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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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in russia say they want to find a solution to stop the fighting in italy province in syria foreign ministers from both countries have been meeting in ankara turkey is against the syrian government's offensive to retake it lit the opposition's last major stronghold. says there's no reason to target the entire province just to root out armed groups . is only discovered it's the needs of these areas of deescalation was set up under certain strict conditions first of all there was agreement that the ceasefire arrangements do not apply to terrorists all the territory they occupy this agreement is about all the areas of deescalation but ad lib is much more complicated because of the dominance of newser in the area which is defined as a terrorist organization by the un xina has the latest now for us from beirut. turkey and russia stakeholders in the syrian conflict both countries have influence in syria both countries support opposing sides but they have been cooperating together for some time now through the so-called aspen
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a process but it is clear that these two countries do not agree on what to do in the north western province along the border with turkey is under the control of the opposition the syrian government has repeatedly said that they want to recapture this whole province turkey has said no that is a red line because if you do that it would cause human suffering further displacement three million people live there and turkey does not want to take in more refugees so what these these two countries have been trying to do is some find some sort of an arrangement now russia the russian foreign minister lavrov when he said we are still looking for peaceful approaches this of course will be welcomed by turkey so maybe there is some common ground on how to how to try to resolve the problem is that we do know that the russians have given the turks a deadline really to get rid of and to eliminate groups that are linked to al qaida and but so far those groups have not disbanded nor have they joined the ranks of the of the so-called moderate opposition military action has also not been taken
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against this groups but a lot really has changed to following the deterioration in relations with turkey and the united states and russia and the united states now turkey and russia need each other more than ever and they do have common interests so they're going to try to find a way to reach some sort of an arrangement because we heard the turkish foreign minister say bombing the whole of the bombing hospitals bombing schools this this will only create in his words a massacre and it will not be justifiable if there are just a few in his words terrorist groups and so these two countries there's still no agreement on it but both of them saying that more discussions will be held still to come here. outrages of the ship a spirit to covering up child sexual abuse. also at the divide of a hong kong status the talk beaching wanted banned raises new questions about freedom of speech.
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welcome to look at the weather across asia now in northeastern areas it's all looking rather unsettled the moment got an active frontal system across northeastern parts of china into the far east of russia we've also got tropical storm lee pea which is moving across the southern part of japan so it's going to give some heavy rain here across the southern islands tokyo still largely dry began pretty warm a heat wave sort of bordering on the heat wave criteria really about four degrees above average at the moment the high nighttime temperatures and there's a move the forecast through into thursday can see this rain system develops this front moving down probably some of the warm air from the piece still mixed up with this system very heavy rain all the across northern and western parts of japan during the course of thursday right conditions across the korean peninsula temperatures into the low thirty's now the area of low pressure across more
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southern parts of china is getting very heavy rain for hong kong through towards hine and and pushing showers into northern parts of the philippines looking pretty wet across parts of laos and again into myanmar wet weather is expected some heavy rain leading to some localized flooding so expect a wet one in hanoi and during the day maybe more into southeastern parts of asia southern areas fine great day across borneo looking at highs of thirty five. this was wrong to take children away from the appearance and herd them into a school home against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of look after ourselves i don't remember the children's names i'll never forget that canada's dark secret on al-jazeera.
