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communists all the way to hardliners know what this means is that. coalition would be in a much stronger position to call for form formulate a government that has already laid out forty demands that he wants all of this coalition partners to adopt but you have to remember that he is well short of the hundred sixty five number of people required to form a majority government who is going to be in this government is the biggest question and he's reached out to almost everyone and he's going to most probably include people including how the law mary and hakim to clerics who we've seen in the past very close to iran so that will again be a coalition government that will be an easy government a government which. at least for his part has been campaigning on reform trying to change the political spectrum get rid of corruption and reform the economy which is the demand of most iraqis on the street do you think he will be able to get the
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numbers needed to form a coalition to govern well that is that is highly likely that he is going to get that number the question is who is going to be in aligned with him already trying to placate his voter base which as i was telling you that he's he's he's campaigned on the promise of change he's going to have to do reforms and he's the forty point agenda that he's laid out actually envisions a lot of those areas where they have to fight corruption they have to get rid of the previous previous god they have to get rid of all of those things that people voted against and again the biggest challenge of whoever forms this government is going to be the economy is going to be unemployment we've seen in recent weeks high you know tempers are running high as the temperatures rise in iraq every year there's lack of electricity the economy is in doldrums as well as relationship with other countries are not that great we've seen iran has got a thousand. because of you that it was providing to the people of iraq so. if you
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form the government has its challenges cut out for me again you have to remember this is an election which had the lowest turnout fifty five percent of iraqis did not vote because they feel they're being disillusioned by the corruption in the iraqi elite especially in the political elite really think that nobody is actually representing what they want or at the summit thank you very much for that. thank you. now a senior zimbabwe an opposition figure has been granted bail after being charged with inciting public while and and unlawfully announcing election results tendai biti of the movement for democratic change was arrested on thursday after being denied asylum in zambia his bail conditions include paying five thousand dollars to the court and surrendering his passport has also been banned from addressing rallies or news conferences until the case is ended. we said
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very. strict. but very very little. correspondent how tough the has the latest from her body. has been charged with breaking the electoral law he gave a press conference where he announced nelson chamisa the main opposition leader had won the elections and only electoral commission can announce results he's also been charged with causing public violence last week during protests it's alleged that he told opposition supporters to burn cars and destroy property in harare an allegation he denies the judge has also told him that he cannot address press conferences until the matter is finished in court the charges i think are worrisome on the face of it we will continue to follow this case closely and we will continue
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to insist that mr beattie's physical integrity human rights and constitutional rights in the constitution of zimbabwe are respected the main opposition m.d.c. alliance is just going to file papers in court to try and challenge the election results which they say were rigged they haven't done that yet they have until friday they say they have enough evidence to stop the inauguration from taking place which is scheduled on sunday but officials in the ruling party say they are confident whatever evidence that the opposition says they have is not strong enough they are planning ahead with the order to her sing and some presidents have confirmed they will attend the inauguration ceremony on sunday. the u.s. state department says in the aftermath of the election it's received reports of human rights abuses by government forces and zimbabwe we've seen a disproportionate disproportionate use of deadly force against protesters by the security forces which is a. great concern of ours were concerned by those numerous reports of human rights
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violations sense the elections have taken place about a week and a half or two ago we have received credible allegations of detentions of beatings and other abuses of the people of zimbabwe particularly targeting opposition activists were plenty more ahead on the news al including creating crime or chasing it police in the u.s. city of chicago accused of and trapping young black men the animals at risk of extinction because of a proposal by donald trump's administration. to join the real madrid from chelsea and a mega money dale transfer deadline day. puerto rico's government has acknowledged that harken maría killed fourteen hundred people that is more than twenty times the official death toll but government made the new
