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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 17, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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attack this is iraq on al-jazeera. we're committed to a whole of government effort to change the iranian regime's behavior. the u.s. announces a new approach to policy on iran after withdrawing from the nuclear deal. i'm about to sign this is all just hear live from doha also coming up. in memory of the queen of soul tributes pouring in for a wreath of franklin who's died at the age of seventy six. indians pay homage to former prime minister atal bihari vajpayee has passed away at the age of ninety three seven days of mourning have begun. and their lives and homes were spared but
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those living in the shadow of janet was collapsed bridge may never be able to return home. the u.s. has announced a new foreign policy initiative aimed at changing the behavior of the regime in tech run secretary of state might pump aoe says the white house is forming a task force to coordinate and run its policy on iran our hope is that one day soon we can reach a new agreement with iran but we must see major changes in the regime's behavior both inside and outside of its borders roslyn jordan has more from the united nations. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has unveiled what is being called the iran action group trying to make certain that all parts of the u.s. government are working on a strategy to compel iran to give up its nuclear weapons ambitions as well as to stop its efforts of supporting groups such as hamas hezbollah the who these in
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yemen and other such organizations that have been listed as terrorist groups under u.s. law even though this effort is now being unveiled the administration is denying charges that it is trying to push for regime change inside iran there's also the question of whether the u.s. is goal of trying to get other countries on board with this new effort will work notably countries within the european union which have long standing economic ties to terror on when asked whether or not the u.s. was going to have a problem getting these countries to agree to put more pressure on iran to change its ways this is what bryant hook the new special representative for iran had to say that's the purpose of maximum economic pressure the point is not to create any riffs with with other nations but when you look out the kind of money that iran provides to assad and to shia militias to lebanese hezbollah it's billions and
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billions of dollars and we need to get at drying up those revenue streams so far the beggar's of the iran action group is a very small one the administration wasn't ready to unveil those names on thursday however brian hook did tell reporters that this is a key policy initiative of the trumpet ministration and that they are committed to trying to get iran to change its political and security ways tributes from around the world have been pouring in to remember the university acclaimed. queen of soul aretha franklin died at a home in detroit on the thursday the seventy six year old american singer had pancreatic cancer fans have been heading to franklin star on the hollywood walk of fame to pay their respects former prime minister and former u.s. president barack obama has fondly remembered her on social media so have music
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giants like barbra streisand and former beatle paul mccartney give all of us on the looks back at her life and how she influenced the world of music. she was simply known by her first name aretha because of her unmistakable voice she was born a wreath a louise franklin in one thousand and forty two in memphis tennessee from her first recordings as a young gospel singer she went on to become part of the sound of detroit her singing career would span six decades away. a winner of eighteen grammy awards for distinctive gospel honed vocal style influence multiple generations she was number one on the rolling stone magazine's
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list of the greatest singers of all time and she was the first female artist ever inducted hall of fame. but it was in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven song respect which garnered her international attention in payment. fifty years ago she sang at dr martin luther king jr's funeral and many years later at the dedication of dr king's memorial in washington she was active in the civil rights movement for decades something she spoke about in two thousand and fourteen well it certainly was a struggle. yes although we have come a great ways a long way and there still is a significant way to go the recipient of the united states highest civilian honor the presidential medal of freedom her voice delighted presidents as her health declined she curtailed her performances but she always sang i could be it's two
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thousand and fourteen performance and she sang adele's hit rolling in the deep. engine is going to. mean of soul to her fans she always was and always will be. we thought frankie was seventy six years old. at a time when reporter kelley carter has reported extensively on the wreath of franklin's life over the years she says franklin has paved the way for female vocalists not just in the u.s. but around the world when her version of respect this was the third version of respect but the first version that was a word by a woman it felt like a still world erms at a time when women in the united states were really fighting to become equal
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partners to their male counterparts and so it really kind of pierced through a cultural and racial line but even now her music is so timeless it sounds as if it could just come out on a streaming service twelve minutes ago and still go as hard as it would have fifty one years ago and i think that is really kind of the true essence of her music i know words like timeless and classic i think it tossed around we talk about some people's musical body but it absolutely rings true. if you know all of former indian prime minister atal bihari vajpayee party will be held later on friday he died at the age of ninety three politicians from his party the b j p were among the first to pay respects advice parties official residence in the capital new delhi that's where the public can view his body will be best remembered for his foreign policy more now from imran khan. he was elected prime minister wants not
