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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 225  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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bayani was here. in the. u.k. a mass. i mean. is that that will first have to make a nice most. legal says he'll need the money as he ordered by the meter and they can leave without a. doubt this where they use their. means most feel this here and there. is already made up his mind. he won't much no matter how much the companies offer him or how high the odds are stacked against him. but all the while your money will start going to look at your nor your. own mostly but all this of just seven them. all those who are here most of their money for the three or four percent.
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versus. get there we are merely your only your not get a lower. gain that the store. down the road from some data or inch grower and don't use a better one has come to a more pragmatic decision. soon evitable there's no future in farming. being. the middle. one of history's. most. of them at the. given the. given the. years it will go in that. while farmers seem better cusa wrestling with tough choices there are communities in mexico where oil is their only hope.
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a lot of people in the northern state of ca we are in the mood to celebrate. in minnesota and the farming town of us company geo kinetics is winding up after a year long survey of the region's rich shale gas research. and the company has brought six hundred much needed jobs. to tom's folk hope it's a sign of better times ahead. to me as this is going to go antonio gusty john is a cattle rancher and the mayor of. bullock was a lot of fun i don't think that will get what does it feel like the real thick of it look. we need your susan wouldn't you like your day your little film up we're going to school you just a little outside the group we were in the studio. and the payoff promises to be a big one. texas eagle ford for nation the u.s.
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richest natural gas field is just a stone's throw away over the rio grande. it's generated more than forty six billion dollars and created eighty six thousand jobs but until now the mexican side of evil point has been for bidding fruit to foreign oil. if you look at the eagle ford for mation along the texas border and you fly there any time of day or night and you see the activity in just south of it. there's absolutely no activity whatsoever the subsurface of these areas did recognize borders didn't recognize a river didn't recognize and a line on the on the ground that was painted by people the subsurface geology these i think very attractive they'd love to do business in mexico. that's good news for the people of course. they're sitting on a mother note the fourth largest show. reserve in the world. and influx of texas
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oilmen couldn't come at a better time. these communities are struggling to survive. we're going to die soon as we go on and i. am going to the political matter so. that i am not until the i'm not looking government that will live my life. for darkness. nafta undermined the export market for mexican cattle ranchers. it made it easier for the u.s. to sell beef to mexico but introduced restrictions to mexican farmers selling to the u.s. . to smaller ranches went bankrupt the effect combined with years of devastating drought was an exodus from ghetto let me go to where was god. that are one thousand miles and is i mean but it is i meant that. today ghetto is
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a ghost town. shops have closed houses abandoned. for this depressed region of mexico and your g. boom with its promise of thousands of jobs seems almost too good to be true. and there is a catch. look at the numbers are two years. nor your people are using mantles comments when i listen to. a trip in the economics but those who are not very will mentor a fracking. one well has already been dug in this area on land belonging to ranchers phillipe this was that was a new branch of the law from india its own branch of the old mill those seem to think that the us. was in for them to the ball so. if you know a little below say you see i don't know if the bulls will be blaming that on fracking. so you just course of my love the point i mean that's you on the list
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there must be a little. bit of one of those sees one post all this going to. be so. this is about only to me that only you can tell me that as i mentioned last name either noisome is more me that i want to get on with and i just don't want to step in the middle of what is based on expanding into what it is that a fracking fracking is a controversial method involving the high pressure injection of water and chemicals to fracture brock's and release natural gas. but it can poison water sources and trigger earthquakes. energy analyst i do it enough when to inquire we are at the invitation of the local cattle ranchers association. or missing water . fracking nice new mexico this ranchers have only heard rumors. of the level.
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what was it was going to. was there was. despite their worries about fracking the ranchers have fallen and such hard times that they may be forced to make a devil's bargain about. what that's like here that it will cause people to me earlier and don't call it in the field of benefiting from those on the planet whenever we meet that we do have. we would never leave. me for asking me what it is but i do what i always knew.
