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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 226  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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of the country's democratic process while critics of course dismiss the entire exercise as a point where. the problem they say is that the government is only affecting changes to benefit themselves not ordinary people but for a society that has barely experienced any constitutional change since the soviet era many analysts argue that even small changes matter. cuba is changing and the constitution is part of that change it won't make the change go faster. the constitution is not above the change it won't reject everything people want nor will it give everything that they expect. the process from here is a painstaking one officials are expected to take down the british commons and send them back to the assembly line a cuban's will then vote on a final document in a referendum early next year julia galliano al jazeera. colombia's government is blocking treasure hunters from salvaging what they're calling the
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holy grail of shipwrecks the spanish san jose galleon sank more than three hundred years ago and is said to be carrying billions of dollars in gold and precious stones when your reports. stories of ship wrecks and sunken treasure have long captivated the imagination. but perhaps no wreck has fascinated underwater archaeologists and treasure hunters quite like the sun who say. attacked by britain's royal navy in seventeen zero eight during a battle off the coast of got the hannah columbia all but seven members of her crew went down with the ship. unfortunately the san jose was too heavy to maneuver itself against the attack and was sunk by the british where. three years ago former colombian president juan manuel santos announced his government had found the fabled galleon. with the aid of unmanned submersibles three d. mapping technology state of the art robotics and an international team of experts
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the son jose was found. the catch is a company called sea search armada claimed they had found the ship more than thirty five years ago and had been locked in a fierce legal battle with the colombian government over their share of the treasure a treasure that today is valued up to twenty billion dollars i. think it had everything the cargo manifest lists gold silver precious stones spoils all of the wealth from taxes collected over six years from colombia panama and peru this is. literally wrote the book on the son who say he says there were several parties who have a legitimate claim to ownership over the treasure is the spain because it was a spanish ship through because most of the congo was peruvian. because part of the congo was panamanian and colombia because the ship was founded on water has.
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recently a delegation from bolivia presented colombian officials with a two hundred page document claiming a percentage of the treasure should be given to them as reparations. it's believed there are more than one thousand sunken spanish galleons off the coast of colombia alone according to you there's an estimated three million shipwrecks all around the world still waiting to be discovered apart from the treasure the cultural value of many of these vessels is a measurable. an expert in. the case of could set a precedent for future disputes. with so much at stake over the ownership of the treasure recovery efforts have been put on hold indefinitely. how much longer. before the treasure of the surfaces again.
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we visit. bragging rights.
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a community radio station is providing practical solutions to refugees who recently arrived in france the show is run by volunteers in several languages and offers
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a mix of news and information of her silent seekers and as natasha about to report the need for migrants to share their stories is growing as recent law changes make it harder to apply for asylum. at a studio in paris recording begins for a weekly radio show aimed at helping refugees in france had already come to us and in that connection to the starting ground connection was created two years ago by a group of volunteers and refugees who named it after an area of the city where migrants have been living in the street broadcast online it offers practical information on issues like applying for asylum or finding housing to the lads your city aim is to inform but it's also a way of documentary how in france and europe refugees are not being welcomed our listeners are refugees asylum seekers and anyone with an interest in migration after the new human bagman is the shows recorded in several languages including arabic in english to attract the widest number of listeners or most asylum seekers
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ses it's very hard to get used to a new place you're far away from home this radio station not only gives people a voice it's an opportunity to be heard. some were cute her son is from the afghan hazaar a community in pakistan he left for europe in twenty fifteen and has applied for asylum in france his radio segment is a chance for him to explain to listeners why he left home i have suffered a lot in cota so my purpose was to make it turn on to enough people and the french people to that yes why these ethnic group the people belonging to this ethnic group the seekers island when a sign arrived in paris two years ago he ended up sleeping in this park today he comes here to pass time and wait for the outcome of his asylum application i do not expect that. the rules the laws for immigration means they are they will be
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so hard when i really get in if you are standing as flukes after two hours the show is finished and ready to be uploaded online with france recently tightening its immigration law services like this one say these volunteers are more important than ever to help refugees as they try to create a new life far from their homes it's actually butler al-jazeera paris. has added an hour the sport. thank you so much lauren while england cricketer ben stark's has been found not guilty of a fry his trial the consequence of a fight outside a nightclub in bristol last september the jury accepting that starks had acted in self-defense the twenty seven year old said it is insufficient to defend suman who he claimed were being targeted for homophobic abuse the police released the following footage of stocks is a restaurant nights. i'll explain to you why even if there is no. because this guy