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welcome back here with al-jazeera live from doha these are your headlines so far today the turkish president mr says his country will be boycotting u.s. electronic goods in retaliation to what he calls an economic attack on his country one has repeatedly denied that the national currency is in crisis even though the euro has dropped forty five percent this year the central bank is easing bank restrictions to stabilize the currency. fighting is continuing in the afghan city of gasoline at least four hundred people and known to have died over the past five days afghanistan's military is sending reinforcements to help defend the city from
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a taliban attack. counter-terrorism offices and leading the investigation into the crash of a car into security barriers outside the house of commons in london police say the driver is not cooperating he was immediately arrested in two people were injured several blocks around the area will cordoned off. the most senior catholic official to be sentenced for covering up child sexual abuse has avoided jail time australian philip wilson will serve his twelve month sentence as home detention and that's angered abuse victims from. sydney. side story williams not only did he dodged jail time but philip wilson evaded pleas for an apology to abuse survivors one word of contrition philip will you cite story somebody in the catholic church so i sorry to put what million others we is the contrition from archbishop former archbishop wilson he's grace as somebody just sit ups these has shown no grice on the sword myself about this the former archbishop of adelaide was
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convicted in may of failing to report a child sex abuse by a priest of two altar boys in the one nine hundred seventy s. he's the highest ranking roman catholic official convicted of such a crime but resigned from his post last month following intense pressure from political leaders including the prime minister feeling actually quite happy it's a custody a sentence that has been handed down. and he begins the sentence today. in well new season a senior cleric to have been found guilty sentenced and start the sense that the court decided wilson will serve out his sentence at his sister's house due to a range of health issues including heart disease victims and campaign is say the law needs to be tougher on those who conceal child sex abuse to false get to do their highnesses act because people are the can say all or ignore what they do this
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is totally unacceptable it's a betrayal of the victims of a trial of the community and it's a big trial about children of the future because if the lackluster laws of the present are going to be used again in the future then the results of the past are going to be the results of the future wilson intends to appeal his conviction but this case is being seen as a landmark decision with broad ramifications for the church it sends a message that the church is accountable and can't hide behind canon all the confessional seal to escape reporting crimes like this yard. al-jazeera sydney. a leader of a party advocating independence for hong kong has accused china of suppressing freedom of speech both the chinese and hong kong governments wanted to stop and channel from giving a speech at the foreign correspondents club officials are also deliberating an unprecedented proposal to ban chen's party due to national security problems bright has more. protests by pro beijing supporters outside hong kong's foreign
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correspondents part of it is how do you have their anger aimed at the man speaking inside. andy chan leads a small political party advocating independence from china leading to accusations that he's threatening national security due to the nature of how the chinese propaganda machine works the national party was instantly demonized as some sort of extremist group due to the single word independence in reality what the national party is chasing now there is no difference from what many homeowners wish for the dream of democracy. although he says he's not guilty of any crime the police have recommended his party be banned if that happens he says it sets a precedent for stifling all debate about independence but that is a very dangerous idea because they can accuse our few people in
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a restaurant to discuss about independence they say you have the potential to form a party and you have the potential to affect and the national security so we are going to arrest you right now to take preventive measures. chan is from a new generation of activists which is grown out of the so-called umbrella movement four years ago that occupied the streets of hong kong demanding greater autonomy hong kong's then leaders c.-y. learned with the target for their anger and his attacks on the foreign correspondents club along with other probe aging figures for allowing chan's lunchtime appearance has stirred up the protests i mean legally i know you asked me the f.c.c. should leave hong kong of course maybe even arrest them. which chinese would love our country why are you separating us from china. it's led to fears of this issue being used in a why do attack on press freedom they seem to be signaling the people to have the
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air of beijing that they really would like to be much more like the chinese mainland where there are controls the more journalists can do what journalists can say and indeed where they can operate for beijing get it support is the word independence has become a red line that shouldn't be crossed the fear for pro-democracy groups here is that a future law may officially banned even mention of it and so rolling back ever further the freedoms enjoyed by hong kong people macbride al-jazeera uncaught. the community radio station is providing practical solutions to refugees who frequently arrived in france the so-called stalingrad connection is run by volunteers in several languages and offers a mix of news and information for asylum seekers as. reports the chance for migrants to share their stories with one another is becoming more important as recent changes to the law make it harder to apply for asylum. at
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a studio in paris recording begins for a weekly radio show aimed at helping refugees in france head on welcome to send in that connection to the stunning grad connection was created to. years ago by a group of volunteers refugees who named it after an area of the city where migrants have been living in the street broadcast online it offers practical information on issues like applying for asylum or finding housing project of the arabs your city our aim is to inform but it's also a way of documentary how in france and europe refugees are not being welcomed our listeners are refugees asylum seekers and anyone with an interest in migration after sun you've missed the shows recorded in several languages including arabic in english to attract the widest number of listeners or most asylum seekers' ses it's very hard to get used to a new place you're far away from home this radio station not only gives people