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it but if you go yourself in the things. she said i meant. because i love. people they can as i'm going to hear a panelist all audience see i meant the noisy look at the. us. that was a diplomat ago. if they don't adapt there's only one other source of work organized crime the largest employer in the area may have. had a very bright side but also has had. very dark side the dark side of globalization has been organized crime in mexico nafta bankrupted the small ranchers many of those who survived were forced off their land by the cartels cattle ranches became drug routes and organized crime recruited from the unemployed. lawlessness in. epidemic proportions. in.
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between two thousand and six and two thousand and twelve the number of people who were forcibly disappeared rose to over eighteen kundry corporations were also the victims of extortion and kidnappings. to state's response was to establish an elite security force. you know. it is here ideal environment for organized crime to take over in the form of legal businesses and to propose joint ventures to foreigners who come here. very
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excitedly expecting to do business with the oil sector we have hundreds of organized crime groups wandering around mexico right now heavily armed heavy weapons and they will be pounding on this foreign oil companies left and right. to start lesson for oil is if you're going to do business. you're going to encounter organized crime. after you have already chosen to work with them in june of two thousand and fourteen to texan companies pleaded guilty to buying oil stolen by . the cartels. for companies with their eye on the price of six hundred trillion cubic feet of gas think it's a risk some will be willing to take the only alternative is to fight the cartels by hiring protection. security forces who insist they have the upper hand.
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believes this confidence is misplaced. you need to have a much more sustainable proposal in place not the one that we see here the truth. any foreign oil company that comes here under the new framework will hurt the nightmares you have right now taking place. there will not go away. security nightmares literally out of control and we don't see an end in sight. farmers are powerless to resist either the companies or the cartels this land of cattle and cowboys could be transformed into a dystopia of oil and organized crime. right now by leasing mexico spiraling out of control. forced disappearances have made
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headlines around the world. was. one of mexico's fielders song with bodies since state of crops. that people are angry and the government stands accused of precise thing over a failed state. they've thrown a match into this incendiary mix by introducing the most divisive economic reform in a hundred years. reform that many see as likely to. why did the country's already enormous gulf between its rich and poor losers a highly unstable fire people don't realize that a highly unstable. explosive. that done to order can pluck a moment of quote this plot but of course. capturing
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a moment in time. snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's world. witness on al-jazeera. how
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the recurring nature of rain up in the northeast corner of the us in new jersey new york for example just keeps going is causing flash floods fairly readily and you see from that cloud hasn't disappeared it is hinting it wants to go but not gone yet today's forecast from more or less virginia northwards is a potentially wet one off into the east side of candor as well you're right in toronto warmer twenty nine and then the storms out in the big west on the sudden and central plains that this is replenishing rather lack of rain actually over the summer and the storm is going to hang on here just a bit further south to oklahoma down towards northern texas during wednesday by which time new york's back in the sunshine and new england should be back in the sunshine what's on the ground is a different matter all this time we should see some decent showers in southern california new mexico arizona and a hint of cloud bit further north but of say only a bit of a hint to be quite honest who jumps out of the constant to the gulf of mexico as
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the caribbean has been some big showers recently also in hispania in cuba and you see that is the blue in the satellite picture they could easily be repeated why not alongside the heavy rain down in panama. the elders that they set sail for gold. but discovered their resources worth more than its way to human be. driven by commerce enabled through politics and religion executed with brutality. in episode one the slavery roots charge the birth and rise of the african slave trade nothing in history that has tainted humanity. for all the gold in the world i want to just go. to see our travels to the fine this reaches of thailand to follow young local
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doctors who are providing knife saving care to the real community that solving problems for others is very fulfilling you don't get this in any other profession. we charge the dramas and in nights of their inspiring efforts to successfully deliver the people's house. on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the out of their news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey's near a plunges to new lows rattling markets and increasing fears the crisis could spread to other economies. mourning the dead thousands in yemen attend the funerals of the
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victims of a saudi amorality that airstrike. iran's supreme leader forbids talks with the trump administration but says his country will not go to war with the u.s. . and secret recordings a tell all book on public insults between a former white house aide and president trump. turkey's president is accusing the united states of betraying its allies the tries to stem a currency crisis last week the u.s. impose new sanctions on its fellow nato member after ankara refused to repatriate a detained american preacher well the central bank has now stepped in to try to stop the liras freefall restrictions on how much lira and foreign currency banks need to hold have been eased and they've also been guaranteed loans from istanbul some casselli reports. walking through every is