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estimate on a report to the u.s. congress where it's asking for one hundred thirty nine billion dollars to rebuild the island. has more. when hurricanes irma and maria struck puerto rico nearly a year ago there furious winds and waters were initially reported to have killed about a dozen people. president donald trump highlighted the number when he visited days after the storm six. hours. but trump's words would prove premature the disasters drawn out aftermath the days and months without power fresh water and working hospitals has taken many times more lives on thursday the puerto rican government acknowledged for the. first time that the death toll could be twenty times the current official count of sixty four
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a report from the governor's office says there were one thousand four hundred twenty seven more deaths in the four months after the hurricanes than normal but adds the cob that may or may not be attributable to the hurricanes. where me there's no doubt that they have to do. and you still need something to use your ears but i. keep telling you how we can change. how they don't have any rain or how they lost their houses or farms how they don't even have money to the one who done that they will this summer some puerto ricans are living under the same blue tarps in dealing with the electricity outages which continue to plague swaths of the island story both through i feel powerless it's called powerlessness because i can't do anything puerto rico's governor has
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asked congress for one hundred thirty nine billion dollars in relief assistance noting that almost a year after the disaster permanent reconstruction has just begun does it get us a very alarming if only the government has given me a little more everyone i called offered a hand but i'm still waiting. for the people of the island who are suffering and dying to help cannot come soon enough. castro al-jazeera. well the u.s. plans to have what it calls a space force and to here is time it will be its first new branch of the military since line nine hundred forty seven and its primary purpose will be to defend u.s. satellites and spacecraft from attack alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . trump has been pushing for the creation of a new branch of the military for months he talks about it often that is wrongly we may even have
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a space force his vice president says donald trump's vision will become a reality while too often. previous administrations all but neglected the growing security threats emerging in space president trump stated clearly and forcefully that space is in his words a war fighting domain just like land and air and sea the new force will be used to protect u.s. satellites in space which provide vital services like communication it can also protect spy satellites which direct military operations and there is the growing commercial space market too it's not a new idea in one thousand nine hundred three president ronald reagan called for a space based missile defense system just a year after congress demanded the establishment of a new space force the defense system dubbed star wars by critics never got beyond the research phase the u.s. already has a space command as part of the air force and some see the new branch as an
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expensive waste in fact defense secretary jim mattis initially resisted it but just earlier this week signaled he was no on board we're in a point alignment with the president going to burn it down they are after him basically to be work here again for economy we're going to have to address it as other countries capabilities what they're creating a new branch of the military needs congressional authorization and funding if republicans lose control of the house of representatives in november's midterm elections it might never happen former astronaut mark kelly says he doesn't see the point there is a threat out there but it's being handled by the u.s. air force today doesn't make sense to build a whole nother level of bureaucracy spaceports if approved would become the sixth branch of the u.s. military it would be led by a four star officer and would pull resources from other military branches. russia has a space force china's space program is run by the military and the white house will
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include and the billion dollar funding request for their new space force in the next budget alan fischer al-jazeera. washington. let's get more on this knowledge on by brian leslie has a military historian and he's joining us via skype from colorado springs and the u.s. very good to have you with us on alex is there i so how credible and serious as the threat that vice president pence mentioned when he talked about you know growing security threats. you know there are many valid reasons it could be put forth for an independent space force protection of assets protection of satellites . and i think that what we're seeing here is we might be getting just a little bit ahead. right now as it mentioned there the united states air force base and already does a lot of these things the united states strategic command does a lot of these things and so the question is if you create
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a new space force what is that going to do that is different than what air force base is doing already well this document that the pentagon and that mike pence have released talks about and elite. personnel and elite squad that will be trained to fight wars and space what do you make of that. i noticed that vice president it's made clear correlations between a new space force and the creation of the united states pressure all operations command again i think we're getting a little bit ahead of where the policy is right now and i think the celebs late say that again please is there paula safe right now. i'm not aware of what the policy would be right now what a u.s. based force would do differently then well organizations that already exist are doing now i will mention that vice president hints calling for the creation of