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a voice it's an opportunity to be heard. some were cute as santa is from the afghan hazaar a community in pakistan he left for europe in twenty fifteen and has applied for asylum in france he's radio segment is a chance for him to explain to listeners why he left home i have suffered a lot in kotor so my purpose was to make it. there for people of french people to that yes why these ethnic group the people belonging to this ethnic group the seekers ellen when her son arrived in paris two years ago he ended up sleeping in this park today he comes here to pass time and wait for the outcome of his asylum application i do not expect. the rules the laws for immigration as they are they will be so hard when i. get in if you are a student at frank's after two hours the show is finished and ready to be uploaded
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online with france recently tightening its immigration law services like this one say these volunteers are more important than ever to help refugees as they try to create a new life far from their homes it's actually butler al-jazeera paris pakistan has started celebrating seventy one years of independence a presidential parade was held a long with a flag hoisting ceremony in central islam about the prime minister elect imran khan tweeted that he is filled with great optimism for the country he became independent following the one nine hundred forty seven partition of british world india. in football ghana and nigeria may miss out on next year's africa cup of nations if the threat of a fee for a ban comes into effect before next month's qualifying matches fifa confirmed on tuesday the from notified both the gandhian and the nigerian football associations that they could be banned from playing unless the country's governments end their intervention in football matters for ghana it comes after the government in
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a crowd took court action against the f.a. following allegations of corruption by a documentary filmmaker before rules don't allow government involvement in football the world governing body has given them until august twenty seventh to withdraw their action. the colombian government is blocking treasure hunters from salvaging what they're calling the holy grail of shipwrecks when the spanish san jose sank more than three hundred years ago it was said to be laden with gold and precious stones a cargo that would be worth billions today but as manuel reports it's unclear who will own the treasure once it comes ashore. stories of ship wrecks and sunken treasure have long captivated the imagination. but perhaps no wreck has fascinated underwater archaeologists and treasure hunters quite like the sun who say. attacked by britain's royal navy in seventeen zero eight during a battle off the coast of got the hana columbia all but seven members of her crew
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went down with the ship. unfortunately the san jose was too heavy to maneuver itself against the attack and was sunk by the british. three years ago former colombian president juan manuel santos announced to his government had found the fabled galleon. with the aid of unmanned submersibles three d. mapping technology state of the art robotics and an international team of experts the san jose was found the catch is a company called sea search armada claimed they had found the ship more than thirty five years ago and have been locked in a fierce legal battle with the colombian government over their share of the treasure a treasure that today is valued up to twenty billion dollars i did go in money if you think it had everything the cargo manifest lists gold silver precious stones pearls all of the wealth from taxes collected over six years from colombia panama
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and through this is. literally wrote the book on the son who say he says there were several parties who have a legitimate claim to ownership over the treasure is by the spain because it was a spanish ships through because most of the cargo was proved. because part of the congo was panamanian and colombia because the ship was founded on walters. recently a delegation from bolivia presented colombian officials with a two hundred page document claiming a percentage of the treasure should be given to them as reparations. it's believed there are more than one thousand sunken spanish galleons off the coast of colombia alone according to unesco there's an estimated three million shipwrecks all around the world still waiting to be discovered apart from the treasure the cultural value of many of these vessels is a measurable and newton he fal an expert in maritime law says the case of the son who say could set a precedent for future disputes over sunken treasure. all of the countries involved
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could set up an example of i started that would serve the world in similar situations. with so much at stake over the ownership of the treasure recovery efforts have been put on hold indefinitely leaving some here to wonder how much longer they'll have to wait before the treasure of the san jose surface is again. a disease that the henna. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories president wretch up to one says turkey will be boycotting us electronic products in retaliation for what he calls an economic attack on his country mr erdogan has repeatedly denied that the national currency is in crisis even as it continues to slip against the u.s. dollar the lira has dropped forty five percent this year the central bank is easing
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bank restrictions to stabilize the currency at one blames the decline in a plot against the turkish economy. fighting is continuing in the afghan city of gasoline at least four hundred people are known to have died over the past five days around half of those who died were civilians according to the united nations that ghana stands military sending reinforcements to help defend the city from a taliban attack. police in london are treating a crash outside the house of commons there as a terror incident a man in his twenty's was arrested by police shortly after he drove a car through a group of cyclists and pedestrians before crashing into security barriers at least two people were injured the u.k.'s prime minister to resign may went to twitter saying she's thankful for the immediate and courageous response from the emergency services. top priority now is to formally establish the identity of the suspect and establish his motivation if we can. he is not currently cooperating. however as you would expect detectives from the counter terrorism command are
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making various other urgency inquiries to ensure that there is no outstanding risk to the public techie in russia say they want to find a solution to stop the fighting in the syrian province of idlib the foreign ministers from both countries have been missing in ankara turkey is against the syrian government's offensive to retake it lip the opposition's last major stronghold. says there's no reason to target the entire province just to root out the groups. ranking official in the catholic church to be sentenced for covering up child sex abuse has avoided jail australian philip wilson will serve his twelve month sentence as home detention the court was told he has alzheimers disease if you speak to him say the sentence is too lenient more news on the website for your soul was there al jazeera dot com you can also talk on facebook and twitter up next it's inside story i will see you very soon.
