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borrowing money from. their hold. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. grief and graves are done for the forty children killed in the saudi amorality as strikes on . funerals held for the palestinians killed on friday protests the. president warns the us their alliance is at stake after little trump increases tariffs on steel and. chemical company monsanto is hit with two
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hundred eighty nine million dollars in damages for failing to warn about the health risks of. the saudi and coalition says it will investigate and strike in yemen that hit a bus full of school children killing at least fifty one people. this father was the wreckage for signs of his twelve year old son many of the remains have yet to be identified the united nations has called for prompt independent inquiry the coalition insists that it struck legitimate targets or graves have been dug for many of the children who were victims of the blast at least forty children were among the dead the funerals are set to take place later on saturday. let's go live now to mohammed and day he's standing by for us in b.c. and given that many of the remains have yet to be identified because the number of
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children actually go up. yes indeed lower on a list of ten children are considered missing and cannot be found the patterns of some of the identified the children whose been identified are going through the muck mission of trying to get the remains of the children using the clothes they were wearing to try and identify them before many it's not is the hospital the strike hit the busy market in the morning rush hour on the bus was thirty children who are coming back from a summer come so early. pollution in the beginning called it a legitimate. thing there was targeting the point where ballistic missiles were fired targeting the design region of soda but hours later say they were launching
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their own investigations into the strike. and in the meantime harrowing pictures of child sized graves being dug why is that been a delay in holding the funerals. well. it's because of security reasons that they have delayed the body of these also among some of the pardons and relatives of some of the dead that the body all sort of money could be targeted by something that has happened before so there's a lot of preparation and some of them are so you talk refused to take part in the body all sort of money for the rest of the dead are now organizing private with the rules for their relatives. ok mohammed many thanks for joining us that from djibouti with the latest on that strike a couple of days ago in yemen now united nations delegation arrived in gaza
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a short time ago for meetings with hamas officials not a visit is part of an ongoing efforts to lower tensions with israel but also expected to focus on the details of a cease fire proposal funerals have been held for the three palestinians killed by israeli forces during a twentieth friday of protest at the gaza border one of the people killed is a medic who is attending to the injured than three hundred others were hurt since the process started in march israel has killed around one hundred and sixty four palestinians stratford joins us now from gaza just first of all this this u.n. delegation in gaza meeting hamas officials what we know about the discussions going on there. well we know that there's still a geisha in. representing the u.n. special coordinator for the peace process nikolai allowed north arrived earlier today this is not the first time that we've we've seen such
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a delegation indeed we understand that not enough himself tried to come to gaza on thursday but because of that sudden escalation of violence he never made it here now these meetings with hamas have pretty much always been a behind closed doors but what they do suggest is this incredible urgency that is needed in order to try and maintain trying to establish some sort of last thing truce between hamas and israel after these escalations in recent weeks as i say there have been no lines yet to come out of that meeting usually mr madoff himself literally just released these tweets because of the sensitivity of these meetings i mean just to highlight how tense things are here at the moment we can report now confirm that they've been to is ready drone strikes in the last hour or so one in beit hanoun or close to beit hanoun in the north of gaza and one east of the
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central region of gaza no reports of casualties we understand that these drone strikes which are good seeing people trying to launch these incendiary balloons and kites across the israeli border ok thanks for that update on that and just explain to us why you are way you are child at this port and got them. well as we've been reporting yesterday was the twenty s week of these protests against israel's near enough twelve year land air and sea blockade those protests on the border i'm here at the port now because the fishermen here have all when eyes or participating in another protest highlighting the kind of stresses and restrictions that they're on they're suffering because of this blockade the plan so the fisherman tell us is that they are going to sail between forty and fifty boats north towards the israeli border area now bear in mind that
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count restrictions on fisherman here are sri nautical miles fisherman cannot fish outside of that area since the blockade started at least thirteen fishermen have been killed in the navy crackdowns on fishermen trying to trying to cross that sort of area fifty thousand people fifty thousand families i'm sorry are in some way dependent on the fishing industry here in gaza the industry has suffered hugely because of this blockade so as i say the fishermen here today trying to make their point in protesting against israel's siege ok tell you keep an eye on that new protests saucing on the sea and the coming hours thanks very much. techies president has vowed to defy what he calls u.s. threats to his country's economy and. speech follows an opinion piece in the new york times warning that the u.s.