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. was covered in blood and i've been told that you punch them. would be me who light cameras around the room there were. only three hours to accept that the all rounder was defending himself and others during a sustained outbreak of violence two other men were also found not guilty starks has now been called up for in this test match against india which starts on saturday. the steps that he took were certainly i am going to sure do so good and so will the others present. in addition to the extreme stress placed on by him and his family by the trial his intervention not know it has already cost. the invoice characters his place or national story i just place of a number of other implementations to time world champion phenomenal and so is to retire from formula one at the end of this season the thirty seven mclaren driver
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won the world started with runner in two thousand and five in two thousand and six the spaniard will continue to compete in other series and has already taken part in indy car racing in north america and earlier this year he won the last twenty four hour sports car it's. gone and nigeria may miss out on next year's africa cup of nations if the threat of a thief or baron comes into force before next month's qualifying matches favre has confirmed it's nice for both feet on a nigerian football associations that they could be barren from playing unless the country's governments end their intervention in football matters the goal. honoree comes after the government of course action against the f.a. that was after allegations of corruption for rules do not allow governments involved in football or nigeria's been told by women's team can continue playing at the under twenty world cup us despite that line sic apply coming up next week before the nigerian government to stop occupying f.a. offices in a boucher like yours on the twenty six average the quarter finals in france drawing
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against china here on monday. well earlier on we sparred city sports writer. he says that nigeria and ghana missing the nations cup will be a huge blow for african football two nations. salute lisa surrounding them nigeria and ghana superpowers of africans will face in different football crises and it will be a big blue for africans and world eve good contraries still participate in the two thousand and nineteen additional baton and there's been an issue concerning the end of the federation which is the president of the going to ghana for federation. a problem during production problems from an investigative journalist who's actually . found him. collect in cash in the name of the president so what the ghana government has door right now is to good records and seat. of the gun off
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associations something far does not want to give up probably beats court action as well as government interference in. serena williams has hit back in some style after the worst loss of her career the twenty three eights on a grand slam champion dropping just three games in the first round of the cincinnati open the former world number one beating australia daria governor just see weeks ago williams was beaten six one six love and a concert. the new york mets hit five home runs to beat the new yankees on monday that's the most heart runs given up by the yankees this season mets pitcher jake the graham struck out twelve in this eight five when the last drop the increased ten gangs got on the division leading boston red sox. and the detroit tigers defeated the chicago white sox nicholas custody on a sort of career high five hits the twenty six year old hit a two run home run in the seventh inning helping his teams were nine to five when.
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former world heavyweight champion tyson theory has hit south current title holders and the joshua and they all say wild unbeaten fury will fight francesco peanuts in belfast having made a winning return to the ring in june against the first to ferry the brits and not competed for thirty two months during which time he struggled with depression weight gain drug and alcohol problems during his absence he also served up backdated two years though paying back. in my mind i think the greatest if you waited to have a ball. and you have a job. to make their only bombs anyway the bombs. if i can beat him are going to beat the rest of them and that's what it is should i'm going to smash you to pieces make italian sausage or. a spicy bit bods. times that is going to be an interesting night ok let's get back to lauren in
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london. andy thank you very much a quick reminder you can catch up any time with all the news on our web site details there are that bridges collapsed in italy. that's it from radar in television news out through it all we had a minute with another four of the day's news next watch. where they are on line this isn't some abstract fish can eat a bit into their stops or if you join us on sect rather than stopping terrorism is creating it this is a dialogue and just the community is wanting to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a villain or a short while everyone has
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a voice and part of civil society i need but i never get listening to by those in the corridors of all join the global conversation. on out is iraq. the largest multi-sport event on the continent and the second largest in the world the asian games will host thousands of competing across a mix of traditional and the limbic sports followers for good news and updates from jakarta the hosting city of the eighteenth asian games on al-jazeera every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. al-jazeera travels to the fire this reaches of thailand to follow young local doctors who are providing life saving care to the real community. solving
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problems for others is very fulfilling you don't get this in any other profession. we chose the dramas and delights of their inspiring efforts to successfully deliver the people's home. on al-jazeera. a bridge collapses in italy sending cars plummeting ninety meters to the ground and killing at least twenty people. have of them chilling with all of this is live from london also coming up president are to intel's charts to boy called u.s.