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some call it a sea others a lake for decades its status has been in dispute five countries want to share in the oil rich but landlocked caspian sea a deal is now been done but will it hold and will it lead to a new global energy and political alliance this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm jerome five countries have now agreed the caspian is neither see nor lake so what is it the nations who have longest fugitive status have agreed it has special status iran and four post soviet union countries have contested how it should be split for more than two decades now they've signed a deal to share the surface commonly and divide up the seabed the caspian coastline is shared by russia iran kazakhstan turkmenistan and azerbaijan the new agreement will open the way for oil and gas exploration rory chalons reports. with the signature of five leaders more than two decades of troubled waters could be receding into history the disputes over the legal status of the caspian sea has been churning since the collapse of the soviet union. in kazakstan four of the u.s.s.r. successes states and iran took a big step towards resolving it is that because you have passed the security and stability on the caspian sea are determined by the convention which we have signed
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naturally it opens a wide perspective for the tight cooperation of the caspian states for solving economic and transport issues these questions will improve the living standards of our peoples have cheney and that in some admonish we have shown in this convention that we stick to the principles of fairness although we did not determine the borderlines we mark that the countries with the coast of particular significance should take a special position that includes iran the dispute is centered on whether the largest inland body of water in the world is a lake or a sea defining it a lake would mean the caspian should be divided equally amongst the five countries but if it's a sea then each state gets a share in proportion to the length of its shoreline the new agreements is that it's not quite either not a lake because of its size and not a sea because it's not connected to the world's oceans so the surface will largely be open for joint use whereas the floor will be divided between russia iran
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turkmenistan azerbaijan and kazakstan though the exact size of each country's lot is still to be agreed. at stake cost several trillion dollars worth of oil gas and pipelines for years the full economic potential of this has been blocked by the lack of a settlement the u.s. government estimates caspian gas could boost global production by twenty seven percent over the coming decade but it's not just about energy. which it which to security is very important and this is what underpins our agreement this region has an influence on afghanistan on the middle east this really affects the basic interests of our states and we need to pull together to combat the threat of terrorism and transponder criminality of this summit also makes the caspian sea a lockout zone these leaders don't want anyone else meddling in their waters no country that doesn't share the shoreline will be allowed
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a military presence there rory chalons al-jazeera moscow. before one thousand nine hundred one the caspian sea was considered a lake and shared between the u.s.s.r. and iran but after the fall of the soviet union the emergence of independent countries complicated the issue iran says the caspian is a lake according to old treaties signed with the soviet union in one thousand twenty one in one nine hundred forty three former soviet states as they are by john turkmenistan and kazakhstan consider it a sea and that the seabed should be divided based on the coastline thereon had insisted the caspian be split into five equal parts were jointly developed all its resources none of its neighbors agreed let's bring in our panel joining us in moscow stanislav pridgen an analyst at the russia and eurasia program at chatham house in tehran for it is that a professor of world studies at the university of tehran and in london will it give or he in a country risk analyst at the firm i.h.s.