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must respect the sovereignty of that partnership could be in jeopardy you know that his country would seek new friends and allies if u.s. pressure continues as president donald trump announced this week that he would double steel and aluminum tariffs on tax and. reports from istanbul. turkey's president for just a proud to an address this large rally and have this massive for his citizens yes. if there is anyone who has dollars euros or gold on the pillows as you go exchange for lyrics at all banks this is the national domestic battle this will be my people's response to those who have wage an economic war against us turkey's currency has lost more than thirty per cent of its value so far this year at least fifteen percent of that was just on thursday night the turkish going to be has been struggling for a few years of recombination of several financial and political factors the leader tumbled even faster after just presidential election which gave all executive
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powers to president are john i wish that. or mr and his you know eighteen would be very really ready to hear a robust economic program today after they have been elected fortunately they're a little bit late on that as a growing about fragile economy the lira was not protected against any current suspect lation especially after the two thousand and sixteen failed coup and turkey's continuing dispute with the united states over every right jeff issues has not made things easy the most urgent disagreement has been is the tension of an american pastor named andrew branson who is on trial on terrorism charges there is a currency crisis kind of promoted by the geopolitical risks which is obviously used by the american foreign policy decision makers another factor is turkey's unwillingness to join the recent u.s. sanctions against iran turkey buys energy from iran along with russia and
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azerbaijan now the crisis is being felt approached with investors selling of shares in european banks would generally have bigger exposure to the turkish kaname the dispute was supposed to ease as delegates from wall sized gathered in a wash. this week but it didn't and it went to went further turks say the united states is trying to beat them with the financial stick and some even believe it's just a political move by present trump head off november's critical election now it's a question off how turkey will handle all these pressures while its currency is at ten all time last seen up to solo al-jazeera a stumble. over assistant professor of well testing at the american university of iraq sloan laney he says it will be difficult for tacky to replace its humorous trade with business from elsewhere though the one big problem for my side turkey
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is that there's not a lot more that we could sell to russia or buy from russia or. in light of the events of the past couple of years to start receiving millions of more russian tourists in our country for turkey to basically you know sell i guess to use the word tourism as a verb here to tourism it's way out of this crisis more than half of turkey's treat and i'm talking about exports you're goes to the european union and north america and the rest of the sort of you know quote unquote western industrial world its trade with iran russia and china. is much smaller than that to the extent that turkey could actually grow it so for export itself and host tourists out of this crisis i don't think is very sustainable i don't think that's that's extreme that's very realistic. russian forces shot down to.
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deployed at the base and. no casualties or damage was reported and follows a syrian state t.v. report was also shot down. a syrian army is threatening a major assault on the last remaining rebel held province dozens of civilians have been killed by intensifying as strikes the bombing targeting parts of. areas of western. people to accept the government's rule. in a village in aleppo province which has seen some of the heaviest recent. new massacre has been committed by the russian warplanes here in the village of cobra in the western countries. this village has seen for aerial rates during each of which four missiles have been launched in
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residential areas this led to the killing of more than thirty civilians most of them women and children the destruction is a massive as you can see rescue teams are working hard to find survivors trapped under the rubble this area comes within the deescalation plan but it's still suffering damage and casualties following the russian. meanwhile there's also been great in southern and northern where dozens of people have lost their lives. plenty more still ahead here on the news hour including why some lebanese farmers. may end up costing them money. and hundreds of families in southwest south africa's western cape living on private property. kicked off the new premier league season against china. tell you how they got on and school.
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afghan forces are continuing to battle taliban fighters in parts of gosney a day after they stormed into the city afghan interior ministry says these twenty five members of the security forces suffered casualties lost more than one hundred fifty taliban fighters or killed u.s. forces backing afghan soldiers say clearing operations are under way but there are reports of sporadic clashes the taliban says they have seized parts of the city but the government refutes that claim the number of people in indonesia who died in last week's earthquake has risen to three hundred eighty seven the country's forces delivered ninety tons of aid to the badly hit island of lombok food medicine tents and blankets will be given out to residents in affected areas three hundred ninety thousand people as folks me ten percent of the population and are homeless or displaced. in a landmark decision the jury in the u.s.
