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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 9, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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the first exhumations and processing of remains found in the seventy eighth area were led by international forensics teams among them was ever kind of a polish anthropologist in one thousand nine hundred six she had worked in areas near come in each called girdle it took me maybe but it's away when i go when they go to saturday because we came with a convoy of cars so we were walking in narrows you know pass up to the hill. and on a boat sight movies pass in peace thank you book face and between three s. . were nine piece of clothes. our
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troops. opened. the luggage smart luggage some smart backs and it was he didn't mind place a book open book and. when the wind was flying paid trees so i came and so getting the support. and then we came on top and it would remind us about that nice way it. was a p.c. supply. is thrown away and with their open piece of luggage was it made the big biggest impression for me because it meant give it some of the between draining to five and september it into six was that it. who the corrupt zip code is from so close from the beach thinks which it seems took
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raising some sort of blue smoke and with saying. it's where not usable but still no way so it was a biggish in question not the graves before the bodies before because it was already used but this but it's that it's in the artifacts of the people where he had to go or even personal playing to sort of buy. and to find their way through. from movies what happened and who was they were. dead but this word. again there.
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may not all have. fully get in the clear it's very possible for the bottom of the not to sleep with them not for me to feel normal of not. one can as know not to nipples on the wrong at least once and not today do we missed all seriously got to where we want to be. i'm not in the period we had to go to mogadishu. actually got the movie think you need not both minutes long. not just to go on woman on your thrill newmont least i don't when i'm in
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a little market and you start. because a woman only didn't. call norful know full well meaning. only related to give me a little bill portree to move forward with and global to tell us all not true but
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niggle me in a little daily be defeatist and not treat a single neutral know obviously not good lord well there's no. good military theme little or. no new all knowledge and not seem to don't know you or don't we're not you not we all will be a simpleton you not you could creampie knowledge you see you'll need to not go nutty slug being. seen. on the show no one to. put them into his own arsenal you know to mow it do you know it's only possible to do what you know if.
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did in your. old age you draw anything on team doc wouldn't. minimum to get it going without a few months. yeah think. you're through. with. the last in the time we had when we had moved from auditing to some nice folks an awful from vocalist one of the born. to for modoc we.
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came to thump. and you may not need thought of me. to start a month and talk with some people called nice you e.p. little duncan of course the name little bunny so not. you know. doing a local goes with ok no not strong and little of them boom. and us little plushy let's hope it will not be on the list off. as. soon you were initially in the dynegy going to get a. government to innocent what i mean i have no money muck with you and the team still name up with
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a lot of. eliminating local drunkenness a thorny issue of north korean conduct on. a white jury and you will appeal. the star style bonus so no one else will not will surely thoughts of your god that but him and skews love it as you vote in your spouse the nest the name of the newest or below because you need to cause moving though not money but you have to go. you know to that me and that man that back out up and then i'm getting money i'll pay them lacked a meal and apple will give them to me and the need to do would. only but if. i feel it's their senior and i going to.
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make money. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents live in bringing the stories they tell of this was. a good news from the bottom of the lesser scale. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera fluent in world news a firebrand. of the of people saying what talking about passing people up for women's liberation the same victories for anybody sexual assault continued an iconic feminist and seminal writer away for solution yes we need to do something while to waste on dear boy i'm not ok with hot mess he has sand goes head to head
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with jimmy i can't do anything else on the al-jazeera. when people need to be heard. but he's been there a few jomo sold his life it's not been known life is short and the story needs to be told we do stories that have been passed all suspect i testify in this awful lot to make sure that the bad guys are both behind that al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online. i know you're watching al-jazeera i'm still robin in doha these are all top news stories three palestinians including
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a pregnant mother and her toddler have been killed in an explosive exchange between israel and hamas the israeli military says one hundred fifty rockets have been fired from garza but it intercepted several of them israel retaliated by targeting what it said were one hundred forty hamas sites andrew symonds has more from gaza the attacks may be more intermittent less intense but the fighting is going on air strikes some shelling from the sea from the israeli navy hitting panic in the streets and on the israeli side there too right across the southern communities of israel argentina's senate has just rejected a bill which would have allowed abortions during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy there's been an immediate angry response on the streets where crowds had gathered to wait for the result members of the upper house of parliament debated for almost seventeen hours before casting their votes at least nineteen people have
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been arrested over what the venezuelan government says was the attempted assassination of the president nicolas maduro wasn't her twin explosions from a drone interrupted a military parade in caracas on saturday he's blamed the opposition colombia and a group of u.s. financier's for the apparent attack. prime minister justin trudeau says canada will always speak strongly on human rights saudi arabia froze ties and new trade deals after canada the release of a jailed political activist the saudi foreign minister says canada is to blame for the dispute. could be will not be seeking a third term as president of the democratic republic of congo his was due to step down in twenty sixteen but elections to replace him were repeatedly delayed leading to violent protests now the ruling party has put forward could be as ally former interior minister a man who will not manzi soldering. the former first lady of ivory coast has been
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freed from jail after being granted amnesty for her role in the civil war some of bankers husband law refused to accept electoral defeat in twenty ten triggering a conflict that killed three thousand people she was sentenced to twenty years in prison in twenty fifty days for the headlines about with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's the bone hunter to stay with us. in the final.
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stand the differences. and the similarities and cultures across the world. al-jazeera. the remains of rama's new coaches father and brother were finally found a couple of years ago in a mass grave not far from nearby step to meet some. years after he began searching for his family he could finally lead them to rest. but there were more bones to be found and he continued scouring these words to help others also find closure. local government do because all of these old folk were difficult work and so-called
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political will both work. nor want to move on the knowledge of. the old lead long nebulous slogan more a little local both. local both who but i. was in are not. seeing i move live from the little garden will cause we're bored all afternoon all one large you're going to see what i've got. suddenly along with us with the.
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windows than it is. will it take over more will be because you. believe in a very acute aldrete be. illegal
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for. help but i know it's. a funny. fulfillment of norgate. long.
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term. if. you're you know you think you're fooling you that you would rebel not real world
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war. you would get. to. people from you really think. you more political blog. you know little feet long. you know it that you want to feel. then what you know it's you bought the quest but on the other. the boat at the request of the one i was out of the regime jig. says and on the torch is it all.


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