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users who on thursday expressed outrage over the news pointing to the fact that the president on twitter just a week ago called for the end of chain migration program that appears to have granted his in-laws citizenship we must have border security get rid of chain lottery catch and release sanctuary cities go to merit based immigration he wrote we're glad that ministration in their family is benefiting from this but it does seem strange the timing of it and the fact that they are willing to benefit while not giving others the rest of us the opportunity to benefit from our family immigration system a spokesperson for the first lady refused to comment to al-jazeera saying her parents are not part of the administration and deserve privacy the subject of family reunification is a sensitive issue in the united states especially given the trumpet ministrations recent zero tolerance enforcement of illegal immigration that has even included
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separating children from their parents kimberly help at al-jazeera washington. with . all the news. that jehovah has shot at the raw just cop in toronto details coming up with peter.
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the edinburgh international and french festivals are underway bringing together thousands of performance from around the world thing events generate a huge amount of money for the local economy but it's
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a fact of reports many locals don't see the benefits all guns blazing for the welfare state their scarred of society austerity austerity austerity this is killing mark a play about growing up on a housing estate penned in by poverty a place where addiction and depression are rife is a neglected narrative one that's found a stage at the edinburgh festival but the writer of the play questions whether the festival this truly accessible to those whose lives she's depicting. we need to encourage more working class a more an underclass people into the theaters and that's really tough because obviously. again money dictates access to these things that last year ticket revenues exceeded five and a half million dollars every year the events are a feeding frenzy for local businesses the hotels the restaurants and shops it sometimes but their prices up just for the month of august and then the burbs themselves well they're often powered by an army of volunteers all low paid workers
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after all the show must go on beyond the fringe of real life continues this is my house the city suburb still reeling after the recent murder of a local woman edinburgh has some of the poorest communities in scotland we don't see any of the trend we don't see in the french toast. we should really shoes i would bet. a war of the youngsters because again an eligible. scottish rapper. found his voice growing up on the wrong side of glasgow he uses performance to try and bridge the social divide the french. idea of being accessible in a festival for everyone and well i don't just i don't i don't think that that's disingenuous of people would like it to be that we need to be a lot tougher when it comes to. groups in terms of making
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sure that people are being encouraged to walk for promotion or. festival organizers say tickets are cheaper in edinburgh than other european festivals accessibility they say is a top priority but whole question is extremely important to us and it's also very important to be part of the city is obviously lots of visitors and we want to make sure as many of them can visitors but we also want to make sure that as many people as possible who live here year round can enjoy that they are. the first ever professed of all was staged here in one thousand nine hundred forty seven to unite a constant shattered by war but can culture and now help unite a front should society. barca al-jazeera. but it is time for sports now here's peter. thank you very much the transfer window for last minute deadline day deals in the english premier league has shut many teams concluded their business weeks ago already but some teams were still scrambling to get deals over the line
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on thursday august believe the big one for the day is belgium international. the keeper has been officially introduced said rail madrid he moves on a six year deal from chelsea with more than forty million dollars. no. i think you always know that a club like rearm the dreaded which is the best in the world will pay attention if you play well and they will reach out regarding my contract at chelsea i had many offers offers that were better from an economical point of view but that's not important for me because i wanted to play for the best club in the world also i wanted to be closer to my children who live here and that was important for me to them. was officially presented by chelsea on thursday he moves to stamford bridge for a world record feat for a goalkeeper the twenty three year old joins from athletic bilbao for ninety two million dollars the previous world record for
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a keeper was eighty four million in the. terms of the prize me being the most expensive goalkeeper in the world it's something i won't think about i'm just going to be myself the same i've always been just trying to give my best for the club i don't think there will be additional pressures on me the only pressure a experience is the pressure i put on myself i'm a player who demands a lot from myself this is always been the same so i'll just try to do it as best as i can and to be everything i can be. about searches also joining chelsea as a loan signing for the season the croatian international leeds real madrid after three years of the club following his move from into milan in twenty fifteen he made just seventeen appearances in the league last season but there were no deals or taught them hotspur at all incredibly morrissey of fourteen is team didn't sign any players during this transfer window that did not stop more than three hundred twenty deals being made in this transfer window though