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has ordered chemical giant monsanto to pay more than a quarter of a billion dollars to a school grounds keeper a california jury ruled a weed killer made by monsanto caused cancer it's the first lawsuit to go to trial alleging bly phosphate linked to cancer the case could pave the way for thousands of other claims mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . claim of damages this was the first lawsuit concerning life os eight to go to trial and after a month of hearing evidence and three days of deliberation the jury decided that it had caused the wayne johnson's counsel did round up pro or ranger pro failed to perform as safely as an ordinary consumer would have expected plenty used or misused in an intended or reasonably foreseeable way answer yes it was the round up pro or range of pro design
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a substantial factor in causing harm to mr charenton answer yes the size of the few minutes of damages awarded to the jury's belief that the company monsanto had acted with malice and had not responded to the plaintiff's concerns during the years he used the product as a groundskeeper. what amount of punitive damages if any do you award to mr johnson answer two hundred fifty million dollars signed by the presiding dated august tenth two thousand and eight the world health organization has found in the past that by phosphate probably causes cancer but the environmental protection agency has not ruled on the matter as yet on some toes says it will appeal the case and continues to maintain that its products are not carcinogenic but there are more than five thousand cases concerning the weed killer and it's
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a fix pending and following this decision the kong lumbered faces the possibility of more massive payouts to come i cannot al-jazeera. well it's linked to serious health risks life phosphate as one of the world's most popular weak killers the herbicide was introduced by monsanto in one thousand nine hundred eighty four but as patient expired in two thousand it's now sold by various manufacturers around the world in two thousand and fifteen in social agency for research on cancer classified life phosphate as probably carcinogenic to humans but the u.s. environmental protection agency says roundups active ingredient is safe last year after much debate eve countries renewed a five year license but france says it plans to balance he's within three years only a handful of countries globally have stopped its use of donna she is an ecologist and activist who campaigns against monsanto she says the california trial sets a precedent as they've been santé case has global implications and every
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aspect of the sandal has with malice aggression and they entered india and for all that's why i sued them in ninety nine i'm still finding those cases they've collected trial jeev drawn out. driving well will send jobs at three hundred thousand. one in the capital back. to destress and suicide. extracting nearly seventy billion dollars of their legitimate royalty when they didn't have a practice that case they did last in the high court of india and appealing in the supreme court opinion and intervening in that case to bring no today the e.p.a.'s totally captive to the corporations that it should be regulating and the incentive terminal was really to bring the worst wreck but on the table the kidney failure
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jets which is why sri lanka and round up which is why after the cases of round up saying we don't phase it out in three years it's the public. the democracy and it's all the bad of us to have the word against one criminal operation which now is owned by by so it'll be interesting to see how this story and it's really good to remember i was part of baiji that went through the nuremberg trial. many people in south africa have become impatient at land imbalance where roughly seven percent of the population owns around seventy percent of arab a land and a direct challenge to the government hundreds of families from an informal settlement outside of cape town have taken to illegally occupying private land from a developer has more from selling bush. slivers of light shines through the simply furnished home of no one decent she's been living on this land illegally for three
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weeks there are dozens more roughly built homes dotted across this hill in still and bosh near cape town an area known for its affluent vineyards and estates. it's because of our government that we are here we have asked for lent before but they have not helped us we have to make a lot of norris and fight to get this land here the court is ordered that no more can be built and those that are on occupied be destroyed but as night falls people scurry to bring in more building material. is the believe this is our land that was taken from our ancestors even though the current owner bought this land the previous owner stole this land and so now it needs to be returned to us while we are taking the land. according to government statistics of africa's white minority population owns more than seventy percent of privately owned farming land under political and public pressure to reform land ownership the ruling african national
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congress says it will support moves to change the constitution to allow the seizure of land as long as it does not harm the agricultural sector or the economy but it's unclear how this will be done and who qualify for the land while acknowledging the need for urgent land reform presidents forum up was appears to be struggling with a balancing act this week while addressing investors he said the government would not allow land grabs and anarky wanting to calm the fears of the business community . but deciding between what land those people need and what investors want may not make everyone happy the government says it plans to seize one hundred and thirty nine farms across south africa before the constitution is changed if successful amendments to the constitution could be avoided there are fears seizing land without compensation could scare off investors violate property rights and hurt food production critics say talk around land exposed creation is