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electronic goods and sell their dollars as the lira crisis continues to one full. piece in london declare a terrorist incident after a man drives into cyclists and pedestrians outside. and salvaging the san jose gallium but who get to keep the treasure from the holy grail of shipwrecks. a very warm welcome to the program at least twenty people have been killed in a highway bridge collapse in the italian city of genoa and many of us were injured when the bridge came down during heavy way sending vehicles plunging to the ground rescuers workers searching for survivors in the rubble and what explains. only for me is it possible to see the scale of what has happened to around the fridge a huge section simply gone. plunging
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more than eighty meters up the road on the suspension tower. dozens of cars trucks and other vehicles were on the bridge. oval office i heard a loud rumble and i went flying i flew about ten meters into the wall and that's it . a major rescue operation from the ground of the swerve into action involving more than two hundred firefighters with the focus on trying to reach any survivors still stranded in the daybreak. of course so we're continuing with the rescue operations because we think there are other people alive under the rubble we've extracted people from the rubble in a focusing on helping. the missing section of the bridge span the river roll way and industrial buildings in the port city of genoa the bridge carried a boat away at this time of year the road is busy with tourists and many italians
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who are preparing for a national holiday it's unclear why that bridge collapsed it was built in the one nine hundred sixty s. and what was being carried out to shore up its foundations at the time of the incident but also been about whether there momento there should intervene for them now is the time for the rescue operation for work for sweat and prayer but tonight will be the time to find out who is responsible the names and names of those who are guilty of an acceptable death's. door it is have forward there are likely to be very casualties while the tally administer as cruel to come out and events tragedy ever heywood al-jazeera. well as you saw in some of those pictures the miranda bridge came down an industrial area in the city of genoa and on a main highway that connects italy to france all those cars plunged more than ninety meters into a riverbed railways and into the buildings down below. we're almost canady joins
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us now from genoa he normally drives over the bridge every day and he is in his car now and will tell me a little bit more about what happened. basically and there was a storm in general good evening to everyone. there was a heavy rain and the lightning hit the bridge and two hundred meters off the bridge collapsed down in the river down there was below and so good that you usually use the bridge don't you have how are you and others getting whole with the bridges down. there is a huge traffic jam for us is really a shock because my feminine diary used to bridge four times a day to go to work. so yeah. if the the traffic will be really an issue for the city in the next months or years and what's the atmosphere
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like right now cleo is it is it still one of shock that this happened to toll or you know looking back there were safety fears about the bridge were there and i think i believe there was work being done you know as this happened. there is a still a shock there is a make sure of it some people are still trying to understand how is it was it possible to a bridge to collapse in this way and the other people are still in shock because there are still rescue. people rescued yeah i think is merely a shock at the moment and then tomorrow or the next few days will think about how to restore the bridge and who is the guilty for it what about the community and elmo have have they been able to pitch in and help as the rescue you know takes place. yeah yeah general also
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a flood two years ago and the city responded really really well. we feel we feel together in this moment so yes people are donating blood and helping as much as we can. so yeah we're really close to the victims their families just how important is this bridge you know to this city just describe for us you know how many people use it and the fact of course it connects so many people yeah because basically generous really narrow demanders are really close to the sea so we usually use it every day to go to work in actually in the city and also links all the touristic areas from france on all the regions so it's really crucial i mean i think thousand thousand of people do it every day and i think was crucial for the city now and also the highways will be really a problem to move people around italy and on throughout all the region.