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twice but three times at all the hari vegemite ruled india first for thirteen days in one thousand nine hundred six but was unable to form a majority and then resigned he was prime minister for thirteen months in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight broader coalition partner with troops he was once again forced to resign he completed a full term of almost six years from nine hundred ninety nine. on the international stage he's perhaps best known for testing nuclear weapons on nine hundred ninety eight and intensifying an arms race with a neighbor pakistan at the time the tests were a source of great pride for him and celebrated nationwide today a trip scheme for. india conducted three underground nuclear tests in the poker and take the tests also placed a strain on the indian u.s. relationship and sanctions were placed on the country. in february one thousand
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nine hundred ninety he led negotiations with pakistan of the contested region of kashmir he pushed for a full scale diplomatic peace process another success came with the inauguration of the new delhi the whole bus service in february nine hundred ninety nine vij by initiated a new peace process aimed towards permanently resolving the kashmir dispute and other conflicts in pakistan but in may one thousand nine hundred ninety the two countries forced a two month war in the remote region of card because india declared victory is pakistan withdrew from cargo. a shrewd political player pike was able to build bridges on all sides of the political spectrum his moderate reputation brought him supporters especially from those who feared the right wing side of his b.j. party his popularity soared his he oversaw economic reforms that led to high rates of growth but he lost the election in two thousand and four after campaigning on his economic success. his slogan of india is shining didn't resonate with everyone
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especially the poor who voted overwhelmingly for rival the congress party at all the harvey budget pite was born in one thousand twenty four in central india and died in hospital in new delhi after being admitted in june. two attackers are being killed after a six hour gun battle in the afghan capital kabul they targeted a training center for intelligence services it's been a particularly violent week in afghanistan hundreds of civilians soldiers and police officers have been killed as charlotte ballasts reports. ten am in kabul's whiston neighborhood known as p.d. five. gunman launch an assault on a training seem to for the national directorate of security afghanistan's primary intelligence agency. special forces well versed in urban firefights repel the attack they form a cordon and move people out of range of the bullets. a short drive
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west from here and not twenty four hours prior a different result oh a suicide attack on an education seem to killed at least thirty four people most of the victims were students teenagers studying for university entrance exams here. the force of the bomb blew the roof off the classroom. killing students is against all human dignity people should never be this brutal in any part of the world those behind this action are worse than animals was i so claimed responsibility it kept off of the to kill a violent week within a particularly violent month for afghanistan. the taliban launched an attack on gaza one week ago the city was under siege for six days more than four hundred people died in the fighting a quarter of them residents there are also multiple taliban attacks on police and military outposts across the country dozens of afghan soldiers and policemen were
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killed. we want peace in our country we cannot continue this bloodshed any more we demand from the government and government forces to stop the war and work towards peace and brotherhood. the afghan government appears to be listening president musharraf gani says he will not negotiate with i so that there are talks of a ceasefire with the taliban during the holiday of next week it would replicate and i'm president. ceasefire in june this is negotiations continue between the u.s. and taliban for a long term peace plan but analysts say it may be the prospect of peace that is causing those hard line probably on who are hardliners who believe in fighting rather than be politic groups graham conflict there are making america basically in my view to disrupt the whole grockles and create a future region where the government is going to difficult situation to announce
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prior. to the stakes are growing with or that's a ceasefire with the taliban or the red acacia if i saw. those who remain say be desperate for change shallot ballasts al jazeera still ahead and al-jazeera will have the latest fallout from a vaccine scandal that's raised fears over the safety of drugs in china plus. it's time to tango an international festival celebrating the latin american dance opens in argentina as capital. hello again we're seeing yet more wildfires ifa parts of north america recently we've been hearing a lot about those in california but there's also these that have been burning
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further north as well in british columbia there's been over five hundred fires that have been burning just in the last week or so and you can see the situation there are very yellow and hazy and unfortunately things that are looking fairly dry over the next few days the wetter weather is actually a bit further south and a bit further east it's here and it's gradually edging its way eastward so heavy downpours from texas all the way up into the eastern parts of canada very wet here and that system slowly begins to push away as we head into saturday. behind it a little bit fresher than it has been so if you knew your color temperature will be topping it around to twenty nine a bit further towards the south and we've seen lots of wet weather over cuba recently that brought white area of cloud certainly brought to some heavy rain faded away though and it looks like we'll see some more showers build as we head through the next few days not only in cuba but also across the bahamas through jamaica and into his phone yellow as well further west also more wet weather here here the rain is a little bit more persistent there for friday by saturday begins to break up
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a fraction further south and for same when azhar is we've got rain on its way for us as we head into saturday. it looks ugly and sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the wilds we control is the site and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it. america's guns of mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime.