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a ploy for votes ahead of next year's elections rather than a sincere attempt to reform land ownership and that expectations should be managed meanwhile people here could face eviction as the landowner returns to court in the coming weeks to have them removed from al-jazeera still of our south africa. and german chancellor angela merkel is in southern spain to meet the new socialist prime minister pederast sanchez germany is sending liberians and refugees back to spain as part of the recently signed a deal it's a first rate in spain and germany can now be deported within forty eight hours the deal has just come into effect. lebanon is considering legalizing the cultivation and exportation of marijuana for medical purposes to help revive the economy may take months before it even comes to a vote in parliament this is the first time the idea of capitalizing on the underground hashish market has been floated then harder has more from beirut. it's
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illegal but cannabis is planted almost everywhere in lebanon's northern because region in recent years the government stop destroying the crops because it couldn't provide the impoverished population with alternatives now it is considering legalizing cultivation for medical use but some farmers are concerned it could cut profits. the high supply means it's not. so if the cultivation its will have no value we have. the trade for twenty years and they were against it and now they want to do this to gain political support from the people who are fed up with the politicians. it's a multimillion dollar industry which an international consulting firm says could help lebanon struggling economy it would first have to introduce new seedlings that have medical properties a draft bill has been proposed in parliament proponent say the people of the region will benefit. my proposal to help farmers they have been the victims
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they can't openly sell it because it's illegal so dealers benefit most by imposing a price on the farmers and selling the product for higher prices and those dealers have political cover if. it's not the first time the idea has been put forward and it may take months before parliament votes on the bill. the farmers say they have little choice but to grow cannabis in order to survive people are poor and there are little economic opportunities they blame the authorities for neglecting their area the livelihoods of tens of thousands depend on this trade which is controlled by the region's powerful families growing cannabis is cheap and alternative crops can't survive the harsh climate here that is one reason why attempts to eradicate the cultivation after the civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. failed there are those who believe the government should support this industry. today you have. been all. so it's very important
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for to cultivate such amounts of land where you can get more than forty projects. you can just get it out of that. it's out of that the united nations says lebanon is one of the largest producers and exporters of cannabis in the world politicians now want to cash in on this lucrative underground market but in a country known for corruption some question the government's ability to control and regulate the trade so out of. northern because lebannon. now there's rain in california but not where it's native right now the big fires up in the north and we got fish out on southern california and it's not going to help very much but i'll take you there anyway we're coming really out of california just across the borders but this is because the time the southwest monsoon it's a short lived thing is when new mexico arizona gets his decent rain that's exactly
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what's happened in arizona they do get flash floods so they're prepared for it and you do get drains it's also a place where they don't play golf and golf courses don't really like this very much indeed it's not just in arizona they've been affected missouri at the same problem a wrist science in new mexico to this is a tornado so we're in the same sort of area this will carry all for the next couple of days at least anyway this is the forecast chart not units of the green blobs they are the share areas potential for sheri's that slice exist as the next couple of days but the emphasis isn't really here it is further east in the u.s. i've already mentioned missouri isn't very busy louis missouri where they're playing golf but texas is probably places at the moment on the line you followed by i take you through missouri up towards the northeast corner now this northeast corner has suffered a lot of rain recently actually from virginia northwards and i suspect the next two
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days the state of the potential one or two hundred millimeters of rain there is more flooding. or a robot even. here on al-jazeera one mother seeking answers on why her son was murdered by members of colombia's military. labor of love why the persian carpets treasured bahraini and becoming so on affordable. and those poor thunderstorms cause chaos at the p.g.a. championship all the latest from the bellary country club. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith on the tax even though they too of victims of the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the limpid sports
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a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe a series of reports about the state of the world's forests and what's being done to protect them in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human exploited asian system then lay the foundation of today's global powers august. on counting the cost what the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran means by iranians and companies doing business there the world's biggest oil producers climate change plus stamping out colombia's cocaine addiction counting the cost.