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a united states base command first in so that would be a combatant command kind of at a lower echelon than a separate service and that would be one way to bring all of these various assets if you will or shoes or strategic command portions of the air force space command but also an army strategic command kind of under one roof to kind of get that process started before standing up an independent space leaders and as all of this likely to get the congressional approval it needs even if the republicans for attain their majority in the upcoming midterm elections that is going to cost what is at least eight billion dollars to start well you know i think that is the question everyone is dealing with right now the budget for this year is already in kind of being finalized the budget for f y nineteen is already being were in so for vice president hints to call for the creation of an independent space force
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wired or at twenty twenty seems relatively quick for me and that is even if the republicans retain control of congress all right that is military historian brian leslie joining us from colorado springs and the u.s. thank you very much for your insights on this thing. now people in some of the poorest communities in the u.s. city of chicago say they're being targeted by racist policing tactic local activists say police and trapping young black men for the so-called bait truck which is packed with sportswear and then left unattended and on law they say the office is a creating crime rather than preventing it from chicago john hendren to pull. back the truck at all oh yeah yeah as opposed to a truck. police pull over the bait truck on locked and loaded with boxes of nike shoes they look at on the side of the road in one of chicago's grittiest
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neighborhoods locals say sometimes the back is rolled up to reveal the one thousand shoes inside the yard chasing graham to drive a great drug crime then they wait for the young men of englewood to discover on these you tube video posted by crime activist charles mckenzie outraged residents call that entrapment. is the basis of the baby and probably want to be like the streets of chicago's south side are among the city's most violent but neighborhood activists say the bait truck preys on poor black children tempting them to steal what they wouldn't touch of police hadn't put if there are you probably want to see my truck make it mighty hot in the ghetto. in the ghetto this young man apparently took the bait each year across the u.s. the f.b.i. says cargo theft costs twenty seven million dollars in losses but local activists say police tactics here are racist they say there are no reports of bait trucks
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being parked downtown or in the affluent white neighborhoods of chicago's north side many here are now asking why. now hundreds hasn't seen police dogs of park a truck full of bones and mac books in a white neighborhood. wonder how many white kids actually go today. is try to start looking grab an app for all the math books you know a little earlier go over there and do that same like he had to do it in his statement chicago police told al jazeera quote the operation was conducted by norfolk southern railroad police the chicago police department is sisted within foresman as necessary. i think this is. really quite a big. article which i'll. go to look at this time neighborhood activists persuade police to move the truck along. and on it goes to the next neighborhood john hendren al jazeera chicago. a
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magnitude five point nine. earthquake that killed three hundred nineteen people in the latest quake hit the northwest of the island and panic among survivors and. the government says they have been more than three hundred aftershocks. so the head on the new cell. huge mudslide slams into roads and bridges in switzerland. and england and the a better response the weather the track and field will have the. hello there we're still plenty of wildfires in the west and parts of north america
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are at the moment and still no wet weather on the horizon the rain has been further south stretching its way across the gulf states and then towards the east ahead of it so hot for us in new york friday will see a top temperature of thirty degrees but then the rain will push its way across us and then all maximum will drop just to twenty five before the towards the south and the wettest of the weather here is definitely in the western parts of our map stretching from panama up towards the yucatan peninsula and then plenty more showers across parts of western mexico as well i think here will see the showers begin to break up as we head through friday say for the yucatan peninsula it should be a good deal brighter towards the east that would also be plenty of dry weather here but watch out for some showers most of those will be cropping up later on during the day we'll see more showers to you as we head through saturday some particularly heavy ones in the southern parts of cuba down towards south america or in the west where the hair is moving away from the southeast now and behind it it's brighter but it's also wrong all the cool for many of us asuncion will see the temperatures
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struggle just a nineteen degrees i'm forty one as ari's will only be getting to thirty if we fast forward to saturday the temperatures a slightly recovering in the sunshine back to twenty two. amidst a climate of violence and paranoia. those still willing to dream. in honduras dennis seeks a brighter future for his son and community. using art to reclaim the city. and transform the very symbol of constipation. you find in latin america liberating a prison on al-jazeera. al-jazeera follows the lives of people in the heart of immigrant communities. in six major cities across europe. the stories we don't often have told