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you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. has announced a new foreign policy initiative aimed at changing the behavior of the regime in tehran the white house is creating a task force to coordinate and run its policy on iraq. tributes are pouring in for us in a wreath of franklin she's died of pancreatic cancer at the age of seventy six known as the queen of soul franklin won eighteen grammy music awards during her career she was also a prominent campaigner for civil rights. the funeral for former indian prime minister atal bihari vajpayee will be held later on friday as pie died on thursday at the age of ninety three he'll be remembered for conducting nuclear tests just
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weeks after he became prime minister in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight he also led india during a brief war with pakistan. his papers across the u.s. have clear their front pages on thursday morning instead they've been printing editorials fighting back again. donald trump's attacks against the media she habitants the reports from washington d.c. . here at the newseum in washington d.c. the front pages of some of the over three hundred newspapers taking part in what was billed as an attempt to end a quote dirty war on the free press and we're being displayed their goals for the day really are to remind the public about the value to our democracy of afraid independent press and maybe tone down the rhetoric that leads some on the fringes to violence by using inflammatory terms like enemies of the people they are the fake fake disgusting news. donald trump's attacks on the media have been rhetorical and that has its dangers but he hasn't threatened journalists with the espionage act or seized their records and demanded sources as president obama did
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instead trump is playing on suspicions about the media the house long been the charge that the mainstream media does reflect the views of the establishment and the elites and marginalizes those who question that at least and some do wonder whether donald trump is now giving the mainstream media the opportunity to present itself as i'm to establishment without having to conduct any self reflection answers and what you just did is inflammatory to the u.s. media has awoken under donald trump and is likely to take a far more adversarial position against the white house. but has the age of trump truly ushered in a new era of fearlessness for a fourth a state finally willing to speak for the people or is the press simply reflecting the unease of the establishment that trump ended with his victory that many have a long called for an adversarial relationship between the media and a sitting president but the question is what kind of adversarial relationship is it
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just simply belt based on attacks personal attacks going back and forth that don't have substance that don't actually improve people's lives that don't highlight issues but in. effect inflate the personalities and egos of major celebrity media figures and people in the trumpet ministration the polls show most americans care far more about free healthcare or reversing economic inequality than the alleged russian collusion that establishment voices blame for their loss in the last presidential election yet it's the last of a dominates the us media and those that do take an adversarial stance to the establishment on social and economic issues remain as marginalized as ever meanwhile the polls reflected the climbing trust in the media nationwide. continues his attacks she never turns the washington. italian government is thinking about taking charge of all the country's motorways after the collapse of
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a bridge in genoa a lot of the network is counting on by private companies and contractors an investigation into what happened may take some time but hundreds of people forced out of their homes by the collapse are wondering where they're going to sleep that asha bhosle reports from genoa. below what is left of geno's marandi bridge hundreds of properties stand empty more than six hundred people were moved from this neighborhood after the bridge collapsed on tuesday some are returning to collect their possessions many all still visibly shaken you know this whole political article i saw the bridge collapsing because my apartment looked over it so i saw it fall i heard a big noise like thunder i thought it was a storm then there was dust everywhere and i saw a building turn to rubble. it's unclear if people will be allowed to live here again as experts say the structure could be unsafe this firefight to show me what's now known as the red zone
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a high risk area. if you look up you can see just how close from randy quaid there is to the tops of some of these apartments it almost seems to me it's him you can really understand why italian authorities despite the fact he waived his whole neighborhood because of course if any part of that bridge was to collapse anyone underneath grave danger carrying their belongings residents leave to stay with family and friends or in city shelters this man's elderly mother was too shocked to come back he says life here will never be the same so next week gentlefolk and chris you and i used to be a firefighter and looking at all this i believe it will take years to rebuild and recover. at the rescue site hundreds of emergency workers continue to search for survivors as time passes hopes are diminishing now we are cutting the big slabs we are moving them and then we send the can and units the dogs the search dogs. if there are positive signs we send our teams.