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a total of more than one point five billion dollars were spent in total. he's fresh from winning a fourth wimbledon title last month but former world number one other djokovic has been knocked out of the rogers cup in toronto the serbian a thirteen time grand slam champion lost in three sets to stephan our city bus of greece six three six seven six three jacket which was playing his first tournament of the hardcourt season having secured he's a title win at the all england club in july. meanwhile google dimitroff as also progressed to the last eight of the tournament will guerin beating american francis to refer seven six three six seven six. mixed up for dimitroff is south african kevin anderson who beat ilya even seven five six three at the toronto cup to set up a quarter final meeting with the bulgarian. in the women's draw will number one
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simona halep has made it through to the third round in montreal in a match that last two days the remaining unbeaten a stars your public chunk of russia seven six four six seven five american sloane stephens beat spaniard carlos what is not votto in the third round the third seeded stephens winning the match in straight sets six two seven five to progress to the quarterfinals. rain prevented any play on what was supposed to be the first day of the second test between england and india at the home of cricket lord's in london drizzle fell all morning in the british capital and the covers stayed on the pitch twenty year old batsman pope will be itching to get out there on day two so he can make his debut for england to lead the five match series one of. cycling now and thousands of people have lined the streets as this year's tour de france champion was given a hero's welcome on thursday the team skyrider getting thomas celebrating his victory in a homecoming event in cardiff thomas became just the third britain and first
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welshman so in the gruelling twenty one stage race which culminated in paris he was congratulated by cart of. colin jones in front of more than three thousand fans and that's all the support from us for now we'll have another update for you again later. now finally there's been a time conservationist in the us a fighting a proposal to strip major provisions from the endangered species act they say the trumpet ministrations plan we can a law that protects endangered plants and animals rob reynolds reports. a tiny and delicate creature the blue butterfly has fluttered and danced on planet earth for tens of millions of years far longer than the human species has existed it is classified as an endangered species clinging to the outermost fringes of los angeles's sprawling metropolis its native habitat largely reduced to suburban mcmahon. gins and strip malls and dulcie works to keep the elsa good job blue from
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vanishing forever their habitat here that was planted for the endangered elsa going to butterfly there are thirteen hundred threatened or endangered animals and plants in the united states including the mighty california condor or the elusive eastern red wolf and the far ranging kemp's ridley sea turtle they are afforded special protection under a landmark law signed by president richard nixon in one thousand nine hundred seventy three it was intended to protect some or most imperiled plants and animals from extinction and it's been highly successful in doing that ninety nine percent of the plants and animals that are currently protected under the endangered species act are still around now the trumpet ministration has proposed changes in the endangered species act species already on the list would not be removed but
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rapidly declining species like the monarch butterfly could be in trouble threatened species would receive no special protection until they reach endangered status and are in danger of dying out the proposed changes to the endangered species act would make it easier for corporations to develop rare habitats drill for oil and gas cut down forests and lay pipelines the trump administration has consistently sought to ease environmental regulations it claims inhibit economic growth and this is just another piece of that puzzle that shows their total disregard for. into logical processes and the world that we live in for and dulcie the survival of the elsa good job blue butterfly is a symbol of nature's beauty and of far sighted legislation from a different era without the endangered species act we would behave. working very
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aggressively on paving over paradise environmental organizations are planning a legal fight to derail the administration's proposed changes to the endangered species act rob reynolds al-jazeera palace verities california. well that does it for this new sound that i will be back in just a couple of minutes and on the phone. is he oh abducted and forced into sexual slavery by the japanese imperial army. for the so-called comfort women of the second world war decades have passed but the
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trauma lives on. witness follows the story of the women who campaigned with unwavering resolve for an official apology for this appalling chapter in history. the apology on al-jazeera. denied citizenship. health care and education. forced from their homes to live in camps. subject to devastating physical cruelty al-jazeera world investigates one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. silent abuse.