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a street to people take nervous glances at the foreign exchange screens wondering how much less their money might now be worth. here's. the dollar the prices of what she wants to buy overrun served budget. give me a discount leaves her request it's turned down turkish lira is down at least thirty percent against a dollar in ten days this doesn't only hurt the buyers but the sellers too. including tibet's cartel he has run this shop for at least twenty years how far his products are imported is cost horizon tremendously. stronger more notice and we are almost at stagnation waiting for exchange rates to settle i purchase in dollars so my costs increased forty percent i'll have to reflect this in my prices. however exporters are happy with the depreciating. our house owner who has run the
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silver wholesaler with his brothers for twenty years say's his profits have grown. for the other although i import my products export them all we don't have a problem my profit margin is bigger now also we bring foreign exchange to our country but there are certainty worries everyone. the finance ministry says it has an action plan to help ease the market's concern and turkey central bank has pledged to provide all the liquidity needed by the banks many economists say the markets the men do you trust to stop the restaurant but prisons are gone and this financial team are totally against that i don't say as this is a speculative attack against still there robbed by foreign countries and might continue. if it does experts fear it could have a spillover effect into europe where turkey's biggest lenders are see time to solo al-jazeera to stumble well the turmoil in turkey is starting to spread to other
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countries as the global banking system tries to manage the crisis the argentinian peso fell to a record low against the dollar as did the indian rupee the south african rand dropped more than ten percent there's also concern in mexico and russia about the knock on effects and there are fears in the e.u. that turkish companies may not be able to repay loans if the crisis continues long term well harlan ullman is a senior advisor at the atlantic council he said the situation could soon get a lot worse. as you well know the turkish lira has declined from about three point five to the dollar a year ago or more seven that causes a huge drain on their their u.s. reserves they need to borrow a great deal of money just sustain you're quite right that turkey trick on me was in trouble but this really gives it a great deal more things to worry about and so this is also spread it if you recall in two thousand and eight with the banking crisis in the united states that spread
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in because the financial economies are so interdependent because of currency exchanges what happened to turkey but we cannot be limited to turkey we've seen this happen in greece and now that we have a terrible war going on between the united states and china the united states and its northern and southern borders this contagion could spread well i don't want to predict doom but unless there's some reconciliation this is liable to get what worse not just in turkey but globally huge crowds have gathered in northern yemen for the funerals of people killed in a saudi amorality coalition air strike more than fifty people died in last week's attack forty of those were children the strikes box an international outcry and led to calls for an independent vest against the mom of the reports from neighboring djibouti. falls on sultan that the federal see a convoy of vehicles fed into the forty's from the moment snaking through the streets will side the city of the stronghold but the coffins draped including one
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lead out of the square in the city portraits of the victims lined up on the ground head of a special prayerful that that got them out of them as well as yes that's the mourners shelter logan's again so that every year and who they say is its biggest ally in supplying the united states these people have come from various parts of the country to give a proper sendoff to those who died in the latest sodium to coalition strike. security was tight at the ceremony which was attended by several high ranking officials the fin rolls was supposed to take place on saturday but while postponed due to security fees the children water tunning from a school summer camp when their boss topped at the busy market it was targeted by airstrikes unicef has called the carnage the single biggest attack on children since the war in yemen escalated in two thousand and fifteen images of the children
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covered in blood and reeling from shock have provoked international condemnation. request all parties to the conflict to end the attacks against civilians against children in particular against infrastructure and we plea for them to enter into a situation of hostilities to put an end to these war the cerruti i'm about to call you should initially denied aiming at civilians and defend the incident as a legitimate military operation a response it's a top ballistic missile fired into so that it be at the previous day but hours later the coalition promised to investigate i didn't think it would be accepted that the side that has committed this crime. is allowed to investigate it because we know that it's old idea the saudi that coalition has investigated many. crimes like the great funeral hold of a strike they did on that is not
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a sole task come from this investigation the united nations security council has called for credible and transparent investigation into the talk the war in yemen has left ten thousand people to what the u.n. describes as the world was to monetary crisis the u.n. special envoy to yemen martin griffiths has invited parties in the conflict to talks in geneva from the sixth of september. to get a cease fire deal before them so far failed. the world is either djibouti. lots more still to come here on the news hour including afghanistan's military sends in reinforcements to help defend a city that's been under attack by the taliban for more than four days. we report from sierra leone where a vigil marking the first anniversary of the devastating mudslide has been held. and support groups kept wins another major trophy for the final stages of the p.g.a.