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direct research casualties into or. into the voids people in juneau are still coming to terms with what has happens in their city there's grief anger and for those who call this district home there is now a future full of uncertainty natasha butler al-jazeera genoa italy and china for senior officials including a provincial deputy governor have been dismissed over the defective vaccines program one hundred eighty thousand children in shandong province have been given the injections adrian brown has more from beijing. of the four officials who've been dismissed one is the deputy head of the organization responsible for regulating the drug industry here in china as well as the deputy governor of jilin province these dismissals were confirmed in a report in the people's daily overnight the people's daily is the newspaper of
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record here in china it's said that the state council which is a body headed by president xi jinping had met to discuss the case and this was the result president xi jinping it seems has been playing an active role in the fallout of the scandal which appears to be widening now this all began back in july when it was revealed that the chunk chunk biotechnology company had been falsifying production records it produced vaccines which were then given to children these are vaccines which are not dangerous they simply ineffective in effect useless so now you have thousands upon thousands of parents in china still not sure still not convinced they can trust the industry which provides vaccines for their children there really is a trust deficit in this area at the moment and a lot of anger in the streets when you speak to people about the scandal they say how can we trust our vaccine industry and of course foreign vaccines simply aren't
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available in china so people here in china have no option but to use the locally produced ones now we know also that some five hundred thousand ineffective vaccines were produced that's double the figure the government gave a month ago and that one hundred eighty eight thousand of these vaccines were administered to children we know also that fifteen officials from the company at the center of the scandal are still under investigation including its chairwoman. a boeing passenger plane is skidded off the runway while it's been landing in manila's airport it was raining when the incident happened that shannon airlines flight had been flying in from china hundred fifty seven passengers and eight crew escape from the plane is ng emergency slides there being no injuries. the families of some of the striking miners killed by police six years ago in south africa accuse the government of failing them or some relatives have got compensation of
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about seven million dollars others including survivors are still waiting for another miller has more from maracana but a special ceremony is being held. the commemoration took a somber tone when the loved ones of the thirty four victims of the candles and stood in silence six years after the magic on a massacre the grief felt by families and survivors is evident but many are angry too they blame the government and the police for the deaths of the miners new evidence suggests that when striking miners was shot they were running away from police. was shot in the head the bullet is still in his skull he was told he would die if doctors removed it i am angry now because i feel like a piece of script and not good enough to waken him i deserve to be compensated. i think that this it been a particularly violent strike ten other people including police officers and security guards were killed in the days before the mass shooting six police
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officers are facing legal proceedings but no one has so far been convicted of any crime. for a little bit there's no willingness on the one. let alone. the handling of stride. but. what happened. this was. adding to the continuing volatility here is the potential of thirteen thousand job cuts by mining company impala platinum people here have used the anniversary to revive their calls for better wages and living conditions these remain major issues
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for the mining community who say mining companies have put their profits ahead out of people's well being. there are concerns that if these issues are not adequately addressed some may resort to violence workers' union amcu says it will not accept job cuts plans or mass action for me dimon or al jazeera america. for the next two weeks argentina's capital one a service will be taken over by the tango the dance was born in the city in the late nineteenth century and since then it's been spreading to all corners of the world the international tangle festival of world cup attracts fans and competitors from all around the globe that is about reports. it is the dance music of when a scientist. and for two weeks the festival and world cup energizes the argentine capital. and.