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you're watching our. top. stories this hour the saudi embassy coalition says it will investigation as strike in yemen that has a bus full of schoolchildren killing at least fifty one people his father was searching the wreckage for signs of his twelve year old son many of the remains have yet to be identified the united nations has called for a prompt independent inquiry the coalition insists it struck legitimate targets. also being held for the three palestinians killed by israeli forces during a twentieth friday of protest at the gaza border and u.n. delegation arrived in gaza a short time ago for meetings with hamas officials visit as part of ongoing efforts to lower tensions with israel talks are expected to focus on the details of a cease fire proposal. and turkey's president has vowed to defy what he calls u.s. threats to his country's economy one speech follows an opinion piece in the new
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york times warning that the u.s. must respect the sovereignty all that partnership could be in jeopardy his country would seek new friends and allies if u.s. pressure continues. i may be living in the semi autonomous kurdish region of northern iraq a struggling under a weak economy before the battle to push out iceland two thousand and fourteen the economy was growing and there were high hopes for a surgeon and foreign investment and that's after going to reports from there are signs things are improving but people say not fast enough. the story of flight is one shared by many here creating a first regional airline in northern iraq became a dream deferred. the war to purge ice all grounded the airline then a political dispute with the federal government in baghdad brought more delays in jude three years after the airline was registered it began flying passengers from erbil to cities in sweden germany and holland to me. how to.
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make the name to be. well known internationally so people have more curiosity to visit the good distance and it is the safest areas in iraq and the most economy stable. can grow if things are stable on construction cranes dot the or below skyline but there are also shells of buildings scattered throughout the capital of iraq's kurdish region reminders of the grand aspirations of luxury condominiums shopping malls and businesses yet to be fulfilled there are one point four million people working for the government and public sector in the semi autonomous kurdish region of northern iraq that's more than one fifth of the population employees have seen their salaries cut some months they haven't been paid. this stems from a dispute over oil exports and budget payments between baghdad and the regional
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government here in two thousand and fourteen the iraqi government stopped providing funds to the region the money pays the salaries of government and public sector employees such as kahar hussein and his wife her teaching salary has been slashed in half they say they're owed twelve thousand dollars in unpaid wages and. there is a lot of pressure on us we can't afford any vacations we can only afford food and hope to survive every month and every year this year the federal government resumed payments but not at the preacher thousand and fourteen lovel. the hope of the people is that the economy goes back to where it was the political the social problems every other problem they are all connected to the economic problems hussain says year after year they keep hearing the economy is improving when they
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finally believe it they hope to realize a dream put on hold by the economic crisis to give their daughter a sibling natasha going to aim al-jazeera erbil. jordan confirms an improvised explosive device was used in friday's attack and for hayes the ministry of interior has said the homemade bomb was planted at the spot where the security bus was scheduled to park the unit was guarding an annual cultural festival in the says he attacked left one officer dead and injured six people. iran's government says it's sewing the united states over sanctions that target the sale and export of hand waving persian rugs last year tehran sold one hundred twenty six million dollars worth of persian rugs to the american market wavers say it's not just an attempt to block an important revenue stream but the attack on iranian culture so mr avi reports from kharaj. in iran there is a saying carpet weavers sacrifice their eyes for people's feet making even
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the smallest carpet means patiently toiling for months using tools and techniques that have been passed down for generations. this is what my parents did to my grandparents who are doing so i learnt from them and now i'm in this career i love this not leaving i feel as if i'm sick the carpet is just like a child to me i love it because this is an original persian art for the women in this workshop artist employees they take classes to learn the basics and practice for months the best students get to work on the most intricate designs. but there is something sad about this job the closer these women get to completing a carpet the less able they are to actually afford one of their own creations persian rugs sell for thousands of dollars and some of the carpets made in this very workshop sold for tens of thousands. and depending on the detail and materials