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by the people who live them. a brand new documentary series this is year a coming soon on al-jazeera. good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour on these are our top stories the u.n. has called for an independent investigation after assad the coalition air strike hit a basket of school children in yemen's solve our problems fifty people have been killed saudi arabia and the strikes are just meant targets. the palestinian group which
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controls the gaza strip has told al-jazeera that a truce has been agreed with israel the israeli government has yet to officially comment as follows a major flare up in cross border violence on wednesday and thursday and stop election bodies as a manual recount of votes from the parliamentary election in may has confirmed that the alliance of the populace. is in the lead the ballots will be counted after widespread allegations of fraud the results must now be ratified by the top court in baghdad. south sudan's president salva kid who has granted amnesty to former vice president react much are all rebel fighters involved in the five year civil war a power sharing agreement was signed earlier this week it gives clear and his former deputy machar eight months to form a transitional government south sudan's opposition has criticized the amnesty announcement saying care first needed to answer for the atrocities committed by his
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troops tens of thousands have been killed in the war that began after going to dependence and twenty. now the u.s. and african union have praised joseph abboud his decision not to seek a third term as president of the democratic republic of congo is instead supporting a close ally emanuel. there are concerns could be there will remain a political force behind the scenes from kinshasa catherine sawyer reports. when president kennedy needed. clear that she will not be seeking reelection and hunted over the baton to. it ended two years of speculation and anxiety characterized by partisan violent confrontations between police and demonstrators some of his critics like martin for you luke who wants to be president legacy is tainted. gone harmony's security the second is
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a big issue there is no precise. scripted to the contrary miller legacy is a province and. we became. the president inherited a country that was just getting out of a civil war back in two thousand and one his father had been assassinated and he was thrust in the thick of the democratic republic of congo complex politics he's credited by some for unifying a country that was divided bringing a sense of normalcy reforming the military and starting an ambitious rebuilding program went up became president you paid through the insults but not at all in many other parts of the country that has changed especially. on mr build up of world being different parts of the country some people say that what he's done is not good enough. but his advisers say he's done what he could in incredibly
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difficult times while doing that we are hearing all sorts of bad things about him but nothing sunshines here suntrust their. wars but came from outside to invade the country so while fighting the war there was still building what i've just said that music infrastructure were destroyed books airports bridges you name it in marketplaces like this one in the heart of king. people. whose lives are more bearable on the basics and jobs for their children and to feel they're living in one of the most resource rich countries in the world but. i want someone to stabilize the economy so i can take my children to school feed my family and even afford to buy a house. is forty seven years old
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a shrewd politician may need to see whatever his legacy the fact that he's agreed not to run tom can only be a good country that has never seen a peaceful transition of power. to argentina now over the months long debate on legalizing abortion has ended with politicians now early voting against change senate has defeated the bill by thirty eight thirty one after debating for more than fifteen hours the proposal that have allowed abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy pro-abortion rights protesters thought police who used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd are lashing america editor anderson newman has more from when a side is. it was a bitter and divisive debate both inside the senate and out here on the streets of borno state is but after the storm comes the call that is what president is trying to convey speaking from the presidential palace behind me he said that argentina had shown maturity and a willingness to debate
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a subject that until not so long ago had been absolutely to bull he said this was a sign of democracy and of dialogue between arjun times let's hear what else he had to say. the important thing is that we all understand that we have to listen to each other to respect each other and even expand our points of view and often change. in many cases and i think. and speaking of expanding points of view the presidential palace is reportedly could see. a change to the penal code to remove the part that contemplates prison sentences for women in the evil abortions as for those who lost to this well yes they are looking their wounds they were a lot of tears out on the streets this morning but the pro-abortion advocates say that they have not lost the battle that they are going to continue to push for the full legalization of abortion and to also tried to present a new law