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championship what about the player who finished second. iran's supreme leader has turned down u.s. president donald trump's offer for direct talks hominidae says he's banned arabian leaders from meeting trump saying the u.s. never follows through on promises it makes during talks he also ruled out the possibility of war with the u.s. well in an exclusive interview with al jazeera iran's foreign minister says the u.s. has proven not to be trustworthy mohamed job says trump's decision to pull out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal has further strain ties between washington and tehran . we have no problem with dialogue but if mr trump really serious about talks if he is serious about talks without preconditions well the secretary of state put some conditions for talks two hours after trump's comments impossible conditions the first question is if they themselves have reached an agreement
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inside the u.s. about talks with or without preconditions our policies in the region are totally clear it's the u.s. he needs to be accountable for policies in the region saying bradley has more from terror on. it has to be said there's nothing necessarily new in what the supreme leader of iran has said today but every time he speaks on any given issue with lends a certain amount of religious weight to the issue that he is discussing and so if you follow the arc of that logic now it is the law of the land of to not negotiate with the united states but as is the case with most of what officials in iran say there are it's the supreme leader it later in that address said that if iran is in a position to resist economic pressure and if iran is strong enough to negotiate with the united states on more equal footing and if the united states becomes more human towards iran then then iran may enter back into negotiations with the united
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states so there is a subtle nuance there but he said as far as the trumpet ministration is concerned there is no way that iran will ever negotiate with the current white house well let's talk to trita parsi he is from the national iranian american council he joins us now via skype from arrest in virginia treats iran's supreme leader says they'll be no direct talks with president why is that are taller hominidae saying this now and what can you read into it do you think. well i think we have to go back to when drunk became president it was a period in which trump was refusing any negotiations was refusing to live up to the nuclear deal and eventually kill the deal and he used that time to really create leverage against the iranians by sabotaging the iranian economy by pushing companies out of iran and now after also having contributed to some of the unrest in iran i think the trumpet ministration feels that they're in a stronger position and now they're willing to go in to go shape and harmony's
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responses i think somewhat predictable the iranians are not going to go to negotiating table or from a position of weakness so they're either going to ride this out and see if perhaps the trumpet mr asian going to be significantly weakened after november the november midterm elections or to going to start building up their own leverage as your package mentioned the yuron has actually usually do come to the table even with the united states but only when they feel comfortable and they feel that they're not in a position of weakness yeah on the supreme leader even tweeted a long list of reasons why iran won't negotiate primarily because they don't trust america as they say america sees talks just a business deal and the americans are depressed us what do you make of those assertions well i think what he's pointing out and what he wants to international community to take note of is that the iranians lived up to the nuclear agreement and trump did not trump is so good in the unit that the u.s. itself negotiated that the p five plus one.


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