of this will know that you know. i thought that i was on the. news. or in a. manner
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. that really wasn't a good. club as on that of a good blow in don't believe what they. think of would they not but i gotta. time it out i began by good bye down and there's another one of about a not on it and i thought i'd get he doesn't. need it i thought i would my needs i don't have i'm going to go do that but i have been out of there you are all. the cure him of i wasn't up i'm not young and worry about the young. to the to the mother to make it wouldn't do that if he did it in the way that would be by the court of law that her going to go down when i am just a. thought out there was hard enough the child doesn't get that worry about the little pin is learning by all the wood as she looked on by that the wood at that bash it or that it would been that he would not but i should have been on our own and as a cat you. after fleeing this terrible abuse these
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women refugees were living in appalling conditions although some camps have since been improved by aid agencies and the generous help of the bangladeshi government like this one. however the rains have already arrived in bangladesh and even this site and its occupants will be at serious risk if the rainfall is heavy and deets to flooding. since and i'm handout these reports in february twenty seventh hundreds of thousands more will hinge on have sought refuge in bangladesh in fact it's now estimated that there are as many growing jane bangladesh as there are remaining in me and mari. meanwhile human rights organizations the un and the media have struggled to gain access to rock kind state to gather first hand evidence of the alleged human rights
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violations. in september twenty seventh team the u.n. high commissioner for human rights. a say in spoke out because myanmar has refused to human rights investigators the current situation cannot be countered yet so it cannot yet be fully asserts but the situation remains or seem use a. textbook example of f. . closer. than in june twenty eighth amnesty international published the results of interviewing over four hundred people in bangladesh and within raw kind states they revealed the plans and systematic military campaign with satellite evidence of attacks on villages in which only the ranger homes where satellites villages were surrounded by the myanmar military soldiers swept through they opened fire on men women and children
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as they were running away and they systematically burned down that which is and what this shows is that this was not the work of rogue soldiers or units involved units across a large area that this was a pattern carried out and therefore suggest that it was a pattern carried out pursuant to a common plan. amnesty also join the international voices calling for those responsible to be sent to the international criminal court. it was it was unleashed during twenty seventeen clearance operations recent incident in bahrain is a zero and it reached out and made absolutely no mistake pricing is you know we actually about right. porsche or stuff nation in the land mines and targeted large scale in the us enough prominence made us so serious and they should be rooted in just. such a referral is not guaranteed as the i.c.c.
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has no jurisdiction in me and mark and china would almost certain d.v. to any such intervention in the un security council. the main mark government continues to deny any human rights violations meanwhile it's not clear firstly what can be done to enable the range and bangladesh to return safely to me in march. and second to enable the international community to call the me and maher government and its security forces to account. for their treatment of what the un has called the world's most persecuted people. play. some journeys are tougher than others. but this road trip is even tougher than the closure of the truck there it's dangerous there's al-jazeera the world
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follows the moroccan truck drivers in danger in their lives. just to make a living if you crash that might break your liver or even kill you because of all these lone flu. from a gay disease or to death on al-jazeera. al-jazeera
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. when entering. through trying to rape you. i didn't mean to insinuate going to. hello there the rain has now mostly cleared away from rio you can see it on the satellite picture the area of cloud it working its way towards the east and behind it the sunshine has returned for us elsewhere though this still a good deal of cloud that stretching through parts of power through the extreme southern parts of brazil into year and into argentina as well and under this cloud is not feeling that warm asuncion they're only getting to around twenty two but if we fast forward to thursday we'll see that even though that system is cleared and we're seeing a bit will sunshine is not what warm a top temperature in asuncion just of ninety four born as a result just twelve further towards the north as plenty of what weather here plenty of heavy rain across panama and all the way up into the western parts of
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mexico just off the coast all of western mexico there is a hurricane that should stay away from land but still plenty of what weather in western mexico despite that for the greater antilles more in the way of sunshine here generally not much in the way of showery whether it'll just i think warnell to heavy downpours perhaps for us in jamaica as we head into for. day and we had up towards north america of course we've got plenty of wildfires in the west impose the moment and there's no rain on the colleagues here the what's the weather is for the east will see quite a few showers i suppose of colorado and the eastern parts is where the heavy rain in. the with is sponsored by qatar and he's. a firebrand who love you people living in one room talking about passing people out for women's liberation to frame victories for anybody sexual assault continues an iconic feminist and seminal writer i'm waiting for solution yes we need to do
4:00 pm
something whoa wait on dear boy i'm not can you some are made he has sand goes head to head with jimmy i can't do anything else on the i'll just be and. this is zero. by richelle carey this is the al jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes sticking to the contract turkey says it will keep buying gas from iran for the next eighteen years despite donald trump's sanction pressure. scraping through the rubble of lombok spillage is why internation rescue team said they don't have the equipment to cope with sunday's earthquake. israel's parliament in a special session as anger grows over its nations.


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