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a new bill to congress before the end of next year. dramatic video has emerged. of an explosive mudslide covering the streets of a village a storm and caused a river bed to expand and burst its banks song a diet of reports. a terrifying rumble. a sudden. as the cascade crashes through. horrifying onlookers. nice to see such events. this. song residents of losses by surprise resemble a torrent of comic lava. the massive flow has been triggered by a stalled which caused a nearby river bed to expand and burst its banks sweeping across roads everything
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in its path has been hit with sudden violence and speed nearby homes were evacuated . there was one major complaint for residents miraculously no one was hurt. and rocks. look. now there is the clear up and reminder of the devastating effect of such a powerful and destructive natural phenomenon. al-jazeera. now the russian ruble has tumbled to its lowest point in two years after the u.s. imposed new sanctions over a chemical weapons attack on a former vice. prime learn has rejected the sanctions as a legal challenge reports from moscow. where the kremlin response is that this is categorically unacceptable illegal under international law they say they've
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claimed again that they had nothing to do with the poisoning of the script and that these new sanctions are essentially inconsistent with the atmosphere of corporation that they felt they got from donald trump of the helsinki summit with running the putin some weeks ago now they're saying that washington is an unpredictable actor on the international stage and they don't know yet what they're going to do to respond because the kremlin says it doesn't have enough information about what these u.s. sanctions actually are. however this is in concert with another package of sanctions that looks to be shaping up in washington d.c. has rattles russian markets the ruble this fall into its lowest level in twenty months and russian stocks and shares are being here to the script how sanctions come into bundles the first bundle comes into play on august the twenty second and involves limits on the exports of u.s.
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goods that washington considers to be of national security importance then if the d.c. does not get the assurance from moscow that is demanding that it won't use chemical weapons again a new round of sanctions comes in in ninety days time and that will be as they put it more draconian then this separate package of sanctions that is being. cooked up in washington d.c. could further hit russia's oil and gas sector banks and looking. to the assets of president vladimir putin or of the shows i think really that whatever donald trump says to vladimir putin there is a large and powerful establishment in washington d.c. that does not like what trump is doing with regard to russia and obviously does not trust vladimir putin and is trying to protect itself from the activities of these
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two men which it feels may not be in the united states' best interests. to the u.s. now immigration activists are accusing the president of hypocrisy donald trump has been critical of the policy of family reunification which gives relatives of citizens preference for immigration now his wife's parents have been granted citizenship seemingly as a result of the same policy committee held at reports. three years president donald trump has railed against the u.s. immigration system calling it flawed and in need of reform specifically trump has argued against chain migration the practice of giving preference to the families of legal immigrants who also hope to come to the united states. under the current broken system a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives under our law we focused on the immediate family by limiting
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sponsorships to spouses and minor children. this vital reform is necessary not just for our economy but for our security and for the future of america but that effort by the president to end the longstanding u.s. policy known as family reunification appears not to apply to trump's own family on thursday victor and amalia canards parents of first lady malani a trump were officially sworn in as u.s. . citizens the application the process is no different than anybody else's a pair is from slovenia or malani it was born and raised until she moved to new york the iranian who poc recy was not lost on twitter users who on thursday expressed outrage over the news pointing to the fact that the president on twitter just a week ago called for the end of chain migration program that appears to have
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granted his in-laws citizenship we must have border security get rid of chain lottery catch a really sanctuary cities go to merit based immigration he wrote. that this administration in their family is benefiting from this but it does seem strange the timing of it and the fact that they are willing to benefit while not giving others the rest of us the opportunity to benefit from our family immigration system a spokesperson for the first lady refused to comment to al-jazeera saying her parents are not part of the administration and deserve privacy the subject of family reunification is a sensitive issue in the united states especially given the trumpet ministrations recent zero tolerance enforcement of illegal immigration that has even included separating children from their parents kimberly helped at al-jazeera why.


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