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oh. low do you people think and what are you talking about passing for women's liberation. three victories for anybody sexual assault continue an iconic feminist and seminal right away for solution yes we need to do something won't only be a ball on not. maybe his sound goes head to head. i can do anything on. the un secretary general calls for an independent investigation into the south a coalition air strike in yemen that killed at least thirty children traveling on a bus. hello and welcome to their own life for my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth
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i'm also ahead as well that hamas agreed to a truce after twenty four hours of rockets and air strikes over the gaza border fence that have killed three palestinians. and handcuffs and uncaught zimbabwe opposition figure faces charges over post-election violence and. a huge mudslide slams into roads and bridges and switzerland. u.n. secretary general antonio tears is calling for a prompt independent investigation into assad the coalition air strike that had a bus full of school children and yemen fifty people were killed including the children when a busy market was targeted the attack happened in sabah province which is controlled by the rebels the coalition. the strikes were anger at legitimate
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targets the home of those following developments from djibouti. still wearing his backpack this boy was in a minibus full of children heading back from a school. bus drove through a busy area of the town in the province. bring children. and medical workers to the injured on the every available space in the hospital. the fighters of accuse the sodium led coalition of launching the toc the. saudi led coalition attacked a bus carrying more than thirty students who were on a summer school trip to the city there's no exact number of the dead people the hospital has received many many wounded with a lot of serious injuries and this boy refuses to harvey's injuries to his brothers
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were with him on the bus yes no no i mean my brothers get help until i see my brothers. the strike happened during morning rush hour in the busy market. a huge crater lies in the middle of the ruled the exact support where the missile fell the mongols wreckage of the school bus the children what's troubling him now trapped under the destroyed market buildings lining materials belonging to the children us through not around even mine does of the talk and the friends that struggle to live the seen by those lucky enough to escape on in a statement the sodium but out to coalition save its aspects inside what aimed a missile launches used to attack an industrial city in southern so debbie on wednesday the statement for the accused the go to fight as of using children as human shields they are increasing calls for investigations into these hot topics we've seen news reports it's very important as you said repeatedly that who bought
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into the conflict in yemen adhere to international humanitarian law where there is an instant of this sort it's important it's investigative story on the conclusions that investigation shed on the learned from will be calling for that in this instance as well so debbie and its allies have been fighting in yemen for more than three years against the holdings who are aligned with iran to hold this control macho from yemen including the couple's son are these latest up talk small kushal to the list of thousands who've been killed during this war the un calls it the world's wost humanitarian crisis and recent months odeon u.a.e. forces have advanced towards the port city of data which is under the control of who with the forces most aid and food to yemen gets in through these polls in response both the fights of intensified talks against so i'm not out at targets how
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about a wall just djibouti. well the morning yemen as now into its fourth year on wednesday . in a wage and refugee council very east report saying that in the two here since it closed fifty six bombs were dropped on saddam international airport that is one bomb every two weeks ten thousand yemenis have been killed during the war the u.n. says two thirds of those are due to sound the lead strikes the fighters are also accused of causing mass casualties getting accurate information as difficult but save the children estimates one hundred and thirty children die every day from extreme hunger and disease sloss week the u.n. board of a new cholera epidemic yemen is now viewed as the world's worst humanitarian crisis with more than twenty two million people in need of food assistance roslyn jordan has more from the united nations. a general realm of condemnation of thursday's airstrike in which dozens of children in northern yemen were killed while on
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a school field trip the un's high commissioner for human rights say the crowd hussein told al-jazeera that he felt the news quite disturbing the specific and. richard the time and i'm sure my office is gathering together and so i've seen what you've seen on the media. the occurred in regard to reason to believe that of course. it's precisely these sorts of times that impelled to request time and for serious inquiry to be mounted by international experts to look into all of the major. horrific. civilians including children. were killed apparel of experts had been convened nearly