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joining me there and thanks very much for joining us. turkish president rage of tyburn who once called for a boycott of the united states alec china products in retaliation for what he says is an economic attack on his country i don't support his were filmed conversing their dollars in to lead us as the president has asked citizens to do while the currency is and recovered some grand after crashing to an all time low against the dollar on monday with us sanctions partly to blame listen and can still has more now from a stand. turkish government has taken some measures in order to stop to develop ration of the turkish care and still iraq the central bank increase the liquidity for the banking sector yesterday on the other hand today the industrial ministry announced that they act awaited one point two billion dollars for the turkish
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industrialists production along with some other measures taken by the finance ministry however the business world in turkey warns that immediate actions should be taken without getting late without being late and one of the steps that is the demanded by the markets and international markets is the high it is the increase of the interest rates by the turkish central bank however according to the school of thought that the present hour don and his economic team represents this is impossible for turkey because they see it as a pressure by the international markets by foreign powers and turkey and they wouldn't bowed down however the latest decline in the turkish euro had some impacts on the european countries as well along with some other markets the turkish private sector has a depth of at these two hundred twenty one billion dollars and most of those doubts are law and are actually to the european countries like health of it belongs to the european countries so a slight in the turkish economy and instead will it into turkish economic could
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also harm the european countries as well that's why european politicians including until america have shown some support to turkey along with the russian president and iranian president and the prime minister of iraq however turkish president don still sees it as an economic waged against the turkish. against turkish economy and he says a firm political stance is needed in order to deal with it. medical sources say thirteen civilians have been killed in a sandy air saudi coalition air strike in yemen and those airstrikes targeted hooty held city and her data province at least twenty four others have also been injured while data is the fourth largest city in yemen and it's home to a crucial port through which the majority of the country's supplies go through a roadside bomb attack has targeted a provincial governor in yemen ties governor would survived the blast in aden province several of those though were injured attacks and shootings have been escalating in the province in recent days well mohamad abdalla has more now from.
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governor i mean mohammed was a tunning from a citizen of mit things with officials of president of the rebel masood hardy's government which has base itself in the other and since two thousand and fifteen he escaped with minor injuries but some of these security guards aides will say to have been killed in the arts hog on blogs this rush to the scene and security forces were quickly deployed to that in my neighborhood of them where the talk or caught middle group claimed responsibility for the local officials are blaming. there's been an increase in the number over road side warmings and drive by shootings in of them in percent among something officials say signifies an uptick you know part of the activity in the city of course in turkey has freed two greek soldiers detained on spying charges cherokees held them since march alleging that into the country illegally and attempted military espionage gree says the soldiers
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cost into turkey by mistake while following the trail of suspected illegal migrants the case is fueled tensions between the two neighboring nato allies. five european union countries have agreed to take in one hundred forty one migrants on board the mediterranean rescue ship the aquarius as a result most has agreed to allow the ship to dock it ends a four day standoff in which spain china sea and malta had all refused to ship entry arguing that it should instead be taken to libya or the nearby island of lampedusa where migrants will go to france germany luxemburg portugal and spain place here in london are choosing a car crash outside the british parliament as a terror incident three people were injured when a man drove through a group of cyclists and pedestrians before crashing into security barriers and security minister says the suspect is a twenty nine year old foreign war and british citizen police are searching three properties in central england lawrence lee has the story the palace of westminster
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is a sleepy place in august as the politicians are on holiday here during rush hour this was the scene as heavily armed police swooped on a car which had apparently been driven deliberately into the crush barriers surrounding the parliament the force of the collision clearly seem to have crumbled the whole from of the small car it's only occupant showing no resistance as officers calmly took him out and led him away the question is who is he and what was his motivation and why pretty was deliberate it wasn't it was over you know for you it was very. this video taken from on high some distance away shows the car seeming to drive normally before swerving violently across the road and then veering again through the security barriers when coming to a stop to police officers had to jump clear to avoid being his. as he crossed lie.


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