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market welcome to you all sound as well let me start with you the dispute over the caspian sea has been going on for decades what is the political calculus that led to this why is this happening now. i think it was enough time to finally agree the key principles and the mission isn't for cooperation in the region and especially in circumstances when the nuclear diri iran in the year is under question after withdrawal of the united states from these from these agreement it was extremely important to show for regional cooperation that iranian neighbors are ready to support this country in such difficult circumstances so we can see that this it was enough time for cut for negotiations and this is a good political time to to sign this agreement finally for what has to happen now
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i mean there's very few details as far as what this agreement will in compass ultimately so what has to happen next it's the lawyers that are really going to be involved right. yes both. obviously engineers there are going to be some environmental scientists that are going to be concerned about the environmental implications of having all types of pipelines going across the caspian sea. so they have to be careful with regard to the environment making sure that they don't. damage it. i agree that this was about time you know. caspian region sense of asia. has lots of energy potential. having a disagreement basically opens up the way of making sure that the countries of this
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region can benefit from the natural resources that they exist and for you know and i can say that the prosperity of the other four countries is going to be prosperity because being part of a region that prosperous countries would generally benefit everybody that isn't around. security issues who portion of the segment dictates that no country outside the five better bordering caspian sea is going to be allowed to be present militarily in that area so that makes sure that certain that countries like the united states are going to be out of the caspian sea which is good news for you obviously we've mentioned this already but one of the issues at the heart of this dispute has been what is the definition of the caspian is it a sea or is it a lake i want to ask you specifically when it comes to maritime law what is the
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difference between the two as designations. well i think in the introductory segment this issue's been was covered quite well from the international law professor perspective if caspian sea is regarded as a seed then literal countries will have around twelve nautical miles of territorial waters and this will apply also to see bit from the. from the lake perspective earrings that has been insisting there will be shared use of it reaches so to speak i'm saying this as an old lawyer but this is the impression of course following the years long discussions and negotiations on the caspian sea status stanislav russia had long objected to resolving this issue about the caspian so what has made them more agreeable now is that the same sions from
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from the us or is it the trade competition from china or is it both. i think that it was not just about issues which you mentioned this is mostly about the. to finish this long term process for us this is important to have a clear and transparent legal environment in the south borders of russia to have their pragmatic and transparent framework for cooperation and in security and fishing and shipping in this region and that is why russia was one of the countries we. are insisting each time and trying to to prove in these negotiation process so a breakthrough happened last december when there was a ministerial meeting in moscow in december two thousand two thousand and seventeen
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when mr lavrov after these negotiations of this meeting said that definitely a summit will happen in the first part of two thousand and eighteen saw police deeply for russia this is very important to to sign this convention not just for completion with china or in geopolitical struggle with the united states. you spoke a moment ago about the benefits that iran will reap from this convention but you know there are some that are saying that because iran has the smallest coastline of the countries on the caspian that it is potentially the biggest loser in this agreement what do you say to that. i don't think any. iran. is benefiting from the agreement because if there is unlikely event then using whatever it has it's not going to be possible so having
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an exam and making sure that iran. is available iran actually accessing. resources that the caspian sea has for. the second point i think which is important is that iran has joint ventures that both talk of the sun and john with regard to. energy related in the. pipelines and different types of activities and iran's expertise in these areas given the fact that iran has been in business for many decades now much longer than the two other countries is going to benefit iran as about i think the third point is the relationship that you're seeing between iran and russia. as you describe at the end of the day interested in the sacrement for some years they were not but now their interest. after
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the issue of the nuclear actually made after the u.s. sanctions and after the fact that the europeans are not really going to be able to do much with regard to them if it actually meant is looking towards you know is looking towards not russia and these other countries are for and i'm sorry for it i'm sorry interrupt you but let me let me let me just for it sorry to interrupt you but let me just pick up another point because after the agreement was reached iranian president rouhani called it a very important step but he also added that we should recognize there are more important issues that need to be addressed what specifically is he alluding to when he says that. i think he's talking about geopolitics the fact that iran is. so yes sanctions you know needs to make sure that it's nations with its neighbors are normal and advancing.


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