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a year ago to look at the human rights situation during yemen's civil war they are expected to release the. in the next several weeks. hussein told al jazeera that while he does know generally what might be in this report he said it's much more important for the international community to focus on the efforts to end the civil war and protect the lives of yemeni citizens let's move on to other news now and hamas the palestinian group which controls the gaza strip has told al-jazeera that a truce has been agreed to with israel as really government as yet to comment a flare up an across the border violence has seen three palestinians killed in israeli airstrikes and how mosques rockets fired into southern israel andrew symonds reports from gaza an israeli airstrike on a five story building it's a cultural center and it's destroyed it happened as israel was deliberating its next step after school strikes on gaza yet even as ambulances rushed the injured to
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hospital and i was in negotiations for a truce. nearly five hours have passed without any israeli attacks off to the strike on the cultural center hamas said its statement of al-jazeera that this was a truce would be imposed at twenty forty g.m.t. not a full ceasefire god had words there and they said that the united nations and egypt had been involved in mediation earlier a senior official from hamas had hinted that they could stop firing rockets something of this novel for go for this and takes six i was going to four hours after that will stop i think that the equation of the call for this you know is well known so i think both sides are not involved they are not interested now now disappointed to be wide call for dishes or a war we've tried to avoid that wednesday's fighting had been sporadic but one of the last actions of hamas before it relented with rocket strikes was the launch of
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a grad missile the first time it had use the weapon since the twenty fourteen war. at times on wednesday night civilians said the intensity of the bombardment seemed reminiscent of the last three wars this house and daryl bell i was struck by an israeli aircraft a pregnant mother and her eighteen month old baby died here the husband a hamas policeman is critically ill in hospital the first to see this seen as an extraordinary an. old sam very angry a pregnant woman and her baby she happy marriage the two year there's nothing dangerous about any. gaza has been has so many times before waiting and watching cease fires have come and gone will the truce hold there is still some hope here in a place surrounded by walls with no way out but there is cynicism about whether
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they've seen the last of this. andrew simmons. gaza city. now a popular experience reaffirmed as the winner of iraq's election after three count the electoral commission still has. to live in the lead the manual recount took place after widespread allegations of fraud the results must now be ratified by the top court after which a session of parliament will be held within fifteen days well earlier i spoke to al jazeera correspondent osama bin about the challenges the new government will face. now what this means is that. it would be in a much stronger position to call for formulate a government that has already laid out forty demands that he wants all of this coalition partners to adopt but you have to remember that he is well short of one hundred sixty five people required to form a majority government who is going to be in this government is the biggest question
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and he's reached out to almost everyone and he's going to most probably include people including how the law mary and. to clerics who we've seen in the past very close to iran so that we again be a coalition government that will be an easy government a government which. at least for his part has been time painting on reform trying to change the political spectrum get rid of corruption and reform the economy which is the demand of most iraqis on the street the biggest challenge of whoever forms this government is going to be the economy is going to be unemployment we've seen in recent weeks high you know tempers are running high as the temperatures rise in iraq every year there's lack of electricity the economy is in doldrums as well as relationship with other countries are not that great we've seen iran has got a thousand megawatts of electricity that it was providing to the people of iraq so . if you forms the government has its challenges cut out for. some way now or
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a senior. opposition for the has been granted bail after being charged with inciting public weiland and unlawfully announce an election results tendai biti of the movement for democratic change was arrested on thursday after being denied asylum in zambia his bail conditions include paying five thousand dollars to the court and surrendering has passport he's also banned from addressing rallies or news conferences until the case is ended how do we toss a has the latest from harare. to diabetes has been charged with breaking the electoral law he gave a press conference where he announced nelson chamisa the main opposition leader had won the elections and as the only electoral commission can announce results he's also been charged with causing public violence last week during protests it's alleged that he told opposition supporters to burn cars and destroy property in an allegation he denies the judge has also told him that he cannot address press conferences.


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