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used such as silk or even string spun from gold a persian rug can sell for millions it's no wonder then that in the business world carpets are a valuable iranian export second only to oil. but they're also an important part of iran's cultural identity in the two thousand and eleven farsi language film gold and copper a dying woman weaves carpets to pay for medicine and keep her family together. the script writer says the persian carpet was the engine driving the story. iranian and global audiences recognize iranian as a piece of art. it has been a little painful for me that the price of the iranian carpets has risen a lot and now it's on affordable to everyone in the past it was common for people to cover every corner of their houses in carpets. and especially sad irony for carpet dealers is that the united states is their largest market in the. americas
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but sanctions on iranian carpets but if you look at american buildings and family homes you see iranian carpets on the floor as i saw in a video i think even u.s. president donald trump's daughter has an iranian carpet in her room traditionally persian carpets are meant to portray the guardians of having iranian say the latest sanctions earn attack on the very fabric of iranian identity and an attempt by america to make trouble in paradise zain. kerridge. a special tribunal and examining will than two thousand cases of acts of just between two thousand and eight and two thousand and fourteen than look into the false positive scandal as part of a historic peace deal between the colombian government and left forces then as the fog critics however say the court lacks the power to hold the culprits accountable for. reports. is
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a grieving mother her son out of the was murdered by members of the colombian military in two thousand and eight he says she was told her son was the leader of an enemy insurgency says that's impossible as her son lived with both severe physical and intellectual disability but i mean. it was hard for me to be told that a boy with such an innocence was labeled as being a member of an armed group. over a period of six years thousands of young men between the ages of eighteen and thirty were falsely accused of being anti-government insurgents. while the colombian government was fighting a war against disco innocent colombian civilians were being rounded up by the hundreds some were tortured killed and dumped in mass graves. the families of the victims appeared before a special tribunal recently established in. fourteen members of the military
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prison sentences of upwards of forty years were in attendance by testifying before the special tribunal these soldiers were allowed to carry out their sentences at a military prison. this moment between two thousand and two and two thousand and nine assassinations grew exponentially and they happen to coincide with former president counter insurgency directive which gave members of the military incentives for positive results in combat. human rights organizations have registered more than five thousand seven hundred victims that means that these false positives occurred throughout the region which leads us to believe there was a policy behind the killings. the mandate of the tribunals was recently amended by the colombian congress and exempts would even and former president one man would sentence from being forced to testify the special tribunal is facing a lot of criticism the office of the prosecutor for the international criminal
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court is observing the series if it determines that colombian authorities are unable or unwilling to thoroughly investigate and prosecute these cases the i.c.c. could open its own investigation. going over old photographs of her son says her story is that of thousands of families in colombia. that my son was very considerate every day who would come up to stay with his hands behind his back and hand me a rose he would say mom i thought of you i think that's what i miss the most and that's what they owe me. this money no says her hope is that through this special tribunal what happened to her son will never happen to anyone ever again and i'm dizzy over. a stolen plane has crashed in washington state in the us. this video shows the aircraft performing stunts in the air including an upside down loop fighter jets were scrambled off the on authorized takeoff and chase the plane
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before it crashed officials at seattle tacoma international airport say an airline mechanic took the aircraft without permission it's believed no passengers were on board the horizon q four hundred when it went down on catch on the island sheriff's ruled out terrorism and was given more details on the incident our information now is there was only one person on the plane and that was the person flying the plane i understand the person may have been doing some air stunts and whatever i know that some aircraft were scrambled from the air force base there is no indication that this person who was flying that plane was trying to damage anything or attack anything that person crashed into the island. a state of emergency has been declared in the u.s. city of charlottesville ahead of the anniversary of a white supremacy protest that turned deadly and a tweet just in the last fifteen minutes u.s. president donald trump has condemned all types of racism and acts of violence but
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here on the city is still deeply scarred by what happened at the unite the right rally and gallagher has more. than it began with a fight to remove statues of confederate soldiers who fought for the right to keep slaves that events in charlottesville last year turned violent white nationalists for running battles with counter protesters in scenes that shocked the world when one member of the so-called right drove his car into a crowd thirty two year old head to higher was killed i'm training the next generation of activist advocates in our eyes in the years since susan bro established a foundation in her daughter's name and remains committed to fighting racial intolerance so wish.


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