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travel from colombia to compete last year they came in third place this time they're hoping to make it to the top of the news in some must complete anger helps me express what i feel is the most complete dumps and the most beautiful is the anything obama says best of all us in the me and it's an arch that helps you express what you are feeling if you're angry or sad happy or in love you can express everything in a stance. this is the world's most important tango competition almost seven hundred . couples competing to win the cup it is here in the neighborhood of our tangle was born it is the place where the first war of one a side is was located when thousands of immigrants arrive here in search of a better life and that's why many say that tango is full of sorrow because it expresses the feelings of those who had to leave everything behind in their home countries and the hardships they faced when they arrived. and they won the new one
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is the instrument at the heart of the sound of tango first crafted for religious services in one thousand nine hundred century germany it is now in tune with tango . though it has been playing it since he was a child and now it helps him make a living. tango as a coach and how but in the beginning it was persecuted because of the way it was danced or what the songs meant at a powerful opponents like the plus the catholic church on the military but slowly is what its place and now it is all it. says this time of the year is a period that help argentines pay tribute to the dance that has come to represent them the moment picked already call process is a historic moment because it's the time when we see how time goes nutrient so is opening up mixes with other musical cultures but we always look back to our historical references to continue to teach us and to keep us on the right path was
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a path that has come a long way since daniel was born but that continues to amaze arjen times and foreigners alike. it is how will. this is all just here are these at the top stories the u.s. has announced a new foreign policy initiative aimed at changing the behavior of the regime in tehran the white house is creating a task force to coordinate and run its policy on iran or now from al-jazeera roslyn jordan. it's not really clear what this whole of government effort to why unify policy on iran is actually completely to especially given that when asked brian who is the new special representative for iran said that there is no plan for the u.s.
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to try to push for regime change inside the iranian government funds of us saying that a retha franklin are paying their respects to her death from pancreatic cancer. the queen of soul was seventy six years old she is one eighteen dromi awards join her long musical career she's also been a prominence campaigner for civil rights john hendrick has more from detroit. she was considered a larger than life figure among friends and neighbors but she was also a person that people said they would see when grocery shopping she came here to the church that her father preached at new bethel bad just church and you can see behind me that people are remembering her now with balloons and flowers and just mass groups coming here to remember the woman that they knew the funeral for former indian prime minister atal bihari vajpayee will be held later on friday died on
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thursday at the age of ninety three he'll be most remembered for conducting nuclear tests just weeks after becoming prime minister in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight he also led india during a brief war with pakistan. a boeing passenger plane has skidded off the runway while landing at manila's airport it was raining when the incident happened the fifty seven passengers and eight crew on board the chairman airlines flight from china were evacuated using emergency slides there were no injuries airport officials say one of the plane's engines appears to have been damaged those are the headlines news is going to continue here on al-jazeera to people in power in about half an hour but i. full of struggles bob and the man on the island would know so i mean that i mean all along that i'm walking up on them with a full of pleasure. i don't mind i'm getting a bit of an impact on what's going to an intimate look at life in cuba today as it
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was and no one of our country that i can watch that i give up i was able to mind cuba on al-jazeera. the u.s.a.'s constitutionally in trying to love affair with firearms has given it the highest levels of private gun ownership in the world and a truly staggering rate of gun related homicides but it isn't just the us that's felt the effects south of the border in mexico american sourced weapons supplied to deadly road in that country's drug use giuliana rufus has been to investigate.


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